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Volume 18, Number 45 By Islanders, For Islanders November 9, 2018 Sand Sculpting Championship ReturnsAmazing Sculptures From Sand A sculptor works on his entry into the competitionBy Gary Mooney The 32th annual American Sand Sculpting Championship, sponsored by Seminole Casino Hotel and presented by the Greater Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, returns to Fort Myers Beach from Friday, November 16, through Sunday, November 25 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel at 6890 Estero Boulevard. The 2018 American Sand Sculpting Championship is one of the biggest events of its kind in the United States, with roughly 50,000 people annually attending the various competitions during the 10-day event. The events run daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with Saturday & Sunday, November 24 & 25 open until 6 p.m. In addition to the talented sculptors, there will be many interactive activities, such as Quick Speed sand sculpting, sculpture photography opportunities, Kids Zone, sand sculpting demonstrations and lessons, and the Sand Vendor Village with more than 70 exhibitors. Admission is $7 per person, kids 4 & under free; and veterans, active service members a $1 discount. Feature sculptors compete in the Solo championship during the competition the next. Including Advance Amateurs, the 27 sculptors representing 8 nations and 10 states, with many being World Champions with over 400 competition medals in total, including more than 40 from this event. There will be 16 Solo Sculptors, 5 teams in Amateurs. An Advanced Amateur is someone who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in other sculpting contests but is not a professional. They use only 1 to 3 tons of sand, with 3 to 6 hours of sculpting time, while professionals have 2 to 3 days, with roughly 9 tons of sand and 20 sculpting hours. There will be free parking at Lovers Key State Park, with complementary shuttle service to and from the Wyndham Garden Hotel. Organizers encourage everyone to approach Lovers Key from the south construction on Fort Contd pg.12 By Gary Mooney The Town Council of Fort Hearings on Monday, November 5, ranging from a rezoning for a prominent island resort to potential property vacations. The meeting in front of roughly 20 residents lasted just shy of four hours, with Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp on an Excused Absence. Council heard the 1st QuasiJudicial Hearing for the Lighthouse Resort Inn & Suites MCP Amendment Rezoning request. The resort seeks to add two parcels owned by the Town to its Master Concept Plan (MCP) in exchange for another property owned by the resort, and to change the zoning including under its MCP three guest cottages it already operates, as well as the land with its signage on Crescent St. The Lighthouse Resort requests Council to grant it density from the land near Bay Oaks to reach its maximum 75 units, along with extending its build-out from 31, 2028. I am OK with everything except the density transfer, said Mayor Tracey Gore. You already use those three units so you do not need to transfer density all the away from Bay Oaks. I will not transfer density that far away I am not doing this to our residents, as it will open a can of worms for the whole island. Everybody will want to transfer density, as we are going through a development boom. asked if the Lighthouse needed the density transfer to reach their 75unit request, with Town Manager Roger Hernstadt replying that it is a zero-sum game. Town cocounsel Jack Peterson stated that between now and Rezonings & Vacations Council Debates HearingsContd pg.8 Spirit of The Holidays By Gary Mooney The Beach Kids Founda tion (BKF) has been hosting The Spirit of The Holidays Fundraiser since the 1990s, said Linda Beasley, in her 1st year as BKF President. This is the 19th annual dinner and auction to raise money so all Beach Elementary School kids and their siblings enjoy a Merry Christmas! One of the great misconceptions on Fort Myers Beach is that the children who attend Beach Elementary are all from millionaire families, but nothing is further from the truth. The majority of their parents are waiters and waitresses and bartenders and others who work hard all year long in the service industry, with many greatly affected economically this year by the water quality crisis. The Spirit of The Holidays amondHead Beach Resort on Cocktail Hour at 6 p.m., stated Linda, with dinner at 7 p.m. It is $100-per-person, but get your tickets soon, as the event always sells out! We can host just 180 guests and only have roughly 35 tickets remaining. Purchase yours through me directly at 239-980-0661 or at the Red Coconut RV Park or Century 21 TriPower Realty. What is already fabulous is an anonymous donor advance purchased a table for the Beach Elementary School, so ten staff members can attend for free! There will be live auctions, as well as gift packages you can attempt to win through purchasing tickets and placing them in a bucket by each one. Country music performer and Beach School alumnus Toni Lynn Starr is on the BKF Board and she arranged for Country music star Tanya Tucker to donate an autographed guitar, as well as a second Contd pg.14


Page 2 Departs From 4765 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach Located Behind Publix at Snook Bight Marina


Page 3 T h e Be ac h Bar LIV E M U S IC NIG HTLY D A ILY S P E C IA LS T h a nk s g iv ing ME NU Best Sea f o o d Mu sic & Su nset s Right O n Fo r t Myer s Bea c h" Letters to the Editor MAKE A CHOICE cuse themselves from all discussions of how the FMB town council will deal with the lawsuits brought by Chris Patton. I can completely understand how you can be friends with people who are suing the town you represent. I can also understand how you can decide to vote in favor of an action that you later come to regret. I cannot understand, though, trying in good faith to stand on both sides of an issue especially one so consequential to the residents and the town of Fort Myers Beach. Either you stand with the litigants, in which case you should caucus with them and their lawyers about how they will approach these legal actions, or you stand with what the town council has voted to do, in which case you caucus with the town and its lawyers and others involved in the lawsuits. You may legally be able to do both, but I dont understand I do not mean to say that these people should leave the council. They have been elected by the town, and many people feel they are both doing an excellent job. Most of the work of the council has to do with issues not affected by the lawsuits, and I dont see why these people should be prevented from carrying out these larger portions of their jobs. But I do believe that they cannot both meet with the plaintiffs to discuss their approach to the legal actions and continue to take part in the towns defense of its decisions. Mayor Gore and Councilperson Boback, please make a choice and let us know which choice you make. I can understand and will defend either one. But not both. Kathleen Finderson Fort Myers BeachAMENDMENT OVERLOAD The ballot for the Nov. 8 election contained a large number of complicated constitutional amendments, most of which most voters were not familiar with and probably did not completely comprehend. It has been said that a graduate level education is necessary to understand the wording used in these amendments. Yet, here we are amending numerous sections of the Florida Constitution with a process that is transparently inferior. The Constitution Revision Commission has presented Florida voters with additions to our Constitution, the basic document which should establish and confer the rights and responsibilities of Florida citizens and its government. These amendments cover the dollar amounts of homestead exemptions, voting other run-of the-mill subjects that dont seem basic at all, certainly not of But then the Florida Constitution has already been loaded up with subject matter that more properly belongs within the jurisdiction of a competent legislature. For example, the current Constitution covers pig husbandry, lists the bonds that the Executive may issue, governs assessments re solar and renewables, establishes rules on slots and marijuana, etc. Where was James Madison when the Florida Constitution was created and amended? Where are the descendants of Floridas founding fathers and mothers now when they are needed to infuse some civic sense into this out-of-control constitutional amendment process? For sure, they are not members of the Constitution Revision Commission. That Commission owes its existence to a section of the Florida Constitution. Efforts to amend should begin by repealing the Commission. Ed Lombard Fort Myers BeachSMOKE DETECTORS As we set our clocks back for the fall season, the Fort Myers the perfect time to check your smoke alarm batteries. In todays market it is not uncommon to have smoke alarms equipped with ten-year lithium-ion batteries, however, even these extended life batteries should be checked to ensure they are still in prime operating condition. In addition, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms have expiration dates, so please make sure to check those also. For more information see AlarmSafety This is also an excellent time for families to review their person young and the very old are at the highest risk of injury and death when suring they know to call for help outside the house, and to never re-enter a burning structure. Ensure children know their address, and always know Members of our community who may need assistance in checkmembers would be glad to assist you. Ronal L. Martin Executive Assistant Fire Chief


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim RodwellTHE PASSION OF SOCRATES Athens 399 BC; the philosopher Socrates was sentenced to death because he refused to accept the gods of Athens. with his friends. He committed suicide by drinking a cup of the poisonous hemlock, Conium maculatum. Conium maculatum grows in the United States but not in Florida. In Florida, we have the Spotted Water Hemlock, Cicuta maculate, that is just as dangerous to humans. This perennial herb grows in swamps, marshes and riversides throughout the State. An erect and hollow stem grows from tubers in the ground. to 2 inches. Height 4 to 8 feet. Alternate red and purple strips cover the stem. There is some branching in upper part of the plant. Leaves are compound with several coarsely toothed. At the top of the stem is an stamens. A few secondary umbels appear is about 8 inches in diameter. Bloom occurs summer and fall. Fruit is a ribbed nutlet. Maculate belongs to the Apiaceae (Carrot) family. The plants poisonous toxin is cicutoxin. A naturally chemical compound produced by several Carrot family plants. Maculate is often confused with Queen Annes Lace. John Bennett Flies HighFMB Library Artist of The MonthBy Gary Mooney Photography has always been a passion of mine, said John Bennett, the November Fort Myers Beach Library Artist of the Month! when I was around 12 or 13-yearsold, when I was in the Boy Scouts. We had an uncle who lived with us for a while, and he set up a dark room, and everything I did was in black-&-white, and I just fell in love with it and thought it was the greatest thing ever! As a kid, I took pictures of everything, from the river to family photos to pictures on the way to Grandmas and thought everything was a masterpiece up until I turned 18, but today I dont have a single one of them! Not long after high school, John joined the Navy. We were able to list our primary assignment selections and I asked for photog raphy and fortunately received it and was sent to a fantastic training school in Pensacola. Up to then, despite my passion for photography, I had no formal training, so I hoped for the best. We started off at ground zero in our training that lasted for about 6 months, and by the time we were done, we were knowledgeable about every aspect of photography, with all the relevant information. I graduated very near the top of my class and became meaning I could do everything from studio work to portraits to military pictures, because as a Navy photographer, you must be able to do a bit of everything. It was fun and intense all at the same time, because you never knew your next assignment. The Navy kept John in Pensacola, assigning him to the Naval Technical Training Center, where I did everything from Grin Shots to award ceremonies to photograph ing broken aircraft parts you name it! I got to the point where I could do a really good job in a quick fashion, and that allowed me to rapidly move up.TRAVEL DUTY assignment was to cover the Navy Choir for over a year. Remember I was still in the military, so I had to do regular jobs during the week that werent so glamorous, like my share of cleaning toilets! On the weekends, however, the we would all hop on a plane and travel to various venues, from performing at places like a college to the Miss USA Pageant. I was the only enlisted man, as everyone is the Choir were pilots, but we were all close in age, so I loved traveling with the guys to the various shows. Eventually, there were three photographers assigned to the Choir, so we often got to decide amongst ourselves which shows we would travel to, so you sort-of picked your favorites. John ultimately spent 12 years in the Navy, and that played a big part in advancing my photog raphy. I never intended to serve


Page 5 John Bennett Flies HighFMB Library Artist of The Month, Continuedthat long, but every time I was ready to leave, the powers-that-be kept convincing me to return! I did eventually have time on weekends to do some of my own photography, and in either 1986 or I took a with the ideal background and its eyebrow arched perfectly, that won the All Services Photography Contest, and that was a big deal, as that provided me with quite a bit of notoriety. The Navy used that shot for promotional purposes many times after that. Next thing you knew, I received the assignment to cover the Blue Angels and did that for three years. With that tour of duty coming to an end, John was once again ready to conclude his military career, even to the point that he was literally doing his paperwork to process out, when he received a last-minute call from a Naval recruiter, who wondered if he could tease me with my choice of two plumb assignments! I could join take me to Antarctica, along with all the details I needed to know, or a mystery job in Hawaii that was a total unknown, saying only that I arrived. I could however call the ed I would accept the opportunity to take a free move to Hawaii! The military was a great experience for John, but 12 years was enough. While the Blue AnI also went to places like Asia and the Middle East, and experienced some pretty tough conditions in Somalia. Plus my wife Nicole and I were married for a couple of years at that point, and in the military, you are home for one month and gone for three, so it was just time.BEST OF ALL WORLDS Now on his own, John explored various photographic careers. I looked at everything, including local news stations, where the hours are bad and pay terrible! Another was as a photographer for extreme sports, like scuba and skydiving, but that was seven days a week for little money. As luck had it, I gave my resume to a friend to critique, and he passed it along to Mcme, so even though I was a civilian, I still did a lot of military work for the next four years. John and Nicole eventually settled in St. Louis, while she completed chiropractic school. We vacationed in Southwest Florida from when I was still in Pensaco la, and we worked in St. Louis all the time to vacation down here, so Myers Beach in Spring 2003 and vacation elsewhere! I still do a bit of assignment photography, like for real estate and similar-type things, but mostly now I do photography for enjoyment, focusing on nature. That is the primary aspect of his FMB Library exhibit: Nature, wildlife, and landscapes, John said with a laugh! The best of all worlds! John has been the FMB Library Artist of The Month several times, dating back to before the buildings roy Hommerding found out about me somehow, and just called one 12 photographs, and he calls back now about every two years or so, and this time I will provide roughly 30 pictures. It is always on honor, as Fort Myers Beach is full of talented artists and photographers. I am so happy to be a part of this island community and certainly enjoy this platform, though I dont really consider myself to be an artist! To view Johns photogra phy, visit the Fort Myers Beach Librarys 3rd Floor Exhibit Gallery through November 30. The Library is at 2755 Estero Boulevard, with hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and closed Sundays and holidays including Monday, Novemand Thanksgiving on November 22. For details, see www.fmb.lib. Photos by John Bennett.


Page 6 By Jay Light In the now locally-infamous recording nis Boback and Chris Patton, the woman suing the Town over the handling of the TPI-Margaritaville development, Gore is heard several times expressing concern about her going to jail. This is clear evidence that she knew that discussing the suit with the plaintiff and saying, Well, lets get together and work on a strategy, was wrong. (The most damning excerpts of this conversation are summarized in last weeks Sand Paper. The whole 40-minutes of recording are available at Now, in a very narrowly-construed opin that no criminal violation of the Sunshine Law has occurred, essentially because Gore and Boback never actually stated their intention of voting together on any questions about the lawsuit. Apparently, its OK for two members to discuss Council matters in private as long as they dont agree to vote the same way on them. The State Attorneys memo made it clear that their opinion was limited only to the Sunshine question and did not address policy, procedural, or civil issues outside their jurisdiction. OK, so Gore can stop worrying about going to jail. Fine. I dont think anybody really wanted to see her go to jail, if, in fact, anyone actually goes to jail for a Sunshine Law violation. law. However, what they did break, beyond repair, was the trust of the citizens of Fort Myers Beach. Criminal violation or not, they encour aged and offered aid to a person who is a clear adversary against the Town in a legal action, which, win or lose, will cost the local taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. This isnt innuendo; its right there on the recording. They have disrespected the will of the majority of the towns citizens, and in doing so, have lost whatever respect those citizens might have had for them. They have betrayed the Town and the oath they swore to defend it, and have brought dishonor upon themselves. That they shamelessly continue to sit on the dais at Council meetings and participate in decisions concerning the future of the Town as if nothing has happened, places a cloud over every vote the Council takes. The other three members of the Council need to pass, at the very least, a They do have the power to vote at any time to remove Gore as Mayor. If they dont, it says that they are OK with continuing this farce. It raises to the town charter providing for removal of town ing to damage the Town (and are dumb enough to do it in a public place where they can legally be recorded doing it)? The Estero Island Taxpayers Associagainst Gore and Boback. Good for them. I hope they stick with it. It is clear that any sense of honor or willingness to accept responsibility that would prompt Gore and Boback to remove themselves doesnt exist. Looking at the whole mess realistically, it is now November. Gores and Bobacks terms expire in March, about four months from now. It is very unlikely that any ethical charges would be resolved by then, but they should be pursued anyway. Then, the only thing that would matter would be if either of them, driven by hubris, arrogance, or sheer stupidity, would decide to run for re-election. Then the voters would get to pass judgement on their betrayal. In a section of the recording, Gore is heard regretting voting (presumably in the TPI decision) for the good of the whole island, saying, I f***ed my own neighborhood. (Her term.) No. In conspiring with Patton, she f***ed the whole town. And in getting caught at it, she f***ed herself. Guest Commentary Seeing the Light Broken Trust


Page 7 Turtle Nesting Season EndsFMB Nests Down; Hatchlings UpBy Gary Mooney In 2016, our four sea turtle nesting areas had 270 total nests, of marine turtles on Big Hickory Island, and Bonita, Bunche, and Fort Myers Beaches. This year, when the season concluded on October 31, we had 297! We compare 2018 to 2016 because Loggerhead turtles nest every other year. While Big Hickory Island and Bonita Beach exceeded 2016, Bunche was down one, with Fort Bonita increased from 160 nests to 203, Big Hickory from 16 to 25, and Bunche Beach went from 2 down to 1, though that is still rare and exciting, Eve stated. Fort Myers Beach, however, declined from 92 to 68 nests. What basically happened it that more nests shifted to Bonita Beach, with a few more on Big Hickory Island. The news is not all bad for Fort Myers Beach, howincrease in the successful hatchling rate, from 54% in 2016 to 73% this year, so even though we had fewer nests, they produced more hatchlings! What makes that hatchling rate vitally important is the tremendous number of 2018 juvenile and adult nesting sea turtle deaths from the massive Red Tide outbreak that environmentally and economically decimated Fort Myers Beach. We documented 103 dead adults and juveniles on the island this past season, Eve emotionally related. While the increase in hatchlings entering the water is certainly a hopeful sign for the future, keep in mind that only 1 to 4 out of every 1,000 survive to adulthood. They do not reach maturity for 30 to 50 years, so when those turtles survive those long odds, only to die needlessly, that is devastating.TURTLES & RED TIDE Eve stated the Number One Question she received all summer was what effect the Red Tide was having on the turtle hatchlings. Thank goodness, the minute they hatch, they head straight for the Gulf, off and running on their jour24 hours or so, covering about onemile-an-hour, so they get approxi mately 25 miles offshore before stopping, getting into the Gulf of Mexico current that sweeps them away from the toxic waters. On top of that, they have a yoke of food that sustains them for several days, so they do not drink or eat anything until then, so they escaped the polluted water virtually unharmed, so hopefully they will balance everything out and recoup the losses in another 30 to 50 years. What kills the adults and juveniles is they consume the invertebrates, crabs and vegetation that are full of the Karenia brevis (Red Tide) toxin. This uncertain future means it is more important than ever to maintain conditions that protect nesting sea turtles on Fort Myers Beach. This is the time to strengthen our codes and institute measures to prevent any more stress on our water quality conditions, explained Eve. Remember all the codes that protect nesting sea turtles are not at the expense of compromis lights that are turtle friendly while providing plenty of illumination for people. We had 9 disoriented nests this season, and that is 9 too many, as we lost hundreds of hatchlings when they marched to the wrong light source and away from the Gulf. Sea turtles are the canary in the ocean, so to speak, with that so obvious this year, as they washed up on the sand dying, proving to us the water was toxic. We must protect and strengthen the Endan gered Species Act as well as local Ordinances, because by protecting sea turtles we protect ourselves. All-in-all, Eve judged the 2018 Fort Myers Beach nesting season a mixed bag. While hatchling percentages are a success, nesting numbers were down. It was at times very trying and depressing when we would encounter all the dead sea turtles as a result of the Karenia Brevis toxins, particular ly when we found Greens or the Kemps Ridleys that are the most endangered species washed up dead or near-dead. Those were not the happiest times and pretty heartbreaking, so it would be myopic not to help the sea turtles now more than ever.EYE ON 2019 With the 2018 season in the rearview mirror, Eve already has her eye on 2019. If we could get another record-setting year like we had in 2017, minus an Irma, it could be pretty fun! However, due to all the turtle deaths this year, it is only speculation how those numbers will affect everything next year. Sanibel recovered dead sea turtles by the hundreds this past season, with all those adult and juvenile turtle losses just mind-boggling, and that was not just true here in Southwest Florida but all along the States coastlines. On a lighter note, we will launch the new Turtle Time website in the next week or so, and we encourage everyone to check it out at It is really cool and I love it! Eve thanks the many residents, visitors, and beach businesses for their efforts to protect the nesting sea turtles and hatchlings in 2018. The Lani Kai Resort, for instance, hosted a Turtle Time fundraiser, so I am very grateful that they were so positively involved, along with many other businesses that went above-&-beyond to help sea turtles. Thank you as well to the Town of Fort Myers Beach, its particular Austin Gilchrist for their help, especially in retrieving dead sea turtles and getting us through this crisis. Thank you so much to all of our Turtle Time volunteers, who got up so early every morning. And thank you to The Island Sand Paper because you are the media outlet who assisted the most in getting out our message! Remember that we depend on the oceans for our very survival, and what happened to the sea turtles in 2018 should be our Wake Up Call!A Loggerhead Turtle hatchling heads to the Gulf of Mexico in stormy weather. PHOTO BY KELLY SLOAN OF THE SANIBELOne of the 2018 turtle hatchlings on Fort Myers Beach.


Page 8 this out with some wordsmithing! Council member Anita Cereceda added, I dont want people to feel we transfer density willy-nilly; that is just not true! We just need to ensure this is legal, said Council member Bruce Butcher, so this wont be challenged. We will hash this out with more information at the second hearing, concluded Gore.NOT A HORRIBLE THING The Town Manager asked Council if they were comfortable with the build-out extension request, with Council asking owner Tom Kolar his reasoning. We havent done more until now because any renovation may cost $5 million or more, Kolar stated. The plaza sitting across the street has stood empty now for almost 20 years, referring to the parcel intended for the proposed TPIFMB Margaritaville development, by a Town resident. We are happy Council approved that, but it may be two years before construction and another two before it is done, and then we will need another two years to analyze its impact on our business, plus there are other issues like Red Tide, so we need the 10 years to judge this in a conservative way. We dont think this will be a horrible thing for the island, but we need this to allow us the necessary time to see what will happen. I dont think anyone needs Tom Torgerson to know what you will do with your property, said Gore, referring to the Margaritaville developer. You are right in that our but we dont know the impact that development will bring, and the people who will come here. It may be the ordinary crowd or one who wants suites. We really dont know, and that is a crucial decision, to the Lighthouse. With that, Council unanimously set the 2nd & Final Hearing for Monday, November 19.SPEEDY RESOLUTION Council addressed the vacation of town property as well allow the completion of a partiallybuilt swimming pool. The property owner, Thomas Renard, stated that I never expected to be here today! Two years ago, I received permission for the swimming pool in writing from the former Town Attorney, so I proceeded in good faith. I then received a Town Work Order for the pool and began construction, only to get a Stop Work Order from the current staff that we are in violation. Renard requested the property vacation because there is no public use for these strips of land, and the public cannot access them without trespassing. You can lift the Stop Work Order without setting a precedent, as time is of the essence to us. We now have delayed construction concern is the pool may shift and cause additional damage. We ask for a speedy resolution to alleviate us from an unnecessary burden, to move forward on this. Gore reminded Renard that the process at this Council Meeting is to simply set the actual date for to do the steps though the process to ensure it is done legally, so that will require another Hearing 30 days from today. Cereceda wondered if the Town could release the Stop Work Order to allow him to proceed under his own risk. The Town Manager suggested that if Council does not wish to proceed with the vacation, it can authorize a Use Permit, to allow Mr. Renard to immediately resume work on the swimming pool. I would like to see us take that action, said Boback. We already turned down one vacation request and will probably have many more come our way, and we cant rule on these on a case by case basis, but on an overall picture on how to proceed. Renard stated he prefers the vacation but if it is too cumbersome, I would appreciate the opportunity to move forward with the construction under the Use Permit while the Town deals with the global issue. Cereceda is concerned about a process that lets Renard continue to seek a vacation while proceeding with a Use Permit and wondered why the Town simply cannot lift its Stop Work Order. This is the safest thing, in my opinion, replied Hernstadt. Give him a Use Permit; should the Town turn down the vacation request, he is still protected. Renard said, I would very much enjoy a Use Permit today, but that doesnt diminish my long-term objective that the Town should vacate these lands to the adjoining property owners. Cereceda asked, What if he wants a Vacation and his neighbors do not? Rezonings & Vacations Council Debates Hearings, Contd from pg 1The small parcel that this Lighthouse sign sits on at the corner of 5th Street and Crescent Street, is part of their request to amend their Master Concept Plan. Contd pg.10


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All letters should be the original work of the author, include city of residence and a phone number length, accuracy and to prevent libel. Repetitive letters from the same individual on the same subject will not be printed. We will publish a maximum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words may be considered for publication as a Guest Commen for letter submission is noon Wednesday. Submit letters via email to, online at or mail to address on this page. Islanders are invited to submit original articles and photos for publication. Publication is based on available space, relevance and quality. The Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. Nothing contained in this publication is intended to embarrass or offend anyone. COPYRIGHT 2000-2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Publisher@fortmyersbeach.newsWe must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; other wise we harden. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsRudeness is the weak mans imitation of strength. Eric HofferOFFICE HOURS MON-FRI 10AM-3PM Subject to change due to story assignments. CALL TO BE SURE! ELECTION HANGOVER Is your mailbox lonely? Your TV viewing missing something this week? The remote mute button worn out? One of the loudest, longest, most expensive mid-term elections in recent history wrapped up Tuesday. Well, maybe not wrapped up, as there are still a couple of races that look like they are headed to a recount due to how close they are. But, for the most part, the election is behind us. Now, whether thrilled or depressed, we all need to start living with the results. The most important election news is how close so many of the races were when votes were tallied. So close that two state-wide races may be eligible for recounts. That narrow a margin says something hugely important our state is politically, nearly evenly divided. Something to remember as the gloating and political posturing moves into post-election mode -about half the voting population in Florida hold a different opinion than you do on who should represent the state. Important point. And one that, were we all to remember, including those who have be at least, a less vicious civic discourse. child-like, doesnt it? Weve been hearing it for months. Youd think that political candidates are so evil and/or stupid they shouldnt be allowed out without a keeper, were you to believe their opponents ads. Just about everyone says they hate negative ads, yet they must be effective or campaigns and political action committees would not spend millions on them. Fresh off an election, our state, county and federal representatives have been set for at least the next two years. Thats two years that we can use to continue the nasty partisan battles that take place, not just in Washington or Tallahassee, but around our dinner tables or over a drink with friends, assuming you still have friends that vote differently than you. Or, we can all vow to do our part to lower the temperature of political discussions. We cant control the universe but we can each control what we do and say in political discussion. Lets begin by recognizing that those who would vote opposite of us, are real people who have valid reasons reasons are. Try asking. And listening quietly to the response. You may be surprised at the answers you hear, provided you can convince anyone you are truly interested in their response and not just setting them up to blast them with reasons why they are idiots for thinking the way they do. Been a whole lot of that going on for a long time and people are pretty twitchy about sharing political opinions these days. Our country has been governed for over 240 years by elected leaders who can respectfully debate differences of opinion. We need to Lets start with some basics. Not all Republicans are racists. Not all so because its easy to pick the most extreme example of the opposition and apply it to anyone who thinks differently than you do. But with just a little respectful conversation, wed all learn that most of those we think of as the opposition, are really not as extreme as the hate-mongers would have us believe. hateful social media memes. Vow to block or unfollow anyone who uses name-calling to make their point. It might make you feel good if you agree future based on common values. I truly worry about the future of our country. We are so divided and so angry about it and so isolated. There have been other periods where Americans were this sharply divided. But those of us alive right now did not live through those periods, so this feels unique for us and its disturbing. It may feel less disturbing if you are a Republican in SWFL or a you voted Republican in Chicago or are one of the millions, or nearly half this post-election week. The partisan divide, which seems only to grow deeper and wider, puts nearly half of our citizens in the position of outsider, and that is not Here in SWFL, we still have water quality challenges that must be addressed. We must all hold our elected representatives to task to address those challenges. Water is not a red or blue issue. SWFL voters succeeded in making water quality a part of this election. Now we must together, well have much better results than if we are divided along party lines. Editor


Page 10 Council, Contd from pg 8That is the critical issue, agreed Hernstadt. request that unanimously passed, then made a motion to grant Renard a Use Permit to complete his swimming pool that passed 3 to 1, with Cereceda Against. I vote against this because this is a big picture problem, Cereceda told Renard. For you, I am glad this will pass. Council also unanimously approved a Rezoning for the GullWing Beach Resort from Commercial Resort to Commercial from 66 to 72 residential units; a Pool Enclosure Rear Setback to allow the applicant to construct a pool deck and enclosure up to but not encroaching on the Town property line; and the 2nd & Final Reading of the Emergency Authority Amendment to allow a Town State of Emergency to remain in place longer than the current 7-day period.ADMINISTRATIVE AGENDAUnder the Administrative Agenda, Council unanimously passed a Budget Amendment Resolution Budget up by $2,029,934; a $47,956 purchase for a Mobile Radio System; Patrick McKeown, Scott Safford, Betty Simpson, and Lorrie Wolf to the new Historic Preservation Advisory Committee; a new Right-of-Way License Agreement with Smokin Oyster Brewery; and initiated a discussion on Times Square garbage collection policies to continue at its Management & Planning Session on Thursday, November 8. When this comes up for a vote, Cereceda stated she will recuse herself, as she owns two Times Square businesses that participate in the program. In other items, Council unanimously approved its Consent Agenda, allowing the Fort Myers Council Chambers for nine 2019 Board Meetings for $4,050; and to replace a Town Utility Truck for $34,597 while auctioning off the old one. Under Advisory Committee Reports, Scott Safford, representing the Local Planning Agency, requested that Council set a joint meeting between the two groups to discuss density in existing subdivisions, PreRight-of-Way issues. Under Town Manager Items, Hernstadt said the Town must incorporate Closed Captioning into its Council broadcasts, with Council unanimously approving. He reported that the Town will execute another $4,951,000 for the State Revolving Loan Fund to continue its Water Main and Stormwater projects. Under Town Attorney Items, Cocounsel John Turner reported on the Administrative Hearing against the South Florida Water Management increase Lake Okeechobee dry season releases, and will comment further when the Administrative approximately one month. Councils next regular meeting is Monday, November 19, at 9 a.m. other debris from the mangroves and back bay. Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation assists with event coordination. Galloway Ford. PHOTO BY PENNY JARRETT.


Page 11 SWFL Sustains Dinner SCCFs Bartleson SpeakerBy Gary Mooney Following its mission to bring visual, performing and culinary arts to the Fort Myers Beach community, the Fort Myers Beach Friends of The Arts hosted its 3rd west Florida Sustains A Regional Seafood Experience on Thursday mondHead Beach Resort & Spa. The roughly 75 people in attendance not only savored tasty seafood, but heard a 30-minute prea Research Scientist with the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, on the causes and effects of the summers economically and environmentally devastating outbreaks of Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae. Southwest Florida Sustains restaurant and beverage Heads newest dining experience, Coste Island Cuisine, as well as from Castaways Bar & Grill, Charing, Point Ybel Brewing Company, South Beach Grille, Truly Scrumptious and The Whale, along with a silent auction and musical entertainment by Pearl Street Band. One of our core values is to produce something arts-related during the off-season that helps the businesses on the beach, said FMB Friends of the Arts Board Member Janeen Paulauskis. Its an opportunity to experience and learn about local sustainable seafood, while supporting the arts and our local businesses. Its a win-win for the arts, businesses and especially the event patrons. The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation has been Bartleson, and together with the uge, acquired most of the land on Sanibel Island to help conserve its natural resources, especially for water quality. This is a perfect forum for me to address tonight, because scientists conduct research to help the seafood industry remain sustainable. An example is the Red Snapper industry; it was almost shut down 15 years ago, but is harvesting again.BIG RED BLOB He explained that Red Tide is an algae bloom that starts near the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, and when it gets mixed up by or exposed to additional nutrients, a small concentration can divide and grow into a lot of toxins. Nuosahatchee River estuary and run right into the Gulf, producing a large amount of Red Tide, and then to sustain it, with the Karenia Brevis organism that makes Red Tide, steadily increasing in the lower levels of the Gulf, with water temperatures going up since the 1960s. Making matter worse, Gulf waters off Southwest Florida this year became disconnected from the normal current pattern, increas ing the Red Tide. Warmer water, high nitrogen and phosphorous loads, slow moving water all contribute to large Red Tide blooms, had all those this past year. It began in November 2017 and we had very little to start, but by this Spring and Summer, it just sprang up as a big red blob! We dont usually get blooms like this, and as it grew, the result was we had black water with no oxygen left, then another period of high concentration in September that we mapped as far as 12 miles offshore. We hoped Hurricane Michael would stir up the water to improve the oxygen levels but there are still huge areas with no oxygen. tion people ask him most is when will be a long time! It takes years to get these things done, and will require a change in how our govern ment works with the environment. They need to take the lead in climate change, nutrient loading, storing water in wetlands, a carbon tax, eliminating septic tanks, improving our water treatment systems and reducing carbon emissions. The health of our planet is declining at a notably faster rate due to climate change, and there is a new story about this almost every day, with global temperatures rising. An auson how the average person can lower their carbon footprint. Walk things, like turn off your lights or unplug your charger. his presentation by saying that while Red Tide can cause health issues, like breathing or eye irritations, for the most part these are not life-threatening, nor should they prevent you from consuming local People breathing the aerosol from Blue-Green Algae is more problematic, as those cyanotoxins can lead to liver cancer and other serious diseases. Scientists are just now testing airborne toxins, with one group doing so from Cape Coral and another from Floridas east coast that recently took samples here looking for cyanotoxins from the noses and blood of volunteers. Unfortunately, I dont have any happy slides in here!Dr. Rick Bartleson takes questions after his presentation at the FMB Friends of the Arts Southwest Florida Sustains Dinner. PHOTO BY GARY MOONEY.


Page 12 rfntbf A LONDON BAY DEVELOPMENT rfnrtbrfb ntrtrf nbfn bt n t tt tt t nf t fr f b r rf bb rfb Sand Sculpting Championship ReturnsAmazing Sculptures From Sand, Contd from pg.1Myers Beach.BEST OF THE BEST We have 16 Master Sand Bill Knight, Championship co-chair with wife Marianne of The Sand Lovers from Fort Myers. Many stay for the second week, to compose as well 10 Master Amateurs in the Advance Amateurs competition, so these are 27 of the most talented sand sculptors on the entire planet! We award the Solo winner on and Advanced Amateur Crowns on Sunday the 25th. Bill calls a highlight, the Saturday, November 17, and that is so fantastic. There is registration serve basis, as there are only 20 spots available, so arrive early. The contest is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the Award Ceremony at 4:45 p.m. It is so much fun, and you can compete either as a solo participant or in a mixed team. We often have groups like Girl Scout Troops ply their skills, so we encourage everyone to participate. Categories include solo children up to 12 years of age; childrens teams with all participants age 12 & under with up to 6 kids per team; families or groups up to 6 people per team; businesses with up to 6 per team; solo competitors ages 13 to 17; and solo adults age 18 and over, with 1st through 3rd place awards in each category. The registration fee is $15, with children only paying the Championship admission cost. Solo Master Sculptors, including many World Champions, come from all over the nation and world. This years competitors are Atkinson, Melineige Beauregard, Seveline Beauregard, Jihoon Gazendam, John Gowdy, Amazin Bruce Phillips, Sandi Sterling, Brett Stocker, Jeff Strong, Laurie Arntz Tournoux and Bruce Waugh. Sculptors are Bert Adams and Melineige Beauregard & Maxim Gazendam and Jihoon Choi & Bruce Phillips. The Advanced Amateur sculptors, from 7 states and Canada, have between them over 50 championship medals. The 2018 Amanda Bolduc; Lisa Fewless, Nathaniel Guerrero, Marc Mangia, Bruce Peck; Brendan Schaffer, Paul Warren, Wade Wheeler and Mark Wilson. Once all the competitions are over, there will be more than 50 fabulous sand sculptures to view on the beach in front of the Wyndham, explained Bill. That is why we encourage everyone to return more than once; because Sculpture detail is carved by a Master Sculptor during the 2017 event. PHOTOS BY SARAH LIST.


Page 13 Newspapers Relevant? Does Advertising Work?Island Sand Paper September Audience Stats Say Yes!September 2018 Facebook Posts (mostly referred readers to website compete story) reached another 59,059 September 2018 Print Issue Readers: 25,000 September 2018 Website Visits: 27,379 September 2018 Website Pageviews: 119,607 Call us today to start planning a campaign to tell your story via ads in our newspaper, magazine, or website! Call Sandy Advertising Manager (239) 463-4461 Wed say thats pretty relevant for any month. Marilyn HenkelOctober 31, 2018 Marilyn Henkel, 83, passed away October 31, 2018 after a short illness. She recently moved back to Ohio after living in Fort Myers Beach, FL for many years. Marilyn will be remembered most for her grandchildren and great grandson. She loved sports including Ohio State football and the Cleveland Indians. She started her career at Ohio Bell in 1952 and held various positions until her retirement in 1991 after 39 years. Marilyn was preceded in death by her loving husband Ernie. She is survived by her children Nancie (Richard) Perilman of Stow, OH, Tim of Ft. Myers Beach, FL, Kirt (Monica) of Twinsburg, OH, her four cherished granddaughters, Katie, Elizabeth, Alex and Victoria, treasured grandson Jonah and adored great Gent and Karen Kline (deceased). She was blessed to have many wonderful nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and friends whom she cared for dearly. Visitation will be held November 9 with the funeral service at 10:30am November 10 at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 7196 SOM Center Rd, ciation, 8604 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis IN 46250. the sculptures you see the are complete by the second, and those they start the second week complement the ones already in place. To me, that is the key to truly appreciating the Championship. In addition to the supremely talented artists, we will have the Sand Vendors Village, live music on stage over the course of the entire event, sand sculpting demonstrations, the Quick Sculpting exhibitions, and Kids Activities, so there is truly something for everyone. For additional information, see or its Facebook page. Volunteers are still needed. To volunteer or be a part of the Sand Vendors Village, contact the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce at 239-454-7500. WORLD CLASS WORKS OF ART As for Marianne and Bill, they have been involved with the American Sand Sculpting Championship in one way or another since 2006, he recalled, either as competitors, The most gratifying part for us after all these years is to see how the program has grown, from a regional program into a beloved community event and one of the largest sand sculpting competitions on the entire planet. It gets bigger and better every year, so take advantage of this world-class event right here in your own backyard! To me, the coolest part of the American Sand Sculpting Championship is seeing all these incredibly talented sculptors creating world class works of art out of simple beach sand. Bill emphasized that the American Sand Sculpting Championship is truly a rain-orrain discourage you from coming on out. Remember that the sand sculptures are held in place by water, so rain doesnt affect them at all, and the sculptors are hardy folks! As anyone who lives in Southwest Florida knows, just because it is raining in your neighborhood doesnt mean it is raining on the beach. In fact, a cloudy day can often be more comfortable on the sand than a sunny one, so make your plans to come to Fort Myers Beach to join in on this exciting event. With sand, sun, art and music, the American Sand Sculpting Championship will exceed all your expectations! To experience dynamic sand sculptures in a breathtakingly beautiful beach setting, attend the 32nd annual American Sand Sculpting Championship at the Wyndham Garden Hotel from Friday, November 16, to Sunday, November 25. You will never look at sand the same way again!Sand Sculpting Championship ReturnsMaster Sand Sculptors add water to their emerging sculpture during the 2017 American Sand Sculpting Championships.


Page 14 NEWLY RENOVATED MEXICAN RESTAURANT 320 OLD SAN CARLOS BLVD #2146 Spirit of The Holidays Contd from pg.1guitar signed by many Grand Ole Opry performers. We know those will be highly-sought-after items, said Linda. Those are just two examples of the high quality items we have, along with two surprise musical entertainers you will enjoy. Auction is over, Linda does the actual Christmas shopping. We get a Wish List for each Beach Elementary School child, as well as for their siblings age 18 and under, so their entire family has a Happy Holiday. We then host a Gift Wrapping ber 18, at 5 p.m. This is amazing, as the ladies have it down to an exact science, so volunteer and join in!SUCH A BIG EVENT When the Foundation distributes the presents close to Christmas, it is such a big event, enthused Linda! I dress as Mrs. Claus and we drive down the streets atop a Fort Myers huge partner in this with us. When kids see the taking photographs. As you witness the looks on the childrens faces, often with adults having tears in their eyes, it makes it all so worthwhile. If you want to experience this yourself, there is always a little parade of cars following us, because it is so heartwarming. da emphasized that the BKF receives support from the Fort Myers Beach Womans Club and organizations like the Lions Club and Kiwanis. The Womans Club will be a toy drop-off location this year, and in turn the BKF will participate it is wonderful to see so many community clubs You dont need to wait for The Spirit of We host our Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, a.m., Linda related. The cost is just $5-per-per son for pancakes and all the sides, with tickets at the door that morning. We will of course accept a larger donation if that is possible for you. the BKF hosts several other programs. Each February, they recognize a Beach Elementary teacher with the Golden Coconut Award, exawards their Teacher of the Year the Golden Apple, so we do the Golden Coconut and the staff and children really enjoy that. As Easter approaches, we have our Easter Egg Hunt in cooperation with the Town of Fort Myers Beach and the Bay Oaks Recreational Center, then in May we award our Scholarships. 2018 was a record breaking year for that, as we provided 18 students with scholarships, with the Lani Kai Island Resort hosting a delicious dinner. What the Beach Kids Foundation does, however, goes beyond any of these programs. Any time that Ms. Renee from the School learns a child there is in desperate need of something, she contacts us and we make it happen as soon as possible. Islanders are invited to mark their calfor the Gift Wrapping Party at the Red Coconut beginning at 5pm. For more information, contact Linda Beasley at 239-980-0661. The holidays are right around the corner. Be part of the Spirit of the Holidays!Linda Beasley shopping for the kids. Photos provided.


Page 15 In three contested races for seats on the Fort Myers Beach Fire Board, one incumbent and two newcomers came out winners. Bob Raymond easily won Seat 1 with over 50% three on Fort Myers Beach and one north of the island. Challenger Forrest Critser received 33.84% of the vote and Bill Santomas 15.22% Jacki Liszak won Seat 3 with 2,079 votes to incumbent Carol Morris 1,618 votes. Liszak prevailed in each of the four precincts ranging from 53.51% of the vote in Precinct 22 voting at Bayside Estates to 58.68% in Precinct 127 voting at St. Peter Lutheran Church. Seat 5 was captured by John Bennett with 2,425 votes to incumbent Ted Schindlers 1,118. All four precincts were won by Bennett with 66.95% to 69.39% of the vote. COUNTY Cecil Pendergrass retained his seat with 68.83% of the vote against challenger Bill Taylor. won by Betsy Vaughn in a contest with Nicholas Alexander.STATE & FEDERAL As of press time it appears that both the Florida Agriculture Commissioner seat and the U.S. Senate seat on Tuesdays ballot will go to automatic recounts due to the close races. While Rick Scott declared victory Tuesday night in the U.S. Senate race, late arriving ballots narrowed his lead over incumbent Bill Nelson to within the .5% threshold triggering an automatic recount. A similar situation affected the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture race where Matt Caldwell faced Nikki Fried. Caldwell led by around 0.16%, the threshold for a manual recount is 0.25%. results to the state by Saturday, November 10, though provisional ballots and overseas mail ballots can be counted up to 10 days after the election, provided they are postmarked by ElecA machine recount runs all 8 million Florida paper ballots through a tabulation machine. If the machine recount reveals a .25% margin, a hand recount is done. A hand recount would have ballots that the tabulation machines read as an overvote or undervote examined manually. Voter error or stray pen marks on the ballot can cause the machines to read over or under vote on the ballot. Florida law calls for the elecSantis with 60.08% of the vote over Andrew Gillum. The new Attorney General will be Ashley Moody who won with 62,74% of the vote over will continue to be Jimmy Patronis with 61.37% over Jeremy Ring. Ray Rodrigues will continue to represent AMENDMENTS Of the twelve Constitutional Amendments on the ballot, eleven passed with over 60% approval. The only one to fail was Amendment 1 to increase the Homestead Property Tax Exemption, and that one was close, less than 2% short of passage. Amendment 12 won with the largest elected and government employees from lobby ing the state or federal government during their term/employment and for 6 years after. The current rule is 2 years. Floridians will soon see a ban on greyhound racing, indoor e-cigarette and vaping as well as offshore drilling in state waters. The mandatory retirement age for Florida judges will now be 75 years, up from 70. Any increase in taxes by the state will require a two-thirds majority vote by the legislature. Former felons who have served their sentence, with the exception of those convicted of murder and sexual offenses, will now have their voting rights restored. Any new casino must be approved by a majority of Florida voters. While the proposed increased homestead exemption did not pass, the extension of a 10% cap on non-homesteaded property did. The Florida legislature will now begin in January during even-numbered years. Lee County had a voter turnout of 65.88% in Tuesdays election. 51% voted by mail; 23% Election Results Raymond, Liszak & Bennett Win


Page 16 JOIN US FOR A THANKSGIVING FEAST November 22 12:00pm-8:00pmJacks Restaurant AT PINK SHELL For Reservations: Call (239) 463-8662 or (239) 463-8615 ADULTS $55* Children age 12 and under $14* Age 5 and under FREE Complimentary Valet Featuring Gourmet Fall Flavors Bell and Evans all natural roast turkey with traditional sage stung and whole cranberry sauce, Harris Ranch steamship round with au jus and horseradish, chilled Florida Gold Gulf shrimp, char-grilled pork chops, pasta station, herb-lemon cured salmon, vegetables, salads, artisanal cheeses, breads, seasonal fruits, desserts, and more. 275 Estero Boulevard Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931 *Not inclusive of 6% Florida tax or gratuity OF ALL THE THINGS YOULL GIVE THANKS FOR THIS THANKSGIVING,Make This View One Of Them. From the Fire Chief Bicycle Helmet Fitting Happy Fall Fort Myers Beach, San Carlos Island and surrounding areas! and enjoying the beautiful weather. This time of year we see an increase in outdoor activities, as well as the popular alternative mode of transportation found on our islands. To best prepare our local cyclers, this installment will highlight expanded services provided by the Fort Myers Every year over 500,000 people in the United States are treated in emergency departments for bicycle-related injuries. Roughly 700 of these individuals die from these injuries, and three-quarters of these deaths can be prevented if the rider met. Most people falsely think that bicycle helmets are only crucial for young children. However, this is a false belief. Over 90% of fatal bicycle injuries occur in those 14 years of age and older. Also, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway helmet reduces the odds of a head injury by a substantial 50%, while the odds of damage to the face or neck also drop by 33%. The Fort Myers Beach community is a fantastic location to bicycle and this is why the Fort Myers cle safety very seriously, offering ting helmet can either not protect the rider, or worsen injuries sustained in an accident. Your Fort Myers Beach Fire Shaping Our Community Through Excellence. If you are interested in these services or any others offered by the Fort Myers Beach Fire 590-4200, email us at, or visit us on the web at You can also subscribe to the Fire Chiefs Scoop to stay up to date on weekly activity! Thank you for your support and make it a safe day! Matt Love TUESDAY, NOV. 13 Mangroves by Kayak tour: Explore the winding mangrove creeks and hidden backwa ters of Estero Bay as only a kaynaturalist and Mound House environmental educator, guides this unique tour. Experience the abun dant natural beauty of the ancient realm of the Calusa. Search for as you paddle through the Estero and Hell Peckney bays in a tandem kayak. Mound House kayak tours are conducted in accordance with Florida Society for Ethical Ecotourism guidelines. All paddling equipment provided. Ages 12 and up. Weather permitting. 9 a.m. at the Mound House. $45. Reserva tions required. Beach Walk: Explore the natural treasures on Fort Myers Beach with a Mound House naturalist with a guided walk along the shore. Participants should meet at 9 a.m. at Newton Beach Park under the thatched hut 4650 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach. Wear sunscreen, appropriate clothing, shoes and hats. Weather permitting. Free. Mound House Lecture Seination of the Seminole diet and how it has changed over time: Presented by Brandy Norton, archae ologist for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. $5 per person. Refreshments at 5:30 p.m., lecture at 6 p.m. Reservations recommended. THURSDAY, NOV. 15 Mangroves By Kayak tour: Explore the winding mangrove creeks and hidden backwa ters of Estero Bay as only a kaynaturalist and Mound House Environmental Educator, guides this unique tour. Experience the abun dant natural beauty of the ancient realm of the Calusa. Search for as you paddle through the Estero and Hell Peckney bays in a tandem kayak. Mound House kayak tours are conducted in accordance with Florida Society for Ethical Ecotourism guidelines. All paddling equipment provided. Ages 12 and up. Weather permitting. 9 a.m. at the Mound House, $45. Reserva tions required. SATURDAY, NOV. 17 Sunset Kayak Tour: Scheduled to catch a beautiful sunset, participants will explore tidal creeks and winding mangrove tunnels extending into the hidden backwaters of Estero Bay as only a kayaker can. This unique tour offers rare opportunity to experience the abundant life within our estuary in the quiet of twilight. 4 p.m. at the Mound House, 451 Connecticut St., Fort Myers Beach. $45. Reservations required. For events requiring reservations, call 239-765-0865. The Mound House Museum is located at 451 Connecticut Street, Fort Myers Beach. Open 9am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday. Shell Mound Tours are offered at 11am & 2pm, with a Guided Museum Tour at 1pm. Further information at Week at the Mound House


Page 17 THE VIOLENT PRESIDENCYBy Bob Franken per-wealthy by trotting out the bogus trickle-down theory. They argue that as the trickle down the economic scale. Its a total con, of course. A sham. But now we are witnessing a trickle down thats for real. The man who has taken over the Republicans spews ignorance, hatred and violence every time he opens his mouth or pecks on a smartphone. His malice indeed trickles down -actually, more like a gushing -as Americans for and against him act on and It explains the horrifying slaughter at a Pittsburgh synagogue on a recent Saturday -the Shabbat, when Jews would be packed in as they came to worship. Robert Bowers, who allegedly mowed them down, was an outspoken and However, he certainly has pandered to those who are emboldened to crawl out of their dark hiding places and proudly display their fanatic hatred of Jews and everyone else whos not a heterosexual white Christian. Trump inspires them with his unceasing dog whistles. By the way, Bowers had made it clear in his social media rants that he was not a Trump supporter. Not so for Cesar Sayoc, the passionate Trumphead arrested for sending out crude pipe bombs to just about any liberal who had ever crossed his idol. sides. The 2017 shooting and near killing of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise during an attack on GOP congressmen as they practiced for a baseball game regrettable is that the annual game is one of the few shreds of bipartisanship that remains. Trumps poison cascades downward, and tears us apart. Violence is a predictable result. And now he has the chutzpah to declare that what our country needs is to unify. He blames the media. One recent tweet reads: There is a great anger in our country, caused in part by inaccurate and even fraudulent reporting of the news, the fake news, the true enemy of the people, must stop the open and obvious hostility ... That is an invitation to violence against journalists if there ever was one. Or perhaps depraved responsibility. Meanwhile, his sycophants on the right are remaining dozens of radio listeners, Republicans just dont do this kind of thing. How about Trumplicans, Rush? This quote may be familiar, as Ive used it before: Cheer up, they said. Things could be worse. So I did, and sure enough, they were. Unless we rediscover that political debate means exchanging points of view as opposed to shouta pathetic trickle.Bob Franken is an Emmy Award-winning reporter who covered Washington for more than 20 years with CNN. (c) 2018 Bob Franken Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.AMERICAS LOSER PROBLEMBy Rich Lowry Its not any less awful for being so familiar. to themselves. The word that comes up again and again in accounts of their lives is alone, always alone. wreck. His father abandoned his family as a child, and after dropping out of college, Sayoc lived with his grandmother. Then he went from place to place, performing as a male stripper. He compiled a record of petty crime, lost his home, declared bankruptcy. He was estranged from his family and resisted its pleas for him to get help. Sayoc lived out of his van, bizarrely festooned with pro-Trump stickers. Not much is known about Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, besides his vile social media postings. A childhood friend called him pretty much a ghost. He may have dropped out of high school. As an adult, he lived alone in an apartment, and no one ever came to see him. One neighbor said she couldnt remember Bowers ever talking to anyone. The Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was left with no parents after las High School, where he was an outcast. He was reportedly depressed and had other behavioral problems. Police were called constantly to his home. A defense attorney called him a broken child. None of this, of course, is to excuse in the slightest the heinous crimes of these men, or to deny the existence of pure, unadulterated evil. Murderous haters and kooks have been with us forever, as has anti-Semitism. Yet the social pattern is clear. The phrase deaths of despair has entered the nations vocabulary to denote the rise of mortality among a subset of working-class whites from suicide, drugs and alcohol. Its declining longer life expectancy is one of the most stunning trends in American life. The at-risk population tends to be unmarried, disconnect ed from civil society, marginally employed and largely on their own. One way to look at recent mass killings (or attempted killings) is as the handiwork of a very small, violent fringe of the socially disconnected. Their destructiveness is directed outward, in cowardly acts of mindless malice, rather than inward. They marinate in hate and proudly share their lunatic obsessions online, in a twisted simulacrum of community. They seek their identity in political extremism, Jew-hatred or the hellish idolatry of school shootings. Their crimes are, in their diseased view, feats of grandeur. They give them a chance at perverse consequence and notoriety otherwise not available to them in their marginal lives and social isolation. Its evil and pathetic, infuriating and sad, and, by the looks of it, a perhas been weaponized, and its horrifying to behold.Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.(c) 2018 by King Features Synd., Inc. VIEW POINTS


Page 18 Enchanted Forest Beach School Book Fair This week was a special week for Beach El ementary School students. It was Enchanted Forest Book Fair Week! Remember the fun of picking out a new book to read from Scholastic? That thrill is still around, and everyone can participate! The Book Fair offers two book-buying options: the in-school book fair, through Friday, November 9, where students and parents can view hundreds of books brought in on portable shelves or online through November 16 where anyone can browse and buy books for the school or that special young read er in their lives. The online Book Fair at fmbschool continues through Friday, November 16. Each also has a Wish List on the Scholastic website. Anyone can purchase books from the list and theyll be shipped directly to the school. The Enchanted Forest Book Fair is coordinated by Beach Schools Susan Propp and Jackie Art Teacher Holly Nichols created this hallway dis play entrance to the Media Center for the Enchanted Forest Book Fair. Award-winning books and popular characters encourage children to read more. The Enchanted Forest welcomed Beach School students this week. PHOTOS BY M. LAYFIELD.


Page 19 JIMMYS JAVA JOINT With a by-line that reads Start a Coffee Adventure, who could possibly resist the recent opening of Jimmys Java Joint at 450 Old San Harbor House Hotel this new enterprise is led by the father-son team of Jim and Nick Schillreff. The family has roots in SW Florida going back decades, as Jim and his clan have visited snowbird in-laws locally for years. Today Jimmys offers hand selected, current crop coffees imported from around the world and lovingly craft-roasted locally to bring the worlds best Cold Brew Espresso. Besides your fresh brew of the day, multiple roast coffee options are available wholesale and online. The new Fort Myers Beach store offers coffees, Espresso shots, creamy lattes and delicious cappuccinos, all within a short stroll of Bayside fresh bagels and cream cheeses plus giant muftry their Sunrise Breakfast Sandwiches. Hours: 9am to 2pm. Call 239-330-4356 or visit for more information or to place your order for carryout. MATANZAS INN Matanzas Inn Bayside Resort is wrapping up a property-wide upgrade that began in 2016. In this renovation, all 28 units have been baths, paint, window blinds and linens. Most recently, the two-story building housing their Villa rooms has received a new metal roof, balcony and railings, paint, electronic locks and land scaping. Smith since 1984, this Old Florida style resort has offered a quiet haven, with an attractive array of amenities. They include 330 feet of dock, 16 boat slips, pool and adjoining restaurant and bar. All of this within walking distance of the Fort Myers Beach Pier, entertainment district and Times Square. The Matanzas Inn has received multiple industry awards including the White Glove Award from the Superior Small Lodging of Florida group for extraordinary cleanliness standards, conforming to local health departprivacy practices. The new look and ambience has received positive feedback from our many repeat guests, Patty Szatanski, Matanzas Inn Manager reported. We couldnt be more pleased with the results of this big effort by our suppliers, contractors and staff. For more information, visit or call 239-463-9258 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Four new members were welcomed to the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce at the October 2018 luncheon meeting, where Lee County Commissioner Larry Kiker was the speaker. Shown here are John Gavin, FMB Chamber Chairman; Sherry Oakes, FMB Cham& Ruth OBrien of Sundancer Charters, offering private yacht charters for up to 6; Sally Ricciar delli of Lake Michigan Credit Union of Florida, vices to SWFL residents; Tammy Garry of the Truly Scrumptious Homestyle Restaurant, located in Santini Marina Plaza offering a full menu 7am-3pm, then desserts until 10pm and Travis Riddling of Independent Laundry Equipment Service, providing prompt, expert commercial laundry repairs. The next Fort Myers Beach Chamber Membership Luncheon will be held on November 8 at Charleys Boat House Grill. Jeff Mielke the Guest Speaker. For more information on the Chamber visit, email or call 239-4547500.BEACH BIZZ BUZZ


Page 20 Paint the BeachThe 9th annual Paint the Beach plein air painting competition concluded Saturday, November 3 with a reception at the Fort Myers Beach Art Association gallery. Judge Joe Palmerio selected the winning paintings after artists spend two days painting outdoors on Fort Myers Beach. Winners ing for Overhauled. 3rd Place Craig Reynolds for The Renee Lynn. mar and Tom Rosenbaum. Honorable Mention awards went to Krystyna Robbins, Sharon Yarbrough, Amy Webber, Terry Lynn Spry, Ken Marshall and Julie Nusbaum. The painting judged Most Representative of the Beach was First Light Loading Zone. Place to Amanda Kiang and 3rd Place to Leila Rodriquez.Paint the Beach winners: Front, from left: Tom Rosenbaum, Sharon Yarbrough, Rose Staat. Row 2: Antwan Ramar, Julie Nusbaum, Krystyna Robbins, Susan Lindsey, Amy Webber, Dennis Stuart. Row 3: Terri Lynn Spry, Craig Reynolds, Neil Walling, David Belling. PHOTO BY CHERYL FAUSEL. First Place and Peoples Choice winner David Belling with Loading Zone. PHOTO BY CHERYL FAUSEL. Student Division First Place artwork, Saturday Afternoon by Calina-Sophie Carstens. PHOTO BY SARAH LIST. The Paint The Beach Reception held at the FMBAA Gallery drew a big crowd to appreciate the plein air artwork created by 60 artists. PHOTO BY SARAH LIST.By Lloyd Dunkelberger News Service of Florida Tuesdays election for governor will bring an unprecedented expansion of conservative Republican power in Tallahassee. governors race since 1994. They havent controlled the state House or Senate since the mid-1990s. They lost their last Cabinet member in 2010. tion, that conservative Republican Supreme Court, which has a 4-3 liberal majority that has blocked many initiatives advanced by the Repub lican-led Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott. congressman from Ponte Vedra Beach, will have the power to appoint three new members of the states highest court, replacing three justices who are part of the liberal bloc and who have reached a mandatory retirement age. cated lawyer, has said that he will appoint conservative justices who are solid constitutionalists. Talking to reporters Tueshis court appointees will be very, very smart, very principled people, but theyre going to understand that their role is to apply the law and not rewrite the law. He said the appointments will bring an end to judicial activism on the court. The appointments may also have a lasting impact since voters approved a constitutional amend ment Tuesday that will allow the new justices, as well as other judg es throughout the state, to serve until they are 75 years old, up from the current mandatory retirement age of 70. A conservative majority on the Supreme Court is likely to be more deferential to initiatives adlature, where the GOP on Tuesday maintained a solid majority in the House and at least 23 seats in the 40-member Senate. But in his victory speech, politics and emphasized the need as the states next governor to work with all Floridians, including those who opposed him. Political campaigns are a rough business and often about highlighting our differences. And, unfortunately, in this day and age they often spiral into outright demgoverning is different. Governing is about getting things done on behalf of the people of Florida, keeping our economy going, improving our water quality and environment, promoting public safety and expanding educational opportunities. We need to build a Florida that is cleaner, safer, stronger and that will be my guiding light as governor, he said.WATER QUALITY FOCUS where he might unite Floridians will be behind an effort to address the problems of toxic algae and red tide and on moving forward with plans to restore the Florida Everglades. what is really urgent for Florida is really getting us on a strong track on water quality and the environ ment, he said. ald Trump, who held campaign rallies for him, to advance the federal portions of the effort, including the creation of a reservoir near Lake Okeechobee to help divert and treat polluted water. I think youre going to get tired of me calling you, asking you about Trump. But I look forward to that. I think well have a great partnership. Lawmakers and the new ground on issues such as tax cuts, opposition to expanding Medicaid and the creation of more education al choice programs like charter schools and scholarships to send students to private schools. supporter of gun rights, meaning any gun-control efforts are not likely to advance, and is open to restrictions on abortions. In the Republi can primary, he voiced support for a heartbeat bill, which would prohib it doctors from providing abortions if fetal heartbeats can be detected. tasks will be shaping a state budget proposal for 2019-2020 that is likely to be in excess of $89 billion. He also must appoint a host of state agency heads overseeing areas such as education, health care, transportation and prisons. Even prior to Tuesdays ting together a transition plan for taking over from Scott, who leads in a U.S. Senate race that is expected to require a recount. You have to put together a government. I mean thats a lot been doing this quietly behind the scenes, not to be presumptuous, but just because you dont have enough time. You have to start doing it.Florida NewsDesantis Wins Governor SeatConservative Court Ahead


Page 21 Car Show Season Begins As the air cools down and our visitors return, the car show season begins here in SWFL. One of our areas longest-running and most reliable shows for great cars is the Parrot Key Caribbean Cruise-In Car Show, held at Parrot Key & Salty Sams Marina parking lot every 1st and 3rd Monday from 4-7pm November through April. Featuring antiques, street rods, corvettes, classic cars and more, each car show offers live music, prizes and plenty of fun. The show is free to exhibit your car and free to look, so stop by their next show on November 19. If you cant wait that long for a great car show, head to Ascension Church where the Knights of Columbus will host their second PHOTOS SARAH LIST


Page 22 FIREWORKS FUNDRAISERThe Fireworks Fundraiser Commit tee has announced that they will this SA, Nov 10 from 10am-2pm to raise funds for New Years be hosting an all-day party that day, celebrating the Vanselows years at the helm of the Mermaid. They recently announced that the Mermaid will now be open through November 30, 2018.BOOK FAIR Elementary School Media Center. Through November 16, go to www. and select books from the schools Wish List and they will be sent directly to the school. Or order books for your own young readers. Media Center. CAR SHOW & COOKOUTThe Knights of Columbus will host Car Show & Cookout on SA Nov 10 from 10am 1pm in the Ascension Church parking lot, 6025 Estero Blvd, FMB. Bring your car to show or just come to stroll the grounds and see some awesome cars. Free to show; free to look. Veterans and First Responders eat slot or for more information, call Billy 239-823-4525.BUNCHE BEACH BIRDSOn SA Nov 10 beginning at 7:30am, enjoy beautiful Bunche Beach, an excellent birding site with a Bird Patrol Guide. Bunche is an excellent spot for both migrant and resident waders and shore tide. Also warblers, waterfowl and raptors. Free with paid parking ($2/ hour) For more info call 707-3015.MEDICARE HELP Medicare health insurance and drug plans can change each year. The Medicare Open Enrollment perts from SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) will be available at Chapel by the Sea on TU, Nov 13 from 10am-3pm. No appointment needed, but bring your Medicare card and a list of drugs with dosage info. SHINE provides free and unbiased infor mation about Medicare and Med icaid. COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONThe Fort Myers Beach Communi ty Foundation will hold their next meeting on WE Nov 14. The Foundation is a charitable foundation dedicated to working cooperatively to improve the quality of life in Fort Myers Beach and surrounding communities. Meetings are held monthly October May. Anyone interested in attending a meeting more information at fortmyers beachcf.comYACHT CLUBThe FMB Yacht Club invites all interested boaters and others to attend their Nov 14 dinner meeting FMB Yacht Club is 65 years young and promotes safe, enjoyable boating and good fellowship, via an active year-round schedule of activities both on and off the water. Learn more at or call Pete for required meeting reservations at 239-4636240.SEMINOLE LECTUREBrandy Norton, archaeologist for the Seminole Tribe of Florida will present this months presentation in the Mound House Lecture Se ination of the Seminole diet and how it has changed over time. $ 5 per person. TU Nov 13. Refreshments at 5:30pm,lecture at 6pm. Reservations recommended. Call 239-765-0865.BEACH KIWANIS CLUBThe Fort Myers Beach Kiwanis Club invites anyone interested in supporting the community to join them for lunch on FR, Nov 16 at noon at Bonita Bills. The Beach Kiwanis Club supports the com munity by donating the proceeds from their Thrift Store to community charities. All are welcome to attend their meetings or visit for more information.BOOK SALEMark SA Nov 17 and SU Nov 18 on your calendar for the Beach season. Open 9am-2pm each day, plenty of variety to choose from and minimal prices! GARDEN CLUBJoin the Estero Island Garden Club on MO Nov 19 at 9am at the FMB Womans Club, 175 Sterling St. for a program on Everything You Wanted To Know About Herbs But Were Afraid To Ask, by Master Gardener from Miss Potters Place, to attend this entertaining presen tation. For more information call 978-460-1814.ART GALLERYThe Fort Myers Beach Art Association Gallery is located at the corner A Publication of FREE rfntb www.FishTaleDining.comNow serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am 11:00 am. Happy Hour from 11:00 am 6:00 pm dailyFish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina Plaza7225 Estero Boulevard (239) 747-6500 LOCALS NIGHT is the place to be on Wednesday nights! Join us for half-priced drinks and $6 Marina Bites, along with our regular menu from 6:00 pm 9:00 pm. Bring your friends, meet your neighbors and enjoy a night of fun! Want to test your smarts & win prizes? Tuesday nights are trivia night at Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining beginning at 7:00 pm. Join us in the Tiki Bar for all the fun!


Page 23 They will collect new, unwrapped toys for local kids. There will also 1-5pm.WATER QUALITY LINKSSee what the latest water testing results are by using these links: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status: leegov. com/waterqualityinfo MOUND HOUSEThe oldest standing structure on Fort Myers Beach with a histori cal museum inside and beautiful grounds outside including an observation pier, kayak launch and amazing back bay views. Grounds open sunrise to sunset. Museum is open TU, WE & SA from 9am4pm. Located at 451 Connecticut Connecticut. Call for exact times on kayak tours, costs, reservations and additional information. 239765-0865. Upcoming programs include: SA Nov 10 am Wild Art; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Museum Tour; TU Nov 13 am Mangroves by Kayak Tour; 9am Beach Walk at Newton Park (beach conditions permitting); 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Muse um Tour; 5:30pm Lecture, Whats the Seminole diet and how it has changed over time WE Nov 14 am-Calusa Indian Tools; 11am & 2pmShell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Museum Tour TH Nov 15 9am-Mangroves by Kayak Tour SA Nov 17am -Birds, Bees Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour; 4pm Sunset Kayak TourLOVERS KEY STATE PARKGuided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs require registration, are free with park entry and take place at 10am. To register call 239-463-4588. Up coming programs include: TU Nov 13 Fishing Clinic FR Nov 16 Manatees MO Nov 19 Beginning Birding WE Nov 21 Sensational SharksBEACH LIBRARYStop by and visit our award-win ning Beach Library. Browse the librarys many collections, use the computers, visit the Friends Used Bookstore or the artwork on the FR 9am-5pm and SA 9am-1pm. Closed Nov 12 and 22. 239-7658162. Upcoming programs include: TU Nov 13 pre-register WE Nov 14, 10:30am Theory of Everything FR Nov 16 10:30am Seashell Holiday Tree Craft, pre-register.; 1:30-3pm Writing Workshop Shell Mound Blvd.) Hours are now MO SA 10am 3pm. Penny Fox Solo Show in Studio 2 will be on exhibit Nov 10-21 and Fall Mem ber Show in Studio 1 Nov 12 for classes and schedule. 239-463-3909. SENIOR SOFTBALL Want to get outside and have some fun? Join the slow pitch soft ball group for ages 50+ that gath and TH at 10am. No glove need ed. Men & women welcome. Lets have some fun! Questions? Call Ed 248-891-8848SPAGHETTI DINNERSChapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church has postponed its monthly 12, 2019. They encourage church members and the Island commu nity to support local restaurants, during this Summer due to red tide. Kitchen renovations are also being completed. Find updates at or on Face book. Support Island businesses!BRIDGE The Womans Club of FMB invites all bridge players to join them every TU & FR from 9:30am to 2:30pm for a day of social bridge, Players rotate throughout the day competing in six rounds. Bring a bagged lunch and enjoy good company and great bridge. Cost: $5/non-members, $3/mem bers. Proceeds support community activities.OLD FLORIDAJoin the Estero Island Historical Society and the Beach Library for A Grab Bag Full of Old FloriMO, Nov 19 at 7pm at the Beach Library. Sponsored by the Florida Humanities Council, this presenta tion will entertain and delight you Floridas past. Program is free but donations are welcome.MOON WALKThe Friends of Matanzas Pass Preserve will host their monthly Moon Walk in the Preserve on FR Nov 23 at 5:04pm. This experien tial hands-on program will awaken and sharpen participants senses of smell, touch, hearing and night vision. Join two volunteers carry ing candle-lit lanterns through the Preserve as night descends and celebrate the darkness and Full Moon. Meet at the entrance to the Preserve behind the Historical Cottage on Bay Street. Program is free, but pre-registration is re quired. Adults only. Limited to 12 participants. To register, call Jim 239-565-7437.TOYS FOR KIDSMark your calendar now for the annual Toys for Kids, formerly held at the Beach Pub. This Island event, marking the beginning of the holi day season for many an Islander, will be held at the Shamrock Irish Pub on SU Nov 18 from 1-6pm. Government Meetings TUESDAY, 10/13 8:00AM FMB MOSQUITO CONTROL BOARD, 300 LAZY WAY, FMB 9:00AM LOCAL PLANNING AGENCY 9:30AM FIRE BOARD, AT BEACH LIBRARY, 2755 ESTERO BLVD, FMB WED, 10/14 4:30PM MARINE RESOURCES TASK FORCE All meetings take place in Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach unless otherwise noted. Meeting times are ac


Page 24 A shopkeeper was dismayed when a store opened next door another store opened on the other side with a huge sign reading LOWEST PRICES! He nearly panicked until he had the idea to put up his own sign, bigger that the other two, that read, MAIN ENTRANCE. My skydiving instructor would always take the time to answer any doesnt open, and the reserve doesnt open, how long do we have until we hit the ground? Our jump master looked at him and in perfect deadpan and answered, The rest of your life.


Page 25 WHAT IS COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (Mark List) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Monday or Tuesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. OK Guys, as the guest director for the Hells Manatee Choir, lets open with a medley of theme songs from Sons of Anarchy, Easy Rider, Born Loser and my all time favorite, The Wild One. Eric M. Huntsman Oh my god! What luck!The rare, seldom seen, manatats! Sal Pedone Sadly, Scuba Steve declined a full body tribal tattoo from the Gulf Coast Manatee Gang. Thomas Tom Kat FaheyWhaddya mean I better hand over the cabbage if I want to go any further?? ~ Manatee gangs protecting their turfKevin Kenworthy


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Page 27 The Print Shop Inkhas moved to 19221 San Carlos Blvd!Between Sunnylands Trailer Court and the Sunoco gas station! Watch for our signs!239-463-7744 COASTAL BROKERAGE is a brokerage that serves the Ft Myers Beach and surrounding area. We are a small company that specializes in personal service and meeting the needs of our sellers and buyers. We treat your home as if it were our own. There are four agents who work with us, This year so far we have participated in the sale of 70 homes, most of which we helped both the buyers and sellers in the sale. We always have someone available to show on short notice, and work together cooperatively to be sure our sellers and buyers needs are met. Call 239-437-3258 11595 Kelly Road, Suite 208 Fort Myers, FL.


Page 28 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers BeachDay High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible F 9 High 12:14 AM 3.2 6:43 AM Rise 8:27 AM 1 9 Low 7:29 AM -0.2 5:41 PM Set 7:31 PM 9 High 2:53 PM 2.1 9 Low 6:19 PM 1.6 Sa 10 High 12:42 AM 3.2 6:43 AM Rise 9:22 AM 4 10 Low 8:09 AM -0.2 5:40 PM Set 8:17 PM 10 High 3:43 PM 2.0 10 Low 6:43 PM 1.7 Su 11 High 1:14 AM 3.0 6:44 AM Rise 10:15 AM 10 11 Low 8:52 AM -0.1 5:40 PM Set 9:06 PM 11 High 4:42 PM 1.8 11 Low 7:13 PM 1.7 M 12 High 1:50 AM 2.9 6:45 AM Rise 11:05 AM 16 12 Low 9:40 AM 0.0 5:39 PM Set 9:57 PM 12 High 5:53 PM 1.8 12 Low 7:55 PM 1.7 Tu 13 High 2:33 AM 2.8 6:46 AM Rise 11:51 AM 24 13 Low 10:34 AM 0.1 5:39 PM Set 10:48 PM 13 High 7:06 PM 2.0 13 Low 9:09 PM 1.8 W 14 High 3:27 AM 2.6 6:46 AM Rise 12:33 PM 33 14 Low 11:33 AM 0.2 5:38 PM Set 11:40 PM 14 High 7:57 PM 2.0 14 Low 11:05 PM 1.8 Th 15 High 4:42 AM 2.3 6:47 AM Rise 1:12 PM 42 15 Low 12:32 PM 0.4 5:38 PM 15 High 8:32 PM 2.1 F 16 Low 12:54 AM 1.7 6:48 AM Set 12:32 AM 51 16 High 6:24 AM 2.1 5:38 PM Rise 1:49 PM 16 Low 1:27 PM 0.5 16 High 8:59 PM 2.2 BEACH CLASSIFIEDSA Better Bugman LLCA Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. Phone: 239-454-BUGS(2847) Fax: 239-415-BUGS(2847) PEST CONTROL HANDY MAN HANDYMAN For Small Jobs & HOME WATCHCall EMMYTHE HOME DOCTOR 239-233-2587 BEACH CLASSIFEDS $20 / WEEK $60 / 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 HELP WANTED PART-TIME CHURCH AUDIO VISUAL OPERATOR Exp. with analog & digital sound mixers, video cameras & basic video editing. Working knowledge of Pow erPoint. Must have strong organiza tional & communications skills & be able to troubleshoot under pressure. Be available for Sunday & Holiday worship services, concerts, wed dings & funerals. Avg. 5 hours/wk off season; more Jan Easter. Send resume w/qualifying exp, refer ences, contact information, availabil ity and compensation requirements via email to:, mail to: Chapel by the Sea, Box 2997, Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33932 or call 239-463-3173 ext. 26.Water ContactsGovernor Rick Scott, 850-488-7146 Florida Senators for Lee County: Lizbeth Benacquisto (27) 239-338-2570 Kathleen Passidomo (28), 239-417-6205 Denise Grimsley (26) 863-386-6016 Florida House Representatives for Lee County: Ray Rodrigues (76), 239-433-6501 Dane Eagle (77), 239-772-1291 Heather Fitzenhagen (78), 239-533-2440 U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, 202-224-5274 U.S. Senator Marco Rubio 202-224-3041 U.S. Representative Francis Rooney (19), 239-573-5837 U.S. Representative Thomas Rooney (17), 941-575-9101 South Florida Water Management District Federico Fernandez Rick Barber (Lee County) Jaime Weisinger (Lee County) FOR RENT FOR RENT ANNUAL1 Bed Furnished 71 Ave. C 5 seconds to the Gulf Central A/C, Comcast, Wi-Fi, etc. ALL Included. $1,400 + last + security required 857-413-6161 No texts FOR RENT ANNUAL OR SEASONALFMB San Carlos Island Large 2BR/2BA Apt. Very Clean Back Bay View Close to Beach Walk to restaurants Golf Nearby Cal 239-560-5577PART-TIME SEASONAL HELP WANTEDOutrigger Beach Resort Housekeeping Parking Attendant Charleys Boathouse Grill Cocktail Server Host Grill/Seafood Cook Apply at 6200 Estero Boulevard




Page 30 Water Conditions FMBNovember 7, 2018 editor@fortmyersbeach.newsRed Tide: Patchy concentrations of Red Tide persist in Southwest Florida from Pinellas to Collier counties according to the mid-week November 7, 2018 Florida Fish & Wildlife Red Tide Report. Karenia brevis cell concentrations generally decreased in Sarasota County and increased in Charlotte County. Lee County had only one location in the northern portion of the county with Medium Red Tide levels in the past week, with the majority of locations, including Fort Myers Beach, showing Background to Not Present test results. High levels (>1,000,000 cells/liter) were detected in and/or offshore of Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties. Medium (>100,000 1 million cells/liter) were seen in the same counties plus northern Lee County. Other testing sites in Lee County showed Not Present to Background (0-1,000 cells/liter) to Very Low (>1,000-10,000cells/liter) K. Brevis concentrations. past week. In the FWC full report on November 2, 2018, four samples from Lee Coun ty tested background to medium concentrations with Collier County showing background to high concentrations in 13 samples. Testing results from October 31 at Lovers Key showed background levels of Red Tide, while on Oct 29 and Oct. 30 showed Very Low levels at Captiva Rocks SW of Pine Island Sound and 2 miles south of Cayo Pelau, in Charlotte Harbor. Otherwise all sites in Lee County tested as not present. In Northwest Florida, K. brevis was observed in or offshore of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Gulf counties. Along the East Coast of Florida, K.brevis was found from Brevard to Broward counties, excluding Indian River County. Blue-Green Algae: According to the November 6, 2018 Caloosa hatchee River and Estuary Report, Cyanobacteria blooms persist in Lake Okeechobee and in the upstream Caloosahatchee. Salinity in the estuary is rising rapidly as Lake Okeechobee releases are lowered. The weekly feet per second. Summary: Cyanobacteria blooms persist in the Caloosahatchee River. Red Tide levels are patchy in Lee County with isolated Medium levels seen only at northern Lee locations. The majority of Lee county testing shows no Red Tide present in recent testing, including Fort Myers Beach. Residents and visitors are urged to check the latest water quality reports: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status: November 7, 2018 FWC Red Tide map. Courtesy of FWC.




Page 32 Ginger Lime Shrimp rfnt rfntfnn rfrntttbtb Brand New Menu! rfntb rfntfb fnnr The Best Happy Houron the Beach!Mon Fri 2-5pm t