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2 VOLUME 10 NO. 30 AUGUST 3, 2018 PHOTO FEATUREavailable for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, factor of the purchaser, user or patron. To advertise in the Arctic Warrior or email Editorial content is edited, prepared and provided by the Arctic Warrior Send emails about news stories and story submissions to Deadline for article and basis and are subject to editing by the Arctic Warrior Submission does not guarantee publication. The Arctic Warrior the Arctic Warrior endorsed by, the U.S. government, Department of Defense, the ing inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by U.S. government, the Department of Defense, the Department munications of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made ARCTIC WARRIOR MONTANAMARINES U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Maverick Brastrup, with Delta Company, 4th Law Enforcement Battalion from Marine Corps Reserve Center, Billings, Montana, stands on a hill during training at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 19. Training included land navigation, calls for re, squad ambushes, reconnaissance patrols, and casualty aid and evacuation. (U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Caitlin Russell) TOP RIGHT: An Alaska Air National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk transports U.S. Marines with Delta Co., 4th LE Battalion, to the training area. CENTER RIGHT: Marines from the Marine Corps Reserve Center in Billings, Montana, discuss where to take position during a training exercise. RIGHT: Marines with D Co., 4th LE Battalion, move through a valley on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson during casualty evacuation training July 19. The Marines practiced calling for re, relaying nine-line medical evacuation information to Alaska National Guard helicopters, and other critical skills.IN ALASKA MONTANA


3 NEWS The 3rd Wing is sched topher Niemi will transfer The privilege of com 3rd Wing has been the high Niemi said. I wish the very to watching you go on to Niemi has commanded command pilot with more than 2,900 flight hours in Under Niemis leader the 3rd Wing include the advancement of future warf ighting concept of operations ing readiness to respond to a ditions for success in the sociation. the right balance of training is rare, and it empowered unit commanders to stop doing men from the most important most importantly, he left no regrets about our prepara tions for war. Under Niemis leader ship, operators and maintain ers of four distinct mission aircraft forged a diverse team who were not only prepared to the enemy to include the while deployed abroad, are what fuel the combat pow The 3rd Wing provides inance forces, command and control platforms, and strategic and tactical airlift resources for contingency operations. The wing also provides the commander of U.S. Northern airborne detection, warning, surveillance and interception of hostile forces within the The 3rd Wing flies the is responsible for more than Davis also has a wealth of being a command pilot with more than 2,300 hours in the is responsible for training and air dominance to combatant commanders worldwide. Davis is no stranger to held positions such as chief of safety for the 3rd Wing, and appreciate the warm Wings mission and serve its Davis recently completed he served as the director of security assistance with the By SENIOR AIRMAN CURT BEACH JBER Public Aairs Niemi to relinquish 3rd Wing reins


4 NEWS amonds are hosting their teams abilities in physical and intellectual challenges designed around the resilien Teams of four will com pete against each other, completing a land navigation course successfully, and then a dozen challenges, all while challenge. These competitions have a huge impact in the com munity. munity because they show we have members within each unit who can come together as a team and over come certain challenges both bonds and strengthen morale. need to reach out to members you can rely on in times of part of your resiliency, hav ing that interaction, and do ing competitions as a team The event has become an annual draw for several participants. Dozen three times now, it is paralegal assigned to the lenge is going to be hard, youre going to struggle, but with the help of your team serve a small amount of the day to get together with three friends and participate. the event four years ago with an average of 100 people signing up each year. The cost $100 per team prizes will be awarded in var ious categories, and money goes toward assistance funds. The last day to sign up formation or to register to participate, contact your unit By AIRMAN 1ST CLASS JONATHAN VALDES JBER Public Aairs Airman 1st Class Dakotah Steele, a 673d Communications Squadron radio frequency transmissions technician, and his team flip a tire repeated ly as the last challenge of the Dirty Dozen June 10, 2016. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Kyle Johnson)Register now for the Dirty Dozen


5 FEATURE his afternoon shift at the It was the type of hunger that can really get a guy in trouble. Down the alley and a few his way to the front counter to get another round of bowl ing. time and eventually cough it up themselves. It was when I realized something was got to the counter. disbelief as another good Samaritan tried and failed tried to push against a chair, forth. of people began crowding the counter. Some dialed 911. stared. The clash of pins and balls, synonymous with bowling alleys, was now a hushed silence. with the strength and perse verance of a gardener trying to detect, disarm, detonate determined to defuse the situation. to die. It was just a scary I just happened to beat There was maybe one other person at the scene before I got there. It wasnt until after I chased him into the the fourth leading cause of refused to add one more to that statistic. ways being put into situations that are challenging and often minutes, though each agree time. the time being, though he etarian. scheduled leave to care for his own newborn son after the incident. form, hes still ready to act at a moments notice, no mat ter what action the situation By SENIOR AIRMAN JAVIER ALVAREZ JBER Public AairsAirman saves a life at Polar Bowl Sta Sgt. Chase McFeron, a 673d Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal craftsman, (right) orders a round of bowling from Luis Ruiz, Polar Bowl cashier, at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 13. McFeron rst met Ruiz three weeks prior when Ruiz was choking at the bowling alley. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Javier Alvarez)What to do if someone is chokingThe universal sign for to the throat. If the person turns pale or bluish in color If the person is able to cry, or laugh forcefully, the stand behind and beside an adult, with an arm around the waist so their chest is parallel to the ground. Deliver five forcible blows between the shoul derblades. If this doesnt dislodge To perform the maneuver, stand behind the person, wrap your arms around their waist, and tip them place it just above their navel. other hand, and press hard into the abdomen with a youre lifting them up. lodged. If the person be comes unconscious, per www.


6 COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS Friday who are interested in joining 2023. Single service members 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for two free End the summer with a Saturday starting at 4 p.m. for Dil event for families of recently or currently deployed service ser tag, mini golf, and more Sunday Traverse the ice of the Monday Thursday camp from 10 a.m. to noon or 2 to 7 p.m. for ages 9 to Aug. 6 through 10 technology, engineering and math program from 1 to 2 Aug. 8 . Women In the Wildner ness hosts this class on the Aug. 9 to all service members and dependents. Gear and trans Ongoing single service member to get a free game, cart, and a and dependents can get a free and third Tuesdays of each Youth are invited to the Toddler Tales is Wednesdays meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday and 1 p.m. Saturday in the Chapel services time by appointment or after End-of-tour award Retired military working dog Kahn receives a U.S. ag at his retirement ceremony July 26 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Kahn served for 10 years, including 14 Secret Service missions. The JBER Honor Guard presented Kahn with a ag after performing a ag-folding ceremony. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jamal Wilson)


7 MATTERS OF FAITH shed. Some are mentally challenging, and others hurt real bad, deep down in our chest and gut, and when we to lonely, sad, or angry places. age a wonderful person loved by and pray on these and other chal inward or you can focus outward. tered mindset that, left alone, leads The latter, focusing outward, is al entered the adoption process. I was was crazy. Trying to have our own children was not in the picture. I ward and adopted an infant from an orphanage in Siberia. Second, we recently moved into a new home and lifes been chaotic. we saw a rescue dog booth with an gry, and in need of you guessed it love. We adopted him, named him hes already blessed us in many ways. received an emergency call the other that day. With so much going on, we could have easily told the state we By ARMY CHAPLAIN (CAPT.) DOUGLAS CUMMINGS 6th Eng. Bde. ChaplainSee the big picture: focus outward challenges. Giving lets us see the bigger picture. for us to step out of our own world and into the world of others. Your worries and challenges may not and see what happens. If youre feeling empty and unfulfilled, try you feel. happiness and sense of connection with others, our best selves, and our creator. When we focus outward, we reap the joy of seeing a bright smile, if people gave a little more, the world would be a more peaceful place. The rewards of giving are price less. If you want happiness, give happiness. If you want love, give to live with an outward focus. guy in our home has been a blessing. own need for help. In the language of me of my need for a higher power, life frees me from bondage to myself. behalf of others. doned and abused dog needs love. orphanage, needs love and a chance of God helped us focus outward and respond to the needs we saw. outward, and inner joy comes from helping others to better their lives. if were not focused on them. consumed by our own concerns and


8 NEWS BRIEFS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 assault are entitled to legal nication is protected by attor ensures the victims rights are protected. These include being treated with fairness protected from the accused present at all public court proceedings related to the ing information about the conviction, sentencing, im in service. Even if youre unsure about transitioning personnel to report potholes. Note the location, includ ing numbers. Then email 773ces.ceoh.potholerepair@ information in case crews need to follow up. Document Services dupli cates and prints documents, photographic prints, engi neering drawings, sensitive materials, technical manuals lease. Eligible clients include active duty of all branches retirees (and dependents of must obtain an iSportsman permit and sign in and out using the iSportsman system prior to recreating. may also need an installation visit, or must have their commission transferred to a list called by the Secretary of Defense. The process averages 120 and must be approved before and training materials. They design, print and distribute business cards, let terhead, invitations and pro grams, and provide devices Services, for building digital libraries.The facility is open tion, visit documentservices. Warehouse Street, or call The pharmacy at the counter medication for DoD personnel reliability program status, pregnant, or under the age of 2 are not eligible. lergy medications and nasal tion and diarrhea medica mation, visit www.facebook. com/JBERPharmacy. pointment for spouses of are relocating to accompany their service member. Spouses can register for Department of Defense posi tions and be considered for jobs are matched with jobs based ences, are eligible for up to two years from the date of from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the


9 NEWS of Staff Gen. Stephen W. lead those within his area of responsibility. When it came time to critical role of strengthen ing our alliances and part nerships in order to deter aggression, maintain stabil ity, and ensure free access porting multiple operations. through his operational war Wilson described one of operational architect, lead ing and managing the air war that decimated the Is in the war, and the enemy where he strengthened polit In your new commander, who is recognized as one of the top team builders, warf in the entire U.S. military. Thats why he is the right Wilson said. of responsibility that covers west coast of the United States to the east coast of our nations ambassadors in an area larger than all, and must be ready to employ with the lethality our joint force and our nation depends on and the level of readiness our command and integrating the air component in joint warfare is not a new concept test of leadership multiple times, commanding forces both forward deployed and a man of integrity, and a man I am honored to have you as region. I have no doubt the In lenge provides an opportuni ty to demonstrate success or to strengthen a relationship. to implement the National with its sister components, will have to continue to re build upon a mature, agile combat employment and strategic shaping concepts contribute to a more lethal, more resilient, and more rapidly innovative joint and municating his core prin ciples and commitment to the continued advancement No matter the challenges and opportunities that come our way, I will lead using four tenets I have operated attention to detail, and have to employ the resources pro Gen. David Goldfein, and air, space and cyberspace security cooperation, encour age peaceful development, respond to contingencies, deter aggression and, when NEWS RELEASE PACAF Public Aairs Brown takes command of Pacic Air Forces


10 NEWS 3rd OSS draws on legacy of WWII squadron By SENIOR AIRMAN JAVIER ALVAREZ JBER Public AairsIts been said every suc cessful air mission begins with a long legacy. ron was born of necessity on lish airstrips in remote loca bers mapped, dug, dragged, and maintained landing strips in support of air operations from New Guinea to the bating torrential weather and a relentless enemy. You have to be a stu dent of history to understand where were going, and you have to be a student of history You dont just show up with out someone on the ground faced during the war. I remember very vividly down that plane and another one. There were other planes warded off because of it. The heavens would not Nature had other plans. In November 1944, there was 40 inches of rain [in said. We were in awful mud. There was a real prob lem with the preparation of Despite atmospheric enduring much of the same the summer of 1945. render at the end of World Wing historian. They were before the formal surrender to establish U.S. presence for arrival. This was the first transient point in the early ron had crossed three coun tries and more than 3,500 miles. It was inactivated after the war, reactivated for for 43 years before being goes out to hunt, not every one gets to eat. That fearless adventurous spirit. Thats the to go so pilots can survive in have people in Survival, cape teaching aircrew how management who ensure the ways is reverting to those going to a location, flying for a few hours or days, and moving to a new loca essentially what they did in WWII. They would get to strip and maybe theyd have there would be holes because they dropped bombs on it so each technological advance for propeller aircraft may not Were now in a posi tion where were doing that said. Im sending people to airplane here? This is the most diverse said. You trust us to go middle of nowhere, and not only to deploy there and support operations that are ongoing, but research and come up with the shopping list of things we have to get to open them and enable them. ... Thats a pretty amaz


11 NEWS types of aircraft, with an ber of dedicated and preci maintain them. contingency and mainte nance operations for the 3rd responsible for the mainte nance of three types of air craft, are divided into either maintenance units. bilities start with the entirety of the aircraft they are in crew chief. They service and repair everything coming oil, hydraulics, and fueling the jet. In addition to those repairs, we also attend to air items such as engines, tires borne warning and control it performs an essential mis sion, distinguishing between friendly and enemy activity. It also provides airborne com mand and control in addition more than 10 hours, which is has been in commission for more than 35 years. to the long hours these planes are in flight, we are very detailed with the multiple types of inspections we con responsibilities, but with No matter which aircraft al months of technical train Even after gaining further nedy said. aircraft, it was challenging said. Even though it is a similar plane and I was al nance crew chiefs never stop made by each individual. repair is nearing completion, Globemaster III dedicated a good attitude and healthy shift can turn into 10 to 12 certain until it has already The priority of a mission can change constantly, so have learned that rolling with the punches is absolutely In addition to staying repairs and maintenance, the geographical area can load. Every location can be as different for an aircraft layers to protect against the severity of the cold, there removing of engine covers, process of doing a repair in this climate is harsh, but also ences and similarities among the aircraft, crew chiefs must ethic and adapt to service before self. I have held the titles of crew chief, and crew chief, and no matter what title is given, integrity is always closely follow this. Whatever aircraft you are assigned, you the pilots and crews depend AMU crew chiefs keep planes in the airBy AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CRYSTAL JENKINS JBER Public Aairs CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Air Force Sta Sgt. Caleb Langel, a 517th Aircraft Mainte nance Unit C-17 Globemaster III dedicated crew chief, inspects a life raft pressure gauge at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 26. As a crew chief, Langel is responsible for service on all parts of his assigned aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photos/ Airman 1st Class Crystal A. Jenkins) Sta Sgt. Silvestre Rojas and Senior Airman Michael Ela, 517th Aircraft Maintenance Unit communication navigations specialists, test the countermeasures dispensing system on a C-17 Globemaster III. Langel inspects a life-raft pressure gauge, ensuring it meets specications to fully inate if necessary.


12 NEWS Todd Mackey, a regional sales manager at Honeywell, explains the use of a welding helmet during the Customer Appreciation Day at the General Services Administration store at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson July 25. The helmet is designed to be used with a powered respirator to provide respiratory protection when a worker is welding. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jonathan Valdes) LEFT: Derrick Walls, vice president of sales at Ergo Desktop Company, explains the workings of an adjustable-height desk to Tech Sgt. Greg Massman of the JBER Fire Department during the Customer Appreciation Day at the GSA store on JBER. The adjustable-height desktop allows a person to work sitting down or standing, which decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.CUSTOMERAPPRECIATIONAT GSA STOREGeneral Services Administration hosts opportunity for JBER personnel to check out health, safety, mission products