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The Vote Is In! Ballots and emails were sent out to over two hundred members giving them the opportunity to vote for the future direction of the Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School (FO/UWSS). They voted by mail, by email, and on the web site, selecting from these two choices: 1. Membership limited to former staf f and students of UWSS Key West (limited) and 2. Membership open to all military trained divers (open). Eighty five members voted. Forty two voted for Although by th is vote we have again become a grandfathered in to full membership participation. One of the best outcomes of the voting procedure is that ten members have volunteered to do the work needed to keep this organ ization going. They are David Byers, Raymond Hoglund, Donald Collins, James Houle, Joe Mares, Charles Thomas, Dave Gholson, Terry Farmer, Jack Hill and Ken Recoy. The jobs they will be doing include President, Vice President, Secretary/treasurer, Buddy Li ne publisher, Logo gear manager, and Reunion chair. Logo gear manager was the most popular job but three of the volunteers said they would serve wherever needed. It is obvious that FO/UWSS is not ready to fade away The current executive board will work w ith the volunteers to match people with jobs. Three of the jobs are elected positions and three are not. Nominees selected for president, vice president and secretary/treasurer will be voted on at the reunion business meeting All will have an opportunity to learn from the current office holders to prepare for the position they will be filling. Key West in 2018 Reunion c hairman, Dave Gholson, has arrange d for our next reunion to be held in May 2018 in Key West He is checking on the dates of other attend so he can choose the best date for ours The dates Dave is currently working with are May 16 18 and May 23 25 with lodging at the Gateway Inn, frequently called the Fly Navy building. Much depends on the operational schedule for NAS also a s the Gateway is the place for quartering temp personnel The exact date of our reunion should be available in about a month and will be published in the November Buddy Line so you can start making yo ur travel plans. Newsletter of Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School, Key West, Florida August 201 7


Buddy Line August 2017 2 UWSS LOGO ITEMS All prices include shipping. Beefy T t shirt ................................ ...................... 25.00 ea white or ash gray, l arge logo back, small logo pocket Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Long sleeved t shirt ................................ ............. 28.00 ea white or ash gray, l arge logo on back, small logo on front (no pocket ) Sizes S, M, L, XL,XXL Polo shirt 50/50 cotton/poly ................................ 28.00 ea white or ash gray, s mall logo on pocket Sizes M, L, XL, XXL Pique polo all cotton ................................ ............ 29. 00 ea birch gray, embroidered logo left front ,(no pocket) Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Blue denim shirt, short sleeves ........................... 38.00 ea embroidered logo above pocket Sizes M, L, XL, XXL *All shirts size XXL add $2 .00 ea Cap natural with logo ................................ ....... 20 .00 ea Baseball cap blue, embroidered logo ............... 30.00 ea C ap 3.00 less if ordered with shirt Embroidered Patch ................................ ............. 12.00 ea UWSS logo decal transparent or white .............. 3.00 ea UWSS Plaque bright brass on blue ................. 60.00 ea UWSS commemorative coin ............................... 12.00 ea enameled brass, raised design, 1 5/ 8 inch diameter UWSS all service commemorative coin .............. 15.00 ea enameled brass, raised design, 2 inch diamete r Key Chain with enameled logo medallion ........... 10.00 ea Make check to FO/UWSS Send with order to Bob Shouse Jr., Treasurer 274 Boca Ciega Point Blvd N. St P etersburg, FL 33708 Questions? e mail: or phone (561) 391 6727 All logo items are pictured on the web site Membership August 31, 2017 Members in database 2 0 7 Members in good standi n g 99 A ccount Balance May 31,2017 $12,413.14 Dues + 1, 160.23 Logo G ear S ales + 544.02 Reunion Refund + 100.00 Logo Gear Purchase 302.81 Logo Gear P ostage 143.32 Postage 99.75 Buddy Line P rinting & M ailing 322.85 Misc Business Expense 55.00 Account Balance August 31,2017 $ 13,293.66 FO/UWSS Mission The Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School was formed in order to keep lines of communication open between personnel of the armed forces who were staff or students at the U.S. Naval Underwater Swimmers School Key West, Florida from 1954 to1973. One of the most important reasons fo r our existence as an organized group is to plan for and participate in biannual reunions, which are held at various locations FO/UWSS Officers President ................................ ....................... Bob Bureker Vice President ................................ ................ Dave Byers Secretary/Treasurer ................................ .. Bob Shouse Jr The Buddy Line newsletter is published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Buddy Line editors are Don and Art Stone. e mail : p hone: (561) 391 6727 snail mail: 1440 SW 5 th Ave., Boca Raton, FL 33432 WEBSITE : Buddy Line by e mail You may prefer receiving the email version of the Buddy Line newsletter. It is delivered to your inbox as a pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader. The benefits to you are faster delivery and color photos (when originals are color). The benefits to the FO/UWSS are the savings on printing and postage for the Buddy Line mail out. To receive the Buddy Line by email, send your request to Dues ($25.00 for 2 years) are payable in May of odd numbered years. Your paid thru date can be found on your label or in the Buddy Line delivery email. Make check to FO/UWSS and send to Bob Shouse Jr., 274 Boca Ciega Point Blvd N ., St Petersburg, FL 33708.


Buddy Line August 2017 3 We had a great time this weekend in San Diego at the EOD Group One Summer Beach Party. The Navy EOD Association sponsored the event and we signed up eight new members. It is a long drive for us but fantastic views of gra nite mountains and very dry deserts. It is a little hard to come from 74 in San Diego to 111 in Phoenix however, travel with plenty of fresh water and a good A/C in the vehicle is not so bad. I am proud to report that your hard working UWSS team has com e up with a vote for the future of FO/UWSS. We wanted to make sure that all members would get a chance to vote and t he best way we could manage that was an online vote page and mail in votes from the Buddy L ine mailing. The vote was truly a squeaker close vote H owever, it is limit the membership to staff and graduates of the school that prevailed. We also need members to step up and help with officer positions, Buddy L ine, and store operation. We did have a few that would like to help with duties of the UWSS jobs and we will be contacting them in person that Key West be the reunion point for spring 2018. That may be the last reunion meeting for some members to attend in person due to the age and physical con dition of many of our members. The turnout for San Diego was poor and m any of the reports I had were from members that could not travel due to physical limitations. Our Reunion Director Dave Gholson has the situation in Key West well in hand using the fac we will be publishing a date and details as soon as we check with other groups about their meeting other reunions or meetings. I will be stepping down at the ne xt Reunion and we need a new president. I will remain for MailChimp, webmaster and anything else I can assist with but this is it for president. Are your dues up to date? How can you tell if your dues are up to date? If you get your Buddy Line by snail mail you can find your paid to date in the lower right corner of the address label. If you get your Buddy Line by email, the delivery email will tell you your paid to date Current d ues are for the period May 2017 t o May 2019 If your paid to date is less than 2019, you should pay your dues now. Dues are $25.00 for two years. Make check to FO/UWSS and mail to B ob Shouse Jr, 274 Boca Ciega Point Blvd N., St. Petersburg, FL 33708 2738 Story Time First person stories from the members about their UWSS experi ences are what make the Buddy Line fun to read B ut none have been rec e ived lately s o you get the Dive Summary Sheet again to jog your with memories. Now just write th em down and share them. The Executive Corner Bob Bureker, President


1882 Touring tank Welcome new members Michael E. Armstrong, Orlando, FL USMC 72 75, UWSS 72 75 Larry S. Hart, Ozark, AL USN 51 73, UWSS 1966 Stephen Wright Neill, Hayes, VA USN 65 94, UWSS 1969 EOD Argyle, TX USMC 64 68, UWSS 11/66 Brian Floyd Alward, Cambridge, MA USMC 59 65 Pat Glen Martin, Virginia Beach, VA USN 54 77, UDT 21, SEAL Team 2 Pedro Guillermo Leal, Mount Juliet. TN USN 59 79, UWSS 1961 New Member Application Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School Full Name: ________________________________ ____ ________________________________ ________________ Mailing Address: _______________________________ City St Zip ________________________________ ________ Phone Number: ________________________________ E mail: ________________________________ ___________ ________________________________ __ Buddy Line Newsletter by email_____ or snail mail _______ Branch of Service: ______________________________ Dates of S ervice: ________________________________ ___ Dates & Class # at UWSS ________________________________ ________________________________ _________ Bring copy of class picture if you have one. 2 Year Membership of $25.00 is included in reunion registration fee. Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School Buddy Line Newsletter 1440 SW 5 th Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33432