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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
Place of Publication:
Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
Publication Date:
v.1, no.4, December 20, 1935
Physical Description:
volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
Physical Location:
Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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~ege 2 iXccr2lbcr 20, ).9~35,

STh di1ing1oa ti 0
The ouicdZ Ul' -.
hav gotton u at. o wlkabi aooorming to the opinion of.the e 1 ziu brown from "JLningo~. he says that a .corti. young ment aocald be sittiag, "1?t the ontr.oo- 0 of tli Qsccolo Fo rst whti she og bi: agai 3/LG -. ,_/* D. I-.e 13. Tnylor :s so .icC k for r 1:dy tL: t hu too to i1ls~, -.-, d frlls o n i.r porch, Laro he
po hni :ht t rin.;' to :ot
-1io rd- -"ii -h haD 0-a t-.
rd ..ith hir. St 'y out of the cold., LFlictor'. 1L or. in roun I dy h,- givea -Eo"- eJ l d shoulLdr ci cm to h:. v. f-, for the oz:Y"con2" or j--1bir givo. yvQurseclf 2. b Rgot fro., th_ inz r. JU 2 n insta-nt *:ire the Jc ilbir. seems to h va Uthe.o :. on the
J- tT
Jrzyirl 11d 6a the J y l it'* ,nd Ho:-' Di Wny o7o has
come out of hit 2-1, h.: 1 scon in town 'ith n .1,7' nc
- h:, t.ryi.g to ik C rk G bi.
-1 'CL' ikdyT"
loo:k b i ? Go .o. 'LA ;i . "3rninJ" Lamb 16 ,i1l :opc hic r~p int:ct by 1hpin I; OL I des up] in the Air, h cdded another victim to hi. lict of broken hau'rts; clon't go to Tall .ho:eo "3rriac", it isn't hlth to ..
13 lrf i IVoLb : .
achth, tke this i ., mu- '
-c. .rcl Thol,.: thinks love is . form of inL'.ij--tt i U he
is normal. d thnt's is --hT ho dcooen't bD c with th ldi'any moral Stry norml,3oys,until 2fter Christm- s, ,just nohor tip It is rumored th:t ir "Croon r"is t-i"ing ortrin little "Butterfly" to Jr.ciKok villa Chritm.. Lookout,"I .ics Hll"". L. Clomous .u to to:;n .dd it m2d him sick, Thy ? He c.n toll you. I ,;ish you Iorry -Christr.. Tht'o r11--_h, S'..
. 1 r

".Zujo:; the HoliU'ye"T.

? I 20 HPI2JH. I L K I 11 0 I ,
I I ,,holoc...l i
Ih oh 1. 1 3r oe.. ond. rait Gortuni io 10 .rchants 824 ,oot B"y Stroot,
Jicksonvillo, Florian

"b.C.. boys l.vir'y c:loomo".

Docenbor SC, 1926.

I-a ge 2

2 '3 ~:

- 0 .Oi.::::: a T. ..A .t ..

TOIL. 1,

0. /.

Jesley lHiller, ili e I- -, 1
3. A. 1Anderso:, -. _J. Southg3te,

1st. Lt. J. i. J
osign 2.i.Thory Capt. 1.3.:11, Lt. Leville, J3ub


C. 2. Y. wn, educational Adviser.
L.O.Colmon, 2Project Lupt. R. L. Green, ruck 2ail ore c. LicDoaald, J ipervis. ech.
0. D. Dovulin Cre:7 Lea_..... .i.T.-ITathers, J(eLacd 2orenan. R. Griffin, JouaE ForemU.. B. F: -. ,squad Pore:.: J. 8. J:xvn, 11re ch. Porrmar. .J. Gregory, a.:il~ Laborer. Lerry Xing, Truck Trail LUoct.


-, I f

Last year a most itelligent Discussion w hs held o.n the sucject of Vocation ca. Avoc-.tion. Vocaiion means daily occupation, (your ethod of securing brelc and butter.), and Avoc, tion is onf hobby se hks :formed, (some thinp you lik!e -to do).. In this grou!r of nized 'young mena from all parts of the state, th--r is talent of all 1i uds--iIsicitne,

11,.rry Christman .3 I T H? RI J H A ,d. 0 L, J I R 0 Y, Inc.
Y (
536-.4d,; ,Jyt Bry Stroet,
J.o. zouvillo, 21orid:
"Th hiousof Quality
Jud Jorvice '."


otinued from Col. 1.
"thi otes, nd dcholare. The I us. ;jion i., who is dveloping i Q thos t :_l0t--It oeu be e:S ily
J r .. 0, Inworoe--not a boy, but the n, i o:amp :Gvior. It ws common
to co0 a be.rrc;ots filled with .... .0, 1 ,. sloping men on S..turdays ,nd
Sun Lryc-; to hezaor bull sessions
--- (wpintlose crguAcots) anywhere
on the grounds; or to hcar ditor-iu-cheif. worn-out Iori: town teles of pet i t Jditor oxprinn e, with prosper rity,
..,~~- _p,?,,t r.i.. t~r yo i ""
Buslimess I'anager. vwhen the canus trkcr wvvs the Reporter. only onL th t kJulw you woro
"r ,d. All this tim,r sting be done may with. Tfioro h-, os bon definite stctomonts DI .O.TOY dcivrd concoAnin: the exist'nco
of t his rg nizs ti n. h,. eals, Co iandi d. :re 7ou to do o'fter the soui, C Oi C.O.C. .C ..s h:vo boon fodrgotton?
Cam buroo. Lou ig tjhe time to lo:.rn mall you
-District Chaplai on o .ubt ov v rytli LJg-01 Ug- ,t.

P o 4

The moniar of Joe -3: r- to bo| gr ntodC five Cl 1 :. for the holid- .. C. tli :. ..i of the orp- ,~' .A-ot 1; t t .0 ti 0-. lo t- :o .ro of-this t.: >riole of 1l. vu cro g~ivoL:. o.0o00 ::ill to :110:70:1
to go Iu.riog both mriodts. The first piurio o ru:. topmorro;,
CJomur r 1, oft- 7-orik, l u Inst until 1_.L=" :i i ht Th ur,:cG:. Ja,--,, b r 3. The ur Cno tr
"-' oJ2eC. or Zinrio :t
Dorr 1r t rt -4n- -tl right Thur Jr" Ja x Th La ,seis Lror ._ t ?'ruck D r i vre LRe'vo-, Jftt timeo to
l -;. .Th e-rc p oct:d
their ti -t t o r -.ui- g lt
Soholu-1 -c r the first Perio:.-J-mmbor 1 t'o D1oora or 6. The folloui:m roen hiv th ie jorioi, Joous, ..s Austi, L.
s ...... R. L iox J-.,,IL do I ~0- co I.
d-!:rd., J .,:bro, .
rucr2, D u c to2STe r a L J- .
3,hodul. for co.O.: i rio.- o-D n er 28 to J2 .:'2.r: he follo,:in m L 'v i. Cii r i1 CmbYrbidge, .:ord :. ht iror, J. 01 nia, V
Ch-rmpiou, J. -lcDo i H.1 I- rtt Qrsci.. G..

BR & GG 3

0 Y{T "LPLYJ Z2-

LI R K T- .
877 Lorh "H-rion Stroot,

1h.117- R

G ?L I ll I li G J 5 S.11' 8J{O 102-.13I SHOP
-To c:11i for niC Colivers

3.., .~mLorson

TL2:iGlory to God in the highoQt C, 3Th rth p 2co, goo. Cill
to-"rd noa--Luko 24:14.
The Birth of Jeas Christ is tho
-cliYx of Lod um-tiour dooidct. i:11 von befor o thD Ilorning Stars fng together or tho one of God. shoutOd for-yJoy ..h1tover histor-7 the ::orlC. h c n..o or :ha.tivore prth hanrna progros hs tkon, Go, in the Ia von li rooting, sometimes ruling, or. som ti;os ov r-ruli ng- ov ryt hi ng forx the Glo- o'f GoC,. rct roper'-. lug the -.'rl, ,c- fIst po1bib lo
-fo.r the a, 'vo..t of God i tho fleet. or for the" time wuho Go Iimnsolf shoule booone : mr., in or.or tL.t hl bright to ch nI, r ith e fiogr of his infinit. .ook: inito his a-;s -00'or. So thet tho p-urios, of God. in roecomption might bc re.lizX, 10 Jesues Chri, the S of Go*., 'a. Go<.
Ior before in the history of th a World hns the term po boon ore, tdlka. :'oat'. Io.?00 io,.thc hI om, th .C hirch, nd. po.oo, prfeot po-cio in tho uorl rmong men. The 3irth of Joua. brought
do c 0 ot a ,u opon our h r rts fo b 0p o:' to hino in

Oc o, ~Ol

L ka Cit-i, lorid'.

1 s

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I V*/. I ^ / 2 ^ C‘J ij F/,2 /V* £ £ £ ft y H Rt ST M A S f / \


ira ee 2 December 2C, 1936 Os co 2 la n~ /c S o^kL'. j-'Ciijo i ay • The Spy i The buildingsof this Coups iiy •hays g&ttcn up and walked, accord-! ing to the opinion of. the se ; 1 skin brown from Jennings-" • She a aye that a .carta i u young m: n would be sitting at the ebat ranee of t h Qs C 3 0 la Forest a/hb'o she sees him again. 3A1G l dost. Leader B. Taylor t;: s so weak for a lr dy tli: t ho goes to IlTse C— r’s. and fall-s on her porch, where he spc.nds-' : thc ni :ht trying to get r wo rd with her. Stay oat of the cold, Hi s t c r T L certain : r o an g lady has given "Peea/co” the cold should or and seems to’ h: ve fallen for the e x” c o us ’’ or j -lb i r da give. yourself a. break -lady and ge t f r o'm an d ort h o hr mn 1 r J us t an instant where the. Jailbird seems to lr ve the edge on the Jaybird md do the Jay like it 1 and Hov; T lig "V/indy ,T Me(3oy has come out of his solitude, hear s s o o a i u t o v / n a; ith. a f 1 a me n d a's ho. trying to make 'Ok rk G ol„look bad ? Go on atVd 7/in, ,T ./iudy ,T "Brains" Lamb still keeps his rep intr ct by keeping the 1 dies up in the Air, he added another victim to his list of broken j hearts ; d o u 1 1 go t o Tn 1 1 h ; : s o e ” Bra i n s 1 1 it i s n ’ t h o a It 1 ly t o d c such things, take this tip, ifrnl Bdward Thomas thinks love is a form of i ns an it y — that is why he is normal. And that’s is why he d o e s n 1 1 b e a; ith t he 1 a die c any morel Stay normal, Boys until after Chris tms, .just another tip, It is rumored that r ,r Croon or” is taking a certain little "Butterfly” to Jacksonville Christmas Lookout "Hess Hall" 1 L. Clemons' went to town arid it me do him sick, :7hy ? Ho can tell you. I wish you a Horry -Christ mas. That’s all — The Spy. "Bn joy t he Ho li d ys FITCH.1 I L K I 1! S J H Hi C. /hole sale pro due aand Fruit C o mr-ii s s i o ii He r c ha n t s 324 Host Bay Street, Jr cks o nv i 1 lo Florida* v C G 0 bo ys a lwa ys a; e 1 come :-r


v 1 o' ,-JJ L 11 t: 0 \ # v^• o/ !^U v' ole u -'• A) 1 jW -~-J 'Jesley Miller, Bdi t o r -i n c-he if, Vilaie Ire '-, Assi 3 Jclitor. A. A. Anders on, Business Manager. V/. B. Southgate, Reporter. 0-AiP 'DIA.dC TO AY Is u • Jj i. • v • u oeals Commancii nr, Das ign P.B.IBjionresoa, CA Officer. Capt P.3. Ha IP, Gamp Surgeon. Lt Seville, Sub-District Chaplain 0 1 Y. w n J du ca t i o n a 1 Adv i s e r jj.O.Golmoa, Project Supt. A. L. Green, Truck Trail Tore. V; '17. McDonald, Supervis. Mach. C. D. Dowling, Grew Leader. / T • I la t h e r s jC;u,a G Pore ma n A. Griff in, Squad Porenu-n. 3. P:. ~quad Porem. J o Jr -a n lie ch Po reman V/. Gregory, Skilled Laborer. Perry King, Truck Trail Local. i Continued from Gol. 1. .^thlotes nd scholars. The quo., lion is 7 /ho is developing these t Monts --It can be ersily a nsworod--not a boy, but t'he o. rnp advisor It was common to soc a barracks filled v/ith sleeping men on Saturdays r nd Sundays; to hear bull sessions (pointless hr gurnc n t s ) a nyw he re on the grounds ; or to hear worn -out home town tales of past experiences v/ith prosperity, v/hon the census taker v/as the only ono th t knew you wore ~ r o un d All t hi s t ime w r sting must be done away with. There h" s boon definite str foments decirred concerning the existence of this org niz; tion. V7hat ere you going to do after the C 0 G .o mips h: v c boo n forgot to n? Low i.s time to learn all you c n a b o ,ut e v o r y t li i i j g S o ut hga t e Merry Christmas S II I T H? A I G H A A D, d Oh, C J iq A 0 Y, Ino f 53C-. r 4, .dost Dry Street, •Jacks onvi lie Plorida 7AKA UP l Last year a most intelligent discussion w a s he 1 d on t he s ub .jec.t of Vocation and Avocation Vocation means daily occupation, (your method of securing bire-d and butter.), and Avoci tion is any hobby one has : formed, (some 7 tiling you like -to do).. In this group of mixed *young men from all parts of the state, there is talent of all kinds --Plus icians i t MB-* To end P AGV I S*I Oh o ,T The Ho us e 0 f Quality and Serviool” i j


OscoOlr i: D oonb ji 20 195 5 LD-IVD Ok KOxil J_> oJ,.>jO, sre to ooj gr l! L/ G C_ .l i VO Ci. c_ J / o | for tho h o 1 i cls o ~ s o l, t hi s y v r • j 0 o x ^ v O I '*1 J U .VJ O J. _/ of lpr y.j’j oo V..liov;ci ’ i J_ o U. S .-HI of the Comp" up t t hoa -• • • rp Vi-:uel:.. ^ • a of this t-.70 periods given i a • one -/; ill t o go d urirg both p first v o r I o d : st rtsTho Jeccmbjr £1, oft or v/ork, r.ucl loot until llidnight, Thursday, December 26. The. other period st rts £ tit arc! op, •Dooom’bor O O I UC nd Irsts until llidnight. v/o ru, Thursday, Jorniory 2-. i'iio lo 1 s a is to n t Lo r dors' l ci Ir u g k tlOK to Drivers hove pot loo vo. T jrambor £1 to Do o ant or 26. I ho he r /umbo rs select go bp drsv/i-ng lo t ho first Periodfollo-.viop no Jo ms, 1. Hass, H; lie Glen do u D 1 mr J. Bedards D. ho VO this pGf'l'hdl Dustin, L. Heudicks, ; J ... Or eon, I. Lrnib, B ro, S.; Long, J. .lord, II. oehodul j for so.cond Period — Do oombor 28 to Jr nnv r v 2. •; Iho