LibraryPress@UF, Manuscript Information Sheet

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LibraryPress@UF, Manuscript Information Sheet
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Library Press @ UF, an imprint of University of Florida Press
Taylor, Laurie N.
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Gainesville, FL
LibraryPress@UF, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
LibraryPress@UF, University of Florida Press
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Project Management
Collaborative Teams
Library Publishing
Digital Publishing
Digital Scholarship


At UF, new publications with the LibraryPress@UF are affiliated with one or more Liaison Librarians or Curators, with collaborative support from the Digital Scholarship Librarian. Updated on 8/6/2018 to add ORCiD.
General Note:
This is an overview of the new LibraryPress@UF imprint of the UF Press, with soft launch in 2016.

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|University of Florida
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|University of Florida
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The author dedicated the work to the Commons by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law and all related or neighboring legal rights he or she had in the work, to the extent allowable by law.


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LibraryPress@UF, Manuscript Information Sheet MANUSCRIPT INFORMATION SHEET Please complete this form fully and return it at your earliest convenience. Please try to confine your answers to the fields provided, but you may take additional space as needed. This form will act as a cover document for y our work, and the information will also be used for various purposes including planning for budgeting and marketing Thank you for your careful attention. Date: __________________ Title of manuscript: ___________________________________________________________ Authors or editors name(s): ___________________________________________________ University or business position/title: _____________________________________________ Preferred address : ____________________________________________________________ Preferred phone number : _______________________________________________________ Fax number ( if applicable): _____________________________________________________ Email address: ______________________________ Physical description of your manuscript. Please be precise, as this information is used to determine costs Please use N/A for items not included Total number of words, including notes & bibliography Number of tables Number of photos Number of maps Number of other illustrations (e.g., diagrams or drawi ngs) What citation style are you using? (i.e., CMS notes/bibliography, MAL style, etc)


LibraryPress@UF, Manuscript Information Sheet Please provide a brief (150 200 word), plain language summary of your proposed work Id entify your purpose in writing/creating it noting the spe cial contribution made by your work Define the major concerns and problems you address; state your solutions or findings and their implications. Tell us the compelling, unique features that would encourage readers Please list five internet search terms that can be associated with your work. Please avoid the obvious such as major disciplines (Southern history, literature) and go a bit deeper to terms YOU would use to search for this work. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Whom do you see as the main audiences ? What other works attempt to do what your proposed work w ill do ? Do you know of any potential funding sources for your book? For example, does your university allow faculty to apply for project/book subsidy funds? Are there any publication grants available for authors /creators that publish in your field or on your work s topic? Why are you interested in the LibraryPress@UF for this specific project?


LibraryPress@UF, Manuscript Information Sheet Additional Attachments : 1. Please append a brief biographical sketch (250500 words) and a copy of your CV or r sum to this form. Include relevant publications, places and dates of education, honors received, and membership in professional societies. 2. P lease provide a list of suggest ed names of subject area specialists whose comments would assist in evaluating your work Please provide full addresses, as well as telephone numbers and email addresses (if known). Do not include names of dissertation advisors, committee members, departmental or close business colleagues fellow former students in your graduate program, or anyone else closely associated.