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Volume 18, Number 36 By Islanders, For Islanders September 7, 2018 Hurricane Irma One Year Later T.S. Gordon Storm Prep ReminderBy Gary Mooney Fort Myers Beach is going through a tough time this September, with near empty restaurants, resorts and shops due to Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae, but these venues look jam-packed compared to this weekend last year, when we were basically a ghost town, as nearly all residents and guests evacuated prior to Hurricane Irmas arrival on September 10, the worst storm to strike the island since Charley on August 13, 2004. Irma came off the African coast on Wednesday, August 30, and a Category 3 major hurricane. By Labor Day, it grew into a Category 5 monster, while setting its sights on Florida. It struck the entire State with a vengeance on Sunday, September 10, ironically the peak date of Hurricane Season. During the week preceding Irmas arrival, roughly one-third of Floridas 20 million residents and millions more vacationers evacuated, causing gasoline shortages. Power outages were wide-spread, with some Fort Myers Beach residents going up to 11 days without electricity, leading to hundreds of documented Good Will acts of kindness up & down the island. Unlike most hurricanes that hit Floridas east or west coasts, then cut diagonally across, Irma struck Florida at Cudjoe Key in the lower Keys as a Category 4, then struck Marco Island as a Category 3, weakening quickly to a Category 2 as it interacted with the peninsula. It then proceeded up Floridas spine, affecting almost every county in The Sunshine State, before ultimately moving into Alabama as a remnant low and dissipating over Missouri on September 13. Over her long 15day life, Irma became the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane since Wilma in October 2005, which also hit Fort Myers Beach, and the most intense to reach the continental United States since Katrina that same year, becoming the 2nd-costliest hurricane ever in the Caribbean, with winds peaking at 180-milesper-hour on September 6. Irma caused 134 deaths, Heavenly Biscuit post Irma. Photo by Sarah List. Contd pg.4Gordon Spares Turtle NestsBy Gary Mooney Nothing! So said Eve turtles on Big Hickory Island, and Bonita, Bunche, and Fort Myers Beaches, when commenting upon any negative effects from Tropical Storm Gordon. We had one nest that was slightly washed halfso we are very happy. We have to wait a bit to see if the rainfall does any damage, but we did not lose any nests, so for the most part, all the initial news is good. Turtle nesting season goes from Mid-April to October 31, so the Labor Day Weekend takes it past the two-thirds mark. We have 68 nests on Fort Myers Beach, left to hatch, so about 20% to go. While it is possible we may still have a few more, this will be close Beach. Loggerhead turtles nest every other year, so we compare this years mark to that of 2016, when we had 73 nests, so we are in the same realm, and the number of hatchlings this year percentagenests overall have done very well, especially when you consider all the adverse effects on so much of our other marine species due to Contd pg.7 Hatchling trapped in hole left on the beach. File photo .Water Quality Challenges Three Experts Weigh In to the story. Photo provided. Special School VisitorBy Gary Mooney As Fort Myers Beach and Southwest Florida continue to struggle with environmental matopinions on water quality issues this week. Its all about water, emphasized Steve Davis, Senior Ecologist for the Everglades Foundation. It affects everything, including our economy, distribution and supply. What we have now is a broken water management system that does not meet our needs today, as it cuts off Lake Okeechobee from the Everglades, forcing Contd pg.10


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Page 3 D A I L Y S pe c ial s O P E N A t 8 am BE S T BR E A K FA S T O n Th e Be ac h H A P P Y H O U R L I V E M U S I C N ig h t l y D I N E I n A ir -C ondit ione d C om for t BE S T S U N S E T V ie w ing O n FM B Ha ppy Hour O P E N D A I L Y 8 A M 1 A M$5 $5 Letters to the Editor As a long-term resident of our amazing small piece of Paradise here on Fort Myers Beach, I am deeply distressed by what I see as the desire of one of our residents to undermine three-plus years of very hard work, hours of discussion, pages of input, dialogue, dialogue, and more our Island into sunlight after a long drought. As one of the many who sat through two days of council deliberation, watched people wrestle with leour residents, our businesses, and our visitors, I have felt the renewed enthusiasm and positive energy from many of us as we look to the future. Now we are presented by Chris Patton with a lawsuit which moves us back to square one. (Margaritaville Zoning Appeal; Resident Challeng es Town, Island Sand Paper August 17, 2018; She proposes that we continue with the status quo. Our breathtaking view from the top of our bridge, which now descends into a dilapidated downtown area, boarded up buildings, trash and an un-welcoming atmosphere, will continue. I cannot believe that someone who must love our town, having been here for a long time, wants this for us. In addition, she way is abhorrent to me. This will postpone any positive steps for who knows how long as it works its way through the courts. TPI is eager to begin; most of us in the Town are equally eager to have them begin, and I believe it is critical for this suit to be withdrawn. Please, Ms. Patton, let your legacy be a positive one. Join with us in seeing our Island become what it can be a friendly, welcoming, caring, beautiful spot for those of us who live here, visit here and work here. Fort Myers Beach, FL Im sending these links as an alert to the public and in hopes that you or someone may do a story on the health effects on humans of something that is KILLING other mammals! See these two stories; both change DNA! I hope that you might follow up on this topic and publish a story about it. JR Hagaman Cape Coral My husband and I are curlers and come down to Neptune and play a bonspiel (curling tournament) recently and I won 70 ends versus Gary 50. Thank you Neptune. If anyone wants to learn our rules, let us know. ( Tracey Kitching Prescott, WI Seeing some reports online and in some local news that FMB is clean and the smell of red tide and algae is gone. Somebody should be in contact with the TV news outlets that were quick to jump on report the bad. They should also be so quick to jump on the good and get people back out and about. Ive got no plans whatsoever to cancel my trip down, in fact, Ill likely add another this year. Chad Lincoln Lakeview, MI I recently read the article on vote for clean water and would like to know which candidates have solutions to our water problems. I keep hearing all of them talk about clean water but I dont see any solutions. Maybe the Sand Paper could provide us with the candidates that have those solutions. Ben Sanders Fort Myers Beach dates. We urge voters to pay attention to not only what candidates say, but what they have done in the past on clean water issues, especially on the state level. And watch for candidate guides from clean water organi zations as the November election draws near.


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim Rodwell For a change, this weeks article is about a plant that resides in our Preserve. The Spanish Stopper, Eugenia foetida, is a woody evergreen shrub than will grow into a tree with a height of 20 feet. It is an understory tree that is found in the Preserves oak hammocks. Several reddish stems arise from the lower part of the tree giving it a vase-like shape. Leaves are a dark green color on top and yellow green with tiny black dots underneath. Elliptic to obovate leaves are arranged in an opposite order along the stems. Leaf is about 2 inches long. in a shower of white stamens. Flower diameter is about inch. Foetidas bloom occurs all year. Fruit is a round capsule around 3/8 of an inch in diameter. Capsule turns black at maturity. Foetida belongs to the Myrtaceae (Myrtle Family). There are four additional species in the genus Eugenia. A very close relative also grows in the Preserves oak hammocks. Foetida resides in the coastal hammocks located in the Gulf and Atlantic counties. Picture was taken in the Preserve. Hurricane Irma One Year LaterT.S. Gordon Storm Prep Reminder, Contd from pg.1including 72 and $50 billion in damages in Florida. For those needing a reminder that the peak of Hurricane Season is right around the corner, Tropical Storm Gordon arrived on Labor Day this week. While Gordon skirted just off Floridas West Coast, leaving just an inch or two of rain in our area, the Naplesto-Marco Island corridor received 3 to 5 inches. Yet to be determined are Gordons shortand long-term effects on Red Tide and BlueGreen Algae. There is hope that the storm stirred up and dissipated some of the Blue-Green Algae; its east-to-west wind pushed the Red Tide bloom far off the Gulf Coast and the rain knocked down potential airborne contaminants. There is also concern that any into Lake Okeechobee, raising the water level behind the decrepit Herbert Hoover Dike, resulting in even more water releases down the Caloosahatchee River. The Town of Fort Myers should it be struck by a hurricane this season, said Town Manager Roger Hernstadt. I am very proud of our response last year to Irma, especially from our folks from Public Works, as we were undergoing a leadership change at that time, yet everyone responded so well. Now that we have a year together under our belts, we are even more ready. Hernstadt cautioned, however, that should a Category 4 or 5 strike, there is only so much the Town can do. Frankly, that is beyond our capabilities, so we would have to call for mutual aid, not only from Lee County but from the State and beyond. That would be a new challenge for us, because big storms devastate huge areas, and a lot of other communities besides us will need the same assistance. Smaller storms we can work with our Town staff and contractors and internal resources to take care of most issues. He encouraged everyone to prepare now: Have adequate food, water and prescriptions for at least 72 hours to be on your own, as that is the standard amount of time for outside resources to arrive, and absolutely heed an evacuation notice, as we have so many ground-level structures. My concern is Irma did not turn out as bad as the original forecast, and the natural reaction is a laissez faire attitude, where you dont take it serious enough. I remember going to Hurricane Preparation meetings over a quarter-century ago, when I worked on the East Coast, and it always seemed like the same-old; same-old, then Andrew struck! Fort Myers Beach is just now bouncing back from our environmental issues, so the last thing we need is a hurricane, so Knock Wood! Fort Myers Beach residents and businesses may obtain a Hurricane Re-entry Pass at Town Hall. In an evacuation, passes may be required to re-enter the island. If you have a Purple pass for residents or Yellow one for businesses, they are valid for 2018. If you do not have one, pick up an application at Town Hall or online at The Town of Fort Myers Beach website, under Emergency Preparedness. Applicants will proof of residency; for details call 239-765-0202 or see the website. Assistant Fire Chief of Operations for the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department, and Ron Martin, Life Safety & Support Services, offered preparation advice. This is the time to prepare, said Chief Martin. You need a 72-to96-hour supply of nonperishable food, as well as a gallon of waterper-person-per-day. Anticipate you will not have electricity for an ATM, so have cash on-hand. If you are on a regular medication, have at least a 30-day home supply. If you are a pet parent, you need food and water and their medication, along with immunization and medical records, especially if you take them to a shelter. Video your home possessions and take digital


Page 5 Your September issue of Sand Life is Now Available! Your September issue of Sand Life is Now Available! Sand Life is Now Available! \207\003'LQLQJ\003*XL\GH\003\207\003,VODQG\003\0DS ODFHV\003WR\003*R Hurricane Irma One Year LaterT.S. Gordon Storm Prep Reminder, Contd from prev. pg.copies of important photographs. Get gas early and store it in an appropriately-listed container. Remember you are not the only person affected by a hurricane, as so are we, so until the All-Clear, there are no Police or Fire or Emergency Responders. Chief Wirth added, You must assume all downed power lines are dangerous. If you use a generator, keep it outside in a ventilated area, at least 15 feet from your house, away from windows, chained to a tree, and never refuel it while it is running or hot or you are smoking. Have carbon smoke detectors by each bedroom. Trim trees near power lines and review your insurance coverage with your agent, as you cannot buy or up your coverage when a storm is on the way. Pack your policies in your Hurricane Preparedness Kit, and download the new Everbridge is the latest technology throughout Florida. Chief Martin encouraged small business owners to make appropriate preparations also. Have a plan not only for your business but for key employees to get you up-and-running. Protect your business data, whether on a pad-of-paper or through a storage cloud. Following a catastrophe, one-third of all small businesses never reopen, so ensure that is not you. Just because a hurricane ends does not mean you can automatically return, Martin cautioned. You must wait until Emergency Management assesses potential hazards, then let First Responders return. The worst thing is to head right back, clog the roadway and make our jobs take your hurricane shutters down immediately, or you may only have one way in or out of your home in an emergency, and we only have one way to get to you. When asked about hurricane misconceptions, Chief Martin offered this one: An evacuation order is some type of Since we were so lucky with Irma, we hope everyone does not get too out. Let me reiterate how incredibly proud we are of our communitys response last year, as almost everyone evacuated and did not return until the OK was given. Our residents were phenomenal in helping us and each other out. Chief Wirth cautioned that evacuation shelters should up. Your primary option should be evacuation well out of the immediate area, leaving sooner rather than later, while there is fuel. Finally, and I dont want to hit this in 1991, and in 1992, Andrew decimated Homestead. We went to help the mother of a friend, and it was true devastation. Be ready for how people protect themselves, their family and property. The three sounds I remember most are gunshots, generators and Huey helicopters, so proceed carefully! As for what they learned from Hurricane Irma, Chief Wirth said, You need to look at a hurricane as if your house burns down and you lose all your possessions, so take all the essentials you need to start life over again, like personal papers and insurance documents, in case everything is gone. Chief Martin put it more succinctly: Its important to have a good plan, because a good plan leads to phenomenal success! Courtesy of Weather Underground. restore power to Fort Myers Beach.


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Page 7 the Red Tide. escape most of the Red Tide damage because of the tools Mother Nature provides them to they are unaffected. Once hatchlings reach the 48 hours of their lives, at just over one-mile-perhour, so by the time they stop, they are well away from any Red Tide, into relatively clean water. In addition to this, they are born with a yoke of food, so they do not consume anything for their they do eat, it is usually sargassum seaweed any food near the bottom that is a greater risk of contamination. While Fort Myers Beach nests are slightly down in 2018, overall numbers from Turtle Times four locations are up. They are very good, said Eve, including one nest this there is several seasons. It successfully hatched and we are so thrilled about that! Big Hickory Island has 24 and that is great. Bonita Beach leads all four, with 203 nests, so that total of 296 nests for all of Turtle Times monitored locations, so we are good. Last year, we had a record of 327, including 99 on Fort Myers Beach, so it though of course, turtle nesting is cyclical, so we keep everything in perspective. Eve reminded residents and visitors that hatchlings need a clear path to the water in order to survive, and this is required of you by the law, so please remain vigilant through October 31, as that is now just two months away. Pull your beach furniture back past the dunes or to behind your house, and close your drapes or blinds and turn off or shield your outside lights, so the hatchlings do not see them and march to your lights and their death rather than to the Gulf. Lights from developments can prevent females from coming ashore or choosing an inferior nesting location from which few hatchlings will survive. Lights disorient hatchlings, causing them to move toward that source, resulting in death from a sea turtle or any of the hatchlings, nor should you ever approach them on the beach. The best possible alternative is to install Amber LED lightbulbs that are safe for sea turtles while affording plenty of light for people, providing the best of both worlds! They may Amber LED lights will burn for 70,000 hours or more, while reducing your electric bill, so to me these at your stores, go online to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) website at and see the turtle light link. They have a plethora of products and prices from which to choose, and anything on there is an approved light, so consumers do not have to worry about misleading items. the beach sand, Eve implored, as not only can hatchlings fall in and die, but so can adult turtles. Remember holes can be equally harmful to people, resulting in injuries and even broken bones. If you encounter a sea turtle attempting to nest, stay away from it, cautioned Eve, on the beach during the daytime, put it in a dry container, keep it out of the sunlight, call Turtle Time immediately and I will send out a volunteer right away to retrieve it, and we will then release it safely that night. If you accidently hook or catch a sea turtle, or to report a disoriented, lost, injured, or dead hatchling or turtle, contact Turtle Time, Inc., at 239-481-5566 or www.turtletime. org, the Town of Fort Myers Beach at 239-7650202, or the FWC Hotline at 888-404-3922. Turtle Time thanks everyone for your help, Eve concluded, because sea turtles are the caretakers of the ocean, and the cleaner the water, the better for us, so by taking care of sea turtles, we take care of ourselves!Gordon Spares Turtle Nests, Contd from pg.1 File photo.


Page 8 editor@fortmyersbeach.newsIn a short meeting Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the Fort Myers Beach Library Board voted 6-0, with Ed Scott absent, to move their proposed Budget Hearing on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 beginnin gat 6:15pm at the Beach Library. The 2018 2019 Budget in$1,377,970, down about $11,000 from the current budget total of $1,388,841. down from 0.3498 in this years budget. That translates to value. The 2018 2019 budget highlights: Current Total Income $1,388,841 $1,377,970 Capital Outlay $92,300 $78,050 $39,815 $42,145 Personnel $707,086 $708,650 Plant & Equipment $231,900 $231,900 Administ rative $76,840 $71,325 $1,147,941 $1,132,070 Total Reserves Contribution $240,900 $245,900 $1,388,841 $1,377,970Library Budget Fort Myers Beach Little League September 05, 2018Dear FMB Little League Members: Fort Myers Beach Little League will hold its Annual Meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, September 17, 2018 at the Bay Oaks Little Board of Directors for the coming year. Only those Regular Mem bers in good standing will be eligible to vote (all active volunteers from the previous season are considered good standing members such as: coaches, umpires, concession workers, etc.). If you wish to become a member or board member please attend this meeting. For more information, or if you cannot attend but wish to obtain an absentee ballot, please contact our league president, Shannon Orlandini at (239) 285-5015.


Page 9 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 18 years Missy Layeld, Editor Editor@fortmyersbeach.newsWhats the point of havin a rapier wit if I cant use it to stab people? Jeph Jacques Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsYou can pretend to be serious; you cant pretend to be witty. Sacha Guitry Mark List, Production ManagerProduction@fortmyersbeach.newsI dont mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I dont understand. Sir Edward Appleton Sarah List, Photographerinfo@fortmyersbeach.newsLaughter is inner jogging. Norman Cousins Sandy Sandness, Advertisinginfo@fortmyersbeach.newsIm kind of jealous of the life Im supposedly leading. Zach BraffThe Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper.PHONES Oce: 239 4634461 FAX 855-886-3568 (toll-free) MAIL 450 Old San Carlos Blvd. Unit G-108 Ft. Myers Beach, Florida 33931 E-Mail WEBSITE The Island Sand Paper welcomes letters from Islanders on local issues. Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author, include city of residence and a phone number length, accuracy and to prevent libel. Repetitive letters from the same mum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words may be considered for publication as a Guest Commen tary based on available space, relevance and the quality and coherence of the piece submitted. Deadline for letter submission is noon Wednesday. Submit letters via email to, online at or mail to address on this page. Islanders are invited to submit original articles and photos for publication. Publication is based on available space, relevance and quality. The Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. Nothing contained in this publication is intended to embarrass or offend anyone. No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Publisher@fortmyersbeach.newsScience is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. Immanuel Kant Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsIf it werent for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, wed still be eating frozen radio dinners. Johnny Carson story assignments. Dont everyone doze off all at once, but it is budget season Hearings in September. School districts are allowed to hold one earlier, but our County, Town, Fire Department, Library and Mosquito Control Boards will all hold their two hearings this month. A Truth in Millage (TRIM) notice arrived in the mail to all propdistricts adopted the roll-back rate, which would bring in the same dollars as last year, and their proposed rate. That TRIM notice also provided your propertys value or values. The most important one cussions riveting entertainment, its also safe to say that everybody way down to the Lee County Hyacinth Control District, have prowill drop even lower to 14.6869 once the Fire Board approves a 2% less than this years combined rate. Only the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department has proposed an ing this past year, I can say that there is sound reasoning for that from Lee Countys opting out of doing those for the department, partments Life Safety Ordinance and the Towns new Short Term Rental rules. Added on top of the critical need for replacement of years, and the result is an additional $3.53 more per $100,000 in Boards Budget Hearing on Monday, September 10 at 5:05pm at the Control Boards rate is down. The State School rate is down. Beach year: The Town of Fort Myers Beach, Lee County & Local School crease. While its nice to have property thats worth more, that does eryone knows that, and budget increases are inevitable. Just dont theyre being lied to or, maybe worse, board members in charge of The argument can be made that property owners are taking a hit on property values due to our water quality issues of the last dow to challenge your property valuation closes this Monday, September 10 and proof of decreased value is hard to come by at this point. money, by all means stay away from the upcoming Public Budget Hearings. But, if youre curious as to how your money is used, this is vide a copy of the proposed budget and offer to answer questions Watch our Government Meetings list on our Around & About tricts to view their proposed budgets. payer.


Page 10 Water Quality Challenges Three Experts Weigh In, Contd from pg.1 the Caloosahatchee and Saint Lucie Rivers in the wet season, while not providing enough water during the dry months, rather than maintaining that Everglades connection that managed the system on its own. We can and must do something better than this, to meet the needs of our society and environment, as this serves neither. the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) is south of Lake Okeechobee, mostly for sugar cane production, and there are several designed Water Conservation Areas south of that, to clean EAA water before it reaches the Everglades, primarily paid These wetlands are just like giant Brita Filters, Davis said, where water comes in dirty and goes out clean! Unfortunate ly, the EAAs private agricultural industries take up 80% of this storage area, leaving little left for everyone else when it rains, so they overload the system. They put their runoff into public water treatment areas paid for with public money, forcing us to send water releases down the rivers to the east and west, making a mockery of the phrase: The solution for pollution is dilution! We need to build water storage back into the Everglades, rather than dumping these harmful disa more natural way. Marisa Carrozzo, Senior Environmental Policy Specialist for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, discussed the Estuaries Report Card. What we learn about water quality and wildlife habitat teaches us how to tackle the challenges facing our estuaries and associated watersheds, as this is critical to our recreational and local economies. Testing is the key, to know whether we are meeting these water quality standards, and unfortunately most of our water bodies do not. We look at the entire estuary watershed, as what happens upstream effects downstream areas, to maintain a healthy environment for our Southwest Florida tourism and economy. We translate this into grades for Wildlife Habitat and Water Quality. For the Caloo sahatchee River, unfortunately, both are a D- State of Florida is in charge of water quality, as mandated by the Federal Clean Water Act.


Page 11 Water Quality Challenges Three Experts Weigh In, Contd from pg.10 The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) conducts Water Assessments, to determine the levels of pollution through data collection. This allows the FDEP to deterof pollutants a water body can handle and levels necessary to reduce what goes into it, to meet is a Basin Management Action Plan, to bring together all the municipalities around that water to come up with a strategy to reduce pollution. The goal is to eliminate 80% of pollutants but unfortunately, the current standards are obsolete, so traditional stormwater ponds only cut nitrogen by about 45% and phosphorous by 70%, so every time we build a new develop ment, we only contribute to the problem. There will be a cost to updating these standards to attain that 80%, but then, as we are now all aware, there is also a cost to our inaction! Carrozzo stated that the problem requires a four-pronged solution: we need to stop putting more pollutants into the water; we must build projects to clean the water; we need the money to pay for these projects; and we need the political will to make it happen! Tell our elected lead this year that clean water is our goal, with stronger regulations and greater enforcement. People ourselves, however, must change our behavior as well, especially over things like fertilizer use, so these are all things we have to talk about together. To view the Estuaries Report Cards, see www.conservancy. org/reportcard. We always blame Lake Okeechobee for the polluted water discharges, added Rae Ann Wessel, the Natural Resourc es Policy Director for the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, but the Caloosahatchee River watershed is twice as big as the lake. While 60% of the nitrogen in the Caloosahatchee comes from the lake, 89% of the phosphorous is from our own watershed, so it is not just entire system, because with sea level rising, these problems will only grow, as the current setup is not working. For years, I called this The Goldilocks Principal, where we swing from one None of this is good for the Everglades or the environment or our economy, so we need to accomplish changes that will not make everything perfect, but at least Just Right! Wessel stated that the current system is predomi nantly for the management of agriculture, to assure them that they have a certain water supply, with no such assurance for natural waterways like the Caloosa hatchee River, jeopardizing the health of those, so the system is equals high nutrients equals alhigh salinity equals the loss of seagrasses and oysters and critical habitats where things die. We need that Just Right threshold to maintain a healthy system, that in turn will successfully drive our tourism-based econo my, as we have had over 80 species of marine life wash up dead on-shore since July, and that is devastating. There are 164 cities in our 19-County South Florida region that accounts for 55% that when you include the Bed er $4.3 billion in tourism revenue from Lee and Collier Counties alone, so that is a lot at stake if we dont get this right. With Floridas November election now right around the corner, Wessel encourages everyone to test the candidates Water IQ! Find out what they understand about water and what the mirror, because we all have to do something in our own lives, because in one way or another, we are all part of the problem. The issues come from multiple sources, so the solutions need to come from multiple sources. A big bugaboo for many Floridians is they want some type of turfgrass and two palm trees in their yards that requires too much fertilizer and water, while better and more thoughtful approach Many people, however, just dont like that look and wont do it, but what will you do when you have water shortages and the water turns green, so we need to make better choices. This is the nut we have to crack, and this is our challenge, as what we have now is not working. We have to be more clever, and we need everyone to buy into that!


Page 12 rfnttb bb rffn SALES CENTER OPEN DAILYtbbbr f f PRIVATE LABEL LIVING DEVELOPED BY r fntbrbbbb bbbtbtt bbbtb bbbbt tt bbtb b b bnb bb bb bbbb bb n f By Gary Mooney The Fort Myers Miracle, the Twins, defended their 2017 Florida State League (FSL) South Division 2nd Half championship, by repeating in 2018, though they had to wait roughly 30 agonizing minutes past the end of their Regular Season to learn of their achievement. Once in, they swept the Palm Beach Cardi nals, the 1st Half FSL South Chama best-of-three 1st Round matchup. Fort Myers will host Games #1 and ship Series on Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, against the North Division victor, at Hammond Stadiat either 6:30 or 7 p.m., with the last three games if necessary shifting to the North home venue from Sunday through Tuesday, September 9 to 11. At press time, the North series is tied at one-game-each between the Clearwater Threshers and Daytona Tortugas. The Miracle capped off a last place in the South Divisions 1st half, with a 28 40 record. Their 2nd half turnaround correspond ed with the call-ups of several key players from the Twins Low A team in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, principal ly baseballs #1 overall 2017 draft pick in 19-year-old shortstop Royce Lewis, and the Twins 2016 #1 seGame #1 was in Fort Myers. The Miracle jumped out early, as Kirilloff in the 1st inning pound ed a line-drive home run over right on two more in the 3rd, with Lewis singling, stealing 2nd and scoring on a two-out single by 1st baseman Ryan Costello. 3rd baseman Jose Miranda immediately followed that wall, scoring Costello to make it 3 to 0. Miracle starter Andro Cutura, who allowed only 3 runs during 5 starts in the August stretch drive, continued his mastery in Game #1, only getting into trouble in the 4th inning, when the Cardinals loaded the bases with one out, but he escaped by surrendering just a single run to make it 3 to 1. Cutura went 7 innings, giving up only 4 hits and 2 walks while striking out 9. Ryan Mason relieved, but after a perfect 8th inning, Palm Beach began the 9th with an error and single. The Miracle, however, turned a sharp 2nd-to-short-to-1st doubleplay, and ter, Game #1 went to Fort Myers. Game #2 shifted to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, where Kirilloff continued his silly-hot hitting, going 5-for-5, including a 3rd inning single that preceded Miranrun. Palm Beach immediately answered with a solo run, then load innings, including in the 5th with starter Clark Beeker, however, and immediately induced a huge shortrun, Designated Hitter Shane Carrier supported Kirilloff and Miranda by going 3-for-3 and closers Hector Lujan and Adam Bray relieved Phillips with scoreless 8th and 9th innings to preserve another 3 to 1 win, making the Miracle the South Division Champs! To even qualify for the Playoffs, the Miracle took their fans season weekend. They battled the Charlotte Stone Crabs for almost the entire 2nd half is what was essentially a two-team race. Each through Sunday slate tied for 1st, with the Miracle having one game against the Bradenton Marauders, and three over the weekend against the Clearwater Threshers, while the Stone Crabs had 6 remaining contests, with a double-header on Thursday against the Daytona Tortugas, then 4 on the closing weekend against the Florida Fire Frogs, including another double-header on Friday. Things began well for the Miracle, as they shutout Braden ton 3 0, while Daytona swept the Stone Crabs, giving Fort Myers a 1-1/2 game lead. Fortunes quickly shifted on Friday, however, as Clearwater destroyed the Miracle 10 2, while Charlotte did the same to the cellar-dwelling Fire Frogs in back-to-back shutouts by a combined 19 to 0 score, evening the two teams once again. On Saturday, Fort Myers lost a heartbreak ing 5 2 game in 10 innings, while Charlotte again mauled Florida 8 2, leaving the Stone Crabs up 1 game with one to go. Fort Myers Sunday contest began at Noon, with Charlotte at 12:35 p.m. The Miracle pushed across 2 runs in the 4th inning, Clearwater responded with one in the 6th, then Fort Myers relief pitchers Jovani Moran and Colton Davis to preserve the narrow victory. It looked like it might not matter, however, as Charlotte led 2 0 over Florida heading into the 7th inning, making their combined series score to that moment 29 to 2. To the immense credit of the Fire Frogs, however, with the leagues worst record and absolutely nothing to personally play for, they rallied to defeat the Stone Crabs, dropping them into a 40 29 tie record with Fort Myers. Since the Miracle won the 2nd Half series between the two teams 4 games to 2, the tie-breaker and 2nd Half Title went to Fort Myers! As the huge Hammond Stadium scoreboard provided Charlotte updates, almost none of the roughly 30 minutes after the Miracle win, the ovation sounded more like 14,000 fans, with the players spraying victory drinks over each other, then making their way around the -Miracle Plays For FSL Crown Pitching, Kirilloff Sweep Cards


Page 13 From the Fire Chief Community Services Available Recently we have found that most of our community is aware of the core services provided by the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department other emergencies. However, over the years our organization has more than emergency response. Many residents and businesses have utilized our additional services and we want to make sure everyone is aware of these services and knows how to access them. a series to provide additional information regarding the services provided and hopefully help resources. We would also like to encourage you to visit our website at for additional information. To kick-off this series, one of the ways to stay informed is to subscribe to the Fire Chiefs Scoop. The Scoop is a weekly publication informing our community of various activities, events, and information to help keep everyone up to date and have access to resources. To subscribe to the Scoop, please visit our websites homepage and look for Subscribe to the Scoop. In this installment we would like to highlight our Car Seat Installation services. We recognize that Car Seat Installation sounds like a simple task. With laws changing and the many different car seat and vehicles types, it is not as easy as one might think. Our organization has sent various of over forty-hours, so that we can assist you in properly installing car seats to ensure your family is safe. We would love to share this information with you, to ensure that this simple, but crucial, family safety task is providing the protection you need. Our organization is dedicated to Shaping Our far beyond responding to emergencies. If you are interested in these services or any other programs that the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department offers, please call us at (239) 590-4200, email us at, or visit us on the web at Make it a safe day! Fire Chief Fort Myers Beach Fire Department ing with their crowd! The Miracle continue to win, cluding the playoffs, where they scored 3 runs or less in 17 of the contests, yet still won 12 due to ing. The slump affected everywith 7 home runs and 45 RBI in his half-season with the team, and continued that in the playoffs, going 7-for-9 at a .778 clip with one home run. The downturn hurt Lewis worst, his average plummet from .328 to .255, and just 1-of-9 in the playoffs. regular season games was Moran; in the last two wins, he relieved Fort Myers starters who were unable to make it out of the 5th inning due to high pitch counts, throwing a combined 5.2 innings, striking out 5, walking none, allowing 1 run, and being the victorious pitcher in both. Playoff tickets for this Friday and Saturday night games are $7.50 to $12 at, the minutes prior to each game, or by telephone at 239-768-4210, with a $2 processing fee. Should the Miracle win the 2018 FSL Champi onship, it would be the 2nd in the clubs 27-year history, matching the 2014 feat.Miracle Plays, Contd Photo by Linwood Ferguson.


Page 14 Parking at FMB meters in beach accesses and downtown are free through at least Monday, September 10. A decision on whether to the Sept. 10 Town Council meet ing. Meters in county-owned lots on FMB (Lynn Hall Park, Bowditch Point Park) are also free through Sept 10. The 4Ocean Fort Myers Beach Cleanup scheduled for Sept. 8 has been postponed until further notice, due to water, sand and air quality concerns. The Fort Myers Beach Communi ty Pool is open MO, WE, FR, SA & SU from 10am-4pm. The pool is a great place to cool off on hot summer days for a nominal fee. The pool offers 7,000 square feet of cool, clear water, a lap pool with accessible lift, a shallow family pool with play structure and plenty of shade. A Water Aerobics class is held every MO, WE & FR at 9am. Aqua Strength class is offered MO & WE at 10am. Aqua Yoga on FR at 10am. The pool will be closed for maintenance on WE Sept 19. The Harry Chapin Food Bank will have their mobile food truck at 1510 Estero Blvd every WE from 10am-noon so long as they are needed to help local residents faced with decreased earnings re lated to our water quality problems. Choice Market is also available every TH from 11am-4pm at Beach Baptist. The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce is challenging the community to participate in a Tip the Bill Challenge to support our local restaurants and servers that are economically impacted by Red Tide. When you Tip the Bill, write #tipthebillFMBCC on the bill and share on social media Facebook @FMBChamber; Twitter and Instagram @FMB_Chamber. Realizing that not everyone can afford to double their bill, the community is encouraged to tip what they can and try to patronize beach busi nesses.On TU Sept 11, the Estero Island sume their meetings to be held on the second TU of the month with Social Time from 6-6:30pm and Meetings at 6:30pm at Beach Bap tist Church, 130 Connecticut St. Enter at the front of the church. All tend EITA meetings. Septembers meeting will include discussion on current issues that affected our Island over the summer months and EITAs position on these issues. For more information: esteroisland ta@gmail.comThe Friends of Lakes Regional Li brary, 15290 Bass Rd, Fort Myers, will host author Lona Root Haskins on FR Sept 14 at 1pm at the library. Her latest book is a story of love and family survival and suc cess. Her previous book of poetry was published in 2014. Program is free and open to the public. No registration is required. Calling all adults who love to play softball! Bay Oaks Recreation Center will host a Co-Ed Adult Softball League on TU night Sept 25Nov 13. Teams supply their own uniforms (solid color jersey). Cost $250/team. Must register by 7:30pm FR Sept 14 at Bay Oaks. For more info contact Dominic or 239-7654222.The Bonsai Society of SWFL will meet SA Sept 15, beginning at 9am, with coffee & greetings, at the Berne Davis Botanical Garden, 2166 Virginia Ave, Fort Myers. Phil Krieg and Martha Goff will demon strate how to construct a display using accent plants in preparation for the November show. The public is invited and help with bonsai trees is available. Free parking. The Fort Myers Beach Kiwanis Club invites anyone interested in supporting the community to join them for breakfast on Friday Sept 21 at 7:30 am at Perkins. The Beach Kiwanis Club supports the community by donating the pro ceeds from their Thrift Store located at the intersection of Pine Ridge Road and Summerlin Road. Some of the causes the Beach Kiwanis supports each year are: Golisano Childrens Hospital ($20,000), Lo cal student scholarships ($30,000) and $5000 to the Beach Elemen tary School, Little League, Beach Soccer, Needy Families, Gods Table, Swim Lessons and other projects as they surface. All are welcome to attend their breakfast meeting or visit fortmyersbeachki for more information.Pick up your special sea turtle coozie for just $2 to support Turtle Time, Inc, at the Lani Kai Island Resort. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Turtle Time, the monitoring sea turtles on south Lee County beaches, including Fort Myers Beach. In addition, from Sept 8 21, $2 from each A Publication of FREE rfntb ANNUAL FOOTBALL ISSUE www.FishTaleDining.comNow serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am 11:00 am. Happy Hour from 11:00 am 6:00 pm dailyFish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina Plaza7225 Estero Boulevard (239) 747-6500 LOCALS NIGHT is the place to be on Wednesday nights! Join us for half-priced drinks and $6 Marina Bites, along with our regular menu from 6:00 pm 9:00 pm. Bring your friends, meet your neighbors and enjoy a night of fun! Want to test your smarts & win prizes? Tuesday nights are trivia night in September at Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining beginning at 7:00 pm. Join us in the Tiki Bar for all the fun!


Page 15 NESTS................... 68 NESTS.................. 203 on kayak tours, costs, reservations and additional information. 239765-0865. Upcoming programs include: am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 11am Guided Tour 8am Mangroves by Kayak Tour; 9am Beach Walk at Newton Park (beach conditions permitting); 1pm -Guided Tour; 2pm Shell Mound Tour 1pm Guided Tour; 2pm Shell Mound Tour 6:30pm Sunset Kayak Tour 9am Beach Walk at Newton Park (beach conditions permitting); 2pm Shell Mound Tour. pm Shell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Tour 1pm Shell Mound Tour; 2pm Guided Tour Guided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs require registration, are free with park entry and take place at 10am. To register call 239-463-4588. Up coming programs include: Sea Turtle Program Sensational Sharks Sea Turtle Program Walk on the Wild Side Kayak TourThe 5th annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest will begin on Captiva Island Sept 21-23, before moving to downtown Fort Myers Sept 24-27 and wrapping up on Fort Myers Beach Sept 28-30. The Fest features live free performanc es by singer-songwriters at multi ple venues. Midland, winner of the New Vocal Duo/Group, will perform on Sept 30 at Pink Shell Resort during a ticketed event. Schedule and tickets available at 4:00pm Special Fire Board Meeting Beach Library, 2755 Estero Blvd, FMB 5:05pm Fire Board Meeting (Budget Hearing), Beach Library, 2755 Estero Blvd, FMB 8:00am FMB Mosquito Board, 300 Lazy Way, FMB 3:00pm Community Resource Advisory Board (CRAB) 4:30pm Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF) 9:00am Council Planning Meeting 9:00am Bay Oaks Advisory Board, Bay Oaks, 2731 Oak St., FMB 5:01pm FMB Mosquito Board Budget Hearing, 300 Lazy Way, FMB All meetings take place in Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach unless otherwise noted. Meeting times are accurate as of press rum runner sale will be donated to Turtle Time. A 1970-1979 Cypress Lake High School Reunion is being planned in conjunction with a Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches fundraiser for SA Sept 29 at 5:30pm at Bonita Bills Waterfront Caf. Enjoy a buffet meal for $17, music and the company of 70s CLHS grads, while you help support fundraising for 3D images for the remaining pieces of the iconic FMB arches. The imaging will allow the remain ing arch pieces to be incorporated into a new Arch Project. For more information see union or visit Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches on Facebook.See what the latest water testing results are by using these links: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status: leegov. com/waterqualityinfo The annual Coastal Cleanup spon sored by Keep Lee County Beau tiful and the Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation has been postponed until October 13 due to Red Tide concerns and low beach noon on October 13 to partici pate. Volunteer sites are Beach School, Lovers Key State Park, Bunche Beach and Dog Beach For more information visit klcb.orgHead to the Seven Seas house at Newton Park on Tuesday at 5:30pm or Wednesday at 8:30am for a yoga class taught by Susan Carter, RYT, an instructor with drop-in yoga class is for all levels should wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if they have one. $10/class. 239-765-0865The Fort Myers Beach Library is a great place to visit. Browse the librarys many collections, use the computers, visit the Friends Used Bookstore or the artwork on the FR 9am-5pm and SA 9am-1pm. 239-765-8162. Upcoming pro grams include: 2:15-3:15pm Dog Day, pre-register 10:30am Gems & Their Stories 1:30pm Hummels in 2018, pre-register 10:30am Book Discussion Beartown by Backman The oldest standing structure on Fort Myers Beach with a histori cal museum inside and beautiful grounds outside including an observation pier, kayak launch and amazing back bay views. Grounds open sunrise to sunset. Museum is open TU, WE & SA from 9am4pm. Located at 451 Connecticut


Page 16 Q: What do you call a cat that gets anything it wants? A: Purrr-suasive. A: Purrrrrrple! Q: Why was the cat sitting on the computer?


Page 17 WHAT IS COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (Mark List) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Monday or Tuesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. Melissa Schneider Eric M. Huntsman Gary Cotton Jan Obert Periman


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Page 19 The Print Shop Inkhas moved to 19221 San Carlos Blvd!Between Sunnylands Trailer Court and the Sunoco gas station! Watch for our signs!239-463-7744 September 11 Memorial Patriot Day Service All visitors and members of the Fort Myers Beach community are invited to attend a brief September 11 Memorial Service at Fire Station 33, 121 Lenell Road, Fort Myers Beach on Tuesday, September 11 beginning promptly at 8:30am. The an Honor Guard, Wreath Ceremony, Remarks by Fire Chief Matthew Love and a benedic tion by Rev. Dr. Steve Adkison of Chapel by the Sea. Fire Station 33 is home to the communitys 9/11 Memorial and houses a piece of a World Trade Center Tower Two structural I-beam. In 2011, the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department was granted two pieces of structural I-beam from the Trade Center site. Following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the wreckage was removed to JFK airport Hangar 17. Twenty tons of steel were shipped to Louisiana to become the nose of the newly commissioned USS New York. As the tenth anniver sary of the attack approached, the New York City Port Authority offered pieces of the World Trade Center structural steel to public safety departments. Thanks to now EMS Division Chief Randy Kraus, a former NYC paramed ic, two pieces of that I-beam steel was awarded to the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department. During July 2011, Kraus along with then Assistant Chief Darren White and Lt. Ron Martin, made the trip to New York to pick up the steel and bring it back to Fort Myers Beach. One piece became an integral part of the 9/11 Memorial at Station 33. The other was divided and pieces placed on the outside of all Fort Myers Beach Fire Department buildings. Dedicated on September 11, 2014, the 9/11 Memorial sits in front of Station 33 and is accessible year-round to residents and visitors. Last years 9/11 memorial ceremony was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. The memorial ceremony will begin on September 11, 2018 promptly at 8:30am. All visitors are asked to please arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time of the memorial. Late arriving visitors are asked to please remain in their vehicles if arriving during the changing of the Honor Guard or Placement of the Memorial Wreath.


Page 20 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers Beach F 7 High 1:03 AM 2.2 7:10 AM Rise 4:43 AM 12 7 Low 4:29 AM 1.8 7:41 PM Set 6:24 PM 7 High 11:17 AM 3.4 7 Low 6:25 PM 0.1 Sa 8 High 1:29 AM 2.2 7:11 AM Rise 5:49 AM 5 8 Low 5:29 AM 1.6 7:40 PM Set 7:12 PM 8 High 12:17 PM 3.5 8 Low 7:06 PM 0.2 Su 9 High 1:51 AM 2.3 7:11 AM Rise 6:55 AM 1 9 Low 6:22 AM 1.3 7:39 PM Set 7:56 PM 9 High 1:11 PM 3.4 9 Low 7:42 PM 0.4 M 10 High 2:12 AM 2.4 7:12 AM Rise 8:00 AM 0 10 Low 7:13 AM 1.1 7:38 PM Set 8:38 PM 10 High 2:02 PM 3.3 10 Low 8:14 PM 0.7 Tu 11 High 2:33 AM 2.6 7:12 AM Rise 9:03 AM 1 11 Low 8:03 AM 0.9 7:37 PM Set 9:19 PM 11 High 2:52 PM 3.0 11 Low 8:43 PM 1.0 W 12 High 2:56 AM 2.7 7:12 AM Rise 10:04 AM 5 12 Low 8:53 AM 0.7 7:36 PM Set 9:58 PM 12 High 3:42 PM 2.8 12 Low 9:10 PM 1.2 Th 13 High 3:22 AM 2.8 7:13 AM Rise 11:03 AM 12 13 Low 9:45 AM 0.6 7:34 PM Set 10:38 PM 13 High 4:37 PM 2.6 13 Low 9:37 PM 1.5 F 14 High 3:52 AM 2.9 7:13 AM Rise 12:01 PM 20 14 Low 10:42 AM 0.6 7:33 PM Set 11:20 PM 14 High 5:43 PM 2.3 14 Low 10:05 PM 1.7 BEACH CLASSIFIEDS A Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. Phone: 239-454-BUGS(2847) BEACH CLASSIFEDS $20 / WEEK $60 / 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 FT/PT Positions available Housekeeping Kitchen Morning Short Order Cook Caf Server Drug Free Workplace Apply in person Outrigger Beach Resort 6200 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach Housekeeper needed for two full size homes on Fort Myers Beach (near Sky Bridge), three days/week. Duties include all aspects of house keeping, including linens/laun ing. Should be able to lift 30 pounds. Please forward letter of interest, resume and salary requirements to: Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932 Specializing in small Electrical projects. Fan Installation New Lighting controls Outdoor lighting Camera systems Call 765-491-6306 1 & 2 BR RENTALS $1200 $1500/MO CALL CENTURY21 ELENA VALENTIN 239-851-8390 Fully furn. room for rent. Great location near Shell Pt. Close to Sanibel & FMB. Room has DirecTV w/movie channels, Wi-Fi and full kitch en & laundry access. $160/ week, $20 background check. ing for a great place to live? Call Bill at 239-841-9714




Page 22 Doors open at 5:00 PM. Beach Theater Water Conditions FMBSeptember 6th, 2018 : Despite Tropical Storm Gordons Labor Day appearance with strong offshore winds, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commissions (FWC) mid-week report on Wednes day, September 5, 2018, showed continued presence of the red tide organism, Karenia brevis along the Lee County coastline at low to high levels, though there were several locations in Lee County that dropped from high (>1million cells/liter) to medium (>100,000 1 million cells/liter) and low (>10,000 100,000 cells/liter) and human respiratory irritation can be seen when levels reach 10,000 cells/ In last Fridays FWC report, testing on August 29, showed medium levels of Red Tide at Lynn Hall Park; low levels at Lovers Key State Park and Bonita Beach Park. mately 120 miles along the Southwest Florida coast from Pinellas to northern Collier counties. Compared to last week, Collier and Sarasota counties showed decreased Red Tide cell concentrations. report will be posted on Friday, September 7, 2018. tiple locations from Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota and Lee counties in the past week. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides a twice weekly Harmful Algae Bloom Forecast ber 5 report forecasts low to moderate Red Tide levels along southern Lee County, both the bay and gulf areas, through Monday, September 10, 2018. NOAA has removed its Beach Hazard warning for Lee beaches as of September 4, 2018. Florida Gulf Cost University researcher Bob Wasno reportaccording to an article written by Chad Gillis and published by the News-Press on September 6. A dead zone is creattoo low to support marine life. The dead zone is created by the Red Tide which lands on area beaches. Off shore the surface. Eventually, those fall to the bottom of the Gulf. As that sea life gen and combined with the Red Tide, creates the dead zone, according to Rick Bartleson of the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Society. He estimates the dead zone to be about 25 square bottom 10 feet of the Gulf. Normally the all levels, but the fresh water releases from Lake O combined with watershed well. Wasno reported in the article that offshore. While local beaches are not mean theyre not out there. FMB beaches visited by the Sand Paper this week showed minimal red drift algae along the shoreline and only an ter at the shoreline at Lynn Hall Park Connecticut St. and Hercules Dr. this week was clear with minimal respira tory irritation noted on the three visits. Fort Myers Beach and Lee County continue to clean the beaches as needed. Clumps of bluegreen algae continue to be visible in Fort Myers Beach canals, with a minimal to moderate odor noted. Bluegreen algae continue to be present in North Fort Myers and Cape Coral canals as well as the Caloosahatchee River. During the last week, the University of Miami performed several air and water ria in Southwest Florida. Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae continue to be found in the water along the Lee County coast and in the estuary. Clear water and beaches can be found, though neither is a guaran tee that algae is not present. Water quality on Fort Myers Beach continues to vary, as it has for the past month, depending on wind and water currents. Once the original July 26 Red Tide surge of algae, seagrasses and dead sea life was cleaned off the beach by Town and County crews, they have worked diligently to keep up with any beach looks clean. However Red Tide continues to be found by FWC testing in low to high concentrations along our shore or just off it for over a month now. The winds and currents dictate whether the Red Tide bloom is close to shore or away from the beach. Its impossi ble to accurately predict the blooms movement. If the wind is blowing off the shore and the Red Tide bloom is pushed away from the beach, beaches with clear water and sand can be found on Fort Myers Beach. Residents and visitors are urged to check the latest water quality reports: Lee VCB: SCCF Reports: Lee County Algae Status: waterqualityinfo




Page 24 rfnt rfntfnn rfntrb nnLive Music is Back! New Front Patio! rfntb rfntfb fnnr The Best Happy Houron the Beach!Mon Fri 2-5pm