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By Gary Mooney In a meeting lasting just shy of six-and-a-half hours, the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach faced a lengthy agenda on Monday, June 18. This was Councils last meeting prior to its summer break, as it will not reconvene until Tuesday, August 7. The session began with Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane addressing the recent brown water releases initiated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from Lake Okeechobee, after Tropical Storm Alberto inundated Florida with rain, causing the lake level to rise early in the rainy season. Unfortunately, we need to take out the old playbook, said Ruane, so I am meeting with all the mayors and Town Councils in Lee County, to engage the community through a call for action. We need a plan of Shared Diversity, including the lake holding more water, now that over 50% of the improvements to the Herbert Hoover Dike are complete, and releasing more water south as well as east and west, so I am asking our communities, through our elected voice. These releases affect 163 cities that compose $1.3 trillion in real estate values and $700 Billion in tourism, totaling $2 trillion in direct impact to our people. Mayor Ruane said he wants to target three groups: The South Florida Water Management District, Governor Rick Scott and the Army Corps. We encourage this call to action to include your local businesses, condo associations, Chamber and citizens, as those letters will pressure our leaders in a respectful way to make correct decisions. Following his presenta tion, Council unanimously agreed to draft a letter of support, and Town Manager Roger Hernstadt stated that residents and business website.DOT ROAD RECOMMENDATIONS Council next heard from Florida Department of Volume 18, Number 25 By Islanders, For Islanders Fort Myers Beach, Florida June 22nd, 2018 FREE It Can Happen Anywhere By Gary Mooney A little over one year ago, (LCSO) hosted an Active Shooter Seminar at Kaiser University, in a single classroom for roughly 50 people. In a devastating sign of our time, the LCSO sponsored the Response to An Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events program last Saturday morning, June 16, at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, with over 1,500 in attenpresented the Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events portion, with Lieutenant Steven Winters of the Division of Emergency Medical Services following that with Stop responders can immediately treat active shooter situation victims. Today is a different day, said LCSO Undersheriff Carmine Marceno in the introduction. This can happen somewhere in the United States on any given day, so it is our job to deliver to you all the tools in the toolbox, to educate our citizens should, God forbid, it happen in Lee County. People dont gener ally pay attention to exit Over 1,500 people attended the Active Shooter Presentation, up from just 50 people last year. Contd pg.12 Ambitious Council Planning Session By Gary Mooney The Town Council of Fort Myers Beach undertook an an-a-half hour Management & Planning Session on Thursday, June 14, covering topics that ranged from code enforcement to right-ofway leases to ADA compliance to unincorporation. Town Manager Roger Hernstadt related that Lee County personnel were unable to attend the meeting to discuss the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Projects. Despite their absence, Council examined potential landscaping as well as a possible Seafarers property construction permit extension from June 30 until the end of 2018, to allow Lee County to continue to use it as a staging area. Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp said she wanted so all equipment is gone prior to the holidays. Council member Bruce Butcher, however, said that if they need it, let them have it. If we do anything that adds even two days to the project, we shoot ourselves in the foot. Council member Dennis Boback said crews could do work at night, to speed up this process. Mayor Tracey Gore, Contd pg.15 Bill Veach, 2018 Fort Myers Beach Citizen of the Year. Photo by Gary Mooney.Contd pg.8 Ever since the Town of Fort Myers Beach became a town in 1995, there have been calls to unagreement with Town government. Several times since 1995, there have been loosely organized efforts to dissolve the Town and go back to being part of unincorporat ed Lee County, though it was mostdetermined by the level of satisfaction with residents interaction with Town Hall. This year something different is afoot. This time its not just bar talk. Free Our Beach, Inc. is making a professionally-guided run at dissolving the Town of Fort Myers Beach, having hired a political consultant and an attorney, plus gone to the expense of incorporat The Articles of Incorpora ment of State Division of Corpora tions lists the date of incorporation of Free Our Beach as March 16, ip Nichols of Roswell, Georgia, the political consultant working for the Our Beach, Inc. are listed as: President and Registered Agent Chuck Bodenhafer; Vice-Presi -Contd pg.14


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Page 3 LETTERS to the EDITOR FIRE VICTIMS OFFER THANKS TO FMB To all the wonderful people of Fort Myers Beach, my family and I would like to let you all know how much you touched our hearts last week while we were on vacation at Fort Myers Beach. On June kids, the dog and I were all in the house. We were able to get out and call for help. life to save a piece of our life. We have been vacationing in this house for 20 years and many memories have been made there. I also want to thank the tons of people who comforted us on the beach as we watched the house burn with our possessions inside of it. My husband was not there at the time, and I was all the kids had. I was just as scared as them, but so many people hugged us and offered us water and just comfort, they were all unbelievable. Fire State # 32 took us back with them since we had no family to go to. Paul, the Captain and Terry, the Battalion Chief, fed us Lighthouse Resort took us in, including our dog. They were very kind to us and our crazy kids. The kids just loved staying there and made so many friends. It was just a great atmosphere for them to have fun after all they had been thru. They truly are great people there and we plan to come back and stay there again. And lastly, a Thank You to Jacki at the Chamber, what a wonderful woman. Gizmo, our dog, his leash melted to the couch and she was so kind and gave him a leash she had from a previous pet of hers. It just melted my heart that she would do that for him. She also helped us get our clothes washed and gave us coupons to help feed us. I have been visiting Fort Myers Beach for 20 years but have never realized what amazing people you have on this beach until this past week. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. The Garners Chris, Kim, Owen, Ruby, Tripp and Gizmo the dog New Island resident Nada Powers shared this evening photo she took from her balcony recently after an especially hot day. Readers are invited to share their high-resolution photos by sending them to


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim RodwellFLORIDA POISONTREE The Florida Poisontree, Metopium toxiferum, an evergreen shrub to a medium sized tree 25 to 35 feet in height. Toxiferum has a short trunk with a brown to reddish bark. Branches arch upwards then droops downward spreading its crown. Compound leaves are arranged alternately on the branches and are 6 to 10 inches in length. The compound leaf 3 inches wide. Margins are entire. Leafy color is shiny green when young and dark green with black spots. Black spots are an exuded poisonous sap. Toxiferum is dioecious. That is on another. Flowers are in a panicle of 5 green sepals and a corolla with 5 only 5 functional stamens. Females have only its pistel at the center of the corolla. The fruit is a dark orange drupe. Only the female tree will bear fruit. The poisonous sap has alkaloids that can cause serious skin and mucus irritation on skin contact. Toxiferum is a member of the Anacardiaceae (Cashew) family. Included in this family are Mangos, Sumacs, Poison Oaks and Brazilian peppers. The specimen in the photo is a female tree bearing fruit. The photo was taken in a Pine Rockland in the Everglades National Park. rfnttb bb rffn SALES CENTER OPEN DAILYtbbbr f f PRIVATE LABEL LIVING DEVELOPED BY r fntbrbbbb bbbtbtt bbbtb bbbbt tt bbtb b b bnb bb bb bbbb bb n f All eyes were on Bike Safety at the Bay Oaks Recreation Center last Saturday, June 16 during the Bike Safety Day. After heavy rains postponed the original date in late May, the 16th dawned a perfect day for two bike rides, one to Bonita Beach Road and the other a fun ride on Fort Myers Beach. A variety of bicycle related vendors were present at Bay Oaks campus, giving bike demos, handing out free kids helmets and running a bike rodeo focused on safe riding. Photos by Sarah List.


Page 5 www.MatanzasOnTheBay.com416 Crescent Street, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 CALL FOR WATERFRONT ACCOMMODATIONS (239) 463-925 8 RESTAURANT INN MARINA Free Boat Dockage Indoor & Outdoor Seating Call Ahead Seating Available Happy Hour Everyday Live Music Daily Upstairs Sports Bar ADD US TO YOUR BEACH BUCKET LISTMATANZAS ON THE BAY just ask the locals! Private Event Packages! It Takes a VillageBy Gary Mooney The Beach Area Civic Association (BACA) met at Bonitas Bill Community Room on Tuesday, June 19. BACA President Charlie Gucciardo, representing TPI Hospitality and the Margaritaville Resort, soon to be under construction at the base of the Matanzas Pass Bridge, for an update. By now, everyone knows TPI joined forces with Margaritaville Resorts, Gucciardo related. These discussions actually began before the Town of Fort Myers Beach approved construction of the resort, but until we received that, there was no reason to go forward. What he called almost as exciting, however, is the other piece of the puzzle, San Carlos Village. This will be an affordable housing complex on 15 acres, around the 7-11 Store on Pine Ridge Road. It is TPIs experience that the hardest thing to do is to get and keep employees as well as getting them back and forth to work, so if our employees live at San Carlos Village, they will have relatively low rents, and we can transport them to and from the resort, as this was one of Town Councils concerns. We will have 75 additional parking spaces there also, should we need overmore comfortable. Gucciardo was unsure whether the construction of the resort or San Carlos Village would them complete at the same time. An interesting part is we are thinking of locating the resorts laundry facility to San Carlos Village, as it may be easier and cheaper to move laun dry there than transporting those employees to Margaritaville. We that we will present to Lee County, and hope this becomes a concept emulated by others. The land is already zoned for multi-families and a hotel, though we are not sure if a hotel there will be part of the plan. Our marketing study indicated it can take up to 300 units, and that is more than we will ever need for resort employees, so we are not sure if we will make the remaining ones available to other people. Jack Mayher, co-developer of the proposed Bay Harbour concept for San Carlos Island, stated that our marketing study closely mirrors TPI, especially over necessary parking and affordable housing for the tourism industry, as keeping employees is the #1 issue and getting them to work is #2. Interesting parallels, commented Whitehead. I have worked with kids here for a long time and am tired of seeing them move away!DOCK OF THE BAY Whitehead then addressed Bay Harbour, stating that its case is continued to Wednesday, August 15, with the Lee County Hearing Examiner setting aside three days. Be aware this is now a new and not a remanded case, meaning if you want to provide testimony to the County Commissioners later in the process, you must address the Hearing Examiner again, even We appreciate Jack and his partner, Nick Ruland, kicking this back, to allow additional time to keep able solution. Mayher announced the building design is now down anothfrom 145 to 130 feet. To do this, however, we had to eliminate the tier design for a box concept. Even though this is cheaper for us to build, I personally do not like it, as it destroys its character. We want to provide the best product for this area, so you have to ask if 130 rather than 145 feet is worth losing the architectural enhancements. We enjoy working with you, and hope to earn BACAs support, but with the August 15 date now set, we are at the point where the rubber meets the road, and we have to cut loose nal rendering. BACA member Dave Anderson pointed out two potential said, most people are unaware: In the case of a hurricane, the build ing will have generators for San Carlos Island residents, and they will make their garage available to park your cars at the higher levels. We intend to make all amenities available to San Carlos Island residents, added Mayher. This is our community, too, and we hope these things will bring our community together. Whitehead will email the BACA Board and membership for their opinions, to report back their conclusions, stating you deserve to know how we feel before those hearings. The next BACA meeting will be Tuesday, July 10, at 6 p.m., with Whitehead reminding everyone to write your State representative, to tell them we do not want any dirty brown water, before adjourning.John Gucciardo (right foreground) discusses San Carlos Village and Margaritaville Resort with BACA. Photo by Gary Mooney.


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Page 7 In the regular monthly meeting of the Lee County Tourist Development Council (TDC) on June 14 in downtown Fort Myers, multiple budgetary items were heard including a request for 2019 funding for the free seasonal Fort Myers Beach Tram service. Fiscal Manager Lucy Maldo nado reviewed the 2019 Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB) Fiscal Year (FY) Proposed Budget. Tourist tax revenues are budgeted at $41 million, which is down slightly from the estimated September 2018 FY year-end totals of $42.5 million. The forecast for a slight decline is based on a slightly larger than normal tourist season this year, due to storm damage in so many other popular tourist destinations in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean, crews. The VCB operating expen ditures are budgeted at $19.9 million covering $12.4 million for tourism advertising, with personnel and other operating costs making up the balance. The Lee County Bed Tax of 5%, collected on accommodations rented for six months or less, is allocated by county law as follows: 53.6% advertising and promotion (VCB operations and Lee County Sports Development operations); 26.4% beach & shoreline improve ments and maintenance and 20% stadium debt service. The TDC budget presented at the meeting is part of the Lee County budget, which the Board of County Commissioners must approve. Lee County Parks & Recreation Department requested an additional $3.3 million for additional ities in the area adjacent to Century Link Hammond Stadium. Lee County Sports Authority has documented that demand for ball the year-round business of sports camps and tournaments for youth and adult softball and baseball. Current camp and tournament directors have expressed displeasure with the travel time required from Lee County to Charlotte and Colthe larger events. If approved, this would bring total capital improve ment projects funding from $5.7 million to $9.0 million, with funds currently available in reserves. Hurricane Irma led to the VCB spending an additional $500,000 in marketing Lee Coun ty after the storm. They also spent $175,000 to try to bring more Germans to the area by plugging new nonstop service to RSW by German-based Eurowings in May. A 40% decline in German visitors last season was related to Air Berlins cancellation of its direct service to RSW.BEACH TRAM A SUCCESS LeeTran presented successful data for the seasonal openair Tram service on Fort Myers Beach. 118,753 passengers rode the Tram during its trial period between Feb 12 and May 30, 2018, which contributed to the 42% increase in ridership of the combined Beach Park & Ride, Beach Trolley and Beach Tram. 2019 plans include similar routing from Bowditch Point to Matanzas Pass Preserve, which covers 28 stops over 4.8 miles, with 30 minute frequencies the Tram. Enclosed Beach Trolley service would continue its 17+ mile route from Bowditch Point to Lovers Key for south-end service and service during inclement weather periods when the open-air Tram use is less attractive. Fare for the Trolley service is $0.75. LeeTran requested funding of $430,359 from the TDC, which represents 75% of the total Tram only operating costs for FY 19 and an additional tram to be used as back up. VISITOR PROFILE Davidson-Peterson Associates (DPA) representative Bob Roand Occupancy Analysis for the months January, February & March 2018. DPA provides visitor and tourism research data to the TDC based on over 900 interviews at a number of locations, including Fort Myers Beach. The 3-month tourist season of 2018 brought 1.3 million people to Lee County, with 790,000 staying in paid accommodations, pared to 2017. The 2017 FY saw approximately 4.8 million visitors to Lee County. Several survey results appear to be contradictory. Six percent of interviewees said that water quality was one of their least liked trip features, the same as in 2017. This could suggest a too high percentage with concerns over water quality or a positive as the concern not being any higher than 2017. quality of water along Lee County Beaches and Bays during the winter of 2018, due to the low rainfall and lack of discharges from Lake Okeechobee. 3% of the respon dents expressed the quality of accommodations as their least liked visit feature. This answer compares to only 1% reporting this response creasing expectations of travelers, condition of some Lee County accommodations. Inherent in these responses is the competitive nature of business or vacation travel accommodations, food and beverage choices and attractions. Perhaps the most important survey result showed 96% of the respondents rated their Lee County experience as Very Satcame, had a good time and 94% indicated they are likely to return.


Page 8 Contd pg.10 Transportation (FDOT) represen tatives concerning future improve ments for State Road 865, better known as San Carlos Boulevard, over the Matanzas Pass Bridge, and onto Estero Boulevard and extending down to Crescent Street. FDOT representative Jennifer Marshall reminded Council the FDOT hosted a public forum on February 27, presenting two (San Carlos) Island and four Beach alternatives. Marshall stated that FDOT is recommending Island Alternative #2, that would connect two general-use lanes over the Matanzas Main Street that includes a lefthand turn, switching the current Buttontered to actuated metered, extend the Matanzas Pass Bridge trolley lane to Main Street and add a shared-use path to the north side of Hurricane Pass Bridge. They recommend Beach Alternative #1 as well that would convert the current Matanzas Pass Bridge transit lane into a gener al-use lane, widen the bridge on the north side to add a sidewalk Carlos Boulevard & Fifth Street and Crescent Street & Estero Blvd. We prefer this option because, if screams this is not working, we can easily convert back to the previous setup. When Council members expressed reservations, Marshall stated that FDOT hopes to fund the actual design in the upcoming and cannot be done, so you will still have plenty of time for input. We also have yet to speak with representatives from TPI Hospitality, to get their feedback about their new resort, before going forward. Public Hearings. Under the Final Reading of the Carousel Inn Ordinance, to construct 2 buildings composed of 12 units to replace the motel over 8 years, Carousel legal counsel Beverly Grady requested that Council waive the $500-perday penalty condition, should they not complete their project on time. She argued that the Town already had authority to withhold any necessary permits if the owners do not follow the Town Code, it can revoke the projects zoning, the stipulation does not provide for due process, the Town may not perform its obligations in a timely manner, and this condition does not exist for any other Town project, concluding, We believe the safeguards in your I appreciate your argument, said Council member Anita Cereceda. I hate it every time this appears, so thank you for giving me


Page 9 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 18 years Missy Layeld, Editor Editor@fortmyersbeach.newsThe best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream. Bill Murray Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsWhen a dog runs at you, whistle for him. Henry David Thoreau Mark List, Production ManagerProduction@fortmyersbeach.newsWhen people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. Ernest Hemingway Sarah List, Photographerinfo@fortmyersbeach.newsReal freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization. Charles Lindbergh Sandy Sandness, Advertisinginfo@fortmyersbeach.newsA bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. Chinese ProverbThe Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper. FAX WEBSITE SUBMISSIONS POLICY Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author & include a phone number for verication. No pseudonyms. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, good taste and to prevent libel. No attacks on private individuals or letter writing campaigns, please. Repetitive letters from the same individual on the same subject will not be printed. We will publish a maximum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words will be considered for Guest Opinion publication.DEADLINE FOR LETTER SUBMISSION IS NOON WEDNESDAY. e Island Sand Paper encourages all Islanders to submit original articles and photos. Publication is based on space and takes into account relevance and quality. e Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. Nothing contained in this paper is intended to embarrass or oend anyone. No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Publisher@fortmyersbeach.newsIn the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield. Warren Buffett Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsWhen the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. ThompsonOFFICE HOURS MON-FRI 10AM-3PM story assignments. CALL TO BE SURE! FIX THE LDC Is there a more misunderstood document in our Town than the Land Development Code? Probably not. The various interpretations of what it allows and what it doesnt has pitted council vs staff vs residents for years. Elevated pools anyone? The Fort Myers Beach Land Development Code (LDC) is tied to the Comprehensive Plan. According to the Comp Plan, it lays the foundation for a new Land Development Code to guide further development and redevelopment. It lays out the rules and regulations for our Town. Depending on who you talk to, it is a perfect set of guidelines chiseled in stone, unerring in its perfection and providing iron-clad protection of our small-town way of life. Or its an out of date set of rules, written over two decades ago before FEMA building rules tightened, that has holes that allow the construction of massive houses, yet unnecessarily restrict those wanting to update their homes. Which is it? For over eight years, weve heard Local Planning Agency (LPA) and Town Council members complain during their meetings about the large houses that are replacing the small beach cottages on our Island. Often, its homes along the beachfront that block views of the Gulf of Mexico for drivers on Estero Blvd. that are the object of disdain. Is disdain too strong a word? We dont think so. The use of the term, McMansion drips with disdain and superiority (small houses are so much better!) and yet, that is the word most often used to discuss the large homes permitted and built according to our codes. Permitted and built according to our codes by our new neighbors. Those houses are following the Land Development Code rules. Who controls what is in the LDC? The Town Council. The LPA can share their opinion on the LDC, but council is free to ignore them, which they have a tendency to do. Every couple years, we hear about an effort to review and update the LDC. Heres what happens: The topic comes up, it triggers a vigorous defense of the LDC as needing no updating and the effort goes nowhere. As Town management and staff changes every few years, a hard, comprehensive look at the LDC never seems to achieve any real traction.LDC GLITCHES But theres hope! Council has instructed the LPA to look at possible LDC changes in glitch areas. Areas that seem to have confusing or contradictory language that has become a problem for Town staff to does make it sound like the problems with the LDC are less comprehensive and serious certainly. We dont care what word they use. If they want to slide into an LDC review sideways using glitches as their entry, ok. The LPA has a list of areas within the LDC that they hope to work on after their July break. While not comprehensive, that list includes pre and post disaster buildback; open space, buffering and landscap ing; building height; setback variances; parking; personal watercraft and parasailing; turtle lighting; density and existing subdivisions; intensity and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and pools and accessory structures. Some areas are on the list at the request of staff, others at the request of LPA members. One thing we are sure of is that all these areas need a comprehensive review. Our patchwork rules that confound staff and resbicycles. one area, a problem develops in another area. Our LDC is like that old plumbing. We, as a town, need to look at the whole picture and carefully consider the effects of any suggested changes. Even better, how about we take a careful look at the entire LDC at the same time and update the entire document where needed? The author of the LDC, Jim Spikowski, said as much during his review of the TPI-FMB project. While that review is underway, there should be no moratorium. The effort to establish a moratorium on a single small area of the LDC that council thinks it might want to change is cherry-picking at its worst. Sure, it needs to be reviewed, as does most of the rest of the LDC, so why the moratorium on just that one small section of code? With the town deep into a lawsuit with a property effected by the moratorium under consideration, the moratorium looks just plain punitive. If you want the code changed, just do it. Skip the moratorium. If the Town wants to control what new construction and redevel opment looks like, they need to do something about the LDC. Things like setbacks, allowable heights and view corridors are just a few areas where the Town could establish guidelines that affect the look and feel of our Town. Its our LDC; lets specify what we want new construction to look like. What we are getting now is exactly what our LDC allows. We cant complain when people follow the rules weve set. If we want a different result, we need to change the rules.


Page 10 a leg to stand on, as you laid out a very good case. Council member Dennis Boback stated that I support the project, but I am good criticism is with the time frame, as you should build 12 units in less than 8 years. Cereceda requested that, if her colleagues support to indicate that if the delay occurs because of the governmental process, this does not affect the developers. That is a good point, agreed Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp, who made the motion to approve, violations, that passed unanimous ly.A SQUARE PEG Under the 1st Reading of the 764-768 Estero Boulevard Home Rebuilding and Rezoning Ordinance, most Council members agreed the project does not quali fy under the Code as pre-disaster buildback or as new construction due to density, height, and square footage violations, but it is a unique borhood. It kills me we can allow a business to do this, but not a resident; there has got to be a reason to allow this, said Mayor Tracey Gore, with the Hernstadt replying, Frankly, there is! It is a square peg in a round hole, but just vote Yes! Council unanimously approved moving the Ordinance to its Final Reading on August 7, while directing staff to work with the applicant Under the 1st Reading of a Proposed Americans for Disabil ities Act (ADA) Amendment to the recently passed Bicycle Ordinance, in response to a citizen action, Council unanimously opted against a change to this Ordinance alone, preferring to implement a Townwide ADA Ordinance that it will examine at its August 20 meeting. In the interim, it instructed the Town Attorney to make appropriate accommodations for the disabled bicyclist. Find additional details in a related article in this edition of The Island Sand Paper. In other Public Hearings, Council unanimously approved the 2nd Reading for a 500 Square Foot Exemption under the Neighbor hood Flood Amendment and continued the 431 Bonita Street Appeal to its August 7 meeting. In other items, Council passed its Consent Agenda to complete the Phase 2 North Estero Boulevard sidestreets design for Water and Stormwater improvements at $20,000; approved the Town 2017-18 Contd pg.19


Page 11 LOCALS NIGHTWednesday, June 27th 6:00 pm 9:00 pmHalf Priced Drinks $6 Marina Bites Fish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina Plaza7225 Estero Boulevard (239) 747-6500 By Gary Mooney Tom Nielsen and his wife, who live on San Carlos Island, are now on their third generation of electric bikes, picking up the hobby roughly 8 years ago. My current one has about 3,400 miles, they had over 2,000 miles, so we use them a lot. Toms bike is even more important to him, as a leg inju ry means his electric bike provides him with greater mobility. It allows me to travel longer distances, as we bike Fort Myers Beach most mornings, going the entire length of the island and back, often stopping for breakfast or having fun or going to the beach. The Estero Island road construction made these trips more implemented the recent Bicycle & Vehicle Ordinance that prohibited electric bicycles on the sidewalk, complete, Tom recalled, we attempted riding down the street and it seemed like every driver tried to kill us! They come so close and constantly cut us off, often on purpose. In a way I understand, as the construction frustrates everyone, and drivers want to get where they want to go as fast as possible, by cutting around us bicyclists, so they take out their collective frustrations on us. In seeking a remedy, Niel sen contacted The Advocacy Group, whose attorneys take on worthwhile legal issues on a pro ADA Complaint of Discrimination against the Town on June 4. As a issue at its Management & Planning Session on Thursday, June 14, then as a Council agenda item at its Monday, June 18, meeting, under the st Reading of Proposed Amendments to the Bicycle & Vehicle Safety Ordinance.FRANKENORDINANCE We recommend the Ordinance contain additional language to allow mobility and disability devices to share the sidewalk in areas without dedicated bike lanes, began Town Attorney John Turner. These devices, however, must not exceed speeds attained by the and that is generally between 2.5 to 5 miles-per-hour. During Public Comment Bill Veach, Chair of the Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF), said, This is a compli cated thing. Bonita Springs has a separate Ordinance that just deals with ADA standards for every one of its facilities, all in one place in its Code, rather than a FrankenOrdi nance that chops it up all over the place. I did some research on this, said Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp. I feel the way to go is to do what Bonita Springs did, so the Town needs a Mobility Policy. According to the United States Department of Justice, everyone is entitled to reasonable accommodations, but mobility devices cannot create a risk of harm. We should develop a comprehensive policy, rather than creating something piecemeal in the Bicycle Ordinance, that would include everything from Town Hall facility, stating what is and is not allowable for safety purposes, so I would like to table this until we can investigate a Mobility Policy for the entire Town. Council member Dennis Boback inquired about what the Town could do until then for Mr. Nielsen. We can allow him to use his mobility and disability device, replied Turner, but on a restricted speed, as a safety factor. This should get him through until we have a comprehensive accommodation plan in place. Shamp wanted to ensure that when Mr. Nielsen applied for his temporary permit, that it is free. The Vice Mayor wondered how an ADA policy might affect its ban of electric bikes from the beach. Right now, we dont allow these on the beach, particularly in the CritiCritical for a reason. Mobility devices are allowable from beach accesses to the water, but not along the entire length of the island. Any place a person can access the beach, countered Council member Anita Cereceda, a person with a disability has the right to do so as well. Turner reminded Council that the Town has a list of motorized vehicles it allows on the beach, includ ing for Police, Fire, several owned by the Town, and those of private beach vendors for their equipment. If we are going to go down this route, said Town Manager Roger Hernstadt, then we need an ADA consultant who specializes in this area, to look at the whole range of ADA issues. I recommend that you pass this First Reading, while we continue to look at this, to have something for you in August. With that, Council unanimously passed the Ordinance to its August 20 meeting.ACCEPTABLE COMPROMISE When contacted Wednes day morning, June 20, for his reaction, The Advocacy Group informs me the Town is within its right to set an ADA speed limit, said Nielsen, and it sounds like they intend to do that in the 3.5 to 5 mile-per-hour range, but I will protest that decision, as the original Ordinance and Florida State law uses wording for regular bicycles that says a Rea sonable Speed, and it sounds like the Town does not cap that for normal bicycles, so why should they for ADA vehicles. To me, it should be the same wording for everything. Nielsen said he travels ofto accommodate people, bicycles, cars and wildlife all at the same time, while all this Council seems to want to do is ban ADA devices, rather than seeking an acceptable compromise or imposing an overall speed limit like others do, mostly in the 10 mile-per-hour range. We woke them up, however, and that was the game plan, so I will be interested to see what they come up with in August, and hope others get involved. As of Wednesday morning, Nielsen had not yet heard from Town representatives offering him his temporary accommodation.


Page 12 It Can Happen Anywhere signs, where they sit, or suspicious activities, but you must, as survival is the key. Every single one of you are a part of our team, and you must be our eyes and ears to detect early warning signs, such as a guy walking down the street wearing a trench coat in 100-degree heat. We have 122 Lee County schools with over 90,000 students and over 90,000 bookbags we pray carry nothing more than books. He then unzipped a typical bookbag and produced a mock gun. During his presentation on Active Shooter & Mass Casualty will learn things this morning that work well and dont work well. We take it for granted everything will be all right, because for the most part, we live in a pretty safe county, but this can happen anywhere and you can what if yourself to death. The attitude that says if I just stay right where I am, everything will be ok doesnt work, so be mentally ready standing right there, someone from responder, so what you do in the ference, as seconds matter. If this happens to you, evacuate or hide immediately. Lock and block doors with something, like furniture, because a shooter wants to harm as many people as possible as easy as possible, so they are less likely to try to get in a locked door. Call 911 and provide as much information as possible.SOFT TARGETS A mass killing incident is when one or more criminals kills 3 or more people in a single incident, with a handgun, but that includes or other means. Mass killers usually make an active plan, attack unprotected places and soft targets where people dont have the abil with children. They have no interest in negotiating, and are often better ple with a domestic violence history mass killer. Businesses are the most likely locations for Active Shooter situations, followed by schools, open spaces, government, residences, houses of worship and healthcare facilities. Tuesdays are the most likely day, followed by Fridays, but they happen every day of the week, he related, with the most common time between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., with half of the violent of mass killers tell someone what they intend to do before they carry out their crime, yet no one reports them. Family and friends often notice the erratic behavior they see over and again, but shrug it off, saying, that is just Rick no big deal until Rick goes off! According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, mass killings occurred 160 times in the United States between 2000 and 2013, increased to 200 between 2014 and 2015, and now reached 930 incidents since 2016. RUN, HIDE & FIGHT When entering a building, look for exits. Think about these things in advance, because our brain sees pictures, so if we are unfamiliar with the situation, the brain says, I dont know what to do, and freezes. We are creatures of habit and an unplanned emergency throws a monkey wrench into that. Another reaction you must overcome is denial, as in This cant happen to me. When in doubt, act! There are three options: Run, Hide or Fight: Use any available means to get out, including emergency and alarmed exits, he emphasized, but only if you safely know where you are going; if not, stay concealed. It is not good to get caught in a long hall when a bullet travels 1,500-feet-a-second. Encourage others to leave with you, but dont wait or go back for them. Be mentally prepared to option, so get into that mindset. What wouldnt you do for your children is how you must think. It will surprise you what you can do when you are scared! You can put out someones eye with scissors, because it is life or death; me or him. Put car keys or a pen along your against the back of your hand, throat, because if the bad guy cant see and breath, you can get away. once you choke them out with the fog, regrip the can and ram it into their head, with that sharp metal ring on the bottom! Once you encounter law raise your hands and spread your grabbing onto them, or yelling and screaming, tell them the direction the shooter is heading, and follow Photos by Gary Mooney


Page 13 their instructions.STOP THE BLEEDING In the Stop The Bleeding presentation, Lieutenant Winters stressed, This is not just for active shooter situations but any other emergency, including during hurricane season, home incidents, car accidents or any other circumstance responder, because if you can step up and take immediate action, you will probably save a life, as someone can bleed to death in as little as community should die from bleed ing, if you have the willingness to act. Do not, however, place yourself in an unsafe situation, because if you get hurt, we have two injured people rather than one, and you are no good to no one. Then follow the ABCs to stop the bleeding. A is for Alert: Call 911 to get professional help. B is for Bleed ing: Identify if it is a life-threaten ing situation, like spurting or blood soaking through dressing or clothyourself thinking, Hmm, that looks life-threatening bleeding. C is for Compression, meaning apply direct pressure either with packing or a tourniquet, especially for arm and leg injuries. The two major mistakes people make with tourniquets are they wait too long to use one or, when they do, not placing it high enough up on extremities. Take slack completely out of it, advised Lieutenant Winters, then tighten the rod, or windlass, until the bleed ing stops one or two turns gener ally will do it then secure it in place and write the time on it for emergency personnel. Dont be afraid to apply a tourniquet because of the old story that medical professionals will amputate the arm or leg that is a fallacy! SUMMON THE COURAGE When packing a wound without gauze, use a clean shirt or towel and stuff it into the wound rather than placing it on top or the victim will bleed out. Head inju ries bleed a lot, since there are so many blood vessels, so apply direct pressure and a pressure dressing as soon as possible. You will be squeamish, that is natural, said the Lieutenant, but summon the courage and take action. You can now many emergency heart attack units in public places. Remember, the only thing more tragic than death is a death that could be prevented. For additional information, see The LCSO offers business security assessments, self-defense classes and numerous other programs, either for free or a minimal cost. To arrange for such a presen tation in the Fort Myers Beach or South Fort Myers areas; contact Crime Prevention Specialist Peggy Lince directly at 239-258-3284 org. Report suspicious activity; if you see something, say somebecause none of us is as strong alone as all of us. Take what you learned today and tell it to others of the 750,000 people who live here, so that Lee County is the safest place in Florida. At last weeks annual meeting of the Florida Association of Special Districts (FASD) in Orlando, Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Matthew Love and Fire Commissioner Ron Fleming were each recognized for completion of special district-related educational programs. Fire Chief Matthew Love was recognized as an quirements of the Florida Statutes for Special Districts and includes study of a wide range of subject matter critical to the operation of a special district. Love began the training program in March 2017 when he spent a week in Tallahassee devoted to a 40-hour training program, followed by attendance at a legislative session. He explained that was just the beginning. Follow ing that week, I had six months to develop and complete a CDM training program: project management, public relations, strategic planning, board relations and ethics & Sunshine Law. I chose Creation of the Board Policy Manual as my project. The 15-page manual was adopted by the board in December 2017. The program was very helpful to me as a Fire Chief new to Florida. Fire Commissioner Ron Fleming was recognized complete the CDO process, completed 25 hours of educa tion spread over 10 different subject areas such as Board Relations with District Manager & Staff, Contract Manage ment, Election, Ethics & Sunshine Law, Strategic Planning and Financial Management & Audits. About the FASD Today, there are over 1,600 Independent and Dependent Special Districts in Florida, governed by more than 30 statutes, involving over 500 local governments. Special Districts provide limited purpose government on a local level. Fire control, library, port & inlet, mosquito, water control, community development, roads, hospital and other districtsall providing unique services, but all with the same need to be accountable and accessible to the citizens they serve. The mission of the FASD is to unify and strengthen special purpose government through education, the exchange of ideas and active involvement in the legislative process. For additional information on FASD, visit Fort Myers Beach Fire Commissioner Ron Fleming (left) was recognized as a Certithe FASD annual conference earlier this month. Photo provided.


Page 14 dent Arnold Mausser and Secretary Marty Weit. Bodenhafer told us this week that he is no longer involved, that he has submitted a revised ofnot been posted yet. Current ofto Nichols, are: President Arnold Mausser and Vice-President Roby Robinson and Secretary Marty Weit, all beach residents. Multiple attempts to reach the groups President, Arnold Mausser, were unsuccessful this week. Mausser is a real estate agent with Lahaina Realty, which is owned by Lee County Commissioner Larry Kiker and Paula Kiker. Philip Nichols is a political consul tant whose Lee County work has included several political campaigns and petition efforts including serving as Campaign Manager for Larry Kiker in his successful run for County Commissioner in 2012. According to trusted sources, Larry Kiker has denied any involvement in the unincorporation effort for the Town where he once served as Mayor. With the hiring of professional advisors and the costs of incorporation, there are clearly some unincorporation effort, but Nichols declined to name them. When asked whether Commissioner Kiker was involved in any way, Nichols responded, Not to my knowledge. Free Our Beach has drafted a petition and ordinance that, if enough signatures (25% of registered voters) are collected, would put the question of dissolving the town on the ballot for voters to decide. The next municipal election is in March 2019. Nichols declined to say which election they are aiming for. As of the last election, Fort Myers Beach had 4,987 registered voters. 25% of that number would be 1,247. The number of petition signatures needed would be based on current registration. The Lee need to certify each petition signature as matching a Fort Myers Beach registered voter name, adCOMPLETE BALONEY Free Our Beach was formed to address the issues and challenges facing voters and taxpayers on Fort Myers Beach according to an unsigned press release sent out by Nichols late Wednesday. Nichols explained that, People are not happy with Town Council. The press release cites excessive regulations, new layers of bureau cracy, excessive code enforcement bordering on harassment as the groups primary issues with the Town. Residents are afraid to speak up about many of their issues for fear of reprisals and harassment by members of their own Town Council. Council member Dennis Boback found the concept that anyone is afraid to speak up to council, pure bull. He explained, Ive lived on the Island 23 years. If youve lived here long enough and attended enough council meetings, you know that no one is afraid to complain to council members. Thats just complete baloney! Boback also disagreed with the charge of harassment. I just dont believe theres any harassment. The goal of the towns code enforcement is compliance. I dont think code enforcement is out to target anybody. Have they made errors in judgement when a warning could have been issued instead of a citation? Sure. Can we make improvements in code enforcement? Of course we can. But its up to Town Council and the Town Manager to make sure that our rules are enforced across the board. Council member Bruce Butcher pointed out that the current problems created in the past and are working to create enforceable codes. This council also passed a to relieve restrictions on property improvement, he emphasized. SHORT TERM RENTALS Another hot-button topic in the unincorporation effort is the Short Term Rental Ordinance. While it was passed in early May and Free Our Beach was created in March, the topic had been on counnal passage. According to the Free Our Beach press release, Town Council has stripped away the homeowners property rights, by excessively governing how we rent our homes, unreasonably dictating what we can build on our land and senselessly deciding even where we have to park our vehicles. Boback said hes sure he knows whos behind the effort to dissolve the town but declined to name names. Whos gonna benvestors and realtors. There are 2 issues that probably triggered this effort: 1) Theres a good number of people who are unhappy with our decision on Short Term Rentals. In my opinion, some people would like the Island to be all weekly or daily rentals. 2) People are unhappy with Code Enforcement. But there are a few people who continually break the rules and the Town is bound to enforce them. Butcher defended the Towns Short Term Rental Ordinance, The big rules on rentals are dictated by the state and coundid nothing to restrict rentals. Again, a prior council put in the family requirements. We will take that out of the regulations. FMB is far behind most communities in registering rentals. In fact, it was required in our codes but not truly enforceable. Even Airbnb agreed to registering. And he added, Council addressed the parking issue at their last meeting. BACK TO LEE COUNTY If the Town were to dissolve, providing for equitable treatment of employees, assets and debts, as the proposed ordinance states, all permits, plans and rules governing the Island would revert to those of Lee County, the authority that voters sought to escape in 1995, when they voted for self-determination by incorporating the town. The county would do a better job? asked Butcher, How so? At last weeks planning session, Mayor Tracey Gore suggested that anyone considering unincorpo ration should look at San Carlos Island and their ongoing battles with the county. Council member Anita Cereceda offered advice along similar lines. Beware of the devil you dont know. We incorporated for a reason. I wish people would put their energy into the March election, Cereceda said. Find council members who they feel are fair-minded, who share their point of view. Whatever it is, there is a better way to handle the problems than dissolving the Town. Cereceda voiced concern thatmembers of Town Council may not be taking this effort to dissolve the town seriously. It appears that the majority of Town Council looks at this and thinks dismissively, heard about this, it disturbed me deeply and hurt me. I felt, as part of this Town for as long as I have been, clearly I or we have failed in some regard to have people angry enough, frustrated enough, hurt enough to go to this measure. Yet, she explained, when she has asked unincorporation supporters for their reasons, she swers, just reports of a series of events that have led people to conclude that the Town is no longer the friendly community it once was. People feel they are being rained down upon. Theyre being watched, patrolled and I hear this almost every day. People tell me they feel targeted, bullied and almost every comment has to do with Code Enforcement. In their press release, Free Our Beach presented results of a poll of 142 voters on Fort Myers Beach that showed a high level of dissatisfaction with Town Council. The poll however was conducted by Pegasus Strategic Solutions, another company that Free Our Beach political consultant Phil Nichols manages, not an indepen dent polling organization. Readers interested in more infor mation on Free Our Beach may contact them via email: VS.


Page 15 Shamp and Hernstadt reported that Lee County would like to investigate trading right-of-way with TPI Hospitality to Crescent Street but TPI has no interest now that it has successfully concluded its agreement with the Town. The county refused to discuss any land deal when previously approached by the Town or TPI. Under Commercial Businesses Utilizing Town Rightof-Way, Council examined 24 commercial businesses that currently use the Town right-of-way. The Town has a perpetual lease agreement with one, annual leases with two, 25-year leases with two others, and none with 19. We hope for a simple solution through a new policy, so that staff knows what to do, said Hernstadt. The Town has discussed this since 2009, said Gore, Everybody knows I do not like it. Shamp provided a chart to divide the policy into four categories, but Hernstadt said he prefers a more straightforward approach of a lease for an annual fee, That is easy to understand and enforce. You come in, pay the fee, and we say, see you next year; that would work for us. Gore stated the Mom-andPop Shops cannot afford $900-perparking-space-per-year, so I will not put anyone out of business. Council member Anita Cereceda said that some businesses used the Right-of-Way not only prior to the Towns incorporation in 1995, but back to the 1950s and 1960s, so I will consider a permit, but for a lease fee of $10-per-year. Roger is saying, dont give me a caseby-case policy, but one standard regulation. Shamp added a caveat, Not to strike fear, but if we need the right-of-way for a public function, all bets are off. Hernstadt indicated that a $10 annual fee would not cover administrative costs, suggesting instead $100, and cutting that in half for subsequent years if businesses renew prior to their expiration date. Gore said she would like to rewrite the Code and Hernstadt agreed, It is not working the way it is on the books. I have been waiting years for this, concluded Gore. I feel good about this! IS NOTHING Under Code Enforcement Methodologies, Hernstadt explained, the Town currently has a proactive approach to Code Enforcement, to maintain the quality of life for our residents. I want us to stay proactive, said Boback, but proactive does not want Code Enforcement to employ common sense. I agree, stated Shamp. I would like to rebrand it to Neighborhood & Community immediately but provides a friendly letter explaining the situation, while offering a draft example. Since becoming Town Manager, Hernstadt explained, I began Compliance Agreements. If we see a violation, and you need time to correct it, tell us the time frame you need and we sign the agreement. If you do not do what you say you will do, on your own timeline, then the Town imposes cautioned, That number is a hot button, with Gore responding, Not to me; if you resolve your issue, you do not need to worry about that number. Hernstadt stated, There is nothing magical about that number; you can set it at $100 or $250 or $350, with Shamp saying, I would like to see that at $100 for non-critical issues. $100-a-day is nothing, countered Gore, with Butcher saying, It is to me! That is $700-a-week, added Shamp. Code Enforcement is a terrible job, but we all want clean, safe, orderly neighborhoods. Cereceda said she would like to see the letters approach that Shamp suggested, to retain our small town charm that has nothing to do with a Gotcha mentality who complain to me feel like they are being punched in the face, so communication and respect are ways to solve these situations. We should be positively proactive, as public servants, in a helpful way, to make things better. If you are a repeat offender or break your agreement, then there are no excuses, with emergency or dangerous situations requiring immediate action. BIKE ORDINANCE RUNS AFOUL OF ADA In other matters, Council examined an ADA amendment to its Bicycle & Vehicle Ordinance that prohibits bikes from sidewalks, following a request from a disabled person. We are looking for regulations that ensure mobility devices are used safely, so as not to create a safety issue for all others, explained Town Attorney John Turner. My recommendation is a measurable standard, such as not allowing ADA devices on sidewalks to go any faster than walking or electric wheelchair speeds of 2.5 to 5 miles-per-hour. Under Preliminary Budget that Council retain the current .87-millage rate for planning purposes for the Towns 2018-19 Budget, as that is an appropriate starting point; at the public hearings in September, you can decide to reduce that down. After brief discussion about potential neighborhood parks at the ends of Virginia Avenue and the Bayside dead end right-of-ways, Council moved these topics to the August Management & Planning Session for additional input and budget analysis. Council declined the Town Attorneys recommendation to adopt an ordinance regarding public use of beach areas on private property that have been customarily used. Council heard Staff Reports from Public Works, Beach Water, Community Development, Parks & Recreation and Cultural Resources. Under Agenda Management, Council addressed two additional topics, one familiar and the other new. Gore again brought up the ongoing saga between the Harbor House at the Inn and Nervous Nellies Restaurant and their residential neighbors over early morning business deliveries. They continue to make deliveries at 4 a.m., she said. Do we do something or just say sorry about your bad luck for buying there? Gore stated the issues are the loud doors and back-up beeps, suggesting the Town restrict deliveries from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Town Manager will meet with the neighbors, to determine what will make them happy, because it may not be something with which you are comfortable.UNINCORPORATION Gore then asked her colleagues if they knew there was a committee to unincorporate the Town, called Free Our Beach Incorporated Now. I take this very seriously, commented Cereceda. This hurts me deeply to know members of the community are so want that extreme. When I was to tears, as I took it as a personal failure. This is a community Ive worked in and for since its inception and I am deeply concerned about what is wrong. Since incorporation, people always talk about this, and it never happened, said Gore. The thought is if we unincorporated, we will be part of a huge city, but then people who live here will not control their Town, so those I spoke to have no interest in unincorporating. I agree with Anita that individuals see merit in this, said Shamp, so what things can we do better to learn from this? I think we are making great control our own destiny, but these are voices we must hear and need to pay attention to what they are saying. Gore stated she has yet to hear from any citizens about unincorporation. Cereceda said, Perhaps they do not feel they will be heard, or will be intimidated or face repercussions. There are many reasons why people do not send an email or step forward. Those who want to unincorporate, said Gore, should look at San Carlos Island and see the big problems they have with Lee County. If they want something not in the Comp Plan and Land Development Code, talk This is not just about big commercial entities, concluded Cereceda, but the way people feel about the Town right now. The more educated you are about your community, the better you can serve it, and there is a gap right now. Ambitious Council Planning Session Council discusses the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Projects. Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 16 A Publication of A Daily Guide to Fun on the Beach FREE Each week Around & About features community announcements and events held by charitable are open to everyone. Check the events listed here and pick up a copy of SAND LIFE entertainment magazine! The 4th of July Parade will begin at 10am on WE July 4 at Bay Oaks Recreation Center and make its way down Estero Blvd. to Times Square and Old San Carlos Blvd. Parade entrants should email for more info on how to sign up for the parade. After the Parade, head to Times Square from Noon 2pm for free cake, a dunk tank and the 2nd annual watermelon eating contest. There will be three divi sions: men, women and children. pier. Expect about 20 minutes of a spectacular light show. Trolleys will run from Lovers Key State Park until 11:25pm and from the Beach Park & Ride near Wal-Mart until 10:50pm. For more information on 4th of July events contact the FMB Parks & Rec Dept at 239-765-4222 or see FMBGOV.comThe Matanzas skybridge will be closed on WE July 4 from 9-11am for the parade AND from tero Blvd will be closed from the Matanzas Bridge to Red Coconut RV Park from 9-11am.KIDS FISHING TOURNAMENTJoin Ostego Bay Foundation for their annual free 4th of July Kids Fishing Tournament on SA June 30 from 9am until noon at Bonita Bills Waterfront Caf docks. This traditional kids event is always held the SA before the 4th of July and attracts over 100 kids ages 3-15. Prizes are awarded for Most Fish, Heaviest Fish & Longest Fish. Cut bait is provided. Participants must bring their own poles, (one pole/ one hook per child) and any other bait they wish to use. Donations are appreciated. For more infor mation or to donate contact the Ostego Bay Foundation Marine Science Center at 239-765-8101 or email Join Keep Lee County Beautiful and the Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation for the annual 5th of July Beach Clean-up. Head to Lynn Hall Park, just north of the pier by 8am and help clear our beach after all the 4th celebrations. PAUL TODD & FRIENDSDont miss Paul Todd & Friends for Pastor Jeannes Farewell Concert on FR June 22 at 7pm at Beach United Methodist Church. Doors open at 6:30pm. A free will offering will be taken. SHOWThe Americana Community Music Association will celebrate 6 years of original Americana Music Con certs & Songwriting with an Anniversary Show on SA June 30 from 7-9:30pm at the All Faiths Unitari an Congregation, 2756 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers. Founding ACMA members will perform during this special night of music. ACMA musicians were the featured perform ers during the Lovers Key Song writers at Sunset series. In the past year ACMA musicians have performed over 90 times, sharing their original songs and the stories behind the songs.SWIM LESSONSSummer is swim lesson time. The Beach pool offers lessons for just $20 thanks to the support of the Beach Kiwanis Clubs Every Child a Swimmer program. All classes are 30-minutes for 8 sessions. The next weekday lessons, Monday Thursday, will be July 2-12. Start times 8:15am-9:15am. The next Sunday lessons will be held July 29 Sept 23. Start times 11am12noon. For more information and class times call the pool 239-4635759.BEACH LIBRARYThe Fort Myers Beach Library is a great place to visit. Browse the new author or sign up for some time on the librarys computers. artwork of the artist of the month or stop in the Friends Used Book Store. The Library is open MO-FR 9am-5pm and SA 9am-1pm. 239765-8162. Upcoming programs include: FR June 29, 10:30am Library Tour TU July 3, 10:30am Shell Crafting, pre-register, $5 fee TH July 5, 10:30am Learn Span ish, pre-register SA July 7, 10:30am, Learn Span ish, pre-registerMOUND HOUSEA unique archaeological and his torical site on Fort Myers Beach located directly on Estero Bay, the Mound House offers a variety of programs for local residents & visi tors. Open TU, WE & SA 9am-4pm parking at 216 Connecticut. Call for exact times on kayak tours, costs, reservations and additional information. 239-765-0865. Up coming programs include: SA June 23 6:15am Sunrise Kay ak Tour (reservations required; call for exact time); 10am Exploring Archeology; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour TU June 26 -9am Guided Beach Walk at Newton Park; 9am Family Fun Kayak Tour; 10am Family Adventure Tour; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour WE June 27 10am Garden Walking Tour; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour; 7:30pm Full Moon Kayak Tour (time may vary) TH June 28 8am Mangroves by Kayak Tour SA June 30am Family Adventure Tour; 1pm Guided Tour; 2pm Shell Mound TourLOVERS KEY STATE PARKGuided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs require registration, are free with park entry and take place at 10am.


Page 17 FORT MYERS BEACH NESTS................... 34 FALSE CRAWLS... 80 HATCHED............. 0 BONITA SPRINGS NESTS.................. 111 FALSE CRAWLS.. 91 HATCHED ............. 0 2755 Estero Blvd, FMB Meeting times are accurate as of press time. All meetings take place in Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach unless otherwise noted. Meeting times are accurate as of press time. Battle of the BlueWay start Photo Sarah ListTo register call 239-463-4588. Up coming programs include: FR June 22 Walk on the Wild Side FR June 29 Black Island Bike Tour FR July 6 Sea Turtles Talk TU July 10 Fishing ClinicDONATE BLOOD NOWThere is a critical need for blood donations. Can you help? Do you have 45 minutes to spare to save a life? Drop by the Lee Health Blood Center at Summerlin Crossings, 15880 Summerlin Rd, Suite 113 anytime MO FR 8am-4:30pm. On WE theyre open until 7pm! All blood donated at Lee Health Blood Center saves lives right here in Lee County. Questions? Call 239343-7122SUMMER CAMPSBay Oaks and Ostego Bay Marine Science Center are offering Summer Camps this summer. Bay Oaks camp is offered June 4-Au gust 3 for ages 6-13. Cost begin ning at $75/week for members and $100 for non-members. Scholar ships available. To register call 239-765-4222. Ostego Bay camp is offered at the Marine Science Center for ages 5-16 in June and July. Cost is $275/week. To register call 239-765-8101 or visit www. ostegobay.orgKIWANIS SCHOLARSHIPSThe Fort Myers Beach Kiwanis Club invites students in the 33931 zip code area to apply for $2,000 scholarships that can be used for tuition, books, room & board at the vocational technical school, college or university of choice. Applications available at fortmy Applications and all required materials must be postmarked by July 16. PASSESFort Myers Beach residents and businesses may obtain a hurricane re-entry pass at Town Hall. In the event of an evacuation, passes may be required to re-enter the island. If you have a Purple (res ident) or Yellow (business) pass, they are valid for the 2018 season. If you do not already have one of those, pick up an application at Town Hall or online at The Town of Fort Myers Beach website: Emergency Preparedness. Applicants will need to provide photo I.D. and proof of residency. For details on what proof is needed, call 239765-0202 or see website. Passes will not be mailed this year, so stop in Town Hall to get yours!PROTECT OUR TURTLESTurtle nesting season is May October. Be on the lookout for nesting turtles on our beaches. Hatching season is right around the corner. Beachfront homeowners are asked to do their part to protect our nesting and newly hatched turtles. Turtles are disoriented by lights shining on the beach. Shield your outdoor lights or replace the bulbs with Amber LED bulbs. Turtles cannot see amber LED lighting, but humans can. Find lights here: turtlelites. If you rent out your condo or home near the beach leave in structions to close the drapes after sunset to prevent light from shining on the beach. Ask renters to remove or stack beach furniture close to the building. Remove all beach litter. Fill in any holes that are dug on the beach when you leave for the day. Your actions can mean life or death to endangered sea turtles. For more information on sea turtles visit


Page 18 SHOP LOCAL BUY LOCAL! SUPPORT OUR ISLAND BUSINESSES! A routine meeting of the Fort Myers Beach Board of Fire Commissioners covered the usual agenda items of a Treasurers Report, Fire Chiefs Report, plus a few annual items such as adoption of the annual audit and approval of year, but it also included public comment, which in itself is unusual for recent Fire Board meetings. Rick Loughery, who with his wife, Amy, own Distinctive Beach Rentals, a vacation rental business on Fort Myers Beach, spoke to the board at the end of their meeting, expressing concern about the lack of compliance with the Fire Districts rental property registration ordinance passed in February 2016. The ordinance calls for all Transient, Vacation, Short-Term, Timeshare rentals, and Non-Owner Occupied Two Family Homes (to) register with the District, to ensure periodic Fire Inspections. Loughery claimed that there are 7500 vacation rentals on Fort Myers Beach and very few have complied with the registration and inspection requirement. The lack of enough inspectors has also contributed to a backlog of inspections, he said. The district has two inspectors. Here we are two years into the ordinance meant to save lives, Loughery said, and were still the only company out there that has all of our (rental) homes registered and inspected. He expressed concern about the safety of the rentals that have not registered or been inspected, and he urged the board not to go the self-inspection route in order to deal with the backlog of inspections. He asked the district to hire enough people to complete inspections in a timely manner and asked that the inspectors be consistent, claiming that the two current inspectors are often not on the same page. Fire Board Chair Carol Morris thanked him for his comments and said that the board would discuss the topic of the ordinance and compliance at their next work session on July 10.CHIEFS REPORT Fire Chief Matthew Love informed the board that the districts new Engine 32 has been delivered and is currently at a local service center for installation of electronics. It is expected to be put into service in early July. The district recently promoted Jake Lamb to the position of Battalion Chief. May 2018 incidents totaled 225, 67% of them EMS; 23% Good Intent; 9% Service and 1% Fire. (Good Intent calls include situations where someone calls 911 and it isnt actually an emergency. Service Year to date calls total 1525 with average response time of 4:41. Love recognized several district service May anniversaries: Captain Dan Miller 13 years; years. After Love informed the board that the district had received a check for $17,222 from the Town of Fort Myers Beach for hydrant maintenance, Ron Fleming asked about color-coding the hydrants. Love indicated that the district does plan to color-code them, following national standards to indicate water pressure at the hydrant. In other news, the board unanimously approved without discussion, the District Strategic statement, both of which were presented in detail at the June 5 board meeting. A resolution also approved. Fleming discussed his recent attendance at the Florida Association of Special Districts (FASD) meeting and Manager. He recommended that the district continue to attend FASD conferences. During Commissioner Remarks, Bob Raymond noted that Distinctive Rentals had sent an email about property inspections and they should be provided an answer. I am disappointed that we dont have more (inspections) done. We need to look possibly into more inspectors to get these done. I also dont think were charging anywhere near what we should be. I want to break even. The next work session and meeting of the Fire Board is July 10 at 9:30 a.m. at the Beach Library. The next regular monthly meeting is July 24 at FMB Town Hall at 6:00 p.m.


Page 19 Arline (Heinz) Loughrey, 79, of Fort Myers, Florida passed away peacefully on June 14th, 2018, surrounded by her family and in the grateful care of Hope Hospice. She was born on March 30, 1939, in Niagara Falls, New York where she lived most of her life before settling in Fort Myers. She was the daughter of the late Leroy T. Heinz and Catherine Heinz. She graduated from Niagara Falls High School in 1957 and married her high school heartthrob in 1958, whom she was married to for just shy of 60 years before leaving this Earth. Arline worked for National Fuel Gas and Tops Market in Niagara Falls, NY for many years in working in the family business, Loughrey Industrial Maintenance, with her husband and sons. After retiring she volunteered for the Red Cross, at Mount Saint Marys Hospital for many years. She enjoyed crocheting, but playing bingo was her favorite pastime. Her family was her pride and joy. They will always carry her memory in their hearts. She is survived by her husband Gaylord (Skip) Loughrey. She had four wonderful children, Cheryl Loughrey who predeceased her, Mark (Mary) Loughrey of Niagara Falls, NY, Rick (Amy) Loughrey of Fort Myers Beach, FL and Gary Loughrey of Fort Myers. She is survived by her brother William (Laura) Heinz. She is also survived by her nine grandchildren, Heather (Brian) Durkee, Jade Praefke, Shane Praefke, Kyra Praefke, Theresa Loughrey, Tiffany Loughrey, Jeff Hunter Richmond, Isaac Lefebvre and Kyle Loughrey. She also had three great grandchildren, Hailey, Gigi and Alexander Durkee. There will be a memorial service in Niagara Falls, New York, on a date to be announced later by the family. Fishing Pier, Ft. Myers Beach Photo Sarah ListAudit Report; set the Towns 201819 TRIM (Truth in Millage) prelimi nary tax rate at the current .87 mills; added Lovers Lane to Tier 1 Sidestreet projects for approximately $150,000; approved $5,270,870 for Phase 3 Water & Stormwater Sidestreets projects and $6,217,808 for Phase 3 Estero Boulevard Waterline Replacement; and approved a property exchange with Lighthouse Island Resort, for land the resort has leased from the Town since 2003 for its entry sign and electrical utilities, for a property near the Bay Oaks Recreational Center.FORT MARGARITAVILLE BEACH Under Town Manager Items, Council approved extending the Seafarers Offsite Staging Permit to Lee County and provided the Hernstadt direction to begin the Commercial Parking Permits process. He reported that a stormwater and swale project would begin shortly on Mound Road, once we notify residents. He also asked for and received authorization for the Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF) to approach Publix Supermarket about eliminating plastic bags. Under Council Member Items, Cereceda nominated MRTF Chair Bill Veach as the Towns 2018 Citizen of the Year, receiving unani mous approval. Council will consid er hiring a professional to brand Fort Myers Beach, with Council member Bruce Butcher joking, People know us as FMB Fort Margaritaville Beach has a nice ring to it, in reference to the TPI Hospitalitys recent responding equally in jest, we are cutting off your microphone! Boback said he wants to examine whether people on Town Advisory Boards who no longer live in Town should retain those seats, with Butcher asking if Advisory Board members who owe the again expressed his frustration over the slow pace of the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Projects, fearing the area from Donora to Lovers Lane will be in disarray during the upcoming holiday and tourist seasons. Gore received authorization that if, in her role as Chair of the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization, she is asked over the councils summer break, what the Towns preference is for the proposed Big Carlos Bridge replace ment, the answer is the 24-foot height option, though Butcher said hes heard rumors Lee County may propose a 35-feet compromise. Hernstadt announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a recommenda tion to reimburse the Town $2 million from Hurricane Irma damage. Town Council will not meet again until August 7. The Local Planning Agency is also not meeting during July. All Town advisory committee meeting schedules can be found on the Towns website,


Page 20 Seafood Steaks Cocktails Lunch Dinner Beachside Sandwiches | Open Daily 11 a.m. 11 p.m. | Next to the Public Pier Share your food and drink photos with #PierSideEats AWWWW, MOM!A child was continually asking his Mom to buy him a hamster.When she did, the child looked after it for a couple of days, but soon he got bored, and it lessness and asked him, How many times do you think this hamster would have died until now, if I


Page 21 WHAT IS FMB COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (FMB COMMUNITY COMICS) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Wednesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. Mike Popeye Dearden Bill Rountree Thomas Van Cate Bissonnette John Barnard


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Page 23 NOW OPEN! World Record Effort Over 1000 volunteers descended on the beach at Outrigger Resort on Fort Myers Beach Thursday morning for an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Human Image of a Seashell. To Convention Bureau, the event marks National Seashell Day and brings attention to the beaches of Lee County, known far and wide as shelling destinations. The previous record was set in October 2017 in Turkey with 855 participants. The overhead drone photo of the completed shell was not avail able prior to press time. Check the Sand Papers website fortmyersbeach. news and Facebook page for updates.


Page 24 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers Beach F 22 Low 2:31 AM 0.9 6:36 AM Set 2:51 AM 64 22 High 9:40 AM 2.6 8:24 PM Rise 3:38 PM 22 Low 4:14 PM 0.6 22 High 10:45 PM 1.8 Sa 23 Low 3:11 AM 1.1 6:36 AM Set 3:28 AM 74 23 High 10:14 AM 2.8 8:24 PM Rise 4:33 PM 23 Low 5:11 PM 0.4 Su 24 High 12:05 AM 1.7 6:36 AM Set 4:06 AM 82 24 Low 3:49 AM 1.3 8:24 PM Rise 5:27 PM 24 High 10:46 AM 2.9 24 Low 5:59 PM 0.1 M 25 High 1:12 AM 1.8 6:37 AM Set 4:45 AM 89 25 Low 4:23 AM 1.5 8:24 PM Rise 6:21 PM 25 High 11:17 AM 3.0 25 Low 6:40 PM -0.1 Tu 26 High 2:08 AM 1.8 6:37 AM Set 5:27 AM 94 26 Low 4:55 AM 1.6 8:24 PM Rise 7:14 PM 26 High 11:47 AM 3.0 26 Low 7:18 PM -0.2 W 27 High 2:55 AM 1.8 6:37 AM Set 6:11 AM 98 27 Low 5:25 AM 1.6 8:25 PM Rise 8:05 PM 27 High 12:18 PM 3.2 27 Low 7:53 PM -0.2 Th 28 High 3:33 AM 1.8 6:38 AM Set 6:59 AM 99 28 Low 5:55 AM 1.6 8:25 PM Rise 8:53 PM 28 High 12:49 PM 3.2 28 Low 8:26 PM -0.2 F 29 High 4:05 AM 1.7 6:38 AM Set 7:48 AM 99 29 Low 6:29 AM 1.6 8:25 PM Rise 9:39 PM 29 High 1:24 PM 3.2 29 Low 9:00 PM -0.2 fresh fruit.breakfast. .lunch keys style. 239-314-5575 custom coee smoothies all day patio A Better Bugman LLCA Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial MOSQUITO + SPIDERS CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. Phone: 239-454-BUGS(2847) Fax: 239-415-BUGS(2847) PEST CONTROL BEACH CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED LOCAL CLASSIFEDS $20/WEEK $60/ 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 Part Time Maintenance Mon-Fri; 7 -11am Sandarac II Condos 6666 Estero Blvd Fort Myers Beach To apply, call Sandra 239-463-6080 9am to 2pm; Mon-Fri HELP WANTED Fort Myers Beach church seeks for one Sunday service. Year-round. Experience appreciated. WANTED HELP WANTED 7 hours/week = $100 pay Handy Person who can work without smokes & electronic devices! Must be able to wash-dry cars, boats, trim, cut, rake, pull, bag, dig, pound, lift, shine, push, climb, scrub & paint. Drivers license required. Call 239-765-8888 GARAGE TO RENT I will pay $100 per month to rent secure garage on FM Beach. Dead storage for vehicle. 239-765-8888 Long or short term




Page 26 Doors open at 1:45 PM. Beach Theater Earlier this month, the American Heart Associations Mission Lifeline Emergency Medical Service (EMS) recognized the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department with a Mission: Lifeline EMS Silver Award for their efforts implementing quality improvement measures for the treatment of patients who experience severe heart attacks. Every year more than 250,000 people experience an ST elevation myocardial infarction or STEMI the deadliest type of heart attack caused by a blockage of timely treatment. To prevent death, quickly as possible, either by mechanically opening the blocked vessel or providing clot-busting medication. The American Heart Associations (AHA) Mission: Lifeline EMS recognition program recognizes EMS agencies for their efforts in improving systems of care to rapidly identify suspected heart attack patients, promptly notify the medical center and trigger an early response from the awaiting hospi tal personnel. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramed ics play a vital role in the system of care for those who have a heart attack. The AHA recently recognized 21 Fort Myers Beach EMTs and Paramedics with Pre-Hospital Save awards. A Pre-Hospital Save a sudden out of hospital cardiac arrest, who is successfully resuscitated and is discharged from the hosmeaning they are able to resume their normal lifestyle. According to the AHA, the national survival percentage of a patient experiencing an out of hospital cardiac arrest with a shockable rhythm, is 31%. Last year the FMB survival percentage was 45%, over a third better than the national average. The men and women of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department are dedicated to providing optimal care for heart attack patients. They are pleased that their efforts in patient care excellence have been recognized by the American Heart Association and would like to thank all the dedicated EMTs and Paramedics who make a difference in the community every day. Information provided by the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department. Photo by Sandy Sandness.




Page 28 rfnt rfntfnn rfntrb nnLive Music is Back! New Front Patio! rfntb rfntfb fnnr The Best Happy Houron the Beach!Mon Fri 2-5pm