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en-USAugust 2018 ISSUE UNITED WE SAILU.S. NAVYS MILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND... Military Sealift Command Public Affairs en-USUSNS HERSHEL WOODY WILLIAMS, NAVYS NEWEST en-US EXPEDITIONARY SEA BASE, ARRIVES AT NAVAL STATION NORFOLK en-USIN THIS ISSUEen-USen-US en-US en-US en-US en-US en-US en-US en-US The U.S. Navys newest expeditionary sea base en-US(ESB), USNS Hershel Woody Williams (T-ESB en-US 4), arrived at Naval Station Norfolk, July 5, en-US after completing its 15,000 nautical mile en-US maiden voyage from San Diego, California. en-US USNS Hershel Woody Williams was delivered en-US to the U.S. Navys Military Sealift Command en-US in February 2018 and is the Navys second, en-US en-US B. Puller (T-ESB 3) which is currently operating en-US in the Middle East.en-US Our voyage from California to Virginia was en-US very unusual because most modern ships use en-US en-US Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Because of our en-US ships size, we were too large for the canal, en-US so we went around the southern tip of South en-US America through the Straits of Magellan, said en-US Capt. George McCarthy USNS Hershel Woody en-US Williams master. Also, we transited this region en-US during the arduous South American winter, so en-US this was a journey which deserves respect.en-US The Straits of Magellan are considered to be en-US en-US its sea-lanes and volatile weather and strong en-US sea-currents.en-US en-US of the ships two-month, 15,000 nautical mile en-US en-US Rank, USNS Hershel Woody Williams military en-US en-US voyage gave our Sailors the opportunity to gel en-US as a team with the civil service mariners. Being en-US able to build comradery as a crew during this en-US journey is of vital importance to its future as a en-US team.en-US The 784ft.-long vessel features a 52,000 en-US en-US storage, repair spaces, magazines, and en-US mission-planning spaces. Able to accommodate en-US up to 250 personnel, USNS Hershel Woody en-US Williams will support multiple missions, such en-US as air mine counter measures, counter-piracy en-US operations, maritime security operations, en-US humanitarian aid and disaster relief missions en-US and crisis response operations. The ship has en-US hybrid-manned crew with a combination of en-US military personnel and civilian mariners.en-US Military Sealift Command has lots of en-US experience sailing ships with hybrid crews, en-US said McCarthy. I believe the hybrid crews are en-US very effective and we will see more of our future en-US ships operated under this concept.en-US USNS Hershel Woody Williams is named after en-US the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient en-US from the Battle of Iwo Jima. Hershel Woody en-US Williams joined the Marine Corps following en-US the attack on Pearl Harbor. After serving in en-US Guadalcanal and Guam, Williams joined the en-US campaign in Iwo Jima. Two days after arriving en-US on the island, Williams picked up a 70-pound en-US en-US tanks for four hours clearing their path of en-US en-US in President Harry S. Truman awarding him en-US the Medal of Honor two years later.en-US USNS Hershel Woody Williams is the en-US expeditionary sea base-variant of the en-US expeditionary transfer dock (ESD) which en-US includes USNS Montford Point (T-ESD 1), en-US en-US en-US later commissioned as a U.S Navy warship and en-US currently carries the USS designation.en-US The third expeditionary sea base, USNS en-US Miguel Keith (T-ESB 5), is currently under en-US construction by General Dynamics National en-US Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) in en-US San Diego, California. en-US MSC operates approximately 125 non-en-US combatant, civilian-crewed ships that replenish en-US U.S. Navy ships, conduct specialized missions, en-US and strategically preposition combat cargo at en-US sea around the world while moving military en-US cargo and supplies used by deployed U.S. en-US forces and coalition partners.


en-USHURRICANE en-US PREPAREDNESS, en-US LEADERSHIP en-US SYMPOSIUM, en-US COMPREHENSIVE en-US REVIEWen-USFrom Commander, Military Sealift en-US Commanden-US We are in the annual hurricane en-US season for the Atlantic and Eastern en-US en-US announcement of the season helps en-US to remind us of the preparatory en-US actions we should take to ensure en-US we remain mission ready at work and prepared at home.en-US en-US as we saw devastating hurricanes sweep through the Caribbean en-US en-US dislocation of thousands of people. Four MSC ships, USNS William en-US en-US 20), and USNS Brittin (T-AKR 305) provided support to military, en-US en-US support, or surge sealift, any type of ship may be called upon to en-US assist during the hurricane season or in support of a response to a en-US natural disaster anywhere in the world.en-US And while we are taking the necessary steps to ensure our ships and en-US crews are ready, we must also safeguard our family and property. If en-US you are unsure how to prepare for a hurricane or natural disaster, en-US en-US How will we receive emergency alerts and warnings?en-US en-US Do we have a three-day supply of food and water for each household en-US member?en-US en-US en-US en-US While we hope a weather incident wont affect us, we must prepare en-US as if it will.en-US We may be called upon at any time to support a contingency or en-US weather-related event. Maintaining a high state of readiness is key en-US to our ability to provide assured maritime logistics. en-US Thank you to the staff and mariners who will conduct the planning en-US and preparations needed to make ship movements or provide support, en-US and to the entire MSC workforce for focusing on personal and family en-US readiness during the hurricane season.en-US Leadership Symposiumen-US en-US together our Senior Executive Service team, Area Commanders, en-US Detachment OICs, Program Managers, N-code Directors, Masters en-US and Chief Engineer representatives, and others charged with leading en-US the MSC enterprise.en-US The theme for the conference was solidify gains and press forward. en-US The symposium provided a valuable opportunity to gather MSC en-US leaders together to align and synchronize our current actions, en-US make any needed course corrections, and depart with a common en-US understanding of the intended path to bring us to our destination. en-US We recognized our accomplishments over the past year, tracked our en-US on-going objectives, and positioned the command to make possible en-US next years aspirations.en-US en-US en-US selection board process, training readiness, Area Command updates, en-US and leveling briefs from the force development, force generation, and en-US force employment teams.en-US We received perspective from higher headquarters, Gen. Darren en-US McDew, Commander, U.S. Transportation Command, and Adm. Chris en-US Grady, Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces, as well as from the Honorable en-US Mark Buzby, Administrator, U.S. Maritime Administration. These en-US leaders provided valuable insight into how MSC is delivering services en-US to meet customer needs and areas we need to focus on to ensure en-US en-US agency partners.en-US While we studied and conversed on many topics throughout the en-US week, a common thread tied all the discussions together. There en-US is acknowledgment that while we have a competitive advantage in en-US maritime logistics today our lead is narrowing, and we need to move en-US faster at making changes that will position us to remain relevant and en-US essential in the future operating environment.en-US The deliberate work the command has been doing in the areas of en-US training wholeness, holistic readiness, capability alignment and en-US experimental learning are designed to propel us forward, reduce en-US capability gaps, and put us on that path to achieve relevance into the en-US future.en-US Thank you to the commanders and staff who participated in the en-US en-US breakout sessions, assisted discussions, and administrative support en-US contributed to the success of the event.en-US Comprehensive Reviewen-US MSC recently completed its Comprehensive Review as directed by en-US U.S. Fleet Forces Command. The review includes recommendations en-US which will disrupt the normalization of deviation from practices that en-US en-US and uncontested operational environment. en-US en-US en-US en-US a Comprehensive Review of surface ship operations and incidents en-US at sea to inform and drive improvements Navy-wide. At MSC we en-US conducted our own Comprehensive Review and developed a timeline en-US to implement recommendations.en-US Based upon our Comprehensive Review, my assessment is that our en-US en-US en-US en-US Unit training shortfalls related to an emphasis on operations over en-US en-US A force generation model that places ships maintenance and en-US en-US en-US control due to accumulation of outdated ship drawings, engineering en-US en-US Operational tempo issues attributed to over-scheduling and lack of en-US fatigue management. en-US en-US we are purposefully attending to the issues through the following en-US en-US Commissioning a study to better understand our mariner workforce en-US manning requirements in the current environment and re-baselining en-US the shore-side personnel who develop policy, provide guidance, and en-US en-US Creating a directorate-level Force Training Division along with an en-US MSC Readiness Manual. The manual will consolidate all training en-US requirements, on both an individual level and the unit level, into one en-US en-US en-US en-US model to ensure long-term success of the platforms from a material en-US and operational perspective.en-US We are called upon to operate at the highest levels of performance en-US en-US en-US require the dedicated efforts of all hands. en-US I would like to thank the cross-functional team, comprised of 14 en-US members from across the enterprise, who reviewed the CNOs en-USComprehensive Review, the formal investigation on the sinking of the en-US en-US to develop the report and list of recommendations. I look forward en-US to providing updates as we successfully make progress necessary to en-US ensure the safety of our people, our operations, and the readiness en-US en-US Review.en-US United We Sail,en-US en-US Commander, Military Sealift Command


en-USFrom Military Sealift Command Public Affairs en-USMILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND HEADQUARTERS EARNS ISO en-US 9001:2015 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION en-USPAGE 3 en-USBy Susanne Greene, Naval Safety Center Public Affairs en-USTHE HEAT IS ON, STAY COOLen-USMilitary Sealift Commands Headquarters en-US en-US en-US en-US all the requirements for a Quality Management en-US System (QMS), June 1.en-US en-US recognized standard for quality management en-US en-US policies, processes and procedures required for en-US en-US of the core business processes of an en-US organization.en-US en-US QMS means that MSC has obtained en-US an internationally recognized level of en-US excellence with its business model, en-US said MSCs Director, Corporate en-US Governance (N92) Beth Zukovsky, en-US the lead for the headquarters ISO en-US en-US en-US assurance that when they work with en-US MSCs headquarters, they will receive en-US high quality service. en-US MSC headquarters has gone through a number en-US en-US including relocation from Washington D.C. to en-US Norfolk and a command re-organization, said en-US Zukovsky. Considering the dynamic environment en-US in which MSCs headquarters is managed, ISO en-US en-US the business policies and practices which are en-US necessary to achieve our mission. The standard en-US provides requirements that lead to a culture that en-US is focused on the right things, is continuously en-US improving, and is capable of making organizational en-US changes in a controlled manner. en-US en-US en-US The International Organization for Standardization en-US has developed over 22,000 international standards, en-US ranging from technology, business, aerospace en-US and medical industries, that are recognized in en-US en-US en-US minimum requirements of the standard. The en-US standard provides industries and organizations en-US en-US determining excellence.en-US The International Organization for Standardization, en-US en-US en-US en-US organization was suspended during World War II en-US en-US back up in 1947.en-US We require our operating companies to maintain en-US en-US they have processes in place for safe operations en-US en-US hiring employees with the appropriate training, en-US en-US that protect privileged and critical information en-US related to national security, said Zukovsky. By en-US en-US en-US MSC headquarters is managed at the same level en-US en-US walk so to speak in terms of requiring excellence en-US and demonstrating a level of commitment to focus en-US on our customers and continually improve the en-US services we provide.en-US en-US en-US of the organization, leadership, planning, en-US support, operation, performance evaluation, and en-US improvement.en-US en-US Bureau of Shipping Quality Evaluations (ABS-en-US QE) audited randomly selected personnel from the en-US MSC headquarters staff to verify that we had met en-US en-US Based on the results, MSC headquarters has en-US en-US which is valid for three years.en-US To ensure the MSC headquarters maintains its en-US en-US the subject of annual surveillance audits. When en-US the auditors from ABS-QE return to headquarters en-US for the annual surveillance audit, they will perform en-US interviews with randomly selected staff members en-US to determine continued compliance. en-US en-US en-US of MSCs headquarters in Norfolk, said en-US en-US team effort from the headquarters staff. The en-US en-US and we achieved this accomplishment due en-US to the support from the entire headquarters en-US staff.en-US Everyone that the auditor evaluated en-US performed very well, added Zukovsky. en-US en-US initiative, an understanding of MSCs mission, a en-US high level of mission focus, and an understanding en-US of their role in the organization. This really was an en-US en-US According to Zukovsky, other organizations that en-US en-US Express, General Electric and Amazon Web en-US Services.en-US In order for our command to maintain its ISO en-US en-US the headquarters staff to maintain its culture of en-US continuous improvement, concluded Zukovsky. en-US We also need to maintain our leadership and en-US staff commitment, focus, and continue our efforts en-US to mature our programs and processes. Most en-US importantly, we cannot become stagnant. We en-US en-US ways to improve the organization and the service en-US we provide to our nation.en-US en-US en-US en-US two of which were fatal. Working or playing in hot weather can lead to illness en-US or death if youre not prepared. en-US To minimize the likelihood of heat-related illness, Sailors and civilians should en-US familiarize themselves with the Heat Stress Index and avoid strenuous activity en-US or the heaviest work during the hottest times of the day, said Capt. Paul J. en-USDeMieri, M.D., the Naval Safety Centers Flight Surgeon. They should hydrate en-US frequently, about a cup of water every 15-to-20 minutes in extreme heat, and en-US avoid consuming liquids with any caffeine or alcohol. en-US According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the en-US heat index takes into account both humidity and air temperature. The higher en-US the heat index, the hotter the air temperature feels, since sweat does not en-US evaporate and cool the skin. OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational en-US Safety and Health (NIOSH) report that most common heat-related illnesses en-US are heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat rash, and heat cramps. en-US Its important to become familiar with signs of heat illness and know the en-US basics of how to start treatment, DeMieri said.en-US Heat Exhaustion is a serious heat-related illness. Symptoms include elevated en-US body temperature, decreased urine output, headache, nausea, vomiting, en-US dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst, and excessive sweating. If you notice en-US these signs in a shipmate, take them to a medical clinic or dial 911. While you en-US are waiting for medical personnel to arrive, move the person to a cooler area en-US and give them liquids to drink, remove all unnecessary clothing, place a cool en-US compress on their head, neck and face or have them wash their head, neck en-US and face with cold water.en-US Heat Stroke is the most dangerous heat illness and can lead to death if en-US not treated immediately. Symptoms of a heat stroke are elevated body en-US temperature, confusion, seizures, hot, dry skin or excessive sweating, or en-US loss of consciousness. If you notice these symptoms in a shipmate, dial 911 en-USen-US en-US en-US en-US en-US en en-USen-US (N92) en-USimmediately. Also, move the person to a cool area, wet them with cool water, en-US place cold wet clothes, or ice on their body and stay with the person until help en-US arrives.en-US DeMieri said its important to take all heat illnesses seriously.en-US Heat cramps are usually caused by exercise or heavy exertion in warm en-US weather and most commonly affect localized muscle groups, he said. They en-US can be a precursor to more severe heat-related injury and can usually be en-US en-US en-US sports drinks frequently, make sure to eat regular meals throughout the day, en-US schedule frequent rest periods and create a buddy system so you and your en-US shipmates can check on one another. en-USen-US


en-USUSNS TRENTON RESCUE AT SEA en-USThe Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport USNS Trenton (T-EPF en-US 5) conducted a passenger transfer of 41 people with ships from the Italian en-US en-US Trenton had encountered a vessel carrying 41 people in distress while en-US operating in the Mediterranean Sea, June 12. During the operation, the en-US Trenton crew initially observed approximately 12 bodies in the water that en-US appeared to be unresponsive. The crew prioritized in recovering those en-US who needed immediate help.en-US en-US on search for these bodies, but could not locate them or any additional en-US persons at the scene.en-US After bringing them aboard the ship, the Trenton crew cared for their en-US temporary passengers, providing them with food, water, clothing and en-US basic medical care.en-US By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Katie Cox and Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jonathan Clayen-USPAGE 4en-USPACIFIC PARTNERSHIP 2018 CONCLUDESen-USen-US completing mission stops in Japan and throughout South and Southeast en-US Asia.en-US The annual multilateral, multi-service mission featured partner nation en-US en-US disaster response preparedness and enhance relationships across the en-US region.en-US It has truly been an honor to lead the dynamic men and women of en-US en-US mission commander. This mission is something myself, along with our en-US entire team from Mercy and Brunswick will never forget. We set out to en-US strengthen the bonds with our host and partner nations, and we achieved en-US this with resounding success. I could not have done it without the hard en-US work and dedication of our entire team and it is something I will look en-US back on fondly for the rest of my life.en-US The Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) en-US en-US and Japan while the expeditionary fast transport ship USNS Brunswick en-US en-US en-US en-US en-US community relations.en-US en-US en-US Although it is seldom that we run into people in distress at sea, it is en-US something we plan, practice and prepare for routinely, said Susan en-US Orsini, ship master aboard Trenton. A rescue at sea involves all hands en-US aboard the ship. I was so proud and impressed by the thoughtful en-US en-US with hope and gratitude.en-US The pivotal role the shore side units and personnel play in a rescue en-US en-US Their efforts involve intense and intricate coordination, timely and en-US critical communications to all units and personnel involved. The reward en-US for our efforts was seeing the rescued personnel transferred, in good en-US spirits and good health, heading to their next destination. en-USUSNS Brunswick proved to be an incredibly valuable platform for en-US en-US en-US en-US places that wouldnt be able to accommodate Mercy.en-US en-US en-US health engagements and subject matter expert exchanges. These en-US partnerships allowed the mission to treat more than 12,700 patients en-US en-US worked side-by-side with their host-nation counterparts to complete en-US 19 renovation and construction projects on schools, health clinics, en-US en-US en-US help host nation counterparts increase readiness for contingencies and en-US en-US en-US exchanges and public outreach events that allowed mission personnel to en-US en-US At the conclusion of the mission stop in Vietnam, the Brunswick crew en-US disembarked the ship and rejoined the crew of the Mercy. Mercy then en-US en-US and Tokyo. At these stops, service members participated in medical en-US en-US personnel, media and the Japanese public.


en-USPAGE 5en-USMV OCEAN GRAND TRAVELS PACIFIC PATHWAYS, en-US DELIVERS GEAR IN AUSTRALIAen-USMilitary Sealift Commands (MSC) voyage-en-US charter ship MV Ocean Grand traveled en-US en-US en-US en-US exercise Hamel 2018, June 15.en-US en-US discharged about 150 items and containers en-US that will be used during exercise Hamel 2018.en-US The Ocean Grand is a commercial ship en-US from Intermarine under contract by MSC to en-US en-US (USARPAC) mobility operation that supports en-US en-US a single operation by using a single MSC en-US commercial vessel to carry a designated task en-USUSS MOUNT WHITNEY FINISHES BALTOPS 2018en-USBy Grady Fontana, Military Sealift Command Far Easten-US The Blue Ridge-class command and control ship USS Mount Whitney en-US en-US en-US en-US subsurface, air defense, mine countermeasures, maritime interdictions en-US and joint personnel recovery were completed among the 43 maritime en-US en-US en-US platform for Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO, said Capt. Robert en-US en-US (voice of the sea) was never truer as we ensured that the commanders en-US voice was heard timely and accurately.en-US en-US force and their force package equipment for en-US the entire duration. This iteration of PP18-2 is en-US supporting exercises Hamel in Australia, Keris en-US Strike in Malaysia, Garuda Shield in Indonesia, en-US Hanuman Guardian in Thailand, and Orient en-US Shield in Japan. en-US The ship is a heavy-lift, general cargo vessel en-US thats equipped for carriage containers and en-US strengthened for heavy cargo. It is equipped en-US en-US is near the bow, can lift approximately 120 en-US en-US two and three can each lift approximately 450 en-US metric tons (about one million pounds). When en-US cranes two and three are used as a single unit, en-US the cranes combine for 900 metric tons of lift.en-US en-US to its cargo handling capabilities, three ship en-US cranes with crew that are capable of utilizing en-US them if necessary, and long cargo hold spaces, en-US en-US en-US overall and breadth, compared to a larger vessel en-US en-US roll-off) ship, allow it to occupy less pier-space en-US and affords access to ports and harbors with en-US limited maneuvering area. The long cargo holds en-US allow more room for stowage and reduces time en-US spent opening or securing cargo hold hatches on en-US more compartmentalized break-bulk vessels.en-US The Ocean Grand is a member of the Maritime en-US Security Program (MSP), a series of American-en-US en-US draw upon during contingencies.en-US According to, MSP was en-US established by the Maritime Security Act of en-US en-US en-US a role in international commercial shipping en-US and supporting the national sealift policy of en-USen-US to deploy unilaterally if necessary during en-US national emergencies, and contingencies.en-US The Ocean Grand departed Tacoma, Wash., en-US en-US en-US ship riders, and arrived Australia in June to en-US support exercise Hamel. en-US After exercise Hamel, the Ocean Grand will travel en-US to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan to en-US support Keris Strike, Garuda Shield, Hanuman en-US Guardian, and Orient Shield. At the conclusion en-US of each exercise, the ship will backload all gear en-US en-USen-US extension program, which will extend its active service life to 2039.en-US en-US will be inextricably intertwined, said Aguilar.en-US en-US interoperability among the participants.en-US en-US en-US Forces NATO (STRIKEFORNATO), said that the exercise demonstrates en-US en-US By training together on a regular basis in this strategically important en-US part of the world we enhance the interoperability and demonstrate the en-US capability of NATO allies and partners to operate across the spectrum of en-US maritime operations, said Franchetti.en-US Franchetti believes that no single nation can address todays challenges en-US alone and knows NATO is stronger when they work together.en-US en-US combined and enduring willingness to work toward our common goals of en-US regional security and stability, said Franchetti.en-US The exercise trained in many familiar areas such as anti-surface en-US operations, anti-submarine warfare and amphibious operations, but this en-US year included new events to expand the participants skill sets.en-US en-US focus on recovery in the maritime domain, said Franchetti. The mine en-US countermeasures units also participated in several operations and en-US technological experimentation measures, designed to advance our en-US collective efforts in mine warfare.en-US en-US command and information sharing. BALTOPS, continued on page 8


en-USPAGE 6en-USUSNS SPEARHEAD COMPLETES FIRST IN CLASS, en-US MATERIAL READINESS INSPECTIONen-USBy Bill Mesta, Military Sealift Command Public Affairs en-USen-US en-US Readiness Testing (SMART) inspection, June 14.en-US en-US material conditions meet the standards required to qualify the vessels as en-US operationally ready.en-US A SMART inspection is a periodic material readiness evaluation en-US conducted on MSCs ships to ensure that they can perform for their en-US expected service life and to ensure they are capable of performing their en-US mission, said Capt. Chris Wells, the director of inspections at the Board en-US of Inspection and Survey (INSURV). During these inspections we check en-US en-US gear, and damage control equipment. We check out everything from stem en-US to stern.en-US Spearheads SMART inspection lasted seven days and culminated in an en-US at-sea demonstration of its material readiness.en-US en-US results in a credible evaluation of our ships material condition, said en-US Mark Nisbett, a specialist with MSCs Expeditionary Fast Transport en-US program. Spearhead is going to deploy soon. This inspection ensures en-US that the theater commander will receive a ship which has met operational en-US standards and is ready to perform its mission.en-US en-US The inspectors who made up the SMART inspection team are the best en-US of the best. This team is comprised of experienced licensed mariners, en-USen-US Nisbett.en-US en-US The at-sea portion of Spearheads SMART inspection included a one-hour, en-US high power run at speeds of approximately 35 knots. The civil service en-US mariners who crew Spearhead also conducted an anchor drop test, a en-US en-US en-US We are fortunate on Spearhead to have a smaller crew size which has led en-US to an at-sea family of sorts. As a result, everyone aboard is always ready en-US to help everyone else, said Capt. Douglas Casavant, USNS Spearheads en-US master. To become a member of Spearheads crew requires lots of cross en-US en-US about the other departments throughout the ship, which is very valuable en-US in terms of material readiness. en-US We have limited organic major maintenance or repair capabilities en-US aboard Spearhead, so we rely on a culture of excellence and the technical en-US knowledge of the crew to make sure the ship is operational, Casavant en-US added. When we do have technical problems at sea, the ship is equipped en-US with numerous back-up systems which allow us to keep operating until en-US we can get to a facility for repairs.en-US Spearhead is crewed by approximately 25 civil service mariners who are en-US responsible for all shipboard operations on the vessel. en-US Wells recommended, In order for a ships crew to maintain a high level en-US of material readiness they should develop a culture which promotes en-US ownership of the vessel. The crew needs to be proactive in maintaining en-US their ship, equipment and gear in accordance to their prescribed en-US maintenance system. en-US In order for an MSC ship to pass its SMART inspection it must earn an en-US overall score of no less than 59. Also the ship must have zero oil or fuel en-US leaks and zero safety discrepancies.en-US en-US


PAGE 7 en-USMILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND HONORS LESBIAN, GAY, en-US BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER SERVICEen-US MILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND SHIPS TO SUPPORT en-US RIMPAC 2018 en-USBy Military Sealift Command Public Affairsen-US Six Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships are participating in the Rim en-US en-US around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California.en-US en-US en-US USNS Carl Brashear (T-AKE 7) and USNS Charles Drew (T-AKE 10) will en-US provide logistics services including delivering aviation fuel, bunker fuel, en-US dry, fresh and frozen food as well as machine parts and equipment to the en-US en-US en-US MSC hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) will participate in the exercise en-US highlighting the ships humanitarian and disaster recovery capabilities. en-US MSC Navy reservists are also in Hawaii supporting RIMPAC 2018. Cargo en-US en-US Drew functioning as rig captains, winch booth operators, signalmen and en-US line handlers during replenishments at sea. Military Sealift Command en-US Service members and civilian teammates en-US attached to the U.S. Navys Military Sealift en-US Command gathered at Ely Hall on board Naval en-US en-US Bisexual and Transgender Month 2018, June en-US 21.en-US The annual celebration was hosted by MSCs en-US Equal Employment Opportunity program to en-US en-US en-US en-US made an immeasurable impact on our national en-US security and the Department of Defense, said en-US Information Systems Technician Second Class en-US Alison Shorter, the mistress of ceremonies for en-US the special observance. Diversity of one of our en-US en-US en-US Pride Month, we celebrate this rich diversity and en-US renew our enduring commitment to equality.en-US The special observance featured two keynote en-US en-US Hampton Road Pride and Michael Berlucchi, en-US the former president of Hampton Roads Pride.en-US en-US would like to express my deepest gratitude to en-US all of you. Nothing that I care about would be en-US possible without men and women like you, both en-US service members and civilian support staff and en-US en-US lives protecting the freedom we all enjoy as en-US Americans. Thank you very much.en-US en-US culture and terminology is continuously en-US evolving and the rapid pace of change can en-US be confusing to some people. He went on to en-US encourage everyone to approach all people with en-US their hearts and minds and treat everyone with en-US dignity and respect.en-US en-US brat. So, I grew up knowing not only how to en-US respect the uniform but how to respect people in en-US general, said Faulks Through my upbringing en-US and professional experience, I learned that it is en-US okay to be different.en-US en-US Hampton Roads Pride and is now the President. en-US She uses her knowledge of law enforcement en-US and her love for community to better everyone en-US en-US her biography.en-US Hampton Roads Pride exists to empower all en-US en-US We encourage each other to stand up and be en-US unique. We also serve to educate the public en-US en-US en-US will give a better understand that we are just en-US like everyone else.en-US Faulks mission and vision is to see that there en-US is truly diversity and inclusion where all are en-US equally welcomed and valued, regardless of en-US sexual orientation or gender identity.en-US en-US en-US as the Stonewall Riots, according to Shorter. en-US The Stonewall Riots was a series of violent en-US and spontaneous demonstrations spurred by en-US en-US The riots lasted three days and are recognized en-US en-US the United States. en-USand 115 will man the Combined Task Force 173 MSCPAC battle-watch, en-US coordinating and scheduling logistics support. en-US en-US forces, more than 200 aircraft, and 25,000 personnel are participating in en-US the biennial RIMPAC exercise scheduled June 27 to Aug. 2.en-US This years exercise includes forces from Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, en-US Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, en-US Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, the Republic of Korea, the en-US en-US United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam.en-US As the worlds largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides en-US a unique training opportunity designed to foster and sustain cooperative en-US relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and en-US en-US exercise in the series that began in 1971. en-USFor More Information Abouten-US Military Sealift Commanden-US Visit us at


en-USPrinted on recycled paper NEXT ISSUE: RIMPAC 2018 en-USSealift is an authorized publication for members and en-USemployees of the Navys Military Sealift Command. en-USContents of this publication are not necessarily the en-USen-USthe Department of Defense or the Department of the en-USNavy. Sealift is published monthly by the Military Sealift en-USen-USen-USen-US Editor, Sealift, Military Sealift Command en-US 471 East C Streeten-US EMAIL: en-USAll photographic submissions must be sent via e-mail, en-US express mail or parcel service.en-US Commander Rear Adm. Dee Mewbourne, USN en-USDirector, Public Affairs en-USDeputy Director, Public Affairs Jillian Morris en-USEditor B ill Mesta, Norfolk, VA en-USVisual Information Brian Suriani, Norfolk, VA en-USJennifer Hunt, Norfolk, VAen-US D avid Griesmer, Norfolk, VA W ayne Perry, Norfolk, VA N athan Potter, Norfolk, VA en-USShevonne Cleveland, Norfolk, VA en-USGrady Fontana, Singapore S arah Burford, San Diego, CA en-USMatthew Montgomery, Naples, Italy en-USMilitary Sealift Command reports to the Commander, en-USU.S. Transportation Command for defense transportation en-USmatters, to the Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command en-USfor Navy-unique matters and to the Assistant Secretary en-USof the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition en-US for procurement policy and oversight matters. en-USAs their peril to United Nations shipping was reduced, en-US German submarine commanders resorted to taking at en-US gunpoint as prisoners the masters and chief engineers en-US of merchant vessels which they are able to sink, the en-US War Shipping Administration disclosed today. The en-US obvious intent has been to deprive the Allies of the en-US en-US The latest reported victim of this practice is Captain en-US Owen Harvey Reed, whose wife, Mrs. Vera Reed, lives en-US at 1205 Market Street, Jacksonville, Fla. Reed was en-US the skipper of the SS William King, sunk by torpedoes en-US in the Indian Ocean. The attack occurred while the en-US en-US Africa, after discharging a cargo of war supplies for en-US Russia at a Persian port. Early in one afternoon the en-US en-US were blown to bits in the explosion. A second torpedo en-US missed the ship by two feet, but a third sent the SS en-US William King down within two minutes.en-US Two remaining lifeboats had been successfully lowered en-US following the order to abandon ship, and when the vessel en-US had disappeared beneath the waves the U-boat surfaced. en-US A short machine-gun barrage was laid down around en-US the lifeboats by the submarine. The SS William Kings en-US master was ordered to identify himself and surrender.en-US Captain Reed complied. Bidding his men farewell, he en-US went aboard the submarine. He is now reported interned en-US in Java.en-US All others aboard the lifeboats, save two who died. from en-US explosion injuries, were picked up by British naval craft en-US en-US members were killed when the torpedo exploded in the en-US engine room of SS William King, while another was en-US blown from the bridge and never seen again.en-US The SS William King was built in the yard of the New en-US England Shipbuilding Corporation, South Portland, en-US Maine, in 1942. She was operated for the War Shipping en-US en-US en-US en-USBALTOPS, Continued from page 5 We have empowered task group commanders and their subordinates with a en-USen-US and cooperation with air and land forces, said Royal Navy Rear Adm. Guy en-US Robinson, OBE, deputy commander of STRIKFORNATO. I have been most en-US en-US effectiveness that all participants have demonstrated over the last two weeks.en-US en-US en-US importance of being prepared, said the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard en-US Grenell.en-US Having served as the director of communications and public diplomacy en-US for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Grenell has a wealth of en-US international relations experience in issues ranging from the war on terror to en-US nuclear proliferation.en-US en-US Brussels in July, said Grenell. It highlights the U.S. commitment to defend en-US all NATO territory and underscores the critical importance of interoperable en-US forces from the alliance working across all services land, air and sea to en-US ensure peace and freedom.en-US Grenell said that the U.S. forces presence in Europe is of enormous strategic en-US importance.en-US Its important that we join with our NATO partners to take further steps that en-US will enhance the alliances deterrence and defense posture, said Grenell.en-US en-US NATO and regional partners to strengthen interoperability through a series en-US of combined tactical maneuvers and scenarios.en-USJanuary 21, 1944 en-US en-US War Shipping Administration, Washington D.C. ANY en-USDAY USNS BURLINGTON COMPLETES BUILDERS TRIALS en-USen-US The Navys tenth expeditionary fast transport vessel, USNS Burlington en-US (EPF 10), successfully completed Builders Trials, June 29. en-US The week of trials began dockside at the Austal USA Shipyard in Mobile, en-US Alabama. The ship engaged in pier side dock trials with the Supervisor of en-US Shipbuilding Gulf Coast working with the shipyard to demonstrate ship en-US en-US The ship then spent two days underway performing various tests to en-US demonstrate the ships readiness, including calibration of communication en-US and navigational systems, ship propulsion, ride control, and anchor en-US handling. Maneuverability trials tested the ships four steerable water en-US jets while a series of high-speed turns demonstrated the stability and en-US agility of the EPF catamaran hull form.en-US en-US Burlington performed very well and is well on the way towards her en-US delivery as the next Expeditionary Fast Transport vessel to the Navy, en-US said Capt. Scot Searles, Strategic and Theater Sealift program manager, en-US en-US are a testament to the combined efforts of industry and Navy.en-US The next step for Burlington will be Acceptance Trials, during which en-US the Navys Board of Inspection and Survey will inspect and evaluate the en-US ship to certify its readiness for delivery to the U.S. Navy. Burlington is en-US scheduled to begin Acceptance Trials in late July. en-US EPFs are versatile, non-combatant vessels designed to operate in en-US shallow-draft ports and waterways.

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