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PERMIT No. 220 PERMIT No. 220 Colonel returns to Alaska to take JBER, 673d ABW command Page 3 Page 11 Colonel returns CSNK TAKES REINSJULY 20 VOLUME 10 NO. 28 NAVY AIRCRAFT TAKE TO THE SKIES OF JBER Page 5 Growlers and Raptors VETERINARY VISION Page 11 Page 11 Caring for JBERs working dogs, pets and mascots


2 FEATUREavailable for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, factor of the purchaser, user or patron. To advertise in the Arctic Warrior or email Editorial content is edited, prepared and provided by the Arctic Warrior Send emails about news stories and story submissions to Deadline for article and basis and are subject to editing by the Arctic Warrior Submission does not guarantee publication. The Arctic Warrior This civilian enterprise newspaper is an authorized pub the Arctic Warrior endorsed by, the U.S. government, Department of Defense, the The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by U.S. government, the Department of Defense, the Department munications of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made ARCTIC WARRIOR the way in training service members to save the lives of wounded comrades in combat. course scheduled to replace and realized it wasnt nec essarily covering what was there were recommendations put forward consistently to advisor. U.S. Department of Defense techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma There are two types of ical personnel which is cur and one for all combatants. ive trauma care during com bat. The committee meets two to four times a year and interviews medics fresh out enced incidents, to see what Its really the transition tourniquets, no tourniquets, to now if youre in care under fire and we need to thing we are going to do is of the contributing factors of saved on the battlefield in dedicated to learning and demonstrate proficiency at each station, they are intro duced to a new dynamic. Various simulated sce narios encompass the three uation. portion of the course, person nel are armed with paintball guns and endure a simulated combat scenario testing their ability to rescue casualties. During the scenario, they must provide medical care while also returning fire. aged care to volunteers and mannequins while instruc guidance. Supporting units provide ulators, along with personnel armed with paintball guns to act as enemy combatants. plete an evacuation simula tion which may require them to load casualties onto rescue helicopters. The ultimate mission of personnel entering the com bat environment possess Weve learned over the effective. In the past, we didnt have training that was Now, our medics will be better prepared for what they may encounter in a hostile environment and be armed save more lives and get their By SENIOR AIRMAN CURT BEACH JBER Public AairsLeading the way in tactical carePersonnel from the 673d Medical Group write an assessment during the practical application of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care course at the Warrior Extreme Paintball course at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 13. The course is an opportunity for every student to provide care under re, perform tactical eld care on those who are injured and execute a tactical evacuation. (U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Jonathan Valdes) LEFT: Personnel from the 673d Medical Group protect their patient while under re during the practical application of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care course July 13. The new care procedures replace Self-Aid and Buddy Care.


3 NEWS leaders from surrounding communities welcomed the ment was commanding the friends, on the base and in with everyone again and Im honored to be your com is in charge of more than 5,500 military and civilian icas arctic warriors and their families, and four groups operating and maintaining the joint base. tion hosts the headquarters for demonstrating a love for Dietrich said. During the ceremony, ing the passion needed for the Dietrich will move on to serve as the senior logis By AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CAITLIN RUSSELL JBER Public Aairs JBER welcomes new commander Lt. Gen. Kenneth S. Wilsbach, commander of Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, Alaskan Command, U.S. Northern Command, and Eleventh Air Force, passes the guidon to incoming 673d ABW commander Col. Patricia A. Csnk at the 673d Air Base Wing change of command ceremony July 13 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. 673d ABW commander Col. George T.M. Dietrich III turned over command to Csnk. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jamal Wilson)


4 NEWS The human race may not survive long enough to wit ness the end of the Earth, but time and help ensure future the planets beauty. The recycling center at base community in recycling and conserving resources and spreads awareness of the impact recycling can have on the environment and planet. Waste and what people choose to do with it has an impact on the Earth, said Engineer Squadron environ to avoid depositing waste our natural resources so the the land. can eliminate waste and pro tect the environment. of converting waste materi als into new materials and objects. It is an alternative to conventional waste dis posal that can save material and help lower greenhouse amount of material used or waste created in a process using concrete rubble for erosion control. There are an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plas tic debris currently in the ings of a group of scientists ocean poses a threat to wild life, from deep sea creatures the water. Institute of Environmental reduce waste by selecting products that are not waste reusable bag can eliminate tic or paper bags. cling conserves energy and save the energy equivalent of consuming 322 gallons of gasoline. aluminum cans conserves thermal units, the equivalent of 1,024 gallons of gasoline just 10 plastic bottles saves enough energy to power a laptop for more than 25 hours. There are various loca residents can put their unused said. Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to scrap metals, cardboard and board and aluminum at the large brown recycling bins visit Services-Resources/Environmental/Recycling.aspx.Reduce, reuse, recycle and help the EarthBy SENIOR AIRMAN CURT BEACH JBER Public Aairs An Airman drops an aluminum can in a recycling bin at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Javier Alvarez)


5 FEATUREU.S. Navy Electronic Whidbey Island, Washing the 525th and 90th fighter cise and integration training training involves providing support for the 525th and and learning more about their features the latest electronic nication countermeasures, satellite communications, jamming pods and more. team will be using electronic airborne jamming against op ercise is an opportunity to develop tactics to com bat airborne electronic jam ming, further communication more. We, as a community, have been on the advantage more and more threats come online, we need to be able to train to a level that allows us 525th. This training gives us an opportunity to do just While the training is a the importance of the inte gration. This is a great opportuni were able to integrate with team wanted to provide the best possible support for the could determine how to best asset. ley said. Its also been useful to see what we may encoun ing has been great and they hope for more opportunities By AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CAITLIN RUSSELL JBER Public AairsEA-18G Growlers visit JBER to train Sailors assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 139 from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, wait for pilots prior to air operations out of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 12. VAQ-139 is operating out of JBER to provide integration and support for the F-22 Raptor. (U.S. Air Force photos/Sta Sgt. James Richardson) BELOW: A U.S Navy EA-18G Growler assigned Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 139 from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island takes o from Joint Base Elmendorf-RichardsonJuly 12. The squadron supported the 525th and 90th ghter squadrons, ying in an adversary role and teaching JBER pilots about air-to-air capabilities.


6 COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS Friday Saturday through 5th grade to read to a service dog from 10 a.m. to bers are invited to a free evening of paintball at the Warrior Xtreme paintall or visit mooserungolfcourse. com to register. pool to build a cardboard boat, then race across the pool from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 1301. Sunday Tuesday dleboarding. Everyone 12 and older can learn the stance Wednesday free crafts for children and cultural performances for the whole family from 2 to July 26 use it, how the federal hiring format your resume for fed eral employment from 8 a.m. July 28 selves, and play with the Ongoing single service member to get a free game, cart, and a and Department of Defense dependents can get a free and third Tuesdays of each Youth are invited to the Toddler Tales is Wednesdays meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday and 1 p.m. Saturday in the railroading is invited. 4353, or visit msmrre. char, and how theyre raised in and released from the days, Thursdays and Satur every hour from 9 a.m. to 9 Chapel services time by appointment or after Vets for pets Mitzy and Max await their checkup during a visit to the Veterinary Treatment Facility at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 6. Veterinary services will be somewhat curtailed starting next month and through autumn; for more, see the story on page 11. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jonathan Valdes)


7 MATTERS OF FAITH but they dont die before annoying people and leaving nastiness on garbage, and rotting carcasses. They cant chew, so they spit enzymes onto their food, which let them slurp it up. During this process, they transfer pathogens from previous they land. Imagine this is what happens every time you entertain negative, wrong, hurtful, unhelpful or un your life, spreading disease and feed ing negative beliefs and behaviors what you eat, son, be careful what eat, yet there are times when I strug gle to avoid doing that very thing in my thoughts. If you sow a thought, you reap words. If you sow words, you reap actions. If you sow actions, you reap habits. If you sow habits, you reap character. If you sow character, you or hurtful things, but when we get hurt, angry or consumed by fear, we around us wonder, Where did that help but recall those stories. I was a of TV dinners, and I had selected my By AIR FORCE CHAPLAIN (MAJ.) M. DAVID HALTOM 3rd Wing ChaplainShut the window on toxic thoughts our words, actions, habits, character be our fate. That day in 1994, I learned an important lesson. No matter how out the window was open with no can stupidly spend our entire lives we have the window open or when us healthy. Your unit chaplain is a great re source to help you recognize open windows in your life that you may during the game. The sweet smell of the gooey slapped my hand down on it, splat tering hot cheese all over myself and down, and began to entertain their presence. Something pushes our buttons, and negative thoughts come rushing in. Sometimes, we justify and even blaming others for our thoughts, feel mental vomit and crush the thoughts immediately. the same thought over and over, and begin to entertain the presence of the


8 NEWS BRIEFS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 assault are entitled to legal nication is protected by attor ensures the victims rights are protected. These include being treated with fairness protected from the accused present at all public court proceedings related to the ing information about the conviction, sentencing, im in service. Even if youre unsure about transitioning personnel to report potholes. Note the location, includ ing numbers. Then email 773ces.ceoh.potholerepair@ information in case crews need to follow up. Document Services dupli cates and prints documents, photographic prints, engi neering drawings, sensitive materials, technical manuals lease. Eligible clients include active duty of all branches retirees (and dependents of must obtain an iSportsman permit and sign in and out using the iSportsman system prior to recreating. may also need an installation visit, or must have their commission transferred to a list called by the Secretary of Defense. The process averages 120 and must be approved before and training materials. They design, print and distribute business cards, let terhead, invitations and pro grams, and provide devices Services, for building digital libraries.The facility is open tion, visit documentservices. Warehouse Street, or call The pharmacy at the counter medication for DoD personnel reliability program status, pregnant, or under the age of 2 are not eligible. lergy medications and nasal tion and diarrhea medica mation, visit www.facebook. com/JBERPharmacy. pointment for spouses of are relocating to accompany their service member. Spouses can register for Department of Defense posi tions and be considered for jobs are matched with jobs based ences, are eligible for up to two years from the date of from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the


9 NEWS ABOVE: Air Force Sta Sgt. Adam Ducharne, 477th weapons standardization member, helps load an Air Intercept Missile-9 Sidewinder during an F-22 Raptor weapons load training at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 15. The Sidewinder features a passive infrared guidance system, congurable rail launcher and ability to reach supersonic speed. (U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Caitlin Russell) ABOVE RIGHT: Tech. Sgt. Joey Lavalley, 477th weapons load crew chief, guides a GBU-32 Joint Direct Attack Munition on the munitions loading jammer to an F-22 Raptor. RIGHT: Missiles sit on a munitions load trailer waiting to be loaded onto Raptors during training July 15.RAPTORS READY


10 NEWS community concerns and needs every third Thursday community subject matter leadership. The meeting is a way to discuss concerns or address issues concerning the community. I want everyone in our community, no matter what about the resources avail munity support coordinator gether involves results from as a guide to what is most relevant to the communitys discussed, issues are sent eration and approval. the root cause of some of the etal injuries among Soldiers who were on profiles and able to be addressed and designed to meet the needs of the soldiers on these pro The results from the pro increase in readiness and an lem of having Soldiers doing things they were not sup posed to do and as a result getting medically boarded out of the military because said. team impact happened two suicide rates were higher in the late spring and early training was then switched from the traditional Septem The helping agencies are often able to identify trends and point them out towards prevention and in leaderships participation in mands to build individual and unit readiness as a whole by highlighting resources community. We recognize through this joint team that we all JBER team unites community experts AIRMAN 1ST CLASS CRYSTAL JENKINS JBER Public Aairs The Joint Implementation Prevention Team addresses community concerns and needs during a monthly meeting at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson July 19. The JIPT brings together JBER community subject matter experts on resources and leadership. The meeting is a way to discuss concerns or address issues concerning the community. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jonathan Valdes)


11 NEWSThe U.S. military has about 2,300 700 military personnel are veterinar ians. Every military installation has and technicians. animals to care for. Usually a civilian veterinarian listed veterinary technicians, but the The technicians scope of prac technicians are capable, federal and state laws prohibit many procedures without a veterinarian on site. They cant administer vaccines or issue health certificates. Were and we cant do surgeries until De eagles at 3rd Wing headquarters the safety of Department of Defense the child development centers on the audits food storage at the Seward Dealing with the communication and getting things juggled is the most While shes gone, personnel from products. They will also be able to but those slots will be few and far between, she said. where new veterinarians learn the before moving on. assistance from that route as well, but getting a civilian veterinarian on board would be ideal. during her veterinary school before her father and grandfather were both up your opportunities for places to The military offers unique op come with a hefty pay cut during a can specialize in internal medicine, surgery, treatment of research and laboratory animals, and a few other options. tary, being a specialist would give me She said she hopes to pursue a could use ultrasound to diagnose an abdomens and the adrenal system for issues that might otherwise require invasive surgery to see. both for what they can do and their 11 years old and we send them to help everyone, I could. When I can By CHRIS MCCANNJBER Public AairsDog (and cat, and bird) days of summer ABOVE: Army Maj. Natalie Erker, a veterinarian assigned to Fort Lewis Public Health Activity, laughs at Zasha and Blue Bell at the Veterinary Treatment Facility at Joint Base El mendorf-Richardson July 6. (U.S. Air Force photos/ Airman 1st Class Jonathan Valdes) LEFT: Emma Williams, a veterinary technician, examines Harleys teeth during his visit to the Veterinary Treatment Facility at Building 47815 between 5th and 6th Street on Davis Highway. LEFT: Emma Williams, a veterinary technician, examines Harleys teeth during his visit to the Veterinary Treatment Facility at Building 47815 between 5th and 6th Street on Davis Highway.


12 NEWS a high standard for Infantry It has evolved into 30 of weapons, patrol and med ic. Now, new changes are about to be implemented. of the Infantry is leading the infantry Soldiers across mul tiple military occupational specialties. ly essential to rolling out this it was validated before it hit were applicable, realistic and up to date with the latest the manual are intended to standardize and streamline the options for units in how to conduct the testing. Nev ertheless, there will be signif icant changes to some of the tests themselves. the burden rests upon this pi the new manual. The reason we did this wasnt just written from a single perspective, that it had ent types of units across the recognize infantrymen who demonstrate a mastery of foundation of individual to locate, close with and de and maneuver and to repel close combat. By DAVID WRIGHT Fort Benning Public AairsEIB manual gets an overhaul, standardization Private 1st Class Marcus Deluca, a native of Franklin Mass., assigned to the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army Alaska, takes aim at a sniper on an Expert Infantryman Badge qualification lane on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Sept. 10, 2014. The Army is making signicant changes to the standards of EIB qualication. (U.S. Air Force photo/Justin Connaher)