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Volume 18, Number 13 By Islanders, For Islanders Fort Myers Beach, Florida March 30th, 2018 FREE Bay Harbour Project Gets Lee LPA OKBy Gary Mooney The controversial proposed Bay Harbour Marina Village mixed use development for San Carlos Island received a 5 to 1 approval from the Lee County Local Planning Agency (LPA) before roughly 30 people at the Administration East Building in Downtown Fort Myers on Monday morning, March 26. It took three LPA Motions and two votes, however, before the Lee County LPA passed the measure to approve converting the 7.47-acre Main Street site from Industrial & Suburban Future Land Use (FLU) to Destination Resort Mixed Use Water Dependent (DRMUWD FLU), after the initial Motion did not receive a Second, and the next vote failed in a 3 to 3 tie. Lee County LPA member James Ink abstained from attending, as he is a Bay Harbour consultant, and it appeared his absence might carry second vote. In addition to the DRMUWD FLU designation, Bay Harbour sought bonus density and accommodations for additional residential development, among other items. Lee County Staff recommended the LPA forward County Board of Commissioners to designate the property DRMUWD FLU, with several amendments. In 2015, Bay Harbour applied for a comprehensive plan amendment to change its property from Industrial FLU to Central Urban FLU and add it to the Mixed Use Overlay. Jack Mayher and Nick Ruland, partners in the Bay Harbour project at 1195 Main Street, proposed 175-foot-high residential buildings with 113 units, 37 for workforce or moderate income housing, with a 286-space boat barn, 520-car parking garage, and 15 townhouses. The Oak & Main Streets site was home for years to Compass Rose Marina, until Hurricane Charley destroyed that in 2004. A Lee County hearing examiner in late 2016 Audience members at the Bay Harbour Marina Village meeting before the Lee County LPA. By Janet Sailian It is said the character of a community can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable residents. If this is true and surely, children are a communitys most tender and vulnerable citizens then Fort Myers Beach has shown a heart of gold and a sterling character in providing education and care for its youngest. It all started more than 80 years ago. With no formal education available for the scattering of children who resided on the island in 1937, local mothers decided to found a school, and set about making it a reality within one season. The families of Canady, Geddys, Joyner, Kingston, McCleniston, Reese, Santini and Yeomans scraped together the Contd pg.14 Contd pg.6 Beach school children attending Beach Day on a Friday in 1942. A Walk through Estero Island History The early years of Beach Elementary: A community-built schoolBy Gary Mooney Allen Fiske was born in Central Massachusetts and, like a lot of native New Englanders, sailing was in his blood from a young age, with his Dad building him a 9-foot sailing pram by the time he was 10-years-old. As a young man Allen moved to Connecticut, where he owned three sailboats while sailing the Long Island Sound. He dreamed of eventually moving to a warm weather climate, where he could live on a sailboat and maybe even take a year or two off to go cruising. In 1982, at age 36, however, Allen was in a car accident and became a paraplegic; his sailing days apparently over. Or so he thought! Captain Allen not only got back on board; he became an innovative sailing instructor, as well as taking part in the Tall Ship Festival to commemorate Canadas 150th anniversary in the summer of 2017. He detailed his Impossible Mound Houses 2017-18 lecture series before roughly 40 people on Tuesday evening, March 27. I broke my back in the accident, he explained, so I sold my boat and, in a way, my The Impossible DreamCaptain Allen Fiske Sails OnContd pg.4 The level of public interest in the TPI-FMB downtown redevelopment application is unprecedented in recent history on Fort Myers Beach. The way its being handled by the Town is also unprecedented with multiple, late party reports and uncertainty as to how Town Council should handle the process. Going back to the beginning, the Town of Fort Myers Beach in late March 2017. That application was project. While at least two previous concepts had been discussed, the only one that crossed Town Halls counter was the TPI-FMB project. Once submitted, Principal Planner Matt Noble and Community Development Director Kara Stewart began reviewing the application and working with the applicant, complete and had addressed all pertinent issues. This is done with all development applications and is a normal part of preparing an application for a Local Planning Agency (LPA) and Town Council hearing. In April, Town Council broached the subject of hiring a consultant, with Mayor Dennis Boback Contd pg.21 Town Staff Report: NO to TPI-FMB Third Report Issued March 16


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Page 3 LETTERS to the EDITOR VOTE YES ON TPI TPI-FMB will be a wonderful addition to Fort Myers Beach. The sites where TPI proposes to place their development is an area of years of continuous disrepair. Since Hurricane Charley, it has been an extremely unwelcoming entrance to our town. Twelve buildings occupy the beach side site. Ten will be demolished resulting with an unprecedented four-block street view of the Gulf where none is now. This pool area will never be built upon, though code allows. New metered parking will provide revenue to the town. The hotel, located on the bay side, includes two pedestrian TPI is endeavoring to help where it can on Estero Island on TPI land. There is overwhelming support from neighboring businesses and residents island wide. Hired by the town, the author of the towns land use code wrote an 85-page report following a 6-month examination of the proposal. The towns LPA advisory committee, all local residents, voted 5-2 in favor of the development after reviewing the report. This proposal meets the spirit of the code and will tremendously improve our downtown area. I urge my FMB town council to approve this opportunity. Jan Fleming Fort Myers BeachSQUEAKY DOORS know. Having been one at various times in my life, Ive found that making at the Fort Myers Beach Town Hall. From the day our newly purchased and renovated building opened in October 2015 to the present, the hinges on the front doors, the ones We, the People, go through to attend meetings and do other business, mayor, third town manager, second public works director, third town attorneys, God only knows how many community development/planning staff and a mixed variety of councilpersons. And not one of them has OK, granted. This isnt as big an issue as stormwater drainage, downtown re-development or taxes, not to mention totally unnecessary laws about newsracks. But the fact that its been there all this time and town government. If they cant be trusted to take care of this little detail, which would take no more than a shot of WD-40 and twenty seconds to they all enter the building using side and back doors which are punch-keyAnd analogously, that, too, speaks volumes. The chances are very good that the sun will continue to rise each the town, Ill pledge a donation of a small can of WD-40. For that matter, if it will relieve the maintenance budget of the twenty seconds worth of need. Im sure I can work it into my schedule sometime in the next couple of years. Jay Light Fort Myers BeachDONT FEED THE MANATEES Im writing this letter in hope that all of our visitors who come to Florida & enjoy our sun and wonderful wildlife read this. I work at a fresh market here on the beach, and a woman came in & bought all of our lettuce. She then said she was going to use it to feed manatees. I informed her that it was against the law for the protection of manatees, and that harmful to the creatures to get used to humans and that most manatees have scars because of this practice and that its disrespectful to these animals and our environment. Not caring, she left to go feed them. Would I know that most of our visitors are wonderful & respectful, but it only takes one like this to leave a foul taste. Annie Swartz Fort Myers BeachARTFUL INTERSECTION THANKS Many and Great thanks to all involved with the Friends of the Mound House most recent fundraiser, Artful Intersection, held at the FMB Womans Club on March 23rd. We want to acknowledge our generous contributors. Sponsor: Tom & Mari Torgerson. Advertisers: donors: Castaways, Comfort by Design, Dolphin Inn, Island Fit Physical Therapy, Island Time Dolphin & Shelling Cruises, Lagerhead Cycleboats, Publix, Pure Florida Cruises, Skyes Mexican and More, South Beach Grille, The Sea Gypsy Inn, Truly Scrumptious. And our individual donors (a blend of artists and Mound House fans): Nina Bean, Jeanni Burgwald, Letters contd pg.10


Page 4 Beach Botanyby Jim Rodwell SEABEACH EVENING PRIMROSE This weeks beach species is not very common on the beach. The Seabeach Evening Primrose, Oenothera humifusa, appears occasionally as a ground cover on the sides of sand dunes. Humifusa is a sprawling biennial that grows from a deep taproot that eventually forms a thick mat 3 to 6 inches in height. Succulent leaves covered with soft whitish hairs helps to retain water. Lanceolate leaves with slightly toothed margins are arranged in an alternate order along the stems. Flowers grow from the leaf axils 1 is made up of four yellow petals attached to a calyx of four green sepals. Eight yellow stamens grow from a tunnel at the corollas center. Humifusa blooms at night insects as pollinators. Flower diameter is about one inch. This species is found on sand dunes in most of the States coastal counties. Humifusa is one of eleven species in the genus Oenothera that grow in Florida. Another Oenothera species, Cutleaf Evening Primrose, O. laciniata, was found growing under a beach access boardwalk. More on this later. The Impossible DreamCaptain Allen Fiske Sails On, Contd from pg.1dream. Around this time, another sailor named Harry Horgan, from Newport, Rhode Island, became a paraplegic as well. He was just feeling sorry for himself, and his Dad told him, Shake A Leg! He pulled his life together, and after a few years founded Shake-A-Leg, abilities out on the water, including developing a 20-foot accessible sailboat called the Freedom Independence 20. Tragedy struck another family, this time in Miami, the son of former Dolphins Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti. His son, Mark, broke his neck while playing football for The Citadel, To help Mark, Nick went to the National Football League (NFL) support, and Shake-A-Leg waterfront locations in the area, on Biscayne Bay, for $1-a-year, and Shake-A-Leg Miami was born! partnership was football-related as well. We hooked up with the University of Miami football program, Allen related, and they raised $2 million to construct the building. Our main supporter is Gino Torretta, a former UM starting Trophy and played several years in the NFL. He hosted a golf tournament fundraiser, inviting 30 or so of his NFL friends, and we sold foursomes at $5,000-a-piece, to golf with an NFL player, and made $150,000-a-year for several years in a row.SHAKE-A-LEG! In the meantime, Allen Shake-A-Leg in Newport, before moving to South Florida, coincidentally right when the organization expanded to Miami. He became the Shake-A-Leg Miami (SALM) Outreach Director in 1994, spending the next 12 years there, and helped to organize the nations largest Disabled Sailing Program, before retiring in 2006 and relocating to Floridas West Coast. It was through SALM that Allen received his invitation to participate in the Tall Ships Festival, to sail from Boston to Quebec City, to celebrate Canadas 150th anniversary, from June 21 to July 21, 2017, as a crewmember onboard The Impossible Dream, a 58-foot-long, 27-foot-wide wheelchair-accessible catamaran with an 85-foot-tall mast that cost $4 million and is the only boat of its type in the nation. It is totally electric, including the sails and anchor, with a lift to help disabled sailors aboard. Everything is on the same level, including the dinette, galley, and fully-enclosed helmsmans station, to protect against bad weather. The deck goes all around, so it is ideal for wheelchairs, and lifts take you down to the ADA bedrooms and bathroom; it can sleep 8 handicapped sailors, so it is amazing. along with about 40 Tall Ships, The Impossible Dream struck rough weather. Winds reached 35 knots, and we hit 12-foot seas in the middle of the night, related Allen. The good news is I was a sailor most of my life, and that boat was more stable than any other one I was ever on. It was on auto-pilot Captain Allen Fiske thanks a Mound House patron for attending his lecture. Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 5 most of that night, but the captain asked if I wanted to take the helm, to see what I could do, so I did, and window a bit, however, for fresh air, and suddenly caught a huge wave that took us about 50 feet in the air. When we crashed down, freezing ice water came through the window went to bed, I wore two jackets with three blankets and still froze! The next day, we sailed around Prince Edward Island on the smoothest imaginable sea, and that was what made that trip so funny for the next 29 days, the weather was never again so bad or so nice! Most days on the Canadian voyage were cold and grey, even for summer. Everything was rocks and cold water, he recalled, with the country you are in, and the Tall Ships all around us looked like old haunted pirate ships. There were few disabled people in these small towns, so anytime they learned about The Impossible Dream, they came on-board to meet us and receive encouragement that they can achieve anything they set their minds to do.YO-HO-HO & A BOTTLE OF RUM! In an amazing coincidence, they crossed paths with the designer of The Impossible Dream! As for those on the trip, there was a lot of comradery and partying, said Allen. I could not attend many events on other ships, as none except for one was ADA-accessible, but since our sponsor was Bacardi Rum, we had little trouble getting other sailors onboard ours! Once the Tall Ships reached Quebec City, there was a huge celebration with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with Allen to Fort Lauderdale. Though retired from SALM, Allens association with the group continues. I not only received The Impossible Dream opportunity through SALM, but once a year, class, with other disabled people, sailboats, to teach University of Miami Physical Therapy Graduate Students how to sail. This is a reverse forum, where the disabled teach the abled how to teach the disabled! To learn more about SALM, see www.shakealegmiami. org. The Mound House, Estero Islands oldest standing structure, is owned by the Town of Fort Myers Beach and has been restored to its 1921 grandeur. Dozens of program are offered there each month. Admission is $10 for ages 13 & up, $8 for students with IDs, $5 ages 6 to 12, and 5 & under free, with Town residents receiving a 50% discount. It is open Tuesdays through Saturdays through April 28 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and then reverts to off-season hours of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Mound House is at 451 Connecticut Street, with additional parking at 216 Connecticut; for information call 239-765-0865 or see www. Impossible DreamCaptain Allen Fiske Sails On, Contd from pg.4 The Impossible Dream docked in Quebec during Canadas 150th Anniversary celebration. Photo courtesy of


Page 6 JOIN US EASTER SUNDAY For a very special HOLIDAY menu!1131 1st St., Ft. Myers Beach Over the bridge to Fort Myers Beach take rst right and right again. Head straight to Nervous Nellies!PLANNING A PARTY?NERVOUS NELLIES HAS GOT YOU COVERED! Let Nervous Nellies create a memorable Just Call (239) 463-8077 for details! Bay Harbour Project Gets Lee LPA OK, Contd from pg.1issued a scathing 53-page report against the project, stating it was too dense and out-of-character with the islands working waterfront heritage. The hearing examiners provides a neutral place for development plans to be vetted before reaching Lee County Commissioners. The Bay Harbour proposal led some San Carlos and Estero Island residents to form the Beach Area Civic Association (BACA) to weigh in on Fort Myers Beach area development projects. Shortly thereafter, the Lee County LPA did not recommend it, determining it was inconsistent with the Lee Plan based on the potential density increase in the Coastal High Hazard Area. Bay Harbour then asked Lee Commissioners, who agreed, to remand it back to application to rezone the property. Its current proposal is for a maximum of 113 residential units; 37 for workforce or moderate and mini-storage; a marina with a maximum of 29 wet and 286 dry space; and 200 public parking spaces; with a maximum height of 145 feet.TWELVE EASY PIECES At the Lee County LPA 12 items: 1) amending its property to DRMUWD FLU; 2) add bonus density; 3) accommodate Mixed Use development; 4) allow the DRMUWD to include Mixed Use development; 5) allow bonus density in the DRMUWD using affordable housing; 6) lower minimum DRMUWD land size from 8 to 7 acres; 7) delete locational criteria DRMUWD verbiage; 8) allow all San Carlos Island to be under DRMUWD consideration; 9) provide subject property developmental parameters; 10) allow DRMUWD affordable housing bonus density; 11) all DRMUWD developments must participate in airport shuttle service and 12) allow a hurricane mitigation fee at Lee Countys discretion. In the Staff follow-up, Lee County Principal Planner Sharon Jenkins-Owen recommended the LPA approve #1, #2, #3, #6, #7, #8, & #12; while denying #4, #5, #9, #10, & #11, but to approve the overall DRMUWD FLU designation and send it to the Lee County Commissioners. Following this, 16 people spoke in Public Comment, with 11 against Bay Harbour and 5 in support. Charlie Whitehead, BACA president, said I would love to say BACA supports this, but it doesnt. BACA and the developers continue we can all live with, but we have not yet reached that point. We this meeting, as we have the same concerns as two years ago, but they declined. Nick White said, San Carlos Island residents have spent dozens if not hundreds of hours in meetings on this. The project does not belong on our island, as it is too dense. Joanne Semmer provided LPA members with thick opposition packets, containing over 230 letters against Bay Harbour, stating that, facts are the enemies of their truths! This is too big and too dense, especially for a Coastal High Hazard Area. The most interesting opponent was Joe McHarris, of McHarris Planning & Design, who for the already-approved but not yet built Ebb Tide development for San Carlos Island, roughly Harbour site. These developers use Ebb Tide as a precedent, but that is inappropriate. We did this with the community, and when Ebb Tide came before the LPA, I am proud to say there was little if any opposition. Bay Harbour Hearing Examiner agreed it does not even make sense as a standalone project; the DRMUWD is being hijacked for an inappropriate purpose. I hate bashing anyones project, but you turned this down last time for good reasons, and they had the opportunity to revamp it, but they did not listen to anyone, and are back with the same old crap. Kathy Young, however, favors Bay Harbour: I am a BACA member, but this has been a blighted area for a long time, and needs a dramatic cleanup. It will be great for new business, so lets have this go through! Margie Tyree agreed: I live The Lee County LPA prepares to hear the Bay Harbour Marina Village case. Contd next pg.


Page 7 Bay Harbour Project, Contd from pg.6on Oak Street and have to look at this mess, so it is a pleasure to see something nice that will make our property values increase. This is a resort area, so there will always because people come to the beach and they have that right, so I think this is good.THIRD TIME THE CHARM Following this and brief Lee County LPA member comments, Vice Chair Stan Stouder made a motion to support Bay Harbour amendments that were consistent with the Lee Plan, while eliminating those that allow bonus density. This, however, did not receive a second and failed. Lee County LPA member Justin Thibaut then made a motion by the applicant, to allow moderate and workforce housing as bonus density consistent with the Lee Plan, with Hank Zuba, who is also Chair of the Fort Myers Beach LPA, providing the second. This ended in a 3 to 3 tie, with Stouder, Frank Feeney and Kristine Smale against, so it failed. Thibaut then made a Motion for low and very low affordable housing consistent with the Lee Plan, with Zuba providing the second. This passed 5 to 1, with Stouder against citing concerns over increased density and height in a Coastal High Hazard Area, moving the matter to the Lee County Commissioners, before adjourning at 10:30 a.m.Joanne Semmer, with a box full of 230 Bay Harbour Marina Village opposition letters. Photos by Gary Mooney. performance, from the vacationing dance troupe, Cincinnati Firemen, who perform each year during Spring Break at the Lani Kai Island Resort. Shown center is Lani Kai owner Bob Conidaris. providing safe medical transportation and care for children. The Cincinnati that encourage donations for the Shriners during their shows. Photo provided.Cincy Firemen Donate to Shriners


Page 8 Easter Services Fort Myers BeachBEACH MINISTERIAL ECUMENICAL SERVICESEaster Sunrise Service 6:30am at the PierCHAPEL BY THE SEA PRESBYTERIAN100 Chapel St. 239-463-3173 Easter 8:00 & 10:00am After Easter 10:00amBEACH METHODIST155 Bay Rd 239-463-9656 Easter Sunday 10:30am After Easter 10:30amBEACH BAPTIST130 Connecticut St. 239-463-6452 Good Friday 7:00pm Easter 10:30am After Easter 10:30amST. PETER LUTHERAN3751 Estero Blvd 239-463-4251 Good Friday 12 noon Easter 8:30 & 10:30am After Easter 9:30amST. RAPHAELS EPISCOPAL5601 Williams Dr 239-463-6057 Good Friday 12 noon Parish Hall Easter 10:00am After Easter 10:00amASCENSION CATHOLIC6025 Estero Blvd 239-463-6754 Good Friday 3:00pm Easter Vigil (Saturday) 8:00pm Easter Sunday 6:45, 8:00; 9:30 & 11:00am After Easter SA 4:30pm; SU 8:00 & 10:00am The Town of Fort Myers Beach welcomes boaters to our area year round by providing a land-based services like showers and laundry facilities, the Town provides a welcome spot for cruisers looking for a day, a week or several months off from life on the high seas. The Anchorage Once a year, the Town celebrates these cruisers that visit our shores with a Cruisers Appreciation Day, open to cruisers, residents and visitors. This year the party will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 from noon to 3:00pm in the Matanzas on the Bay waterfront courtyard. The aways and friendly island hospitality. This years menu items include Smoked Ribs and Caribbean Pork Shank with sides, Smoked Fish Dip with chips, Daves Dockside Pizza, soft drinks, water and beer, all available at reasonable prices. round at $18/day, $103/week or $312/month. The rental fee includes use of the shower, laundry facilities and vessel pump-out service. A public dinghy dock is available for public use to tie up rated by boaters throughout Florida. Matanzas on the Bay is located at 416 Crescent Street (under the Sky Bridge), Fort Myers Beach. For more information on the event or to rent a mooring ball, call Matanzas on the Bay at 239-463-9258. The Fort Myers Beach Art Association (FMBAA) invites the public to support the local arts and local student artists by viewing the Fort Myers Beach Art Association Student Exhibit, on display at the FMBAA Gallery from April 7-12 at 3030 Shell Mound Blvd., Fort Myers Beach. A Student Scholar ship Award Reception will be held on Sunday, April 8, 1-3pm. Admission is free to the public. Marge Lee will head the judging team that will determine this years awards, totaling over $3800. The exhibit will include works from college-bound high school seniors from Cypress Lake Center for the Arts, Cypress Lake High School as well as artwork from 6th-8th graders from Cypress Lake Middle School. Shown here are the 2017 Student Show artists. The FMBAA Gallery will be open from 10am-3pm Monday-Saturday through April 14. Summer hours begin April 15: Open Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-noon. Photo by Gary Mooney.Cruisers Appreciation DayStudent Art Show April 7-12


Page 9 Your Hometown Newspaper for over 17 years Missy Layeld, Editor Editor@fortmyersbeach.newsWhat you dont see with your eyes, dont invent with your mouth. Jewish Proverb Mike Buster Circulation Manager c/o Info@fortmyersbeach.newsDont rule out working with your hands. It does not preclude using your head. Andy Rooney Mark List, Production Remember that happiness is a way of travel not a destination. Roy M. Goodman Sarah List, Photographerinfo@fortmyersbeach.newsThe world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. Ivy Baker Priest Sandy Sandness, Advertisinginfo@fortmyersbeach.newsIt is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God. Mary DalyThe Island Sand PaperAn independently owned and operated island newspaper. FAX 855-886-3568 (toll-free) MAIL 450 Old San Carlos Blvd. Unit G-108 Ft. Myers Beach, Florida 33931 E-Mail WEBSITE SUBMISSIONS POLICY Signed letters up to 300 words are welcome. All letters should be the original work of the author & include a phone number for verication. No pseudonyms. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, accuracy, good taste and to prevent libel. No attacks on private individuals or letter writing campaigns, please. Repetitive letters from the same individual on the same subject will not be printed. We will publish a maximum of two letters from the same individual every 30 days. Submissions over 300 words will be considered for Guest Opinion publication.DEADLINE FOR LETTER SUBMISSION IS NOON WEDNESDAY. e Island Sand Paper encourages all Islanders to submit original articles and photos. Publication is based on space and takes into account relevance and quality. e Sand Paper uses artistic license for humor and to amuse its readers. Nothing contained in this paper is intended to embarrass or oend anyone. COPYRIGHT 2000-2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.No parts of this newspaper may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of e Island Sand Paper. Editorial Bob Layeld, Publisher Publisher@fortmyersbeach.newsAlways forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. Oscar Wilde Gary Mooney Lead Writer info@fortmyersbeach.newsHorse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. W. C. FieldsOFFICE HOURS MON-FRI 10AM-3PMSubject to change due to story assignments. CALL TO BE SURE! HAPPY EASTER! This weekend marks a turning point as surely as New Years Eve marks the end of the year, and Memorial Day and Labor Day bracket the summer. Easter is a big day for our Island as it marks the end of high tourism season. greatest celebration of the Christian year, the marking of the resurrection of Jesus Christ by Christians worldwide. That resurrection is honored as a triumph of good over evil, sin and death. Without Easter, Christmas means nothing. While Easters story lacks the cute and cuddly of Christmas, it holds the most basic and critical beliefs of Christianity. It is a celebration that sweeps through every Christian denomination. The churches of Fort Myers Beach will hold services this Easter and invite you to join them. An ecumenical service will be held at 6:30am at the Pier on Easter Sunday morning, led by Pastor Jeanne Davis. A full schedule of Easter Services at our six churches can be found in this issue and on our website. Many of our seasonal residents begin the process of moving to their northern homes after Easter. We wish them safe journeys home and a wonderful spring and summer! We also hope they hurry back to see us. If youve never been here in May & June or October & November, consider a visit during those months. The weather months the perfect time to enjoy all Fort Myers Beach has to offer I wont lie and claim that its possible to zip down Estero unimpeded in April. That particular joy is most likely to be found in summer and early fall. And with our construction zipping anywhere on Estero is a bad idea. But you may spot a wistful look on the faces of year-round Islanders next month as they dream of those days. Before visitors head home, we ask that they prepare their home for turtle nesting season if they are near or on the beach. Our nesting turtles will begin arriving later in April. Help us be ready for them. Lights shining from open windows or lanais can disorient nesting and hatching turtles. If you rent your place out, leave clear instructions to keep drapes closed and outside lights off facing the beach (unless you use Amber LED bulbs). Full details on turtle season precautions can be found at reasons to stick around for a few more weeks. The Fort Myers Beach Film Festival will be held April 25-29, with plenty of independent Golf Tournament is April 19, same day as the Local Artist Showcase Concert. Music on the Mound is April 21. Taste the Beach on May 6 will highlight the best food on the beach. And thats just a few events coming up in the next month or so. Think about sticking around and enjoy our Island without the crowds. Besides, youre probably heading back to a landscape done in grays and browns, while here Youre gonna miss that color. Year round Island residents enjoy this time of year as it marks not only the end of our busiest season but the beginning of the time of year when most of us get our chance to enjoy the paradise that that surrounds us and draws thousands of visitors to our Island. We are happy to see our seasonal visitors arrive as our economy depends on them. Were happy to work extra hours serving and welcoming them to our Island paradise. Islanders, both residents and businesses, appreciate the business that tourism brings our Island. But it means that during season, most Islanders are working so much that going to the beach or a day spent strolling Times break, a time when Islanders get to enjoy for themselves all that the beach has to offer. Come April 2nd, listen close and youll hear a little sigh of relief on the Island as the pace slows just a little, the crowds thin a bit and days off again become possible. Happy Easter to our full and part time Islanders!


Page 10 Gretchen Johnson1926 2018 Gretchen Johnson of Fort Myers Beach passed away Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at the age of 91. Gretchen was born in San Francisco on June 29, 1926 to Richard and Lyndall Adam. She attended Santa Monica High and the Los Angeles Art Center. She married Stan Johnson on April 21, 1951 in Santa Monica CA. They raised their family in Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota. She and Stan moved to Fort Myers Beach in 1990 to begin their retirement. Gretchen was an active member and past president of the Fort Myers Beach Art Association. She was a volunteer at Lee Memorial Health System, Iona Hope Thrift Shop, and Community Cooperative, Inc. and Gods Table Soup Kitchen. Gretchen was honored with the 2016 Citizen of Distinction Award by the Fort Myers Beach Town Council. She is survived by brother-in-law Berwyn Johnson, her children, Susan Herzog of Brooklyn, Chris and Mary Johnson of Fort Myers Beach, Curt and Dee Johnson of Ocala and Benyamin and Karla Korn of Philadelphia; grandchildren Lara, Carl, Moshe Mordechai, Cody, Yosef, Emanuel, Avichai, Nechama; great-grandchildren Natalie, Garrett, Rachelli, Ahuva, Shmuel Yaakov, Tehilla Bracha, Paloma and Santiago, many special nieces and nephews and her special friends, The Sinful Seven. They know who they are. She was preceded in death by her husband, Stan Johnson, her parents, brother and sister-in-law Dick and Bonnie Adam and grandson Akiva. Services will be held Monday, May 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m., at St. Raphaels Episcopal Church, conducted by the Reverend Dr. John S. Adler Myeloma Foundation or Fort Myers Beach Art Association Scholarship Fund. LETTERS to the EDITOR, Contd from pg.3 Anita Cereceda, Cheyenne Curran, Tracey Gore, Jeanne Steele Jones, Kelly Leary, Joanne Shamp, Bill Sunkenberg & Sue OBrien, Pat & Ellen Vaughan, Al & Carolyn Veglia. AND great thanks to strolling supper & auction attendees! Evening vibe: a great time was had by all!.Stay tuned for the next act of the Friends the Mound House Fun Raising Events coming to you in the Fall of 2018 An event to raise more $$$...Our aim: achieve 2018 fund raising goal of $25,000 in support of Mound House Summer Camp scholarships for local beach kids. Gayle Crabtree-Pergoli & Ellen Vaughan Friends of the Mound HouseTOWN NEEDS TPI-FMB PROJECT I am writing in response to the letter submitted by Ron Ustruck (Letter, Neighbors Support Project = Irony Island Sand Paper March 23, 2018), who seems troubled that the 5Decide leadership team, who support TPI-FMB, are in his assessment, neighbors of the Torgerson family. I am a member of the core 5Decide group and I live on the south end of Estero Island. Many citizens of this seven-mile long island want is KEY! The 5Decide group formed to provide an opportunity for FMB voters who support the TPI-FMB project an opportunity to shout out support via parades and beyond and to counter false information spread by opponents of the project. As an example, in a letter to the editor (Letter TPI-FMB Details Matter, January 26, 2018, Island Sand Paper), Doug Speirn-Smith, owner of Matanzas Inn wrote, I would like to see what a plan consistent with our Development codes would look like. In a March 7th, letter to (another publication), he wrote TPI could have easily suggested a more modest planway out of scale with our entire core. On March 11th, TPI-FMB released a density graph with six existing developments on the north end of Estero Island, in comparison to the proposed TPI-FMB development. This graph shows Harbour House, also (developed) by Mr. Speirn-Smith, approved and built after the incorporation of FMB, at a greater density than the proposed TPI-FMB project. Since the release of that information, no one from the VOICE camp or other known stakeholders, has made a statement to debunk the information. Charley in 2004 and the Great Recession in 2008 created a sorry stew of decline. TPI-FMB is great project. We NEED to embrace it. Ellen Vaughan Fort Myers BeachLOST & FOUND NEEDED Fort Myers Beach needs a designated Lost & Found Department. I walk the beach from Town Hall to the pier every morning. I pick up about keys, glasses, sunglasses, pocketbooks, wallets, cameras, phones and more. In many cases I can track the owner down. In some cases, I cannot. My favorite is the time I found a set of keys that had car keys, and house keys and do-dads. It also had one of those remote key buttons so on my way home, I walked the sidewalk and kept punching the remote. lights of a white pick-up truck. I taped a note to the truck with my telephone number and several hours later I received a call from a young man who said that they were his keys. I told him where I lived and he said he would be right there. He said he knew he lost his keys when it became time to leave the beach and go home. He called his father to come pick him up because he lives in Fort Myers. Happy Ending. I contacted the FMB Chamber of Commerce and asked them if they would be willing to act as a depository for items found on the beach for


Page 11 LETTERS Contd from pg.10 which people might be looking. They thought it was a great idea because are open Monday-Friday. Eddie Foster Fort Myers Beach 239-454-7500. After 30 days, items will be turned over to the Lee County TOPPS CLOSING It is with deep regret to inform you that Topps Supermarket will be closing May 1st due to the loss of our lease. To the people of Fort Myers Beach, we are extremely thankful for your support and your loyalty over the past 22 years. It has been a pleasure serving you. You will be missed! To Joe and Joy (with us 25 years), our sons Dave and Jay, Vicky (a very special woman with us since the beginning), Chris and Angie (20 years), Ron (meat manager 25 years), Lee (15 years), Janice (15), Linh (12 years), and so many more employee who have contributed throughout the years to our success, we say THANK YOU! We appreciate and love every one of you! It has been a great ride but we believe all things happen for a reason. May God bless you and guide you as you move forward into the next chapter of your life! Dave and Debbie Carney Topps Supermarket Despite the unseasonable chill and strong breezes, the March Friends of the Arts concert received a warm reception last Thursday evening at a concert held in a Fish-Tale Marina boat barn, dubbed The Propeller Lounge. The big band style of the King Band was complemented early in the program by the appearance of local songstress Jo List, giving concert feature Sheena Brook, Jo List and the Pearl Street Band. Tickets ($25) are available now at or call 239-463-3600 x3.King Guys Swing Propeller Lounge


Page 12 By Gary Mooney Nancy Hamilton to the roughly 25 people at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library on Friday morning, March 23, as she discussed her new book, Thing to Do in Fort Myers & Sanibel, before answering because this is Paradise! There is no mystery behind the title or hidden meaning to her book. It is just a fun list of things to do, she related. Although she ranked her selections from #1 through #100, Nancy revealed that, they are actually in no particular order. She divided her work into roughly 20 recommendations: Food & Drink; Music & Entertainment; Sports & Recreation; Culture & History; and Shopping & Fashion, as well as two short sections at the end, with Suggested Itineraries for the beach, nature, sports & family fun, among other items; along with Activities by Season. I love Southwest Florida and hope you all do too, continued Nancy, and that is why we are all here, because it is so great; I even changed careers to stay here! I was a reporter and editor with the Naples Daily News in the 1980s, but to be a success in that profession, you need to move a lot, but I fell in love with the Fort Myers area and looked to see what I could do to remain here. I was a freelance journalist for a while, then went to work for the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau (VCB), to promote our region to tourists, traveling journalists from around the world, and travel programs, about the many gems of Southwest Florida and the fun that goes with them. Nancy is now semi-retired, but I still contribute to newspapers and travel publications about tourism-related businesses. This allowed me to work on one item on my Bucket List to write a book so it was natural to combine all these interests into this project that became a labor of love. I came across Reedy Press that published informative guide books on Detroit and Denver and contacted them, about doing one on the Fort Myers area, and they responded within 8 minutes, and it was a done deal. I was thrilled, as Southwest Florida stories! Fort Myers Beach is prominent in Nancys book, appearing in at least 18 of her Things, including our Pink Gold Shrimp that leads the list at #1. This is the gold standard of shrimp, Nancy explained, and turned the Fort Myers Beach sector into one Soon, all of Southwest Florida was nationally known for two things seafood and tourism and it remains very much that today, as works in some capacity of the tourist who came here was Ponce is a tradition that continues to this day!THE NEXT VOLUME! Another famous tourist who became, according to Nancy, Edison, whom Life Magazine named as Man of the Millennium, and we still honor him each year with the Edison Festival of Lights. James Newton, who was Harvey Firestones assistant and famous in his own right on Fort Myers Beach, wrote about Edison and his Henry Ford, in his book entitled Uncommon Friends. Other well-known Fort Myers Beach attractions in Things include The Heavenly Biscuit, Outrigger Beach Resort, Pieces of Eight Pirate Ship, Island Hopper Songwriters Fest, Turtle Time, Lovers Key State Park, The Mound House and the Great Calusa Paddle Trail, as well as The Big Three, Nancy joked! In our world, that does not mean Lions & Tigers & Bears, but Dolphins & Manatees & Alligators! People always contacted us at the VCB to them, and we would always say to get on a boat, as we are an island destination! You can purchase a copy of Things at the Beach Book Nook in the Santini Marina Plaza at 7205 Estero Boulevard; The Outrigger Beach Resort guest services center at 6200 Estero Boulevard; on; or for a personalized copy, directly from Nancy at 100ThingsFortMyersSanibel@ As you read the book, beach goers will notice the absence of several noteworthy island events and attractions, such as the American Sand Sculpting Competition, Paint the Beach Plein Air Art Festival and Fort Myers Beach Film Festival. When asked about these notable exceptions, Nancy smiled broadly and replied, I had to keep some things in reserve for my next volume! Things to Do in Fort Myers & SanibelFMB Prominently Featured Author Nancy Hamilton signs copies of her book at the Beach Library. Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 13 VIEW POINTS IF HILLARY HAD WONBy Bob Franken The death of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking brings to mind Donald speculated about a parallel universe on the other side of a black hole. What if, in In a word, badly. She wouldnt be the disgrace that Donald Trump is -theres no way anyone can match his bigotry, hateful appeals to our worst instincts or his simple-minded impetuousness. In fact, Hillary and impetuous would make up a classic oxymoron. While President Trump is moronically careless, Hillary is methodically calculating, or at least appears that way, which is even worse. er, because shes missing the lobe that processes empathy impulses -the real sembling would be easy prey for Republicans, always ready to pounce. Her perantagonize just about all us unworthies. Hillary Clinton provides an object lesson for those trying to grasp what a candidate should not be. Her recent appearance in India is a case in point. She offered the analysis that she had beaten Trump in places populated by those who are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward -as opposed to those who are backward, riffraff in her mind, who were driven away by the elitist sense of entitlement that she exudes. Her arrogant, meritocratic view of the deplorables doesnt compare with Trumps vile demagogic manipulation of their fears and prejudices, but the condescension openly displayed by Hillary and so many of her supporters for all who dont share their phony values is almost as divisive. Add to that Hillarys long coziness with the richest of the rich, and it would stoke the same resentments that Trump has been able to exploit to his advan tage. He is a master at convincing the little people that hes on their side at the same time that he symbolizes the worst excesses of conspicuous consumption Both are phonies, but also polar opposites. One huge difference: Trump is entertaining, grossly so. And his slapstick collection of supporting actors is a laugh a minute. Clinton as president would bore us to death. Where The Donald mindlessly stomps through issues, Hillary takes carefully thought-out baby steps. Its citement, even some misstep from that other President Clinton, whose time as POTUS was certainly, uh, interesting. For now, were stuck in our Trump black hole. Still, as Stephen Hawking argued, Things can get out of a black hole, both to the outside, and possibly, to another universe. The problem is, that other universe is not all that appealing either. Or maybe this is the alternative universe. (c) 2018 Bob Franken Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.DONT BORK GINA HASPELBy Rich Lowry President Donald Trumps pick for CIA director is about to experience a good Borking. No one doubts her professionalism, and shes been endorsed by Obama ment in the CIAs black-site interrogation program, which has become a warrant to say anything about her. Her critics assert she should be in jail, and The New York Times editorial page wrote about her nomination under the headline Having a Torturer Lead the C.I.A. Not to be outdone in demagogic attacks on anyone associated with our national security apparatus, Sen. Rand Paul calls Haspel the head cheerleader for waterboarding, and claims she mocked a detainee for his drooling. The only problem is that this anecdote comes from a book by a contractor who worked with the CIA, James Mitchell, and it describes a man, not a woman, making the comment. Factual accuracy aside, the attacks on Haspel are ahistorical in that they ignore the context of the CIA program, and unfair insofar as they portray her as a remorselessly cruel prime mover behind it. The interrogation program began when al-Qaida operative Abu Zubaydah was captured in March 2002. At the time, we believed another 9/11-style attack was imminent, and preventing it had an urgency fueled by raw memories of an event that was literally yesterdays news. The interrogation program wasnt a rogue operation. The CIA repeatedly briefed select congressional leaders, especially the top Republicans and Democrats on the intelligence committees. It was approved at the highest level of the U.S. government, and the CIA sought, and got, explicit legal approval from the Department of Justice. Haspel is connected in the press to the interrogations of Abu Zubaydah, porting about her work in this period is erroneous. But lets consider Zubaydahs case. He was not a detainee who had nothing to tell us, as he is often portrayed by critics of the CIA. Shortly after his The enhanced interrogations were brutal. Zubaydah was struck, placed one session, he became unresponsive. By any standard, this was extreme and right up to the legal line. The CIA didnt learn of any planned attack in the U.S.; it did become transfer to the Department of Defense on Sept. 5, 2006, information from him produced 766 intelligence reports. In the cold light of day, we would have handled all of this differently. But this was a national failing, and at a time when we understandably believed we were in a race to prevent another atrocity on our shores. To punish Gina Haspel more than 15 years later for doing what her country asked her to do, and in response to what she was told were lawful orders, would be a travesty and a disgrace. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.(c) 2018 by King Features Synd., Inc.


Page 14 $27 monthly rent (later that year raised to $35) for the Mayhew Page cottage at 2563 Cottage Street, made available by the Page family and named in memory of their recently deceased young son. The tiny cottage only had and third grade children. Hired to instruct them all was Lois Alexander, a recent graduate of the Florida State College for Women (now Florida State University). The Lee County School Board paid her $80 monthly salary and provided her with a desk. She was charged $12.50 in rent to live in the cottage and earned a bit of extra money by providing janitorial services. Parents made sure all the kids got to school and back home daily, as there was no school bus. Children brought their lunch and on chilly days, mothers took turns providing hot soup. Within a year the student body had outgrown the cottage. In 1938 the New Deal government program, the Works Projects Administration (WPA), provided labor while islanders donated materials to build a two-room school at 175 Sterling St. site of the present Womans Club on land provided by M.R. Pence. According to Rolfe Schells, History of Fort Myers Beach Florida: Bingo games were held at Voorhis Red Coconut Trailer Park pavilion to augment monies donated. The county furnished the furniture and the mothers repainted it and bought a piano. Mr. and Mrs. Al Williams gave a Victrola and Mrs. J. Watt Harris supplied records. Other funds were raised lunches and dances. Everyone pitched in, even the bachelors. That year a second teacher, Ardys Klenzing, doubled the teaching staff to two; she taught Grades 4, 5 and 6. Given the distance of this school from where most families lived on the northern two miles of Estero Island, Lee County provided a school bus for the next ten years, which Ms. Klenzing drove. The young school enjoyed a moment of great pride in 1941, winning First Prize in the Edison Pageant of Lights Parade by carrying plywood and cardboard replicas of Thomas Edisons inventions. The entire student body was invited to visit the widowed Mina Edison at the Edison Estate after the parade. In 1943 two more teachers joined the faculty, including Mildred Bassett, who later served as principal from 1955 64 (one of 14 principals in the schools 80-year history). Behind the original cottage a lunchroom was built. Parents provided swing sets, monkey bars, a maypole and volleyball net. They cleared land to create a baseball lot. Physical Education classes began, and on Fridays the entire school went swimming at the beach. During World War II the Beach School hosted patriotic plays and civic functions. In the evening, teachers and parents school bus, after dropping its local pupils back home after classes, sometimes gave free transport to soldiers and airmen stationed at who came to the beach for R&R. By 1947 the post-war larger school. Construction began in 1948, and in September 1949 the school moved to its third (and current) location at 2751 Oak Street, boasting 5 teachers and a principal. The new Beach School was a large cement structure with open courtyards -very different from the previous small cottages. It held not only individual classrooms for each for the principal, a combination and a large auditorium. A cafeteria was added in 1955. Now students could enjoy a daily hot lunch. Fundraising efforts by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) swing sets. In following years the Mildred Bassett, the schools 4th principal. A two-room school building was built in 1938 at 175 Sterling Street on Fort Myers Beach.Contd from pg.1


Page 15 parents funded window screens, a drinking fountain, covered pavilion and paved sidewalk. Each year the with each students name, and the sidewalk grew in length. The new location, bordering on the untamed Matanzas Preserve, gave both students and faculty a Opossums, raccoons, snakes and property. One day the children learned that a panther had visited. Staff made plaster casts of the gigantic panther paw-prints found underneath the swing set. The school became a community gathering place where polio serum was distributed for island families in the 1950s and tetanus shots were administered after Hurricane Donna struck in 1960. Various civic associations and local Boy Scouts held meetings in the school, and for a number of years, adult education classes were offered at night. Only in 1972 did the school add two kindergarten classes, a facilities on the island. In more recent years the auditorium used not only by the school but also for community performances was converted into a computer lab and media center. more classrooms including a special education classroom and a doubling in size of the cafeteria (with an added stage). The school was air-conditioned in the 1960s with island and PTO support, and received up to date student computers, inter-school television broadcasting and Smart boards in every classroom. The school now holds kindergarten through 5th grade classes.FOND MEMORIES 50 YEARS LATER In April 1992 the entire surviving cohort from the Beach School Class of 1942 gathered for a 50th anniversary reunion at Lakes Park on Gladiolus Drive. Some were students from the inaugural group that had attended the Mayhew Page school location in 1937. Also janitor, Lois Alexander Congdon who left the school when she married in 1945 and moved to Fort Myers, remaining a decades-long teacher and community volunteer. The reunion group was given a homework assignment to list their earliest classmates, describe their fondest recollections of the Beach School and recount how they rode out hurricanes. Josephine Canady Hughes recalled: I always enjoyed May Day at the Beach School. We would deliver them to the few existing homes in nearby McPhie Park. [One year] we made a plaster cast mold of the island on a sheet of plywood. Every house and business was carved from a bar of Ivory soap. We won and the Chamber of Commerce in Ft. Myers displayed it in their window. Edythe Shawcross Taylor, a former teacher, wrote: My fondest recollection of the Beach School was the total commitment of the parents to the good of the students and the community. We teachers had full cooperation and interest at all times. How many schools can claim Perhaps the pride stems from a true grass-roots effort by local residents Great Depression. As the school website notes: Fort Myers Beach is the smallest public elementary school in Lee County and is proud to be a true community school, ranked A by the District and on the Register of Historic Buildings in this area. Fortunate indeed are the students, teachers, staff and community to share this history and enjoy such strong bonds. Many thanks to A.J. Bassett of the Estero Island Historic Society for providing information and photos from the schools earliest days.Students stand in front of the Mayhew Page on Fort Myers Beach in 1937. Photos courte sy of Estero Island Historic Society. The current beach school, photo taken in 1992


Page 16 The Board of Directors for the Fort Myers Beach Library met on Tuesday evening for their monthly meeting, approving architect designing a new entry canopy and the librarys energy usage. Library Director Dr. Leroy Hommerding told the board that an architect is looking at solar options for the new entry canopy. Last month the board approved $11,155 for the design phase of the Entry Canopy Project. Board Chair Sallie Seabury, explaining the project to visitors attending the meeting who are involved in their library in Nova Scotia, said, We have solar panels on the roof and on our chiller. Were working on our entry area and thinking about using solar panels there also. Were trying to Hommerding told the board that an energy survey done about two months ago beverage cooler/icemaker in the caf area, since replaced, that was not being used much and was consuming excess energy. Other areas of the library have had their lighting adjusted so that the lights do not turn on when a person enters the area, have been added to some machines also. During the Directors Report, Hommerding reported that there was $175 in memorial donations and $174.40 in cash gifts in February. Library usage was up 15% from February 2017 and Community Room attendance up 12% from last February. The next Library Board meeting is scheduled for April 24 at 6:30pm at the Beach Library. Members of the Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society and Gulf Coast Sailing Club participated in a Naples to Fort Myers sailboat race on Saturday, March 10th. An approaching weather front made for a windy morning that gave way to light, but persistent rain in the afternoon and evening hours for the sailors. The race began at 10:00 a.m. local time with boats tasked to cover a 22 nautical mile distance. All of the skippers and crews enjoyed a sun and a strong breeze, tailor-made for a nice long spinnaker reach. The second half of the race became slower for most boats racing, followed were 12 boats registered in the race with 10 boats party at Salty Sams Marina located on the harbor side of San Carlos Island overlooking Fort Myers Beach. The winning boat overall and top boat in the Spinnaker Class, T-Bone, skippered by Jason Richards completed the race with an elapsed time of 4 hours and 3 minutes with an average speed of 5.4 knots. Second place overall and second place in the Spinnaker Class was awarded to skipper Dan Spence aboard Vagabond with an elapsed time of 4 hours and 16 minutes. Ad Bellum skippered by Roger Horton took third place True Cruising Class. The Non-Spinnaker Class win was earned by skipper Diane Fowler and her Windy City crew. Full class results can be found at http://bit. ly/SailNpsFM Although each sailing club maintains their own schedule of regattas and cruises for their respective members throughout the year, these clubs do enjoy getting together for events throughout the year and encourage interested sailors to gain more information on each clubs respective web site. Provided by the Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society Library Tightens Energy Use Offshore Regatta Naples to Fort MyersOverall winner, T-Bone skippered by Jason Richards Sailboats with the Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society and Gulf Coast Sailing Club participated in the Naples to Fort Myers race earlier this month. Photos provided.


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Page 21 suggesting Bill Spikowski, to assist in the analysis of the application. At that time, staff indicated that they would contact interim Town Manager Jim Steele if staff decided it needed assistance. A new Town Manager, Roger Hernstadt, was hired in late April 2017. In July 2017, the Town hired Bill Spikowski as a special consultant to assist in the analysis of the complex project under review. Spikowski, long known on the Island as the ultimate expert on the Towns Comp Plan and Land Development Code (LDC) helped write them in 1999 and 2004 respectively. Spikowski became the lead reviewer of the project. Stewart resigned and left the Towns employ at the end of September 2017. Noble resigned and left in December 2017. Jason Green a planner with Weiler Construction began working with the Town in October, though his role in the TPIFMB review prior to the issuance of Spikowskis 85-page analysis in late January is unknown. He supplemental reports issued after Spikowskis analysis, one on February 7, 2018, six days prior to the LPA hearing, and the second on March 16, 2018, well after the LPA hearing.TPI-FMB ASKS The TPI-FMB application property to Commercial Planned Development (CPD) with four deviations from the LDC. The Comp Plan, adopted in 1999, provides a vision of what the Town wants to look like. The LDC, adopted in 2004, translates that into law or code. Anytime someone wants to build anything that does not comply exactly with the LDC or is over the limits set by the LDC, they have the right to petition the Town. So long as the project does not exceed the Comp Plan, the Town Council may approve it. This arrangement is often described, as the LDC is the Plan is the ceiling. Town Council may approve anything between the two. Anything that exceeds the Plan amendment. The TPI-FMB project is asking for four deviations from the LDC, not the Comp Plan and is within the realm of council approval according to Spikowski. 290 hotel rooms by raising the The LDC includes a multiplier that converts the number of singlefamily homes allowed on a piece of property to the number of condos or hotel rooms that can be placed on that property. The maximum multiplier is now 3. height deviations that would allow the main resort building to be 4 stories and 40 feet tall. In an odd is concerned, stories are counted from the ground, while the number elevation. So, 4 stories include street level (limited to parking and storage by FEMA rules), then 3 plans include a bar plus storage on rooms above that. On the Bay-side, Deviation #3 seeks to allow CPD. Floor area ratio or FAR is a way the LDC control the size of a building. It is calculated by adding buildings and dividing by the size of the parcel being developed. The LDC caps FAR at 1.4 for properties fronting on Estero Blvd and 1.0 for other Downtown zoning district properties. TPI-FMB is asking for a FAR of 1.6 for the entire CPD. alternate buffer plan along Estero Blvd, Crescent St. and Fifth St. The Comp Plan calls for a pedestrianbut FEMA building code rules have made that all but impossible as only parking and storage are construction. The TPI-FMB plan includes a system of street trees, sidewalks and trellis that would result in wide sidewalks on Estero, Crescent and Fifth. This plan would be a deviation from the standard lots. Most parking lots that have come before the LPA and Town Council are not held to the 15-feet buffer standard as it reduces the number of parking spaces. REPORTS SPIKOWSKI Spikowskis 85-page analysis of the application did not instead offering explanations of the issues to be considered and a discussion of the options available. He provides a walk through the them to each other and to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code (LDC), offering conditions to be considered. The report was provided to the LPA on January 29, 2018 in advance of their February 13 meeting. GREEN #1 On February 7, one week prior to the LPA hearing, a supplemental report was posted online by Jason Green addressing Fifth Street pedestrian bridge, among others. In the report, Green calculated the need for 847 parking spaces compared to Spikowskis 371 and the TPI applications 362. Greens calculation included parking for each accessory use as a separate use, an inaccurate interpretation of the LDC, which was later pointed out at the LPA meeting by Spikowski. It also failed to apply the downtown discount related to the park once strategy encouraged in the Comp Plan. He parking if the valet service couldnt meet demand. The Fifth Street pedestrian bridge was dinged as Green complained that too much information had been supplied by the applicant, noting, ...exhibits related to zoning considerations are not part of consideration or approvals.GREEN #2 Following the LPAs Green produced a third Town report and his second, on March 16, 2018, over a month after the LPA hearing, providing staff information that the LPA did not have for its consideration. In this report Green computed a 601 parking space need, this time using the downtown discount. He also included employee parking, which TPI-FMB has consistently stated will be offsite, like many hotels in congested makes the call that Town staff and his previous reports have been leading up to he says no to TPIStaff cannot recommend as presented as many of them rely on a best case scenario with no back stop to protect the Town if the best case doesnt occur. Green does not mention previous deviations granted to downtown developments and of them. Green is not technically a Town employee but a contract employee and serves at the Town Managers pleasure. Town Manager Roger Hernstadt has indicated his preference for contracting Town workers rather than hiring them as Town employees having year as manager. TETRA TECH deeply involved with Lee County and the Town in infrastructure improvements, was asked by Town Manager Roger Hernstadt to weigh by Michael Thatcher calls into parking and pedestrian bridge plans. The Town has several more years of working with Tetra Tech on of interest was not addressed in the memo. TOWN ATTORNEY At a recent council meeting, Council Member Anita Cereceda a debate on whether it should be considered an Ordinance with two public hearings or a resolution with one. Town Attorney John Turner said it should be an ordinance if there is rezoning involved and it should include two hearings. Cereceda wondered aloud what that would mean for previous zoning changes that were handled as a resolution with only one hearing. Turner was asked to obtain a second legal opinion and on March 26, 2018, he submitted a memo concluding that the two reading ordinance was members of the Florida Municipal Attorneys Association and two additional attorneys. Town Council will have two additional reports to consider, Greens March 16th report and Tetra Techs March 16 memo that the LPA did not have. The LPA February 13, 2018. The LPA is the Towns planning and zoning citizen review all land use changes. Additional materials or altered applications available to council but not the LPA is a problem that has troubled members of the Towns LPA for years. Decisions made by the LPA do not bind Council, but LPA members have objected multiple times to application changes between LPA approval and Council hearings. In addition to the above titled, Excerpts from the Fort Myers Beach Comprehensive Plan the report, which is critical of TPIand small town character, includes The watermark indicates that the document came from someone at Town Hall or was written by someone who wanted readers of the document to believe it came from Town Hall. The copy the Sand Paper received was originally emailed March 14, 2018 by Paul Malbon, co-owner of Best Western Plus Beach Resort and one of the founding members of Voice of Fort Myers Beach, a group of Fort Myers Beach hoteliers opposed to the TPI-FMB project. Malbon had not responded to The Sand Papers the TPI-FMB project are available on the Towns website, however, the Town has announced that their website will be down the next two weekends, beginning Friday, March 30 and Friday April 6, with restoration of access by the following Monday mornings. Town Council will hold their 9 at 9:00am at Town Hall. A large crowd is expected. To voice your opinion on the TPI-FMB project prior to the hearing, residents can contact council members by email at:,, dennis@, and Recent council discussions have revealed that some council members prefer hearing from voting Town residents so writers should indicate if they are a voting Town resident.Town Staff Report: NO to TPI-FMB Third Report Issued March 16, Contd from pg.1


Page 22 BACA & Bay Harbour County LPA Decision DiscussedBy Gary Mooney Lee County Local Planning Agency (LPA) granted the Bay Harbour land use designation, the Bay Area Civic Association (BACA) gathered in Bonita Bills Community Room to discuss pertinent measures before roughly a dozen people on Wednesday evening, March 28. In an unusual arrangement for such as potentially adversarial relationship, Bay Harbour developers Jack Mayher and Nick Ruland are BACA members, resulting in a cordial conversation. On Monday, March 26, the Lee County LPA voted 5 to 1 to recommend the approval of the Destination Resort Mixed Use Waterfront Designation Future Land Use (DRMUWD FLU) category Village, forwarding it to the Lee Board of County Commissioners. BACA representatives attended the hearing and went on record with its objections that are unchanged over the prior two years. BACA did not, however, take a position in support or opposition to Bay Harbour, but left the window open to do so in the future. The BACA Board met earlier with a subcommittee of its members, who continue to meet with Bay Harbour developers The subcommittee feels there is progress toward a more palatable project, and dialog should continue. Due to these ongoing discussions, Bay Harbour developers already over its upcoming zoning hearing that was to occur this May, and promised they would withdraw their pending application for a Central Urban land use that the Civic Association vigorously opposes. It took the Lee County LPA three votes to grant approval, related BACA president Charlie the DRMUWD would not include any bonus density, meaning they could only have 76 residential failed because it did not receive a second. The next motion was to approve the designation to allow 37 Medium Income Workforce Units in the monthly rental range of $1,600 to $1,700 but that failed in a 3 to 3 tie vote. The third motion was to approve the 113 units, with the Workforce ones only for low to very low incomes passed 5 to 1, so those will be very affordable.A BETTER FIT Whitehead stated he addressed the Lee County LPA during its hearing. I made our had a lot of issues with the plan, and went through those, but we stating that we are working with Jack and Nick, and are making progress to a better alternative. The LPA vote is a recommendation that moves the item on to the Lee County Commissioners, so if we cannot come up with something, which we can all live with, we can still go on record with our opposition at that point. This is not a smallscale amendment, when you start to change the Comprehensive Plan language, so the Commissioners would have to send that on to the State government in Tallahassee for their review, then they would send it back to the Lee County Commissioners for another public hearing over whether or not to adopt it. The Hearing Examiner must still hear the zoning case, so there are plenty of opportunities to weigh in. In the meantime, we will continue to meet with Bay Harbour to see if we can fashion something community. The current Bay Harbour Marina Village proposal at 1195 Main Street calls for a maximum of 113 residential units, 37 of which are for workforce housing; marina with a maximum of 29 wet feet of civic space; and 200 public parking spaces; with a maximum height of 145 feet. The Oak & Main Streets site was home for years to Compass Rose Marina, until Hurricane Charley destroyed that in 2004. Following this, BACA members undertook a lengthy discussion over whether it should proceed with its planned public information session and format to discuss the TPI-FMB Downtown Redevelopment Proposal for Fort Myers Beach on Monday, April 2, at The Shrine Club at 19171 San Carlos Boulevard on San Carlos Island at 7 p.m. Results of this conversation appear in a related article in this edition. In other matters, Mayher stated that Bay Harbour and the BACA subcommittee will meet with the Florida Department of Transportation about potential improvements to the Buttonwood Drive and Main Street intersection; and Whitehead responded to a stagnant Ebb Tide development for San Carlos Island. They have all their approvals, but that is all they have, Whitehead said. My impression is they are still looking for investors.The BACA Board explains the Lee County LPA decision on Bay Harbour. Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 23 www.MatanzasOnTheBay.com416 Crescent Street, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 CALL FOR WATERFRONT ACCOMMODATIONS (239) 463-925 8 RESTAURANT INN MARINA Free Boat Dockage Indoor & Outdoor Seating Call Ahead Seating Available Happy Hour Everyday Live Music Daily Upstairs Sports Bar LET US BE YOUR CATCH OF THE DAYMATANZAS ON THE BAY just ask the locals! Private Event Packages! BACA to Host TPI-FMB ForumBy Gary Mooney gary@fortmyersbeach The primary topic for the Bay Area Civic Association (BACA) meeting on Wednesday evening, March 28, was to be the groups reaction to the Lee County Local Planning Agency (LPA) approval of the controversial Bay Harbour land use designation on Monday, March 26. After discussing that however, the bulk of the session delved into whether the Civic Association should proceed with Downtown Fort Myers Beach Redevelopment Proposal on Monday, April 2, at The Fort Myers Beach Shrine Club at 19171 San Carlos Boulevard at 7 p.m. Once BACA members agreed to continue it, they chose its format, which will public. BACA president Charlie Whitehead will moderate the evening that will feature TPIFMB representatives, as well as representatives from the VOICE of Fort Myers Beach who oppose the proposal. This will occur one week prior to the Town of Fort Myers Beach Council deciding the future of TPI-FMB at its meeting on Monday, April 9, in Town Hall at 9 a.m. We scheduled the TPIFMB forum one week before the Town Council discusses the issue, began Whitehead, in expressing concern over whether BACA should go ahead with its session. Perhaps that was presumptuous, so I want to discuss this with you all, to determine if it appropriate for us to jump in here. TPI-FMB is the applicant, and everyone knows that, but we want to clarify who is the VOICE, as they oppose it, and we want them to state their reasons in an open forum. My concern is we do not get brought into an Us versus Them circus, as I dont want that. I love spreading information, but I dont want BACA to be a public relations tool for either side. An audience member stated he never heard of VOICE and asked its origin. They are a group of Fort Myers Beach hoteliers, replied Charlie, who banded together and their message that TPI-FMB is too big and too dense. Whitehead reported that the Town recently released a third Staff report on TPI-FMB that still of resort parking spaces, with Town Staff once again contradicting the information it contracted from Bill Spikowski, who authored the Towns Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code, and was to be its chief advisor on the TPI-FMB decision. The Town LPA agreed with Spikowski, but this new report, while lowering the parking space numbers from the second one, is still much higher than Spikowskis. BACA Board member Dave Anderson stated the Town Staff calculated parking for TPI-FMB in a different format than for any other previous island development: Without getting myself into trouble, and I am pretty good at that, it seems that the Town always brings this back to parking, as the last best option to kill this.WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF Jack Mayher, co-developer of the Bay Harbour Marina Development on San Carlos Island, asked at whose direction Town Staff keeps preparing these contradictory reports, with Anderson replying that no one will answer that. Matt Noble was the Town Planner, added Whitehead, but he left, and now the Town has a shiny new contract employee, and they just threw him into this. Some folks believe in TPI-FMB and some folks dont, so it is tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Anderson added that no matter what action BACA takes, Town Council will do what they want, and will make up their own minds. You are right, said Mayher, but it never hurts to let people talk. BACA members agreed to proceed with the April 2 TPI-FMB session, with the conversation next turning to the format. Anderson TPI-FMB representatives, then allowing VOICE members, or any other interested groups, such as Decide or the Estero Island Taxpayers Association to respond as well. Mayher thought a Question & Answer style seemed best, or you might end up in a debate that would last for 10 hours! You can argue to minutia of this thing to death, agreed Whitehead. He asked that BACA they want to ask over the next several days. He also suggested having index cards at the meeting for audience members to use will select which ones to ask the forum participants, as a way to keep control of the process, and BACA members favored this. They encouraged the general public to Charlie, by noon on Sunday, April 1, at April 2 audience members make a small donation that evening, to help offset The Shrine Club rental fee.BACA members agree to proceed with the TPI-FMB April 2 forum. Photo by Gary Mooney.


Page 24 Each week Around & About features community announcements and events held by charitable are open to everyone. Check the events listed here and pick up a copy of SAND LIFE entertainment magazine! EASTER EGG HUNTS Saturday, March 31. Ages 12 & under. 8am Regis tration; 9am Hunt begins. Gifts, games, bounce house. All are welcome. Saturday March 31. Ages 2-5th grade. 9:30am Activities begin. 10:30 Hunt begins. Easter Bunny, games, crafts & egg-dying. All are welcome. Sunday, April 1. Ages 2-10. 2pm start. Toys, treats & over 4,000 eggs. All are welcome.DELMAR FIRE FUNDBeach Baptist Church has set up a fund to support the Tally Family following the loss of their home to The family includes a child who attends Beach Elementary. Monetary gifts can be dropped off at or mailed to Beach Baptist Church, 130 Connecticut St, Fort Myers Beach, FL in the rear of the church, is open MO-FR from 9am-4pm. Checks should be written to Beach Baptist Church with a note indicating Tally Family Fund. Call 239-463-6452 for more information.CONNECTICUT ST. MEETINGThe Town of Fort Myers Beach and the State of Florida Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting to discuss future pedes trian improvements to Connecticut Street on WE Apr. 4 from 5:00pm6:30pm at Town Hall, 2525 Estero Boulevard, FMB. For more information contact 239-765-0202 x 1701.BEACH KIDS SCHOLARSHIPSThe Beach Kids Foundation is now accepting applications for its Scholarship Program. Applications are available at Fort Myers Beach CenEstero Blvd and at the Red Cocoreturn applications is April 11. Winners will be announced in May. VCA #1 SUPPORTS MILITARY FAMILIESThirty local military families will have a ham for their Easter dinner this year thanks to the Veterans Club of America Post 1 (VCA). Names of the 30 families were procoordinated effort with the Veterans Club of America (VCA). VCA is a 501(c)3 organization, which supports veterans programs, as well as programs for active duty military and their families. The VCA is located at 16701 San Carlos Blvd. For more information about the VCAs services, contact Casey Enger, 239-466-3177.BUNCHE BEACH BIRDSJoin a naturalist guide to explore SA, Mar 31 at 7:30am. Bunche Beach offers an amazing opportu nity to view shorebirds, shells and possibly a manatee or dolphin. Bring camera, shoes that can get wet, bug spray and drinking water. Bunche Beach, 18201 John Morris Rd. Meet on the beach. Free with paid parking. for more info.239-707-3015MOON WALKThe Friends of Matanzas Pass Preserve will host their monthly Moon Walk in the Preserve on SA Mar 31 at 7pm. This experiential hands-on program will awaken and sharpen participants senses of smell, touch, hearing and night vision. Join two volunteers carrying candle-lit lanterns through the Preserve as night descends and celebrate the darkness and the full moon. Meet at the entrance to the Preserve behind the Historical Cottage on Bay Street. Program is free, but pre-registra to 12 adult participants. To register, call Jim 239-565-7437.FOOD RESCUEAs you clean your cupboards preparing to head north, Do Not Throw unexpired food away! Lee Coun ty Solid Waste has partnered with Harry Chapin Food Bank and other sponsors to accept unopened non-perishable canned and dry goods through MO Apr 2. The closest locations to FMB at Wa-Ke Hatchee Rec Center at 16760 Bass Rd and Lakes Library at 15290 Bass Rd. If heading south, the Bonita Springs Library will also accept donations. 26876 Pine Ave, Bonita Springs. Save the food for those who need it. CAR SHOWParrot Key Caribbean Grill hosts two car shows each month, on the 1st and 3rd MO through the end of April. Next show Apr. 2 from 4-7pm. Stop by to see some cool hot rods, classic cars and custom trucks. A Publication of A Daily Guide to Fun on the Beach FREEApril 2018


Page 25 GOVERNMENT MEETINGS Tuesday, 4/3 9:30am Fire Board Meeting, Beach Library, 2755 Estero Blvd, FMB Wednesday, 4/4 5:00pm Connecticut St. Pedestrian Improvements MeetingAll meetings take place in Town Hall, 2525 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach unless otherwise noted. Meeting times are accurate as of press time. are $25 and available at FMBArts. org or by calling 239-463-3600.MUSIC ON THE MOUNDMake plans now to attend Music on the Mound featuring Sheena Brook on SA Apr 21 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Mound House. Bring your chairs or blankets. Food and beer available. No coolers allowed. Parking at 216 Connecticut St. or Beach Baptist Church. Tickets available at the gate or by calling 239-765-0865.MARKET SEASON The Island is home to three Farmers Markets through April: -TU 8am-noon; Fort Myers Beach Farm & Art Market in the Nervous Nellies parking lot. -TU 8am-1pm; The Santini Market at Santini Plaza. -WE 9am-2pm; Beach Baptist Market at Estero Blvd and Connecticut TOWN COMPUTERSThe Town of Fort Myers Beach will be doing some computer hardware upgrades the next two weekends. As a result, the websites for the Town, including Bay Oaks and inaccessible over the weekend. on FR Mar 30 at 4pm. The second phase is scheduled to begin on FR Apr 6 at 4pm. The work is expected to go on through the weekend with access available by the following Monday morning.DONATE BLOOD NOWThe spring season creates a critical need for blood donations. Can you Lee Health Blood Center at Summerlin Crossings, 15880 Summerlin Rd, Suite 113 anytime MO FR 8am-4:30pm. On WE theyre open until 7pm! All blood donated at Lee Health Blood Center saves lives right here in Lee County. Quesparking and registration. Free to show; free to look. For more information visit or call 239-463-3257.SONGWRITERS AT SUNSETFriends of Lovers Key and the Americana Community Music Association will offer a free acoustic concert of all original music in the gazebo at the beach at Lovers Key State Park on TH Apr 5 featuring local musicians Chuck Williams, David & Carolyn Stanley and Joe Virga. The concert begins at 6:15pm but come early for the Beach BBQ that begins at 5:15pm. Allow time for the tram to the beach. Concert is free with park entry. Seating for blankets to sit on the sand. Free with park entry fee.BOATING CLASSESThe San Carlos Bay Sail & Power classes at their classroom at 16048 San Carlos Blvd. For more information on classes, times and registration, call 239-466-4040 or visit Upcoming classes include: -Americas Boating Class-Apr 7 & 14BEACH LUAUWrap up another glorious season with a Beach Luau with the Friends of Lovers Key! WE Apr 11 from 5:308:30pm join in the Hawaiian fun at the Luau on the Beach, a Hawaiian themed evening of good times with themed food by Truly Scrumptious and music by Steely Pan. Hawaiian shirt contest, limbo and the hula will be part of the evening. Tickets $50/ person includes park entry and 2 fruity drinks. FOLKS members $45. & Discovery Center. For more info call Judy 708-359-0466.MINI-MASTERS GOLFThe 6th annual Fort Myers Beach Mini-Masters Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, will take place on TH Apr. 19 from 3-8pm at Jungle Golf. This is your chance to and even mulligans! Survivors will enjoy the 19th hole at Pinchers Crab Shack. Open to the public. 5-player team entry is $150. Gallery tickets to just watch are $5. Sponsors are still needed. For more information call 239-454-7500 or email ARTIST SHOWCASEThe Fort Myers Beach Friends of the Arts Winter Concert Series will wrap up the season with a spectacular closing concert on Thursday, April 19 from 7-9pm at the Fish-Tale Marina Propeller Lounge with several outstanding local musicians. Headlining will be Sheena Brook, who was seen on The Voice last season. Also performing will be Jo List, whose musical talent is well-known among Islanders and the Pearl Street Band, featuring a number of local musicians. Tickets


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Page 28 | Open Daily 11 a.m. 11 p.m. | Next to the Public Pier Share your food and drink photos with #PierSideEats said, No, Kidding is my brother. I am Joking. A little girl and her older brother were visiting their grandfathers farm. The older brother decided to play a trick on his younger sister. He told her that he discovered a man-eating chicken. The girl was frightened, and ran inside in fear. Then the older brother heard his little sister scream. He ran inside immediately. She was screaming at their grandfather, who was chowing down on a plate of ItitsITS A MAN EATING CHICKEN!!!


Page 29 Every weekend I draw a cartoon and put it up on my FB page, and ask my friends to contribute captions for the cartoon. I also ask they vote for the ones they think are funniest (Like as many as you like). (The uncaptioned cartoons can be found on the FB pages of Mark List.) Major Tom to Ground Control. Eric M. Huntsman Just as the song says......They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swinging hot spot. Jan M Beard Hey honey does this harness make my A$& look big? Alice Dickson Oh man, now I gotta pee. Honey, I told you to go before we got up here Sarah List


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Page 31 The Friends of the Mound House inaugural art auction & dinner fundraiser, Artful Intersection, brought together a variety of art with art enthusiasts at the Fort Myers Beach Womans Club last Friday. Proceeds from the event will support education programming at the Mound House. Photos by Sarah List. The Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation held its annual Style Show on Saturday at the new Fish-Tale Restaurant. The open-air restaurants waterfront location was the perfect backdrop for the spring styles presented by Local Color and The Islander. Shown here is volun teer model Bobbi Kemp. Proceeds from Foundation events are returned to the beach community via support for a variety of programs. Last year the Community Foundation returned more than $30,000 in funding and scholarships to the community. Photo submitted.Style Show Supports Community Artful IntersectionBetty Simpson greets arrivals at Artful Intersection. Varied artwork was available for purchase, including a seascape by an unknown artist


Page 32 A Better Bugman LLCA Full Service Pest Control Company Residential & Commercial MOSQUITO + SPIDERS CONTROL PROGRAMS Call Today for FREE Estimate. Phone: 239-454-BUGS(2847) Fax: 239-415-BUGS(2847) PEST CONTROL BEACH CLASSIFIEDS For all tides go to Tides Matanzas Pass Ft. Myers BeachDay High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible F 30 High 12:43 AM 2.4 7:21 AM Set 6:56 AM 96 30 Low 6:52 AM 0.0 7:44 PM Rise 7:08 PM 30 High 1:32 PM 2.1 30 Low 6:58 PM 0.4 Sa 31 High 1:33 AM 2.3 7:20 AM Set 7:36 AM 99 31 Low 7:19 AM 0.2 7:44 PM Rise 8:07 PM 31 High 1:49 PM 2.3 31 Low 7:41 PM 0.1 Su 1 High 2:20 AM 2.2 7:18 AM Set 8:14 AM 99 1 Low 7:43 AM 0.5 7:45 PM Rise 9:05 PM 1 High 2:07 PM 2.4 1 Low 8:23 PM 0.0 M 2 High 3:05 AM 2.1 7:17 AM Set 8:53 AM 98 2 Low 8:05 AM 0.7 7:45 PM Rise 10:02 PM 2 High 2:27 PM 2.6 2 Low 9:04 PM -0.1 Tu 3 High 3:51 AM 1.8 7:16 AM Set 9:32 AM 94 3 Low 8:26 AM 1.0 7:46 PM Rise 10:57 PM 3 High 2:51 PM 2.7 3 Low 9:48 PM -0.1 W 4 High 4:43 AM 1.7 7:15 AM Set 10:13 AM 88 4 Low 8:48 AM 1.1 7:46 PM Rise 11:51 PM 4 High 3:19 PM 2.7 4 Low 10:36 PM -0.1 Th 5 High 5:48 AM 1.6 7:14 AM Set 10:56 AM 81 5 Low 9:09 AM 1.2 7:47 PM 5 High 3:52 PM 2.7 5 Low 11:31 PM -0.1 F 6 High 7:26 AM 1.5 7:13 AM Rise 12:43 AM 73 6 Low 9:25 AM 1.3 7:47 PM Set 11:41 AM 6 High 4:30 PM 2.6 HELP WANTED Yoga for Every Body with Susan Carter Yoga Teacher visit YOGA HOME WATCH PERSONAL TOUCH HOME WATCH Reliable Home Watch Services Located on FMB Since 2007 239-463-1843 FOR SALE HELP WANTED LIBRARY CLERK 4 hrs/day; 12 hrs/week $9/hour Year-round residents Beach Library 239-765-8162 FOR RENT FOR RENTWhy stay in a hotel when you can stay in your own beautifully decorated apt. 1 and 2 BR apts. Available now on San Carlos Island Quiet street, Clean Sunsets, Water view Walk to beach, shopping, restaurants. Seasonal Rental Call 239-560-5577FOR RENTBook Now for 2019 Season. Beautiful 1 & 2 Bedroom Units Available. 2 Locations Mid Island. Call for more info and pricing at 239-265-6373 or 239-265-2626 or visit RENTAL 1 BR Mid Island Near Publix Beach Access $1100 includes utilities & cable Call 239-822-6694 FOR SALE2 BR/1BA home Gulf View Colony 2945 Estero Blvd. Open Living Area 55+ Community with pool & Private Beach Access No dogs $180,000 Call Shirley or Larry 740-972-1809 FOR SALE EZ-GO Golfcart $1850 2002 TXT Electric Very Nice Shape Can Deliver Local By Owner 815-405-5099. DUPLEX FOR RENT 2 bedroom, 2 bath elevated duplex with large enclosed garage. Washer, dryer hookups. $1300/month annual. Two blocks to beach. 21600 Widgeon Terrace. Phone 816.246.7319 FOR SALE Condo 2 BR/2BA South End of FMB Sunset Condos Spectacular Beach & Bay Views Call 330-524-2419 ANNUAL RENTAL 2BR/2BA Quiet Neighborhood Mid-Island Location Bonus Room 859-588-4580 HELP WANTED Part Time and Full Time Positions Available Housekeeping, Laundry, Kitchen & Apply in person Outrigger Beach Resort 6200 Estero Boulevard Fort Myers Beach FL 33931 Drug Free Workplace HELP WANTED Sales Associates Full Time or Part Time Sandal Factory Fort Myers Beach Top Pay, 401K Major Medical Paid Vacation Employee Discounts Call store at 239-463-1989 SAND PAPER CLASSIFIEDS$20 PER WEEK $60 FOR 4 WEEKS239-463-4461




Page 34 Doors open at 1:45 PM. Beach Theater The Fort Myers Beach Womans Club held its annual general meeting on Monday, March 26, 2018, and elected their 2018 Board. This year, the Womans Club expanded its membership from 20 to 90 members. We have a lot of work to do this year, engaging our members and growing the club said Beverley Milligan, President. The club is interested in reaching out to all non-prof it groups on the island as well as anyone interested in the Womans Club facility, to share their ideas for the club. We want to hear from the community about what the community wants. Shown here, from left: Gayle Crabtree-Pergoli, Director at Large, (DAL); Rossana Reily,DAL; Beverley Milligan, President; Stephanie Bubotlz, Treasurer; Ellen Vaughan, Secretary; Shannon Orlandini, 2nd VP; Clarey Zingler, 1st VP; Bobbi Kemp, DAL and Mari Torgerson, DAL. Photo provided Last week a nationwide recall of over 450,000 Kidde smoke detectors was announced by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Kidde smoke detectors model PI2010 ns PI9010 of Kidde dual sensor smoke detectors may have a defect that can compromise the detectors ability to detect smoke. Smoke detectors included in this recall may not work properly and may not be able to detect smoke. The Florida State Fire Marshal has determined that this recall poses an Immediate and Dangerous risk for all Floridians. The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department recommends that all residents immediately inspect their smoke alarms: Remove the smoke alarm and inspect it through open ings on the side of the alarm for the presence of a yellow cap. DO NOT take apart the casing or remove the yellow cap. If a yellow cap is seen, residents should contact Kidde by calling toll-free 833-551-7739 from 8:30am-5pm ET Monday-Friday and from 9am-3pm weekends. They can also go to www.kidde. com online and click on Product Safety Recall for additional information. The recalled detectors will be replaced by Kidde. The recalled detectors have KIDDE printed on the center of the alarm. The model number and date code are printed on the back of the alarm. This recall effects both battery powered (PI9010) and hardwired (PI2010) alarms with date codes from 2016 Sep. 10 through 2017 Oct. 13. The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department reminds residents, property managers and vacation rental owners that smoke detector batteries should be checked and replaced every six months. FMB Womans Club Elects Board Smoke Alarm Recall Recalled Kidde smoke alarm. A yellow cap on the inside of the smoke alarm. Photos courtesy of Kidde.




Page 36 rfntf bfr r fnt rbbbbbf 1249 Estero Blvd. The Best Happy Hour on the Beach! Its all about Food, Family & Fun! rfrfrnt rfntfnn