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Volume 18, Number 38 By Islanders, For Islanders September 21, 2018 Gore, Boback Support Patton Sunshine, Ethics Questions The defendants of a lawsuit do not usually sit down for a few friendly drinks with the plaintive and offer support for the lawsuit. But that is exactly what happened here last week as Mayor Tracey Gore and Council member Dennis Boback met with Chris and Tucker Patton and discussed their support of Chris Pattons effort to have Councils May 21 approval of the Margaritaville Resort project overturned. Both Gore and Boback voted in support of the project. Chris Patton is the plaintive Town of Fort Myers Beach on August 8, 2018 in regard to the TPI-FMB/Margaritaville Resort Project. The Island Sand Paper was provided this week with several audiotapes, a video and photograph taken by an Estero Island Taxpayers Association member who happened upon the group on September 13th in a local pub and suspected they were violating Sunshine law and possibly ethics laws. The tapes were then passed along to EITA Executive Director Beverley Milligan. The EITA has since passed them along to the State SUNSHINE & ETHICS Florida Sunshine Law does not prohibit members of the same board from socializing with each other or with anyone else. It does prohibit two or more members of the same board discussing any topic that may come before that board for a vote. In this case Town Council meets on Monday, September 24, 2018 to discuss the Towns response to Chris Pattons lawsuits and what legal strategy they wish to pursue. Ethics laws would also seem to weigh in on members of Town Council actively supporting a legal action against the Town they are elected to represent. Taxpayers of the Town of Fort Myers Beach may be on the hook for the costs of Chamber Examines Water QualityFGCUs Parsons: Its Complicated Water quality issues, from Red Tide to Blue-Green Algae, have plagued Fort Myers Beach for close to two months, decimating its environment, economically damaging its businesses, and draining the paychecks of beach employees. It was no surprise, attended the monthly Greater Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce Luncheon to hear Dr. Michael Parsons discuss Water Quality. It was even less surprising that, although the luncheon presentation lasted roughly 30 minutes longer than its scheduled conclusion at 1:15 p.m., not single person left early. Dr. Parsons is a Professor of Marine Science at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and Director of the Coastal Watershed Institute and Vester Field Station, just south of Fort Myers Beach. Everybody want to know why Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae are so bad this year, he began. There is, however, no simple answer. No one wants to hear that, when you say it is complicated, but it really is! It is not as simple as just turning off Lake Okeechobee, Thanas Drops Bombshell Attorney & Magistrate Want Out The Town of Fort Myers Beach Management & Planning Session was humming along on Thursday, September 13, until its next-tolast Agenda item, Replacing the Towns Special Magistrate, as Joe Madden, who has served in that capacity for ten years, recently resigned. That was when Town Manager Roger Hernstadt and Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp, who chaired the meeting with Mayor Tracey Gore attending a water quality forum with other regional Mayors, dropped the bombshell that Town Attorney-Designate Thomas Thanas verbally informed them just prior to the meeting that he would not be accepting the position, over an apparent lack of Council support. Thanas told them he now prefers to apply for the Special Magistrate position.AUGUST 20 MEETINGThe Town Attorney saga began mid-summer, when the Town put out a Request For Proposal (RFP) to seek a Town Attorney, to coincide with the beginning of its 2018-19 budget year on October 1. The incumbent Town Attorney, The Peterson Law Group, applied, as Kirkland, Petruff, Pratt, & St. Paul; GrayRobinson; Ramona Koop; and Weiss, Serota, Helfman, Cole, & Bierman, with Council interviews and a decision set for Monday, August 20. Prior to that, Ramona Koop withdrew. Each Council member met privately with representatives from heard a brief public presentation from each, with follow-up questions, with Thanas representing Dye, Harrison from Bradenton. Following this, Council took a secret ballot vote that resulted in a tie between Dye, Harrison and The Peterson Law Group. Thanas stated he would be the attorney interacting directly with the Town, and it would be his principle client, but acknowledged most of his career was in Illinois. While he passed the Florida bar, he has only been here one year and would commute from the Sarasota area. John Turner of The Peterson Law Group said, We hope to remain your Town Attorneys! Our years experience in Florida. We are at Town Hall almost every day, averaging 38 hours-per-week. They were #1 and #2 on my list, said Council member Anita Cereceda. I am very impressed with Tom Thanas but am very concerned about a 2-hour-plus commute from Sarasota. I had my gripes with The Peterson Law Group, but we cleared the air, I believe they will pick up their game, so I pick them as my #1 choice. Shamp, however, said the commute is their problem; my only concern is the legal services they will provide. Thanas has a phenomenal mix of expertise, only drawback is most of his career was in the Midwest, Island Hopper Returns FMB Shows September 28 30 Fort Myers Beach will experience some of Americas greatest songwriters, as well as the best up-&-comers, at the 5th annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest from Friday, September 21, through Sunday, September 30, including performances exclusively on Fort Myers Beach from Friday through Sunday, September 28 to 30. The Island Hopper Songwriter Fest opens from September 21 to 23 at various Captiva locations, moves to Downtown Fort Myers from Monday through Thursday, September 24 Beach. Liz Moriondo will perform at Matanzas on the Bay on Friday, September 28 at 7pm, Lighthouse Tiki Bar on Saturday, September 29 at 2:30pm and at Nervous Nellies at 7:15pm and at Lighthouse Tiki Bar on Sunday, September 30 at 3pm


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Page 3The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 D A I L Y S pec ial s O P E N A t 8 am BE S T BR E A K FA S T O n Th e Be ac h H A P P Y H O U R L I V E M U S I C N ig h tl y D I N E I n A ir -C ondit ione d C om for t BE S T S U N S E T V ie w ing O n FM B Ha ppy Hour O PE N D A I L Y 8 A M 1 A M$5 $5 Letters to the Editor VISITOR VIEW We get the Island Sand Paper every week and have been reading with great interest the letters to the editors regarding the upcoming TPI development. The lions share of the letters seem to have been written by island residents, and most of those have been anti-development. At least, that has been our perception. Wed like to chime in with a visitors viewpoint. Weve been coming here since 1988, starting with one-week stays, eventually building up to six-week stays. Its been impossible to ignore the area between Primo Drive and Lynn Hall Park. With additions such as Seafarers Mall, the area seemed to be prospering and improving until 2004, when Hurricane Charley hit. It not only didnt recover from that, it has been getting steadily worse ever since. As visitors, were not privy to the real reasons for the decline, but seeing it happen has been very disappointing. As we walk around the area daily from our cottage at Silver Sands, we become more depressed each year with the increased number of shuttered buildings. This is NOT an encourWe will admit to not being a fan of the initial TPI plan for the area. It really didnt seem like it was an appropriate look and feel for this area. We think the new proposal is much better, and really cant understand any opinion that wouldnt admit that it would be a vast improvement over the current, almost ghost town appearance of the two or three block area in question. This is not a problem that can be solved by baby steps. It needs a thorough overhaul. Again, just an opinion from visitors with no skin in the game, other than a real desire to see the area prosper. St. Louis, MissouriCAUTION My wife and I have been coming to Fort Myers Beach in January, February and March for nine years. The independent nature of the small business community there, including lodging, restaurants and shopping is a large part of the allure, as well as the beach itself. I urge the council and mayor to exercise extreme caution when granting approval to large and encompassing developmental plans. Tantalizing as it may seem, there is welcoming small-town feel of this quaint and desirable place. Allow us to continue to enjoy and be fans of the existing offerings of FMB. Myles Myrol Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada NO PIRATE FEST According to Staff members at The Ft. Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce on Monday September 17 there will be no Pirate Fest due to Pirate Fest for this year or 2019. And no explanation as to why. Is it not the Chambers job to set up events, raise the money and help keep people coming to the beach? Pirate Fest is extremely popular and generates business for the Times Square businesses. Shame on the FMBCC, they let down their members and community. Paul Grattarola Fort Myers Beach EITA HOSTS WATER MEETING The Estero Island Taxpayers Association will host a special meeting on our water issues on Thursday, September 27 from 2-4pm at the Beach Baptist Church, will be a water information presentation on Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae, with the second hour a question and answer period. All are welcome to attend. Michael L. Parsons, Ph.D., is a marine science professor at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in Estero, Florida, and director of the Coastal Watershed Institute and Vester Field Station. Parsons has earned an international reputation for researching and understanding human impacts on coastal ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii. He is passionate about educating students and the public on coastal ecology and how human activities impact ecosystem health, and ultimately, human health and well-being. poisoning, harmful algal blooms, coral reef ecology, and phytoplankton ecology. He is also a collaborator in two Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Consortia studying the impacts of the Macondo oil spill on coastal ecosystems. His 40-plus, peer-reviewed publications have been cited Parsons was a State of Louisiana Board of Regents Fellow and received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in Biological Oceanography. He received the Outstanding Mentor award from the University of Hawaii-Hilo and the Senior Faculty Scholarship Excellence Award at FGCU.


Page 4The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Beach Botanyby Jim RodwellLONGHORN FALSE REINORCHIDVisited a site last week with a small population of the terrestrial Longhorn False Reinorchids, Habenaria quinqueseta. The quinqueseta is a perennial herb that ranges 8 to 35 in height. A single erect herbaceous stem grows from a tuber. The stem arises through a basal rosette. Leaves are sessile and 2 to 10 in length. Going up the stem leaves are smaller and ascend upward. Leaves are oblong to elliptic with a sheathing base. Quinqueseta has a calyx with three green sepals that are positioned at 12, 4 and 8 by the clock. The upper sepal forms a hood that covers a stamen column. Resting on the calyx is a corolla with three white petals that are arranged in an upper lip and a lower lip. There are two upper lip wire-like petals that curve upward. The lower lip has two non-petal wire-like segments that curve downward. At the then upward. The labellum leads pollinators to stamen column under the sepal hood. Petals are about 3/8 long. The labellum about rein that dangles downward to almost 7. At the end of the spur or rein is a nectar source. fall and winter. Fruit is a capsule about 1 long. Quinqueseta is threatened. Its habitats in about a dozen counties in the State including Lee County. There are four species in the genus Habenaria. This population was found in the Koreshan State Park where the picture was taken. Guest Commentary: Restore the ArchesBy Steven Ray McDonald President, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc. Government sitting in front of the Arches on the cover of Vol 18, No 37 of the Island Sandpaper. We always like to remind ourselves of that era. the corner of San Carlos and Main St. We are being told this action would preclude Restore ing the goal of returning the historic legendary Arches over the road at the base of the bridge very near where they stood over half a century. It also occurred to me that the remains of those Arches on the cover and our earliest history have been sitting in a yard for 39 years. It us. Sadly, our monuments are painted on the walls behind the town council. While the Town Government sits in front of them daily, we do not have the political support to have our project stalled). When Tom Phillips put his 1st bridge in at Matanzas Pass there were four houses on EsHe dug a canal behind Crescent St and began selling cottage plots. When the great Miami hurricane hit our area in 1926, Tom Phillips rebridge on his own dime with a used swing bridge. He built structures all over our area including the Tower. His last remaining forgotten structure is on the west end of Main St. Once that history is gone it is gone forever. The Arches predate San Carlos Island, the swing bridge, Hurricane Pass, Hurricane name from the housing development Tom Phillips created San Carlos on the Gulf. So as many say they want to save them, our actions speak differently. We hope to change that before it is too late. So were planning 3D imaging and paying for dimension data obtained from that imaging that will allow us to determine what is left of our beloved Arches and how we can use it. We hope to be able to take that information and put it in a generic structural engineering plan that will allow us to put the Arches on 4-lane divided portion of We have started a petition to Lee CounFDOT looks into the feasibility of returning the Arches that they tore down in 1979. Any Arch of those polled) would require FDOT to look into our Project. Yet, we struggle for petition signatures. Maybe we dont want them back over the road? The only cost is overhead to FDOT and council to look project. If you dont want the Arches built on private property, and/or on the side of the road somewhere (Not on FDOT roadways); we need to have this Lee County/FDOT bye-off. I mean, we could return our legendary Arches to the side of the road, but those would not be our Arches. Lets bring back a part of our past for the future to enjoy. See us at RESTORETHEARCHES.COM and/or on Facebook Restore Fort Mya privately funded 501(c)3 San Carlos Neighbor hood Association committed to the return of the Arches 1924-1979. We could be unique among the many beach communities as we were before. We could have an Arch bigger, taller, wider that looks like our once signature Arches. We could give the tourist and our citizens back the most photographed item in Fort Myers prior to 1979. It was the Jem of San Carlos. We could give our town back its sense of community and belonging. Rock The Arches!! Sign the Petition.


Page 5The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 FORT MYERS BEACH BOWL, BILLIARDS & SPORTS BARAnother beach icon has undergone ownership change in recent weeks. The Beach Bowl and Pelican Arcade on San Carlos Blvd was recently taken over by new operators after years of ownership by brother and sister Bill and Carlene Maurer. James Oswalt, Dennis Bush and Suzy Smith now operate this entertainment center. Having taken over the Lehigh Acres Bowling Center from Bowland Centers, they are comfortable in what they want to see in this similar 12lane bowling alley near Fort Myers Beach. Oswalt indicated the focus will be to rename the operation as Fort Myers Beach Bowl, Billiards & Sports Bar. Bowlers can look forward to upgrades in equipment and the lanes, said Oswalt. The software and scorekeeping systems some needed attention. Addition ally, they hope to add two pool tables, dart boards and video games to make this a premier indoor entertainment destination. League expansion is planned to add billiards and darts to the traditional daytime and evening bowling leagues. The full bar continues, but food menu additions have begun already. Large groups, parties and business events are welcome, and planners are encouraged to book dates now. Fort Myers Beach Bowl, Billiards & Sports Bar, 17651 San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach. Phone: 239-466-3033. Hours: Open daily at 11am.GULF STAR MARINA Carroll Properties has broken ground on a new state-of-theart boat storage facility in Fort Myers Beach. Gulf Star Marina is the This technology replaces the forklift traditionally used in dry dock storage marinas with a railed solution, allowing for consistent rack-to-water vessel delivery in just seven minutes. GCM Contracting Solutions will construct the 29,000-squarefoot structure using tilt-up concrete construction, which offers supreme and hurricane resistance in addition to a quicker construction timeline. The storage facility is designed to withstand wind speeds of 200 mph (Cat 5). Gulf Star Marina is located at 708 Fishermans Wharf on San Carlos Island in Fort Myers Beach. In addition to dry storage for boats up to 40 feet, Gulf Star Marina will offer concierge services including indoor valet parking, boat fueling and cleaning. Public access to the marina includes 20 wet slips, a fueling station, a ship store and convenient access to Doc Fords restaurant, located next door. Estimated completion date is May 2019. Early reservations are now being accepted. For more information on Gulf Star Marina, visit OF PALMS RECOVERY CENTER Center recently moved to Fort Myers Beach as a premier drug and alcohol recovery and rehabilitation center. They offer substance abuse treatment, day/night programs, intensive inpatient, outpatient and experiential therapy in a low patient-to-therapist ratio setting. The Care Team is comprised of experienced Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Masters-level therapists and medical personnel and is led by Medical Director, psychiatrist/addictionologist, Dr. Francisco Cruz. The team specializes in dual-diagnosis & has unparalleled results in patients throughout the continuum of care. The center moved to Fort Myers Beach to utilize the resources and inherent beauty of Southwest Florida to approach therapy from an eco-therapeutic angle via unique excursions and treatment modalities. Their facilities provide ample space for group sessions as well as individual ofdistraction-free environment. For more information about the Isle of Palms addiction recovery process, insurance questions or other inqui ries call 844-422-3446 to speak to a someone at the center who can assist with any questions you may ter is a Joint Commission accredited and Florida licensed facility. The Lane #7, Fort Myers Beach on the web at www.beginnow.comCHAMBER OF COMMERCE On September 12, 2018, the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce welcomed four new businesses into its ranks during their monthly Membership Luncheon held at Charleys Boat House. Shown here from left: Chamber Chair John Gavin, Membership Director Sheri Merns; Marlee, Katie Center, offering addition recovery services. (844-422-3446); George Welker of Sellstate on the Beach services (239-691-1058); Peter Albert representing Collin James Group, offering new build and renovation construction services (239314-5694) and Barry Martin of AAA Coastal Management, providing local property management services, specializing in Fort Myers Beach. (239-316-4588).


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Page 7The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Rodney Sasher Wins E-Award Pink Shell Winner RecognizedBy Gary Mooney The Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau (VCB) hosted its 18th annual Elaine McLaughlin Outstanding Hospitality Service Awards on Thursday, August 30, at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa, where Rodney Sasher of The Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina received the E Award in Accommodations. While Rodney had several previous E nominations, he had no idea he won until they announced his name. I was shocked and absolutely speechless. To be honest, I am still shocked I won that amazes me! Cindy McCurry-Ross from The News-Press and Elaine McLaughlin, former VCB Executive Director and event namesake, presented Rodney with his trophy and prizes. Hosted by the VCB and News-Press Media Group, the E Awards is a collaboration with local businesses to encourage customer service that makes a difference, explained Simone Behr, VCB Visitor Services Coordinator. We have a steering committee of 9 people who are fellow professionals in the Hospitality Industry. They select the E Award winners in 9 categories, including Accommodations. This is a laborious process that they take very seriously, as for 2017-18, they sorted through 677 nominations for 512 individuals, as some people receive several. BRING TEARS TO YOUR EYES While Simone is not a Steering Committee member, she is in the room and privy to their discussions. Rodney impressed them for a number of reasons. First, he is a previous nominee of four prior years, so his achievements are not a one-time thing, showing he consistently goes above-&-beyond anything in his job description. Second, his nominations this year were particularly heart-warming, demonstrating his sincere kindness. When you read his nomination forms, they bring tears to your eyes. This was true at the E Awards ceremony, as there was silence in the room, with tears running down the peoples faces as they heard about him, so you felt the emotion when the audience learned about Rodneys wonderful qualities. One nomination form stated, Rodney is amazing! My daughters original wedding planner left The Pink Shell and Rodney picked up the ball and made sure we were well taken-care of, so it was Rodney to the Rescue, and everything came with a hug! He deserves this award 10 times over and I would be proud to come down and give it to him myself! Another wrote that, we planned our son Bubbys Make A Wish trip to The Pink Shell and Rodney made us feel like Royalty, making sure our little 8-yearold man had everything we needed, wanted, and did not know we needed! Our little man was our center, our everything, and Rodney made sure our time at The Pink Shell was magical and full of Loving Memories we can cherish and think back on to help us smile on days that seem so hard now. When I read the testimonials, Rodney related, some I did not even remember, so that out knowing it. The one that clicked, however, was about Bubby and Make-A-Wish, as we do several of those each year at The Pink Shell. I made all the arrangements for Bubbys family and still communicate with them, as we became so close. The day they arrived, I held Bubby in my arms for about 30 minutes. What struck me most was when they got here, he was suffering 8 to 10 seizures a day, but he did not have a single one here that entire week! He could not see, was wheelchair-bound, and they thought he could hardly hear, though he must have been able to a little, because he perked up every time he heard my voice! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! Before they arrived at The Pink Shell, we made a video for Bubby and his family with our entire staff, and they played it at his funeral, Rodney offered. His family returned to commemorate what would have been his 10th birthday, as this is the place where they get comfort from his memory, and we are honored they feel that way, so they will always be a part of The Pink Shell Family. I think of him all the time and I won the E Award, I literally looked up to the sky and said, this one is for you, Bubby! I know he was there with me that evening! In a sense, Rodney feels that way about all guests at The Pink Shell. Everybody comes here on vacation, to get away from the stress of their daily lives. You dont know their problems, but you see their faces light up when they arrive! If our guests are not happy, I am not happy, so I go out of my way to ensure their enjoyment. He has been with The Pink Shell for over 10 years, and even longer when you consider my time with our sister resort, the Sandpiper. I started at the Front Desk, became a concierge, moved into the Membership and Sales Departments, went back to the Front Desk, and now am in Accounting. My goal is to learn everything there is about a resort, and the best way to do that is work your way up from the bottom, to understand it all. The E Awards are very special, concluded Simone. The VCB loves hosting it, to showcase the outstanding individuals in Lee County who serve our visitors so well. We are so proud of them because, no matter how beautiful your location, if you do not have a quality personal experience, you will not return. When someone like Rodney treats you above-&-beyond, you develop a relationship and will not only return over and again, but will tell your family and friends, and they visit. You cannot pay for the type of publicity people like Rodney provide, so he is priceless! If you know a priceless beach employee, E Awards nomination forms for 2019 are at www.EAwards,org. Rodney Sasher (right) of the Pink Shell Resort & Marina receives his E Award from Cindy McCurry-Ross from the News-Press (left) and Elaine McLaughlin (right), former Executive Director of the VCB and namesake of the E Awards (Elaine McLaughlin Outstanding Hospitality Service Awards). Photo provided by the Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau.


Page 8The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 this lawsuit. Members of elected boards are often asked if they have had any ex parte (improper) communication regarding a matter before them. The Peterson Law Group remains the Town Attorney and are expected to participate in the Monday meeting. Councils pick for a new Town Attorney, Thomas Thanas, declined the position last week selection. After the tapes were provided to EITA, they sought and the taping was legal. The conclusion was there is no reason able expectation of privacy in a public place such as a crowded bar. Beverly Milligan, Executive Director of the EITA said that the group has already passed the tapes on to the proper authori ties. The Estero Island Taxpayers Association is in the process of bringing the matter to the attention of the States Attorneys will not be releasing the tapes. We provided them to the appro priate authority and are focused on our mission of education. For instance, we are hosting a Water Meeting on Thursday afternoon, September 27 from 2-4pm at the Beach Baptist Church. Our misISLAND VS NEIGHBORHOODDuring the discussion, Gore noted that she regrets voting to do whats best for the island. I f***ed my own neigh borhood. And so now, nobody backs me up, in my own neigh borhood, for anythingnobody on my council, when it comes to our neighborhood, backs me up, to protect our neighborhood. Even though I took myself out of our neighborhood to try to do for Gore said she regrets her efforts to be diplomatic. When all these people tried to make me pull myself in and be more nally, last month. I feel so much betterif Im going to go to jail, her in jail, though she referred to going to jail several times on the She also minimized the importance of those who attend council meetings. Even if the entire world, everybody there wants something I dont want, if I dont like it, I aint voting for it. Because you know what? Theres 6,000 people here and only 100 people in (council LAWSUIT SUPPORT Chris Patton bragged about the amount of support shes received from people regarding the lawsuit, saying she hasnt heard anything critical of the lawsuit except in the Sand Paper. Gore then mentioned letters from Ceel Spuhler and MifGore admitted channel ing support for the lawsuit to Chris Patton, saying she has received many calls from people asking how to support Patton and the lawsuit. Do you know Gore asked. And I said, you know you should support her and tell her you support her.... Colleen Hendrickson, she called me and shes like, How do I support this thing? I go, Send a former member of the Voice of Fort Myers Beach, which opposed the downtown redevelop ment project. speculation that Robert Coni daris is the force and money behind Pattons lawsuit against the Town. After Tucker Patton said that one of Conidaris attorneys Boback responded, Conidaris couldnt sue. It had to be some- ONLY HOPE Gore commented several times that she might not make it to her term on council or running for a second term, Patton and begged Gore to stay. Gore then told Patton, Well, lets get together and work on a stratemay need some help if there is a shift, seemingly in communi ty support that Patton and Gore had earlier concluded was solid ly in Pattons court, due to a lack of people contacting her or writing letters to the local papers to express opposition to her efforts to stop the project. Responding to Pattons comment that shes not supposed to talk about the lawsuit, Gore said, I dont care, I might The States Attorney ofof violation of Florida Sunshine Law or Florida Ethics Law are in order. To hear a clip of the audiotape, see Transcription of clip: Tracey Gore: I dont know if Im going to make it to the end. Chris Patton: I know you hate it. But please, please, please Tracey Gore: Well, lets get together and work on a strategy. Chris Patton: OK, because if I feel a shift. Ill need some help. Tracey Gore: I got you.Gore, Boback Support Patton Sunshine, Ethics Questions, Contd from pg.1


Page 9The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 18 years Missy Layeld, Editor Editor@fortmyersbeach.newsA person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he resents. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsIts not the hours you put in your work that counts, its the work you put in the hours. Sam Ewing Mark List, Production ManagerProduction@fortmyersbeach.newsThe nine most terrifying words in the English language are, Im from the government and Im here to help. Ronald Reagan Sarah List, Photographerinfo@fortmyersbeach.newsHow very odd, to believe God gave you life, and yet not think that life asks more of you than watching TV. John Green Sandy Sandness, Advertisinginfo@fortmyersbeach.newsYou have not converted a man because you have silenced him. John Viscount MorleyThe Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper.PHONES Oce: 239 4634461 FAX 855-886-3568 (toll-free) MAIL 450 Old San Carlos Blvd. Unit G-108 Ft. Myers Beach, Florida 33931 E-Mail WEBSITE LETTER SUBMISSION POLICYThe Island Sand Paper welcomes letters from Islanders on local issues. Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author, include city of residence and a phone number length, accuracy and to prevent libel. Repetitive letters from the same mum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words may be considered for publication as a Guest Commen tary based on available space, relevance and the quality and coherence of the piece submitted. Deadline at or mail to address on this page. Islanders are invited to submit original articles and photos for publication. Publication is based on available space, relevance and quality. The Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. COPYRIGHT 2000-2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Publisher@fortmyersbeach.newsIt is better to sleep on things beforehand than lie awake about them afterward. Baltasar Gracian Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsThe quantity of civilization is measured by the quality of imagination. Victor HugoOFFICE HOURS MON-FRI 10AM-3PMSubject to change due to story assignments. CALL TO BE SURE! KUDOS grateful, between Red Tide and the economic blow that it has dealt so many of our Island friends and neighbors. But it is important, especially in times like these to focus on what we have to be grateful for. And there is always plenty when you look for it. Thank You and Kudos to those who continue to make our Island home the very special place that it is Members of the Estero Island Garden Club for their efforts to beau tify our Island by taking care of the garden at Bay Oaks, our entry signs and Times Square containers, among other spots on the Island. Blood donors for their life-giving gift, especially needed during natural disasters. The Fort Myers Miracle Florida League Champions for providing a fun distraction from our water woes and some pretty interesting baseball. Everyone who watches for pedestrians at crosswalks and stops for them. Town & County staff for their quick mobilization to remove the massive amount of Red Tide debris washed up on our shores in late July. And kill related to Red Tide. opportunity to let people know about Popeyes Fort Myers Beach Youth Islanders who follow the FMB Fertilizer Ordinance and help control the amount of fertilizer that washes off Island yards into our waterways. The Beach Library for initiating a new event, Christmas in July. All the fun of the holidays without the stress, during a slow time of year for our Island. lights at crosswalks. Our local and state water watchdogs who tirelessly monitor our water quality and advocate for improvements in how water is managed in Southwest Florida. Donors and volunteers who labor year round to address the probwho stepped up to arrange the Harry Chapin Food Truck weekly visits this summer. The residents and visitors who respect the turtle nesting season The members of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department on the pushing in of their new Engine 32 this summer. Jim Cessna and Austin Gilchrist, Town staff, for their efforts to save a young boater who suffered a propeller injury. The 6th annual Grouper Grapple Fishing Tournament, which cursions. And to Team Savage that took 1st Place. Beach Lions Club for the awarding of $17,000 in scholarships and provide our youth and community thanks to community support of their Shrimp Festival each March. The organizers, donors and participants in fundraisers for Islanders in need. Its who we are as Islanders, and what we do. Organizers and the 500+ volunteers who participated in Hands water. Islanders who have joined in the spirit of #TipTheBill and left more than the usual tip for local servers during our economic slowdown this summer. Also those groups that have begun a tradition of going out to eat on the beach with friends in order to support our local businesses. Adam Jobbers-Miller, who lost his life while on duty. The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, which has served as a clearinghouse for Island business assistance during the Red Tide event. The Town of Fort Myers Beach and Lee County for their decisions to suspend parking fees at meters on the beach until September 30. And to FMB for suspending pool entry fees for a period of time at the beginning of the Red Tide event. The Fire Dept. for organizing the 9/11 Memorial service at FMB Station #33, and those that attended. Every Islander who has volunteered, donated or helped in any way to make our Island home a better place to live, work or play. Editor


Page 10The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Parking is free at all Town of Fort Myers Beach-owned lots and meters through September 30. It is free as well at the Lee County-owned Lynn Hall Memorial Park lot, adjacent to Times Square, along with the Bowditch Point lot at the north end of the island. For Captiva, Alison Hagerup Beach Park is free for the remainder of the month. The Island Hopper Songwriter Fest has a tradition of bring ing people together, said Cecil Pendergrass, Chairman of the Tourist Development Council and Lee Board of County Commission ers. We are excited to invite more than 75 songwriters, including 30 brand new artists, and thousands of music lovers to Lee County. We expect this event to bolster local business and bring the community together. One of the best parts of the festival is enjoying the different venues in Lee County. It is also an incredible opportunity to hear the stories behind the hit songs. Audiences will experience at least 75 performers and over 100 shows at 21 different venues over 10 days, almost all free. The 2018 lineup includes Earl Bud Lee, who wrote Friends in Low Places for Garth Brooks; Dylan Altman, of Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen; Lee Thomas Miller, author of Whiskey and You, recorded by Chris Stapleton; Wendall Mobley, of There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney, and many others. Midland, featuring vocalist Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson, and bassist Cameron Duddy, headlines one of the Fests two ticketed shows, at The Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina, on Sunday, September 30, at 5 p.m. Tickets are $35 in advance or $45 the day of the concert. In addition to the various free parking locations, the complementary Island Hopper Trolley (Route 490) will run from the Beach Park & Ride at 11101 Summerlin Square Drive, by Summerlin and Pine Ridge Roads, to The Pink Shell for the Midland concert from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. The only other paid performance will be by LOCASH and Travis Denning at Pinchers Crab Shack at The Marina at Edison Ford on Wednesday, September 26, at 7:30 p.m.; tickets are $35-per-per son. LOCASH is singer-songwrit ers Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, who wrote hits for Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. Fort Myers Beachs own Sheena Brook is a BMI songwriter and will headline three FMB performances: Friday at Cabanas Beach Bar at 8:15 p.m.; Saturday at Nervous Nellies at 2:30 p.m.; and Sunday at the Yucatan Beach Stand at 1:30 p.m. I n addition to Sheena, Jay Allen, Lockwood Barr, Will Bowen, Johnny Bulford, Lance Carpen ter, Skye Claire, Cassidy Daniels, Steve Dean, Lala Deaton, Bob DiPiero, Jeffrey East, Chris Heine, Kurtis John, Keefe Klug, Megan Linville, Shelby Lee Lowe, Ayla Lynn, Katie Lyon, Tim McGeary, Jack Michael, Lee Thomas Miller, Gianna Minichiello, Amie Miriello, Tim Montana, Kylie Morgan, Liz Morionfo, Wendell Mobley, Danny Myrick, Jeff Prince, Reverie Lane, Grayson Rogers, Bridgette Tatum, The Bass Brothers, Trailer Choir, and Karleen Watt will appear at various beach venues. FMB locales include Caban as Beach Bar & Grill, Lighthouse Island Resort Inn & Suites, Matanzas on the Bay, Nervous Nellies, PierPinchers, Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina and the Yucatan Beach Stand Bar & Grill. The Island Hopper will partner with the Southwest Florida Community Foundation for SWFL Cares, to raise funds for those badly affected by the Red Tide and harmful Blue-Green Algae blooms. com or text GIVESSWFL to 444999. Show your proof of donation to the Island Hopper staff at the various musical locations to receive a complementary gift. Major sponsors are the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, iHeart Media, Cat Country 107.1, Hertz, the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, and BMI. Local sponsors include the Cabanas Beach Bar, DiamondHead Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach Inn, Lighthouse Resort Inn, Matanzas Inn, Matanzas on the Bay, Nervous Nellies, Pierside Grill & Famous Beach Resort, Sunset Beach Tropical Grill & Playmore Tiki Bar, Wyndham Garden Fort Myers Beach, and Yucatan Beach Bar. To see the full schedule or to buy tickets where necessary; see or downSongwriter Fest App for iOS and Android users. Island Hopper Returns FMB Shows September 28 30, Contd from pg.1Music fans can catch Jay Allen on Friday, Sept. 28 at the Lighthouse Tiki Bar at 7pm, Yucatan at 2:30pm on Saturday, Cabanas at 8:30pm Saturday and the Lighthouse again on Sunday at 3pm.


Page 11The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Chamber Examines Water Quality, Contd from pg.1 ROCK & HARD PLACE 10 PEOPLE & $100 MILLION BROKEN WINDOWS


Page 12The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 rfnttb bb rffn SALES CENTER OPEN DAILYtbbbr f f PRIVATE LABEL LIVING DEVELOPED BY r fntbrbbbb bbbtbtt bbbtb bbbbt tt bbtb b b bnb bb bb bbbb bb n f By Leroy Hommerding Beach Library DirectorThe Relive Box and Other Stories (BOY) is an anthology The Reluctant Queen (DUR) Second Chance Girl (MAL) is The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. Facts and Fears; Hard Truths about Life in Intelligence Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic WorldLibrary Treasures


Page 13The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Max Lucado (Religion, Christianity, Lucado) focuses on solutions for discovering and claiming your own God given and blessed sanctuary of calm. Lucado does not shy away from the fact that we are often presented with far too much chaos to bear. In the way smiles have power to energize a room; the power of Gods thanksgiving is a potential force that wants to brighten and lighten our daily life. Secret Marvels of the World: 360 Extraordinary Places You Never Knew Existed and How to Find Them (Travel, Secret) is published by Lonely Planet. Eccentric curiosities for the travelling adventurous types who may be interested in visiting micro nations, catacombs, cliffs, caves and coral castles. Many of these rare unique oddities are presented in full color photos, so this is perfect for the armchair traveler too. The whole is greater than the sum of their parts. This quote by Aristotle gives you just a taste of Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart by journalist Shane Snow. Snow tells tales that give evidence that working together gets things done. If you are interested in activating successful alliances and enjoy reading real-life experiences, this book has insights, old and new. Innovation comes from our differences, and ideas get better when we challenge each other. One might easily wish that all would digest this Dream Teams. Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson (JE MAT) is the interers and back to seed again and geared for 4 to 8 year olds. The last page describes how to plant zinnias, one of the easiest sumare bright, words are large and the child is introduced to the glory of life. I GOT IT! (JE WIE) Is a visual story that describes the emotion of, having it! David Weisner, three-time Caldecott medalist, is a master of wordless storytelling. The awesome and powerful feeling of being on a winning team is illustrated. In these images you feel the feeling of having everyone on your side. Written by Kurt Cyrus and illustrated by Andy Atkins, Invisible Lizard (JE CYR) is the colorful tale of Napoleon, a chameleon looking for friends. The only problem is that no one can see him due to his instinctual camwill have fun in this jungle as friends. Library Treasures


Page 14The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Page 15The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 239-567-9992 Worried about hurricanes and ooding? Weve got you covered! Home Condo Flood Business Auto Motorcycle Boat RV Manufactured Homes Motorcycle Boat RV Manufactured Homes ...and more! 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 Were a local independent insurance agency dedicated to protecting all of your Florida possessions. No need to worry weve got you covered!


Page 14The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Page 15The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 239-567-9992 Worried about hurricanes and ooding? Weve got you covered! Home Condo Flood Business Auto Motorcycle Boat RV Manufactured Homes Motorcycle Boat RV Manufactured Homes ...and more! 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 239-567-9992 Were a local independent insurance agency dedicated to protecting all of your Florida possessions. No need to worry weve got you covered!


Page 16The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018


Page 17The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Thanas Drops Bombshell Attorney & Magistrate Want Out, Contd from pg.1but I dont have a problem with that, so Dye, Harrison is my #1. Gore said she thought Thanas was excellent! He doesnt have Florida experience but he passed our bar, and he has all the backup he needs. Council member Dennis Boback added, The Peterson Law Group spoiled us by being here all day every day, so this is a tough decision. Council member Bruce Butcher declined comment. Council then by secret ballot voted 3 to 2 to name Thanas and Dye, Harrison the new Town Attorney, though it was readily apparent Boback, Gore, and Shamp voted for them, with Council authorizing the Town Manager to negotiate Thanas contract.SEPTEMBER 10 MEETING When Council next met on Monday, September 10, it seemed like an Agenda formality to approve the contract, with Thanas in attendance in the audience. Cereceda, however, stated, Several people brought up to me that in our RFP, this applicant experience practicing Florida law. Gore disagreed, saying that was not a Requirement, but a Preference. Shamp said, I was aware of that, but deemed this individual the most been asked about that a couple of times as well. Experience in Florida was preferred but not mandatory. I have the same concern, said Butcher. That is why I did not vote for him, because he does not have Florida government experience. Florida experience is unique, added Cereceda. Gore reiterated, There are two other attorneys with him who are get their opinion at no extra cost. but they are not sitting here. I want someone who understands Florida law and can speak to that right now, as I am not as much of an expert as some of you. I rely on our attorney to give me an immediate and accurate response. I am really concerned, said Cereceda. This is an important decision at an important time in this Town, no disrespect to this gentleman. I struggle with this, added Boback, so I am worried. Gore and Shamp immediately responded Yes, then after a 2 or 3 second delay Boback did as well, with Butcher and Cereceda Thanas contract at $12,000-permonth 4 to 1, with Cereceda Against, over a concern he committed to just 8-hours-per-week in Town Hall, calling that very low.SEPTEMBER 13 MEETING When Council at their Management & Planning Session reached the Special Magistrate Agenda item, the Town Manager stated, I am told today that besides our one applicant in your packet, we now have a second applicant, indicating that is Jack Peterson, one of the three principles with The Peterson Law Group. To that point, the only declared applicant was Myrnabelle Roche of Pompano Beach, Florida. To further complicate deliberations, Hernstadt continued, the Town Attorney-Designate indicated to us this morning he is considering withdrawing as the Town Attorney candidate and is considering the Special Magistrate position. City Commissions authorize Special Magistrates, who are members in good standing of the Florida Bar, with adequate experience in matters over which they preside, to conduct Administrative Hearings. Thanas said it was an honor to be selected, added Shamp, but he felt uncomfortable not having full Council support. He is putting his name in as Magistrate, with the thought he can begin a relationship with the Town, so that, should we change attorneys going forward, he can move ahead as Town Attorney. There should be absolutely no doubt in his mind that all of us felt he is a competent attorney, stated Cereceda. Attorneys work for 3 and not 5 votes. I did not in my comments in any way, shape or form demean him, and once Council took action, that is the action of the entire Council, so he would never have a problem with me. This now leaves us in a precarious position. Shamp thought that naming Peterson as Special Magistrate over on-going Code cases, as the next Special Magistrate session is Thursday, September 27. We need Code Enforcement right now; should we go with Ms. Roche to continue the Magistrate proceedings? Hernstadt replied that what Thanas told them was in writing. Cereceda said since Thanas was at Town Hall that morning, he should have stayed to talk us all! Shamp wondered if Council should send Thanas a Letter of Support, since he has yet to resign in writing. I am not going to convince anyone to stay if he does not feel comfortable for any reason, said Boback. Hernstadt returned to the Special Magistrate matter: We reached out to all the other Attorneys to apply for the Special Magistrate, and you have three people now interested. We can discuss this at your next Council meeting, and if you do not have a Special Magistrate by September 27, you delay those proceedings a month. Shamp countered that is not good for the public, asking if the Town can appoint Ms. Roche on a monthly basis, until we clear this up. Hernstadt replied that there is a learning curve, to get up to speed, so I suggest you take your time to make a decision. Turner said that Mr. Madden committed to handling Special Magistrate proceedings through this month and perhaps October; I will send an email to double-check. Butcher said the Town should pick Roche and go! I say so as well, added Shamp. The Peterson Law Group is still in contention as our attorneys, so lets wants it and does not complicate the other issues. Cereceda advised caution, with Council agreeing to wait for Maddens response. In other matters, Council received a reFRESH Estero Boulevard Projects update, determined it will not consider an Aberdeen / Dundee Outfall redesign over increased time and costs, authorized the Town Manager to speak with Times Square business owners over updated rental and refuse costs, placed a moratorium on Times Square Street Performers effective October 1, postponed its Stormwater Ordinance discussion to its November 8 Management & Planning Session, and heard Departmental reports.


Page 18The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 FREE FMB PARKING Parking at FMB meters in beach accesses and downtown are free through Sunday, September 30. Meters in county-owned lots on FMB (Lynn Hall Park, Bowditch Point Park) are also free through Sept 30. This will include free park ing in those lots during the Island Hopper Songwriters Fest on Fort Myers Beach Sept. 28-30. This applies only to Town and County owned meters on FMB, not private parking lots.OSTEGO OPEN HOUSEIn honor of National Estuary Week, Ostego Bay Marine Science Center will host an Open House on SA Sept 22 from 10am 3pm at 718 Fishermans Wharf on San Carlos Island. Established in 1988, National Estuary Week is a nationwide celebration of our bays and estuaries and the vital role they play in our community. The Ostego Bay Foundation works to educate and inform residents and visitors of the importance of our estuaries, especially Estero and San Carlos Bays. For more information call the Science Center at 239-765-8101 or visit HOPPER FESTThe 5th annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest will begin on Captiva Island Sept 21-23, before moving to downtown Fort Myers Sept 24-27 and wrapping up on Fort Myers Beach Sept 28-30. The Fest features over 100 free live performances by more than 75 singer-songwriters at multiple venues. Midland, winner of the New Vocal Duo/Group, will perform on Sept 30 at Pink Shell Resort during a ticketed event. Schedule and tickets available at islandhop perfest.comMEET THE LCSO hold a Celebrate Safe Commu nities event and they invite area residents to a meet & greet with LCSO crime prevention specialists, detectives and district personnel on WE, Oct 3 from 9am-noon at the West District substation, 15650 Pine Ridge Rd, Fort Myers. No reservations needed. Come learn about crime prevention strategies and how to work with the LCSO to keep out community safe. FOOD BANK The Harry Chapin Food Bank will have their mobile food truck at 1510 Estero Blvd every WE from 10am-noon so long as they are needed to help local residents faced with decreased earnings re lated to our water quality problems. Choice Market is also available every TH from 11am-4pm at Beach Baptist. Beginning Sept 27, Choice Market hours will be 10am-3pm.TIP THE BILLThe Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce is challenging the community to participate in a Tip the Bill Challenge to support our local restaurants and servers that are economically impacted by Red Tide. When you Tip the Bill, write #tipthebillFMBCC on the bill and share on social media Facebook @FMBChamber; Twitter and Instagram @FMB_Chamber. Realizing that not everyone can afford to double their bill, the community is encouraged to tip what they can and try to patronize beach busi nesses.ROADWORK The Town of Fort Myers Beach has announced that BC Underground will be installing a sanitary sewer manhole to service the Estero Cove Condominiums at 6891 Estero Blvd between Sept. 17-31. Work will require lane shifts and tween Lenell Rd and the Wyndham Garden Hotel. Motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians should use cau tion while traveling in this area. For further information, please call Henry Radle at 941-626-8877 or the DOT Dept. of Engineering at 239-533-9300. REGISTER TO VOTEThe deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, October 9, 2018, for the November 6, 2018, General Election. Florida law requires Flor ida residents must be registered change 29 days before an elec tion. All registered voters may vote in a General Election regardless vote you must use a Florida Voter Registration Application or use the Online Voter Registration to sub mit an application and update an existing registration. To submit an online application, you will need your Florida driver license (Florida (Florida ID card) issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. Click here to access the Florida Online Voter Registration Website. Online Voter Registration has multiple safeguards in place to verify and protect a persons identity and personal information. For more infor mation on registration or legibility, call 239-LEE-VOTE or visit lee. vote.POOL FUNThe Fort Myers Beach Communi ty Pool is open MO, WE, FR, SA & SU from 10am-4pm. The pool is a great place to cool off on hot summer days for a nominal fee. The pool offers 7,000 square feet of cool, clear water, a lap pool with accessible lift, a shallow family A Publication of FREE rfntb ANNUAL FOOTBALL ISSUE www.FishTaleDining.comNow serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am 11:00 am. Happy Hour from 11:00 am 6:00 pm dailyFish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina Plaza7225 Estero Boulevard (239) 747-6500 LOCALS NIGHT is the place to be on Wednesday nights! Join us for half-priced drinks and $6 Marina Bites, along with our regular menu from 6:00 pm 9:00 pm. Bring your friends, meet your neighbors and enjoy a night of fun! Want to test your smarts & win prizes? Tuesday nights are trivia night in September at Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining beginning at 7:00 pm. Join us in the Tiki Bar for all the fun!


Page 19The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 FORT MYERS BEACH TOTAL NESTS...... 68 REMAINING NESTS.................. 4 BONITA SPRINGS TOTAL NESTS......... 203 REMAINING NESTS.................. 14 Connecticut. Call for exact times on kayak tours, costs, reservations and additional information. 239765-0865. Upcoming programs include: SA Sept 22 1pm Shell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Tour TU Sept 25 9am Beach Walk at Newton Park (beach conditions permitting); 1pm Shell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Museum Tour WE Sept 26 8am Mangroves by Kayak Tour; 11am & 1pm Shell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Museum Tour FR Sept 28 8am Mangroves by Kayak Tour SA Sept 29 7am Sunrise Kayak Tour; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Muse um TourLOVERS KEY STATE PARKGuided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs require registration, are free with park entry and take place at 10am. To register call 239-463-4588. Up coming programs include: FR Sept 21 Walk on the Wild Side FR Sept 28 Kayak TourHURRICANE RE-ENTRY PASSESFort Myers Beach residents and businesses may obtain a hurricane re-entry pass at Town Hall. In the event of an evacuation, passes may be required to re-enter the island. If you have a Purple (res ident) or Yellow (business) pass, they are valid for the 2018 season. If you do not already have one of those, pick up an application at Town Hall or online at The Town of Fort Myers Beach website: Emergency Preparedness. Applicants will need to provide photo I.D. and proof of residency. For details on what proof is needed, call 239765-0202 or see website. Passes will not be mailed this year, so stop in Town Hall to get yours! GOVERNMENT MEETINGSMonday, 9/24 9:00am Town Council meeting 5:30pm Town Final Budget Hearing Tuesday, 9/25 5:05pm Fire Dept. Final Budget Hearing, Town Hall 6:00pm Fire Board Meeting, Town Hall 6:15pm Library Final Budget Hearing, Beach Library, 2755 Estero 6:30pm Library Board Meeting, Beach Library, 2755 Estero All meetings take place in Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach unless otherwise noted. Meeting times are at pool with play structure and plenty of shade. A Water Aerobics class is held every MO, WE & FR at 9am. Aqua Strength class is offered MO & WE at 10am. Aqua Yoga on FR at 10am. BRIDGE The Womans Club of FMB invites all bridge players to join them every TU & FR from 9:30am to 2:30pm for a day of social bridge, Players rotate throughout the day competing in six rounds. Bring a bagged lunch and enjoy good company and great bridge. Cost: $5/non-members, $3/mem bers. Proceeds support community activities.CYPRESS LAKE 70S REUNIONA 1970-1979 Cypress Lake High School Reunion is being planned in conjunction with a Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches fundraiser for SA Sept 29 at 5:30pm at Bonita Bills Waterfront Caf. Enjoy a buffet meal for $17, music and the company of 70s CLHS grads, while you help support fundraising for 3D images for the remaining pieces of the iconic FMB arches. The imaging will allow the remain ing arch pieces to be incorporated into a new Arch Project. For more information see union or visit Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches on Facebook.WATER QUALITY LINKSSee what the latest water testing results are by using these links: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status: leegov. com/waterqualityinfo COASTAL CLEANUPThe annual Coastal Cleanup on FMB, sponsored by Keep Lee County Beautiful and the Fort My ers Beach Community Foundation has been postponed until October 13 due to Red Tide concerns and dar for 9am noon on October 13 to participate. Volunteer sites are Beach School, Lovers Key State Park, Bunche Beach and Dog Beach For more information visit klcb.orgBEACH LIBRARYThe Fort Myers Beach Library is a great place to visit. Browse the librarys many collections, use the computers, visit the Friends Used Bookstore or the artwork on the FR 9am-5pm and SA 9am-1pm. 239-765-8162. Upcoming pro grams include: MO, Sept 24, 10:30am Excel, pre-registerMOUND HOUSEThe oldest standing structure on Fort Myers Beach with a histori cal museum inside and beautiful grounds outside including an observation pier, kayak launch and amazing back bay views. Grounds open sunrise to sunset. Museum is open TU, WE & SA from 9am4pm. Located at 451 Connecticut


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Page 21The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 WHAT IS COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (Mark List) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Monday or Tuesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. Bill Rountree Wils Murphy Mike Popeye Dearden Nichol Jaimz


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Page 23The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 The Print Shop Inkhas moved to 19221 San Carlos Blvd!Between Sunnylands Trailer Court and the Sunoco gas station! Watch for our signs!239-463-7744 Candidate AnnouncementJOHN BENNETTSEAT 5 FORT MYERS BEACH FIRE BOARD I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Fort Myers Beach Fire District Seat 5. As a 15 year resident & business motivation, public service to our community. As a proud Navy Veteran and former First Responder, women who serve our communities. My basic philosophy of does a disservice to the citizens, business owners and taxpayers. man, boater and beach walker. My wife and I have called FMB our home for longer than either of us has lived anywhere. We are also proud puppy parents to our Golden Retriever Finley, our only son. I ask for your support in the November 6th election and look forward to the opportunity to serve our great community. Please feel free to contact me directly at


Page 24The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers BeachDay High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible F 21 High 12:35 AM 2.3 7:16 AM Set 4:07 AM 83 21 Low 4:45 AM 1.7 7:25 PM Rise 5:39 PM 21 High 11:13 AM 2.9 21 Low 5:53 PM 0.6 Sa 22 High 12:54 AM 2.4 7:17 AM Set 4:59 AM 89 22 Low 5:27 AM 1.6 7:24 PM Rise 6:17 PM 22 High 12:01 PM 3.0 22 Low 6:26 PM 0.6 Su 23 High 1:09 AM 2.4 7:17 AM Set 5:52 AM 94 23 Low 6:04 AM 1.3 7:23 PM Rise 6:53 PM 23 High 12:40 PM 3.0 23 Low 6:53 PM 0.7 M 24 High 1:22 AM 2.6 7:17 AM Set 6:45 AM 98 24 Low 6:38 AM 1.1 7:22 PM Rise 7:29 PM 24 High 1:17 PM 3.0 24 Low 7:18 PM 0.9 Tu 25 High 1:35 AM 2.6 7:18 AM Set 7:39 AM 99 25 Low 7:13 AM 1.0 7:21 PM Rise 8:04 PM 25 High 1:55 PM 2.9 25 Low 7:41 PM 1.0 W 26 High 1:51 AM 2.8 7:18 AM Set 8:34 AM 99 26 Low 7:49 AM 0.7 7:20 PM Rise 8:40 PM 26 High 2:34 PM 2.8 26 Low 8:05 PM 1.2 Th 27 High 2:13 AM 2.9 7:19 AM Set 9:29 AM 97 27 Low 8:30 AM 0.6 7:19 PM Rise 9:18 PM 27 High 3:18 PM 2.7 27 Low 8:29 PM 1.3 F 28 High 2:39 AM 3.0 7:19 AM Set 10:27 AM 92 28 Low 9:15 AM 0.5 7:18 PM Rise 9:58 PM 28 High 4:08 PM 2.6 28 Low 8:56 PM 1.6 BEACH CLASSIFIEDSA Better Bugman LLC A Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial MOSQUITO + SPIDERS CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. Phone: 239-454-BUGS(2847) Fax: 239-415-BUGS(2847) PEST CONTROL HANDY MAN HANDYMAN SERVICES FOR SMALL HOME REPAIRS Call EMMY THE HOME DOCTOR HANDYMAN SERVICE 239-233-2587 BEACH CLASSIFEDS $20 / WEEK $60 / 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 HELP WANTED Help Wanted Outrigger Beach Resort FT/PT Positions available Housekeeping Kitchen Morning Short Order Cook Caf Server Drug Free Workplace Apply in person Outrigger Beach Resort 6200 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach FORT MYERS BEACH HANDYMAN Specializing in small Electrical projects. Fan Installation New Lighting controls Outdoor lighting Camera systems Call 765-491-6306 ANNUAL RENTALS ANNUAL RENTALS AVAILABLE NOW1 & 2 BR RENTALS $1200 $1500/MO CALL CENTURY21 MARK ZAMMETT 239-478-1120 ROOM-MATE WANTED Fully furn. room for rent. Great location near Shell Pt. Golf; 3 blks to Publix, bus. Close to Sanibel & FMB. Room has DirecTV w/movie channels, Wi-Fi and full kitch en & laundry access. $160/ week, $20 background check. No pets; max 1/room. Looking for a great place to live? Call Bill at 239-841-9714 ROOM FOR RENT HELP WANTED Part-time lunch cook Hours 9am 2:30pm Mon Fri Apply in person on Mon or Tues 9am-12noon VFW Post 10097 17770 Pine Ridge Rd Fort Myers Beach ANNUAL RENTAL Unfurnished Island Bay Marina Pearl Street FMB No smoking/No pets $750/mo Incl Elec & water 239-463-5522 ANNUAL RENTAL 1BR/1BA Cottage Unfurnished Beautiful Water Views Island Bay Marina Pearl Street FMB No smoking/No pets $1500/mo Incl Elec & water 239-463-5522


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Page 26The Island Sand Paper FortMyersBeach.newsSeptember 21, 2018 Water Conditions FMBSept 19, 2018 The mid-week September 19, 2018 Florida Fish & Wildlife Report continues to show Red Tide along 135 miles of Southwest Florida coastline and extending 10 miles or more offshore, 25 miles off Lee County. Observations of over 1 million Karenia brevis cells/liter (high concentrations) were noted in Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee counties. High concentrations were also found over 25 miles offshore of Lee County. Respiratory irritation was reported in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee and Pinellas counties. Fish kills were reported in or offshore of Lee County as well as Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee and Pinellas counties. Northern Collier County experienced an increase in Red Tide concentrations this week. In the September 14 FWC Red Tide Report, testing on September 12 showed low (>10,000 100,000 cells/liter) levels at Lynn Hall Park, with Very Low ( 1,000 10,000 cells/liter) levels at Lovers Key State Park. The next complete FWC red tide status report will be posted on Friday, September 21, 2018. The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation testing showed Red Tide levels on Sanibel beaches as high as 200 million K. brevis cells/liter on September 14, 2018. SCCF reported recovering 26 dead sea turtles from Sanibel beaches last week. The SCCF staff reported that dying Red Tide cells made the water near the shoreline a consistency like aloe vera gel that stuck to skin. When a staff member got some of the water in his eye, FWC advised contacting poison control. Poison control said its up to DOH (Department of Health) to provide warnings. Lee County DOH said they only monitor beaches for enterococcus bacteria. The September 19, 2018 NOAA Harmful Algal Bloom report offers predictions on the level of respiratory irritation in coming days. It indicated that Central Lee County had a high chance of irritation, while Southern Lee County had a very low to moderate chance of respiratory irritation on Weds, Sept 19 and Thurs, Sept 20. Predictions did not go beyond Sept. 20. NOAA also cautioned: K. brevis concentrations are patchy in nature and levels of respiratory irritation will vary locally based upon nearby bloom concentrations, ocean currents, and wind speed and direction. Fort Myers Beach and Lee County continue to clean the beaches as needed. On September 18, 2018, the Lee County Environmental Lab documented abundant cyanobacteria blooms of Microcystis at Midpoint Bridge Park in Cape Coral. Microcystis was also present at the Alva Boat Ramp, Davis boat ramp and upstream of the Franklin locks. Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae continue to be found in the water along the Lee County coast and in the estuary, though it appears to be decreasing in the estuary. Water quality on Fort Myers Beach continues to vary, as it has for the past month, depending on wind and water currents. Residents and visitors are urged to check the latest water quality reports: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status:




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