Township map of peninsular Florida

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Township map of peninsular Florida
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Florida map, showing lands of the Associated Railway Land Department of Florida
Associated Railway Land Department of Florida
Florida History Map Collection
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Sanford, Fla
Associated Railway Land Dept. of Florida
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1 map : color ; 79 x 38 cm, folded in cover 21 x 11 cm
Scale approximately 1:1,267,200. "20 miles to 1 in."


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General Note:
Township map of Pensacola. Reverse. Map of North America and Western Europe etc. Also a short treatise upon planting and cultivation of the principal products of soil etc.
General Note:
Prime meridian: Washington.
General Note:
Shows ranges and townships.
General Note:
Includes illustrations.
General Note:
Illustrations, text and ancillary "Map of North America and Western Europe, showing the direct passenger transportation lines" on verso.

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University of Florida
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UF Map Library
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~0 60 50 40
0.A tioch St. Mark ehul ~ ~ r~2. a' Co acapia ran ui ~ ~. a es ~ j' a e. ~' aboro traa 30 0floath ~ aadata~. 4 ~' Otroato
0 oord ~oeia k ~ ridge eretwe ~ ~ C, I ~
Bro wood "* a MERI *ER ~. ~ Ojoirootoaeitta .c ngdtoool a B AL ",~0Ddt ~en seth '~' 'Cr ~ CI Smdyflua ~ SwameQj*
- p Ok .0. ./
aaotvitto P'tatShc ~0 5-' K B t- CaB~0atier0 tab g ~ 0. M ~.LE5GE go OWOI. J ~ L '
__o 0 iLn~rnng Mt.~taatant ?eenrUI 3 -- ~b raerjtta .~ W.,ohX\ ~ gtetboepa ~oSla Sp angE % ,sa a oh Mornooo ~3c~oader 0 Liberty' aU ~ C rttoJo~
Wooao elayrta ~ ~ -,oranoe0r~Y a D I'e~~y ~Atrotveraity0 aot ~j~)'o aBor r aktobl apond ____ "\ 0~ I *~ 330
IOta 0 0CtaraIatd ~ ~ *~ a ~baa~r'- 0 -~ Irooec am BaaaOaoa -~ I ta Itagodile 00
' T Gabbatt ~ a'4 ~ Ibane a 0Coc iUe~ to ~~'(~' Sei~r en' ~ d rslle Daoiobratry47j j :Roey~r.
a o~ era ~ aadkoe~~, Th\ ~0 .M o a ~ ocr fldo Z'sae'i.~ ~ nnoptrr
___ 1ta~e1gh' a" B J N ~ a Wvite~ I ~ So.nHitt 6 ~ ~ o
~,y. ____ ry a ,~ 'ltiddl6tt **~ 0~~'
.?al Sotphoj~o Tyntr a ,0 ~ acOo~ /M Ptrasant tral~aka oatoa Poiatr ~, ~ A aitta Johfls0n's The 4lt~'O> itey otdo 0 Monocitia -. ~ aeon Brooming0 AtmOda Beaderoanetfla WA 1 ROORO 5
0 oJO.~ aM
* .Spra~ aMa4l~Oe ra.~,.f .0.Yatravo I oss t e a Cr d abet-to ~Ok~L~ SH 0~js0e *~ e~o ~~so ~ Paopier0
~iiisdaRoVodTb ~ ~ ~ T OIflOato t~ CotT~ae~2J~ihi a' S ~~flM ~ & 0;dwo~th"- ~ ~ ~rtayaa~>
Wadt Obtadoit a ademy -, toasT rIo 0 Haroe Gaito I5~05 rdyj0
-hiteaeltte~ S&.r~5.iO. .~ TMan tier A'Keontoatan o 01000 do-tue Clando'
aet r~ papa Be4 aLaooorwhFOholla ,~a. .A~EV E N0
t~ a y ,-,.- "4"'Y~EYoor -o oyneO~ rit!~ oamyhara we ad I-I e'~ ,~ reassee SAVANNA Island '~rtah 11000500
Stafforda alkeh IA is ~ j~ Widra poke
ittXbi~ riot- ,~ a'-. i a
'~ AC '~0~&O0~ Pyea ~ s2fixlveia A. M0P T ON
j~~~~~~0 At
Al ItHill oi!titoooo 0 a, N
Ilotbry a ~' 0 Ot5aert Centreo /Coeoa villa 0 .~0 do ~ ~ 2 ~~lOOVtt 0 0 COp / Bstt' 'a. I~iaok Ce. ~ itrtghtos Dm050 'a
COOr 9 ~ fu0tt~ Tnl~p 00/ 0flndalae Crawfa Canoarhee ~* ~a. Macky Park id~.\ 3ioeatto a rates to Young's Legareottto,
Far 00 *~O~ 00 ~,a0' lOotrities Mat a ateafan
~ ~ ~%~wonO oViasearot .a Yroo Woflst t" rtraant 0 ~ oor0ageo Co svdha tehie a'dlamhohes ~. e,~ q. ~
C0 00000 .Csooaoa~gaGk~~ 2 e~ p .r>nAI. ~ 5 tY to 'a,~ *Wotbora -d sTar Twig's tie 0 Caro, P. orel ~ Totlas0 f~ a o coosaw aap
X~Ottaotapn Wytty
* S C E E F~erey. ~.t- ?~bQttdtte as aThina 9o,. "lion Street \ oLaaaeokltit Can or ~~~~Oidg tilts mans 'd. /
* Garde by w
04 ~O 0310110 ti 4'a,.
~pa Oohitter / ohrotrr~S0 hathtCrfl el 0~00
O'Woadtolk ~, sit.'0 a tdereetooaii Seed ra 'a. /
TiMttehett 4--CHAT-TAHO'a O1onAl~0c~tt a! ratotrote area ~&'~ ~ (NOlItho ~0s0fa l'aria a ,>a tacro 0 05 'NS550115 I
tiC4 Cattoga 'a~
Seota Cuasain 'sot a 'ate 0 lO~~ado Cea'tca-'ilit ~ r~ Menderso 'a
Joonesto a heade ye 0y~raMt *~ oooitte *cr.Morstas& 0 'Itt 0 - *'? fleso
ROsa Grera 11111 / C ** 00 - ;~ lisss~.kna~ill& ? flabato -
Jaralgan a5pringGroee~P-aneeotr Charab -aehee'~r j D 0 L -Al *Entotou \ 0 0:-ltag Isooper 03ltCarsorj gal" -
Forono ~rr~ ~ 105 R Ittabta redo Asueri aerooc ~ ~ ala bios Ca~ 0 Ii tar i hI er3~~a Mitto
520 EBST R Piaiaoo fluca 0
1.: 0~t'a a t. aa 0 mOb
~ a~o p4AA' ha"0 0Caaan meratd o -~ /a Tapt aloe 01 tt,
lttadoni 60~ta0 sko '~'* a vidance as tar I
oi~ssul? 0 noert -td j~et~
Adams T bheiit0~
(dna 'ir~ 0Tnmpkia Bt-J0k)1lO ~ 0~~-~t- I '-oR Tisoss Mcintosh
00e~ Chotre Cedar Hiti
OtooVat Bt-onpoo P ad I 'o~ Atta sab~ Birdfard.a~ / Creak Fleming o,,. $
Gal b-e~ ~ ~ I S L L ~. Ot r~eiah Paterlit \ I ~ihtot C5~o a0'Lethet Nielt It .tehaeat~ a ~ -Ilg~'3 -.
___ c~itta ens Mstt
CdI Crlaoj, --
wsas \ ~ ~ 'a a OakkeOd~. tea
I ~ eGrasas ____ 1,00 Ct-Ova
ooe~tt!RA N L P 1-1 L E SE *~ ~ atCr. Spaidiag
Kittjos ~ Cotesnan Saso s~ 'Pd,. e~.
010110 A i.Guincs' ratTc;. Yalta0 ~r pusr fi5 yLawna a tyrao --
JOnes a atop Piotmyrna 0
LAY j~e~tao~113~Canet-tfo a~ O~ea ALBAN 0~' Ocittas
'a ~ a'ataortoa ~ Y j pat-tort-cute -. .1in~ ~ Sorgun I ~ .$,\ \ ~5got5'a 0 E 04
W OG\ ~ wit11000005 aaaev Sea
~ ~ "a ~ o~, q0C5~ ~os ~bee'~. ~ q IG L N N
Spriap.Cr. '~ .~ Lrdbrt -
I 'a0Mttard .gr~s,,.,.a tlnlan ittiakana') OtOaO ~IjlI R C
ata bia L 0f ~ NCWtOO
Cedar Springs Coiq I flaggae a
Cords Pisoeridga Tpittght
sgaroa pars a ~ran to Fairatoth
,1o~a. ~ ~ B, anon lawiag Casac Mn,, Tatiatosa
a em LimeSpr ~ ~ arstOM a -,
jj' 0 'a4a~ 4 ).taDosaida UI'boOihroOi
o Faptiapa ~ .~L *~ ~ S4-lfar0.
an TWO
30004's odIn8 C T U R BA A ~ La0 j M SVILL Sli at-01~ ,~ -. t-
5- 5 I
o Fncevilleo ~OSryO Kioge ~
p05 At sande villa 5 Bo
.t4'ke a3' ~ Catesey 0~ 4 Ocross.
a~ n.~ Recovery Meatoes G5*oorerri.t a ~aMay 47t~~
* Lakeside Cl.lA~i.T~CvIEE. .4 ** I ~ ~' Gtaaat0 Aaeii o OJ~' PisCataO Ciya<ie C) Traa tetim a
3 a5,0 Mt.1'tea a GAD S N 'a -, lamani *~* -- ~ ~ C*
6 ae
.,~a5aoea isey cattand brad ditt ltscoaso CeO .5,
a 00h ~ 2 oAt a ;o,-~*~ sire Itta ~/
0 I~ .1 go Oh 0 .0y larkep S inhoak 'a citi
9 tow mOtto! .
2 1 0b02 r'~ 4ys0 5,,i 5 7 s *~ 10 11 0 ~ .Maen-3 1604017 '20 21~ ~ ~34 23 3 ~irawn25 L0
Coos 31tA abradea Chojtaca ~, Tyoer0
~atslt It 1 011 ashnos ~ TALLA [ASSEE. a b 0Pal~i a a a eel, Johasos e / e
o Yneta
Riaaes a (I-- nsa
to Ce Smith coat Crasoro styli
~,0yta. '0-
an let Yar -
* ~ ~r.,,, .A~.o-- ecotocOt-
Eaa --~
0 As"P bI ~~O03'~'/ ~0s~0 00> ,.
~ Associated Railivaij ~' lahets j. p Taytar ~aet.a0 I Big Cy~ress
I~nd Department of Florida
0 28
The princiPal Meridian and Base Line for the Land Survey of Florida intersect near Tallabassee. The rows of 'd'~o,~ *o.~ Tao, ati
bumbe s along or parallel to the principal Meridian (running north and south) are Celled Numbers of Townships,
and hose along or parallel to the Base Line (running east and west) are Called Numbers of flanges. Thus Jack.
sony 1 e s said to be on Township 2 South, Range 26 East.
The To voships, which are 6 Miles square, a~e subdivided into 36 squares, called Sections, a a
each con a ning one 640 Acres. -
The Sections are a ways numbered as in accompanying diagram. t,1X-o,.a.~a.~:s ~ -
~'The lands offered by THE ASSOCIATED RAILWAY LAND 'is'' *Q~\y siesv DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDA are in the Towmships and Ran~e~
colored thus:
Copip"ight, 1890, foa the Asisocia fed ltailaeaU Land DepawUneaot of Florida,
~~fl0 bIt"~ a nyidaso --~1 ytaso
SCAllE OF ENG~ISH STATIITE StILES A ___ Itocaser -**."j I (oo~~t0i
15 5 0 is 35 50 45 so \\\C< r~sS'de~ Sort Os en Sta. 0~iOaOso0 Cocos 29 ~ 0 Ckasep Let,
23 ~'aLt5 TO 01St INcH. -\ a oat 0o,- Paso
270 ETLOtoIETI4ES \\ .,a~r Lczz -
___________________________________________________________________________ I avalon
ipt 0 lo 20 00 40 50 50 75 50 50100 5 antattooda -a
RaeitlkPo XIS 2 ~ 23 24 23 25 27 29 25 30 31
leGa 0;tob p 0 Saaon 00000 43
XX Caoal >'[ ~~K' ~ Koect
ritO~0~ K LEO, c. 'V
00ae~'F~<~' Saca Go sale I ISa ~tS~lea Ft Thompson flocient
.lfala Las-bop(> ~e? La~I lob. ~~~aoo~a s. Ft Thomtosaa Party43 IhO9l*r~ oOt./~'V~
-- I'ad0~o, /
t 7050
4-0' -~
--A -r
tao SoJ2io~CoNa's ___
ita.aa 1 AOOAC OGOH
%o. spa (JXO.Psa tO a)
31. -~ ~ if
nOrma Pay I SLO GH 46
~ 1-4-- -__ __
.~ -~ ~ I oaj 45
3' 0000 000K L.7's-oJkeiOJ +Ftstmon Rat
'a altO Va r~ t0 t 00' IE ___ ~0 C
(5~5~ ~iie.Carlo Pa L __ __ bays lana (I)
'~ Io~o~\ ____ OjltdFt.lJove ____ Old l~a~n,
a ~ ~ ~ I~ Shoettefard IL) 44 llltst
i~t~n ~e-o (( o~ irio ~ I Ititesa __
~ J~i(4ci(~ ~ COors __ __I LI) dli
ta flaatar4 ~ ,~q
GariiaaoPdy~~ ___ I ___
* --)A~u1,~1F I -~
26 THE PROPERTIES OFFERED FOR SALE: ~ I ~ ~ __ I__ -i -__ ____________
~0JKOs~j 0~Yi [ TIger Toil a
Coo AlbeoC
The Plant Investment Company, -~ ~a{meoeo I 91000700
South Florida Railroad Company, ~da
Al K
Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railway Company, I IC '~
Florida Southern Railway Company, 0> ~ y .~&A)~ ~

Lroogitoedo 1O~ lVooi P00000 CN,,do 5' ~jo0.0~ ~
e East Shore of Florida has become famou for its scheme of grand hotels at St. ( Abood~ -* ~o*50 AC
IVIFA BAY Augustine,
A tiultL the flood of searchers for the new and beautiful hate swept across the Pen- eO~O~ 0'AN
insula and found, near the magnificent shores of the Golf, at Tampa Bay, another Florilian paradise There, just in front the I '~'~to~ dee 0 If 1' if
broad waters, on the banks of the Hillaborough River, by a royal grove of giant live o ks, approaced by avenues of orange .( '. ,~Jj~rt0 ofltortk
palms, is rising, hour by hour, perhaps the grandest structure that was ever designed fir such a pu!puse T.A.MPA BAY HOTEL 55 --. 0i0.~Cg< /
1OJ' 50 OU5Gt->.~l. Opkr.toOCj
00 feet long, with walls of brick and beams of steel, arched with concrete and floored witi tiles, proofagainat any fire; massive ~ -oioj,-"
- N sa arches upon as many pictures; minarets, domes, and pinnacles rising a hundred and if ty feet abve the lawns, that gently ~ ~ ,,~, ooiro -' -'oCo ~ ~2IJO e~s L A N
~ ~ y and graceful in its perfect Moorish architecture; with colonnades, porches, and balconies lookia out through a hundred IC ojos ~ S DS Veito"o
dred and acres of groves, avenues, gardens, fountains, bridges, and waterways; witi mineral of famous qualities;
____ '~ pe ay in front, and fall, with green terraces, to the water's edge. Sheltered promenades Imong the Owers that overlook a park ~,. ~ Io'eoeooooto
____ fifty boats and launches; drives, walks and bathing beaches, and the town beynd, and Us coming and going trains. 5'd.
. L ~ ~ litoj'' ~ ~ ~-i ___ ~ g~~j-~ ~ r li -. h f them, with every comfort of a pr
nCl~ very latest improvements that science and art can contribute, while the decorations, furniture and etfects are being prepared 0005 Jf~ C C5. ~/.00P Sb Sr. oor To '~'~o
~4~LOOO 00000
_____ -.7', .,.~ 1. thai this magnificent spot is so recently sought out from its natural surroundings, that within a otnil, a drive, a row, or a sail, u00 r0cyo~ ~ on
i ~,j;~] broadest range of diversity that good taste and judgment can dictate; a veritable palace tad home. ~1oto~,~ a os o,. It too '~ 0,t2~ ortg'~i
____ ounds the true sportsman can find his highest enjoyment-deer in the pines, and quail in the meadows, make busy work for dog cs~ ~ fftOoSlSe. 000n.,,' Sir N o~onooe5i1
~0~~0to _______ g ; while the Terpoos, the great Silver King of fishes, puts his best rod and skill to test in the bay, and lesser fish furnish rare sport I ~, oo o L00o0tot~.X
U ~,,- g streams. The development of this site and erection of this grand hotel, the first of note Ipon the western shore, marks another /I~ ao~ ,o0 I 0 Cot, 0000 Or rot ooo
Cl .~ ~d5~ ~4~oo ~ ___ ___ poch in the growth of this wonderful State. It will be open with the coming season, and, situated as it is upon the great 0 Beootd P0n,,5, ooOol ON .0~0 ~ 00000
a -~~-- TH. INN AT PORT TAMPA.-Amongtheattractionsat TampamaybenotedTBa INN anl the Restaurant, which are ~- CCC,,,. 0 t0*0~fl 0~ ~o 000 ioo~
~e ~ ~ T~'~n~ .~. haven f the fisherman, affording also unsurpassed facilities for boating and bathing, and locate in full new of the delightful picnic OJA ootooo ~'0~o -
~ ~ I
~ \ ___ __
________________ a I. I ~, ~ocooo tool ott Copo.itCotoO ~, ~,0o0 004.000 Co0o p ~goo redo, So~rlpt,,o5 ~ old; 4,~ 1~
~ ~o ~ ~
/ /
// ~ / / is/I) /
-. ) '.~ior >~4 / /
- ~ ~ forotwdjjoa I) ~ 00i2e~i Fo!toas.yioAro~0 .5?.
p.r ~ ~i(I~1V~
~1P] corridors of various heights, we begin
to form an idea of tie huge dsmcnssons ~ ooyi
~ ~ The great dome is decorated with 000 ~ *~ I ~r0o0 COIl 000,
C figures carved in high relief, and above ~.0.~00ob '~ ~ .~
__ these, wilh paintings after original oe.o ,o ~ooo .o ~ ~.tO OJ000o lO~ -.N--5 toICOCtO l~ 4 ________
designs, allegorical representations of 0 Coo. 400000,0 -I
THE PONCE DE LE054. the history of Spain and Florida. The voowo I F0~ttig~ ~ ProOiotCd ~; Ci00~ AO0000Y oodo ~. ~, o C0,, ~o~s 010 ~/P n0~.So~<.-O*0~ot*5000~ 'I ~
general effectof color isveryrich. You ~- ~s'~ s~ __ '' ta I:. Sotom no,,. ~ 0002004. oJ~o option 5. C 000,00 ~~li~Q4.~
T lIE PONCE DE LEON is built in the style of the early Span look straight up through an open space in the form of a star, formed >5?, oosto I SA
ish renaissance, which was strongly influenced by the Moorisl by l)enetrations in the dome, to the copper columns of the lantern. ss, S'iooto, 0~'oto A ~ "~ / T0\~~ S~oi __
spirit. What strikes us at first, of course, is its vast size am We must now get a glimpse of the grand parlor- a room 104 feet
then its picturesque outlines. The country about is flat and monoto by 53, but divided practically into five rooms by arcbes, portleres, "000Tro0 A / N ~ 5?ote, do0s.~COo0 wOd5? 0 5~ 000 .000 50p0l~,o 'Co OSOOC Foootoollio Siotie
nous, hence the building must be as varied in outline as possible and screens. In this way, coziness is combined with stateliness, and ~oo oGzo~ I 'doetnto0 F~s0,00 ,
The eye-travels from the gateway in the center of the One.StOry 905 the monotony which is the usual drawback attached to a large room 100,0. ~ cs,,0,,
tico up to the corner turrets of the wings, then back to the high wall Is broken up. But the great room of the hotel is yet to be seen. A t **. Soo 5c~;~ 0t00~0o Cok. V ~lot Spring, ~ 00000' 10
of the main part of the building, and up to the great dome, sut flight of marble steps ascends from the rotunda to a mosaic platform, ~. ~,,,.a. Ra Soortob. 4~~Oo. I ~' osolSo ~j~,poo 0(4. 00,0 00 ~ OAtS
mounted by its graceful lantern, and so finally on and tip to the hut from which you pass through a short hall into a room as large as many
t.,nioro hoondrnd ,onci fifty feet into the clear bj~ an onera house. Thisisthe e~reatdininr hail tTioa oooont,-,oi psrtoof tht P
~ is as rich and varied as the outline. TtfETh:i~1 hall is divided from its two rounded ends by rich oak pillars support- .j P0O&dCt~, O.~000
material used for the building-towers and all -is a shell composite of ing a dome around which runs a clere-story. The room Is lighted by ~ ~~ool~ ./ S~00,10t0~ooo 2~iionnx~e~ioC A 00~7~ to Cr000
light mother-of-pearl color that glitters in the sun, and turns to dst numerous bay windows of stained glass, illustrating allegorical sub- / dot0010
blue the shadows cast upon it by the deep "reveals." In contrast jects. The coloring of the decorations in general In this hall carries
with the main coloring is the bright salmon of the terra.cotta, whet out the renaissance spirit that appears everywhere else in the building. S "000 50000.1 ~05000 0 a S 0 +e0C.0 ~0~00do op.-. Wo~
Is the material of the Ornamentation. It is enough to say that the artist's hand has been at work everywhere. trcOOOtto ~ A olorijo. .~~-a0rsood SOOd roo,~O0Ot00 Cy.0 se.00 ~i1. g~ 0~0~0%5, ~
A broad flight of steps ascends from the court to the platform~ One may dine to the sound of music which floats over the room from 0r ) o r~,005~ doOdet5.0000 0C o o. 0
before the main entrance. You have before you almost a forest of col. a minstrel's gallery above. The dining-room, like all the rest of the a I /
umns of oak-of marble-for you look through the pillars of the hotel, is lighted by electricity. If dining Is ever a fine art, it surely ~~J0Cio0 U 0 000000 J1~ Goo. ,'
vestibule to the caryatides of the rotunda, and beyond these to can be made so here, at a table near a window that overlooks the seoleoool, Orto, A 0 000 1 0000 0. 5?t ood I ~ ~ ______ ___________________
the columns at the entrance of the dining-room. The vestibuls orange groves, sweet with flowers, brilliant with leaves and fruit, and /'. G0oo~or00
is rich In marbles. The floor is an elaborate mosaic made of vocal with the hum of innumerable bees.
tiny bits of marble In the renaissance manner. The Ponce de Leon is fortunate in finding a site near the most beau- / 00 000 0 0000
0500 0001,01
Whichever way you look, you have a sense of splendid distances; tiful garden in St. Augustine. ~ .0j~5 / o5 00 CC 0.
but it is the rotunda itself that claims the attention. It is supported All the appointments are very complete and on a very large scale. 0 Ira -
by four great piers and eight oak pillars, on each of which are carved The hotel has accommodations for '750 guests without crowding, and ~.00 0000 050d,
four caryatides of life size. The rotunda is four stories high, and the dining hall will seat 850 persona at one time. _____________________________
around each story runs a corridor with different arches and columns.
As we look up and see the people peering down upon us from these: HOTEL PONCE DE LEON, 0. D. SEAVEY, Manager. 0 Coat P~' o 1o0~ ~ o~*0~o C~ ~ / 05 0000000
~, it~O00O0 G~"~ 0oj~ ~e todSootondt~ 00,. ~ 4.soooo'. otoooO0O Geogra2hical position of Florida and Location of the Raifroad.
,t ~O*,., ~flloo ooio ~ ~ EAieof' 00Cc KY~~.~po0 f ooo.o otis Steamboat and Steamship Lines of the
THE ACAZAR. .,~ ~ OCOSro, ,.~ lu-s ~iI~ I.~ I I
T HE .AIOCAZAR serves the purpose of providing amusement and bowling alleys, and, beyond, terraces, covered with vines, and shaded_________________________________________________________
occupation to the visitors of the Pence de Leon, while it furnishes0 by them, and overlooking the lawn tennis and croquet grounds. The
at the same time, a dependence for those who cannot find rooms. swimming bath, which is 125 feet long and 70 feet wide, Is seven feet
in the main hotel. Though very different in detail from the Ponce de deep, and is supplied with the most beautiful, clear, and pure water
Leon, it follows the same general architecture. The great fa~tade pro- from the great artesian well, at a temperature of 850, which furnishes ~. ~ Con,,~>jr0 ~fl\ 20~OO~ bcoo~oi~ ~5er~aooy
sents a pleasing variety of towers, pavilions, minarets, arcades, and a constant stream of delightful warm water, as clear as crystal. This
roofs of old Spanish tiles. First, there is a crescent arcade of shops, poe1 Is surrounded by galleries and dressing rooms with every possible 20 ~ ~ ~ 0~4,o~ ~o~00ldoi ~ a'
opening en the Alameda0 or broad plaza that separates the Alcazar from, convenience, and on the second story a gallery, as it were, 40 feet wide,
the Pence de Leon. Then you pass through to a square court, a sort extends clear around the pool, forming animmense ball-room. From ___________________________________
of Palais Royal, with numerous bazars, gay with all sorts of wares; this gallery the visitor can look down at the pool and watch the bath- 010000000 0.-~oACt0 Zoo o0~-
a good place to spend a rainy morning, as a covered arcade extends ers, and at night, when the water is lighted by a myriad of electric
around the court in front of the shops. This court is also a tropical gar-, lights of all colors, and gay gondolas, with music, row up and down,
den, with numerous fountains, covered with trellis work and vines of: they look at a feast equal to Venice or Naples.
Cherokee roses, honeysuckle, clematis, and the cascades and jets of0 The Russian and Turkish baths, which also contain sulphur, vapor,
waler playing in the shadow of them produces a wonderful picture. electrical, needle and other baths, is a special feature, and contains the
The Alcazar is well appointed in all respects with every modern' most perfect system of appliances known at the present time. The e eooto00l.~uo~oapoooi .~. ___________________________________________
convenience. Large and handsome parlors and other public apart-; appointments are very extensive and very complete. The bath and P ~ 0to000.~ 0C0COc~o ~ 0000000 TlltoAtoo ~ r0050\ A- ~ ONLY LINES runnIng Solid TraIns with]
ments, and a large restaurant opening on to the courts, and hand- the swimming bath can accommodate 600 bathers at one time, j 0 o~~liolo00~o '5~'Nso. 5iO0~ A e A L.I'CCC Cars between Northern Po
somely decorated. This restaurant is served a Ut carte, and is open The tourist can, without effort, spend many hours in this building "o~~~s~,o000,,po. ~Si00SOOO10O 000 COOSOQOOc Doloono o 00~.oooo~~000occ0 sonv
In a separate portion thing which his fancy or comfort may care for. C~*~i rOo'000010 00 o.~ ~A C.CooCoO 0o00fl0C~ COOS -- Plant City and Tampa.
of the building is a grand Casino, comprising; and find constant entertainment and every convenience and every. REF~I~ENCIES ~ ~i5~+'~ 0~ ~ 00Colon <.-it,,.~- n~. 06 ~ 0000000000 ___________________________________
. o5 'odro llC0&ooop C50000C0~~
swimming bath, Russian and Turkish baths, ball and concert rooms, TIlE ALCAZAR, 0. D. SEAVEY, .Manager. ~PIast System asd Railways ~ oo Qo~oItto 0o0o~ Sololo ~ oPotoooi5o~ 0~ C&rCCi000~oO P ing via WAYCROSS, JACKSONVILLE and J., T. ~l
THE CORDOVA. iackssesilleTampa&Key West System Steamship Lines m-.=--.- 00 ~jp;p~P5/ H o ~ u R A /iooo 00 MOOQOICO
and Intermediate Coinections Lines. _____________ d'00. A ~ '~0000000P 0 EploO 0~ SC 5 lone on the North will sellyou a ticket reading to Flo
KE the ethers of this group, the Cordeva is a decorate stone balconies, which lighten the upper stories of each Transatlantic Steamship Lines. 'ot~0 ~ Aoo.PA ~ 50~~ 00000000005 0p.05CA 0~ 0000000 route See t
monolith. Probably nowhere in the world are to be found. wing. TIse lower range of windows is charmingly set off by Angelo Havana to Vera Cruz and Intermediate Ports. ~o~& fire-proof~ Other Railways.
monolithic structures of such dimensions as these three new balconies, after those of Seville. They were originally designed by Cuban Coaatwise Lines. ~By reference to Railroad Maps you will notice tha
hotels upon the Alameda. The imposing entrance to the Cordova is Michael Angelo, and named by him "kneeling balconies," because of Havana to Aspinwall via Caracas.,~.
suggested by one of Spain0s finest monuments-" Puerto del Sol" the protruding base, which enabled the faithful to kneel during the Havana to St. Thomas via San Domingo.n ROUTE OF THE FAMOUS VE~
(Portal of the Sun), at Toledo. A high archway is flanked by a0 religious processions of his day. A section of the west front has HavanatoPuertoRicoviaHsyti.
square tower on the left and a round towci~ en tlse right, from whose several tiers of recessed balconies, also of stone, overlooking the Santiago de Cuba to Aspinwall and Panama to ~ .00 NEW YORK, WASHINGTON, uiA
battlements float respectively the flags of Spain and America. From Pence de Leon and Alcazar Hotels and gardens. Families in the is San Francisco.______________________________________________
these two lowers, stretch two wings, ending at Cordova Street withi North are awakening to the fact that the tedious winters may Kingston to Sabanilla.0000-+0-o-04+l VILLE AND ST. AUGUSTINE Li
another still higher tower. Around the corner, on Cordova Street, Isappily now be exchanged for luxurious life in such a home as Clenfuegos to Santiago de Cuba.~ _______________________________________________
continues the west facade, making a total frontage of 450 feet. The Cordova, and for that constant out-door life which has a charm and Telegraph Cables.- -- - -%,00cOfO~~ -. ~ For Maps, Time Cards and general information, address
SCAlE OF STATUTE MILES. ____ ~ 50000n0 0500000 00
ortonmcntation of the front fa9nde ct~ -~ists of tiles, imported frort healthfulness unknown in snowy latitudes. 000 00 too 000 000 COPYRIGHT, 1889 ~* ~ ~ OCA 0 N0 0 .~ W. M. DAVIDSON. G. D. Ac
Motttirooo NorISro & Co Lortoorro oo~ Priotor' Bo5olo ond Non, York U. xi 'Or T 5000000.04 St deal Paos'r Ag'S, 5., F. & w. sty, Ceni Posor Ag'S,
Vtllencia set in panels with brilliant ~'ffcct. These Spanish tiles alsi HOTEL COB.DOYA, E. N. 'oVsLsoN, Manager. 000 '00000 000 Coo noto p ~ -, I JACK5O5SvILLE, FLA. IA
15o~ see0 500 Lorogilodo WoOd ~ fioroo C _______________________________________________________________
it~aso,4~- ~7o _____________________________