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Buddy Line
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It was great to see the good old Shark Rider looking as young as ever at the San Diego SWRMC entrance surrounded by many of his former shipmates. We did not have as good of a turn out for the 2017 Reunion as we have had in the past but it was a fantastic and informative get together. Our Hotel was perfect, the facilities exceptional and the trip to the SWRMC hosted by CWO Justin Anderson and Master Diver Trey Williams was filled with new and old technologies. As you al l are aware the school c losed in 197 3 and we are all getting on in years. Travel is becoming harder as we age and it was not surprising to get so many messages from the members that could not attend the 2017 Reunion in San Diego due to health problems. The time has come to think about the future of the FO/UWSS Reunions and the organization itself. the full membership a chance to decide the future status of FO/UWSS. In previous meeting and membership disc ussions the guidance has been decided by a few that could come to the Reunions in person. It is not fair to have a vote on final direction of the association when some members with limited mobility and ability to travel do not have a chance to be heard at a reunion business meeting. This the logic to have a final vote by paper and the website. Please take a few minutes to read the text on the vote page for a brief history of the previous business FO/UWSS reunion chairman, Dave Gholson proposed Key West for 201 9 by email. W hen it was di scussed at the business meeting, t he group decided that since we had such a small turn out this year we should move more quickly for the next Reunion. It was accepte d at the 2017 San Diego reunion that the FO/UWSS have the next Reunion in 2018 at Key West. Dave Gholson has connections with the CPO club on the Naval Base Key West and can arrange the use of their facilities for everything we need for a fantastic reunion back at our old home base. It would be wonderful to swap some t ale s about good times and bad at the place we all started our diving careers as military trained divers. My term as president is over at the end of the next Reunion. T he webmaster job will be open but I can stay on with that duty as long as I am able to type some html code. However, we need new blood for all positions and we need members to step up and participate or we will need to shut it all down. Things like the Reu nion, Buddy L ine and Logo S tore take a lot of work. Don and Art need a break especially since they have had some serious medical issues. Please get you hand in the air if you want this fine group to continue then vote and let us know what position you woul d be ready for. The Executive Corner Bob Bureker, President Newsletter of Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School, Key West, Florida May July 201 7


Buddy Line May July 2017 2 UWSS LOGO ITEMS All prices include shipping. Beefy T t shirt ................................ ...................... 25.00 ea white or ash gray, l arge logo back, small logo pocket Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Long sleeved t shirt ................................ ............. 28.00 ea white or ash gray, l arge logo on back, small logo on front (no pocket ) Sizes S, M, L, XL,XXL Polo shirt 50/50 cotton/poly ................................ 28.00 ea white or ash gray, s mall logo on pocket Sizes M, L, XL, XXL Pique polo all cotton ................................ ............ 29.00 ea birch gray, embroidered logo left front ,(no pocket) Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Blue denim shirt, short sleeves ........................... 38.00 ea embroidered logo above pocket Sizes M, L, XL, XXL *All shirts size XXL add $2 .00 ea Cap natural with logo ................................ ....... 20 .00 ea Baseball cap blue, embroidered logo ............... 30.00 ea C ap 3.00 less if ordered with shirt Embroidered Patch ................................ ............. 12.00 ea UWSS logo decal transparent or white .............. 3.00 ea UWSS Plaque bright brass on blue ................. 60.00 ea UWSS commemorative coin ............................... 12.00 ea enamele d brass, raised design, 1 5/8 inch diameter UWSS all service commemorative coin .............. 15.00 ea enameled brass, raised design, 2 inch diamete r Key Chain with enameled logo medallion ........... 10.00 ea Make check to FO/UWSS Send with order to Bob Shouse Jr., Treasurer 274 Boca Ciega Point Blvd N. St Petersburg, FL 33708 Questions? e mail: or phone (561) 391 6727 All logo items are pictured on the web site Membership May 31, 2017 Members in database 271 Members in good standi n g 202 A ccount Balance February 2017 $1 3,632.10 Dues + 1,040.77 Logo G ear S ales + 865.54 Logo Gear Purchase 179.76 Logo Gear P ostage 9 6 .1 9 Buddy Line P rinting & M ailing 201.9 9 Reunion Fees + 2,822.86 Reunion Expense 5,430.61 Misc Business Expense 39.58 Account Balance May 31,2017 $ 1 2, 41 3 14 FO/UWSS Mission The Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School was formed in order to keep lines of communication open between personnel of the armed forces who were staff or students at the U.S. Naval Underwater Swimmers School Key West, Florida from 1954 to1973. One of the most important reasons for our existence as an organized group is to plan for and participate in biannual reunions, which are held at various locations FO/UWSS Officers President ................................ ....................... Bob Bureker Vice President ................................ ................ Dave Byers Sec retary/Treasurer ................................ .. Bob Shouse Jr The Buddy Line newsletter is published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Buddy Line editors are Don and Art Stone. e mail : p hone: (561) 391 6727 snail mail: 1440 SW 5 th Ave., Boca Raton, FL 33432 WEBSITE : Buddy Line by e mail You may prefer receiving the email version of the Buddy Line newsletter. It is delivered to your inbox as a pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader. The benefits to you are faster delivery and color photos (when originals are color). The benefits to the FO/UWSS are the savings on printing and postage for the Buddy Line mail out. To receive the Buddy Line by email, send your request to Dues ($25.00 for 2 years) are payable in May of odd numbered years. Your paid thru date can be found on your label or in the Buddy Line delivery email. Make check to FO/UWSS and send to Bob Shouse Jr., 274 Boca Ciega Point Blvd N ., St Petersburg, FL 33708.


Buddy Line May July 2017 3 Reunion 2017 The spacious Harborview Room view was the gathering place for Reunion 2017 At the Ice Breaker on Thursday afternoon, we signed in, picked up badges and checked out the surprises in the goody bags. There was a very different surprise this year, as Dave Ghoulson had arranged to have a spatula with the UWSS emblem made for each memb er. A dditional spatulas and a matching set of four stainless steel coasters will be available soon. John & Lori Sedlak Don Tatterson Dalia & Bob Bureker Pat Recoy, Shirley Reider and Art Stone made sure the food table was ready Carl Swepston and Jack Reider Jack and Shirley R e ider and their helpers assembled the popular class photos display


Buddy Line May July 2017 4 Justin and Trey and their crew served up some fine tacos with all the trimmings. Then they visited the tables to talk with the guests, moving around to different tables and visiting with everyone. After lunch they got a couple of horse shoe games going which were fun whether you were playing or watching. Friday brought a trip to SWRMC Dive Center in the morning where we compared the old and the new. CWO Justin Anderson and Master Diver Trey Williams explained the features of the new equipment. Reunion photos taken by Bob Bureker, Ken Recoy & Art Stone. Tacos in the Park Touring tank


Buddy Line May July 2017 5 Saturday brought the business meeting and the decision that the next reunion be in Key West in 2018. Then attention was turned to the Banquet. Our guests from the Dive Center, CWO Justin Anderson and Master Diver Trey Williams, accompanied by their wives, felt right at home with this bunch of old divers. Th was a presentation on the pioneering role UWSS Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and many others in basic scuba That training resulted in many more hours the astronauts spent working in simulated weightlessness conditions underwater preparing for the Apollo missions. The highlight of the presentation was a YouTube video that captured pool training and buoyant asce nt exercises. The video can be viewed at D alia Bureke r Gerry Flower s Joe Kruppa Karen Noonan Terry Flowers Tom & Bev Hod g ins Pat Recoy Justin Anderson Trey Williams Tish Cynthia VOTE There are many ways to vote. Best : Go to the web site UWSS.ORG and select vote from the menu. OR M ail your printed ballot included with this Buddy Line. OR E mail your vote to All v o tes must be received by August 1 9, 2017.


The way it was Reunions in Key West First reunion 1998 Reunion 2006 Reunion 2007 r Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School Buddy Line Newsletter 1440 SW 5 th Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33432