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PERMIT No. 220 PERMIT No. 220 703d AMXS sweeps in intramural softball Page 12 Page 9 JBER AIRMAN BATTLES CANCER Page 2 FIGHT OF HIS LIFE 703d AMXS 703d AMXS 703d AMXS 703d AMXS CHAMPSAUGUST 10 VOLU M E 10 NO. 31 EDUCATION ALTERATION Changes to the G.I. Bill including transfer are on their way


2 FEATUREavailable for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, factor of the purchaser, user or patron. To advertise in the Arctic Warrior or email Editorial content is edited, prepared and provided by the Arctic Warrior Send emails about news stories and story submissions to Deadline for article and basis and are subject to editing by the Arctic Warrior Submission does not guarantee publication. The Arctic Warrior This civilian enterprise newspaper is an authorized pub the Arctic Warrior endorsed by, the U.S. government, Department of Defense, the The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by U.S. government, the Department of Defense, the Department munications of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made ARCTIC WARRIOR (Editors note: This is a Tech. Sgt. Trepanier) purple haze which illuminat ness had set in. er, a 381st Intelligence Squadron analyst, got three pulled out his phone, called his doctor, and sat down as he was told it was all he could do to hold his composure. The cancer had begun an assault on his body, un controllably spreading and vessels and any other tissues that surround and protect diagnosis. little more. specialist began the prepara tion for treatment. Weve since started grief counseling to try and prepare for the inevitable, Trepanier said. I have been very open ball game dad can go into overtime a couple times, but Im never going to win the game. were there. I was gaining weight and said. I always felt fatigued, always felt tired. I found a small lump under my arm, but it was til I started having pain in something serious was going on. While always on the move, there has been one and support of his family, his Trepaniers hair went missing long before the side slight yellow tint, a possible but warmth follows him at all times, emphasized by his on his face. diagnosis an overwhelm ing amount of support has reached Trepanier. phone calls and social media posts, well wishes and words of support have been relayed Despite his current trials, he remains positive. We preach being a wing really showed it, and people ed it from, Trepanier said. We all go through things. ent. What I might be going through was made for what I can handle. Divorce, or de ployment, those stressors are all made for the individual. I never thought in a mil lion years Id get cancer, he said. Im not upset over it. I wouldnt give it to anyone else. Im glad I have it, and not some 18 or 19 year old the opportunity to deploy and be married. Ive had the op portunity to do anything and everything Ive ever wanted to. Trepanier is continuing the 12 month timeline he was given. Im just a guy who is go ing through a battle that has his wingman on both sides, battling with me. The guys in my unit, my sister squadron, theyre battling with me. his time between Washington depend on him.Theyre battling with me: NCO ghts cancerBy SENIOR AIRMAN JAVIER ALVAREZ JBER Public Aairs U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Heath Trepanier, a 381st Intelligence Squadron analyst, holds a family photo, one of his most prized possessions, Aug. 7. Trepanier was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma on Jan. 17, 2017. He continues to surpass the 12-month survival timeline he was given at that time. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Javier Alvarez)


3 NEWS Davis takes command of 3rd Wing Air Force Sta Sgt. Donavan Hall, 525th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron dedicated crew chief, reveals Air Force Col. Robert D. Davis name on an F-22 Raptor during the 3rd Wing change-of-command ceremony at Hangar 1 on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Aug. 6. The ceremony was ociated by Air Force Lt. Gen. Kenneth S. Wilsbach, commander of Alaskan NORAD Region, Alaskan Command, and 11th Air Force. Arctic warriors, civic leaders, family and friends were present for the ceremony and to bid farewell to Niemi and to welcome Davis and his family back to Alaska. (U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Caitlin Russell) RIGHT: Air Force Col. Christopher Niemi relinquishes the 3rd Wing colors during the wings change-of-command ceremony Aug. 6, when Air Force Col. Robert Davis took command of the wing. Davis most recently served as the security assistance director in the Oce of Security Cooperation in Baghdad, Iraq.


4 NEWS ron changed their unit af Squadron during a discreet when they swapped patches. go aircraft with the active Squadron. The relationship the Guard owns the aircraft, and the active duty provides round out the unit. tional Guard in some form since its founding in 1952, and divested the last of its Whats going to happen to training noncommissioned wing. The 144th is the going to be deactivated? In get another mission? The answer came from via a change request that the 249th would be deactivated it was the youngest unit The 144th would then as sion. 2009 and has always operat The same really good of the squadron continuity. Its an image change rather than a structural change. Its zation. he elaborated. We do vir tually everything that this airplane can do. We have the coolest mission. Its just unit). men wont soon forget their they accomplished in a little less than 10 years. remembered about the 249th such a short amount of time, By SGT. DAVID BEDARD 134th PAD 144th Airlift Squadron takes ight Senior Master Sgt. Justin Olsen, with the 249th Airlift Squadron, holds both the 144th Airlift Squadron and the 249th Airlift Squadron unit guidons during a discreet patch-changing ceremony at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Aug. 4. Members of the 249th AS changed their unit affiliation to the 144th AS during the event. (U.S. Air National Guard photo/Staff Sgt. Edward Eagerton)


5 FEATURE scheduled to begin at 2 ardson. series of outdoor competi tions accessible through program has been con When we started this series it was meant to pro vide Soldiers a way to have fun competition together director. When we became a joint base, we were able to community members to par ticipate. The events are open to community members with access to the base. a uniform and combat boots event is a mountain run in service members who com pete tell me they love the variety in challenges the se with each individual running two miles. In the past these events have seen a substantial turn two years, participation has decreased. Since 2015, I have com peted every year, said Tech. metal shop noncommis sioned officer in charge. I enjoy sporting events another run down a paved and fun when a lot of people compete. Event coordinators said they hope more people will volvement could lead to the series being eliminated. I continue to participate By AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CRYSTAL JENKINS JBER Public AairsTheres still time for Combat Cross-Country not focusing on physical readiness. zational meeting. 1304/1312. Tech. Sgt. Josh Evans and Airman 1st Class Alec Cates, both 773rd Civil Engineer Squadron structural journeymen, paddle during the canoe, run and shoot event at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 27. The event is the third in the annual Combat Cross-Country series relay. Teams of ve competed wearing combat boots and carrying 35-pound rucksacks. (U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Crystal A. Jenkins) LEFT: Airman 1st Class Travis Bittle, a 773rd Civil Engineer Squadron structural journey man, shoots paintballs at targets during the event. BELOW: Evans and Cates round the rst buoy during the canoe portion of the race.


6 COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS Friday Single service members thrill of whitewater rafting with this trip from 5 to 8 p.m., open to ages 10 and older. Transportation and Single service members from 7 p.m. to midnight for an evening of free games and Saturday this trip from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the scenic views and wildlife. 2023. Women In the Wilderness invites women 12 and up to brates the new school year with this annual event from noon to 2 p.m. with bounce houses, crafts, an informa and compete to be the best ping pong player starting at recently deployed service Sunday Monday Thursday Tuesday boarding. Everyone 12 and older can learn the stance Wednesday ater for this free showing of 3 p.m. and learn the basics formation, call 5 to 9 p.m. with this trip for Thursday Women In the Wilderness hosts this trip from 5 to 9 p.m. and learn to read charts, deal with emergencies, and more Sept. 17 telligence hosts a selective ly manned unit recruiting or email DM_Assessment@ Ongoing single service member to get a free game, cart, and a and dependents can get a free Chapel services time by appointment or after A morning game of hoops Tech. Sgt. Thomas Woldridge, left, tries to block a shot by Air Force Sta Sgt. Brett Kinnect during an early morning pick-up game of basketball at the Elmendorf-Fitness Center Aug. 9. Both are vehicle operators assigned to the 673d Logistics Readiness Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo/Justin Connaher)


7 MATTERS OF FAITH Its that time of year again when and it seems new faces are every That also means its the time of year when evaluations are being observations and decisions that can permanently change the course of his or her military career. Sometimes, those assessments go very well. If you have been in the military for any length of time, chances are you have received some unfavorable You may have failed a board, been opportunity, or sat through a disap pointing counseling. It can be tempting, in those mo You may feel isolated and even sion, and hopelessness can follow, especially if you believe your lead ership has not evaluated you fairly or you feel unable to thrive in your current position. The reality is we all fail sometimes of our strengths. it is how you handle failure that sets you apart and demonstrates your true character to others. When you fail and you will remember these things. you. It just means youre human. Your value is not in how you perform, but in who you are. beyond anything you could ever do. cares about you. By ARMY CHAPLAIN (CAPT.) JEFF GLOVER 59th Signal Bn. ChaplainWhen you fail, make the best of it come failure is by doing something about it. hardest things to do when youve tells you to hide your failure, when one of the most therapeutic things you can do is be open about it. couragement and support when you stop hiding. You may even discover that your disappointments are the very things God uses to encourage someone else who is going through his or her own perience deep failure or disappoint out by yourself. You dont have to do it alone. other friend can help. stronger for it. Second, if you have failed in an honest evaluation. then forgive yourself. portunities, but then move on. There is so much more to life than the thing youve failed to attain, whether its a military promotion, acceptance into a school, career ad vancement, or even an unblemished reputation. side in Gods beautiful creation, hug even when your evaluation isnt. supervisors review of your perfor mance can give you great insight into areas of your life that can be improved.


8 NEWS BRIEFS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 assault are entitled to legal nication is protected by attor ensures the victims rights are protected. These include being treated with fairness protected from the accused present at all public court proceedings related to the ing information about the conviction, sentencing, im in service. Even if youre unsure about transitioning personnel to report potholes. ing numbers. Then email 773ces.ceoh.potholerepair@ information in case crews need to follow up. Document Services dupli cates and prints documents, photographic prints, engi neering drawings, sensitive materials, technical manuals lease. Eligible clients include active duty of all branches retirees (and dependents of must obtain an iSportsman permit and sign in and out using the iSportsman system prior to recreating. may also need an installation visit, or must have their commission transferred to a list called the Scroll and approved by the Secretary of Defense. The process averages 120 and must be approved before and training materials. They design, print and distribute business cards, let terhead, invitations and pro grams, and provide devices Services, for building digital libraries.The facility is open tion, visit documentservices. Warehouse Street, or call The pharmacy at the counter medication for DoD personnel reliability program status, pregnant, or under the age of 2 are not eligible. lergy medications and nasal tion and diarrhea medica mation, visit www.facebook. com/JBERPharmacy. pointment for spouses of are relocating to accompany their service member. Spouses can register for Department of Defense posi tions and be considered for jobs are matched with jobs based ences, are eligible for up to two years from the date of from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the


9 NEWSThe Department of De fense issued a fundamental the date of the change, eli will be limited to service years of total active duty or selected reserve service. restrictions on when a ser vice member could transfer educational benefits. The provision requiring a service years service to a transfer of the policy, we saw a need to focus on retention in a time of increased growth of the armed forces, said of accessions policy in the Defense. This change con tinues to allow career service members who earned this family members while they continue to serve. This change is an import ant step to preserve transfer ability as a retention incen tive, she added. If service members fail to because of a force shaping event, the change will allow them to retain their eligibility ability continue to require a armed forces and, more im portantly, the member must be eligible to be retained for four years from the date they The policy affects ser vice members in the uni formed services, which in ed members of the U.S. icant changes. Entitlement charges for ams and national tests under prorated based on the actual amount of the fee charged for the test. This lowers the en The new law decreases the amount of entitlement under the Survivors and Dependents Educational entitlement to a dependent can now designate a new de pendent if the original depen dent dies. If the veteran dies, a dependent who received transferred entitlement can now designate a new eligible dependent of the veteran to transfer any of the depen dents remaining entitlement. available to educational in stitutions information about the amount of assistance to which a beneficiary is elect not to provide the in formation to an educational institution. monthly housing allowance active duty cant receive their housing allowance until the receive housing payments ef fective the day of discharge. The monthly housing al lowance will be calculated based on the zip code of the campus where the student physically attends classes, rather than the location of the school where the student is enrolled. lot program to provide veter ans the opportunity to enroll sought by employers in a Service members and hon orably discharged veterans after Sept. 11, 2001, will be The law authorizes Guard ordered to active duty to receive medical care, be medically evaluated for dis ability, or complete a DoD health care study on or after Sept. 11, 2001, now counts as active duty toward eligibility. To learn more about GI, or call (888) By SENIOR AIRMAN CURT BEACH JBER Public Aairs Big changes to GI Bill, including transfers, take eect


10 BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS July 1 long and weighing 7 pounds, 3 Squadron. July4 bino, was born 20 inches lng July 5 ton Smith, was born 19 inches long and weighing 8 pounds, July 7 and weighing 8 pounds to comb, was born 20 inches long July 16 was born 21 inches long and weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounc ron. July 20 nah Irvin, was born 20 inches long and weighing 7 pounds, July 22 inches long and weighing 7 the 301st Intelligence Squad vera. July 8 tine Dunn, was born 22 inches long and weighing 8 pounds, tions Squadron. July 9 la Slaton, was born 19.5 inches long and weighing 8 pounds, 4 Squadron. July 11 and weighing 7 pounds, 11 July 12 es long and weihging 7 pounds July 23 long and weighing 7 pounds, July 24 Slagle, was born 20.5 inches long and weighing 8 pounds, ron. July 26 Undiener, was born 20 inches long and weighing 7 pounds, July 27 long and weighing 9 pounds, Dog Detachment. burn, was born 19 inches long Squadron. long and weighing 7 pounds, July 29 inches long and weighing Squadron. July 30 was born 20.5 inches long and patient Squadron.


11 AUGUST 10, 2018 VOLUME 10 NO. 31 PHOTO FEATURE A Marine with 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, competing in the 4th Marine Division Annual Ri e Squad Competition, climbs a rope at the obstacle course at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson August 3. The competition evaluates 14-man infantry squads throughout an extensive eld and livere evolution. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jamal Wilson) SUPER SQUAD: MARINES BATTLE IT OUTU.S. Marines assigned to Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment load their M16 A4 ri e magazines with 5.56 mm ball ammunition before conducting a livere marksmanship event during the 4th Marine Division Super Squad Competition at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Aug. 6. During the multi-day competition, squads from 1st and 3rd Battalions, 23rd Marine Regiment and 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, exercised their technical and tactical pro ciencies by competing in events that highlighted o ensive and defensive operations, patrolling techniques, combat marksmanship, physical endurance and small-unit leadership. (U.S. Air Force photo/Alejandro Pea) marksmanship event during the 4th Marine Division Super Squad Competition at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Aug. 6. During the multi-day competition, squads from 1st and 3rd Battalions, 23rd Marine Regiment and 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, exercised their technical and tactical pro ciencies by competing in events that highlighted o ensive and defensive operations, patrolling techniques, combat A Marine with 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, applies camou ague face paint Aug. 3 during the Super Squad Competition. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jamal Wilson) RIGHT: Marines with 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, engage simulated opposing forces Aug. 4 (U.S. Air Force photo/Alejandro Pea) BELOW: A Marine loads a magazine Aug. 6. An Alaska Army National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter with the 1st Battalion, 207th Aviation Regiment, leaves the landing zone after transporting Marines with the 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, Aug. 6. (U.S. Air Force photo/Alejandro Pea)


12 SPORTSThis years softball sea Squadron intramural softball team claiming the cham Ten teams competed in into the championship with for the season. The championship pitted the maintainers against the Squadron. Ultimately, the 703rd phy after defeating the 3rd the tournament was to play everybody and have a good made even better because our commander just retired after playing intramural softball for 29 years. It was an emotional win for me and the best way to end the season, said former Thomas, who retired as a col was in the third inning when we had the win. The season featured more than 200 games played with pants. great. Its been awesome to see family, friends and tor. This season is also unique because the top two teams have the opportunity to play in the mens state With softball season over, about intramural sports op By AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CAITLIN RUSSELL JBER Public Aairs 703d AMXS nabs softball trophy Airmen with the 703rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and 3rd Munitions Squadron intramural softball teams play the championship game at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Aug. 6. The 703rd AMXS defeated the 3rd MUNS team, with a score of 9-6. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Caitlin Russell)