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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
Place of Publication:
Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
Publication Date:
v.1, no.1, November 29, 1935
Physical Description:
volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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- T j
readoast ver !9 .,
: '_er.bers off "2-11"f

I have n.oticecd tt sr.e ~f he larger boys aro and ca. thin they are hotbut littl. Davis thinks they are an iceplant in his sight. do beware all you human mountains and stay away from the I:idget.
-- :
And speaking cf recreation-I believe the canteen steward is in love with the pool tables mor-e than he is with 1Hise 1.11. and his job.
Boys don't thial_: hard of r.
3. LicCall for not going to town because he is playing the part of the lonesome lover.
The leaders in io. 4 are wetchin for-a couple of mugs. They are playing from the time to go to bed until time to get up.
omrethinug has got into ir. alter Shlith and he can't stay away from Lake Qity
Somebody please go to..tLe hey. and tell him to stop.:srving so much pork. It se.ems that our mess seargeni(Tev.) is very fond of the farmers. I>T you believe the Lyes and Jars,are wrong--watch the mess hall. It would be a treat to. eat a little higher up on the hog.
One tim:e 11r. Willie Ivoy would go to town brohe but sinco .2. Clark Gable stepec o~n t1he qir, n-, him he r aciant unre t(o

,~ J i. ZU::.hLJ o=:,,,L
Zive of the cmers of cr Q jay were transferred to Bee' RTico, ncear Sarasota on Nlov 5. 1935 They -were: Frank Collins
Arg.ett 2loyd, John D. Jones, RoLand Ruth, atid Joseph Lane. \To hope thCt they like their now cooany.
LIBi1RY 300K3
7e have just received a now set of library books.. These books mayT"be checked out at any tae the library is open'for a period of..uq week. Jnjoy. good reading'.
N Ii T H,

RI 00. K' A D .) 0 L, .0 0 : R0 Y, Inc. .3o6-.40 170st.B y St. JA0KS oiVILLO, FLO RIDA..
"The House of Quality
and Servico'"

080"OLA iCUS
Published four tinc cach ~ by the rionabors of Conp*'ny 4~

*1__ E,, T 1I
'il B T CnrJ
* Dy be J. .ndurzor.


C.i,,L akO City, Fo'ria oI. 1,. .Io0.,1, Hoviopbor 29, 1935o
4 '

oaley illurt .nt .Oitor. S.. D, Rpcr1., or. .rn; St -...b, r 'UTitor
Cat Is J Lunn, ........din" ,
.usin 2. '.'hor~poon, Lx. Officer, "Lt. J. C ovi Caplin. Capt P. J. Hall, Cor n vuru;on C. Y n,, 'Zucat iono l .,Zvigor.

L. 0. CuLiI, project Supet. J. 3. BryLn, ccanical Form..n. SA .'S
. T. athers, quad Torctia. ., L. Gr c.n, Truc '' tTil Por kn. I Phono
1. Griffin, Squad For,man. ..r;ryo Sillot L:.bor.3rs: a c
C'.*... DCeing 1.illed L bor. Perry iing, Civil -.nCincor. il-io :,oDon:1, 2upyrviing .c ch, .nic. "Io so

s Clro-*nd mend Bloceod SH OE RE P', IR Shop 5-9639
all fcr :nd Colivor nu behind the 49'erp". l!Ca.

" hanIdslo
Preducc :nd .ruit
Coliic siot .: rhantil
324 cust Bay 2trcot
J rchonvillc, Florid..
C.C.C. boys obys xlcone.



Thc ZGin Of Inrratt&co
One of a1; v'orudt sins in the ":orld to bo coura:itxod. is the sin of in;ra.i' ucl c,
htavor our stcto or situation is, .ua choul,' O ;reCioul.
uc zhaul(. be o r 1fu1. to ur .cod, our Country, n( ou;r fi ilioo for .their. inr-der ..t in uO, \:a t1cr vo C.oo; it grCoAt or c:ll.
h re.rc s wc approach this (c.y of Th ink;ivi, h.undcd dlo n to us, by th .th~r3 oC ycu-,rday, lot us bc .h-n,.,ful. Lut uc pro.iso- and thank .lai;hty God f or -.11 his b


Clas,. -----------Place------------------i.------- eacher
Current Ovents---duca v ial 3Cilding--6:,C--D.E.Ya4n,0 A. Boxing -He iecr(ation 11Ha --1 --C- --:0-'nsign Thompson,U.S..
.Triting---Jduc ctional Buiding- --------7... CA
Truck Drivinrig-orestrv Office------7: -L.O.olmon,ErojJupt.
Spellirg--duc~tiom 1 3uildig-,:0 ley ille r,Asst..av.
Co roen.try---Forestry Tcol House --------4:0-J ..7.Dow1ing, 8k.Laborer
Auo.obilo 11chanuicp-Eductional 31J.-6:.C-2.Yawn, 0.3& Reding----tuc tional Buiidi1g---:y r .d
itiog---tdu12 1ona 3 ailding- .--------7:0-0.1.u,0
~rithm tic--E-ucati onul 3uiding- -. -:O-Rooort tunon, 1st.dgt.
*. T. dne s day
FiTs t Aid--_,ducational 7Juildi g------- 5 z C.- 0 A..t. 1 .3H H 61ed.Re g
Curlrent Evente -CLu Ptional Building-..- :CO--OJ.Zow.,,00s .B-oxi.g-- ore .ti- on. Hll ----------- -- 70-2nsign, ops ori U'. i..
iriting--~d~uotici1al uildiacg-- -- -700-'.0slay IlillrAs... d. .
--7.l-,Cs_ liller,-;s, t.. dv.
Speili n g--dutional ai ldi ng--------- 8-C:00.-;1 laey i llr ,As Et."rv.
0arp ntry--X or--rv oool ous i --- -4: --'. rl r-, .a o r
u omob 1 C31, _oo nz 1 s--'!U0 0 ,' 1- .C D ,-n -. o
Automobile liohu~i s--a~c tioal il,-i-,:GO-. .Y ,0J ** Tri ting-- ccction.l 3uilding---- -7:00-Jasley Iiller,Astt.s'd.,
RT. iug----catoj-Jijonl ailding-.--- 8 :OG.-.esiy Lillar,Cs0st.dv.
First Aid--bdu. tioJal 3uidi ---------:0&IC p..Hall ,CGsiodeg-.
afet r"--2orestry Office--......--L---7:,0-L,0.0olmon,Erj.ut.
Boxig--re tionRAl Hli .-----------7:0O-nsig Thompson,U.'J.L.R.
.riting-- iac.tic cl io uin l.di g------- -7: -- loy lill Ur, As-t Ad..
Ar i t i - t jn al i d i n g 6 0 -o b r anno n,
Lt. Dvis in Hosiital County i urso Visit# damp

1st. Lt 7.-2.D0vie is in the
U.S. Y ter"-ns 11ospitalI in ks City, P1. H transfer a t
to oar CompaLny from Company
1441. He h d been on duty
hero for juzt : few days iha1n he ,ejoc mo ill Cud w c.. rid to the hospit 1.7h hope th t he will soon be in condition to r.t2urn to duty. _

Th 2 first Aid olcss h-d a new teacher for the regular mooting last Cnosday night. The County arLs Z it -. specialist in makingLr rid pcplying baudeC.gos. .-ftjOr ulrferoRu dcomonstrations the members of the clase wore required to mA:u simili r b d..gos. .11acoh was accomplished Sd- ri g the moo tin ...

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\ V \r\ \ \f •> n CO H* . jV _2 J.j {. rr' / ^ T ic

I J O j j_. _L jlj ~~ Broadcast over 198 lie rubers of "B-Il" I have noticed the t s n r._e of he larger hoys around c amp think they are ho that littlo Lamar Davis thinks they are an ioeplant in his sight. do beware'all you human mountains and stay away from the Midget. And speaking cf recreation-I believe the canteen steward is in love with the pool tables more than he is with hiss I, II. and his .job. Boys don 1 1 think hard ofHr. 3. McCall for not going to town because he is playing the part of the 1 o ne s ome lover. .:C • J ..A'.'-i'j .! ::n m-V o • x iii: th v i:y 4 •Hare in ‘.us e o‘*hr. I .v utmotc. Five of the members of our Company were transferred to BeeV Ridge, near Sarasota on Jtfov e 15.. 19.35. They were: Frank Collins*Arnett Floyd, John D. Jones, Roland .Bush, and Joseph Lane life hope that they like their new company. LIBRARY 300K3 4 Je have just received a new' set of library books .; These books may 'be checked out at any time the library is open ’for a period of one week. 'Bn joy. good reading 1 The leaders in no. 4 barracks are watching fora couple of mugs. They ere playing from the time to go to bed until time to get up. | Something lias got into Hr. 1/a It e r dm i th a n d lie oa n 1 1 s t ay i away from Lake City* Some b o dy please go to ,-t lie Re v and tell him to stop ••serving so much pork. It seems that our mess seargent (-Rev • ) is very fond of the farmers. If you believe the Byes and Bars, are wr o n g — w a t c h t he mess h a ll • 1 1 would be a treat to. eat a little higher up on the hog. One time Mr. V/illie Ivey would go to town broke but since hr. Clark Gable steppec 1 on the Rime — o' Y‘ I T H, / # R I' 0H A R D -S 0 ii, C 0 h R ,0 Y, In o'. 336-840 1/cstiBay St. JAC1ZS JkV ILLB FLORIDA. ; i i HATS and IROVISIOks t I i "The House of Quality and Service 1 j t )


T-r. o.'.or jr • ; c> -va OSCEOLA IO/S Published four tinoc ouch aonth by the nonbero of Company Tf-fQ, G.CoC., Lako City, Florida. • i r • dol. 1,. Ho. 1, IJovorfbor 29, 1935o alt i r L; xib ,..dit or-in~ch. if • oolcy ; illor, insistent ..di-tor, E. Southgate, Reporter. Ernest y.Lanb, rt Editor Ch-P JIRECTORY k. f Luna, Co; uandins# Ensiyn 7. D. '.horpson, Ex. Officer, ijo. J. C. i evillC Cnaplain#, P. J. Hull, C: i;p bury son* C. P, Y v/n, Educational .ac. visor# i L. 0. Gold .ni, i 1 o j o c c ou o o J. 3. Bryan, ; ochanical Horr.nan# • ?• athcr a, Squad, roronan. | IU L. Ore .n, Try cl; r .T: il' Ferorcun. E. Griffin, 3 quad Foreman. ’ ...••Gregory, Skilled Labor or*: C. v Dealing, Skilled L -borer* Perry Lino, civil Engineer. • ill-io oBoii: Id, Supervising 1 cch.nic# ETC 0*3 'P CH..Pij.J.n Bp Be J .aider 3 or. The Son Of Jivrat r itc.dc. One of the vorot cine in the ’/or Id tobe ccnraittod is the sin of • ingratitude c 'The t ever our state or situation is, v/o should bo :ratcful# He. should be qratcful to our God, our Country, and o-ur families for their inter .at in us, uh ether v/o do on it Croat or oh' 11. 'Hu ref ore .a \/c approach thio day of Th; nke'/ivinE, handed down to urj by the father a of yesterday, let uo bo thankful# Lot uo pro.ioo and thank ^lniyhty God for all hie blessing a. "Hats Gleaned a.nd Blocked s a : :*s shoe repair Phono Shop 5-9639 o call for c nd deliver "\Io staid behind the G9 orp" • F ITCH *c I L K I i: 5 0 II IRC t I i I t i ho la sale Produce and fruit Coi i d o sion re la ,nto 3 2dcot Bay Street Jacksonville, Florida# C#C#C. boys < /c.y e \;clconc.


. J CaTIOI^L P HO OH HOE MOITDAY Clast Place Current Events Educational Buildin Boxing He creation Hall ri t i rig Edu cat i on al Bui lain g. -li me -r leaoher -6:xC--jCP. Yawn ,-CBA 7 : 0 C J ns i gn 1'h o’mps o n U 3 h R -7;.0C r-C.P /awn, OHA 7 : oC -xi 0 Co lmo n Pr o j jupt '. Spelling — Educe tiona 1 Building 3:00 -.'Lesley Miller Asst ..idv, -f Truck Lriving-Dorestry Office -4 : OC C .7 .B ow ling, Ok. La! ore r .Yawn, CJxj. TUESDAY Carpentry forestry Pc,ol House Automobile lie ohanic^ -Educational Bldg. -6: 1C -C Heading Educational Bui Id i n g 5 : 0 C /e s le y Hi Her Vriting Educational Building7 : CO -0.1 Yawn, CEA Arithmetic — Educational Building 3 :GC-Hoocrt Cannon, 1st .Sgt 7c dues day *av ./riting5 :,OC.-0apt..P .3. Ha 11,0 C61Ifed. Hep: b I Oil— C, 1 • ;Io W n C. jii 74 G 0 -En s i gn Ehomp son, U‘. a hi H Educational Building 7 :00-7esloy Miller," Ass* t’.Adv 8 0C.-7esley Mi ller Ass t .Adv Hirst Aid --Educational .building Current Events -E&iic: tional Building-•Box in r. — He ore.: t i on Hall Spelling — Ed'u cl tional Buildin gEHUESDAY ; Carpe ntry-Pores try fool Ho us 4 : y HC -.7 Bowling, 3k. Laborer Automobile Lie cliani cs --Educu tio'ual BuiM-ing-e : QO-C .p.. Yawn, CJA •* V/riting — Educatio nal Bui lding 7 : 00-, /as ley Miller, Ass t .Adv He. ding — Edueuti onH Building 8 :G0 Lesley Hi 1 lei,. Asst'. Adv. EH IDA Y • Hirst Aid--Edu.c. tional Building _6 : OQ^Gapt-.iiall, 306 Mod. He g'. fety — forestry Office 7 : GGLL.O.Colmon,lro j ..Supt ” J ^ x' -He ere at i o na. 1 Ha 11 7: CO -Ens igu 2? honrps o n U B=. L H. | /riting — Education Cil-Bui Iding 7:0( -.Lesley Hiller, As t.Adv. 1 Boxing Ari t lime t i c — Ed uc at i onal Building 8 : CO -Robert Cannon, Is t .dgt • *'1 Lt Davis in Hospital County Lurso Visits Camp l n bile i n aa ke transfer, od 1st. Lt 7.E.D vis is U.3. Veterans Hospital City, Ha. He was trauo to our Co mp a n y f r o n 0 o mpa ny 1441. Ho h. d 'been on duty here for just a few days -when he Locarno ill and wi.s crried to the hospital. Le hope that he will soon ho in condition to re tur n to duty. t Aid class had a new for the regular meeting In e air teacher last 7 j dues day night Elio County nurse is specialist in rna ki n g nd c pp lyi ng hand. go s after numerous demonstrations the mo moors res ui red !, nd. gos the class wore to im lie similia..r ,1'fuch was accomplished ng t ho me e t i ng