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Volume 18, Number 44 By Islanders, For Islanders November 2, 2018 By Gary Mooney St. Raphaels Episcopal Church at 5601 Williams Drive on Fort Myers Beach dedicated the Reverend Dr. C. Alex Comfort Hall on Sunday afternoon, October 28. The former Parish Hall, after a $75,000 renovation, will now simply be known as Comfort Hall. It features a new commercial kitchen We started the renovation in early July, said Ross Miller, the Our goal was to have it complete it was, but we added a few items, as well as encountering some delays over electrical and plumbing issues, as those things tend to happen in any major construction project. We played it a bit on the safe side and are still happy to host the dedication in late October. Pastor John Adler said that funds for the $75,000 renovation came about as a result of an anonymous donation that was in the works for roughly 7 months prior to the start of the job. The Hall was originally built in the late 1950s and early 1960s and I think it is fair to say that the only maintenance done to it since then was minimal, so it had traction surface. The contractors kitchen and Comfort Hall will last long after Ross is in Heaven and I John related with a hearty laugh! The renovation serves a dual purpose, offered the Pastor: We are trying to resurrect the congregation and one of the ways we are going about that is by making the physical campus a and welcoming place, and we think this gets us well on the way to accomplishing that. Second, we wanted to provide the Fort Myers Beach community with an appropriate venue for wedding receptions and business meetings and similar events that had all the bells & whistles already in place, and now we have a St. Raphaels Comfort Hall Community Space DedicatedNo Criminal Sunshine Charges EITA Plans Ethics Complaint SWFL Water Safety SymposiumCall to Action charges related to the Florida Sunshine Law against Fort Myers Beach Mayor Tracey Gore and Council member Dennis Boback over a taped conversation they had with Chris Patton and others on September 13, 2018 at a Fort Myers Beach bar. Beverley Milligan, Executive Director of the Estero Island Taxpayers Association (EITA), said that she heard from the had determined that no criminal violation of the Sunshine Law had occurred because Gore and Boback did not make a decision at the bar gathering. In an October 25 memo, Assistant State Attorney Anthony Kunasek states that there was no Sunshine Law violation. The recorded discussions or conversations between Ms. Gore and Mr. Boback did not express decisions, resolutions, rules, regulations, conclusions or votes on any matters on which foreseeable action by the council would be taken. The audio recordings do not support any crystallization of secret decisions of Ms. Gore and Mr. Boback on matters that the council would be addressing in the future. Kunaseks memo stated that the legal review was limited to whether the Sunshine Law was violated. No policy, procedural, or civil issues, including ethics violations, outside of the jurisdiction of the SAO are addressed, and no comment on such matters is intended. The EITA released a statement with their response, The Estero Island Taxpayers Association (EITA) respects the State Attorneys decision not to press criminal charges against Fort Myers Beach Town By Gary Mooney A young woman lay unconscious in the Fort Myers Beach Community Pool. Within to her aid, while pool staff sprang into action, clearing the area and As lifeguards provided CPR and breathing assistance, sirens from the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department approached the pool to join the rescue. With the Fire Departments arrival, the Community Pool lifeguards continued emergency measures until transitioning the victim to Fire Department personnel, who determined the situation dire enough to call in Lee County Life Flight. They loaded the woman into their emergency transport, moving with ample Life Flight landing room. Another transition occurred on the to Life Flight that whisked her to the hospital. The great news is the victim regained consciousness and was well on her way to survival. scenario was, in reality, a demonstration for participants of the 2018 Southwest Florida Water Safety Symposium, a comprehensive training and community education program hosted by Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida, the Greater Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, The FMB Fire Department and the Town of Fort Myers Beach Parks & Recreation Department at the Fort Myers Beach Community Pool and adjacent Bay Oaks Recreational Center for roughly 100 registrants on Thursday morning, October 25. lifesaving demonstration, attendees adjourned to the Bay Oaks Rec Center to hear experts discuss preventative measures to reduce or avoid drownings, especially among children.


Page 2 Departs From 4765 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach Located Behind Publix at Snook Bight Marina


Page 3 T h e Be ac h Bar LIV E M U S IC NIG HTLY D A ILY S P E C IA LS T h a nk s g iv ing ME NU Best Sea f o o d Mu sic & Su nset s Right O n Fo r t Myer s Bea c h" Letters to the Editor VOTE LISZAK On November 6th, residents of Fort Myers Beach and Lee County have a very important decision to make regarding the candidates for FMB Fire Commission. For Seat #3, Id like to suggest in the strongest terms possible that they cast their vote for Jacki Liszak. I cant think of a single person more concerned with this commu nity than Jacki. Her tireless efforts as Executive Director of Fort Myers Beachs Chamber of Commerce are something we should all emulate. She truly cares about Fort Myers Beach, its residents, and the success of both. And part of that success relies on safe water, for both our resi dents and our visitors. She was there & spoke on behalf of Fort Myers Beach when noted activist Erin Brockovich came to Fort Myers to lobby for safe water. She led the charge in letting those in Tallahassee, as well as Washington know that our businesses, their employees, our FRIENDS were suffering economically due to this past summers water crisis with Her dedication to clean water now carries through to our Fire De alarm bell rings. In order for them to be safe when it comes to putting out that theyre going to need clean water. clean water for our courageous men & women in the Fire Department. I know that I can count on Jacki Liszak to work hard to recruit the very best candidates for our Department. And I know you can count on her, too! On November 6th, please vote for Jacki Liszak for Fire Commis sion Seat #3. Keran Farrell Fort Myers Beach If you have not already been to the poles or mailed in your ballots than this article is for you. You have an important decision to make when you select the three commissioner seats up for election. You cant vouch for the new candidates who do not have any experience but have very few new ideas that are either impractical or unnecessary. The ideas they raise our mileage rates our taxes would increase. Your other option would be is one I already chose is to vote for the commissioners that are up for partments in the area and we could thank the current board for that. If you like what we have now and do not want any increases in your taxes then you should vote for the existing commissioners, Robert Raymond, seat 1 Donna M Koul Fort Myers BeachVOTE YES ON 3 Of the 12 amendments on the Florida ballot, one that should be of particular interest to the business community is Amendment 3. Florida Chamber of Commerce. Despite claims by gambling interests, casinos do not grow the economic pie. They do not bring in new consumers who, in turn, spread the wealth to surrounding businesses. This is particularly true of the Las Instead, these casinos cannibalize customers from existing busi nesses, be they restaurants, theaters or hotels. Resort casinos are de lodging. Atlantic City discovered this the hard way. It counted on casinos to bolster local businesses. Instead, as reported in the Press of Atlantic City, the reverse often proved true: Before casinos took over the Boardwalk and became the focal point of the citys economy, Atlantic Avenue was its former self. Restaurants have been replaced by convenience stories, while some storefronts have been shuttered for years. Imagine setting up a business, investing in it for years, contribut ing with other businesses to create a vibrant hub, only to have a casino move in and feed off what you created. Amendment 3 ensures it will. Jonathan Heiland Cape Coral


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim Rodwell The Gulf Croton, Croton punctatus, is a herbaceous perennial that thrives on the beaches in Floridas Gulf and Atlantic counties. The plant is extremely drought and salt tolerant. Punctatus is small woody shrub with densely twisting and branching stems. A stem or two might reach two feet in height. Ovate leaves are alternate on the stems. Leaves are one to two inches long and about one inch wide. Margins are entire. Slivery hairs cover the leaves giving Punctatus a silvery white look. is that of a raceme. Punctatus is monoecious in that there are male not have petals. Flowers are not at all showy but they are fragrant. Fruit is a capsule. Blooming occurs all year. This species belongs to the Euphorbiaceae (Spurge), family. There are 12 species in the Genus picture from the Native Plant Society. Letters to the Editor, Continued VOTE LISZAK I have lived in the same home Fort Myers Beach for virtually 15 years. Soon after moving here I came to know Jacki Liszak who had a house on the same block as mine. Over this time I have come to know her well and to become aware of her giving atti tude of helping others. Jacki has a brilliant mind and thinks well be yond the issue at hand to develop the best approach to things. An example would be her desire to assure pulse one might think that they could use the ample supply of seawater surrounding us. But throwing that from algae, red tide or other things. Jacki also recognizes the long term econo ple who can do the job. I urge everyone to give strong consideration to business person and our public commerce represen tative. Rich Alexander Fort Myers BeachVOTE RAYMOND, LISZAK & BENNETT Bob Raymond, Jacki Liszak and John Ben nett are the logical, correct candidates for FMB Fire commissions agenda towards advancing our depart ment. Chief Love must be free to develop new policies (always within budget) to better serve our community as detailed by our 2017 Strategic Plan. FMBFD is very good. We can and must strive to improve. Jacki Liszak possesses an inclusive, pro fessional, educated business and community back ground. Jacki has extensive experience in dealing with the issues facing our community and understands better than most the adverse impact our water crisis is having on our region. Our funds are from property taxes. Should values drop, then services are sure to follow. John Bennett served our country 12 years as a United States Naval Aviator. John was deployed to multiple combat zones. John was a sworn police of scene investigator and homicide detective. Johns ex periences will be an asset. Relocating to FMB, John has been the operations manager for a local business directing activities including personnel, budgeting and organization, that is to exercise care and prudence in Fire Commissioner Bob Raymond deserves to be reelected. Bob always has the taxpayer in mind for our community well on town council and as mayor. Bob is open to innovations and improvements in pro cesses and services, provided the reward is appropri ate to the cost. Please join me and elect Bob Raymond, John Bennett and Jacki Liszak to the FMB Fire Commis sion. Ron Fleming Fort Myers Beach Fire Commissioner Seat 2VOTE LISZAK Jacki Liszak is my choice for Fort Myers Beach Fire Commission Seat 3. Her goal for the next 4 years is to advance our department to meet the needs of our chief, develop policy and set a budget. The success of our department the past 3 years is because of our Jackis opponent, Carol Morris, has been a commissioner for 12 years. During her tenure, two chiefs left the district. Both challenged the decision in court. One won a settlement, the second is advanc ing its way through Lee County Courts. No reason to


Page 5 CRAFT BEERFOOD LIVE MUSICFEATURING TASTY BITES!SATURDAY, NOV. 10NOON 4:00 PM WATERFRONT DECK Tickets $50 Visit or stop by the restaurant to purchase!The full afternoon of festivities will be on the waterside deck. Rain or shine, the show will go on! Should weather require, live performances will be moved to Peteys Upper Deck, the restaurants upstairs sports bar. Tickets include beer tastings, food offerings and live music.416 Crescent Street Fort Myers Beach, FL(239) 463-3838Bene tting Operation Open Arms, a 501(c)3, provides postdeployment support to military personnel returning from combat or foreign duty stations. Fan Favorite Indie Rock & Soul Noon:00 PM Fan Favorite SOULIXERSinger/Songwriter & The Voice Contestant 2:00:00 PM Singer/Songwriter SHEENA BROOK Letters, Continued expect a different outcome. After seizing back control as chairperson in 2014, Morris spearheaded the removal of the second. He claims the com mission didnt follow their own contract with him. Hello Judge. Shortly after being recognized by Governor Scott for their work in hurricane shelters, the local FMB CERT group was dissolved during Mor ris tenure as chairperson. When Carol Morris retook the chair, there were 2 chiefs and 2 Carol Morris supported and voted to raise our taxes twice since 2015: from 2.50 millage to 2.58 to 2.61. In the Ask the Candidate article in the Island Sand Paper on Octo or service goals), Carol Morris stated, With four more years the current boardcan achieve MY goals. Her goals? What about the communitys goals as detailed in the strategic plan? Linda Edson Fort Myers Beach I have been a FMB resident since 1966 I have known Ted Schin dler, one of the incumbents, since 2000. ran 8 years ago when the FMB Fire District was near bankrupt and he helped lead the district to solvency and new standards. Today the District has set the bar for excellence. Pick any article whether in print or online and you will see accolades and kudos for the dept. Again no need to change commissioners, because the district in on a steady good course. Dan Markle Fort Myers Beach The Paint the Beach plein tinues with a reception, art sale and ers Beach Art Association Gallery. Appetizers and refreshments will be served and there will be a dona tion bar. Admission is free. Paint the Beach artwork will be available for sale in the Gallery until November 8. The Fall Judged Show, Off the Cloud, will be on exhibit No award winning artist, Kathy Durdin, will judge this show and provide a demo at the gallery on November 11 at 4pm. Demo admission just $10. On Sunday, November 18 be ginning at 1pm, a free gallery talk, followed by a reception and awards ceremony sponsored by Red Coco nut will be held. A series of four watercolor classes will be offered by nationally known, award winning artist, Cheryl Fausel with beginner and advanced classes beginning on November 5. Check www.fortmyersbeacha for available classes and workshops. The FMBAA Gallery is located at 3030 Shell Mound Blvd., lery is open daily Monday to Satur sion is free.Paint the Beach; Fall Art Show Mary Jane HareOctober 28, 2018 Mary Jane Hare passed from this life to the next on Sunday, October 28, 2018. Mary Jane, MJ to most, lived in In diana before moving to Fort Myers Beach in 1986. She owned MJs Sub and Pub for 13 years, retiring at age 62. She enjoyed time with family & friends, landscaping and loving on every dog or cat she en countered. She cherished the camarade the Moose. son, who preceded her in death, along with her three brothers Lester Bar nard, Billy Johnson and Robert Johnson. She leaves behind one brother, Charles Johnson (Paula) of Florida and two daughters, Melissa Smith was a proud grandmother to Tiffany, Austin, Daytona, Jordan, Lee, Kevin Brooks, Dawson, Brooklyn, Paul, Kaylee, Matthew and Naci. Friends and family are invited to a Celebration of Life on Wednes los Blvd, Fort Myers Beach. Other celebrations will be announced at a later date.


Page 6 By Gary Mooney The Town of Fort Myers Beach brought legal action against the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to make the State agency increase the Minimum Flow Level (MFL) during the dry season up from second (cfs) rate to at least double that amount, claiming the potential action will not provide enough freshwater in the dry season. As a result, Lake Okeechobee will hold too much water when the rainy season begins, resulting in heavier than necessary releases down the Caloosahatchee River, Green Algae crises that decimated Southwest Florida businesses and of July through October this year. The Cities of Sanibel and Cape Coral joined Fort Myers Beach in the legal action. The Administrative Hearing convened at the SFWMD Lower West Coast Service Center at 2301 McGregor Boulevard in Fort Myers before Administrative Law Judge Francine M. Ffolkes on Monday and Tuesday, October 29 & 30. The proceedings began, oddly enough, not with the SFWMD or any of the three municipalities that brought the legal action, but with attorney Derek Rooney, representing Bonita Springs, calling Arleen Hunter, the Bonita Springs City Manager, to the stand. Bonita Springs is an Intervenor in going litigation, either as a matter of right or at the discretion of the Court, without the permission of the that Bonita Springs supports the because its Council and citizens are strong proponents of enhanced life, and concerns over the 400cfs release schedule, as advised by its environmental community partners and experts. She said the Bonita Springs Council in August passed an Emergency Declaration against threats. Kyle Coleman, Assistant Estero; David Mintz, President of the Captiva Community Panel; Brian Dodson, Dockmaster for the City of Fort Myers; and Richard Thompson, Resource Manager for Fort Myers, provided similar testimony from their jurisdictions increase. Joining Rooney on the Joint Presentation legal team was Chris Tanner, representing the Cities of Sanibel and Cape Coral; Grant Alley, the Fort Myers City Attorney; Ralf Brookes with the Captiva Community Panel; and Town Peterson Law Group of Fort Myers Beach. Rae Burns, the Towns Stormwater & Environmental Technician, was available for expert testimony, though no one called her as a witness. Following the above testimonies, SFWMD attorney Jennifer Brown, assisted by attorneys Laura Renee Cole and parade of SFWMD employees with Don Medellin, the MFL principle scientist with 26 years experience who has overseen the program since 2011. Medellin explained that the SFWMD decided on the 400cfs threshold for the Caloosahatchee River after conducting 11 public studies over 8 years. It presented these results to the general public in Fort Myers in 2016, determining that this MFL was an appropriate freshwater threshold to prevent the environmental damage and that a 400cfs violation could ecologically harm the Caloosahatchee for at least two years. Medellin acknowledged that the opposing jurisdictions appealed that decision at a September 13 meeting, but stated that in response to public comments, even when they werent supported still evaluated additional science to try to answer those concerns. Following Medellin to the stand over the next six hours, offering supporting testimony, were fellow SFWMD employees Dr. Sun Detong, a Senior Environmental Scientist; Dr. Amanda Kahn, a Senior Environmental Scientist; Dr. Cassondra Armstrong, a Science Supervisor; and Jason Godin, from the Caloosahatchee SFWMD MFL Hearing FMB Joins Sanibel, Cape Coral ing. PHOTOS BY GARY MOONEY.


Page 7 The Fort Myers Beach Ki wanis Club recently presented the FMB Elementary PTO with a dona Ace Sponsor for their High Rollin on the Beach fundraising event to be held February 23, 2019. Ki wanis has generously donated this amount every year to help sup outings and many other projects. Sponsors receive tickets to the event as well as recognition prior to and at the event. The Fort Myers Beach Li ons Club also donated over $1,200 worth of new books to the Beach School library this year! Students and engaging literature and this generous donation has made that possible. The Lions Club is look ing for more ways to collaborate with the PTO going forward and considering a garden project and a buddy bench. The FMB community con tinues to be generous to the Beach School and PTO by supporting the PTO High Rollin on the Beach, as well as after school clubs and school enrichment programs that couldnt happen without that com munity support. High Rollin on the Beach is the primary PTO fundraiser to sup port Beach School. It will be held Feb. 23 at the FMB Womans Club. Tickets are $50 each and include casino games, silent and live auc information on sponsorship or to purchase tickets, please contact email; Lions Support School Beach School PTO


Page 8 By Gary Mooney There is a lot going on with Kennedy Space Center (KSC), said Rebecca Shireman, the Pub lic Relations & Communications plex at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The biggest program of all are the preparations to return humans into space, to the International Space Station through the Commercial Crew Program, with our partners from SpaceX and Boeing. We are undergoing rocket testing now, will have unmanned ships in space early next year, and hope to trans port crews by June 2019. This will literally be a blast to the past, as we are returning to the capsule design through the Space Launch Sys tem (SLS), rather than the space shuttle. This is generating a lot of interest, as the goal of the SLS is to eventually catapult us to Mars. While the SLS is the future, the KSC will soon commemorate the biggest achievement yet of the National Aeronautics & Space Ad ministration (NASA) the 50th an niversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, on July 20, 1969! Our celebration is called Year of Apol lo, with multiple events throughout 2019, Rebecca related. We have ets that at 360 feet remains the largest ever launched into space, though the SLS will be comparable in size and more powerful. Every thing will be interactive, to appeal to younger generations who dont re member the excitement of that era but want to connect to the magic of that time, when we actually landed human beings on the moon! The Year of Apollo ac tually kicks off in late 2018, when NASA pays tribute to Apollo 8, the low Earth orbit, then orbit the moon and return safely. People remem ber Apollo 8 for two reasons, Re becca stated. Commander Frank Borman read from The Book of Genesis while circling the moon on Christmas Eve 1968, and the stun ning photograph, Earthrise, that is one of the most iconic of all time, by astronaut William Anders, where complete world from outer space, causing fellow crewmember Jim Lovell to comment that, we went looking for the moon and what we discovered was Earth! In addition to the Apollo dis plays, we will have trading cards featuring crews, mission objectives and highlights, said Rebecca, from the Mercury 7 astronauts on up, so people can understand that right, as building blocks that ulti mately led to the moon, and now through the current program that will take us to Mars, because you cannot really appreciate the future until you understand the past. Part of that future is the new Astronaut Training Experience Center sponsored by Lockheed active display for ages 10 & up al lows you to personally experience what it is like to train and work in just the coolest thing, raved Re becca! We developed this in coop eration with our astronauts, based light is the Spacewalk Training Chair, where you work with tools the International Space Station, so it is fun and educational, developed naut experience. hand knowledge: I have been in the Spacewalk Training Chair, she said with a huge The Year of ApolloKSC Celebrates The Right Stuff


Page 9 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 18 years Missy Layeld, Editor Editor@fortmyersbeach.newsA censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to. Granville Hicks Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsImagination is more important than knowledge... Albert Einstein Mark List, Production ManagerProduction@fortmyersbeach.newsTo acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. Marilyn vos Savant Sarah List, PhotographerPassion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place. Ice T Sandy Sandness, Advertisinginfo@fortmyersbeach.newsCall on God, but row away from the rocks. Indian ProverbThe Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper.PHONES Oce: 239 4634461 FAX 855-886-3568 (toll-free) MAIL 450 Old San Carlos Blvd. Unit G-108 Ft. Myers Beach, Florida 33931 E-Mail WEBSITE The Island Sand Paper welcomes letters from Islanders on local issues. Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author, include city of residence and a phone number length, accuracy and to prevent libel. Repetitive letters from the same individual on the same subject will not be printed. We will publish a maxi mum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words may be considered for publication as a Guest Commen for letter submission is noon Wednesday. Submit letters via email to, online at or mail to address on this page. Islanders are invited to submit original articles and photos for publication. Publication is based on available Nothing contained in this publication is intended to embarrass or offend anyone. No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Stanislaw J. Lec Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsI took a speed reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia. Woody Allen story assignments. Elections are an interesting and enlightening aspect of American democracy. Years ago, voters went en masse to their voting precinct and voted on Election Day. Absentee ballots were available if you could explain why you wouldnt be able to vote on Election Day. Its a new day in American elections and has been for a while. This Election Day, like the 2016 General Election, Lee County is headed toward a majority of ballots being cast be fore Election Day. As of November 1, 38.8% of registered Lee County voters have already voted a pretty decent turnout, In Fort Myers Beach precincts, 1,966 voters have al ready cast ballots, which is about 40% of registered voters. In 2016, a Presidential Election year, just 23% of ballots in Lee County were cast on Election Day; 30% during Early had a 78.5% turnout, high by recent standards. Could that lev number of ballots already turned in seems to say yes. pick, high voter turnout should be the goal of every American. where. Sadly that is not the case in every voting precinct in ing by certain neighborhoods or ethnic minorities continue in 2018. Dodge City, Kansas, with a 60% Latino population, has a single polling place for over 13,000 registered voters and its ing place serves 1,200 voters. Whatever the reason or motiva tion, the result is disenfranchisement of eligible voters. That is Despite the high early turnout, campaigns are leaving nothing to chance. Last weekend a volunteer knocked on my door, asking if Id voted yet. Then she asked if I minded telling her if I had voted for her candidate. I did mind. Is nothing sa cred anymore? The secret ballot is one of the cornerstones of democratic elections. And some happy marriages and peace ful family gatherings. You do not have to tell anyone how you voted, nor is any candidate given access to how you voted. Election records include which elections you voted in, but not who you voted for. Your vote remains known only to you and its your choice to share or not. fact that someone cared enough to canvas my neighborhood the weekend before an election shows that the countrys elec seems to have surely turned a corner. Winners and losers know that. Now the entire country knows it. Our country is currently polarized and those on both sides of the red/blue divide know very well that the direction our country goes will be determined by who wins elections. Every single vote counts. Dont ever believe that yours is not important. All the hype, all the commercials, the mail and the phone ence your vote. And it all comes down to the voter and the ballot. Nobody controls how you vote. Only you determine that. The result of each of us making the effort to vote and making those hard choices is the government we deserve. Only vot ers control the outcome of elections. Not PACs, not business yours count! Besides, complaining about the government is a nation al pastime. If you dont vote, you lose the right to participate. tion by Saturday, mail in your ballot now or show up on Election Day and exercise your right to vote. Were all counting on it.


Page 10 grin! Even though it is authentic, you dont need to worry about be ing dizzy or uncomfortable, so have the challenges of working outside Earths gravity, even with simple things like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or exercising, so it is great to undergo that kind of space exploration, especially for kids. We hope this inspires younger generations to join the space pro gram, if not as astronauts, then as directors. We need all those oc cupations to make it to Mars, as it takes thousands of people behind the scenes to make these dreams reality. While Mars is still a few de cades away, enjoy your Holidays in Space this year. Our annual Holidays in Space is from Decem ber 14 through January 5, Rebec ca reminded. It is wonderful for the entire family, especially this time of year when people have family or friends visiting. One of the most fun things is the Kinetic Light Show that is interactive and amazing. If you prefer being almost a part of the show, there is nothing like personally witnessing a launch, and the KSC provides you two options: from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Rebecca related. Not only are these the closest possible places to view a launch, but they have all the creature comforts, such as restrooms, air conditioning, concessions and souvenirs, as well as transportation to these restricted Another option is a KSC Bus Tour: People sometimes think of bus tours as boring, but we take you inside the restricted areas, to be SpaceX facilities, launch pads and ing that is literally larger than life. If you want a more personal pro gram, however, the popular Lunch With An Astronaut is for you! In addition to a delicious buffet, you spend time and take photographs with an actual astronaut, learning inspirations. When they speak, you often see the light bulb go on for the children, when they realize that one day this could be them. For Rebecca, the best part about the KSC is when I see and listen to all the different generations who visit. People recall where they were when John Glenn went into orbit or Neil Armstrong landed on launched. A telling moment is often when folks see the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and they recall Challeng er and Columbia and tear up, and you cant help but get a tear in your eye. For those yet to visit the KSC, or havent for years, Rebecca encourages you to come soon. We have so many cool attractions you can literally reach out and touch, rather than artifacts behind a glass wall. I am often amazed and sad dened by people who live in Florida for 20 or more years and have not experienced us. Even if it has only will stun you how different the KSC is today. This time of year is perfect to visit, as the weather is cooler and so many people have guests com ing into town. Make sure you spend an entire day with us, as there is so much to do. Remember we are an so if you are going to any of those attractions, include us as well. The Kennedy Space Center is afford able, offers something for the entire family, and will keep your spirit of exploration alive! For information, pricing 4210 or see KennedySpaceCenter. com. It is located, east of Orlando on State Route 405 at Kennedy Space Center, FL, 32899 and open to 6 p.m., seasonally to 8 p.m. The Year of Apollo KSC Celebrates The Right Stuff, Contd from pg.8


Page 11 Historical Speaker Series EIHS at the Beach LibraryThe Estero Island Historic Society (EIHS) has planned a treasure trove of presentations for the coming season. They invite all with an inter est in history to join them. All EIHS Public Meetings are held at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library, 2755 Estero Blvd., in the Community ings are free of charge and open to the public. Donations are welcome. are presented in conjunction with the Fort Myers Beach Library and the Florida Humanities Council. A Grab Bag of Dr. Neile will entertain and inform with true tales from our states past. From the Barefoot Mailman to Ad dison Mizner and the Ashley Gang, old Florida history is brimming with fascinating characters and memo rable events. Youll enjoy lively in Florida tales, as well as others you may not yet have encountered. Join members of the Estero Is land Historic Society to mingle and celebrate the holiday season at the annual Holiday Open House. Purchase fresh baked goods, sip punch and view the festive decora tions adorning the cottage. Every one is welcome to partake in some nations of baked goods are most welcome. A professor, Linguistics expert and author of 67 books (40 of them about Florida), Dr. Kevin McCarthy was a member of the English De partment at the University of Flori in the Peace Corps in Turkey, as a Fulbright Professor in Lebanon and as a Fulbright Professor in Saudi Arabia. For 18 years he served as Executive Director of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society. Gary Mormino the Tampa Bay Times and is the author of Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Mod ern Florida. He teaches a class in food history at the University of South Florida and is writing a book on Florida foodways. His humor will explore the most iconic foods Since 1998, Craig has covered environmental issues for the Tam sentation, Craig will recount some of the wilder stories from Floridas history and culture, but also how Florida has affected life throughout the United States. Dr. Tom Berson Dr. Berson has taught Florida and Environmental history classes at Stetson University and currently teaches American History at San ta Fe College. His presenta tion will show that Floridas in their size and number; they are also emblematic of a for gotten Florida, a mysterious frontier that once stirred the national imagination. pm Eliot Kleinberg has spent nearly four decades as a re Post in West Palm Beach. He will detail how Florida was the third state to secede from the Union, and played a much more strategic role than most history books let on. Learn about Floridas role in the blockade, its critical battles, the tragedy of its governor, the veter ans who founded many Florida cit ies and how some people are still *Program sponsored by the Flori da Humanities Council with funds from the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts


Page 12 rfntbf A LONDON BAY DEVELOPMENT rfnrtbrfb ntrtrf nbfn bt n t tt tt t nf t fr f b r rf bb rfb By Gary Mooney Matanzas on the Bay will host an Operation Open Arms (OOA) fundraiser, Matanzas Craft Beer Fest on the Bay, at 416 Cres cent Street on Saturday, November 10, from Noon to 4 p.m. Tickets are to craft beer, food & music. Matanzas on The Bay al ready enjoyed a successful re lationship with Operation Open Arms prior to me joining the restau rant a few years ago, related Gen eral Manager Tony Coppolino. For several Memorial Days, we hosted Bluegrass, Brew & BBQ then last year had Wine on The Waterfront. Operation Open Arms is such a great charity, nobody receives a local population of servicemen and women, so it is a perfect partner ship for us. I never intended to start a charity, related Captain John Gid dyup Bunch, the OOA founder and Executive Director who served in the United States Marine Corps from 1969 to 1976. I was a 2nd Lieutenant when I came out, and am now a Captain, as well as a on ESPN, and in 2005, a US Army a St. James City pub while I wait he was home. At that moment, all I could remember was when I arrived 1970s and three protesters spit on my uniform, and I swore I would one day do something to pay them back! Soldiers and veterans were so hated back then, as baby killers, rather than receiving love and re help them today, so I founded Op eration Open Arms. Today, OOA is a huge suc cess: Over the past 14 years, we have assisted 3,918 United States troops while raising $16.4 million, explained Captain Bunch. We are the only organization in the US where troops who served this na tion overseas and returned home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can call us, and within one day will be speaking with a coun our method of counseling. Rather sterile setting and couch and diplo mas on the wall, we get you out on a boat, in nature, in a relaxed en vironment, surrounded by dolphins, birds, and the beauty of Southwest Florida. This is an atmosphere that is totally conducive to putting these men and women at ease, to really open up. While Operation Open so is its fundraising! Events like the Craft Beer Fest are crucial to us, as donations from these programs keep us going, stated Captain Bunch We are the rare 501(c)3 charity that does not have a paid staff, and since I run it from my house, we dont even have utility bills! Since Operation Open Arms is 100% volunteer, 100% of its donations go directly to military personnel with PTSD. We do not solicit funds via telephone, mail, tersection holding a bucket or at a grocery store ringing a bell, or by carrier pigeon, nor will we ever add your name to a database for future solicitations! What Matanzas on the Bay does is a credit to Tony and the restaurant owners, because they is so generous and unbelievable. For the Craft Beer Fest, Matanzas on the Bay is partner ing with 5 local breweries: Bone Hook Brewing Company, Fort My ers Brewing Company, Momentum Brewhouse, Palm City Brewing, and Point Ybel Brewing Company. The entertainment will be as cool as the beer, Tony enthused, with Soulixer from Noon to 2 p.m., and Sheena Brook from 2 to 4 p.m. Soulixer is one of the most popu lar bands on Fort Myers Beach, with a crazy mix of indie rock and soul, while Sheena is already an a little while back. In addition to cold brews and hot entertainment, guests will enjoy delicious food and numerous prize drawings, with all proceeds to Operation Open Arms. You couldnt enjoy a more beautiful location on the water than Matan zas on The Bay, related Tony, but in the unlikely event of inclement weather, the fundraiser moves in side to Peteys Upper Deck, our upstairs sports bar. Tony explained the transi tion between the fundraiser con cepts. The Bluegrass BBQ was on Memorial Day and the weather was just too hot. Last years Wine on the Waterfront was wonderful, with limited tickets, a high price tag, and wines from around the world. Over the past year, I became pleas antly surprised to learn how many local breweries there are in South west Florida, so I thought a local ty with other local businesses was ideal. The Craft Beer Fest allows the fundraiser to be more casual, the price is affordable, and we dont have to limit tickets, so we encour Matanzas Craft Beer Fest


Page 13 age everyone to come on out the more the merrier! We hope to raise $5,000 for OOA, so enjoy fantastic local craft beer and music, help our local servicemen and women who did so much for us and have a great time! Tickets can be purchased in advance at line at www.Matanzason the day of the fundraiser. donation to OOA, mail your check to P.O. Box 101, Saint James City, Florida, 33956; or go to During the fund raiser, Captain Bunch will present one of OOAs rare and prestigious Cir cle of Honor Medallions We have only awarded roughly 80 of these over the past 14 years, he related. The only peo ple who receive one are those who never say No, contribute 105% and do extraordinary work for OOA. The most reward ing part of the OOA expe rience for Captain Bunch is that I now have six little giddyups who have my name as their middle name, and that is such an honor to me! Prior to Operation Open Arms, boat captain, with three shows on ESPN and numerous appearances on other national media, so I thought pretty high ly of myself! Then I en dier who needed help in 2005, and now I am hum bled by each and every one of those 3,918 troops we have been able to as sist. Because of OOA, I am truly a changed and better human being, be cause God chose me for this. Letters, Continued from pg.5 Elections for the Fort Myers Beach Fire Board of Com missioners are right around the corner. I want to give you an partment for 13 years. I have seen good times and bad times. We are making good strides with the Union and Fire Chief work ing hand in hand to overcome the troubles and mismanagement of the past. We are in need of a breath of fresh air so we may con tinue to make improvements to better serve you, our public. We ask for you to give us this chance by making changes to our Fire rest Critser. Help us so we may better serve you. Todd Williamson District 3 Union RepresentativeVOTE FOR LISZAK the community and raising tens of thousands of dollars from everyone. As the Chamber of Commerce president, she has in creased membership and captained them through the econom ic hardship caused by red tide. She didnt stop with the business owners... she initiated the tip the bill challenge and organized the Harry Chapin mobile food pantry to help local workers and their families. clean water. She has spoken alongside Erin Brockovich and has represented the island speaking to numerous local, state and federal leaders. I am proud to call her a friend and we all be fortunate to Pat Duclos Fort Myers Beach


Page 14 SWFL Water Safety SymposiumCall to Action, Contd from pg.1 Safety begins with us all, began moderator Melody Desilets of Golisano Childrens Hospital of SWF. Fortunately, the rescue today was only a demonstration, but unfortunately it happens all too often in real life. As the only between Tampa and Miami, we are precious patients, but what we will talk about today is what to do so we do not have to take care of them in prevent tragedies. Fort Myers Beach Fire Department Executive Assistant Fire Chief of Life Safety & Support Services Ron Martin called the Water Safety Seminar so important because Florida is a water enthusiasts paradise, with miles of sandy beaches and inland waterways! Whether you are a swimmer, jet skier or scuba diver, there is something for you in our state. Unfortunately, between our beaches, waterways and backyard pools, we lead the nation in drownings, so water safety affects everyone. The great misconception is if you are an experienced the very young and the very old at the greatest risk, and the fastest of age and under. Chief Martin reminded the audience that almost all drownings are preventable, simply by using common sense. Dont dive in unless you know you have at least 9 feet of safe water. Avoid alcohol while swimming or boating. Dont text or use your cell phone while supervising children. Horseplay may seem like fun but it can end in tragedy, often in your own backyard. When boating, wear United States Coast Guard approved safety devices and let people know where you are going. No one likes to think about bad things, but connect the dots to hazard recognition, as common sense goes a long way! Trina Sutor of the Blake Sutor Water Safety Foundation had the most personal and emotional message, as she discussed the son, Blake, who still deals with medical repercussions from the incident. When Blake was born in 2008, we had huge hopes and dreams of what that little boy ground swimming pool but not the knowledge to keep our family safe. On April 22, 2010, I found Blake at the bottom of our pool, grabbed him, and stated screaming, with my husband taking his lifeless body from my hands. We called 911 but instead rushed him ourselves to ambulance met us and transported him to Lee Memorial Hospital. They stabilized him enough to transport him to Golisano Childrens Hospital, where he went into cardiac arrest for the third time. Blake remained in the Intensive Care Unit for the next 42 days, 16 on a breathing machine. Our hopes and dreams and aspirations for Blake now have completely changed. He gets better 15 weekly therapy sessions plus doctors appointments to keep him healthy. With many in the room clearly moved by her story, Sutor said that we have been through something no family should ever endure, with more stress than most families can make it through. What happened to us was preventable, and no child should have to go through what this child goes through each and every day! Dr. Carmen Garcia, from Golisano Childrens Hospital, said, Drownings are one of the most Emergency Room, and many do not turn out the way we hope. It is a very tragic incident that can change not only the life of the child but the whole family. Remember the word drowning does not imply the outcome; like a heart attack, you can die, survive or survive with problems. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 and second for those under 19. While medicine of things, we are not so good at


Page 15 drowning can lead to irreversible neurological families. Drowning can occur in as little as 2 inches of water, in just a fraction of a second. Most backyard pool drownings occur within supervision, meaning that prevention is the most important thing, to keep it from happening in the education and make sure children receive swim lessons as young as possible. Taylor Brown, an Environmental Supervisor II for the Florida Department of Health (DOH), Lee County, said they conduct routine Department, as the DOH must permit all pools, to ensure all have the safety components, such as ladders. If you slip on the deck and hit your head, that can be a tragedy. We check to make sure there is nothing on the bottom of a pool to which your hair or bathing suit can get stuck. There are 48 things we monitor in every inspection, as a minor hazard you think is not so bad can Communication is the key, to ensure something little things for granted. For more information, Holli Martin of Heidrick and Company Insurance & Risk Management stated that her water sports operations and property managers. Pools at all these locations are an attractive nuisance, but still a nuisance. Just because you meet the minimum rules does not mean you should not do more to make them safer. Think ahead, with an emergency plan in place, and teach it to everybody. Sally Krusher of Safe Kids Southwest Florida spoke last, thanking all who came before her, as well as the audience, saying, Safety is a team effort; without it, safety is not possible. Build on the momentum from everything you learned today. Lets give every kid the change If we all take these steps, we can make this go away. She advised attendees to implement layers of protection. Never leave a child around a pool unattended. Instruct babysitters about potential hazards. Select a designated Water Watcher to oversee the children, like you would a Designated Driver, and have them stay within an arms reach of the kids. If you have a Pool or Birthday Party, hire a lifeguard. Make sure children have swim lessons as early as possible. Install pool barriers and have all necessary safety round, and adults as well as children drown, so dont be reactive but proactive. For details see In conclusion, Desilets thanked Tuckaway Caf and The Doghouse for the complimentary breakfast and lunch respectively, before saying, Today is really a call to action, because it is everybodys responsibility to work together to prevent childhood and adult drownings. We live in Paradise so lets enjoy it but enjoy it safely! SWFL Water Safety SymposiumCall to Action, Contd from pg.14


Page 16 Library Treasures Beach Library Director (New Fiction HOF) by Cara Hoffman is the story of the tender human side of lifes criminal outsiders. The story takes place in Athens Greece where the run ners are individuals who entrap tourists from buses and trains and persuade them to stay at hotels/ brothels in order to get a kick back from the establishments in order to survive. With so many problems and issues, running is often their only option and morphs into an in grained way of life. Expect a story that moves you in both positive and negative ways. (New Fic thor Mary Alice Monroes Beach House Series. Discovering lifes to honor traditions and when to let go of that which no longer serves properly. Having to decide between the historic family home in Charles ton, South Carolina and the beach house on the Isle of Palms creates complex introspection and forges pathways to new traditions. by Carla Neg gers (New Fiction NEG also, New Large Print Fiction NEG) is a con temporary romance novel inspired by the human desire to create the comforts of life. The day to day pleasures of settling down in a cozy family home on the banks of a charming river town is the idyllic setting for this story. Party planning proves to be an awesome career choice for many meets and greets and to rekindle past love. Author fect natural setting. written and read by Richard Paul Evans is available cago is the metropolis where the USAs famous eight state, Route 66 begins. Author Richard Paul Evans rediscovers and records a mythical protaganists relationship to this legendary road. Why would a successful business man fake his death and choose to walk a two thousand plus mile road? Pick up along the way. A six hour storytime is in store with accompaniment by the very relaxing and enchanting voice of the author. In the ten hour Audio Book, In the by Isabel Allende a New Audio (ALL) the characters are at times read by three narrators


Page 17 limitations of facing a lone old age in a Brooklyn neighborhood creates a story of introspection and an anal ysis of how solitary lives are experi enced. Winters bitterness and cold force the characters to create more restrictive solitary defenses. It takes extreme and unexpected weather to bring the characters together into an inner circle of kindness, warmth and even love. Print Book (BIO SEDAR IS) and a Playaway Audiobook (921 SED) by David Sedaris is a personal memoir documenting the high and lows of a large family of adult siblings embracing or possibly just facing middle age. His siblings and parents are both warm and practical, whether they are being pulled together or pulled apart. The wonderment and unsolved mys teries of familial tragedy combined you into his life story. If you choose to try the Playaway format to en joy this story you will be treated to David Sedaris endearing tones with his character voice impres biographical unabridged story time plays for almost 7 hours. There are ten books written by David Sedaris in the Beach Library collection, all available for check out. ent by Josef Nejdl (New Adult Non full color photographic travel book was a gift from the Czech Republic ambassadors that visited Fort My ers Beach in February 2018. The text is written in three languages Czech, English and German. The historical maps and many colorful hemia past and present. Come visit check out this amazing story. (New US History Revolution Wood) is Gordon S. Woods latest book, a double biography for true American Revolution history lovers. The book includes 20 im ages of rare early American paintings, mostly portrai ture. Wood compares and contrasts their upbringing, political views and leader ship styles. Together they founded a deep comradery while forming a young na tion and creating The Dec laration of Independence. by Bobbi Early is a young childs introduction to mi a timely educational re is teeming with many varieties of active protist (microorganism) life forms. The book includes a reveal ing collection of ten microscopic color photographs that allows us to examine some of these unfamiliar creatures such as bacteria, amoe bas, diatoms and algae. This is a practical way for children to un derstand why some water is good zog) by John Daniel Hartzog is about discovering the wonder of science in your own habitat. The methods introduced help children There are eight activities and inspi ration for future insights. Have you ever tried going on a micro hike? Are you curious as to why the sky is blue? One of the activities teach es a fun way to identify tree names by leaf and bark. This is a practical way to introduce observation and the collection of knowledge through research. Library Treasures, Contd from prev. pg.


Page 18 Estero Boulevard UpdateBy Gary Mooney A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Projects were on the tip of everyones tongue! Then came devastating loss of business and employee incomes, Harry Chapin Food Bank trucks, environmental discussions and forums and a mul titude of issues related to our wa water projects went on. I dont want to say that peo ple forgot about Estero Boulevard over the Summer, reported Kaye Molnar of Cella Molnar & Associ ates, spokesperson for the proj corresponding problems put us on the backburner, now that the wa ter is improving and seasonals are returning, I bet we start receiving more attention again, even though construction kept humming along that entire time. Estero Boulevard Segment 2 work continues from Lovers Lane to Strandview Avenue. The con crete barrier wall, to allow crews to install the center lane stormwa ter drainage system, will remain up at its current location, from Lovers Lane to roughly Bay Mar Drive, into season. Fortunately, unlike previ ous wall installations, this has sev ans, as the center stormwater drain brick pavers, Kaye explained. From Hibiscus Drive to Strandview Avenue, crews will re build the northbound lane and pour the sidewalk and curb on the bay side, with this expected to be com plete by early November. Unfortu nately, Kaye added, this means we will extend the wall further south from Hibiscus to Strandview (near Newton Park). The concrete wall is a necessity because of the sig tween the lanes under construction that can be as much as several feet. Construction is underway in the last two narrow sections re maining on Estero Boulevard from Avenida Pescadora to Sterling Avenue. We are doing this nar row section now, Kaye said, to do that before the peak of season. We know that Town Council recently sidewalks on either side, along with so we do not think that will be nec essary. We do, however, always err cessity, we will not hesitate to im plement it.SEGMENT 3 While work continues on Segment 2 to Strandview Avenue, preparations are well underway for Segment 3 that continues to Alba tross Street, including the installa tion of sanitary sewer force mains. Town waterline crews are placing in the water mains on both sides of Estero Boulevard from Madera Road to Lanark Avenue as well as making the sidestreet connections. side from Bayland Road to Ster ling Avenue, starting at Lazy Way and moving north to Avenida Pes cadora, along with completing wa ter service connections on the bay side from Madera to Dakota Ave pumps to remove water from the day and unfortunately can be noisy. The pumps move as the pipe instal lation progresses. We are getting ready to begin construction on the nine Seg ment 3 outfalls, said Kaye, as the permitting is complete. Four of the outfalls are paid exclusively by Lee on Madera Road, then Driftwood Lane, with their crews putting in the outfalls as well. We staked in if there is anything you need to re move prior to the work, though we will take care of items like mailbox es and driveway pavers. The oth er two County outfalls, on CurIew and Ibis Streets, will begin later, as they do not receive new waterlines. the project as well, at Aberdeen Avenue, Dakota Avenue, Glenview Manor Drive, Lazy Way, and Mound Road, with all these to be complete by the end of 2019. When the construction crews work on sidestreets, they do their best to avoid removing any trees, but sometimes we have to, Kaye sympathized. When you see the staking and notices, this is to let everyone know what is happen please contact me as soon as you can, so we can help you make it through the construction as easi ly as possible. For more informa tion see www.reFRESHFMBeach. com or contact Cella Molnar & As


Page 19 St. Raphaels Comfort Hall Community Space Dedicated, Contd from pg.1 anything else you would need in one spot for a successful event. Remember as well that we have the only stage on the entire island! Per our regulations, however, we cannot rent out the facility, so it is available via a donation. Comfort Hall is open to the general public Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations are not necessary, emphasized Pastor John, though we would accept a donation. Use join in on the fellowship. Pastor John is already seeing a positive return on the renovation investment. Even though it is just recently complete, and we are still in the early stages of coming out of the summer season, we are witnessing an uptick in church attendance, and that is the main reason why we are here the opportunity to share Gods word with more people and we are now beginning to be able to do that, right direction. I hope that once we reach the peak of visitation season, we can see from 125 to 150 people at our worship services, and go up from there in upcoming years. The inspiration for the moniker of the former Parish Hall is the late Reverend Dr. C. Alex Comfort. He was the Pastor at St. Raphaels for most of the 1950s and 1960s, so for almost 20 years, explained Pastor John. Those who knew him describe Dr. Comfort as a large man, both physically and spiritually. He lived here in the parish meaning he went to the big hospital every day, scanned the registration book, and saw who was admitted, not only from St. Raphaels but the entire island, and ministered to every single person, so he became Coincidentally, for the section of our church meant to provide friendship and companionship, Comfort is a perfect name! While the Comfort Hall title is correct, St. Raphaels sign. While work on Comfort Hall is complete, Ross said that is just the tip of the St. Raphael renovation iceberg. We have a Wish List and it is extensive. We need new signage and there is the old classroom that we use as a gathering space, and it new cabinets. The Parish House exterior work and landscaping, and a bunch of other things that need to be done. You know how it goes with old buildings; the minute that two more! People have been so generous to us, so we remain hopeful, Pastor John related. That generosity is already underway. With Comfort Hall done, another person recently came forward with a $3,000 donation to help us to upgrade the church sound system, but we need roughly another $5,000 more before we can begin that she would not have come to us with that if it were not for the Comfort Hall improvements, as people like to contribute to projects they see moving along in a positive manner. This is just another example of Gods blessings to us. Both Adler and Miller reminded everyone that the churchs Monthly Shrimp Dinners begin this Saturday, November 3, person, with no reservations necessary. Shrimp Dinners feature all the fresh Pink Gulf Shrimp you can eat at Comfort Hall, along with homemade baked beans, cole slaw, cornbread, dessert, beer, wine, and soda. The dinners continue on through April. Right now, we expect somewhere between 150 to 175 folks, said Pastor John, but that grows to as many as 350 people in Season. St. Raphaels offers church services Sundays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. Pastor John emphasized how easy it is to locate St. Raphaels. We constantly struggle with the spot right on Estero Boulevard, but are back here in the Williams Drive neighborhood. A woman to whom I have been giving spiritual recently made it to a service, after Supermarket on the island, you can get to us! We are three blocks south of Publix, and you turn toward the bay side onto Williams Drive. Take short distance that leads you right to St. Raphaels. Pastor John can already tell how much our parishioners enjoy the renovation, not only by the happy looks on their faces, but by the Ohhs & Ahhs you hear the a physical transformation of the building, but a mental one as well. That is important, as we continue to breathe new life into our growing congregation.


Page 20 No Criminal Sunshine Charges EITA Plans Ethics Complaint, Contd from pg.1Council Mayor Tracey Gore and councilman Dennis Boback based on our respect for the Sunshine Law. EITA has consulted with our attorneys and the EITA Board. complaint based on the deeply concerning conversation of our secretly committing to strategize with a plaintiff of two lawsuits that project. The same one the two before. On September 13, 2018, Gore and Boback were part of a group at a local bar that included, among others, Chris Patton, the Fort Myers Beach resident who the Town of Fort Myers Beach challenging Town Councils now known as Margaritaville FMB. During their conversation, they were heard to discuss, among other topics, the lawsuits, TPI and Tom Torgerson, Chairman of TPI Hospitality, the company that plans to build and operate the Margaritaville Resort. The conversation included numerous from Pattons husband that Lani Kai owner Robert Conidaris is the force behind Pattons lawsuits. Part of their conversation was taped by EITA member Leah Gregg, who noticed the conversation included Town business, took a photo and sat down near them to record the conversation. The memo from ASA Kunasek also indicates that the recording was not a violation of any law. Those audiotapes were given to the EITA and then passed along to the State Attorney to see if the conversation was a violation of the Sunshine Law. A copy was also provided to the Island Sand Paper, as reported in the September 21 and September 28 issues. The EITA has now released the three audiotapes, totaling about 40 minutes. They are available at with this article. The EITA statement asserts that the tapes reveal that Boback and Gore have betrayed the trust of the community. In addition they say the tapes include Gore proclaiming members, community members and the town attorneys and vowing to vote based solely on her wishes rather than those of the community. The EITA statement concludes: Mayor Gore and Councilman Boback, two of the can spin the conversation any way they want but the tapes speak for themselves, and so does their clear disregard for process, decency and standards. When it comes to Fort Myers Beach, EITA will do whatever is necessary to protect our community from corruption. It is what the people of Fort Myers Beach richly deserve. We step up every day and its time for Mayor Gore and Councilman Boback to step down for better representation of our community, to restore our democracy and to improve our economic stability. As members of Town Council, Gore and Boback are council makes regarding the Patton lawsuits. The Town Attorney has indicated that the lawsuits will be vigorously defended. TPI has joined the defense. A closed council meeting on the Patton lawsuits on September 24 lasted about 10 minutes, though what happened in that meeting is not subject to Sunshine Law Open Gore and Boback insist that they did and said nothing wrong. both EITA and the Island Sand Paper on September 21, 2018 that lawsuit claiming, Your statement that my client is acting unethically by supporting a legal action against the Town of Fort Myers Beach is defamatory on its face. No lawsuit or the Island Sand Paper. The Island Sand Paper again reached out to Gore and Boback last Friday for their reaction to the State Attorneys decision, as well as whether they have any concerns about possible civil or ethics charges. We also asked if they support the Town or Patton in the lawsuits and if they are considering recusing themselves from decisions regarding the Patton vs. Town lawsuits. The Sand Paper has not received any response as of Thursday morning. Theres little chance of this controversy fading away, now that the EITA is pursuing an ethics complaint. Just because it is not criminal doesnt mean it wasnt wrong, Milligan said. There are about 40 minutes on three recordings from the September 13 gathering available on our website. Notable passages are indicated with their time from the beginning of the tape. Tape 57 is almost 8 minutes long. At 6:33, Gore declares, Sanibel is not better than us! At 6:38 visitor. We want a better clientele here, she says as she relays a conversation she had with Marty Harrity, former Sanibel councilmember and one of the owners of The Whale. I live here, said Gore. Id rather have yours you live on Sanibel. I want your people to come to MY island. More money, better houses. Tape 32 is about 17 minutes long. At the beginning, Gore discusses Council member Joanne Shamps advice: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Gore said she doesnt understand why shed do that. Why would I want to be close to him? I dont care what theyre thinking. At 0:44, Gore commented on others encouragement to be diplomatic: Everybody was like you have to watch yourself, you cant be you, Tracey. You gotta be more, like, diplomatic. And I was trying for a while. And I feel real uncomfortable. And ever since I stopped doing that, and I went back to being me, I feel so much better. Im doing a good job. I feel better. At 1:33 Gore states that she will vote as she wants, regardless of what the community wants. Even if the entire world, everybody there, wants something I dont want, if I dont like it, I aint voting for it. Because you know what? Theres 6,000 people hereand only 100 people in (council chambers). At 2:19 Boback brings up the TPI hearing and Bob Conidaris speaking at it. At 4:10 Gore says shes been encouraging people to contact and support Chris Patton. At 6:24 Patton asks Gore if she should attend council meetings and Gore tells her no, because what youre doing is not a council thing. Boback then says, We cant talk about it, and Gore reprimands him, You didnt just tell her that! Boback later states, Im not gonna stop talking to her. At 8:03, Tucker Patton says, All that anybody ever wanted him to do was just God damn, do it according to code. Boback responds, Otherwise we could have got them down in apparent reference to the TPI hearing. Tape 55, is roughly 15 minutes long. At 3:42 Gore again mentions diplomacy as a member of Town Council. When all these people tried to make me pull myself in and be more diplomatic. much better. Believe me, If Im going to jail, Im going to jail. Patton brings up the lawsuit and says she isnt supposed to talk about it and Gore At 4:12, Gore voices regret at voting in the interest of the whole island, presumably in regard to TPI. I took myself out of my own neighborhood, to do whats best for the island. And I f***ed my own neighborhood. And so now, nobody backs me up, in my own neighborhood, for anythingnobody on my council, when it comes to our neighborhood, backs me up, to protect our neighborhood. Even though I took myself out of our neighborhood to try to do the whole island. At about 5:00 a conversation begins that includes references to TPI and conform to the code and go back to the town for rezoning. At 8:33, Gore states, I honestly feel like I wasted almost three years of my life because of that moron. At 9:07, Boback reminds Gore of the number of ordinances that council has passed, more than previous councils. The conversation then turns to the towns attorneys and how Gore voted on whether to retain them or hire a new town attorney. At 11:35 Tucker Patton states that Conidaris is backing Pattons lawsuits. Chris stood up and somebody grabbed her. One of the attorneys grabbed her for Conidaris. To which Boback replied, She has standing (to sue). Conidaris doesnt have standing. Conidaris couldnt sue. At 12:17 Chris Patton talks about the amount of support shes received regarding the lawsuit, saying she hasnt heard anything critical of the lawsuit except in the Sand Paper. Gore then Greer and dismissed them as Anita (Cereceda) people. At 14:40 Patton tells Gore she is their only hope. Gore states shes not sure if Im going to make it to the end. Patton begs her to stay. To which Gore replies Well, lets get together and work on a strategy. Patton agrees, adding, If I feel a shift, Ill need some help. Gore responds, I got you.


Page 21 River Estuary Hydrology Modeling Operations Division. Each presented strong testimony for the MFL 400cfs recommendation, though they seemed less sure when under the intense and detailed cross examination from Tanner in particular. Judge Ffolkes then adjourned Mondays session hours. Judge Ffolkes reconvened the Administrative Hearing on Tuesday at 9 a.m. The days principle witness was Dr. Peter Doering, called by the SFWMD to begin the session. Dr. Doering retired from the SFWMD in July 2017, after almost 23 years as an Administrator. Doering proved to be the star SFWMD witness, in great detail, grudgingly providing curt responses to the City and Town attorneys, and establishing a comradery with Judge Ffolkes! the SFWMD conducted numerous Caloosahatchee River tests to determine how salinity levels in particular affected various habitats such as grasses and blue crabs, along with corresponding MFLs to determine the amount of water to release from Lake Okeechobee in the dry season, to establish the healthiest possible conditions in the Caloosahatchee from the mouth near Fort Myers. Once we established the relationship dry season, the objective was to He described how the SFWMD piloted a boat from the collecting data in real time, while using GPS to determine the boats exact position in the river to merge the information, saying what is nice about this is it is rapid, and you dont waste time in the laboratory, so we and actually see how the water changes during various events, to know what is going on, and that is important. It gives an impression of the monthly water samples. Dr. Doering said that the various test results fell within a range of 293 to 457 cfs, resulting in a medium average of 400cfs, making this the recommended MFL. water withdrawals would cause harm to water resources and the ecology of the area, and stated salinity at the Fort Myers monitoring He said that salinity is a traditional indicator to determine how much ocean water and freshwater are seasonality were included in the determination, with Doering saying it was not. Following Doering, SFWMD rested its case. Tanner called Dr. Anthony Janicki of Janicki Environmental, with Dr. Janicki stated he worked on determining MFLs for other sectors of the State. He said the amount of freshwater rainfall delivered into a watershed varies over time, and this was not included in the SFWMD MFL that he can see, stating that the District should have included additional considerations into its modeling. He felt as well that SFWMD overstated the importance of salinity in establishing the recommendation of 400cfs, saying that there is a lot of noise in that. The issue I have is that it contains Shortly thereafter, the Administrative Hearing came to an end at 3:37 p.m. Judge Ffolkes stated that the Friday, December 7, and she would issue her ruling shortly thereafter.SFWMD MFL Hearing FMB Joins Sanibel, Cape Coral, Contd from pg.6 and Budweiser beer wagon made their way from Bay Oaks to the downtown area. People stopped to smile and wave as the familiar wagon and distinctive horses passed by. The visit was coordinated by The Town of Fort Myers Beach Bay Oaks Recreation Center and Budweiser.Clydesdales Visit Fort Myers Beach PHOTO BY SARAH LIST. tion PHOTO COURTESY OF TOWN OF FORT MYERS BEACH PARKS & REC on the Bay. PHOTO COURTESY OF FMB PARKS & REC DEPT. PHOTO COURTESY OF FMB PARKS & REC DEPT.


Page 22 Chapel by the Sea will hold their Sale on Nov 2 & 3. Shop for gen goods & home goods. Open FR Dont miss the free Reception and Awards Presentation at the FMB Art Association Gallery, 3030 Shell Mound Rd, FMB, on SA Nov 3 purchase at reception and at gal lery through Nov 8.MORNING MEANDERJoin an experienced Bird Patrol Guide in Lakes Park, 7330 Gladio lus Dr, Fort Myers, on SA Nov 3 at 8am for Morning Meander, an easy walk along clear paths with an opportunity to see birds in native vegetation. Lakes Park is a birding hot spot and crucial nesting area for many birds. Wear comfortable shoes and dress to be outside. Bring water, sunscreen and bin oculars. For more information call monthly Shrimp Dinner of the season, offered at Historic St. Raphaels Episcopal Church, 5601 Williams Dr. on SA Nov 3 shrimp, homemade cole slaw, baked beans & cornbread. Soda included. Beer and wine tickets available. No reservations needed. $20/per person. ARTISTS & ARTISANS host their annual Artists & Artisans Holiday Bazaar at Shell Point on Shell Point. Talented Shell Point residents put their time and talents into creating items that run the gamut from textile & paper to wood & ceramic, as well as specialty Christmas decorations and holiday cared. Cash and check only.Parrot Key Caribbean Grill hosts two car shows each month, on the 1st and 3rd MO from Nov. through April. Next show Nov 5 from hot rods, classic cars, corvettes to look. Live music, prizes and fun! For more information and registra tion visit or call BOOK FAIRBeach Elementary School is hold All Islanders can participate by or dering books online from now until Nov 16 at the school Media Center. The Knights of Columbus will host Car Show & Cookout on SA Nov cension Church parking lot, 6025 Estero Blvd, FMB. Bring your car to show or just come to stroll the grounds and see some awesome cars. Free to show; free to look. free with ID. To reserve your car slot or for more information, call a free, guided history walk on SA key Strand Preserve, 11901 Rod & Gun Club Rd, Fort Myers. This Jim Zbick from the SWFL Military Museum & Library will include remnant structures from the Buck nery School, a training base used during WWII. The tour will take and cypress swamp that is now a Conservation 20/20 preserve. Part and parking are free, but advance sunscreen and camera and wear closed toe shoes.On SA Nov 10 beginning at 7:30am, enjoy beautiful Bunche Beach, an excellent birding site with a Bird Patrol Guide. Bunche is an excellent spot for both migrant and resident waders and shore tide. Also warblers, waterfowl and raptors. Free with paid parking ($2/ Medicare health insurance and drug plans can change each year. A Publication of FREE rfntb www.FishTaleDining.comNow serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am 11:00 am. Happy Hour from 11:00 am 6:00 pm dailyFish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina Plaza7225 Estero Boulevard (239) 747-6500 LOCALS NIGHT is the place to be on Wednesday nights! Join us for half-priced drinks and $6 Marina Bites, along with our regular menu from 6:00 pm 9:00 pm. Bring your friends, meet your neighbors and enjoy a night of fun! Want to test your smarts & win prizes? Tuesday nights are trivia night at Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining beginning at 7:00 pm. Join us in the Tiki Bar for all the fun!


Page 23 See what the latest water testing results are by using these links: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status: The oldest standing structure on Fort Myers Beach with a histori cal museum inside and beautiful grounds outside including an observation pier, kayak launch and amazing back bay views. Grounds open sunrise to sunset. Museum 4pm. Located at 451 Connecticut Connecticut. Call for exact times on kayak tours, costs, reservations include: Key Boat Tour; 10am Shell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Tour am Beach Walk at Newton Park (beach conditions permitting); 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Museum Tour 1amShell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Museum Tour Kayak Tour 4:30pm Sunset Kayak Tour am Wild Art; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Museum Tour; Guided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs park entry and take place at 10am. coming programs include: Manatees Sensational Sharks Walk on the Wild Side Fishing Clinic ning Beach Library. Browse the librarys many collections, use the computers, visit the Friends Used Bookstore or the artwork on the 8162. Upcoming programs include: 10:30am Market Up date & Year End Tax Planning 10:30am Windows 10, 10:30am Avoiding Alzheimers The Medicare Open Enrollment period runs only until Dec. 7. Ex perts from SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) will be available at Chapel by the Sea No appointment needed, but bring your Medicare card and a list of drugs with dosage info. SHINE provides free and unbiased infor mation about Medicare and Med icaid. SENIOR SOFTBALL Want to get outside and have some fun? Join the slow pitch soft ball group for ages 50+ that gath and TH at 10am. No glove need ed. Men & women welcome. Lets have some fun! Questions? Call Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church has postponed its monthly Spaghetti Dinners until January 12, 2019. They encourage church members and the Island commu nity to support local restaurants, during this Summer due to the red tide. Kitchen renovations are also being completed. Find updates on or on Face book. Support Island businesses!BRIDGE The Womans Club of FMB invites all bridge players to join them every TU & FR from 9:30am to 2:30pm for a day of social bridge, Players rotate throughout the day competing in six rounds. Bring a bagged lunch and enjoy good company and great bridge. Cost: bers. Proceeds support community activities.The Fort Myers Beach Kiwanis Club invites anyone interested in supporting the community to join them for breakfast on FR Nov 9 at 7:30 am or lunch on FR, Nov 16 at noon at Bonita Bills. The Beach Kiwanis Club supports the commu nity by donating the proceeds from their Thrift Store, located at the in tersection of Pine Ridge Road and Summerlin Road, to local commu nity charities such as: Golisano Childrens Hospital, local student scholarships, Beach Elementary School, Little League, Beach Soc cer, Needy Families, Gods Table, Swim Lessons and others. All are welcome to attend their meetings or visit for more information.TOYS FOR KIDSMark your calendar now for the an nual Toys for Kids, formerly held at the Beach Pub. This Island event, marking the beginning of the holi day season for many an Islander, will be held at the Shamrock Irish They will collect new, unwrapped toys for local kids. There will also and Live Music by Play Dead from Government Meetings ALL MEETINGS TAKE PLACE IN TOWN HALL, 2525 ESTERO BLVD, FORT MYERS BEACH UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. MEETING TIMES ARE ACCURATE AS OF PRESS TIME. TOWN MEETINGS CAN BE CONFIRMED AT


Page 24 Mother: How was school today, Patrick? Patrick: It was really great mum! Today we made explosives! Mother: Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. And what will you do at school tomorrow? Patrick: What school? Father: Son this time, you have to score 90% marks in your exams. Son: No father Ill score 100% marks. Father: Why are you kidding? Son: Who started? Teacher: I killed a person. Tell me this sentence in future tense. Student: In future tense, You will go to jail.


Page 25 WHAT IS COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (Mark List) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Monday or Tuesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. Melissa Schneider Eric M. Huntsman Steve Lutke Tracy Jones


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Page 27 The Print Shop Inkhas moved to 19221 San Carlos Blvd!Between Sunnylands Trailer Court and the Sunoco gas station! Watch for our signs!239-463-7744 Water Conditions FMBOctober 31, 2018 Tide Report showed varying concentrations of Red Tide from Pinellas to Collier counties. Karenia brevis cell concentrations generally increased from central Pinellas to northern Lee counties. High levels (>1,000,000 cells/liter) were detected in and/or offshore of Pinellas, Hillsborough, liter) were seen in the same counties plus Charlotte and northern Lee centrations. irritation was reported in Lee County during the past week. The Sanibel Sea School found low to medium levels of K.bre vis on east Sanibel beaches this week. On Oct 24 Lynn Hall Park and Estero Bay tested as Not Present, while Lovers Key State Park tested as Background. Medium levels were found on Oct 22 at Cayo Pelau, 2 miles south of Charlotte Harbor, and Boca Grande Pass in Lee County. According to the October 30 Caloosahatchee River and Estuary Report, Cyanobacteria blooms persist in Lake Okeechobee and in the upstream Caloosahatchee. Cyanobacteria blooms persist in the Caloosahatchee River. Red Tide levels have increased over the past two weeks and are now at Background to Medium levels, with the Medium levels at northern Lee locations. SCCF Reports:


Page 28 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers Beach F 2 Low 2:40 AM 1.7 7:38 AM Rise 2:27 AM 37 2 High 8:50 AM 2.6 6:45 PM Set 3:46 PM 2 Low 3:41 PM 0.4 2 High 10:58 PM 2.3 Sa 3 Low 3:58 AM 1.3 7:39 AM Rise 3:30 AM 26 3 High 10:20 AM 2.6 6:44 PM Set 4:27 PM 3 Low 4:29 PM 0.6 3 High 11:22 PM 2.4 Su 4 Low 3:57 AM 0.9 6:39 AM Rise 3:31 AM 17 4 High 10:32 AM 2.6 5:44 PM Set 4:07 PM 4 Low 4:08 PM 0.7 4 High 10:44 PM 2.7 M 5 Low 4:46 AM 0.5 6:40 AM Rise 4:32 AM 9 5 High 11:33 AM 2.4 5:43 PM Set 4:45 PM 5 Low 4:41 PM 1.0 5 High 11:05 PM 2.8 Tu 6 Low 5:31 AM 0.2 6:41 AM Rise 5:31 AM 4 6 High 12:28 PM 2.3 5:42 PM Set 5:24 PM 6 Low 5:09 PM 1.2 6 High 11:27 PM 2.9 W 7 Low 6:12 AM 0.0 6:41 AM Rise 6:31 AM 0 7 High 1:18 PM 2.2 5:42 PM Set 6:04 PM 7 Low 5:33 PM 1.5 7 High 11:50 PM 3.0 8 High 2:05 PM 2.1 5:41 PM Set 6:46 PM 8 Low 5:56 PM 1.6 F 9 High 12:14 AM 3.2 6:43 AM Rise 8:27 AM 1 9 High 2:53 PM 2.1 9 Low 6:19 PM 1.6 BEACH CLASSIFIEDS A Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial MOSQUITO + SPIDERS CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. BEACH CLASSIFEDS $20 / WEEK $60 / 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 Exp. with analog & digital sound mixers, video cameras & basic video editing. Working knowledge of Pow erPoint. Must have strong organiza tional & communications skills & be able to troubleshoot under pressure. Be available for Sunday & Holiday worship services, concerts, wed dings & funerals. Avg. 5 hours/wk off season; more Jan Easter. ences, contact information, availabil via email to:, mail to: Chapel by the Sea, Box 2997, Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33932 or Water Contacts , Federico Fernandez Rick Barber (Lee County) Jaime Weisinger (Lee County)




Page 30 Zombies Crawl on FMBEvery October as All Hallows Eve approaches, zombies rise from the dead to seek out the living, even on Fort Myers Beach. Last Saturday, October 27, Fort Myers Beach drew a crowd of zombies, both locals and Winner with some help from Jo and Mark List, and then for some nour ishment before heading out to other pubs in the downtown area. Zombie Crawl donations this year raised over $100 for Beach Elementary School. PHOTO BY SARAH LIST. PHOTO BY SARAH LIST. PHOTO BY MEGAN HANSON. PHOTO BY MEGAN HANSON.




Page 32 rfnt rfntfnn rfntrb nnLive Music is Back! New Front Patio! rfntb rfntfb fnnr The Best Happy Houron the Beach!Mon Fri 2-5pm