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Station Ship News DING DING . DING DING . SHIP'S CREW ARRIVING . ABOVE AND BELOW DECKS IN THE AIR, AT SEA AND IN PORT . DING DING . DING DING 2019 "Three Sisters Reunion" Taking Shape Breaking News! On May 6-10, 2019, as most of you know by now, the veterans of the USS Midway (CV-41) the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42) and the USS Coral Sea (CV-43) will gather in San Diego to take part in what is being called the "Three Sisters Reun ion," or, more technically, the "Midway Class Reunion," to honor their ships and the time they spent serving their country aboard them. That's right, the former veterans of the three mightiest warships of their time will return to the one surviving ship of the class, the USS Midway Museum, now arguably the most popular ship museum in the world. !"#$%&'($&)*+&#$,-&./,00102&#($&3$#,1/4&"5&#(14& 6$701"0&14&-,3$&7.&"5&#($&.6$413$0#4&"5&#($&#(6$$&,44"81,9"04:& ./74&"#($6&;$<&-$-=$64&"5&$,8(&"62,01>,9"0? These carrier veterans and their families and guests will gather in San Diego to honor and memorialize these three great carriers of the last century, and celebrate their common bond of serving on one or more of the "Three Sisters." Although we won't know the number of reun ion attendees from each carrier until registration is com pleted, this number should be representative of the major eras of each ship veterans of the commissioning, re commissioning, and decommissioning crews of each ship What these ships and the men who served on them accomplished between 1945 and 1992 is nothing short THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 1


of amazing. This reunion of the ages will take place May 6-10 of next year in San Diego. Don't miss it! For it will truly be the experience of a lifetime. As we announced this past June, the Wyndham San Di ego Bayside was chosen as our reunion hotel, a property close to the USS Midway Museum and downtown at tractions. Those staying at the Wyndham for the reunion will appreciate being in the "thick of the action." Our negotiated room rate of $153/night (+ tax) is more than competitive with other downtown hotels in San Diego, especially for the spring season. We ask that you book your room early because the more rooms we hold in reserve with the hotel, the better deals we can negotiate with them. It's no exaggeration to say these rooms are going fast. So do not delay! This link !"#$%&&'(()*#+$$),-*.(/&0(&123$4,5$6,783(89:;< opens to the hotel's passkey web link where you can reserve your room. After the link opens, select the "Make Your Reservation" box to reserve your room and dates. To reserve your room by phone, dial 619-232-3861 and then select "Zero" (or Ext. 6024) at the prompt to speak to a guest service agent. Be sure to tell the agent you're with the Midway Class Carrier, "3 Sisters," reunion group. These room rates are good for 3 days before and after the reunion, if the hotel has rooms available during those periods. And remember, you can cancel your room up to 72 hours before the reunion without penalty. If you've already made your hotel reservation, the next step will be to register for the re union. But that can't happen until our Registration Form and Pro gram have been completed. We are working closely with our reunion planning company, Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFRI) to develop this form, which will include prices, events, times and dates, SO THAT WE CAN ALL START SIGNING UP! It's too early to give a definitive "guesstimate" on when the Reunion Registration Form and Program will be ready. But we'll let you know when they are, and we'll make sure they get distributed to "all hands" in the Midway Class carrier associations (as well as to Midway Class veterans nationwide) so that we can all start registering for the reunion and making final plans to attend. See VP-Reunions Jim Hayter's column, page 7, this newsletter for more discussion on tours and activities that are already scheduled. These are: the Welcome Reception at the hotel, the Meet and Greet on the ship, and the Grand Banquet on the flight deck. AFRI has the lead on developing a list of other potential tours for the reunion, and we're working closely with them on this effort. In the meantime, men, keep spreading the news about this very special reunion to your fellow carrier mates who served aboard these three great ships. And remem ber, you don't have to be a member of the reunion associations of these three carriers to attend the re union but you do need to have served on one or more of them during your time in the Navy. Family members and guests are more than welcome to attend, of course. It will be a truly unique event for all of us, something never tried before in the annals of the retired naval fleet a combined reunion of the veterans from three great aircraft carriers. Do not miss it if you went "Down to the Sea" on one or more of these mighty war ships of the 20 th century. Important Notice: Note that the actual reunion dates on which activities and tours take place are Tuesday, May 7, Wednesday, May 8, and Thursday, May 9. We recommend that you check-in on Monday, May 6, and check-out on Friday, May 10. That way you won't miss a thing. W" Division on USS Midway Was the Keeper of "Special Weapons" By Lt J.G. Hines S. Vaughan, "W" Division, 1959-62 I graduated in August of 1959 with an engineering degree, and was commissioned into the U. S. Navy as an Ensign, awaiting orders to active duty. I began working as a pipeline engineer, but within one month, I received orders to proceed to my first assignment Sandia Base, New Mexico. I had never heard of Sandia Base and was surprised that my first Navy as signment was in the desert near Albuquer que, NM. I assumed they were looking for engineers. Sandia Base was the headquarters of Field Command, Defense Atomic Support Agency (DASA) and THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 2


was responsible for training members of the Navy, Army, and Marines in the assembly, testing, mainte nance and inspection of nuclear weapons. The Air Force had its own school. I attended classes that prepared me for my new duties that awaited me on the USS Midway, which was on a WestPac cruise. After graduation from Sandia in December 1959, my orders were to join the "W" Division on the USS Mid way. I flew from Travis Air Force Base in California to Tachakawa Air Base in Japan, then went by ground to Yokosuka Naval Station, where the Midway was docked. By the mid-50s, one of a 25-man special weapons team was being deployed to an Essex-class CVA, two to a Midway-class, the larger carriers by then having dupli cate SASS (special aircraft service stores) spaces fore and aft. The team became W Division in the Gunnery Department. According to Scott McGaugh in his book Midway Magic Midway had had a serious fire on board when it was in the Philippines on November 9, 1959. He stated that the special weapons magazines were flooded. When I arrived on Midway in December 1959, there was no trace of the fire or damage, so I rather doubt those spaces were flooded. Others may have been, however. As noted above, the Midway's nuclear weapons organi zation was called the W Division. It reported to the Gunnery Department. W Division was manned by 8 of ficers and approximately 40 enlisted personnel. The di vision head was a Lt. Commander. There were two spaces occupied by the W Division one forward and one aft. My billet was entitled Electri cal Officer, and I was assigned the post of officer-incharge of the aft spaces, just aft and below, the mess deck. Due to the sensitive subject of our work, secrecy was a necessary part of the job. An armed marine guard was posted 24/7 in front of the entry to each space, and only authorized personnel were allowed inside. All division personnel had Top Secret clearances. At least two men were required to be in the space at a time, and some times more, depending on the operation being per formed. The spaces were two of only a few on the ship that were air conditioned. The rest of the ship got very hot in the South China Sea in summertime. We often felt how nice it would be to sleep where we worked. Beyond their special work, the members of the division also performed other shipboard duties, such as Officers of the Deck, special sea detail, underway replenishment, shore patrol, etc. The weapons carried by the carriers of that day included fission and fusion bombs of several designs. The older designs required constant maintenance, including disas sembly, where the newer models were moving toward the "wooden bomb" design which required little mainte nance. All members of W Division were required to wear do simeters to ensure that they were not exposed to excess radiation. These badges were read one each month. Members of W Division were also required to attend regularly scheduled TDY refresher courses regarding new weapons and techniques. These courses were taught at North Island Naval Base in San Diego, and we at tended annually. Midway's home port then was Alameda Naval Air Station in San Francisco Bay. I served aboard Midway until July 1962, three months longer than planned, because of the Cuban missile crisis. All personnel with separation papers were frozen until that crisis was over. An article on The American Scientist website brings us up-to-date about the fate of the W Division on U.S. car riers. "During the naval deployments in support of Operation Desert Storm against Iraq in early 1991, the aircraft car rier USS America (CV-66) deployed with its nuclear weapons division (W Division) and B61 nuclear strike bombs and B57 nuclear depth bombs. The W Division was still onboard when America deployed to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean in 1992. B61 and B57 nuclear weapons are displayed on board the USS America (CV-66) during its deployment to Operation Desert Storm in 1991. As ships offloaded their weapons, the on-board nuclear divisions gradually were disbanded in anticipation of the upcoming denuclearization of the surface fleet. One of the last carriers to deploy with a W Division was the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67), which upon its return to the United States from a Mediterranean deployment in 1992-1993 ceremoniously photographed the W crew with the sign: "USS John F. Kennedy, CV 67, last THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 3


W-Division, 17 Feb. 93." The following year, the Clin ton administration publicly announced that all carriers and surface ships would be denuclearized." Credit Card Charging Is Here! Pay Your Dues By Credit Card ($30, $50, $150 levels) Follow this link: ( PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover See 2018 dues notice this newsletter for more information My 5-Plus Years Aboard Midway, 1948-1953 By Richard Remington, FA-MM1, M Division, 1948-53 S oon after Midway became a ship museum in San Diego I made the trip from Virginia Beach, VA, to San Diego to visit my old ship. Arriving at the ship, upon boarding and looking around I was very disappointed. So many changes had been made that, to me, it was like being on a different ship. The Midway I knew had an in-line flight deck, an open bow, 40mm and 5" guns on either side and in the bow and stern, and four hangar bays. I knew some of these changes had been made, but seeing them made quite an impact on me; it wasn't the ship that I left many years ago. In May of 2019 a com bined reunion of the three CVBs aboard Midway is planned and, if possible, I plan to attend. Perhaps I'll meet some "OLD" shipmates. I doubt that any crew member served aboard longer than myself. My tour began in early 1948 on completing MM school at Great Lakes and ended in the fall of 1953 upon being transferred to the Tarawa (CV-40). My transfer to the Tarawa was the result of me paying a visit to the chaplain and explaining to him that I needed a change. A few days later I had my orders. About half my time on Midway I was in #1 Engine Room. From #1 Engine Room I took over #1 Generator Room. During my time on board things were pretty much routine except for one of our transits from Gibral tar to Norfolk. Normally the transit took 5 days which ever way we were going. However, during this one transit we ran into a hurricane east of the Azores and ended up taking 26 days making it to Norfolk. When we finally got there Midway was heavily damaged. And believe it or not, there were seasick sailors on board. We had a destroyer with us that stayed so close to our stern that you could almost reach out and touch her bow. Following so close made it easier on them. There was another time when things were not exactly routine; when Midway was in Barcelona, Spain, an Ad miral reception was planned in hangar bay #1. The han gar bay was decorated with Spanish and American flags, plus a named Spanish band played soft background mu sic for the pleasure of the Admiral and his guests. With the fire doors closed, leaving only one access via the quarterdeck, about the time when all the guests had ar rived and the Admiral had greeted everyone, the hangar bay sprinkler system activated and everyone including the Admiral were well wet down, spoiling the event. Seems that a young sailor felt that he should have been invited to the reception. An hour or so later the Admiral got on the 1MC and said, "I don't know who you are, but we'll find you." And sure enough, by a process of elimination, the culprit was found. And, oh yes, there was the robbery of Monte Carlo. While anchored in Gulfe Juan, France, a game got started in one of the fire-control director's rooms on the third deck that ended up being robbed, and to this day the robbers have never been caught. There were lighter moments from time to time, of course. One of these came when Rita Hayworth (while married to Prince Aly Khan) visited Midway. Naturally, all the crew members wanted to meet her while she was on board; a few lucky men made it. I was not among them. Looking back on it now, my time aboard Midway was very fulfilling. I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience and got to see and do things that otherwise would have been impossible. I finally went on to make the Navy my career and retired in 1969 as a CWO/2 USS Midway Veterans Association & USS Midway Museum Not the Same Point of clarification: the USS Midway Veterans Association and the USS Midway Museum are separate organizations. Membership in one does not give you membership in the other. This "separation of powers" is often confusing for Midway veterans who think they're already MVA members because they're USS Midway Museum members. Make no mistake about it, the MVA works closely with the USS Midway Museum and enjoys its support, but it's important to understand that we are separate organizations, each with its own membership options, application forms, newsletters, social media THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 4


platforms, etc. In a manner of speaking, we are separate but joined at the hip The USS Midway Veterans Association is made up exclusively of Midway veterans (i.e., U.S. Navy veterans who served aboard Midway at some point during her 47-year operating history [1945-1992]). This includes all ship's company, Navy and Marine Corps veterans, regardless of department or air wing affiliation. The MVA is a nonprofit organization and has no paid staff. Membership requires that you pay dues in accordance with the three membership categories annual, family or lifetime. One exception: those who served on Midway's 1945 commissioning crew and/or are WWII veterans are awarded complimentary membership for lifetime. The MVA is an exclusive club of Navy veterans. MVA's motto is "We Lived the Adventure," which is a spinoff of the Museum's motto: "Live the Adventure. Questions about MVA? Contact David Payson/ MVA 509-946-0810, email The USS Midway Museum also a nonprofit organization, is made up of some paid staff, but mostly volunteers, including many former military retirees (including Midway veterans) and many local "civilians." You can become a member of the Midway Museum by joining one of six membership categories, or "Circle Levels," the Museum offers. Museum members pay annually to belong to these Circle Levels. The higher the circle level you belong to, the more perks you get and the more you pay. There is only one exception to this annual tier system of Museum Museum members, and it's to our benefit: Midway veterans are awarded free lifetime membership to the Museum, with the completion of one simple form. Questions about Midway Museum? Contact Karen Garst/Midway Museum, 619-398-8204, email Last Call for 2018 Dues! @A$09"0&)B@&)$-=$64 !" You can now pay your membership fees (dues) by CREDIT CARD which greatly simplifies the process for most members. Follow the link below to pay by credit card: & & ( PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover ) MVA's 2018 annual dues ($30.00) were due by the end of January of 2018. In my capacity as MVA's Treas urer, my message to those of you who haven't paid your 2018 dues yet is simple PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES. We need the revenue from members to meet our operating expenses and make our organization work. C$4:&<"7&8,0&49//&.,<&37$4&=<&8($8;? !"#$%&'$&#%(")"*+$%,-% )B@& "./%0"1+%,-%2"3$%4") 5 6-.%7%89:%;-<-.=--/%2>?@%A1&'+"./@%BC%DDEFG? !"#&476$&15&<"7DE$&.,13&<"76&FGHI&37$4J&&*"0#,8#&K,E$&L,<4"0&,#&#($& $-,1/M.("0$&N&=$/"O&,03&($D//&/$#&<"7&;0"O? #$$%"&$'(")*+&",-./"%.$01"2$+".0"34-)5"64%")$"764")-/3"0-8$+&*49" -.+:"";-./"7-4<4.$%"8$8=$/0&*("*0")-/+&">6/"8-/$"+&64",-./"?@A"+-".0: P-,1/%& -10,03,E$Q8(,6#$6?0$# R&.(%&STGU&UVWXGIHGY A True Story of a Sailor Who Did Not Come Home By Martin "Marty" FitzGerald AN ABG, V-4 Division, 1957-60 T he story begins in 1942 when I was six years old. I lived in Weehawken, New Jersey, directly across the Hudson River from New York City. One warm summer day my grandmother's sister came to visit. She lived in the greater New York area and her only son Rodger was with her, and he was in the Navy. Rodger was home on leave and in uniform. I noticed he had a bird on his sleeve and asked him what it meant. He told me he was a Second Class Machinist Mate, and that he worked in the Engine Room driving the ship. At my young age, that meant nothing to me. In 1944, age eight now, my grandmother's sister came to our house again. This time things were very different. There was hushed talking going on and I overheard them say that my cousin Rodger went down with the ship. At the time, that meant nothing to me. By age fifteen, I had joined the U.S. Naval Reserve with my best buddy, and two years later I was on active duty and stationed on the USS Midway, CVA-41, the mightiest THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 5


ship in the Navy, bar none. After serving three years on Midway (some of the best years of my life), I was honorably discharged and went to work to provide for my family. Many years later I joined the USS Midway Veterans Association and became active in the organization. Still curious about my cousin Rodger after all these years, I found out through searching family records and the internet that he was a crewmember on the USS Johnston DD-557, in World War II. On October 25,1944, I learned, during a sea battle off Samar Island, part of the larger Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines, the Johnston led a task force known as "Taffy Three" (Task Force 77.3) against a vastly superior Japanese battle fleet. Taffy Three, made up of six small escort aircraft carriers, protected by three destroyers and four smaller destroyer escorts, took on a Japanese armada of four battleships, eight heavy cruisers and eleven destroyers. Despite the overwhelming odds against them, the Johnston and the other ships of Taffy Three fought so ferociously that the Japanese Admiral ordered his vastly superior fleet to retreat. In the battle the Johnston was eventually sunk by the heavy guns of the Japanese battleships and cruisers, but not before she had inflicted heavy damage of her own on them. Of Johnston 's 327 officers and men, 186 were lost. As a result of his heroism under fire, the Johnston's commanding officer Lt. Commander Ernest E. Evans, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, and Taffy 3 received a Presidential Unit Citation During my research, I was able to find the Johnston's crew list, and on it was my cousin's name. He was listed as missing and presumed dead. Rodger Paul Gaugeon 223 87 08 MoMM2c, Deceased That is why a sailor did not come home from World War II. New Men T he following USS Midway Veterans have joined the proud ranks of the USS Midway Veterans Association since our last newsletter. Welcome aboard, Men, for our own special brand of Midway Magic Joseph Tetrault 73 76 # Lincoln, DE James Collins 79 83 # Modesto, CA Wayne Warner 59 60 # Bridgton, ME Marcus Jaimes 83 88 ## Union City, CA Michael Woessner 84 86 # Stacy, MN David Stanley 61 63 # Spring Valley, CA Steven LaBeau 77 79 # O'Fallon, MO Ron Comby 73 75 # Keizer, OR Carl Clipper 63 66 # Sunderland, MD Herman Novak 72 75 # Port Lavaca, TX Harvey Gardner 72 75 # Chula Vista, CA Order Your MVA Memorabilia Here! = ===== C heck out MVA's custom line of memorabilia, which includes vests, challenge coins, decals, patches, lapel pins, souvenir pins, CVB & CVA-41 caps, and memory sticks of Nick Danger adventures from Mid way's "Gonzo Patrol" days in the Indian Ocean The link below takes you to MVA's Ship's Store, where you can view and purchase the only Midway/MVA memorabilia available on the planet. Notice: We continue to advertise for an MVA member to run our Ship's Store someone who is creative with an eye for detail and a love of memorabilia and "nautical" souvenirs. Strong computer skills and interpersonal skills are an advan tage. Duties include coordinating, ordering, maintaining and building MVA's stock of memorabilia. Apply within to news letter editor Dave Payson ( ), or call at (509) 946-0810. This will be the last time we advertise this posi tion. So if you're interested in this position, speak now or forever hold your piece. President's Report $4+'$8$4"64%"26 B %*$0! did you know that there are more than 45,000 military and Vet eran nonprofit groups in the United States? It's hard to know which ones are legitimate and worthy of your time and donations. How many organizations have tried to scam you out of your hard-earned dollars by alleging affiliation with a legitimate nonprofit military or veter ans organization? The USS Midway Veterans Association is one you know you can trust. And we've aligned our veterans associa tion with other highly respected and well organized vet erans organizations. For instance, we are partnering with the veterans associations from the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and the USS Coral Sea for our 2019 "Three THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 6


Sisters Reunion," to be held next May in San Diego. We also partner with the USS Midway Museum where we support their Education and Endowment programs, along with the Midway Foundation and other ancillary parts of the USS Midway Museum financial structure. We know where our money goes when we write the checks to the Midway Museum. We carry just enough of a balance in our MVA check book to provide operating expenses, such as developing the newsletter; purchasing of memorabilia; and helping offset the upcoming reunion expenses each year. We don't squander resources, and any money we make from the various reunion venues we donate directly to the Midway Museum's charitable programs, as mentioned above. We also get hotel points from our reunion hotel for our collective room nights. Those points are for warded immediately to the Fisher House Foundation Hotels for Heroes program, which provides free housing for the families of patients receiving medical care at ma jor military and VA medical centers. You can never do all you want to do, but we all do the best we can! The satisfaction of seeing all the smiling, laughing faces in the hospitality suite makes each of us that comprise the MVA Board of Directors, among the highest paid executives' anywhere and we don't get paid a penny along the way! Now you know the rest of the story.' There are those nay-sayers on the outside of the organization who will continue to try to scuttle all the fine work that our veter ans support. But we'll always be a step ahead of them by challenging them to match the generosity of the Membership of the USS Midway Veterans Association. As Admiral Mac would write "Onward and Upward!" VP-Reunions' Report M y report this time is going to focus on the planning for the Midway Class Reunion (MCR19) in May of 2019. First, the good news: all major pieces of the reun ion are in place. The Welcome Reception will take place on Tuesday, May 7 th at the hotel. The Midway Museum-hosted Meet and Greet is on Wednesday, May 8 th on the ship. The flight deck is reserved for the Grand Banquet on Thursday, May 9 th And the contract for the Wyndham San Diego Bayside, our host hotel for MCR19, has been signed by all parties. Pat yourselves on the back, hotel reservation sign-ups (an early indication of interest in MCR19) are coming-in at an impressive pacewe are just over 75% of our room night commitment to the hotel since the sign-up link went active. Here is a gee whiz number, that equates to over 500 room nights reserved at the Wynd ham. DO NOT STOP NOW, IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATION YET DO SO TODAY. By reserving your room now you are guaran teed the reunion rate for your stay in San Diego. If you delay, the hotel has the right to raise the rate once we have reached our commitment. Reunion planning can be a difficult process. Once the big things are in place, some people think it is easy to fill-in the rest of the reunion schedule. That is not al ways the case. Here are some issues with MCR19 plan ning. We are still in 2018 and most vendors I am work ing with have not yet set schedules and rates for 2019. Without this critical information, there is no way we can confirm the Reunion Program and publish the Reunion Registration Form. That is not to say nothing is being done, we are investigating a whole variety of tours and activities that will become part of MCR19 but until we have schedules and rates nothing can be confirmed. Let me give you an example. We have been looking attend ing a San Diego Padres baseball game since we lockeddown our reunion dates. Last week, MLB released the 2019 schedule. The Padres are at home hosting the NY Mets during our reunion dates! Good news, yes? While we now know they are at home, we do not have game start times announced (best guess on when times will be set is mid-September), so we do not yet know how to pencil this in to the MCR19 schedule. I do not know if the Padres do this, or MLB makes the call. In any case we are still waiting. The rest of the story is that we will still be on hold until the Padres decide what group events they will offer for 2019 and what the price will be (probably November before they announce next year's program). I have seen what they offered for the 2018 season and if they do it again for next year, it is an attrac tive package. See why I said reunion planning can be a difficult process? Here are some of the activities we are currently looking at for MCR19. Be aware that many of these events may not make the cut, so this is just a preliminary listTi juana tour, Salerno winery tour, brewery tour, La Jolla tour, navy ships, San Diego Air and Space Museum tour, Midway restoration hangar, harbor dinner cruise, etc., etc. HERE IS WHERE I CAN USE YOUR HELP! If you have some attraction you would like to recommend for the MCR19 program, send me an e-mail ( ) with as much information as you have and we will check it outremember, whatever you send may not make the final cut. THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 7


You may think this is not a very positive report about MCR19, since there is still so much to finalize before we gather in San Diego in about 240 days. On the contrary, we are in great shape, because the big things are in place, and everything else is being researched. Once schedules and rates become available, we will fill-in the program and start the sign-up process. Someone recently asked me what do I need to do now to get ready for MCR19? The answer is easy, make your hotel reservation if you have not already done so. I was also asked whether I should make my airline reservations now. Probably not, because many airlines are not taking reservations for May 2019 yet. As we start getting more information about MCR19, we will e-blast or otherwise disseminate it to you, and we will update our website ( ) with the most current information available. All this effort will eventually lead to a Registration Form and a Program for MCR19. Notice I have not said when those documents will be available, because right now, I just don't know. See you in San Diego. Call (703-264-0542) or email me (see above) if you have questions. Secretary-Treasurer's Report F or a while there, after I retired from my day job several years ago, it looked like I might be able to live the Life of Rileyyou know, kick back and take life easy. Wrong! On my way to leading the Life of Riley, I failed to take into account my ship's work for the USS Midway Veterans Association while serving as its Secretary-TreasurerNewsletter Editor. These jobs have always been challenging and fun, and it's probably a good thing I accepted the challenge of doing them after I retired. For if not, what would I be doing now? Traveling the World? Well, maybe . I decided there's way too much detail for me to describe my MVA jobs in this column (which was my original intent). And besides, though the work I do for the MVA is seldom boring, it might sound that way if I put it in writing. Instead, I'd like to talk about our association and my thoughts on how to help preserve its long-term future. Most important, in my opinion, would be to get more members involved in MVA's operation, at both the grass-roots level and leadership level, and build our organization's infrastructure from the bottom up, with more members filling key positions. Clearly, we have too few doing too much in the MVA. With one exception, our current Executive Committee served aboard Midway in the 1950's and 60's. Age and burnout are catching up with us. I'd like to see our members who served aboard Midway from the 1970's up until her decommissioning in 1992 step up and get involved, including the board positions. Our association's longevity will likely depend on the wider participation of our members at some point in the not-too-distant future. Additionally, I'd like to see us come up with more key positions in our organization to build a more solid infrastructure. How about devising and running a college scholarship program for our members' children and grandchildren? Another job I've been advertising in the past several newsletters is someone to take charge of MVA's memorabilia and run our ship's store. And how about one of our San Diego members (several of whom are Midway Museum docents) becoming an onsite liasion with the Midway Museum? And would more women in our organization like a voice in the MVA and a chance to participate in its running? So where am I going with this? Well, just here. At the 2017 reunion in San Diego, I was reelected to another four-year term to serve as MVA's Secretary-Treasurer. However, age, burnout, family considerations, and a desire to travel while my wife and I still can are strong factors I'm considering more often these days. How much longer do I want to continue as MVA's SecretaryTreasurer-Editor? I've held these jobs for over a decade now, and as much as I value the work and our organiza tion (the best in the retired fleet), I have to ask myself: How much longer? My wife, who has helped me out with so much of this "ship's work," put it this way: "Wouldn't it be great if we could just go to the reunions and not have to worry about all the rest of this?" She makes a very good point, my friends. Maybe I'm looking for that Life of Riley, after all. My current term will expire at the 2021 reunion; that's most likely going to be my "jump-off point," if not sooner. Anyone out there who's looking for some chal lenging and meaningful work, I've got some for you. Contact me before the next reunion or see me there. Dave Payson, Sec.-Treas., USS Midway Veterans Association THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 8


VP-Administration's Report H omeport event, the three incredible sisters shall be in San Diego for the reunion of a lifetime, seen in no other port of call in recent history. Are you ready Carrier shipmates to have a most bodacious and wonderful reunion of all time and history? Tours and events ga lore, dinner on the flight deck of the ma jestic USS Midway Museum, dancing un der the stars. Come one come all, adventurous sailors, spouses and guests and behold this marvelous event that is about to unfold before your very eyes. Next port of call, mates, Sunny San Diego, California. So have your duffle bags packed and your gear stowed and ready to go, and make your reservations now so that you'll have a place in Carrier history. Richard Wooster II, VP-Admin., USS Midway Veterans Association "From Mothballs to Magic" Video I f you haven't watched this video yet, follow the link above and give it a view. Produced by the USS Midway Museum, it tells the story of how the USS Midway was rescued from the mothball fleet in Bremerton, tugged down the West Coast to San Diego, and made into arguably the most popular ship museum in the world. Those who were opposed to bringing Midway to San Diego, saying it couldn't and shouldn't be done, and that it was a foolhardy project from the get-go, should watch and learn why they were so wrong. MVA Makes Hotels for Heroes Donation F or the past three years, the MVA has donated its Wyndham Rewards points to Fisher House Foundation in support of the Hotels for Heroes program. Below is an excerpt from the letter they sent us in appreciation: "Dear USS Midway Veterans Association, on behalf of Fisher House Foundation, please accept our heartfelt grati tude for the generous donation of 50,000 Wyndham Re ward points to the Fisher House Foundation's Hotel for Heroes program. Thanks to the generosity of the USS Midway Veterans Association, many military families will now have a place to stay when they are receiving medical treatment at a military of VA facility." Sincerely, Tish Stropes Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Fisher House Foundation, Inc. THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 9


The Masthead A quarterly newsletter for USN and USMC Veterans who served aboard the USS Midway, and who are friends eternal. Oscar Granger (425) 831-6891 North Bend, Washington Jim Hayter (703) 264-0542 Reston, Virginia Richard Wooster II (415) 752-5408 San Francisco, California Dave Payson (509) 946-0810 Richland, Washington Tim Miller (619) 476-9410 Chula Vista, California Phil Zuniga (480) 272-7404 Gilbert, Arizona Ron Pope (469) 353-8676 Frisco, Texas B.J. Denihan (630 ) 386-0136 Palentine, Illinois ----------------------------------------------Station Ship News is published quarterly by the USS Midway Veterans Association (MVA). S end feed back to: USS Midway Veterans Website USS Midway Veterans Association Facebook Visit MVA's Website and Facebook page (links above). Both are chock full of interesting stuff about the USS Midway and the MVA! Kudos to Webmaster B.J. Denihan & Facebook Admin istrator Ron Pope for the great work they do keeping our social media sites up-to-date Beware Scammers & Hackers! "#$%&'&())*'+,-./012'/&12&'34,5'6,5'0,'6(4781'&+(--12&'9'6(+312& THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 10


This application allows you to type the needed information in the elds using your keyboard.! To save the information in the form as you have recorded it, rename the le before you save it to your computer and email it to me. Or you can print it and snail mail it to me at the address below. USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION Application for Membership I wish to join the USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION, which is open to all Navy and Marine Corps veterans, regardless of department or air wing affiliation, who served on Midway at any time she was in commission. I hereby submit the following information: Full Name:________________________________ Date ________________ Spouse/Partner Name____________________________________ Mailing Address____________________________________________ City:__________________ State:__________ Zip Code:________ Phone Number Home: ___________________________ Email:___________________________ Actual years served aboard:________to ____________ Rank/Rate/Division while aboard (e.g., RM3/CR Div.):________ Rank/Rate when Discharged/Retired (e.g., RMC): ___________ Years served in military ________to ____________ How Did You Hear About Our Reunion Association?_________________________ Complete this form, either online or manually, selecting one of the three dues amounts: $30.00/yr for veteran + spouse/partner $50.00/yr for veteran and family $150.00 for Lifetime Membership including family (one-time payment) Follow link below to charge by credit card ( PayPal, Discover, VISA, MasterCard ); when site opens follow the easy instructions. OR pay by check. Make check payable to Midway Veterans Association and mail completed form and check to address below. Whether you pay by credit card or by check, you'll receive your membership package within 14 days, including MVA's last two newsletters and other MVA/USS Midway information. You'll also receive a wallet-size personalized MVA membership card a week or so after you receive the membership package. USS Midway Veterans Association 410 Cottonwood Dr. Richland, WA 99352 The USS Midway Museum supports the USS Midway Veterans Association in preserving the legacy of every Midway sailor, regardless of department or air wing affiliation. ( NOTE: The USS Midway Veterans Association is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit organization; contributions (aka, dues) are tax-deductible as provided by law. MVA donates 20 percent of its annual contributions to the USS Midway Museum's Education Scholarship Fund and Midway Preservation Endowment.) Contact: David Payson, MVA Secretary-Treasurer, at ; Telephone (509) 946-0810 We Lived the Adventure! THE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE USS MIDWAY VETERANS ASSOCIATION (MVA), ISSUE 33, SUMMER 2018 ( CVB/CVA/CV-41) PAGE 11