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On June 1, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) began releasing water from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee River. The USACE is tasked with maintaining the lake at a level that does not threaten the Herbert Hoover dike surrounding it nor the communities in close proximity to it. Prior to the start of the water releases, Colonel Jason Kirk, USACE Jacksonville District Commander explained the need for the releases. Historic rain across the region since the middle of May has caused the lake to rise more than a foot, he said. We have to be prepared for additional water that could result from a tropical system. The lake is above the stage when Irma struck in September, which eventually caused the water level to exceed 17 feet. A similar storm could take the lake to higher levels. Based on the Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule (LORS) and the current Lake O level of 14.22 feet, the USACE can discharge up to 4,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) into the Caloosahatchee, as measured at the Moore Haven lock on the west side of Lake O. Since opening the gates June 1, that 4,000 cfs In an island full of living legends, Chester Rogers is a legends legend! Chester is a Estero Boulevard, both the current one as well as the original almost directly across the street, for well over a decade, sketching the faces of Fort Myers Beach visitors and their children, as well as residents and their families, and even our homeless population, a situation he once shared. Many people may not know, however, that Chesters art portfolio far exceeds his wellknown portraits, but you can rectify that by viewing his artwork exhibit in Myers Beach Library throughout the month of June. About four years ago, library staff spotted my artwork, thought it nice, put up some of my original prints, and received a lot of compliments. Last fall, Library Director Dr. Leroy Hommerding, who is a good man, asked if I wanted to do an entire exhibit, and he booked me for June. People will see illustrations and sketches of seascapes and other Volume 18, Number 23 By Islanders, For Islanders Fort Myers Beach, Florida June 8th, 2018 FREE Man of A Thousand FacesChester Rogers Art on Display in June Ready to Explore the PossibilitiesMr. Dobbins Retires as Beach School Principal Principal Jeff Dobbins, holding two of his handmade retirement cards from Beach School students.By Gary Mooney I envision retirement as being bittersweet, said Beach Elementary School Jeff Dobbins, whose 36-year educational career ends on July 1. Thats because I love what I do, but am also looking forward to branching out and exploring the possibilities for the balance of my existence on Earth. As to what that will be, I truly have no idea. Mr. Dobbins grew up in attained his undergraduate in Education from Central Michigan University. He earned his Masters in working with students with behavioral disabilities from Nova Southeastern University, where he later received his Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. Of his 36 years in education, was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, right out of college, but I soon discovered I missed green grass and trees and the water. That summer, I vacationed in Southwest Florida with my parents, and four days before we were to leave, I went to the former School District they hired me, so I ended up in a place with green grass, trees, water and hurricanes! In fact, hurricanes bookended my career as a principal: I headed Sunshine Elementary School in July 2004 and within six weeks, we had Hurricane Charley, then as Beach Elementary School principal, we had Irma in 2017, so hopefully we are done with those! He began as an education specialist with students with behavioral issues at Suncoast Elementary School, then shifted to Villas Elementary to work with students in the lifeskills program. Mr. Dobbins then became a transitioning to Assistant Principal at Orangewood Elementary School for three years. He received his Sunshine Elementary, returned to Villas as principal, then back to the Teacher Incentive Not Our ObligationCouncil Unanimously Denies SRO Funding Prior to the Town of Fort Myers Beach Council Meeting on Monday morning, June 4, Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp, who would chair the session due to the excused absence of Mayor Tracey Gore, and Town Manager Roger Hernstadt noticed a Lee County Deputy Sheriff among the roughly 25 people in attendance. Correctly guessing he was there to answer questions about the Councils agenda item addressing nearly $50,000 in potential Town funding (SRO) for the Beach Elementary School for the 2018-19 academic year, Shamp and Hernstadt volunteered to move the topic from the end of the long agenda to near the beginning, to best utilize his valuable time. He gratefully accepted, though it turned out he never got near the Council podium! In introducing the SRO topic, Hernstadt stated, There is great emphasis in protecting our schools due to recent events that we are all aware of, so the State of Florida mandated that all schools have a the safety of our schoolchildren. As with many mandates from Tallahassee, however, this does not come with funding, so the Lee County Commissioners and the Lee County School Board to split this cost in unincorporated areas of the County, with the incorporated areas like Fort Myers Beach picking up half that cost. Beach Elementary School is a part of the Lee County Schools. Council member Anita Cereceda wasted no time in passionately blasting the SRO request: When I read this, I was extraordinarily disappointed in both the School Board and County Commissioners, because this is an obligation of theirs, as we as a municipality have no authority or anything to do with the Beach Elementary School. We absolutely support the grade school in any way we can, but this puts the Town in a terrible position. People will say I dont want to pay for their protection, but I would stand in front of those schoolchildren myself to protect those kids, but the dollars for this should come from the County or School Board, as this is their task. Hernstadt reminded Council that there was an SRO at Beach Elementary School for the 201718 academic year funded by other folks, and for many prior years, out of their budgets in the past, so they should be able to accommodate this. I dont understand the lack of dialog with the Town Council over this, without even being asked if we can be a part of this endeavor. All things said, if there really were no funds for a SRO, they would be making a vastly different presentation today.Lake O Water Releases Begin Brown Water Flows


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Page 3 LETTERS to the EDITOR SHAME, SHAME I just read the letter in the Sand Paper from Robert Conidaris concerning a luncheon at the Lani Kai June 15 regarding all potential legal rights to challenge the TPI-FMB approval by our Town Council. Shame, Shame. If the Lani Kai and other businesses are concerned about potential lost revenue from this project perhaps they should begin an upgrade and a clean-up of what I call the downtown areas including buildings and property to invite people to our Town and beach. When our Town prospers everyone including the current busiour Towns future including the Lani Kai and the entire island. Please live and let live, we are only passing by. Angela Rippons Fort Myers BeachNational EMS Week FMB Fire District Best in Class The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department recently celebrated National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week. In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nations communities. Since March 8, 1962 with the formation of the Fort Myers Beach Rescue Units, EMS service to our community has been a source of great pride. As a community, we know our Paramedics and Emergency try. Thanks to our dedicated and devoted Paramedics and EMTs, they have elevated our Organization to a Best in Class Fire-EMS Agency in Southwest Florida. During EMS week we had the honor to celebrate twenty-one of our Paramedics and EMTs with the presentation of Pre-Hospital Save sudden out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is successfully resuscitat ed, and is discharged from the hospital neurologically intact, meaning they are able to resume a normal life style. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the national survival percentage of a patient experiencing an OHCA, with a shock able rhythm is 31%. Last year, the Fort Myers Beach communitys survival percentage for a patient experiencing an OHCA, with a shockable rhythm was 45%, well above the national average. We would like to thank EMS Division Chief Randy Kraus and the rest of our team for their dedication, and continuing to shape our com munity through excellence. Executive Assistant Fire Chief Ron Martin Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District NESTING SEASONWatch out for bird nests on the beach, especially on the south end and at Lovers Key State Park as a number of threatened bird species nest right on the sand. Their eggs and chicks blend into the sand and are easy to miss. Photo provided.


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim Rodwell SPANISH BAYONET I had the pleasure of meeting this plant while working one day in the Preserve. I was trimming a large salt bush when I ran right into it. Thats when I learned that there is a reason it is called a bayonet. The Spanish Bayonet, Yucca aloifolia, is a woody evergreen that can grow to a height of 5 to10 feet. Aloifolia has multiple trunks that are woody at the base with diameters of 3 to 5 inches. Going up, the woody trunks turn into herbaceous branches with whorls of sharp pointed strap like leaves that grow to about 20 inches in length and a width of 2 inches. Leaves are linear to lanceolate in shape with serrated leaf margins. Young leaves, which grow at top are erect. Lower down are the older leaves that are pointed horizontally. At the tips of the herbaceous On the stalks are clusters of bell-shaped monocot. Monocots have a corolla of only three petals and a calyx of three sepals. Aloifolias petals and sepals are whitish with a bit of purple. The petals and sepals are so similar they are called tepals. If laid inches in diameter. Aloifolia likes to grow on beach sand dunes. The specimen in the picture, however, was not found on the beach. It grows down at the end of my street. Now Is Time to PrepareFMBFCD Chiefs Offer Hurricane Advice Now that Hurricane with memories of Hurricane Irma from last September 10 still fresh in our memories, Scott Wirth, Executive Assistant Fire Chief of Operations for the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District, and Ron Martin, the Districts Executive Assistant Fire Chief of Life Safety & Support Services, offer residents and guests hurricane preparation advice. This is the time to prepare, said Chief Martin, especially since we already had Subtropical Storm Alberto. You need a 72 to 96 hour supply of nonperishable food, as well as a gallon of water-perperson-per-day in your household. Anticipate that you will not have electricity, so you cannot access an ATM, so have some cash onhand. If you are on a regular medication, have at least a 30day home supply. If you are a pet parent, you need food and water and their medication, along with immunization and medical records, especially if you take them to a shelter. Video your home possessions and take digital copies of important photographs. Get gas early and store it in an appropriately-listed container. Remember you are not the only person affected by a hurricane, as so are we, so once the storm hits, until the all-clear, there is no Police or Fire or Emergency Responders. We were very lucky with Irma, up on the weak side of the storm, so damage was minimal. If it took a slight wobble, it would have gone up the coast and things here would have been much worse. Assume all downed power lines are dangerous. If you use a generator, keep it outside in a ventilated area, at least 15 feet from your house, away from windows, chained to a tree, and never refuel it while it is running or hot or you are smoking. Have carbon monoxide detectors adjacent to smoke detectors and by each bedroom. Trim trees near power lines and review your insurance coverage with your agent. Remember you cannot buy or up your coverage when a storm is on the way, and pack your policies in your Hurricane Preparedness Kit. While many people uploaded the Code Red system, sign up as well for the new Everbridge Emergency latest technology through the State of Florida.FEEL LIKE HOME AGAIN Chief Martin encouraged the islands small business owners to make appropriate precautions. You are critical to our recovery, to make this feel like home again. Have a plan not only for your business but for key employees you need to get back up and running. Protect your business Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District Assistant Chief Scott Wirth (L) & Assistant Chief Ron Martin. Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 5 www.MatanzasOnTheBay.com416 Crescent Street, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 CALL FOR WATERFRONT ACCOMMODATIONS (239) 463-925 8 RESTAURANT INN MARINA Free Boat Dockage Indoor & Outdoor Seating Call Ahead Seating Available Happy Hour Everyday Live Music Daily Upstairs Sports Bar ADD US TO YOUR BEACH BUCKET LISTMATANZAS ON THE BAY just ask the locals! Private Event Packages! Heart Of The Island Options Under Consideration Dont let todays turnout discourage you, said Beverley Milligan to the handful of Heart Of The Island (HOTI) members at Tuckaway Caf on Wednesday afternoon, June 6. A lot of people on Fort Myers Beach are learning about our group and district, and are talking to and about us. The HOTI neighborhood ranges from the near-Downtown area south to Sea Grape Plaza, and includes the Bay Oaks Recreational Center, Beach Pool and Fort Myers Beach Library, as well as its businesses and residential neighborhoods, with places like the Fort Myers Beach Art Association and historic Mound House expressing an interest. HOTI is a recognized region in the Town of Fort Myers Beach Comprehensive Plan. Milligan reported on a recent survey of HOTI stakeholders that indicates the area is on the radar of its varied jurisdictions, with tangible steps to make it more visible. The most overwhelming response is to create a brochure through a map, along with its various attractions, through its connection to the Downtown via the new sidewalk from the Estero Boulevard project, to connect us to Times Square. We discussed the brochure with representatives from the Tourist Development Council (TDC) and they feel that potential funding could be available, but the application for 2019 is due on June 22 and must come from a 501c3 organization, while right now HOTI is just an ad hoc group. Additional survey suggestions to increase HOTI visibility include art sculptures, replicas of the historic Fort Myers similar to those of beach accesses, and native plantings, VIP Day Passes to HOTI attractions like Bay Oaks and the Beach Pool and a restaurant discount or complimentary beverage, a distinctive HOTI mural at a prominent Estero Boulevard location, a HOTI stakeholders tour to include Bay Oaks Recreational Center Advisory Board (BORCAB) and Town Council members, and special events at Bay Oaks, Sea Grape Plaza and the Beach Library. Beverley stated that HOTI members recently had discussions with Vice Mayor Joanne Shamp and Council member Bruce Butcher, will soon meet with Anita Cereceda, and plan to set appointments with Mayor Tracey Gore and Council member Dennis Boback. Butcher felt that the survey results can provide Town Council with tangible items and statistics, to assist them to better understand how HOTI can become a primary Fort Myers Beach tourist destination. We met as well with the Keep Lee County Beautiful organization, as they are a tremendous source of volunteers and ideas. We appeared as well before the Community Resource Advisory Board (CRAB) and made a brief three-minute presentation at the last Town Council meeting. She feels an important partnership involves BORCAB, as that group recently received a Town Council directive to formulate a strategic plan to attract more people to Bay Oaks, with HOTI being a parallel destination. If BORCAB is successful, the Town may incorporate this as its brand, and that is our most immediate need. BORCAB discussed the importance of HOTI during the public portion of its strategic plan session, and the Estero Island Taxpayers Association (EITA) Board is offering its support to HOTI as well.CHRISTMAS IN JULY An intriguing short-term program is a concept formulated by the Beach Library for this upcoming July 25 and 26 called Christmas in July. Dr. Leroy Hommerding, the Library director, is promoting this, Milligan explained, to bring more people to the Library during the offseason, with a series of events that are welcoming and fun, and he is encouraging local businesses to participate with a Christmas theme. Beverley and her husband, Roland Weinmann, co-own the Myerside Resort, and will decorate their property with holiday lights, snowmen and Christmas Trees. has great potential for growth, and we hear that the Bay Oaks Recreational Center has a strong interest in being a participant, she explained. Milligan said that additional potential HOTI partners include the Friends of Bay Oaks, the Friends of the Library, the Friends of the Mound House, the Fort Myers Beach Historical Society and crucially, Lee County, as its new seasonal tram basically covers the exact HOTI neighborhood! Another important element is we must relocate the historic cottage moved by Joe Orlandini to the Matanzas Pass Preserve or adjacent site, to become an historic museum attraction. A key person to meet with is Betty Simpson, as she is Chair of both BORCAB and the Library Friends. Another potential revenue source is the estimated $2 million-per-year in taxes from the new TPI-FMB Downtown Resort development. To learn future HOTI meeting dates and join its email list, contact Beverley or Roland at Thats not a bad update, I think, she concluded, so HOTI is moving forward!


Page 6 Indoor or Outdoor Seating Available Enjoy Great Food, Fine Spirits, a Fun Relaxing Waterfront Atmosphere and live Music As Well!Live Music 7 nights a week 6-10 pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY during the day from 12-4 139-463-8077BLOOD DRIVE IN HONOR OF CHARLENE Donate Blood on the Big Red Bus Monday, June 11, 20183:00 PM 8:00 PMAll donors will receive: FREE OneBlood T-shirt* FREE Nervous Nellies coupon for a FREE Appetizer* FREE Wellness Checkup, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening.Plus, all donors will receive a special offer from Crayola Experience purchase one admission ticket and receive a 2nd admission FREE! For more information or to make an appointment please visit call or 1.888.9.DONATE 1.888.936.6283 Sponsor code: 37589ID required. Donors must be at least 16 years old. Those who are 16 years old need parental permission. See website for more details. *One offer per donor, per donation. No cash value. Non-transferable. While supplies last. Not responsible for lost or stolen coupon. T-shirt design may vary from image shown. If you have recently donated, thank you. Please visit us when you are eligible to donate again.


Page 7 Beach Bizz Buzz Noticed something different in Sea Grape Plaza lately? The Islands Pancake House has reopened under new ownership. Owner and Chef Al Carfagno comes to Southwest Florida with successful restaurant and catering experience in the St. Louis area. He has always featured recipes made from scratch in an atmosphere of warm, family hospitality. His goal in taking over the Islands Pancake House in Sea Grape Plaza is to revive the traditional Island breakfast spot and offer the warm Island hospitality that customers enjoyed during the long-time ownership of Greg Stamm, who passed away in 2017. The menu consists right now of a variety of eggs, omelets, sandwiches, salads and of course the pancakes. Chef Al says the menu is coming along and expanding slowly, but only after he is trons can also expect some future changes in the interior look. In addition to the main dining room, the restaurant also has a small separate dining room, perfect for business meetings or large groups. Islands Pancake House, 2801 Estero Blvd, in the Sea Grape Plaza behind Wells Fargo Bank, Fort Myers Beach. Phone: 2338188. Hours: Open daily 6am to 2pm.TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS There are new owners at Truly Scrumptious caf in Santini Marina Plaza. Fort Myers Beach residents Mike and Tammy Garro purchased the popular brunch restaurant and gourmet coffee, dessert and ice cream caf from founders Michele and Dave Pyle, who opened the shop in 2008. Mike & Tammy plan to continue the tradition of tasty bakery, ice cream and American comfort food favorites made from the freshest ingredients using family recipes. Consistent winners of Best Dessert awards, Truly Scrumptious will continue to feature Ice Cream Club ice cream, which was voted best ice cream by the readers of the Miami Herald, South Florida Magazine, Palm Beach Life and Palm Beach illustrated. Made from hormone free dairy along with following an allergen awareness program ensures quality control and a safe scrumptious treat for everyone. Stop in today for a coffee, latte, cappuccino, a snack, some ice cream or something tasty from their complete breakfast and lunch menus. Give them a call for the daily specials and bakery selections. Truly Scrumptious Caf, 7205 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach in Santini Marina Plaza. Hours: 7am to 10pm daily. Phone: 239-765-2200. Website: trulyscrumptiousfmb.comLANI KAI ISLAND RESORT The Lani Kai Island Resort will celebrate its 40th anniversary on Sunday, June 10 from 1-4pm on their Key West Patio. The resort was founded came to Florida from New York in the mid-1970s and decided to build the resort on Fort Myers Beach. The family-owned resort hosts a number of philanthropic events each year. The Gulf-front resort includes 3 restaurants, plus the only Starbucks on the Island in the Casablanca Caf, a variety of beach bars and a heated outdoor pool. Live music is offered daily in four Lani Kai venues beginning at 1pm at the Beach Bar, with the party going until 1 2am in the on-site nightclub Club Ohana. Their 40th anniversary party on June 10th will include a barbecue, hundreds of celebratory cupcakes, toys, games, prizes and childrens activities, including a tropical bounce house, arts & crafts, face-painting, balloon artists and more. The Lani Kai will also unveil some 40th anniversary items at the party, including commemorative cups, t-shirts and drink specials. The Lani Kai Island Resort, 1400 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach. Phone: 239-4633111. Website:


Page 8 NOT DOING THEIR DUTY It is not our obligation to provide services at the school, Cereceda emphasized, so I cant support this, as it is the obligation of the County and School Board, and I will go to the School Board budget hearings to speak to them about attempting to pass the buck along to us, as this is just not right. Council member Dennis Boback was just as passionate: We pay the same amount of taxes to Lee County and the School Board as the unincorporated areas, so if they can pay for those areas, they can pay for us. This irritates me, continued Cereceda. This is a cost shift, from their obligation to us, and this is what people hate about government, so we have to make cuts because Lee County wont fund this, or the the necessary money. AHHHHHH! I hope our residents go to speak at their public meetings! Boback went a step further, saying, I hope voters remember this at the next election for County Commissioners and the School Board, for not doing their duty! Council member Bruce Butcher stated he could not add anything better than Boback and Cereceda, with Shamp making it unanimous, They really got our attention with this one! Cereceda made the motion to deny, adding once more that, I am really upset, before Council took their 4 to 0 vote. The Lee County Sheriffs that message back, concluded Hernstadt, and if there are any additional facts to reconsider, we can reagenda the item at a later date. With that, Fort Myers Beach joined Bonita Springs and Estero is declining to participate in SRO funding. Fort Myers, Sanibel and Cape Coral have indicated that they will pick up part of the SRO cost for schools in their communities. At their meeting Tuesday, June 5, 2018, Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) heard County Attorney Richard Wesch explain that the BoCC is not obligated to pay any of the cost of law enforcement in any school. That responsibility, according to the legislature is the School Boards. The county has agreed to pay half the SRO costs for unincorporated county areas from the Unincorporated Municipal Services Taxing Unit (MSTU). All county residents pay a general property tax, set at $4.05/$1000 valuation. In addition, residents in unincorporated areas pay an additional MSTU tax that covers services usually paid for by municipal taxes.A MANGO & CAROUSEL Under Public Hearings, Council, after months of debate, unanimously approved with deviations the controversial 2nd Reading & Public Hearing Ordinance for the Rezoning of the Mango Street Parking Lot. Shamp reminded the applicant and audience that should the owner decide after 5 or 6 years to transform the site into another project, as is possible under the conditions, they must come before Council again, with a whole new Master Concept Plan, to attain neighborhood input, for uses ranging from a residential home, lodging unit, bed & breakfast, restaurant, business establishment, day care center or place of worship. Council unanimously the 1st Reading of the Ordinance to eventually replace the Carousel Inn on the Beach Hotel at 6230 and 6240 Estero Boulevard with two buildings totaling 12 weekly rental units within the next 8 years, to the 2nd Reading & Public Hearing on Monday, June 18. I like this project very much, said Cereceda. It is well-planned for the south end of the island. What is disheartening is that it may take as long as 8 years to complete. The Local Planning Agency, in its approval, recommended the Town waive a proposal, but Boback and Shamp wanted that to remain, noting a previous Council provided a similar approval in 2005, and 13 years later, redevelopment has yet to occur. Council supported with additional conditions a Street and Accessory Structure Variance for 3749 Estero Boulevard for two new homes by a 3 to 1 vote, with Boback Against; unanimously continued at the applicants request the 1st Reading for the Ordinance for the Dullard Rezoning of 764 and 768 Estero Boulevard to Monday, June 18; unanimously denied the 2nd Reading and Final Public Hearing of the Dock & Shoreline Structures Ordinance to attain industry and resident input; and unanimously approved a 500-square-foot exemption to the Neighborhood Flooding Amendment Ordinance to remove a stormwater engineering requirement that created a home renovation projects. Under Administrative Agenda, Council unanimously approved a Special Event Permit for the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau to attempt to set a Guinness World Record on National Seashell Day, June 21, for the largest manmade seashell near the Outrigger Resort; unanimously approved a Special Event Permit to the Times Square Merchants Association to host their Sunset Celebrations each Friday and Saturday evening; and unanimously approved a Resolution allowing Town employees to shift their retirement program Council Unanimously Denies SRO Funding, Contd from pg.1 Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 9 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 18 years Missy Layeld, Editor Editor@fortmyersbeach.newsThe best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. Alan Saporta Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsNever chase a lie. Let it alone, and it will run itself to death. Lyman Beecher Mark List, Production Groucho Marx Sarah List, Photographerinfo@fortmyersbeach.newsI believe in God, only I spell it Nature. Sandy Sandness, The Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper. FAX SUBMISSIONS POLICY Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author & include a phone number for verication. No pseudonyms. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, good taste and to prevent libel. No attacks on private individuals or letter writing campaigns, please. Repetitive letters from the same individual on the same subject will not be printed. We will publish a maximum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words will be considered for Guest Opinion publication. e Island Sand Paper encourages all Islanders to submit original articles and photos. Publication is based on space and takes into account relevance and quality. e Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. Nothing contained in this paper is intended to embarrass or oend anyone. No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Gary Mooney Lead Writer OFFICE HOURS CALL TO BE SURE! RESPECT THE FLAG Next Thursday, June 14, is Flag Day. It commemorates the States on June 14, 1777. It wasnt until 1916 that President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that established June 14 as Flag Day. That must not have taken because in August 1946 Congress declared June 14 as National Flag Day. The week of June 10-16, 2018 is designated as National Flag Week. In many communities, it is customary to encourage the display of the U.S. Flag daily from Flag Day through Independence Day, if it is not already displayed daily. the display of the U.S. Flag, was created in 1923 and became law in 1942. The Flag Code encourages display of the Stars & Stripes daily, but especially on national holidays, including Flag Day. Those who have been a member of the military or Girl ground. show solidarity with the victims and rescuers of New York, Penncountry was united and would recover together from the blow of to mean other things to some people. It has become a kind of litmus test of what kind of American you are. In some ways its began appearing in more and varied uses, the Flag Code seems to have been abandoned. parades or at sporting events? advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. As we approach Flag Day and Independence Day, look at how inherently patriotic about the selling of refrigerators or shoes. never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoev er That seems pretty clear. apparel, bedding, or drapery. countless shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, etc, that carry the image of the U.S. Flag. While the wearer is probably trying to show their paof the Flag Code. If youre a patriot, shouldnt you have at least a basic knowledge of the Flag Code? preferably by burning. This portion of the code brings to mind the millions of small idays. What happens to them? They end up on the ground or in basis, as our climate takes its toll on fabric, should not display a Flag Code. Is it time to change the U.S. Flag Code to adjust to current the Stars and Stripes by actually following the Flag Code that has served as the standard of respect for our national symbol for many years? Those who wish to demonstrate their patriotism should do so by showing true respect for the U.S. Flag by following the U.S. Flag Code.


Page 10 It was Budget Tuesday for the Board of Commissioners of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District on June 5, 2018, as they met at the Beach Library to work through an extensive agenda, many of the es. addressed the biggest line item of the districts budget, the Collec tive Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with District 3 of Local 1826 of The Southwest Florida Professional Union members had recently voted to approve the agreement. The Board of Commissioners quickly did the same unanimously with very little discussion during the public meeting of the contents of the CBA. The approved CBA runs from October 2017 to September 2020 with retroactive pay. It also ist and two levels each for the Driver Engineer, Lieutenant and Captain positions. The approved pay scale includes multiple base pay levels for salary of $16/hour with added pay of $3.78 for Paramedic credentials, $1.00 for an associate degree or a Bachelor Degree. Additional addons are available. At the top end of the current CBA pay scale, a Captain II 2nd Class would earn a base rate of $28.00/hour with similar add-ons available. Employees also can earn longevity pay of 2.5% of their base hourly wage after 5 years of service, with an additional 0.5% for each year after that to a maximum of 12.5%. A Cost of Living adjustment of up to 3% will be implemented each October based on the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners, South Urban Region. If the districts ad valorem pay increase, the CBA pay plan would be opened for renegotiation. The CBA also includes paid Life, Health and Disability Insurance for employees plus 80% of Health Insurance premiums for dependents. During Board comments on the CBA, Board Chair Carol Morris commented on the CBA language, I dont think you had a lot of legal input on this because I can understand this CBA agreement. I was extremely impressed with the whole effort and the fact that it was easy to understand. Ted Schindler concurred, This is the smoothest and most organized CBA Ive ever seen in the district. In separate action the board unanimously approved the 20172018 Pay & Position Schedule for Administration, Command and Executive Staff, setting pay ranges for these positions. STRATEGIC PLAN After the approval of the CBA, the meeting continued with a presentation by Dr. Margaret Banyan on the Fire Districts Strategic Plan Draft Report. Banyan reviewed the process and input she gathered in creating the plan, including multiple focus groups, meetings and a public survey of district residents. The plan includes background information on call volume, response times and a summary of the dispage draft plan is available in the meeting packet for the June 5th meeting. The Fire District is meeting the needs of its citizens and community stakeholders according to 89% of district residents, according to the Strategic Plan survey done this spring. 11% of respondents labeled the district acceptable. People think the Fire Department is doing a great job, Banyan said in summary. While the plan spells out goals, objectives and critical tasks for the next 5 years, the adminis tration staff of the district is charged with the integration and implemen tation of the plan. Banyan encour aged the district to set measure able goals related to the plan. Fire Chief Matt Love indicated that he would create a work plan based on the Strategic Plan once the board meeting. The remainder of the meetcluding a mid-year budget update, Audit Presentation by Auditor Jeff Brown of Ashley Brown & Compa ny and a Preliminary Capital Budget Presentation by Love. During the Capital Budget discussion, Love explained the districts 5-year catch-up plan as it relates to replacement and funding of capital assets, showing how the district is putting money aside for planned replacement of capital assets. Jane Thompson, Director of Finance and Administrative Services explained a state program, the Florida Local Government Finance Program, which could serve as a lender for upcoming district projects, including the purchase of a ladder truck, engine and a possible new Station 31. She asked for approval to complete prelimi nary application materials and was granted permission. District residents who would like to see the Strategic Plan, CBA or Fire District Annual Report can 2018 meeting materials on the disministration > Board of Fire Commissioners or via this direct link: bit. ly/FireJune5 The next Fire Board meeting will be held June 19, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall.


Page 11 VIEW POINTS THE SWAMP LEAKS Lets give President Donald Trump his due: Hes right when he refers to Washington as The Swamp. It really does fester with marsh scum. What the Trumpster doesnt say is that hes just another of the bottom-feeding swamp cretins. Right now, youre probably muttering at me sarcastically: Dont hold back. Tell us what you really think. Well, that is what I really think, a contempt of the politin the contamination. One of their favorite survival tactics is cynical manipulation of leaks. In fact, if Donald Trump ever decides to have another book ghostwritten in his name, he might call it The Art of the Leak. Certainly, he is a true champ when it consumption. At its best, its a way of spreading information that responsible citizens have a need to know if circumstances require that a source be anonymous. It is useful in providing full coverage of facts that would not be otherwise available But, like everything else, in the wrong small hands, these virtues can be corrupted. Many is the time when a self-serving prominent politician has spilled knowing full well that I am honor-bound to not identify him or her as the one. Which brings us to one of the major D.C. deceivers, Donald Trump. As he so often does, the president blasted away on Twitter: The Failing @ if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed. WRONG AGAIN! Use real people, not phony sources. Heres the problem, folks: The source wasnt a phony source at all. He the off-again-on-again-who-knows-again North Korea negotiation. It happens a lot, but backgrounds are not. Its silly, but whatever. then hes a blithering incompetent. If its the latter one, then his communication via tweet with his base, the millions who feel anger because theyve been overlooked, was once again a case of the ignorant leading the ignored. The Trumpster is well-aware that his relentless attacks mean his followers always can be riled up over a media conspiracy. Oftentimes he uses half-truths, but frequently he doesnt even bother; he just outright lies. He also does not concern himself with originality. Hes playing the same old game course, it immediately sank again and Donald Trump, in reality, is just taking us deeper. THE BIG HYSTERIA One of the rules of our politics is that its permissible to accuse the Trump the bill. It has lit up social media and made the debate over a new Trump policy of zero tolerance at the border even more hysterical than it would be otherwise. The 1,475 factoid makes it sound as though the Trump administration Health and Human Services had placed them, along with thousands of others who showed up at the border as unaccompanied children, with sponsors in the United States, usually parents or close relatives. HHS recently added 30-day follow-up phone calls to the longstanding program. At the end of last year, HHS called 7,635 sponsors and couldnt reach 1,475 of them. Since many of the sponsors are illegal immigrants themselves who dont want to be in contact with authorities, this isnt surprising. But this misleading story has been spun into a tale of shocking Trump administration callousness and used as a hammer against his border policy. Prior to 2011, almost all illegal aliens at the border were single adult males, overwhelmingly from Mexico. Now, 40 percent of illegal aliens at the border are families and children, and almost half from Central America. This presents challenges we havent faced before, made all the worse by gaping loopholes in the law. The past policy was to allow adults traveling with children into the counincreasing again -Trump now wants to prosecute all adults. This necessitates, The U.S. Marshalls take custody of the adults, while the children are held by HHS. The prosecution of the adults for illegal entry usually happens quickly. Then, if the adult wants to return home, they are reunited with their child and sent back together. Where it gets more complicated is if a migrant claims asylum. The Trump administration wants to hold migrants pending adjudication of their cases; if they are released, there is a good chance they will abscond. But even if the cases are handled quickly -i.e., in a couple of months -the government has to release the children sooner thanks to a 20-year-old consent decree and associated legal rulings. Its just one of the distortions that makes a rational policy at the border impossible. Trump is right to want to get a handle on the border. According to the Justice Department, over the past two and half years, more than 250,000 migrants who came here as unaccompanied children or part of a family group have been released into the country. makes it impossible to detain kids, even if they are with their parents, and by spending more on detention space. Theres no reason we cant handle these cases quickly and humanely, except for our insanely self-sabotaging immigration system. Fresh local seafoodDockage available Open at 11:00 amDaily Happy Hour 11:00 am 6:00 pmFish-Tale MarinaBehind Santini Marina PlazaCelebrate National Marina Day with us on Saturday, June 9th from 11:00 am 1:00 pm and receive a slice of our award winning key lime pie with your entre


Page 12 W W W THE FIS H T ALEM ARINA. C O M 7225 ESTERO BL VD, FOR T MYERS BEACH, FL 33931 (239) 463-3600 r f nt b r f f nt r f fb Visit Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and enjoy a piece of our award winning key lime pie with the purchase of an entreOSTEGO BA Y FOUND A TIONS AQUA TIC TOUCH T ANK SEA TOW LEE COUNTY SHERIFF DEP AR TMENTS K9 UNIT ESTERO BA Y EXPRESS DISCOUNTED TICKETS FROM 10:00 AM 11:30 PM. $15 PER ADUL T FOR ONE HOUR TOUR. KIDS FREE WITH P A YING ADUL T GAMES, PRIZES & MORE! Man of A Thousand Faces Chester Rogers Art on Display in June, Contd from pg.1beach works, like sunsets and shrimping boats I have done over the years. For Chester, a Fort Myers native who grew up near downtown, art is a lifelong interest. I never took lessons, but remember as a child, my brother and I were playing with crayons, and rather than drawing on paper, I doodled right on the wall. Well, in our house, like in many others back then, punishment could be severe, but my Mom instead put a frame around it! Art to my parents, however, was no way to make a living, so they made sure we all graduated from high school, as that was still unusual at that time. After all, neither of them could even speak English. Chester tried college and did some traveling, but when his own kids came along, I gave up art for about 25 years for real estate, even owning my own franchise. But then I had a car accident and major surgery, and it was a miracle from God I made it through, then suffered a stroke, so things worked against me, and I ended up homeless for two-and-a-half years, but now here I am, good again! It was during my homeless period I rediscovered art, so there is good from bad. During that time, Chesters Mother was sick and passed away, and my Photo by Gary Mooney


Page 13 brother bought me an art pad and supplies, to help me get through and give me an outlet.HELLO, CHESTER! the Olive tree outside The Surf Club any day it doesnt rain, from about 10 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. I dont have a clock, so whenever I am done, I am done. I actually get more business in the summer than winter, I think because so many local kids are on vacation and like to get a picture together. Over a recent 35 minute visit with the artist, it amazes how many people walk, bike or drive by and call out, Hello, Chester! He answers back, using their name if he catches their face. As for how he became the resident artist outside the Surf Club, he credits its original owner, the late Bruce Cermak, who passed away nearly two years ago. He set then moved me under the light, and when the bar came to this side of Estero Boulevard, he brought me with him! He sadly got very sick and passed away, but supposedly in his business sales agreement, he wrote that I come with the deal, so here I am still! While Bruce was one-of-a-kind, Ron and Diane, the current owners, are really nice to me and super people. At the Surf Club, Chester does not even have a tip jar, saying, I dont pester anyone to draw them; people must ask me. When middle or high school kids walk by, or even those in college, where money is tight, I want them to know they can receive a sketch with no funds necessary. Not everyone comes from wealth, and I dont have what it takes to charge kids! In 10 minutes time, they get their picture and hopefully an experience they will remember a long time. But memories cut two ways: A parent recently showed me pictures I did of her daughter, once a year for the past 6 or 7, and that made me remember that each one has a unique story or memory. In addition to his traditional Surf Club spot, Chester does drawings at Chapel By The Sea and last month at the annual Taste of The Beach with the Greater Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce. One of my favorites is I love those! Last year, even though it rained, I painted 17 kids in three hours, and the year before, 38 in 7 hours! While painting, I work with their schoolteacher and talk to the kids. They are just fabulous, each gets an autographed print, and no money ever changes hands. Another talent is sketching peoples pets, especially dogs. I can work off photographs or do them live, as long as you reaIize they will not sit still, so you get the pose that I feel. Everyone just loves their pets! PERFECTION Chester is proud to be the June FMB Library Artist of The Month, as they only display the best of the best on the island, so this is good for my ego! A lot of people think my sketches are the only things I do, so the exhibit will show that I am much more wide-ranging than this. His favorite mediums are oils on canvas, charcoals, graphic lead, acrylics, wax, ink and water colors, specializing in the styles of Realism and Abstract Realism. Another reason Chester is happy to be the monthly Artist is that others can evaluate the quality of his work, as after a while, you are just not sure! I always try to move the bar, though you never achieve perfection, no matter how good you become. There are a lot of talented artists on this island who will see my work, and I hope they are honest when they tell me their opinions, though I understand all art is subjective. To view Chesters artwork, visit the Fort Myers Beach Librarys 3rd Floor Exhibit Gallery throughout June. The Library is at 2755 Estero Boulevard, with hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and closed Sundays and holidays. For information, see www.fmb.lib. wish to hire Chester, particularly for his beach or pet artwork, call 239878-5119. I spend my days on this people here take care of me. They bring me art supplies and clothes and gave me my three-wheel bicycle and moped; they love me and I love them back. Sitting here in the shade, drawing pictures of people and Paradise; what more could an old man want! Chester Rogers Art on Display in June, Contd from


Page 14 Mr. Dobbins Dobbins Retires as Beach School Principal, Contd from pg.1Fund to develop teacher leadership in schools. I missed the kids, however, and the hustle-and-bustle of a school, and when the principal position at Beach Elementary opened, I asked Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins for the opportunity, and he gave me the gift of assigning Dr. Adkins, by the way, does a phenomenal job of running the Lee County Public School District.THE GIFT He calls being the Beach Elementary School principal the gift, because this position actually allows you to be a principal! You get to work with your faculty and personally know every one of the 107 kids and interact with their families. When I speak to our students, I tell them I have three expectations graduate from high school; graduate from college, and then be the most productive and supportive member of society that you can be! The staff is outstanding, beginning with Ms. Renee, who island legend, every bit as much as AJ Bassett, whose mother was the principal, bus driver, janitor and jack-of-all-trades in her day, and it is an honor to know AJ, as she knows everything about Beach Elementary. I loved sitting with her and going over old photographs and learning the history of the school and beach, as those conversations really helped me develop an affection for the island and its people. He credits his success from the great support I received, not only from the Beach Elementary folks, but throughout my career, as no one ever wins by being a One team. Now that my educational career is winding down, I can impact in the lives of our young charges. When I greeted the Beach Elementary School students each morning, you could see in their faces and attitudes that they are happy, they are happy they attend here, and that you make a positive impact on them and their families. As for how that makes me feel on a personal level, that is the best. June 29, actually, as July 1 is a Sunday the truly emotional days were Wednesday, May 30, as that Thursday, May 31, when he had his Goodbye Luncheon with the school staff. The last day with the kids was full of WOW Moments and very emotional, though I somehow held in the tears! The children presented me with a hundred handmade cards, full of their own advice and life lessons, so that was very moving. On the 31st, we went to Doc Fords, and I went around the table to each coworker, highlighting what they meant to me and the kids and the school, because everything we accomplish here has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the team. Individually, we attain nothing, but collectively, we achieve a lot! Each ending signals a new beginning, with Mr. Dobbins announcing that Ms. Karen Manzi will be the new Beach Elementary principal. She and I go way back, have a great working relationship, and will ensure a seamless transition. It is nice that the new Beach Elementary principal is actually an island resident, and I am sure she will be excellent!POT OF GOLD Schools now just three weeks away, Mr. Dobbins truly has no retirement plans as of yet. I will make my annual July jaunt to Key West, but I do that every summer. This is truly unusual for me, because I plan out and organize my entire life, so whatever happens happen, without any road map! Retirement probably wont truly hit me until August, when school gets ready to return. For years, I told the kids to be kind, respectful of others, and honest, and great things will come your way, and now I have to practice my own philosophy. makes Beach Elementary School so unique, Mr. Dobbins credits the amount of family and community involvement. As I often remind our teachers, at other schools throughout my career, our 107 students would be one grade level. We have 7 total classrooms, while at some of my previous assignments, we had 10 classrooms for one grade! There were 26 to 30 school buses, while here we have one! At Sunshine, we had 1,100 kids and that was like a small town; here our 107 is like entering a small restaurant! When I drive to work each morning, and come over that bridge, I see the Gulf of Mexico, then pull into the Beach Elementary School, and think that is like seeing the rainbow, then discovering the Pot of Gold at the end! Mr. Dobbins will most miss the kids, obviously, followed by the staff and that early morning drive this upcoming school year, I told the staff I am going to the beach, under an umbrella, and send them a photo, to let them know I am thinking about them, while wishing them an awesome 2018-19 school year! That is my story and I am sticking to it! Principal Jeff Dobbins with new incoming Beach School Principal Karen Manzi. Photos by Gary Mooney.


Page 15 Obituaries James Henry (Jim) TibbsJuly 11, 1944 May 22, 2018 Jim and his wife Mary moved to Fort Myers Beach in September 2008. Those who knew him will remember he always had a beaming smile, a cheerful attitude and an unforgettable laugh. His humor could throw you off guard if you werent ready for a quick quip or pun and he was a great friend to many. Jim enjoyed life and impacted many with his work at the FMB golf course, Publix, Crazy Woman Kayaks and most recently as a deck hand at Fish Tale Marina. One of his favorite sayings was Enjoy Life, Laugh Often, Be Kind. A farewell celebration for Jim will be held at the Fish Tale Marina Ships Store on Saturday June 9th at 3pm. Light refreshments will be served and anyone is welcome to come and remember this wonderful man.William Vokac William F (Wild Bill) Vokac passed away May 7, 2018 at the age of 77. He was a resident of Fort Myers Beach for 26 years. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he went on to serve his Country in the Navy onboard the ship USS then went on to serve his City of 28 years. Born to Frank and Vlasta Vokac, he is survived by his wife Billie Jean Vokac; three daugh ters: Tammy Vokac, Wendy Vokac and Dawn Vokac; two sons Erick (T.J.) Vokac and Billy Bob Vokac, as well as a brother Robert Vokac. He is also survived by 18 grandchildren and one great grandchild. A Celebration of Life will be held on June 30 at 1:00 p.m. at Junk anoo on the Beach, 3040 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach. Push Continues for Drilling Off Florida Coast Proponents of drilling for oil and natural gas havent given up on tapping areas closer to Floridas shoreline despite repeated assurances those waters will be exempt from a White House plan to expand exploration. The Washington, D.C.based American Petroleum Institute announced Wednesday a multistate Explore Offshore coalition to support the Trump administrations plan to open previously protected parts of the Atlantic Ocean and eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling. The coalitions Florida team, which is focused on the eastern Gulf waters, includes former Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, former Okaloosa County Commissioner Wayne Harris, former Puerto Rico state Sen. Miriam Ramirez and Florida Petroleum Council Executive Director David Mica. Mica said Floridians use more than 25 million gallons of motor fuel a day, while the industry is restricted from some very, very good areas that potentially have oil. We need to do it in an environmentally responsible manner, but we must go forward, Mica said. I think that its really putting your head in the sand if you think that were not going to need a lot more oil and gas into the future and that we can rely only on alternative fuels. cluding Gov. Rick Scott, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Noah Valenstein and members of Floridas congressio nal delegation from both sides of the political aisle have denounced the possibility of opening to drilling nearly all of the nations outer continental shelf --a jurisdictional term describing submerged lands 10.36 statutory miles off Floridas west coast and 3 nautical miles off the east coast. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinhassee to announce drilling would not occur off the Florida coast. But the Trump administrations stance has not been formalized and continues to draw questions. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., on Wednesday equated the petroleum industrys new coalition with lingering skepticism over Zinkes assurances that waters off the Florida coast will be exempt from the plan. Here we go. Like us, Big Oil doesnt believe Florida is really off the table to new drilling --despite what Scott and the Trump Administration keep saying --and now they are making a new push to drill closer to Floridas shores, Nelson tweeted. We cant let that happen! In its release, the institute highlighted Floridas dependence on natural gas, which generates 67 percent of the states electricity, and forecast that offshore development could result in $2.6 billion in private investment in Florida and $1 billion per year in state revenues. In November, Florida voters will decide whether to approve a proposed constitutional amend ment that would ban nearshore oil and gas drilling. That ban would affect state-controlled waters.


Page 16 Each week Around & About features community announcements and events held by charitable are open to everyone. Check the events listed here and pick up a copy of SAND LIFE entertainment magazine! BLUEWAY BATTLEThe fourth annual Battle on the Blueway returns to Crescent Beach Family Park on SA June 9. This competitive race event includes events for standup paddleboarders (SUP), kayaks, outrigger canoes and surf skis. Races will include 7-mile, 2-mile races, plus sprints, a free Calusa Kids Race and a Special Olympics Fun Race. The event is free for spectators who want to watch the races from the park or the pier. A demo and vender area will be at the park. Race start times are from 9am to 10:45am. Awards follow lunch at 1pm. All proceeds Lee County SUP Team.Islanders and visitors are invited to donate blood at a special blood drive in honor of Charlene. Donate on the Big Red Bus on MO June 11 from 3-8pm at Nervous Nellies. All donors will receive a free t-shirt, Nervous Nellies coupon for a free appetizer and a special BOGO offer from Crayola Experience. For more information visit or call 888-936-6283.STRING TRIOThe Shell Point Retirement Community continues its 2018 Summer Concert Series with a performance by the Southwest Florida String Trio on WE June 13 at 7pm in the Grand Cypress Room at The Woodlands at Shell Point. Open to the public with tickets available for $20 online at or by phone 239-454-2067. The String Trio will perform an array of musical selections from great composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Schubert and Piazzolla in Baroque and Beyond, Part II.FREE LUNCH FOR KIDSLee County Schools and Fort Myers Beach Elementary School are participating in the Summer Feed Program. From June 4 to July 27, kids 18 and under are invited to come to the Dolphin Caf at Beach School for a free, delicious lunch. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Lunch is provided Monday Friday from 11am-12pm.Come to the Bay Oaks Rec Center on SA June 16 from 10am 12pm to learn about Bike Safety, join a Bicycle Club and meet with a bike mechanic. In addition there will be an 8am Bonita Road Ride and a 9am FMB Fun Ride, both beginning at Bay Oaks. Enjoy Bike Demos, FREE kids helmets, a bike rodeo, ice cream and more! For more information call 239-765-4222.NATIONAL SEASHELL DAYMark your calendar now for the morning of June 21! Be a part of an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the largest human image of a seashell. The Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau is hosting this attempt at the Outrigger Resort on FMB and asking volunteers to sign up now at Check in is from 6:30-8:30am with the event wrapping up by 11:30am. All volunteers will get a free hat and ister and check in at the event ill receive a special gift. Registration is mandatory. There will be no parking at Outrigger. Free trolley shuttles from the Beach Park & Ride at Summerlin Square Drive and the Lovers Key Park & Ride will be available. Visit for more information.MOUND HOUSEThe historic Mound House needs immediate volunteers to serve as Museum Store Assistants, who help guests with tickets, memberships and Museum Store products, with on-site training by staff and volunteers. The Mound House, at 451 Connecticut Street, is open TU, WE & SA from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call Dexter Norris, Mound House Environmental Coordinator, at 239-765-0865.SWIM LESSONSSummer is swim lesson time. The Beach pool offers lessons for just $20 thanks to the support of the Beach Kiwanis Clubs Every Child a Swimmer program. All classes are 30-minutes for 8 sessions. The next weekday lessons, Monday Thursday, will be June 18-28.Start times 8:15am-9:15am. The next Sunday lessons will be held July 29 Sept 23. Start times 11am12noon. For more info and class times call the pool 239-463-5759.HURRICANE Fort Myers Beach residents and businesses may obtain a hurricane re-entry pass at Town Hall. In the event of an evacuation, passes may be required to re-enter the island. If you have a Purple (resident) or Yellow (business) pass, they are valid for the 2018 season. If you do not already have one of those, pick up an application at Town Hall or online at The Town of Fort Myers Beach website: Emergency Preparedness. Applicants will need to provide photo I.D. and proof of residency. For details on what proof is needed, call 239-765-0202 or see website. Passes will not be mailed this year, so stop in Town Hall to get yours!CODE REDThe Town of Fort Myers Beach uses to warn residents, business owners and property owners of emergen cies, like hurricane evacuations or boil water notices. Emergency notiways: via a recorded message to a phone line, a text message to a cell phone and/or a message to an email address. Residents, business owners and property owners are encouraged to sign up with a home phone number, a cell phone number and/or an email address. To sign up for CODE RED, please go to and click on the Code Red button on the left side of the page. Have any questions? Stop by Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, FMB. A Publication of A Daily Guide to Fun on the Beach FREE


Page 17 PUBLIC SAFETY SEMINAR will offer a free community presen tation, A Citizens Response to Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events on SA June 16 at Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, 13350 FSW Parkway, Fort Myers, from 9am-1pm. Doors open at 8pm. Be part of this compelling presenta tion by law enforcement and public your level of preparedness should allowed. All bags subject to search. orgPAUL TODD & FRIENDSDont miss Paul Todd & Friends for Pastor Jeanne Farewell Concert on FR June 22 at 7pm at Beach United Methodist Church. A free will offering will be taken.BEACH LIBRARYThe Fort Myers Beach Library is a great place to visit. Browse the liauthor or sign up for some time on the librarys computers. Head to the artist of the month or stop in the Friends Used Book Store. The Library is open MO-FR 9am-5pm; SA 9am-1pm. 239-765-8162. Upcoming programs include: TU June 12, 10-11am. Dog Day TU June 12 10:30am. The Moth True Stories Told Live WE June 13, 10:30am. CROW Wildlife Clinic FR June 15, 10:30am. Memory ImprovementMOUND HOUSEA unique archaeological and historical site on Fort Myers Beach located directly on Estero Bay, the Mound House offers a variety of programs for local residents & visitors. Open TU, WE & SA 9am-4pm parking at 216 Connecticut. Call for costs, reservations and additional information. 239-765-0865. Upcoming programs include: SA June 9 1am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour; 6:45pm Sunset Kayak Tour (reservations required; call for exact time) TU June 12 9am Guided Beach Walk at Newton Park; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour. WE June 13 8am Mangroves by Kayak Tour; 10am Exploring Archeology, Can You Dig It?; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour TH June 14 7pm Sunset Kayak Tour (reservations required; call for exact time) FR June 15 9am Conservation Caf (reservations required) SA June 16 9am Family Fun Kayak Tour; 10am Family Adventures Tour; 11am & 2pm Shell Mound Tour; 1pm Guided Tour. PARKGuided nature programs are offered in the park. All programs require registration, are free with park entry and take place at 10am. To register call 239-463-4588. Upcoming programs include: TU June 12 Fishing Clinic FR June 15 Gopher Tortoise Talk FORT MYERS BEACH NESTS................... 22 FALSE CRAWLS... 64 HATCHED............. 0 BONITA SPRINGS NESTS.................. 56 FALSE CRAWLS.. 44 HATCHED ............. 0 Government Meetings 9:00am FMB Audit Committee 8:00am FMB Mosquito Control Board, 300 Lazy Way, FMB 9:00am FMB Local Planning Agency 3:00pm FMB Community Resource Advisory Board 4:30pm FMB Marine Resources Task Force 9:00am FMB Council Management & Planning


Page 18 SHOP LOCAL BUY LOCAL! SUPPORT OUR ISLAND BUSINESSES! wants to be your source for all printing services. Based in Key Estero Plaza at 1661 Estero Blvd on Fort Myers Beach, they are convenient for local residents and businesses, avoiding time-wasting travel off island. Shown here is on (right) Gary Campbell, the Print Shop Production Manager and Owner. With Gary is Carolyn George, Graphic Designer. Stop in and see them to discuss your printing and copying needs today! PUT YOUR BUSINESS HERE Call Sandy 239-463-4461


Page 19 Red, White, & Boom Fireworks After Friday Home Miracle Games Some images just scream The United States of America, such as baseball, hot dogs on Friday evenings this summer, with a trip to Hammond Stadium at the CenturyLink Sports Complex to see the Fort Myers Miracle, the play in the Florida State League. Fireworks are set up on a small dock, on wall, with Fire Department personnel overseeing the production to ensure fan safety. Once the dragging out any suspense for the youngsters or the young-at-heart! The crowd joins the stadium announcer in a countdown from 10 to 1, then the displays burst clear and loud, with the Miracle playing rock & roll music over the stadium speakers to accompany the shows. extravaganzas off the Fort Myers Beach pier on the Fourth of July and New Years Eve, the Miracle shows are much lower on the horizon, with the exception of its Grand Finale bursts. They also do not last as long, ranging in length from 7 to 9 minutes, though the upcoming Fourth of July performance will last approximately twice you make up for in proximity, as you feel as though the shells are exploding right over your head, for a very audience-participation type of sensation! Part of the charm of minor league baseball in general and the Miracle in particular is there are so many fun activities and things to do throughout the evening, in addition to the game itself, that you literally have to tell many fans, and especially the children, who actually won the game! This is particularly true on Fireworks Fridays, where no one roots for extra innings that might delay the displays in favor of any additional baseball. Parents hope for a regulation game as well, as start time on Fridays begin at roughly 9:45 p.m. and are done by 10, allowing families to get the children back home and to bed at a reasonable hour. for each Friday home game throughout its entire season, as well as on its Opening Day and the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday, but had to Southwest Florida rainy season began slightly earlier than normal this year, over the Mothers Day weekend in mid-May, allowing the shows to commence regularly on May 18.LIGHT UP THE NIGHT In addition to the Fourth of July that falls show dates will be Fridays, June 8 against the Dunedin Blue Jays; June 29 versus the Lakeland Flying Tigers; July 20 against Lakeland again; August 3 versus the Florida Fire Frogs of the Atlanta Braves organization; and August 17 when the Miracle take on the Clearwater Threshers, The Miracle are on the road for the majority of June, with just 8 home games the remainder of the month. They begin a weekend home stand this Friday, June 8, to Sunday, June 10 against the Dunedin Blue Jays; take on the Tampa Tarpons of the New York Yankees organization from Monday through Wednesday, June 18 to 20, then the Lakeland Flying Tigers, June 29 and 30. The Florida State League plays a 140-game schedule, split into two halves, with in Tampa on Saturday, June 16. Fireworks follow the Friday games. Saturdays are Giveaway nights, with fans on June 9 receiving a complimentary Miracle soccer scarf to commemorate the World Cup; and Sunday is Youth Baseball Day with kids in their team shirts receiving a free ticket, preafter the game. Mondays are Dollar Dog Days; Tuesdays -for-1 tacos, domestic beers, and sodas; and Winning Wednesdays features prizes from the Miller and Moulton sports broadcasting team. Tickets range from $7.50 to $11, with an extra dollar on Fireworks Fridays, and are available at, the stadium box or by telephone at 239-768-4210, with a $2 processing fee. Monday through Friday contests start at 7 p.m., Saturdays 6 p.m., and Sundays at 4 p.m., with parking $5-per-car. Hammond Stadium is at CenturyLink Sports Complex at 14100 Six Mile Cyrus Parkway in South Fort Myers, roughly a 15-minute drive from Fort Myers Beach. Experience the Miracle Tonight! Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 20 Seafood Steaks Cocktails Lunch Dinner Beachside Sandwiches | Open Daily 11 a.m. 11 p.m. | Next to the Public Pier Share your food and drink photos with #PierSideEats The black lacquer stand holding his prized samurai swords was dusty, so my husband left our cleaning lady a note, reading, Check out my swords. That evening, he found the stand just as dirty as before but with this appended to his note: Nice swords. When asked for his name by the coffee shop clerk, my brother-in-law answered, Marc, with a C. Minutes later, he was handed his coffee with his name written on the side: Cark.


Page 21 WHAT IS COMMUNITY COMICS Each week I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page (Mark List) on Saturday morning, and ask all my FB friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask that everyone vote for the ones they think are the funniest. The ones with the most Likes by Wednesday get printed in the funnies pages that week. We do it simply for the fun of it. Sarah List


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Page 23 NOW HIRING Council Unanimously Denies SRO Funding, Contd from pg.8to the MassMutual Retirement Program. In other items, Council unanimously approved its Consent Agenda to authorize $34,047 for a new North Booster Station water pump, and an Interlocal Agreement extension with Lee County for the Local Option Gas Tax.WHAT WOULD Under Town Manager Items, Hernstadt stated that two Hercules Drive residents have litigation with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that prevents the Town from pier reconstruction. If the Town wants to proceed with the Coconut Drive pier alone, it would cost an additional $6,000. Cereceda and Shamp favored that, with Boback and Butcher seemingly against, for a deadlock. Butcher, however, asked his fellow Council members, What would Tracey do? When all three strongly felt Gore would authorize the additional expense, Butcher said, Then I will support it, but I do not like it! Me too and me either, concluded Boback, making the vote 4 to 0. Under Council Member Items, Cereceda said it was time to review regulations for Times Square Street Performers, including their elimination. Boback said he wants to adjust the Town Attorney contract renewal from February 2019 to coincide with the Towns Fiscal Year on October 1. Shamp stated that Lee Countys Seafarer Mall construction staging lease expires on June 30, so she wants to meet with Lee County to determine their plans. This is a major item, agreed Cereceda. We need Lee Countys direction to decide what we want to do. Hernstadt stated that District 3 Lee County Commissioner Larry Kiker wants to meet with him about this on Wednesday, June 6, and Shamp said she would join them. Boback said he continues to be frustrated by the slow work on the Towns sidestreet projects, asking if the contractors can supply a waterline project schedule, as this is dragging on and that is unacceptable! They have half the island torn up, and never actually some timeline, some construction schedule. Hernstadt reminded repaving the streets, and this occurs in 4-street increments. He will attempt to ascertain completion dates before the upcoming June 14 Management & Planning Session, to get that word out to everyone. Council then adjourned at 2 p.m. FMBFCD Chiefs Offer Hurricane Advice, Contd from pg.4data, whether on a pad & paper or the latest technology in a storage cloud. In a catastrophe, one-third of all small businesses never reopen, so ensure that is not you. Just because a hurricane ends does not mean you can automatically return, he related. You must wait until Emergency Management assesses potential hazards, then let us First Responders return. The worst thing is to head right back, clog the roadway and make our jobs we assess damages and assets, explained Chief Wirth. We clear emergency calls and open a path through the island for the eventual return of our citizens. After you get home, take your hurricane shutters down immediately, advised Chief Martin. If they remain up, you may only have one way in or out of your home in an emergency and we only have one way to get to you. They explained how the Fire Control District prepares: We actually reviewed our hurricane plan months ago, said Chief Martin. Right now we are going over the staffs personal plans, to know where they and their loved ones will shelter, to constantly replenish our manpower. We have a redundancy in our communication system, with each person having a cellphone and back-up cell, and a radio, all on different plans. When a storm is coming, we get our shutters up and close everything tight, explained Chief Wirth, then top off our fuel and propane tanks and diesel generators, and transport medical safe sites. Ron leads our effort, with all our infrastructure in the cloud, so we can access it wherever there is Internet. When asked about preparation misconceptions, Chief Martin responded, An evacuation order is some type of whimsical event. Our community leaders review data from sources and before they issue that judgement. Since we were so lucky with Irma, we hope everyone does not get too comfortable and rides the next one out. Let me reiterate how incredibly proud we are of our communitys response last year, as almost everyone evacuated and did not return until the OK. Our residents were phenomenal in helping us and each other out. Chief Wirth cautioned, Evacuation shelters should not up. Your primary option should be evacuation well out of the immediate area, leaving sooner rather than later, while there is fuel. There are not enough shelters to safely house everyone in Lee County, so leave early. Finally, and I dont want to hit this too hard, but I 1992, Hurricane Andrew decimated Homestead. We went to help the mother of a friend, and in true devastation, you must be ready for how people will protect themselves, their family and property. The three sounds I remember most are gunshots, generators and Huey helicopters, so proceed carefully! As for what they learned from Hurricane Irma, Chief Wirth said, You need to look at a hurricane as if your house burns down and you lose all your possessions, so take all the essentials you need to start life all over again, like personal papers and insurance documents, in case everything is gone. Chief Martin puts in more succinctly: Its important to have a good plan, because a good plan leads to phenomenal success!


Page 24 For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers Beach F 8 Low 2:31 AM 0.6 6:34 AM Rise 2:51 AM 39 8 High 9:38 AM 2.4 8:20 PM Set 3:09 PM 8 Low 3:43 PM 1.0 8 High 9:46 PM 2.0 Sa 9 Low 3:14 AM 0.7 6:34 AM Rise 3:27 AM 30 9 High 10:08 AM 2.6 8:20 PM Set 4:06 PM 9 Low 4:39 PM 0.6 9 High 11:08 PM 1.8 Su 10 Low 3:54 AM 1.0 6:34 AM Rise 4:06 AM 20 10 High 10:37 AM 2.8 8:20 PM Set 5:06 PM 10 Low 5:30 PM 0.2 M 11 High 12:20 AM 1.8 6:34 AM Rise 4:48 AM 12 11 Low 4:31 AM 1.2 8:21 PM Set 6:09 PM 11 High 11:09 AM 3.0 11 Low 6:18 PM -0.1 Tu 12 High 1:27 AM 1.8 6:34 AM Rise 5:35 AM 5 12 Low 5:04 AM 1.3 8:21 PM Set 7:15 PM 12 High 11:43 AM 3.2 12 Low 7:06 PM -0.5 W 13 High 2:30 AM 1.8 6:34 AM Rise 6:28 AM 1 13 Low 5:37 AM 1.5 8:21 PM Set 8:21 PM 13 High 12:21 PM 3.4 13 Low 7:55 PM -0.6 Th 14 High 3:32 AM 1.8 6:34 AM Rise 7:26 AM 0 14 Low 6:08 AM 1.6 8:22 PM Set 9:26 PM 14 High 1:03 PM 3.5 14 Low 8:45 PM -0.7 F 15 High 4:34 AM 1.7 6:35 AM Rise 8:29 AM 1 15 Low 6:43 AM 1.6 8:22 PM Set 10:26 PM 15 High 1:49 PM 3.5 15 Low 9:36 PM -0.6 A Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial MOSQUITO + SPIDERS CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. Phone: 239-454-BUGS(2847) Fax: 239-415-BUGS(2847) PEST CONTROL BEACH CLASSIFIEDS FOR SALE YOGA FOR RENT HELP WANTED LOCAL CLASSIFEDS $20/WEEK $60/ 4 WEEKS 239-463-4461 FOR SALE WATERFRONT HOMECanal corner lot Deep water 166-foot sea wall Beautiful Bay Views 3BR/2BA Cathedral ceilings South end of island FOR RENT NEWLY REMODELED 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath San Carlos Island Water & Electric Included $1100 per month Mon-Fri; 7 -11am Sandarac II Condos 6666 Estero Blvd Fort Myers Beach To apply, call Sandra 239-463-6080 9am to 2pm; Mon-Fri HELP WANTED Fort Myers Beach church seeks for one Sunday service. Year-round. Experience appreciated. 21531 Widgeon Terrace Fort Myers Beach 3 y/o Aqua Leather Loveseat $200 3 y/o White Leather Ottoman $100 3 y/o Vanilla Chaise Lounge $100 White Wicker Loveseat w/cushions $25 Dark Wicker Bar Table w/2 Seats $100 3 Bar Stools $30 White Washer & Dryer $150 All in Excellent Condition Contact Bonnie Today 239-738-3251 HELP WANTEDFelipes Mexican Taqueria is coming to Fort Myers Beach! We are hiring for all positions including Kitchen Su pervisor, Prep Cook and Line Cook. For those interested in joining the Fe lipes Family please visit our restau rant between 10 am and 6 pm. We offer competitive pay with opportuni Vacation, Health Insurance and 401k. Apply online at www.felipestaqueria .com/jobs. Felipes Taqueria 320 Old San Car los Blvd Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931




Page 26 Lake O Water Releases Begin Brown Water Flows, Contd from pg.1 week. Further downstream at the Franklin Lock (S-79), which includes has been over 6,000 cfs since June over 2,800 cfs cause harm to the estuaries. The fresh, but fertilizerpolluted water from Lake O and its watershed, as well as the watershed of the Caloosahatchee River, turns the water a dark, dark brown, blocking sunlight from reaching the river bottom where sea grasses grow. It also creates unnatural salinity levels, lowers oxygen levels and fuels algae blooms that harm sea life and can be a danger to humans. As of Wednesday, an algae bloom was seen on the eastern side of the lake and in the canal leading to the St. Lucie River, but none had been seen in the Caloosahatchee or on the west side of the lake. The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation coordinates a weekly Caloosahatchee River Report, with contributions from several scientists representing communities in SWFL, including Fort Myers Beach. The report is sent to the USACE, the South Florida Water Management District and the Department of Environmental Protection and posted on their website ( In the June 5 report, the current times the harm threshold and urged the Army Corps to lower releases and redirect stormwater from Clewiston to storage other than in Lake O. They emphasized that the amount of Clewiston stormwater the lakes total discharge over the previous 2 weeks. Several water storage projects meant to mitigate the excess water releases, are in various stages of progress, including large storage areas west and south of the lake as well as projects north of the lake to restore natural water treatment systems there. None are expected to be in operation for several years. As a practical matter for beachgoers, the dark brown water does not mix readily with seawater. Dark water near shore at one beach does not necessarily mean that all beaches are effected. If downtown Fort Myers Beach areas have dark water near shore, try south end beaches or Lovers Key State Park. For water quality reports visit LCWater.




Page 28 rfnt rfntfnn rfntrb nnLive Music is Back! New Front Patio! rfntb rfntfb fnnr The Best Happy Houron the Beach!Mon Fri 2-5pm