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Going Home To Key West Agai n When Key West was chosen as the site of the next reunion, two years seemed too long to wait. So here we are just one year later, eager to be going to Key West again. from our memories of I t is hard to find the places any more. And then last September there was Hurricane Irma. T he repair and rebuilding is still going on in many areas. The Gateway Inn at Boca Chica is filled with active duty families waiting for their homes to be repaired and several other military temporary housi ng facilities are sheltering storm victims. The Fly Navy building is undergoing roof repair and remodeling of rooms. In spite of all this, our miracle worker reunion chairman, Dave Gholson, was able to round up reunion accommodations for us. With rooms in three places Fly Navy Building, Truman Beach and Sigsbee Park, and the events in a fourth place, CPO Mess at Boca Chica, it is going to be very handy to have a car at this reunion. Carpooling is good too. Retirees who need a base sticker can get one at the pass and ID office at Boca Chica NAS on the way in. Reunion attendees without military ID s are on a gate list and should tell the gate guard s they are on the UWSS list. Room check in for all accommodations is at the Fly Navy Building the top seen from Palm Ave. Y ou will be given a map and directions to each location. Newsletter of Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School, Key West, Florida February 201 8


Buddy Line February 201 8 2 UWSS LOGO ITEMS All prices include shipping. Beefy T t shirt ................................ ...................... 25.00 ea white or ash gray, l arge logo back, small logo pocket Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Long sleeved t shirt ................................ ............. 28.00 ea white or ash gray, l arge logo on back, small logo on front (no pocket ) Sizes S, M, L, XL,XXL Polo shirt 50/50 cotton/poly ................................ 28.00 ea white or ash gray, s mall logo on pocket Sizes M, L, XL, XXL Pique polo all cotton ................................ ............ 29.00 ea birch gray, embroidered logo left front ,(no pock et) Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Blue denim shirt, short sleeves ........................... 38.00 ea embroidered logo above pocket Sizes M, L, XL, XXL *All shirts size XXL add $2 .00 ea Cap natural with logo ................................ ....... 20 .00 ea Baseball cap blue, embroidered logo ............... 30.00 ea C ap 3.00 less if ordered with shirt Embroidered Patch ................................ ............. 12.00 ea UWSS logo decal transparent or white .............. 3.00 ea UWSS commemorative coin ............................... 12.00 ea enameled brass, raised design, 1 5/8 inch diameter UWSS all service commemorative coin .............. 15.00 ea enameled brass, raised design, 2 inch diamete r Key Chain with enameled logo medallion ........... 10.00 ea Make check to FO/UWSS Send with order to Ken Recoy Treasurer 25810 East 330 Road Chelsea, OK 74016 5262 Questions? e mail: or phone (561) 391 6727 All logo items are pictured on the web site Membership February 2018 Members in database 22 7 Members in good standi n g 14 5 A ccount Balance November 2017 $1 4,096.0 6 Dues + 817.83 Logo G ear S ales + 6 5 8.55 Logo Gear Purchase 140.17 Logo Gear P ostage 101.56 Buddy Line P rinting & M ailing 246.90 Business Expense 278.47 Account Balance February 2018 $ 14,805.34 FO/UWSS Mission The Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers Schoo l was formed in order to keep lines of communication open between personnel of the armed forces who were staff or students at the U.S. Naval Underwater Swimmers School Key West, Florida from 1954 to1973. One of the most important reasons for our existence a s an organized group is to plan for and participate in biannual reunions, which are held at various locations selected by FO/UWSS Officers President ................................ ...................... Bob Bureker Vice President ................................ ................ Dave Byers Secretary/Treasurer ................................ ......... Ken Recoy The Buddy Line newslett er is published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Buddy Line editors are Don and Art Stone. e mail : p hone: (561) 391 6727 snail mail: 1440 SW 5 th Ave., Boca Raton, FL 33432 WEBSITE : Buddy Line by e mail You may prefer receiving the email version of the Buddy Line newsletter. It is delivered to your inbox as a pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader. The benefits to you are faster delivery and color photos (when originals are color). The benefits to the FO/UWSS are the savings on printing and postage for the Buddy Line mail out. To receive the Buddy Line by email, send your request to buddyline@uwss.or g. Dues ($25.00 for 2 years) are payable in May of odd numbered years. Your paid thru date can be found on your label or in the Buddy Line delivery email. Make check to FO/UWSS and send to Ken Recoy, Treasurer, 25810 East 330 Rd Chelsea, OK 74016 5262


Buddy Line February 2018 3 WELCOME TO THE 1 2 TH REUNION OF UNDERWATER SWIMMERS SCHOOL KEY WEST Thursday t he reunion will kick off at 1400 at the CPO Mess with a time to sign in, pi ck up badges, and browse the Logo Gear store. The Icebreaker starts at 1600 with food and drinks Friday morning is free time for everyone but the golfers. For them Tee time is 0800 at the Key West Golf Club We are invited to tour Special Forces Combat Dive School on Fleming Key at 1400 on Friday CPO Mess at 1600. Maybe w -if o bring some treasures and some junk from UWSS days Saturday morning we have the business mee ting at 0900 at the CPO Mess The first order of business will be election of officers. A slate of candidates for president, vice president and secretary/treasurer, nominated by the board from a list of volunteers, will be presented and additional nominati ons will be accepted from the floor. The second business is choosing the location of the next reunion. The Logo store will be open a fter the business meeting W e have free time until the banquet at 1800 Sunday morning w e are planning to wind up th e eakfast to honor the ladies and fortify you for your travels. Discounts A call to local car rental companies found that only one Avis offered military discounts Phone number of Avis airport location: 305 296 8744 MWR distributes two sheets of discounts for tickets purchased through them. One is for land a ctivities the other is for water activities. They are located in the Sigsbee Recreation Center. MWR p hone number is 305 293 4173 Military ID required. Samples from land activities: MWR Gate Aquarium 12.25 15. 04 Audubon House 1.50 14.00 Conch Tour Train 24.50 38.50 Lighthouse 8.00 10.00 Mel Fisher Maritime Museum 12.50 15.00 Old Town Trolley 24.50 38.50 Shipwreck Museum 11.50 15.04 Volunteers The members who volunteered on their vote forms to fill the jobs of t he outgoing board have been getting prepared for their new positions. Because Secretary/Treasurer Bob Shouse Jr wanted to retire a few months early, Ken Recoy of Chelsea, Oklahoma stepped up, worked with Bob a few weeks learning the procedures and is now serving as Secretary/Treasurer. Jim Houle will be the new Logo gear manager and is meeting with Don next month to check out the little fishing too. Ray Hoglund of Rexburg, Idaho, and his daughter Raelyn vol unteered to take over the Buddy Line publishing duties. We have been getting acquainted over the phone and looking forward to meeting at the reunion. Dave Gholson volunteered to fill the Vice President position. We are still looking for a President. Welcome new members Philip King, Leland, NC USN 63 98 UWSS 1964 BUDS Charles H. Fry, Freeport, FL USA 50 89 UWSS 1957


Budd y Line February 2018 4 REUNION 2018 SCHEDULE Thursday May 10 1400 Sign in, get badge and goody bag CPO Mess Boca Chica Logo store open 1600 Icebreaker CPO mess Boca Chica, Food and drinks Friday May 11 0800 Tee time for golfers* 1400 Tour of Special Forces Combat Dive School, Fleming Key 1600 Barbeque CPO mess Boca Chica, Food and drinks Saturday May 12 0900 Business meeting CPO mess Boca Chica, Logo store open after 1800 Banquet speakers Sunday May 13 0900 Accommodation Reservation s Due to continuing recovery from hurricane damage in Key West, our accommodations are in several locations Reservations must be made by calling the number listed below. All rooms must be reserved by April 10, 2018 Br inging your RV ? The campground at Sigsbee Park has 400 RV sites. Call (305) 293 4432 for reservations. Fly N avy B uilding Traditional room one queen bed (75.00) 20 rooms available Suite one queen bed, separate living room with sofa sleeper (90.00) 18 rooms availabl e Truman Beach Traditional Room one queen bed (75.00) 50 rooms available Call 305 851 5780 option 3 Mention UWSS and group number 31130108138 and indicate y ou would like to place you r name on a reservation. y ou Haley Daniels Navy Gateway Inns and Suites Group Coordinator Office: 305 293 4139 or 2015 Email:


Buddy Line February 2018 5 UWSS REUNION 2018 KEY WEST, MAY 10 13 Reunion Registration Member Name __________________________________ Name on Badge _____________________________ E mail ________________________________________ Cell Phone _________________________________ Guest Name ____________________________________ Name on Badge __ ___________________________ Guest Name ____________________________________ Name on Badge _____________________________ *Golf is being arranged, we have asked for a n 0800 tee time Friday To play check here_______ __ __ PAYMENT Please include Reunion Fee of $100 for each person plus $25 two year dues for member if not already paid through May 2019. New members pay $12.50 for one year and submit membership application in this Buddy Line newsletter or available on the web site If registering by mail, includ Treasurer, 25810 East 330 Road, Chelsea, OK 74016 5262. If registering on UWSS web site, you may pay with PayPal or credit card. If you have a valid (DD2 retired ID), check here ___________ if no valid ID, enter info for gate list below for all drivers Full Name_________________________________ DrvLic#__________________________ State_______ New Member Application Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School Full Name: ________________________________ ____ ________________________________ _________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________ City St Zip ________________________________ ________ Phone Number: ________________________________ E mail: ________________________________ ___________ ________________________________ __ Buddy Line Newsletter by email_____ or snail mail ________ Branch of Service: ______________________________ Dates of Service: ________________________________ ___ Dates & Class # at UWSS ________________________________ ________________________________ _________ Send copy of class picture if you have one. Pay 1 Year Membership $12.50. Make check payable to FO/UWSS and mail to Ken Recoy Treasurer, 25810 East 330 Road, Chelsea, OK 74016 5262.


Buddy Line February 201 8 Sunset lounge was a popular place at the 2006 reunion. Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School Buddy Line Newsletter 1440 SW 5 th Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33432