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PERMIT No. 220 PERMIT No. 220 Marines from Okinawa drop cargo, troops at JBER Page 5 Page 11 ALASKAJULY 27 VO LUME 10 NO. 29 JBER UNITS, APD TEAM UP TO RESCUE CHILD Page 3 GOOD SAVE AIRDROP MAKING MAGIC Page 11 Dedicated crew chiefs keep aircraft ying high


2 PHOTO FEATUREavailable for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, factor of the purchaser, user or patron. To advertise in the Arctic Warrior or email Editorial content is edited, prepared and provided by the Arctic Warrior Send emails about news stories and story submissions to Deadline for article and basis and are subject to editing by the Arctic Warrior Submission does not guarantee publication. The Arctic Warrior This civilian enterprise newspaper is an authorized pub the Arctic Warrior endorsed by, the U.S. government, Department of Defense, the The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by U.S. government, the Department of Defense, the Department munications of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made ARCTIC WARRIOR FUELINGFIGHTTHEMarine Corps Sgt. Brett Nelson and Gunnery Sgt. Octavio Ortiz with the 3d Transportation Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 3, 3d Marine Logistics Group from Okinawa, Japan, disassemble a forward arming and refueling point on the Malemute Drop Zone July 16 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. The training was part of a 12-day exercise called Kodiak Mace which incorporated C-130J Super Hercules cargo planes belonging to the Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 152 and Marines from the 3d TSB, CLR-3, 3d MLG. Water was used to simulate fuel. (U.S. Air Force photos/Jamal Wilson) Marine Cpl. Maxwell Suris with the 3d Transportation Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 3, 3d Marine Logistics Group from Okinawa, Japan, measures wind speed at Malemute Drop Zone in preparation for a cargo drop as part of exercise Kodiak Mace. ABOVE RIGHT: Marine Lt. Col. Matthew Mulvey (right), commander of the the 3d Transportation Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 3, 3d Marine Logistics Group from Okinawa, assists Sgt. Brett Nelson and Gunnery Sgt. Octavio Ortiz in the packing of equipment used in a forward arming and refueling point. RIGHT: A Marine Corps C-130J Super Hercules cargo plane with the Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 152, based in Okinawa, Japan, drops heavy equipment over the Malemute Drop Zone July 16 as part of exercise Kodiak Mace. The 12-day exercise brought Marines to train with U.S. Army Alaska Soldiers to practice dropping personnel, cargo and specialized equipment.


3 JULY 27, 2018 VOLUME 10 NO. 29 NEWS ness provides picturesque landscapes, its rugged terrain can change from friendly to deadly in a moments notice. Department and emergency responders received a call road. We were dispatched to a that went down the side of is a pretty far response from here, a good 15 to 20 minutes tions of the road, driving up the mountain, and the fact it Engineer Squadron battalion commander, was the on scene. When we jumped vehicle, and somehow the vehicle went over the ledge. Thats when we found out we were dealing with a scaled down the side of the with the child, who was found about 10 feet away from the vehicle. They gave us an update saying he was conscious and breathing, all that good complaining of some pain in his leg, but wasnt able to communicate much beyond Wilson described the scene as chaotic due to the personnel responded. mander, led the responders in creating a rescue plan to get the child to safety. The plan involved sic life support bag, which can obtain vital signs, stop any major bleeding and deal with most medical cided they would secure the him up to safety using rope We always train for the worst scenario, and thats mind, but once I got there I was relieved that the child ers, so he didnt answer too ers had lifted the child to ported the family to a local hospital to be treated. Wilson said the rescue was successful because of parties involved. the case when something huge help, being able to get down there and get the status cal, because our tactics could that the child didnt incur any major injuries. children in that age group, so it really hit home with me, and I just wanted us to do everything possible to ensure sure we reunited the boy with By SENIOR AIRMAN CURT BEACH JBER Public A airs APD, JBER units rescue child the child to safety. major bleeding and deal with most medical


4 NEWS Paratroopers of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army Alaska, participate in a eld training exercise at Malemute Drop Zone at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 17. More than 400 Soldiers parachuted as part of a eld training exercise, executing tactical movements and setting up defensive positions while performing an aireld assault. (U.S. Air Force photos/Senior Airman Javier Alvarez) ABOVE RIGHT: Paratroopers from U.S. Army Alaskas 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division exit a C-130 Hercules over Malemute Drop Zone. RIGHT: Soldiers parachute to earth after jumping from a C-130 Hercules July 17 as part of exercise Kodiak Mace in conjunction with Marine Corps units from Okinawa, Japan. The exercise involved dropping cargo as well as personnel. FINE DAY FOR A JUMP


5 FEATURE 12 through 25. pared and performed various air drops, which included tion drops, and personnel air delivery platoon opera tions chief. While various types of parachutes were deployed parachutes to reach the de very many opportunities to new system and we hope to The vast and diverse land the various types of drops and the necessary equipment to set up a helicopter refuel point, ideal for a remote lo cation with little or no access by road. It gives us a greater reach for fuel resupply when theres no other means of port Squadron 172 fuels on the terrain, this type of fuel supply could be the safest delivery method avail cialists met the pallet on the simulated fuel from the large drum. rines had performed multiple delivering more than 430 gallons of fuel. have training and readiness standards. The training we do out here helps us to meet By SENIOR AIRMAN JAVIER ALVAREZ JBER Public AairsMarines conduct airdrops on JBER U.S. Marines with the 3d Transportation Support Battalion secure a Helicopter Expeditionary Refueling System for airdrop delivery as part of training exercise Kodiak Mace at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 16. Marines of the 3d TSB, VMGR-152, and Marine Wing Support Squadron 172 participated in the exercise through July 25, conducting joint precision air drop system, cargo, and personnel airdrops. (U.S. Air Force photos/Senior Airman Javier Alvarez) BELOW: U.S. Marine Corps captains John Morrow (left), and Joe Mclaughlin, Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 152 KC-130J Hercules pilots, y above Alaska following an air drop delivery as part of training exercise Kodiak Mace at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 16.


6 COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS Friday compete to be the best team in this canoe, run and shoot each person needs to be in up at 1 p.m. for a 2 p.m. whitewater rafting with this trip from 5 to 8 p.m., open to ages 10 and older. Trans portation and equipment are Saturday The Warrior Zone hosts this competition starting at 2 p.m., with prizes for the top Everyone is invited to an afternoon of paintball at the Warrior Xtreme paintall includes gun rental, gear, and Single service members the waterfalls with this trip from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Trans portation and equipment are service members from 8 a.m. 2023. portation and equipment are provided. bracelets, ponify them selves, and play with the Sunday Traverse the ice of the Thursday whitewater rafting with this trip from 5 to 8 p.m., open to ages 10 and older. Trans portation and equipment are provided. 2023. Aug. 3 who are interested in joining Ongoing single service member to get a free game, cart, and a and Department of Defense dependents can get a free and third Tuesdays of each Saturday. 7951. Youth are invited to the Toddler Tales is Wednesdays meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday and 1 p.m. Saturday in the railroading is invited. facebook. com/msmrre. Chapel services time by appointment or after A bubbly end to a ni ight Air Force Col. Christopher Niemi, 3rd Wing commander, is doused with champagne by his wife Janice after his ni ight in an F-22 Raptor July 19 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Air Force Lt. Gen. Kenneth S. Wilsbach, commander of Alaskan NORAD Region, Alaskan Command, U.S. Northern Command, and Eleventh Air Force, ew as his wingman. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jamal Wilson)


7 MATTERS OF FAITH much time being reactive to nega when the majority of our leadership capital comes from being proactive, There are four stages of team de system begins to stabilize individu al roles become assigned or resigned to, and social interactions become normalized. Sometimes, the teams development is arrested because of unresolved conflict. Storming becomes normal in the system, and is what we are up against as leaders. When a new leader joins the team, the team undergoes a reboot. The group reassigns roles and rewrites disrupted status quo. boundary testing, arguments, gossip, inappropriate behavior, defensive at titudes, and other unhealthy reactions to your leadership. unhealthy reactions as boundary dis solution, but lets just call it drama. This separates good leaders from go positively, rather than just dealing Sometimes the best we can do is just avoid getting pulled into the drama stroms, they will often dissipate on their own. Unfortunately, as leaders we ar ent perfect. We have learned to op By AIR FORCE 2ND LT. MATTHEW MCNUTT Chaplain candidateAvoiding the maelstrom of drama mates act wrongly and attempt to hearts. When others are drowning, they latch onto anyone in an attempt to save themselves. This is a natu ral reaction, but to save them and ourselves we must stay out of the water and throw a lifeline instead. Typically, this means starting from a place of forgiveness. To understand Each of us wrestles with the same human struggles. Each is unique in results is often similar. The writer of dont with conflict will give us enough separation from the mael strom to observe situations for what they are, and transform our teams and situations to go truly right. erate in dysfunctional relationships, starting with our own families, and in our family system. one who attempts to solve everyones the endless blaze of peoples prob It will end in us spending our best days reactively managing, instead of proactively leading. distance from drama as having a When the status quo is disrupted sues, dont engage. Do not engage and react in peace sometimes this means not reacting at all.


8 NEWS BRIEFS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 assault are entitled to legal nication is protected by attor ensures the victims rights are protected. These include being treated with fairness protected from the accused present at all public court proceedings related to the ing information about the conviction, sentencing, im in service. Even if youre unsure about transitioning personnel to report potholes. Note the location, includ ing numbers. Then email 773ces.ceoh.potholerepair@ information in case crews need to follow up. Document Services dupli cates and prints documents, photographic prints, engi neering drawings, sensitive materials, technical manuals lease. Eligible clients include active duty of all branches retirees (and dependents of must obtain an iSportsman permit and sign in and out using the iSportsman system prior to recreating. may also need an installation visit, or must have their commission transferred to a list called by the Secretary of Defense. The process averages 120 and must be approved before and training materials. They design, print and distribute business cards, let terhead, invitations and pro grams, and provide devices Services, for building digital libraries.The facility is open tion, visit documentservices. Warehouse Street, or call The pharmacy at the counter medication for DoD personnel reliability program status, pregnant, or under the age of 2 are not eligible. lergy medications and nasal tion and diarrhea medica mation, visit www.facebook. com/JBERPharmacy. pointment for spouses of are relocating to accompany their service member. Spouses can register for Department of Defense posi tions and be considered for jobs are matched with jobs based ences, are eligible for up to two years from the date of from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the


9 NEWSWhen you just need to call for a MEDIC! Private Joshua Rowe from Charlie Company, 725th Brigade Support Battalion (Airborne), 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, checks for breathing on a dummy patient during a company-level best medic competition July 24 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. The BSB is conducting the four-day challenge to select two medics to compete in the USARAK-level competition. (U.S. Air Force photos/Jamal Wilson) ABOVE LEFT: Rowe congures a radio during the competition. LEFT: Spc. Frederick Winters, from Charlie Company, 725th Brigade Support Battalion, talks through the process of checking for bleeding with an evaluator during the best medic competition. Two medics from the company will move on to the USARAK competition.


10 NEWS Chief Veale retires after 30 years of service By SENIOR AIRMAN CURT BEACH JBER Public Aairs concrete stairwell with blood gushing from her chin and a military training instructor training recruit wondered if shed made the right choice. put on her uniform for the she served as the Eleventh master sergeant and senior She enlisted after high school, with goals of money for school and seeing the to her, and as she approached sidered another reenlistment. reasons, but the reasons for continuing to serve often was so incredible and really opened my eyes to what the military brings in terms recalled. Thats when I real ized I was part of something bigger. I genuinely wanted to defend my country and freedoms our nation upholds. I had no idea I would one day become a chief or serve 30 years, but thats when I decided that this was what I she said. and went, and she thought, wasnt ready to retire not Even now, Im not ready would let me serve longer, I I love our mission and what we do. Its so humbling and such an honor to have had the face challenges and one thing that helped her overcome is her attitude. Im an eternal optimist, and I believe in the power of toward something bigger than yourself. Stay positive. Theres a greater cause out there when it comes to serv appear, are important and serve a purpose. Stay focused on the big ger picture because theres an entire nation relying on you and your teammates to get the mission done so they can maintain their freedoms and their way of life. When easy to overcome just about Throughout her 18 as countless roles and served alongside military members of all branches and from a variety of nations. I just want to say to had the privilege of serving aged about our future, and I is in fantastic hands. So I just for your service, do great things, be innovative, and continue to push the boundar ies and limits. Im so honored Three decades after her a stage with a smile on her face, a tear rolling down her gathered family, friends and course of what she called an adventure of a lifetime. Its been incredible. Id at day one and do it all over Chief Master Sgt. Gay L.C. Veale is honored at a retirement ceremony at Hangar 1 on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 20, celebrating her 30 years of service. (U.S. Air Force photo/Alejandro Pena)


11 NEWSIn contrast to the uni formity of the aircraft they maintain, crew chiefs are unique individuals, from contributing something dif share is the full responsibility of tactical aircraft mainte nance. Their job is to ensure every component of these maintained to precise stan dards. these 3rd Wing special the aircraft in their care is notice, so pilots can safely and effectively complete their mission. aircraft maintainer when at a young age I was given the with my uncle, who at the nated crew chief. I decided I wanted to serve and have job he wanted, he learned at tions how important his role was to the mission. sion when he was retrained from a Survival, Evasion, to aircraft maintenance and sistant dedicated crew chief, also assigned to the 525th Within 24 hours of being told I was retraining, I was sent to aircraft maintenance fortless to go from some about aircraft. I didnt want a job that was redundant or I have found every day has ured out through innovative sible for absolutely every that develop during flight, repairing landing gears, en gines, hydraulic systems, tire inspection and maintenance, chief means they are the last point of contact between the ground crews. To get through the long days and nights we have staying eager to learn from and listening to the inno vative ideas of those with The magnitude of the repairs, another part of a non in from technical training and bringing them up to the this jet all the time, I learn something new from the I also get a lot of satisfaction when they show me they can and trust are the biggest hour shift can often turn into 10 to 12 hours because of an hours, I see how strong the perienced, up and coming, the job must get done or the That is something we all Crew chiefs make the ying mission happenBy AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CRYSTAL JENKINS JBER Public AairsAirman 1st Class Ian Pierce, a 525th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-22 Raptor assistant dedicated crew chief, looks through his safety glasses during a tool inspection at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 19. Pierce uses standardized and specialty tools to ensure every component of the aircraft is maintained to precise standards. (U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Crystal A. Jenkins) ABOVE RIGHT: Airman 1st Class Daren Abad, a 525th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-22 Raptor crew chief support technician, performs an equipment inventory. Abad is responsible for more than 10,000 tools during his shift. RIGHT: Four 525th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-22 Raptor crew chiefs begin their shift July 19. Tactical aircraft maintainers are responsible for inspecting the aircraft and repairing landing gears, engines, hydraulic systems and more.


12 NEWS maintain good health. If you are a male, have you had regular scheduled ings? fessionals are heightening awareness of preventable health problems and are en couraging men and boys to and early treatment for dis ease and injury. They are reminding men Women have a role as well. Whether it is for your self or for your husband, partner, dad, brother, son or friend, you can help support the health of the men in your life. What should men do to maintain good health? men should be physically manage stress in a positive campaign promotes the three tivity and nutrition designed to encourage healthy behav iors of Soldiers, their families and retirees. ter and installation resourc es such as athletic centers and recreational programs can help men improve their health. It is important for men to partner with their healthcare provider to choose an appro priate preventive health care program. healthcare provider. their family medical history and share it with their fami ly and with their healthcare provider. screenings at the recom right screening test at the right time is one of the most important things a man can do for his health. conditions may not have screenings help identify dis eases early, before symptoms occur. that men face, such as colon cancer, testicular cancer or heart disease may be prevent er to treat when found early. These screenings are tenance schedule as listed sure screening. advised for all men 35 and up, or 20 and up if there are cancer screening starting at age 50. ery ten years for men over 50. ing is recommended starting based on individual case factors. Diabetes screening should occur every three years starting at age 45, or earlier if the man has high blood pressure or high cho lesterol. irregular moles is encour aged, with an annual visit to a dermatologist for a complete for lumps. depression and other mood mental and emotional health To help improve mental and emotional health, men ical activity and sleep. havioral health care profes sional or healthcare provider if there is a struggle with worries, or hopelessness or have suicidal thoughts or plans for suicide. learning more about mens health? provider or local clinic, or BETHANN CAMERON Army Public Health CenterArmy Public Health highlights mens health