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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
Place of Publication:
Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
Publication Date:
v.1, no.3, December 13, 1935
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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Co 4 11-3 0-


ol. 1 December ,Lake Uit;, Fla. No.
Tr Lot us bu sour iinrud young
T~E C.XP lLw-Le 11 ln. ind b-c- us, of our ch nce.
3 to me, o this month still
B. .A. nde2rsonL brighter do vorytihing possible
to ch or up-firut our loved onus December is Briht.r that Lay. t lio by putting in our
pros~nts on Christa s by *t

Dear fellow mei.ibrs it is ;ith an unusual amount of pleusuie that I tak. in writing for you in tue columns of tnis paper. .n article I deci .,ill lnG sunshine, happiness and che x us w have entrud tuis crury maonti.
I have taken for r:y i bj,.cot matter the lines of thl olQ familiar Hymn "Lcribor is brighter than Ilay'. Sci-A on, of you may ask, "oc:.n Dc:frl cbu brighter than ,

ing our unfortun to friends ;ith
Th-refor,; s ppro ch this
s, son of thu y. i lit us br'iiindu th --.oh of us h s one id.. 1 sift ;ld th t Gift is God's Son to i L'rla.

NL'.. 00i i2T20cj OFFIoERI

ihu boys of 61s Uorp n: h. v just i.rnud th t ist. Lt. J. F. S~u- is is to Juliuvc Capt. 1.. Lunn, oui prusunt Comri nding Cfficr. C .P. Lunn s orde d to thi Comp.ny October nfu tii m mbois 'hv
Sconsid&dci him ,n id:.1 c' c C mxm to this Corap ny from Co. 1441 z.ndurson, ., where 'h h-d zu bishud ..n excullont rucoru. ct
Lt. 0,.is comi-s to this coiip ny from H- dau:rt~sr. H hs nv-surv\d in ., coiip.n in Floiid until no,. I. suums to bu vury good m.n to succtud C pt. Lunn. I., wish him success .-nd thu boat of luck ii ai his undertakings her, vith this company. &ll of th' boys .ill b .1d to c6opur-

) CC C c la

Fage 2 Os0ola 1 s
A-small traveling stage sho stopped at this .air c tlie night of December 10. The perfortanoe was held in the Mecreation Hall. It lasted perhar6 an hour and a half. The ri.ain features of the show were "Tony" the comedian, ,;ho kept the house in an uproar with jokes and wise-cracks, a one girl chorus that sang and aance extremely V.ell, and last but not least FITCHthe t;o young rope uirtists;t&hey held the audience s'->llbound I WIll
with tricks of the rope. The show was enjoyoU by all. I

You're under the weather a bit, and Fate has bun very unkind. Of late you have ben uinexpectedly hit and life has been rather gring.
There's nothing at all to be done but doggedly stiffen resolvu. Some men are. successful; you're going to be one, whatever the effort involve.
Its mainly a matter of grit, of tightening muscle and sine w. The
fact that you've failed doesn't matter a bit. You've still got ability in you.
The recent reverses you've had Continued Page 3 Column 2.
8&l North Marion Stroot,
Phone N1o. 117-R,
Lake City, Fla.


December 13, 1935


Produce and Fruit Comnimission Merchants 324 'Wcst Buy Street, Jacksonville, Florida.
C.C.C. boys always welsome.

fP2~C 3 O~eola ~ ____ nbor 13~ 1g3F~

Published four ti cs onch by the members of Comeny 4430,
0.0.0., Lake City, Florida.
Vol. 1, io.3, Docembar 13, 1935.
S ---------[7eslay Ilillor, Editor-in-choiif. illie Ivoyv, Asist nt Editor. B.A ..ncldrson, "usinnes inrgor*
7. S. Sou thg,-t Roiorter.
Cpt. K.7.Luci, CoLuenclin3* Ensign F.B.Thompson,JU Oflicor Capt.P.B.Hell, Ormp dugcoon*
Lt .iovilio, dub-District Chaplain.
C.P.Yr4;n, duerti onal idvs c r.
L.0.Colc10mon, Project Supt. h.L.Grcon, Truck TW-il Fir-m-* 7/. LilUcDonald, Jupervising Mach*. 0C.D.Dowling, Cre:: Lcrd r. S.T.thrs, Squad orm in.
iR. Griffin, Squad Foroman. B. Frseor, Squnrd Foram.. F J.S.Brymn, 11och. For(Jran.
7. Gregory, Skilled Lnborr Porry,King, Civil Jgin r.
Jo regrt to k0o: of the illnsC of Ledr Robort Joukins, but the 1est report frmA th U. S. Vot;ranz hospital,. L L, City, Fla., shows i-mrovement.
This ,wok ,7:0 Iv o: the sick roport the following: Hmbors, IFool, Ioscs ; ilson, Cleveland ; Jilliams, Joe ; HoCali, Benjamin; All show; improvement at the ti. o of this roport.-Thomas.


Continud froli Pgo 2 Column 1. miust sting yon to further ndorvor. For businose crn't ...;bs go on being bA. Misfortuno won'ut hunt you fcrover.
You've still got r chance to .ttriu to thc height that you usAd to foroo. For the .;orld Cannot help prying horamgo to, if it polls with a cOpitr. BI'.
3t the world oan be stupidly blind. For the present it's doing without you. But sooner or later, of course, it'll find that it.deron't con tinue to ilount you,
And when you come into your own and Fortune his lifted her ban, it .ll give you a thrill looking back, to have sho-wn that in trouble you could be a IiL, '
0.,0 CC E AYd
"* 33 ,
,sseve have boon written by the following members of this Company Vanburou Thomp:ius, Clerk, iosley Hiloar, Asst. .clv., dward Thomas First Aid 'Att ndvut 3enjamin nc arson, Moss Sargoant,
-obrt First 6aer nut, L ,illiJ.m So lthgvto. Those
says r ro to be sent to he-dqu: rtrs. All are bsed on the subject: How thoe 0.0.0, Has Bouofitocd Ho. Those rated good Dacy bc published.

Hats Cleaned and Blocked,

S Ah' 3
Phou e


3 H 0 P


70 call for andcl delivor.
"7o stand behind the 49'ors".

iage4 .9~J~L~ ~ -

*~~2~H YOUR 7!ORDS

I j A1
Whoe Sn: i
A certain i :yst c:.'- '"cit. Boys, can' t y ,, d :3 ...: for hi: ? He :a' da-d to tll
a miss 7e "0as in the ool or It. I ca. 1 lilove and she se- !I cIt 3 ;au at. Take a ti L acl beet it
b..l: to Jo.: "' d ..J.obeys. I ion't sea ":tuch,"! o-raing
an i wit the 1:ise osr s.pevking of tJ ::n since ?r.?? stopped him .rol-, oing;. to 0*us T ey al say :e is shy .of- t girls, utl-t P. _. ZAL: cro' of
some four or five mel aroused the boye-r Lo.1 b.rrco~kVehou t-~ j h'. o.in1.i ar- c ks .-; hen they brought ina "shink",. while th jok -:: .. bit rAio -1, it "es sarion. "Pop -yo" M1cClendon, John Sosni on, a J ock Parker cn o plain thu Oaptain' s. o>ion couc,,erniL thl,
--att r .: Yv CA C nLtor. Yow1 An John
didn't know quy better '
x- n xrc 1 rl
has fallen arc .for c.r-in young lCdy. She ;. s soon i-i~i iftho .it c]:
pulling hird ou of h it3h Sunday boy, th2t dr' sure mko. c fc1 :2 hr1. It' rumors~ tht c. orly h 0 started o:tinlg s i-c, 1a s -0tht wh,,,n he oto st e "Pop Zyo" ( The s oil r mi ) e i, going to tCko a soack the, let. Sgt., for stooling h:is
ls-L 9cLJ-. :E l L
chool.t drop. Taeo it o' z Sgt.1 A ocrtt cor npo- 3 clo rl srdme to r hr.rd tbo whon o trio s to tk a troll with t1 d -riond. Lookout I V.I3T. -You sim to be too ligto Sfor havy- pulling g, y t the little 20al .skin bro.n froni "Gouov" is c rt- i r. 1y oak,.Aud -ow The "So-121ihrd" of tho C-m. his 2,dCod no, p "utt ,D tafly" to his li.t Come cis. uy took n shot at to A2st.i.Adv. r.nd i ts coaod him Lt o buc :s. Adi g'p. Th :-i..

c orroloc., word
A.'7 3irdlo strife*;
1 ol word
>-Iy wrek lifo. ,
A, bitter word
1:ay hate instill;
.x brut1 word
.1r.y C uite and 1:ill
A gracious .-ord
to -n i1
1.ic; anooth the way;
A joyrou -:iord
.lay light the clay.
A tircoly. wora
i.icy lossou tcrose;
Slowing ;ord ..
1.17 hcel and'blse-.c.
Selected. ...........
C ntcon boo "s will be isourd all ".tu .dy fterou, beginning ,.et 12:00.

S 11 IT H ]
I C H A 1 D S 0 N,.
C 0 N 0 Y, Inc.
33G-40 -oct 3"y Stroot,. J2 ohsouvillo, Floria..
"The Houso of Quality
and Service".

age 4

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t — s ) J i fyonrc CO 4*1-3 0 \ S' \ K s / \ \ / / \ / *•! /, \ / A Y~7 b ol. 1 December lb, lwbb, Lake City, Fla. No. 3 -L-li-j Gj.swD oieu. mii BD | B. a. Anderson December is Brighter that Lay. j ; Dear fellow members it is with | an unusual amount of pleasure that I take in writing for you in tuo columns of this paper. „n article I deem will lend sunshine, happiness and che-ei aS w e haVe cnt^iao tliis dreary month I have taken for my subject matter the lines of tins ol& familiar Hymn '’LeComber is brighter than Lay’. Screw one of you may ask, ’’How can December be brighter than Lay ? Dell, I shall try to explain, First of all it is uttcrl*: impossible for December to give us • 11 of t ho s e beaut i f ul suns hin r a ys to give us the fragrant flowers end singing birdies But it was possible for the same month to give to us the Birth of the Lrpentcrs Son of ID. zc mne One whose birth h s llowed our subj t-o be true in every sense of tin word, be cun vim our past in this very month, even though w’e did not h,.ve one cent to our yet u v, ere in every way m .da to feel somewhr t happier, Ven though We did not see the cun shining brightly or feel its warmth from the rys, because of our gift univci sail /• given. Let us be sober minded young men • iiiid beCuse of our ch .nee to make this month still brighter do everything possible to cheer upfirst our loved ones t home by putting in our presents on C hr i s' cm s, by greeting our unfortun te friends with smile. Therefore; s We ppro ch this so .son oi the y e .1 let us bw reminded th t each of us h s one ide, 1 gift nd th t Gift is God’s Son to' the world 111.. COlvi iiOING OFFICER The boys of this company h. vc just lc.rned th t 1 st. Lt. 3 • !'• DeIs IS to 1 e 1 i e V C C Cp t L.T. Lunn, oui present' comm nding officer. C ,pt. Lunn w s orue ed to this Comp. ny October ii lbeb, • nd the membei s 'have considered him _.n ideal c pt. in. lie c .me to this Compny from Go. 1441 r Sender-son, Fla., where he h .d esm hiished n excellent record. .ct it o e Is G S to tills g Oi.ip n^/ from Ha d'gu rtei-s iie has never Served in company in Floi id until now. He seems to be v Very good man to succeed Cnpt. Lunn. ..e wish him success ;.nd the best of Luck in all his undertakings here with this company, a 11 of the boys ..ill be gla to cooper L te *•1.11 -er


December 13, 1935 Page Z Osceola i. 6 /j s SHOW YLi 11*5 CAliP A • small traveling stage show stopped at this Camp on the j night of December 10. The perj f enhance was held in the Re c! r eat ion Hall. It lasted perhaps an hour and a half. The main features of the show were ’’Tony” the comedian, who kept the house | i in an uproar with jokes and wise-cracks, a one girl chorus that sang and dances extremely well, and last but not least the two young rope art ists ; they held the audience spellbouna with tricks of the rope. The show was enjoyeu by all. BL A MAH l You’re under the weather a bit, and Bate has been very unkind. Of late you have been unexpectedly hit and life has been rather gring. There’s nothing at ail to be done but doggedly stiffen resolve. Some men aim successful; you’re going to be one, whatuvm the effort involve. Its mainly a matter of grit, of tightening muscle and sinew' The fact that you’ve failed doesn’t matter a bit. You’ve still got ability in you. The recent reverses you’ve had Continued Page 3 Column Z. ERAGG8S FISH MARKET Q8k& North Marion Street, phone No. 11 7 -R, FITCH WILKINSON INC. Wholesale produce and Fruit G omm i s s i o n Mer c han t s 3L4 West Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida. j 1 0,0.0. boys always welsome.' Lake City, Fla. Fish-Shrimp -Oysters-


Page 5 Oi-J ; c o 1 r i OSCE OLA PE7s. Published four tines a a eh month by the members of Conroany 4430, G.G.C., Lake City, Florida. Vol. 1, So. 3, Jo combo r 13, 1935. V/efeloy Miller, Editor-in -cho if '.Til lie Ivey, Assistant Editor. 3 .A. .indorsor. Business Hr. nr. go r 7 E South go t c Ho porter. CAMP DIRECTORY Cop h II ./ Luna Comma, n a i ng Ensign P.3. Thompson, GE Officer Copt .P.B.Holl, Comp Surge on. At .Devi 11 0 Sub -Dis t ri ct Chop loin C.P.Yawn, Educational Advisor. L.O.Golcmou, Project 3upt. R.L.Groon, Truck Foreman. 1 -MIcDo n old 3upo rvi s i ng Mo eh C .D .Dor/ling, Crow Lo r dr. 7 T • LIo t h 3 r s 3 quo d H 0 r c mo n R Griffin, S q uo d Fo re mo n 3 Pro s 0 r 3q uod Po r omon J • S • 3r y 0 n Me eh. P 0 r o mo n 7. Gregory, Skilled Lo borer. Perry t Hi ng. Givi 1 E ngin 0 j r MED I G..L REPORT 7c regret to kuov; of the illness of Looder Robert Jenkins, but the lost report from the U. S. Vo to reins Hospitol, Loko City, P 1 o s h or/ s i mp r 0 v 0 me n t This week v;o hove on the sick report t ho f 0 llor; i ng : l.Iombo rs Pool, Moses ; 7ilsou, Cloveloud ; / illioms, Joe ; McCall, Benjomin; Ell show improvement ot the time of this report -Thomas J mE A_ ... .D-^noer 13, 1935 | Conti nurd from Pogo 2 Column 1 must sting you to further endeavor. Per business can't always go on being bod. Misfortune won’t hount you forever. You’ve still got r chonco to attain to the height thot you usod to foresee. Per the r/orld Gonnot he lp pr yi n g homo go to Broin, if it spoils with o capital B*. But the world can be stupidly blind. For the present it T s doing without you. But sooner or later, of course, it’ll find that it. daren’t continue to flount you* And when you come into your own and Fortune has lifted her ban, it’ll give you a thrill, looking back, to have shown that in trouble you could be a MAD ’• C,C.C. ESSAYS Essays have been written by the following members of this Company Vanburen Thompkins, Clerk, Wesley Miller, Aast .Bd.Adv* Edward Thomas, First Aid Attendant* Be n j ami n And j rs 0 n Mess Sa r ge ant Ro b c rt C a n n 0 n Pi rs t S a r ge ant, a n d 7i 1 1 i am E • So ut hga to. Those essays arc to be sent to headquarters, All are based on the s ub j 0 c t : H o' w the C • G C Has Be n 0 f i 1 0 d He • Those rated goo d ma 7 be p ub 1 i s he d # Ha ts Cleaned and Blocked* a a M ’3 3 H 0 '“i — j REPAIR PI 10 uo 3 H 0 P 5-9639 7o call for c md deliver. ”7c stand behind the 49’ors”.


Page Os op Hm: Jeep; lor l.o,, JDlif :UL3 The 3 rr A certain it for him a miss Boys can't 9 list ce ; 1 z tan ; yon d o 2 o nth in He v/ag heard to to has in the mood for 1 1 love and she sayou any. Take a 5 tl I can't hel]; ; and heat it ha ok to Gain f and Hr. L. J. obeys c: r] '0 i -J i linen" or at a mg with the ladies o-r speaking o*7 n since ir • ? ?• sto u ued hi m any of from going to Oltistbe • They all say he is shy of the girl* Tut l ~ ~ some ,l n I 1 ll O • P. 1 o ’ll n c o: JBTALA : a crew of iT d used mo: corni osl. IT the boys in lo.l barracks when they brought in a "skunk" while the joke a: as a bit it v/ as serious. "Pop Bye McClendon-, John Session, and Jack Parker can explain the Captain's opinion concerning matter. Yov/saJi 'L -TnUn didn't knov; an IfJCH YOUR V/OEDS carolcss word Ida y kindle strife; cruel word Hay i/rock a lifo. A bitter word I la. y hate instill; brutal word Hay S; :ite ana kills ii. gracious v/ord Hay smooth the way; A joyous -word Ha y 1 i ght tfh o d ay • A ly. word I ia y 1 o s s c u s t r e s s ; A loving word I lay heal and bless Selected. t no • • b: And John tier t T I • • ft 1 -yd Y* r '' IT 1 *\ r -fT I dJAblu # jjjm U I • r 1st. has fa Ho n ha r d young lady’, ill Sunday LUG C for She v /. s soon cert a in pulling him out of the ditch C**iiTB_ji, BOOnS Canteen books will bo issued all Saturday afternoon, beginning at 12:00. n i kes cl no. wo y, 07/ that dame sura lit. id. X b S rumored that an orderly has started eating spinach that when he gets as s "Pop Bye" (The sailor man) he going to H m C? ( .L ~ '^1 U; r o n a: a o is me so G/i at 1st. Sgt • for stealing chocolate' drop. Sgt 1 A certain scorns to have a he tries to take the lady friend. V.B.T. •You seem for heavypulling, yet tho seal .skin brown from "Go no; Take it easy company clerk hard time when a stroll with lookout '. o be too tr i nly we ak .And Hoy/ Th l guilt U T £ U_ V ;lc 3 one bird" of the • a n o t : ipr nut t o r Some wise guy took ii>: G b ii.d"V r.nd i c Camp has added to his lm Wi 0 • shot at tho coated him j two bii cut) Ad i :g Gasrg.T i ". S M I T E #i R I C -H A R 1 S 0 H, C 0 1 ROY, Inc. 55 G -540 ‘Jest By/ Street, Ja eksonvillo Florida LIBATS and PROVISIOhS "The House of Quality and Service l"