dLOC UF Team Meeting; April 6, 2018: UF-Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Subcommittee to COSDD

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dLOC UF Team Meeting; April 6, 2018: UF-Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Subcommittee to COSDD
Taylor, Laurie N.
Perry, Laura
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Committee charge, meeting materials


Materials for the UF-dLOC team, supporting the UF Strategic Directions and TRAC as well as ongoing growth of dLOC.

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dLOC UF Team Meeting: May 4, 2018 Attending: Katiana Bagu, Margarita Vargas -Betancourt, Melissa Perry, Laurie Taylor, Laura Perry, Crystal Felima, Fletcher Durant, Jessie English, Chelsea Dinsmore Carol McAuliffe Paul Losch Terry Phillips Presentation by: Katiana Bagu, the ARL Fellow for Digital Excellence and Inclusivity ARL Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence: Developing Online Exhibits for the GAS LACC fellows hipfor digitaland inclusive excellence/ Grants; Pursue/Updates CLIR Digitizing Hidden Collections o Application submitted : April 1, 2018 o July 16, 2018: notification to make any changes if accepted. o Project start: Jan. 1, 2019 o Focus on Caribbean and Latin American newspapers, including Puerto Rico newspapers in print only (not applicable for NDNP but modeled after NDNP, but output scaled up and outreach scaled down)) ~digitizing 800 reels 1923 serials, mostly newspapers, some PR (53 titles from UPR400 each UF/UPR) 6 islands + Guyana ~23 titles Almost a million pages! o Would hire assistant II at UF for ~28 months o Costs $250/reel for microfil m duplication and digitization LAMP due April 30ish. Second round of Listn Diario. Part 2 submitted, received. Award announcement in June. LARRP plans, updating process. Margarita having problem with current LARRP project w vendor in Mexico. Extension requested. MVB presenting project at SALALM. NEH Institute Grant Laurie submitted Caribbean Digital Humanities CSDHI Award announcement in Sept, if awarded call for participation in Oct, for program in summer 2019. Prince Claus -Whiting, due Dec. 31. Disaster recovery grant for documentary heritage under threat Who would w e partner with? First aid for cultural heritage: -cultural -emergency -response Endangered Archiv es: Plan for next year with Dominica, Grenada, others Notes/Updates/Need Updates UPR files In prcess, Angie working on Vieques newspapers. Oral histories, teaching materials, 500GB diaspora materials. More coming end of July. Haiti files Endangered Archives grant, EA book coming out. French Caribbean DH work ongoing. ACURIL Share Listn Diario update. Interest in audio books. OAI and other ingest processes needed for MANIOC, Dutch Caribbean; tied to mini grant for Marshalling Tool ; update after grant news LACC newspapers/letters: Paul will send list (includes Struggle, Jamaica) t hru 1941, copyright: -from -1923-to -1941-now liberated/ Melissa working on Spanish subject headings for PR materials, based on public library in Oakland, CA, which is based on thesaurus from Spain. Cuba: Database in process; working from spreadsheet for now Database has interface, Jessie supplied data prese nting at LASA. o Jessie, Angie, Lauren Krebs working on trilingual project thesaurus for Centro Hebreo Cubano summer projec t. o LK going to Centro Hebreo in June to digitize unique and rare materials related to Jews in Cuba and Caribbean. Ju dy going end of June for celebration at the Fundacin. o Deadline for sending things for digitization June 15th. o Jessie and Chelsea meeting with Jody/Gov Docs COE. o 55 new LLMC titles in queue related to 1959 revolutionary government. o JR requested reprint and bind three copies of working paper by Helen Safa Women, Industrialization, and State Policy in Cuba 1989-1991 o Maps: 10 antique maps remaining to digitize. Permission letter for 189 post -1923 maps pending at BNCJM, expect to rec eive in June. MarcEdit training next week to unlock UMiami CHC and start flow of digitized objects from Library of Congress.


Digitization Updates: In Process: Anthony de Verteuil books Cuban Thinkers San Paulo Police Complete: 7 Cuban Horticulture books (send files to Fundacin) Haitian phonebook Classes, Webinars, Exhibits; Interns; Publicat ions, Conference Presentations Crystal will share links from Haiti class showcase when available Summer, SPOHP Study Abroad in Trinidad FLDH conference. Hlne working with UNF as first host next spring. Relevant Upcoming Events Meetings/Places May 23 -26: LASA June: ACURIL; CSA will be in Cuba; ACH in Barbados Jessie and Margarita (and Jennifer Osorio from UCLA) SAA LACCHA (Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives (LACCHA) Section) Breaking Down Borders Webinar Series Breaking Down Borders Through International Collaboration: Cuban Repositories and US Institutions June 14th, 2018, at 2:00pm EST July: DH Conf. and SALALM in Mexico. Margarita w presenting with Enrique Chmelnik, Director CDJUM. Margarita helping Jessie plan for Cuban Bibliography round table. Paul also attending SALALM. SAA Aug 14 -18. MVB presenting on Cuban-American Dream. Melissa, Crystal, Lourdes presenting at Librarians of Color conference in Albuquerque in September. Melissa: Pilot study of NDNP essays in English, translating and getting scholarly input to inform Spanish metadata e nhancement to add Spanish essays to catalog records and dLOC. Crystal: DH course, conference, AAA round table on Anthro in DH. Lourdes: diversity and inclusion in exhibits. UPR digitizing El Boletn Mercantil ~1839-1918. Have reviewed 16 reels. Katiana working with Melissa for Summer A, creating blog posts for PR materials in English and Spanish. Oct. 3 -6, 2018 West Indian Literature in Miami Dec. 7, 2018: Caribbean Digital in Trinidad Hlne, Southeastern DH organization: journal, annual conference, website with job announcement, classifieds/networking. Oct. 2019 conference at USC if approved. 2-day conference with key note, student presentations, and practitioner workshops. Journal published Peer-reviewed articles (6 months after conf erence), conference proceedings, and reviews. Proposed publishing in multiple languages.