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Volume 18, Number 43 By Islanders, For Islanders October 26, 2018 Plein Air Art Festival Paint the Beach By Gary Mooney This years Paint The Beach Plein Air Festival will be quite different from the past few years, said Marie Crist, the Chairperson of the art event to be held November 1 to 3. We reduced two days from the program, nor will we have the Sundowner competition or the Quick Draw in Times Square. We will replace the former outdoor art tent with a Saturday evening free reception at the Fort Myers Beach Art Association (FMBAA) building at 3030 Shell Mound Boulevard from 5 to 8 p.m. What remains artworks produced by plein air artists who come from all over the nation to Fort Myers Beach! The slightly shorter Plein Art Fest is strictly due to time constraints, Marie stated. Since the FMBAA members basically took a good look at everything we did with our limited manpower, as and realized it was time to take a step back, becoming a case of quality over quantity. We retained what we felt were the best aspects to event. We still have 57 artists and strongly feel we will attain our maximum of 60. In addition to local folks and Floridians, attendees are coming from California, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. What we found pleasantly surprising is even inquired about our water quality, nor did they care about construction! That speaks volumes about our Festivals reputation, as people just love to come to paint Fort Myers Beach. From Thursday through Saturday artists can draw the locales of their choice all over Fort Myers Beach, as well as on the other side of the Back Bay, along Main Street on San Carlos Island. They can be anywhere on the island, Marie outlined, AN ARTIST WORKS DURING A PREVIOUS PAINT THE BEACH. PHOTO BY SARAH LIST. Contd pg.12 By Gary Mooney Floridians will vote on 12 Statewide Amendments this No vember, making the 2018 Ballot un usually long. Clara Anne Graham, President of The League of Wom en Voters of Lee County, present ed Amendments on The Ballot at the Grand Cypress Room at Shell Point Retirement Community before several hundred people on Monday, October 22, to explain the issues. In addition to the Amendments, Graham noted, you vote on one United States Senate Seat; Flori da Governor & Cabinet races; your United States Representative; State Senators and Representatives; and various Local, County and Munici 3 came from the State Legislature, 2 from Citizen Initiatives, and 7 from the Constitution Revision Commit tee that meets once every 20 years, with all requiring 60% of the vote vember 6, to read the 12 Amend ments and determine your decisions in advance, to prevent long lines at the polls. Amendment 1: Increase Homestead Property Tax Exemption Legislature Initiative to allow home owners to deduct up to another $25,000 from the taxable value of a primary residence worth more than $100,000. YES Vote: In addition to the de duction, passage, excluding local school taxes, would Vote 201812 Amendments on Ballot Contd pg.13 Ocean Habitat Mini ReefsCouncil Approves Pilot ProgramBy Gary Mooney At its October 15 meeting, the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach approved up to a $10,000 allocation for a Pilot Program that may decrease or remove the brevetoxin from local waterways project called Ocean Habitat. We are in the process of selecting the canal for the Pilot Project, explained Jim Timmerman of Ocean Habitat. We are working with Rae Burns, the to see which Town canals meet the demographic we needWe narrowed the possible canals to six the near future, as Council wants to start this soon. Once we know the canal, the funding will allow us to place up to 50 habitat boxes. are a high density plastic. Right there, some people have issues that we use plastic, Timmerman offered, as there is a huge plastic issue with our ocean waters, but in this case, it is a good use because we need a material that will maintain in the harsh marine environment for a long time and plastic is just the thing. Once we organisms like oysters immediately attach themselves to the devices, though it takes months before they mature to be fully functional, depending on the warmth of the water. In summer, when water is warmest, maturity occurs as quick as 3 to 4 months, but since we will install these in the Fall, it will most likely take 6 to 9 months. Habitat boxes remain effective for at least 20 years and probably much approximately 32,000 gallons of water daily.STUPID-PROOF In Florida, the Contd pg.10


Page 2 Departs From 4765 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach Located Behind Publix at Snook Bight Marina


Page 3 H a l l o w e e n F R I G H T N I G H T C OSTUME C ON TEST PAR TY "hALLOW EE N N I GH T" 31 st a n n ua l o ver $1 000 in p riz es O N HALLO WEEN N I GHT Letters to the Editor VOTE FIRE BOARD INCUMBENTS I have been reading all the articles in the Sand Paper from the candidates running for the 3 Fort Myers Beach Fire Board Seats. What struck me when reading the articles was that the new candidates all dis running for the Board. The few things offered appeared to have already been started, are in play, or are sky blue things that we should not be missed something. If the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department is doing so well, and the three commissioner candidates currently on the Board department going in the right direction and retain the current commission ers, Raymond, Morris, and Schindler. Fred Cook Fort Myers BeachTOILET PAPER CRACK I have never heard anyone that I know say that. If I did, they would probably have trouble talking again. You, Bob, and everyone there do a and I look forward to reading every week and have never thought any thing was reported incorrectly. Thank you for being a great neighbor! Fort Myers BeachVOTE FIRE INCUMBENTS Beach Fire Department has been doing a great job for all of us. It is im portant that we keep the momentum going since we know that Bob Ray mond, Carol Morris and Ted Schindler, all current commissioners, have been mainly responsible for all the good changes. Please get out and vote for these 3 incumbents. Gayle Manor Fort Myers BeachVOTE FIRE INCUMBENTS I have been attending Fire Board Meetings for years and was a changes that have occurred in the FMB Fire Department dating back about four years. As a Fire Commissioner I saw how the 3 incumbent Fire Commissioners changed the outdated methods and brought a new level of professionalism to the District. Good people may be running against the incumbents for the 3 with people with no knowledge and expertise about the District when you was selected to be on the Fire Board, I would go to meetings and become involved in the issues. This cannot be said for the newbies running for the Fire Board. Please protect your Fire District by voting for 3 great Fire Commissioners, Robert Raymond for seat 1, Carol Morris for seat 3 and Theodore Schindler for seat 5. John Pohland Fort Myers BeachSPOT ON EDITORIAL Your editorial yesterday was spot on. Sticks & Stones, Island Sand Paper, October 19, 2018) Weve lived here almost 5 years & never heard anything but positive appreciation of the Sand Paper. Were all so for common sense & decency! Cindy & Chuck Richardson Fort Myers BeachVOTE FIRE BOARD INCUMBENTS You will hear or read candidates running for FMB Fire Commis sioner say phrases like: I want to give back to the community or I want to serve the community. These are just buzz words for I do not have a clue what the Fire District does but I need to say something that sounds good. Please ask yourself this question before you vote. Why would I vote for 3 new candidates, with no experience with the Fire District, when I have 3 current commissioners running for reelection that have been doing a great job for our community? I think the only possible answer is that they are friends of mine or nice people. We are lucky to now have a really Letters contd pg.4


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim RodwellBRANCHED HEDGEHYSSOP I found this small plant in my favorite small prairie off of Daniels Parkway. The Branched Hedgehyssop, Gratiola ramosa, was hanging on the edge of a swale near the road. I almost missed this little perennial herb as I was looking branched plant with pubescent stems that reach 4 to 12 inches in height. Small leaves are opposite along the stem. Leaf shape is linear long and wide. There are some teeth along the leaf margins. Leaves are sessile which means there are no petioles between the blade and stem. yellow with brown stripes. At the tip of divided into two lips. The upper lip has two fused petals. The lower lip has three separated petals. Yellow sex organs are visible inside the tube. Overall length is about . Blooming occurs all year. Ramosas usual habitats are just about every county in the State. There are eight species in the Genus Gratiola. All are native. Gratiola belongs in the Plantaginaceae (Plantain) family. Letters to the Editor, Contd from pg.3 reelection that have made this possible. Please cast your vote for common sense and mark your ballot for Robert Raymond, Seat 1, Carol Morris, Seat 3, and Theodore Schindler, Seat 5. Mary Smelter Fort Myers BeachISLAND ASSET Since the acquisition of the Sand Paper, we have proudly watched with pride the growth of our paper into perhaps the single most important Fort Myers Beach asset. You are the only reliable local news source for island information and local govern ment activity. ber 19, 2018 is your best to date. Mary and Dave Wilcox Fort Myers BeachNO HARASSMENT Freedom of speech is one thing, but at what point does it become harassment? Its good to have a platform, and to believe in something. Some take it to the extreme. In this case youve got a guy peddling them whether they like it or not. He claims hes edu cating folks (customers) on water quality. Problem is hes admitted that his education came from Mother youre a business owner on the beach, at what point can you exercise your own freedom of speech and tell this guy to knock it off? Or better yet, get educated on the topics hes ranting about, then come back with some actual fact based information! Until then, leave the business owners, customers, tourists and every body else alone! Chad Lincoln MichiganEditors note: Freedom of speech is not freedom to harass. Anyone who feels harassed, can call 911 and report it, as indicated at last weeks Town Council meeting.VOTE FIRE BOARD INCUMBENTS In 2014, I decided to run for Town Council. My love for this town was clear and evident to the voters. Consequently, I was fortunate enough to be elected to serve this beautiful town and its residents. As a council member, I could have taken ad vantage of my position and appointed my dad and my wife to the LPA. I could have promoted my entire cir cle of friends to various committees. Instead, I avoid ed doing so. Such cronyism is unethical and disrupts the equilibrium of any town. Right now, there is a group of people who are own private agendas. To protect our town from this unscrupulous cronyism and to keep our boards bal Schindler for Fire Board on November 6th! Summer Stockton Fort Myers Beach USCG Ft. Myers Beach, FL


Page 5 CRAFT BEERFOOD LIVE MUSICFEATURING TASTY BITES!SATURDAY, NOV. 10NOON 4:00 PM WATERFRONT DECK Tickets $50 Visit or stop by the restaurant to purchase!The full afternoon of festivities will be on the waterside deck. Rain or shine, the show will go on! Should weather require, live performances will be moved to Peteys Upper Deck, the restaurants upstairs sports bar. Tickets include beer tastings, food offerings and live music.416 Crescent Street Fort Myers Beach, FL(239) 463-3838Bene tting Operation Open Arms, a 501(c)3, provides postdeployment support to military personnel returning from combat or foreign duty stations. Fan Favorite Indie Rock & Soul Noon:00 PM Fan Favorite SOULIXERSinger/Songwriter & The Voice Contestant 2:00:00 PM Singer/Songwriter SHEENA BROOK This is What We Do Hurricane Supply Drive It didnt take long for local residents to mobilize after Hurri cane Michael barreled ashore in the Florida Panhandle on Octo ber 10 as a Category 4 storm. The ing captains, the UPS store and others stepped up and shipped supplies north. John Lallo, owner of Petes Time Out in Times Square, start ed thinking big. He approached his primary food supplier, Cheney Brothers, Inc. and its President Shane Simmons, to see if they could help and they did, offering the use of a trailer, driver, packing supplies and logistics. Lallo also went to numer ous businesses asking for dona away with water, cleaning sup plies, food, buckets, pet food and more. The original plan was to put the truck at the same place the Harry Chapin Food Bank parks each week, but the town wanted a permit to do that. Al Durrett, owner the truck at Santini Marina Plaza. Janeen Paulauskis helped us organize it all. I cant say enough about everyone who helped put this together! And and businesses donated thousands of dollars of supplies! Lallo said. other pick up plus a smaller trailer that Lallo would take north himself. The caravan of supplies left Fort Myers Beach Tuesday evening, arriving at Im so proud of our Island. This is what we do! Lallo said.


Page 6 Last month the Fort Myers Beach Fire De partment recognized several members for their service and dedication to the community and department. Achievements recognized included paramedic credentialing, years of ucational and professional achievements, as well as outstanding service. In addition to recognizing department personnel, the Fire Department also recog with the Outstanding Support Award for his years of voluntary service on the Depart The following department members were recognized with special awards.MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDCAPTAIN CHRIS MORGANICaptain Chris Morgani is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award, which recognizes An Advisory Group within the Fire Department selected Capt. Morgani due to multiple peer nominations and a history on ongoing supe rior service. He has distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding meritorious er, Paramedic, Lieutenant and Captain for over 17 years, Fire Chief Matthew Love said. knowledge and interpersonal skills make him a great mentor and asset to the department. OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARDFIREFIGHTER PARAMEDIC TATE STURTEVANT Paramedic Tate Sturtevant received the Out standing Service Award this year. He has delivered dedicated service in an outstanding manner to the Fort Myers Beach Fire Depart Paramedic for over 12 years, Chief Love said. He has also been recognized by his peers as a great coach and trainer who carries a strong, positive work ethic in making others successful on the team. Sturtevant also has served as a Lead Paramedic and Paramed ic Trainer and Preceptor. His dedication to giving of himself so that others can progress sionate family mentality and outstanding level of professionalism. Three years ago, the Fort Myers Beach Friends of the Arts broadened their mission of bring ing the visual and performing arts to the Fort Myers Beach community to include the cu linary arts with the hosting of South west Florida Sustains A Regional nual Southwest Florida Sustains will be held on Thursday, Novem Head Beach Resort and Spa, 2000 Myers Beach Friends of the Arts Its important for us to pro our core values. Its an opportuni ty to experience local sustainable seafood, while supporting the arts for the arts, businesses and event patrons, said Janeen Paulauskis, Fort Myers Beach Friends of the Arts board member. This event continues to bring attention to our Fort Myers Beach local culinary scene as well as sustaining our southwest Florida resources. event with restaurants like Coste Island Cuisine at DiamondHead Beach Resort, Charleys Boat Tale Waterfront Dining, The Whale, Dixie Fish, Castaways and Truly Scrumptious providing sustainable seafood samplings with Point Ybel Brewing Company providing beer samples. In addition to the tasty sea food, enjoy live music by Pearl Street Band, a silent auction plus an interesting presentation by Dr. Rick Bartleson, Research Scientist with the Sanibel Captiva Conser vation Foundation. Bartleson is in volved in research and monitoring projects on the Caloosahatchee River, estuary and Gulf of Mexico, working with local, state and feder water quality issues. Tickets are $50 in advance and are available through the FM able. For more information on how to become a sponsor or be a par ticipating restaurant in this event, email Tanya at mejanepr@gmail. Fire Department Awards Sustainable SeafoodFMB Friends of the Arts


Page 7 Professor of Marine Science I grew up on Fort Myers Beach. As kids my brother and I would walk the beach in search of sea life to add to our saltwater aquarium. We would also bring back any sea creature we found dead and bury it in our own graveyard by the stilt house. I have memories of large scale mortality events associated with red tides. I wont ever forget being foolish enough to snorkel through a red tide. Later, I earned a PhD in marine science from University of Miami. While red tides were not the initial focus of my PhD research, I ultimately documented brevetoxin, the toxin produced for red tides, concentrating in the sea surface bloom conditions. Recently, I have joined other scientists in attempting to educate the public and the news history that make it almost impossible to link it to one source of nutrients. I am worried that in our haste to clarify misunderstandings we have left the misperception that the recent bloom was completely natural. I dont think it was. Furthermore, it is just one of a host of other water quality problems that can be linked to excessive nutrients and poor water management: the blue green algae (bacteria) bloom in the river, massive amounts of red drift algae washing up and out of the river past our beaches, macroalgae shading out the seagrasses and blooms of other phytoplankton offshore that often go unnoticed because they dont produce toxins but do cause hypoxic zones upon their death. I doubt people trying to earn a living in the service industry will soon forget this environmental and economic catastrophe. Nor will people who could not sell their homes. in Washington DC where I wrote a report on nutrients and harmful algal blooms, I returned to Florida to work on water quality issues in Management District (SFWMD). In 2002, I moved back home to Fort Myers and began working on local water quality issues for SFWMD. As part of the Southwest Florida Feasibility Study, we compiled and analyzed over 2 million historical water quality measurements and wrote reports about the problems listed above. In 2009 all this information was rolled into the Caloosahatchee River Watershed Protection Plan that was being developed by the Florida Department of and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. These three state agencies were charged to coordinate their efforts and work with local governments to develop this plan be surprised to learn that as part of that Plan local water quality experts (myself included, but working as a contractor to SFWMD, since I had projects to improve water quality and increase storage in the watershed. A small number of these projects have been implemented since 2009; the few larger projects will not be completed for another 4 or 5 years. Can we accelerate these projects? Certainly. Can we do more? Absolutely. However, this will require hard choices and large investments. Good people working for state and local agencies want to protect and restore our water quality and the environment. But they need leaders who make this a priority and give them the resources to do the job. This starts with the governor because thats where the priorities are set. The governor appoints the governing board of the SFWMD. The governor (along with Now is the time to vote your priorities. Please take time to learn about the candidates beyond the campaign slogans; read endorsements and learn who is supporting them and why. Then vote for a governor that you are certain will prioritize improving water quality and restoring our environment and, thereby, our economy. Guest CommentaryVote For Water Quality


Page 8 By Gary Mooney was held in the First Baptist Church on October 18. While the primary topic was to be the local ballot races and Amendments on the upcoming addressed the organizations role in the potential Sunshine Law Fort Myers Beach Mayor Tracey Gore and Council Member Dennis Boback. At issue is a possibly illegal conversation between them and resident Chris Patton over Pattons two lawsuits against the Town to halt the Margaritaville Resort FMB construction. the conversation at an island bar on September 13, 2018, then turned the tape over to Milligan, who forwarded it to the Florida State Attorney for investigation, as well to The Island Sand Paper that reported on the tapes content in its September 21 and 28 editions. Roughly 40 people attended the broadcast.ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM I want to address the elephant in the room, began exactly what happened. I received and when I saw the photo, it was shocking and the person who sent it found it quite shocking too. It was of Council member Dennis Boback and Mayor Tracey Gore sitting at a bar, in real time, so I saw it while it was happening, with Chris Patton, who has two lawsuits against the project, so I asked if they could hear their discussion and if they could, would they feel comfortable recording it to know what was happening. Following that, the anonymous person delivered the we found it shocking, Milligan continued, so we gave it to our lawyer in Tallahassee, who thought it might be a Sunshine Law violation and recommended we send it to the State Attorney, so we felt we did the right thing by providing the tape to the State Attorney, and we have done that to the letter of the law. At the same time, I made a commitment to myself that this would not turn into a media circus, so we wanted it review the tape and verify and hear them, so we went to The Island Sand Paper, to avoid division in and embarrassment for the community. That is the sum total of the whole story, until Town Council met on Monday, October 15, where the four Council Members present addressed the topic. Milligan then played the video of the last 13 minutes of the October 15 Meeting where, in order, Council Member Anita Cereceda, Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp, Boback, and Gore addressed the with the middle 6 on a different item. Read the relevant sections in the October 19 edition of The Island Sand Paper. Milligan commented about Mayor Gore using the phrase, a small clan, in reference to the the second refers to three people in a group close enough to be a Family and that is not us. The third is a group of people with a strong community interest and that may be us! Our common interest is we demand an honest government, where Council does not place their personal interest above performing their jobs, and not abusing their power to bully people whose opinions do not agree with theirs. Milligan said Gore threatened to sue The Island Sand Paper and do so. In response to accusations Gore and Boback, Milligan stated that the member did not stalk anyone; only recorded what they saw and heard in a public place and that is completely legal. The State Attorney will decide if a criminal violation occurred, a civil violation occurred, or no violation at all, and we expect that decision soon. Once that is done, the tape becomes part of the public record and you can request to obtain it. Now you have all the facts straight.TAKE AN ATTORNEY FOR COFFEE most of the 12 Statewide Ballot Amendments, with no EITA Addresses Council Comments Milligan Responds to Boback, Gore Contd pg.15


Page 9 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 18 years Missy Layeld, Editor you get if you dont. Pete Seeger Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsIt is better to wear out than to rust out. Bishop Richard Cumberland Mark List, Production ManagerProduction@fortmyersbeach.newsHumor is a rubber sword it allows you to make a point without drawing blood. Mary Hirsch Sarah List, PhotographerThe only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever. Herb Caen Sandy Sandness, minutes longer. Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper.PHONES Oce: 239 4634461 FAX 855-886-3568 (toll-free) MAIL 450 Old San Carlos Blvd. Unit G-108 Ft. Myers Beach, Florida 33931 E-Mail WEBSITE LETTER SUBMISSION POLICYThe Island Sand Paper welcomes letters from Islanders on local issues. Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author, include city of residence and a phone number length, accuracy and to prevent libel. Repetitive letters from the same individual on the same subject will not be printed. We will publish a maxi mum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words may be considered for publication as a Guest Commen tary based on available space, relevance and the quality and coherence of the piece submitted. Deadline for letter submission is noon Wednesday. Submit letters via email to, online at or mail to address on this page. Islanders are invited to submit original articles and photos for publication. Publication is based on available space, relevance and quality. The Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. Nothing contained in this publication is intended to embarrass or offend anyone. COPYRIGHT 2000-2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Publisher@fortmyersbeach.newsOpportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Thomas A. Edison Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsYou cant make up anything anymore. The world itself is a sat ire. All youre doing is recording it. Art BuchwaldOFFICE HOURS MON-FRI 10AM-3PM Subject to change due to story assignments. CALL TO BE SURE! MAKE SOME NOISE better water quality. Her message came down to this: Make some noise and let those with the power to make change know how you feel. The people that need to hear your voice, your concerns about wa ter quality, are not your Facebook friends or reading your bumper sticker. The people that need to hear you are the ones that can DO something. Your state representatives, your federal Senators and Congressional reps, your Governor, your Water Management District reps, your County Com missioner, your Town Council members. Why county and town reps? Local elected representatives meet with state and federal elected representatives regularly. Some local gov ernments hire lobbyists to keep their concerns in front of state and federal reps. They need to know that their constituents want water quality change NOW. They all should know how you feel and what you want done. NEED BALANCE The State of Florida has a horribly skewed water system that is not ence have resulted in a system that works for some stakeholders but not others. It is seriously out of balance and needs to be rebalanced. Part of that rebalancing must be a comprehensive evaluation of all water quality rules and regulations. Inspection and testing must be brought back into the system of checks and balances. Most importantly, the economic value of clean water must be rec ognized and appreciated. The economic hit that the coastal estuaries have taken over years of recurring algae blooms leading to tourism declines have resulted in millions in economic losses. Jobs, businesses, homes the coastal economic suffering is real. The jobs of a charter captain and a bartender in a coastal commu nity must be seen as just as important as that of a farmer or rancher. There is surely a balance that values all jobs and it must be found because the current Lake Okeechobee Release Schedule (LORS) does not value the mandate. In protecting the Herbert Hoover dike and surrounding commu jobs or not. Surely there is a middle ground that protects Okeechobee nothing more than an arm of the federal government following the rules SHARED ADVERSITY LORS is just one of the imbalances that must be addressed. We can talk about mandated inspection of septic tanks or testing runoff from cattle yards or fertilizer use on lawns and golf courses or any of a number of other issues that contribute to poor water quality. demanding that your government, which helped create the problem, seek out the solutions. Weve been hearing suggestions on how to make a start from a number of water scientists. This is not a new problem, its been studied for years. Weve heard from water quality experts in the pages of the Island Sand Paper this summer as organizations, universities and individuals have stepped forward offering their expertise. Lets use that expertise to solve this problem. So, call your elected representatives. Tell them you want them to address our broken water system NOW. It has caused millions of dollars of economic damage in our community just this year and we are tired of aide, say the same thing that youd say if you had your elected rep on the phone. The most important thing you can do to improve our water quality between now and November 7 is to vote. Vote Water this year. Do your research. Who has done something about water quality and who has just talked about it? Who is willing to search for answers and who is avoiding voting guides can be found at, and vote411. org. We each have two super powers. Use yours. Speak up and vote! Editor


Page 10 species that causes most of the on the habitat boxes consume their diet, Jim related. We build in layers between the habitat box crabs to hide and be protected in safe places, like they would before we lost so many mangroves throughout the region. Once the habitat boxes mature, they become are an extremely inexpensive system that does not require any additional energy consumption, so you just forget about them, as they are under your dock and no one else will even know they are there. I dont want to downplay them, but they are amazing! The United States Army Protection mandate that no devices rest on the bottom of area waterways, as they can pose a threat to recreational activities like boating. As a result, we tether the habitats boxes to stationary lower with the tides, Timmerman said. While a single tether works, we build in a redundancy by using four tethers due to wind and wave action, as well as the severe weather we can have in Southwest Florida. This paid off last year in Hurricane Irma, where the only unit we lost was when a boat lift came loose and crushed it. Since docks, habitat boxes only take up otherwise unusable space. Jim explained the math: When you consider that each and there are over 500 already in place throughout Southwest Florida, that is over 16 million daily, over 112 million each week, and almost 6 billion gallons each year, meaning those already in Another exciting aspect is Ocean Habitats partnership with Florida SouthWestern State College, whose students independently monitor the success. We already work with Dr. Lisa McGarity in the Marco Island area, and she will set us up with her colleagues at the Fort Myers campus to monitor the Fort Myers Beach units, as this is instrumental to the programs success. On top of that, it is fantastic to see the enthusiasm of the students, as they are the generation who are cleaning up all this mess my generation is leaving behind. We are so proud to have this partnership between Ocean Habitats, the Town and College! Timmerman approached the Fort Myers Beach Council about the Pilot Program through the encouragement of Town Manager Roger Hernstadt. Roger and I worked together back when he was City Manager of Marco Island, while I was the longtime Chair of their Waterways Committee, Jim Ocean Habitats and introduced the process to Roger, who thought it was perfect for Marco Island, and we started a Pilot Project there, just like with Fort Myers Beach. Once Roger saw the results, with the improved water quality, he became an advocate, and now we are underway again in this community. We are thrilled to partner with the Town, as it was particularly exciting to see how quickly Council came together to improve the beachs water quality. My experience is that governments generally do not take such rapid action, so congratulations to Council on their prompt initiative.STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION The Pilot Projects ultimate goal to move the clean water component to its next phase; the continued expansion of habitat boxes throughout Florida and beyond, to control and eliminate able to completely restore our environment from the loss of our mangroves to development, Timmerman explained, but this will be a large step in the right direction. What is interesting is that Florida Representative Bob Ocean Habitat Mini ReefsCouncil Approves Pilot Program, Contd from pg.1 T. Contd next pg.


Page 11 Rommel, who is a principal in the Bayfront Bistro Restaurant on Fort Myers Beach, is very enthusiastic about this and wants to take it to the State level, and that could really rapidly jumpstart the program. To date, Ocean Habitats has over 1,000 boxes in more than 30 Florida cities, as well as in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and the Bahamas. If you do not want to wait for the Fort Myers Beach Pilot Program results to install a unit under your own dock in the immediate future, go to and order a habitat. The price is $250 and installation. of Marco Island, concluded Timmerman, and I have children who are 15 and 11 and they love because of the previously poor water quality, all they could catch Once we installed a habitat box, however, they immediately began to catch snapper and a large 50 feet of our dock, while those neighbors around us who do not have one remain mostly barren. I want to offer our sincere thanks to Roger, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council, and to Town residents for their enthusiastic support, and I cant wait for everyone on your island to witness the fantastic results!Ocean Habitat Mini ReefsCouncil Approves Pilot, Contd from pg.10 with four tethers. Clydesdale Parade Saturday, October 27 er Clydesdales will make a rare fall appearance on Fort Myers Beach on Saturday, October 27, 2018. They will parade through the town beginning at 12:30pm at Bay Oaks Blvd. and through the downtown district at Times Square and then back to Bay Oaks. The hitch will make stops along the parade route for photo opportunities. Brought to the community by the Town of Fort Myers Beach and pulling the famous red beer wagon during their Fort Myers Beach ap pearance. The hitch will be making appearances in Southwest Florida from October 25 28, with a down on Oct. 25 with a single horse; a downtown Cape Coral stop on 47th and an Alva stop at the 31 Produce Oct. 28 with a full hitch. The Clydesdales are an American icon and one of the worlds most recognized corporate symbols. Traveling hitches make hundreds of appearances annually, and they have made several stops in SWFL in recent years, usually team consists of 10 of the gentle pension and vent fans to ease the rigors of hours on the road. Horses selected for the hitch are at least 3 years old and stand six feet at the shoulder, weighing an average of 2,000 pounds. To make the cut to be a part of the hitch, horses must be bay in color, with four white legs, plus a blaze of white on the face. Gentle tempera ment is crucial as hitch horses meet millions of people each year. Along with the horses, each hitch also travels with a Dalmatian, part of a tradition where the dogs guarded the wagon and horses during deliv eries.


Page 12 rfntbf A LONDON BAY DEVELOPMENT rfnrtbrfb ntrtrf nbfn bt n t tt tt t nf t fr f b r rf bb rfb Paint the Beach, Contd from pg.1 State Park, and across to the bay side on San Carlos Island, as long as they stay on the waterfront. They begin painting Thursday at 8 a.m., and may continue at any time through Saturday at 3 p.m. They then take their completed artworks to the FMBAA Gallery, where they go on sale at the evening reception sponsored by the Greater Fort Myers Beach Friends of the Arts. We will announce the winners there, and the best part is that the admission to the reception this year is absolutely free, so everyone is welcome just come on out and buy art!60 ARTISTS EXPECTED Marie explained that the artists set the sales prices, and I expect the range to be from a low as $100 to as high as $1,000. Artists keep 60% of the proceeds, with the FMBAA the remaining 40%. We use these funds to continue to host events like the Plein Air Festival, as well as for our school programs for elementary and high school students, and are particularly proud of our scholarships for high school artists. In fact, high school students participate in the Festival on Saturday, from Noon to 2 p.m., though they will work exclusively on the Bay side of Fort Myers Beach. They will then submit their works to the FMBAA on Saturday, just like everyone else. The Plein Air Fests overall 1st Place Winner receives $1,000 with lower amounts for 2nd & 3rd Place. The judge for this years Paint The Beach Festival is Joe Palmeria from the Sarasota area, said Marie. Joe judged for us a few years ago and people thought he was great, so when we considered names, we determined he would be the perfect choice to return. The main sponsor of the Plein Air Fest is the Greater Fort Myers Beach Friends of the Arts. Primary sponsors include Blick Art Materials, Cheap Joes Art Supplies, Gamblin Oil Supplies, Island Sand Paper, Junkanoos On the Beach, Oyster Bay Park, Plein Air Magazine, Red Coconut RV Park, Richeson Art Supplies, Rosemary Airbrushes, Smokin Oyster Brewery, South Beach Grille, Tuckaway Caf, Watercolor Magazine and Wyndham Garden Hotel. Matanzas on The Bay and Nervous Nellies are providing the food, related Marie, though we could still use one more food vendor to participate. If anyone sponsor, or you are an artist who would like to take one of the last three remaining spots for just $60, contact me! For these or any other see PLACE TO PAINT Marie described the most Festival: The artists are out in the elements, with conditions often completely beyond their control. Indoors, you have air conditioning and ideal light. Outside, you identify the most creative subject to paint, then do it fast enough so it is the way you see it, and not have the paint dry up too quick or the sun rotate to change the shadows. Conversely, one of the best parts is that you can meet and speak with the artists while watching them do their masterpieces. They are so creative, marveled Marie, that they could each paint the same landscape and you would end up with 60 different perspectives, and testament to their talent. When you engage them, however, remember that they are working, so while the artists truly enjoy speaking with you, please dont monopolize all of their time. Marie called the Paint The Beach Plein Air Festival a great community event for Fort Myers Beach because it brings people here from all over, to see how lovely our wonderful paradise is, and that stunning beauty trumps the road construction and Red Tide! That speaks well for the quality of the show, as well as for our island, as artists recognize that Fort Myers to paint! PHOTO BY SARAH LIST. AN ARTIST CAPTURES A SEA GRAPE GROWING ON THE BEACH.


Page 13 cost Florida cities, counties, and taxing authorities an estimated $688 million, likely leading to ser vice cuts or higher local tax rates. NO Vote: Retain the current Home stead Tax exemption at $50,000 with no effect on current local tax revenues. Amendment 2: Limitations on Property Tax Assessments Legislature Initiative to make per manent the current temporary 10% cap on annual Property Value in creases for vacation homes, apart ments and commercial property, ef fectively limiting tax increases. YES: Make the 10% tax increase ed property, effectively reducing tax bills, and deny local governments, excluding school districts, tax reve nue from rising property values. NO: possibly leading to higher tax bills, resulting in roughly $700 million in additional local government reve nue. Citizen Initiative to approve any new casino gambling, effectively barring the Florida Legislature from those decisions. Yes: Voters would authorize new casino gambling in Florida, stripping that authority from the Legislature; continue to allow the Legislature such as poker, bingos, lotteries and fantasy sports; and not affect the States ability to negotiate casino Tribes. NO: Continue to allow the Legisla ture to approve casino gambling or via Constitutional amendments. Amendment 4: Voting Restoration Citizen Initiative to restore the vot complete their sentences, except for murder and felony sex crimes. permission to vote from the Flor ida Cabinet that rarely meets or agrees. Florida is one of only four states with this restriction. There are 30,000 applicants, 10,000 cas es pending, and the Cabinet re views roughly 50 annually. YES: Grant those eligible the right to vote. NO: Continue to provide the Gover nor and Cabinet the sole authority. Amendment 5: Supermajority rize or Raise Taxes or Fees. Florida Legislature initiative that re to approve new or increased taxes or fees rather than the current sim ple majority. This would require 80 of the 120 Florida House members and 27 of the 40 Florida Senate members. YES: vote, new or increased taxes must ernments exempt from the super majority requirement. NO: Allow new or increased taxes on a Simple Majority vote, along with allowing tax issues to be bun dled with other Legislative mea sures. Graham explained that Amend ments 6 through 11 are Florida Constitution Commission bundles that contain 2 or more issues under Amendment 6: Rights of Crime Victims; Judges Vastly expands victims rights un der the Constitution; increases judges mandatory retirement age from 70 to 75; forces judges to in terpret laws themselves rather than relying on government agency in terpretations. YES: ready in State law, in the Constitu requires victims receive written Constitutional provision to ensure victim rights do not infringe on those of accused criminals; raises judges retirement age to 75; and prohibits judges from deferring to an administrative agencys inter pretation when deciding cases. NO: Retain victims rights in State law; maintain judges retirement age at 70; and allow judges to rely on State agency interpretations. ties Creates a supermajority require ment for University Boards to im pose new or increase student fees; enshrine in the Constitution State College System guidelines; man dates that employers or the State ers and members of the military, among others, killed in the line of duty. YES: Forces universities to get supermajorities to increase or add student fees; and creates a Consti tutional requirement for State and Local governments to pay death includes paramedics, emergency medical technicians and U.S. mili tary residing in Florida. NO: Allow University Boards to in crease student fees by a simple majority vote; provide death bene the Constitution; maintain the cur Amendment 9: Prohibits OffProhibit offshore oil drilling beneath at indoor workplaces. YES: an oil & gas drilling ban; add Consti on indoor workplace smoking. NO: restrictions up to the Legislature. tion Regulate County elective positions; hold Legislative Sessions in ear curity and Counterterrorism, and mandate the Department of Veter ans Affairs, which already exists. YES: Fix the Legislative start date Tuesday in January, and implement the other initiatives. NO: Continue to allow the Leg islature to select the date in even number years and reject the other initiatives. Amendment 11: Property Rights; Repeal the States ability to prohibit selling property; delete a provision to prosecute suspects under the original law and sentencing guide lines of their arrest; and delete ob YES: izen property rights law; delete obsolete criminal prosecution and NO: Retain the above. Graham noted the Constitutional Revision Committee advanced Amendments 12 & 13. Amendment 12: Lobbying & cers former elected and government State government. YES: years. NO: Retain the current restrictions. Amendment 13: Dog Racing Bans dog race wagering as of De cember 31, 2020, while continuing to allow dog tracks to offer other gambling like poker rooms. YES: Ban all dog racing, while al lowing dog tracks to operate card rooms and slot machines, resulting in losing roughly $1 million in tax revenue and fees. NO: Continue to allow dog race wa gering. If you want to know on what specif ically you will vote on in your juris diction, see and type your address, Graham concluded. Remember that Voting is People Power!Vote 201812 Amendments on Ballot, Contd from pg.1


Page 14 Ask the Candidate Fort Myers Beach Fire Board In preparation for the November 6 election, the Sand Paper has asked the seven candidates for the Fort Myers Beach Fire Board a ing a topic of interest to Island res idents. Their answers are in their own words, in reverse alphabetical order by last name and seat. This weeks question: The Fire District has enhanced erty Registration Ordinance. Are there any other areas where the district might expand their community outreach and education program? SEAT 5T response: the Districts Property Registration Ordinance (PRO) and current out reach programs. One snag has been underfunding and understaff ing regarding the PRO and this has been addressed in our new budget. Often politicians fail to answer the questions posed, and today I will fall into that category. I am going to and not venture into new costly en deavors. The suggestion by com missioner candidates to purchase thought out. The initial cost for a proper vessel could easily exceed $100,000. I took the liberty of con tacting several venders and even a used capable vessel is prohibitively expensive. Maintenance, training expenses. Many will say a smaller wrong as the boat needs to be extremely durable and able to carry eliminates a small RIB. I acknowledge we are the only Lee County Fire District without a boat, but we are also the only district with regular basis. We have a written agreement to ride on their boats the USCG station, where the boat awaits with engines running. There me at Our present budget is well managed al sentials must be carefully weighed. John Bennetts response: The community outreach efforts of the Ft Myers Beach Fire District are visible nearly every day. As an is ers in supporting the local com munity. Unfortunately our districts online presence is lacking in com municating these efforts. Whether current highlights of their accom plishments. With so many seasonal residents in the district, active online communi cations are a perfect way of stay ing in the know. Im sure many of us would be more at ease during evacuation events if we were able to see island safety updates via social media. Awards, promotions partment occur regularly, but if you missed this weeks paper you prob ably didnt hear about it. There are countless opportunities for the use of this resource. It has never been easier to commu nicate to a large audience, social cost method of distributing informa tion. As with any additional tasking, per sonnel and cost considerations have to be analyzed before imple menting any new programs. I be lieve that these changes can be accomplished with minimal impact to our districts current budget and strategic plan. We are fortunate to have a great group of professional and their efforts should be as visi ble as possible. If elected, improv ing the districts online efforts in community outreach would be one of my goals during my term.SEAT 3 The Mission of the FMB Fire De partment is to honorably serve our community by providing caring, compassionate service through devoted professionals. Ordinance occupied 2 family homes, is not an of our life safety services. We knew this would cost the taxpayer mon ey since inspection fees cannot fully cover the additional resources needed. I supported this expansion to save lives and property in the fu ture. As to community outreach pro grams, we currently offer the com munity at no charge the ability for structed on CPR techniques which could help save a life, and we do free car seat safety checks. As a commissioner I am not looking to expand into areas not covered by our mission, such as purchasing a outside the limits of our Districts boundaries. Any major expansion beyond what we are now doing would cost the District and then be passed on to you the taxpayer since our budget is extremely lean. We have made so many improve ments in what we do and how we minimizing the ones we cannot pre vent and getting to the emergen cy situation quickly and with well suicide to these important areas if we spent our scarce resources on additional expansions. Jacki Liszaks response: The Fire Department has a number of excellent outreach and educa tional programs that are currently in place or being considered. One of the programs that hits most close ly to home for me is the Slumber Safe program. This program is a part of the Departments Proper ty Registration Ordinance which requires vacation and transient rental properties to be registered and have a Fire & Life safety in spection done by the Fire Depart ment. The inspection consists of a Fire Inspector visiting the property and performing a full inspection for items like working smoke alarms, gency lighting. Once the property has passed the inspection, it re ceives a numbered Slumber Safe decal. This decal can be placed in the window of the dwelling and the logo can be included in advertising or websites; thus alerting guests that the property has been inspect ed and complies with the State Fire Code. Guests who visit our com munity now look for properties that tion and are more likely to choose a vacation rental that they are con safe for their family. Ive been told that it brings them peace of mind during their visit with us. This pro gram, along with others such as the car seat program, smoke detector continue to be offered to the com munity. They are a part of the Life and Safety Divisions continued efforts to stay integrated with the community while providing valu able training and outreach. SEAT 1Bob Raymonds response: I would like to see us expand the help our residents remain safe. This would not be required but should help also with insurance costs. I would like to have a small sub sta tion in the Time Square area that and our small ambulance for quick response. Much as I dont like the cost, we should look at our water response service. Our residence and visitors are very important and we need to do all we can afford for them. Forrest Critsers response: Thank you for the opportunity to ad dress the question concerning out reach and educational programs. a good amount of time address ing community outreach by giving employees and the community up to date educational programs and ty. Being in the community during events and speaking with children at our elementary school are key tools in raising awareness and giv ing instruction. our hired experts and bridge any gaps between them and our com munity.


Page 15 proponents nor opponents present to provide details. The language on many of the Amendments is complex, cautioned Vaughn, so maybe take an attorney out for coffee to ask them to explain this to you! She directed the audience to several websites, such as, bullsugar. org, or for endorsements, especially on water quality, stating that these are on the does not make endorsements, but provides outlets on how to obtain relevant information to best make informed decisions, including groups in favor or against the Amendments, with those on the must receive 60% of the vote to pass, Voting by Mail is underway October 22 and continues through November 3.LAST SHALL BE FIRST Chris Patricca, District 3 Lee County School Board member, spoke in support of the Tax Referendum. We have over 94,000 students in 2018, and add roughly 1,800 new ones annually. Despite this, Lee County Schools in the past year enjoyed its highest graduation rate ever, at 89% within our own schools. Four years ago, we had 23 schools rated in the D or F categories; today that is one. To me, that is amazing, considering we are the 9th largest school district in Florida and 32nd in the entire nation. She explained that school districts rely on two funding pools: Cent Sales Tax would be separate from your Property Taxes that fund Operations. The Referendum would over the next decade that we can only use for Capital Improvements; not Operations or salaries, to keep up with our anticipated time. All our current schools will reach or exceed capacity by 2020. cost a typical Lee County resident with a family of four who earns plan because everyone shares the third of those funds will come from tourists and snowbirds. Additionally, $5,000 of any major purchase, like an automobile, cutting off after that amount. She said people often ask why the School District does not simply borrow more. We debt service. If we borrow more, we add to our debt load while reducing our outstanding Aa2 Bond Rating, making that money even more costly. Another question I often receive is from those without children in the School District, wondering why they should support this. The quality of our schools is the Number One component to increasing the value of your home, investment of almost every Lee County resident. If you want your home value to increase, support your schools! Businesses move to communities with quality schools, not just for the education of their own children but for those of their work force. Patricca reminded the audience that this is a long ballot it is as long as I am tall and the Sales Tax is the very last item, so follow the Book of Matthew, where ballot backward and vote for your unimportant stuff, like Senator and Governor! Vaughn next read Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District candidates vying for the three seats on the November ballot, advance. be Tuesday, November 13, on the various Town of Fort Myers Beach Citizen Advisory Committees that assist the Town in its stated goal of a Government Lite management style. We will hear from several members, related Milligan, to better understand what they do and their scope of service to the Town, including who can serve. Speakers will include Megan Heil, the new Local Planning Agency (LPA) Chair, to explain what to look who just stepped down as the LPA Chair, for an historical perspective. light refreshments at 6 p.m., with the meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Beach Baptist Church. All taxpayers in the Town of Fort Myers Beach are welcome to attend.EITA Addresses Council Comments, Contd from pg.8


Page 16 CANDIDATE GUEST OPINIONJohn BennettFire Board Seat 5 Politics are a touchy subject no matter your stance, party or views. Our community has seen its share of controversy, recently and in the past. I feel its time we bring civility and decorum back to our elect Fire District. It was a mean spirited attack on the opponents, of which Im one. It was preceded by a printed request in this paper to do the same, although that guest opinion was more civil. Both however shared some of the same sentiments, vote for the incumbents because theyve been there years. With the exception of one, Ive known the current commissioners rine Resources Task Force for the Town of FMB. I have nothing negative to say about any of the candidates for the FMBFD. I do however feel that government is designed to change, term limits are needed at every level and the worst reason to do something is because its always been that long, thriving on power and titles, its our job as citizens to keep our gov ernment in check. our community. Service has always been part of my life, 12 years in the US Navy, 4 years in law enforcement and volunteering in community com mittees & organizations for some of the last years. Ive managed small businesses and worked for large corporations, all of which I enjoyed, but service to my community has been the constant call throughout my life. I truly feel that participating in the government process is the best way to make change. If I have the opportunity to serve on the board of commis sioners, I promise to serve with one purpose; rate possible. Im glad were all privileged to vote in a free democracy. So I ask that you make an informed decision on your ballot & encourage others to do the same. The Island Sand Papers Campaign Policy provides candidates a variety of opportunities to share their views with our readers, including Guest Opinion space. Writers are solely responsible for the content of Guest Opinions.CANDIDATE GUEST OPINIONBob RaymondFire Board Seat 1 Over the last 4 years, we have taken our Fort Myers Beach Fire District, from having Firemen working 4 years with no contract to a 3 year contract with a new contract for the next 3 years. This has helped the great working with the men and women of the department and developing a plan for the next few years. We are holding the line on tax increases as best we can. Could be better, but we had old equipment, buildings and retention problems. We are well placed to meet these needs. With all of the development in the Time Square area, and all of the new development on Main street on San Carlos Island, plus more to come. We would not be there today if not for the hard work of Commis sioners, Carol Morris, Ted Shindler and Bob Raymond for the last 4 years. Over the last 3 years I would like to thank Commissioners Larry Wood and Ron Flemming. We try to keep the mil rate as low as we can and give a great service. I work for the taxpayers, that is who I represent. With the election on November 6, we can continue the last 4 years voting Morris, Schindler and Raymond. The Island Sand Papers Campaign Policy provides candidates a variety of opportunities to share their views with our readers, including Guest Opinion space. Writers are solely responsible for the content of Guest Opinions.


Page 17 For more information, sponsorship opportunities and tickets, call (239) 463-3600, connect with us on Facebook or visit CELEBRATE SUSTAINABLE Please join us for this chef-driven event which highlights sustainable seafood samplings from such restaurants as DiamondHead Beach Resorts Cste Island Cuisine Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining Charleys Boat House Grill Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grille e Whale Dixie Fish Co. Castaways Bar & Grill Truly Scrumptious and more. Special pours by Point Ybel Brewing Co. Tickets are $50SUSTAINABILITY PRESENTATION by Dr. Rick Bartleson, Research Scientist, Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation. CASH BAR SILENT AUCTION Live Music by Pearl Street Band. ursday, Nov. 1, from 6 8:30 p.m. DiamondHead Beach Resort and Spa 2000 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach Candidate Guest OpinionBill SantomasFire Board Seat 1 I am Bill Santomas. I am from Law rence, Massachusetts, having lived there until I retired and moved to FMB in 2009. My career is the restaurant industry and I continue to work part time at Junkanoo. I believe that the service As a FMB Fire Commissioner I pledge to advo cate for their mental and physical wellness and ogy, training, compensation, advancement and equipment. The ultimate challenge facing us in the coming years is the quality of our water. Should continue our properties values will plummet. It is ALL of our responsibility to contact our multiple elected representatives to demand responsible action. Fire station 31 needs replacement. Where can it be relocated and at what price? How is it to be funded? An assessment, bond, increase to the tax rate (its already too high) or use some of the massive reserve fund? rately and timely inspect the many commercial, industrial and residential prop requires further enhancement in future budgets for satisfactory results. The most apparent shortfall is the absolute nonexistence of a single fortunate to have them. Their boats cannot navigate the shallow bays or most of our numerous canals. With a current budget of twenty million dollars, including reserves, this district absolutely should provide water resources. I believe the tax rate can revert back to the previous 2.58. The district recently completed a study and strategic plan of the community. Successful im plementation of recommendations will lead to cost savings. The majority of this work will be headquarters responsibility to deliver enhanced services to the com munity. Our district is a member of the Florida Association of Special Districts. primary education program. The purpose of the educational program is to en sure that elected boards and district managers comply with the Florida Statutes The Island Sand Papers Campaign Policy provides candidates a variety of op portunities to share their views with our readers, including Guest Opinion space. Writers are solely responsible for the content of Guest Opinions. Candidate Guest OpinionTed SchindlerFire Board Seat 5 As I have previously detailed my say that I have what it takes to continue as an FMB Fire District commissioner. I have commented before about not agreeing with some of my fellow board members who wish to purchase a boat for the district, but I want to share my reason ing. I come from a boating family; my fa ther started the modern Harbor Patrol in Ft Lauderdale in the late s and early s and was a USCG licensed skipper. My son and I are both licensed, too. I have been boating for 60+ yearsyes, I am old! Owning power and sail boats of all sizes has made me keenly aware of costs of ownership including maintenance requirements in the harsh saltwater environs. For the foreseeable future, there is no room in the budget for a access to the USCGs expertly maintained and operated alert vessels Coasties. Response time using their boats is far faster than anything we could muster with our own boats. and take note of all the instances where boats have burned to the water to extinguish. Our mission here is to rescue the survivors. servicemen and women or even back to our taxpayers. The bottom line: Spending money on equipment, training, increased manning, and main tenance for a resource that we do not need is just not prudent. Boat own ership is sexy but expensive. Just ask any boat owner. net. Please vote for the incumbents Morris, Raymond and Schindler who have helped make the FMB Fire District the best in Lee County.The Island Sand Papers Campaign Policy provides candidates a variety of opportunities to share their views with our readers, including Guest Opinion space. Writers are solely responsible for the content of Guest Opinions.


Page 18 ST. RAPHAELS OPEN HOUSE 5601 Williams Drive, invites the Fort Myers Beach Community to the grand opening of The Rev. Dr. C. Alex Comfort Hall, also known simply as Comfort Hall. Refresh ments will be served. This past summer saw a $75,000 remodel of what until now has been known and commercial kitchen have been installed and the hall now features state of the art AV equip ment. Says Pastor John Adler, We are excited for our island commu nity to see our improvements and we hope to see folks on the beach make more use of this space. We coffee on. Come on by during our through Thursday!ZOMBIE BEACH CRAWLCalling all zombies! A downtown commence on SA Oct 27 at 6pm at Peteys Upper Deck, 416 Crescent St, FMB. Get there on time for your wristband for drink specials. Crawl is free, but all donations will go to SPOOKAHATCHEEJoin the Ostego Bay Foundation at the Marine Science Center on a Wish I Was a Fish special show ing of the Incredible Mr. Limpet. Stop by the Marine Science Center tacular Halloween party for kids. Includes pizza dinner, snacks and, of course, candy. TRUNK OR TREATIslanders are invited to attend Beach Baptists Trunk or Treat Bounce house, scary slide and haunted house. Spooky fun for all!MOUND HOUSEOn Halloween, Oct 31, the Mound House is offering half price admis sion to all who are in costume. The on Oct 31, with a 10am Birds, Mound Tour at 11am and 2pm and a Guided Museum Tour at 1pm. DISC GOLFLooking for some fun? Sign up for the Bay Oaks Disc Golf League. Registration is just $10. Play is 2pm. Registration deadline Th Nov 4222.SENIOR SOFTBALL Want to get outside and have some fun? Join the slow pitch soft ball group for ages 50+ that gath and TH at 10am. No glove needed. Men & women welcome. Lets have some fun! Questions? Call SHRIMP DINNER monthly Shrimp Dinner of the season, offered at Historic St. 5601 Williams Dr. on SA Nov 3 shrimp, homemade cole slaw, baked beans & cornbread. Soda included. Beer and wine tickets available. No reservations needed. CHAPEL CRAFT SALEChapel by the Sea will hold their Sale on Nov 2 & 3. Shop for gen goods & home goods. Open FR ARTISTS & ARTISANSShell Point Retirement Village will host their annual Artists & Artisans Holiday Bazaar at Shell Point on Nov 2 & 3 at the Village Church at Shell Point. Talented Shell Point residents put their time and talents into creating items that run the gamut from textile & paper to wood & ceramic, as well as specialty Christmas decorations and holiday cared. Cash and check only.MORNING MEANDERJoin an experienced Bird Patrol Guide in Lakes Park, 7330 Gladio lus Dr, Fort Myers, on SA Nov 3 at 8am for Morning Meander, an easy walk along clear paths with an opportunity to see birds in native vegetation. Lakes Park is a birding hot spot and crucial nesting area for many birds. Wear comfortable shoes and dress to be outside. Bring water, sunscreen and bin oculars. For more information call CAR SHOW two car shows each month, on the 1st and 3rd MO from Nov. through April. Next show Nov 5 from hot rods, classic cars, corvettes A Publication of FREE rfntb www.FishTaleDining.comNow serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am 11:00 am. Happy Hour from 11:00 am 6:00 pm dailyFish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina Plaza7225 Estero Boulevard (239) 747-6500 LOCALS NIGHT is the place to be on Wednesday nights! Join us for half-priced drinks and $6 Marina Bites, along with our regular menu from 6:00 pm 9:00 pm. Bring your friends, meet your neighbors and enjoy a night of fun! Want to test your smarts & win prizes? Tuesday nights are trivia night at Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining beginning at 7:00 pm. Join us in the Tiki Bar for all the fun!


Page 19 Lee County Algae Status: MOUND HOUSEThe oldest standing structure on Fort Myers Beach with a histori cal museum inside and beautiful grounds outside including an observation pier, kayak launch and amazing back bay views. Grounds open sunrise to sunset. Museum 4pm. Located at 451 Connecticut Connecticut. Call for exact times on kayak tours, costs, reservations include: 8am Mangroves by Archeology; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Muse um Tour; TU Oct 30 am Mangroves by at Newton Park (beach conditions permitting); 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Museum Tour WE Oct 31 10am Birds, Bees Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Muse um Tour Mound Tour; 2pm Guided TourLOVERS KEY STATE PARKGuided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs require registration, are free with park entry and take place at 10am. coming programs include: Sea Turtles Manatees Sensational Sharks Walk on the Wild SideBEACH LIBRARY ning Beach Library. Browse the librarys many collections, use the computers, visit the Friends Used Bookstore or the artwork on the 8162. Upcoming programs include: TU Oct 30, 10:30am War of the 10:30am Pie Baking 10:30am Market Up BERNE DAVIS GARDENThe Berne Davis Botanical Gar den, 2166 Virginia, Fort Myers, ad for Tuesday morning garden walks parking are free. Handicap parking is on Virginia Ave; regular parking on Larchmont Ave, off McGregor. The garden is a project of the Fort and is staffed by Council volun teers who will provide tours of the garden, or visitors may also just walk the garden on their own. and antiques. Free to show; free to look. Live music, prizes and fun! For more information and registra BRIDGE The Womans Club of FMB invites all bridge players to join them every TU & FR from 9:30am to 2:30pm for a day of social bridge, Players rotate throughout the day competing in six rounds. Bring a bagged lunch and enjoy good company and great bridge. Cost: bers. Proceeds support community activities.BEACH KIWANIS CLUB Club invites anyone interested in supporting the community to join them for breakfast on FR Nov 9 at 7:30 am or lunch on FR, Nov 16 at noon at Bonita Bills. The Beach nity by donating the proceeds from their Thrift Store, located at the in tersection of Pine Ridge Road and Summerlin Road, to local commu nity charities such as: Golisano Childrens Hospital, local student School, Little League, Beach Soc cer, Needy Families, Gods Table, Swim Lessons and others. All are welcome to attend their meetings or visit for more information.TOYS FOR KIDSMark your calendar now for the an the Beach Pub. This Island event, marking the beginning of the holi day season for many an Islander, will be held at the Shamrock Irish They will collect new, unwrapped toys for local kids. There will also and Live Music by Play Dead from WATERFRONT TOURSOstego Bay Foundation has resumed their seasonal Working Waterfront Tours, featuring a look inside the local Shrimp Industry, combined with a tour of their Ma rine Science Center. Offered every permitting. Reservations required. FOOD BANK The Harry Chapin Food Bank will continue to bring their mobile food end of October to help local resi dents faced with decreased earn ings related to our water quality problems. Choice Market is also 3pm at Beach Baptist. WATER QUALITY LINKSSee what the latest water testing results are by using these links: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports:


Page 20 I sure showed him! Last year, I replaced all the windows in my house with those call from the contractor complaining that his work had been com pleted a whole year and I had yet to pay for them. Boy, oh boy, did we go around! Just because Im blonde doesnt mean that I am automatically stupid. So, I proceeded to tell said that in one year, the windows would pay for themselves. There was silence on the other end of the line, so I just hung up, and he hasnt called back. Guess he was embarrassed.


Page 21 WHAT IS COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (Mark List) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Monday or Tuesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. their Caddy is staying dry. Eric M. Huntsman Brenda Merriman-Davis Some guys insist on getting a round in no matter what. Melissa Schneider I am touching it with my foot right now Frank! Renee Massie Hose Terry Legel


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Page 23 The Print Shop Inkhas moved to 19221 San Carlos Blvd!Between Sunnylands Trailer Court and the Sunoco gas station! Watch for our signs!239-463-7744 Red Tide: tober 13, 2018 Florida Fish & Wildlife Red Tide Report showed patchy con centrations of Red Tide from Pinellas concentrations generally increased from central Pinellas to northern Lee counties. High levels (>1,000,000 shore of Pinellas, Manatee and north ern Sarasota counties only. Medium seen in the same counties plus Char lotte and northern Lee counties. Oth er testing sites in Lee County showed vis concentrations. ritation were reported in Lee County during the past week. The last full report, issued on Friday, October 19, 2018, showed Background o Very Low results in or offshore of Lee County. In that report, slightly in areas of Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Lee & Collier counties, but High and Medium levels were only seen in Pinellas and Sarasota coun ties. vis was observed from Volusia to Mi tions were seen only in Brevard, Indian River and St. Lucie counties with Medi um concentrations in the same areas, plus Martin County. In Northwest Florida Red Tide Rosa, Walton and Pasco counties, with ta Rosa County. SCCF recovered 3 dead sea turtles in the past week. Beach Conditions: The water along area beaches is markedly clearer the last 2 weeks. Drift algae continues to wash up on Fort Myers Beach, but in reduced amounts. With the decreasing Red Tide levels, wildlife sightings have increased along the shore. Cya nobacteria blooms persist in Lake Okeechobee and in the upstream Ca loosahatchee. According to the Octo ber 23, 2018 Caloosahatchee River teria blooms of Microcystis and Doli chospermum upstream of the Frank lin Locks, at the Alva Boat Ramp and downstream of the locks and at the Davis Boat Ramp. over the week ending October 22. On O pulse release lowering the average cfs at Franklin Lock, lowering it to 1,500 is being urged by SCCF and others during the dry season to accommodate and spring. Summary: Cyanobacteria blooms persist in the Caloosahatchee River. Red Tide levels have been at Background to Very Low levels in Lee County, though a northern Lee Coun ty testing site increased to a Medium level this week. Improved beach con ditions have been noted, though some drift algae continues to wash ashore. Residents and visitors are urged to check the latest water quality reports: Lee County Algae Status: Water Conditions FMBOctober 24, 2018 October 23, 2018 FWC Red Tide map. Courtesy of FWC.


Page 24 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers BeachDay High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon F 26 High 1:26 AM 3.2 7:33 AM Set 9:18 AM 98 26 Low 8:22 AM 0.0 6:50 PM Rise 8:40 PM 26 High 3:29 PM 2.3 26 Low 7:40 PM 1.6 Sa 27 High 1:56 AM 3.3 7:34 AM Set 10:20 AM 94 27 High 4:27 PM 2.2 27 Low 8:05 PM 1.7 Su 28 High 2:33 AM 3.3 7:35 AM Set 11:21 AM 88 28 High 5:41 PM 2.1 28 Low 8:32 PM 1.8 M 29 High 3:16 AM 3.3 7:35 AM Set 12:22 PM 80 29 Low 11:06 AM 0.0 6:48 PM Rise 11:20 PM Tu 30 High 4:08 AM 3.2 7:36 AM Set 1:19 PM 71 30 Low 12:19 PM 0.0 6:47 PM W 31 High 5:18 AM 2.9 7:37 AM Rise 12:21 AM 60 31 Low 1:34 PM 0.1 6:46 PM Set 2:12 PM 31 High 10:07 PM 2.1 Th 1 Low 12:42 AM 2.0 7:37 AM Rise 1:24 AM 48 1 High 6:58 AM 2.7 6:46 PM Set 3:01 PM 1 Low 2:43 PM 0.2 1 High 10:34 PM 2.2 F 2 Low 2:40 AM 1.7 7:38 AM Rise 2:27 AM 37 2 High 8:50 AM 2.6 6:45 PM Set 3:46 PM 2 Low 3:41 PM 0.4 2 High 10:58 PM 2.3 BEACH CLASSIFIEDSA Better Bugman LLC A Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for PEST CONTROL HANDY MAN HANDYMAN SERVICES THE HOME DOCTOR BEACH CLASSIFEDS $20 / WEEK $60 / 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Outrigger Beach Resort Bring your smile & charming personality to wel come our guests. liquors & wine or want to learn more? Join our professional serv ing team. Dishwasher Need night time work year round? We need you! weekends available. Background & Drug Check Required HELP WANTED PART TIME PACK & SHIP STOREDuties are packing & shipping customer sales & service Call Jo Ann PART-TIME CHURCH AUDIO VISUAL OPERATOR mixers, video cameras & basic video editing. Working knowledge of Pow erPoint. Must have strong organiza tional & communications skills & be able to troubleshoot under pressure. Be available for Sunday & Holiday worship services, concerts, wed ences, contact information, availabil ity and compensation requirements via email to:, mail to: Chapel by the Sea, Box 2997, Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33932 or Water Contacts U.S. Senator Marco Rubio , Federico Fernandez Rick Barber (Lee County) Jaime Weisinger (Lee County)




Page 26 Ostego Bay Foundation The Ostego Bay Foundation celebrated a Special Founders Day Open House & 27th Anniversary Party on Saturday, October 20 at the Ma rine Science Center. Here visitors enjoy some time with the touch tank. Waterfront Tours have also resumed on Wednesday mornings, offering a 90 minute Science Center tour, followed by a 90 min. walking tour of the 8101 for details and reservations. PHOTO BY SARAH LIST Fright Night Bay Oaks Recreation Center was Halloween Central last Friday night as the community gathered for the traditional Fright Night, with costume contests for all ages, pizza, a haunted house, haunted trail, and of course, lots of fun and candy! Volunteers help make Fright Night Afterwards, the Fire Dept. used the structure for a search, rescue and PHOTO BY SARAH LIST.




Page 28 rfnt rfntfnn rfntrb nnLive Music is Back! New Front Patio! rfntb rfntfb fnnr The Best Happy Houron the Beach!Mon Fri 2-5pm