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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
Place of Publication:
Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
Publication Date:
v.1, no.5, January 3, 1936
Physical Description:
volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
Physical Location:
Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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.Pnce 2

-~~ CU A ,- Jl 3
Zho i.:
, curt,,in follow ;nre sitting- ii the middle of the lrst t'bl, in thbo Blue Ciip, crying r.o ha rold arAd roco,"I'ch roxk-,
-;in thish fla.g iolo sitting contct if trkes mo thei resct of my lifon. .Did tic --iorld look rosy, Lomindor ? Yoweth '. 1"A; druron inos throo diy oc tie: but ho- dos't hohomo i 7 Chorlot t''.' TkI it ey ". ,ad" 20O--1S shoul c burn Zron .h.t cortiin youngc d. told him oftr mr.kin..; night of it. 3But he can't eomhr vh't it ll rlbout ist't thrt fauu.v ?
~ ~ u ..u Li LOA~i i o EC0 isn't rosponsiblo. T T o. r tiEu "Tiptoo"l. 3oyE tho Company Clork raut h .vob slightod--ho tri:s to dro-wn a hic sorrow; -.ndl sudocds Qsk t L0 boys if it isn't "Coke's" tur to forgot howvi hard btick wr.ll arn b.-if you for gt to hi t the spot--thr,-'t spot ducked a:'. Yh '1 T Choc-olat Drop
th ,.t hrs the "figr on 03iumb'. proved to him thrt thoro is ol ouLo uord thrt .sp,1ls the c-'n +, upside doT--"Ohuf"--,nu 11" 2: 1ft holding thoe:>li, u' Li7,htni -ng IcQuy put tho scrous ox L.J. but1 t u ,oftor tho
r- iset.A +Iducatiou... idvicor
returnc from Tr.J o:' t :;i" up Lightnin --th ro s tii chrao for -ou. r-L c
1,imons me to bo out i ; th coi jgin, rocording to C. s" ca rocoivod from,. Llis:--iL City to thi Southi. t'
i~~~ ~~ .J.:i+ oii
i. ot Cold, "Grvhouid" U" Ourtri n we aig h. ".oud lika to o ,"o0 plc7 J x i : C b.nd ,o on't mrrry n7d T-ork ini hol, T_- -- _j I ci 1 0 : L l 1
hn t 's ll you mags.- ho p.

Cts lCorud and Blocked.

J -. I' 3 H 0-

JH 0


.1C cil for r-rd deliver.
"J, strnd bohiud tho 49'r ".
TL1I C0i0If,.Y TO T JT Li02
P-ts of nic kiul of shoo to to o unc in to ivilian Cosor tio, Corps vill stCrt in t.i2 03CpJan7 rt at o rly into. ns shc c are siimiar to the
on, now i u".--the big Eiffor- Jace bing.' iT. theu Gal0. T h-o. .rebber or opposition solo. i the shobs prove sftid2-atory they Gill bc usoC in the6 h..C. CmpS in FloriT ca
c~~~~~~~~~,, o. L.- 1 .LJ o.1 :
Onliforin h::vo boon colootot to
couuct th11o tests
3.T.L 'rri, the Opmp Sunrdry co'iol Lo-Cr :ouunoe that h: ill bel u-ai.blo to hold th....ul. Juic:y Jolcl mo diyg, bcu, o- 1 ility to sodiao c: t.rtrlo I. "i.over, tho S.... ill be ,110ac1 t ottonC .u Johool in Lvo City.
truoL ill 1ovn itcL..y morning,.

ITiU Ei"7. I L RI i 3 0 5,,
3I 11 C,.
Produce ,nrd Fruit. 524 7Ts, 3oy Stroct, JLuCJOi ILLZ? FLORIDA.


aJranry 8. 1936


Published four tims ee nort by the members of Co pa m, 4430,
0.0.C., Lake City, Florida.
Vol. 1, No. 5,January 3, 1936.
s ls ly MiJill r 2d'itor-4in-chio f.
"7$lIi- Ivoy,. Eitnt Editor. B.A.inderso&, Business ian.gor.
7." .Southgat, Reporter.
C. lP DTIR C 2 02Y
lst.Lt. J 3o .ls, Comtei. ensign *FB.ThoropsonK, CA Offiler. Capt. P.B.Hll1 C1up ,Lt.ilovill; Jub-Distri-t -nlai
C.P.Yawn, Aductioun1 dic-r.
L.O.Colomon, Project S_:t. SRL.Groon, Track ,ra l For m n..iT.iathars, q'* 1, 3reimn. GR. GrifLfin, qui oraen. B. Fr-z'r 3ound Fzr-. u. 4C.D.Dolicg, Ore-: Lo-daer. J. .Brydn, 11och. Foreiru. T7.U.1LDonald Jupervis. licoh. D .H. 0wuq,. T o rman. G.Groea, ToLrman. .J, Gregory., ,2iill~ .L- r.o::r F.. C.Smith .1 I"ct. rore
-R]ESOLUTIO3 of 1936.
Upon enteriu-ng n Us: -or, p> plthe world over hve idnea, thoughts, ato., -cenicj the thinwz : would likc to do or h ve in.toutias of doing. 2ho ye r of 1935 As. gno, and 1936 h:1s -tereo the picture,. 0 all have m.ories th.-t a6 wouldd not qareo to forget,(Cont'd C ol.:)

cord some I would like to forget; thorofore, we mto resolution to crazdicto those memories o w ould like to forgct--oven in the 0.0.0. Let us be resolved to do better in Io,,- things that to haven't quite come up to standard--Atteut Classes Visit the Camp Library. Road the type of books hhat will irovido nJt oul present ploneasure but future value. Tc have and are Leaking preparations to make the cemp life pleasant for everyone. There is almost any kind of book or magZziuo that w-ill make reading a pleasure for thoco wiho can road and a ro to---7 have claEssos for thoo ;;ho cov't road iell and :ml li*:c to. Come to Sunday Johaal, atte d the classes th t ro .old Zor yo.r bocfit. Spend rior tix: in the -library--attend the Ch1urchos in L-ke City, Try to improve yourself and 1936 will be more pleasnt that the one that has just passe.-ditor.

3HI1 .
3 6-340 3.oat Bay tr ot, Joo evillo0, FloriS.
"Th HouSe of Quality
n o, service" .

Pae -4 a IsonLe 'e& ,J1pu,3ry 193A
lass------------ilace------------------Time --------- Teacher------Current Events--Jducatioal 3uilding----6:00----0.P.Yawn, 0.2.A.
Tritin c- ------aucational Buildig----7:O0-Wesley i.Liller,Ass d..,
Cpin--------~...-tiational 3uilding---.7:00--0.N.Yawn, C.D.A.
Cooking ----Ies Hal---------------7:30-B.3.. derson, less St.
Treck iriving---2orestry Office------ -7:30-L.0.OoIlemouProj.Supt.
e~adin------- -uos tio nal 3uilding----8 :00U-iesley l1erAss .A
Ltomobile 1 ie chan i ces-d uoat .Bui ing.----G:00--0..Ybwn, O..A.
.riting -- duc tiornl 3-il-ii .----7:00-Josley IIiller,ss.d..
3 o X in ---------- ocetioun 11---------7: 00-teign F.3.Thompson.
'ooking -------- ss Hall ---------------7 30-3...dorsoas St.
C r' ut r ------ tioun1 3ui 1 ----7:0-.D.Dovlia.g, Orew Lead.
-ithm, ti c -------Lu cta Buil din- -U : 00-.i r Lamb, upplyd- 0t,
Concret- --ducioal ldin ---8 -0
Current 3vouts--2dc tionl uilding----6:00--O.2.YC:wn, C..,.
.riting--------- Eduetional 3uilding----7:00-]lcsley Millor, C. .d..
LTying------_iductional 3uildin,----7 :00--C.P.hwn, O..A.
r -ding-.---- dc;t iovnal 31il iLg----8:00-7oslay ilcr,sd
olling-- -- tinl uilcing ---- 8:00--0.E.Y w,....
-,utomobile lie chanui -ct .3uilin"----6 :00--..2.Yawn, C.I....
Sriting---- ti)I .uili ----7:00- aely Mi11or, si .! ..S.
Coo kin ---- Hl---- --7:30-b......ndorson,os St..
OCrpontry-----_- c tional lii----7:30-.O.uDowling, Crow Lor.R.
Boxing---------Roor:tion 11---------7 :3 0-u i gn 3. Thompsou.
rithmoti ------tc tiourl -uilding----:00-C mbSupply t.
Conrto----------e tion-i h.u"ildi,----B:OO- ..Ywn, .
urroat vouts-.,duetioun1 Buildin- :00--. n 0 .'
rit in g--------- uoo"tionl building ---- 7 :00-0 lo y i 1o r,.1s...
Cooking ---------iIo~ Eal ----- --7:O0-B..-.-ndorso Lloss St.
ying---- --ueionl 3uilding ----7 :O0-C..Yawn, C.. .
1o Cding---------,ducvt in 3'ling----8:00-Tsley Millor,.1s .2d.. .
apilling----.--2ductional Buiild-ing----8:O0--0.P.Y-n, 0.2...
yping--------- uc tioml B,,--2:00 to 4:00-C.P.Yvwn, C0.,. .

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Cs R ; i s Ke s i ~ frqTn. I C o.Wv^o ~ \ / C d inf S F/a. FI.L


Pa ye 2 January o, 1956 Qs go ola 3 CLHD.*L 3 • by The Spy. -I certain foliom mas sitting in the middle of the last t"bH in the Blue Chip, saying a. 3 he reeled and rocked, "I 1 ch gonna min thish flag pole sitting contest if takes me the rest of my lif IT rosy, Leander ? da nnon but tr 't n • i 1 Li .Did the nor Id look Yoms ah takes a three day ac 0 • homo i a ~T V tionl ,ie doesvht it Charlott Pocmeo 1 s v; hat him But all "bout ’. Ish’t th 1 ,T 7 indy" T Tak ears should burn from cert" in young lady told after making night of it. lie can’t rernornber that its ien ” Pinto responsible • IT r\ Trcr JO" 71 til funny ? ake your 11 O' ti Company Clerk must have been slighted — ho tries to drom'n his s or rot; and sud coeds T k the boys if it isn’t M C 0 ke ’s" t ur n to forget hot; hard a brick mall e a n be -if you f 0 r go t to hit t h 0 snot — th; spot du cko d am a y ’. Phe Clio 00 la to Drop the rr linger” 0 n C 3 lumb : is that there is only one mord that s} 3 ells the same upside dome — "Chump” — and lie m s le ft holding t ho m e 11 be g i prove to him + 1 S P' hi gh i/ ui ng 1 IcQuay put the scr oxn on L.J. but lets up after the 0 m -Ls s t J du c a t ion a. 1 L dv i s e r returns from Tampa Don’t giv up Light ni n g — the re 1 s s till chance for you. maun Clemmons seems to be col d ", ga i n a 0 c 0 r d i n > ‘one. out : to ills a g e lie r e e 0 1 v 0 d 1 r 0 rn in a City to tin South. It mighty m arm domn there to b in the eold, ,T Greyhound” • .* .guy m~s saying lie mould like to see mho plays a Sax in a COG band so don’t marry and mork in hotels 0 ut rt a i ,41 all you mugsThe Hiller on a Hats Cleaned and Blocked. S II 1 j SHOP R .11 I H Phone SHOP 5 -9 65 9 ,/e call for and deliver. ”77 stand behind the 49 ’ers”. PL IS C 01 .IP.hlY PO PJSP SHOPS rj r H "i ; c u c. this Comp; 0 I y. i,. in r I rubber ones once ha. vo sole. factory they a C.C.C. Camps California ha 7 c 0 n duct t he s e tests. • 'si ii Ind of s ho e to the Civ ilia n lorn s mill s Uc rt in ,1, u c n early P r 3 V.v. to • *0 F imiliar to the J-T• ui-o 31 2 differt hO G 3 lo • Ph esc or. compos it i 0 u she es prove Q *0 at isill be us 0 d i n the in Florida a. n r n ’o b eon sole et cd to SUPPLY SCHOOL B.P .Leonard, the Camp Sunday School Lea dor ann ounces that he mill be unable to hold the r 0 gu la r S u u da y School mo q p i n g because of inability to sc Cure lP 7 ti dart erlfns • Up-.: ever, the mo 1: m ill b e a. Ho m 0 cd t q a 1 1 c n d j unci' 7 school in Lake City. The truck mill L. S u n d a y m 0 r n i n g PIPC E7 I II I L 3 J H •I U C. P r 0 du go a n d Hr 11 i t 524 7 0 s t 3a y s t r e c t JL CHS OhVlLLL? PL OH ID.*


£ago 3 January 6, 19.36 OSCEOLA IE7J. published four times each mouth, by the members of Company 4430, C.G.C., Lake City, Florida* V o 1 1 Ho 5 Jr. miary 3 1936. Has ley Miller, 'Edl t o r i o o he i f 7 I’ll i o' Ivey, Assistant Adit or. 3 .A .undo rs o n Bus ine s s liana go r '.7 .3.3 out hga t e Hep o rt e r Cain? BlHACfOHY "Is t Lt ,J iF* So a Is Comma udi ay Ensign F..B. Thompson OA Offioer. Cap t P B Ha II Oi imp 3 urge o ... Lt .Levi Ho •; J iib -District Chaplai n c .p .Yav/n, B ducat i onal *dfi s s r L .0 Co lemon Pro 3 oct Supt. H iit Groen, Tr lick For omau. 77 .T .Mathurs 3 cTu a Cl For emu n • H • Griffin, -Squad pore: man B • F ra z 9 r t S 0 •n <" r\ J.C. ; \JL Force; I] • w • D •.’Dowling, Crew JjO d. or. J S Bryan LI !o ch Fore: ma 11 7 • w .Lie Donald, Sup e rv i s • Lie Oil • L .H Omens To 7"c rm e. •. 1 • G • Green, Tov/e rman • 7. Gregory., <3 killed Laborer. F.. C Smith Me oh Foreman RESOLUTION of 1936. Upon entering a nev; year, people the v/o rid over have ideas thoughts,, ofc*, co nee ruing the ..things -me 7 / o u Id like t o do or h ve intentions of doing., the yoar of 1935 .isgone, and 1936 hasentered t lie picture. 7o all havememories that 7/e would not On re t o ’forget { Cent 1 d Col .2 ) and some wc v/ould like to forget; therefore, v;o make resolution to eradicate those memories 7/0 7/ould like to forget --even in the C.C.C. Lot us be resolved to do better in some things that v;c haven’t quite come up to standard — At tout Classes Visit the Camp Library’. Head the type -of books iihat v/ ill provide not only piresent pleasure but future value. V/e have and are making preparations to make the oamp life pleasant for everyone, 'there is almost any kind of book or magazine that mill make reading a pleasure for those v/ ho can read and ci re to-v/e have classes for those 7 / ho can’t road 7/ell and v/ould like to. Como to Sunday 3 0 h 0 0 1 at t c n d th e classes t ha t are held for your benefit. Spend mere time in the library — attend the Churches in Lake City, Try to improve yourself and 1936 v/ ill be more pleasant that the one that has just passes -Adit or. HI Cl! AHL 30 .l 1 C Of: HOY, Inc. 336-340 Most Bay street, Ja e ks o.nvi 1 le Flo r i da LIB ATS and PH0VI3 IOnS ”Thw House of Quality and Service”


pa ga 4 Osceola 'ey § L 9 5 .6 pbogaal: iron jaluary IOxiDAY Class place Current Events — Bducat’i oral Building 'Jr it ing educational Bui 1 d i n g Typing : educational Building Cooking Hess Hall Truck Driving Bo res try Office Hoc ding Bduco.tio nal Bui ldingTUCSDAY A ut o mo B i le Mechanics -B d u cat. Bu i 1 d i n g 'frit in g .-educational Bnildin g Boning -Do ere at ion Hull Cooking Hose Hall 0 a rp s at ry education a 1 Bui 1 d i a g -arithmetic educational Bui ldingConcreto Jducc tional Buil&ing'JBDJC3JAY Current Bvonts --Bduc. tional Buildingfrit ing June "tional Bui Id in gT yp ing Jd u or. tio nr. 1 Bui 1 di n g Boa ding Bduca.t ionrl 3rd ldiugSpolling Bduo.' tional BuildingTB.UHSJ AY' — Tine Teacher — 6:00 C.P.Yawn, C.B.A. — 7 pOO-'Jesloy Hiller, Ass .Bd.A. 7:00 — 0 .P.Yawn, C.B.A. 7 : 30 -3 .A .A.n&e rs o n lie s s St • 7 :.30-L.0.0olemon,pro j .Supt 6 :00-l/es'ley Hiller-, Ass .Bd.A — — — o : 0 G — o *r • -l aw u C _j • 7 : 00 -./os ley Hi Her, Ass .Bd.A. 7 : 00 -Bus i gn P.3. Thompson -7 : 30 -3, A.. undo rs on. Mess St. 7 :30-C .D. Dowling, -Crew Lead. 8:0 0 Jr. 1 1 c r La. nib Sup ply J t •S : 00 — 0 • p Y. 1 w n G — _t • „* • 6:00 — C.P.Yawn, C. 7 -.OO-Jesley Miller ,A88 .BcL.A. 7 : 0 0 — g p law n, 0 • j_. • • 8 : 00-7/os loy Millo r Ass ,Bd .A •8 : 00 -C .p Yawn C .3 .A. Bdu. -xut omokile He ehanicsJrit ing Bd uc tio a a 1 .Building j' Cooking t Hess Hall Or. rpo nt ry Blue a t i o nr. 1 Bui 1 ling Boxi n g ?J o ro a tio n Hr 11 arithmetic Jduca tional BuildingConcrete Bd uc r t i o nr. 1 B ui Idi a g* 7 -8 _p fa w n G _j r Hillor, Ass '•V > G-J A. i. • .u O 0 00 — .0 • P 00-Jesle 30 -L .... mac r s o n He s s 30 C D Don/ li ng, 6 row Lo r. d 30 -Bn sign P.3. Thompson 00 or Lamb, Supply St. 00-C .p Yawn-, 0.3; A; On r r o ut Bv o n t s 7/riting Cooking Typing--— Boa ding Spelling FRIDAY -Bluer tio an 1 Bui l di ng-Bdu c a t i o nr 1 Bui l'di n g -Hess Hall > -B d u c a tio n a 1 Build i a g -B due a t i o nr 1 Bui 1 d i a g -B du or tio n a 1 3 ui ldi n g S Typing -Bduo t i 3 nr 1 .'URDAY Build 1 — 6 :00--C.P Yr.wn, Q.B.-*. — 7 : 00Jcsloy Hiller Ass .Bd ... — 7 : 00-B.^.Andorson Moss St. — 7 :00-C,P Yavm, O.BiA; •--8: 00Jos Ley Millor , .Bd.,*. — -8 : 00 -0 P Yr.wn C B --2:00 to 4-: 00 -C.P .Yrwn, C.B.A.