Internships Awarded in Fall 2018, Fifth Award Cycle

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Internships Awarded in Fall 2018, Fifth Award Cycle
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UF Smathers Libraries Graduate Student Internship Program
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Program materials: Smathers Libraries Graduate Student Internship Program Included in this document: About the Program Awarded Internship Proposals (Spring 2016Fall 2018) About the Program Year Initiated: 2016 Students served by the program to date (internships can be 1 3 semesters): o Students: 35 o Semesters: 54 About the Program : o The Smathers Graduate Student Internship Program provides semester based graduate student internships in the George A. Smathers Libraries in collaboration with academic units. The Smathers Graduate Student Internship Program experience will complement the graduate students academic career and provide for their professional development. Funding for the Program has been generously made available by the Dean of University Libraries. These internships benefit the Libraries and foster transformative collaboration across campus. Proposals require collaboration with at least one faculty member or exemptlevel employee in the Libraries, who serves as the Internship Director, and one faculty member partner from outside of the Libraries. The Program provides a supportive environment for those who wish to gain experience conceptualizing, writing, and administering interns hip projects. The program formalizes prior internships which were sometimes for course credit, sometimes paid, and not centrally supported in the same programmatic manner. These internships are paid at $15/hour for a max imum of 10 hours per week for 16 we eks per semester. Internships Awarded in Fall 2018 (4 semesters, 2 students) Internship in Expanding Affordable UF Initiatives on Campus (spring and summer 2019); $5,000 Colleen Seale: The George A. Smathers Libraries are committed along with other campus partners to increasing student success by helping faculty adopt low or no cost materials for their courses and then passing those savings on to our students. The proposed graduate internship in Expanding Affordable UF Initiatives on Campus will give a graduate student the opportunity to develop outreach and marketing skills, knowledge related to affordable resources in higher education and to exercise their own creativity. The intern will support the Affordable UF endeavors by creat ing and adding visual media to the new web portal, contributing to marketing and social media for outreach to faculty, staff and students on the UF campus and to other stakeholders, creating an appointment booking system to enable faculty to meet with


Program materials: Su bject Specialists to assist them in locating low and no cost or Open Educational Resources (OER) materials for their courses, and by gaining experience with event planning to help organize one to two workshops or other campus activities to promote the Af fordable UF program. Finally, the intern would work with campus stakeholders to help develop a methodology to track adoptions across campus, calculate savings, and disseminate this information to the broader campus community. In ternship in Assessment in Higher Education: Scholarship, Research, and Practice (spring and summer 2019); $5,000 Laura Spears : The Internship for Assessment in Higher Education: Scholarship, R esearch, and Practice will establish the online journal publication and would provide a twofold experience: first, the establishment of and curation of a self published, online journal using the Florida Open Journal System facilitated by the Smathers Libr aries and for the publication of the inaugural 2019 UF National Assessment Conference to be held in March, 2019 at the University of Florida. The online journal will be established to publish the abstracts and papers submitted for presentation and accepted for publication. Second, the Assessment Intern will become immersed in current assessment research and practices as produced in the resulting conference papers and presentations. This position will offer a graduate student the opportunity to experience scholarship assessment, online journal publishing and curation of the journal content. The Assessment Intern will provide semester reports, a summary of articles deposited, the process designed for future deposits and the opportunities and challenges for f uture curation. The National Assessment Conference is designed to offer researcher, faculty and administrators the opportunity to share a wider variety of assessment information. The Assessment Intern will participate in scholarship efforts to grow the literature of the field of academic assessment in higher education. The internship will begin January 2019 and continue through the spring and summer term. Internships Awarded in Spring 2018 (6 semesters, 4 students) Internship in Developing Innova tive Library Technologies, 2 semesters (fall 2018 and spring 2019); $5,000 Jean Bossart : The proposed graduate internship in Developing Innovative Library Technologies will support the existing Marston Science Library (MSL) technology initiatives in the field of 3D printing. Engineering students are the primary users of 3D printing services; however, a goal of the MSL 3D Printing Lab is to expand our services to students from other disciplines. Combining STEM fields with the arts (STEAM) aims to teach students to think critically and use technology to develop creative solutions. This is consist ent with one of the Smathers Libraries goals listed in Strategic Directions (October 2014) to Deliver diverse and up to date technology resources to foster innovation, enhance learning, and improve collaboration. Recently, two new types of 3D printers w ere acquired by MSL under a tech fee proposal. The library is seeking graduate student assistance with development of instructional materials to support these new 3D printers and their unique capabilities. The interns for this project will collaborate with the science and engineering librarians and 3D staff to create Canvas Course Modules (open source software), update the Technology at MSL LibGuide, conduct inperson workshops, develop tutorials and short videos for instructional purposes, and assist wit h outreach activities to showcase UFs innovative teaching and research in 3D printing.


Program materials: Smathers Graduate Internship in Visual Anthropology 1 semester (summer 2018); $2,500 April Hines and Hlne Huet : The visual anthropology internship will provide a n anthropology graduate student with the opportunity to put into practice the visual anthropology methods and theory they have studied as part of their academic program. The intern will use their skills and expertise to assist library staff in better under standing how students view and utilize library spaces and resources. This internship will contribute to library assessment data as well as inform future marketing and outreach efforts. During the internship, the intern will identify, collect (via screen capture), and store photographs from publicly available social media posts that use UF library hashtags or geotags. Currently there are hundreds of unmediated photos posted by students related to all seven libraries across multiple social media platforms. Students post photos of themselves interacting with library spaces and technologies, their study materials, library collections, artistic views of the building, and so much more. Using their skills in visual anthropology methodologies, the intern will categorize and code all photographs based on common themes and analyze the images. They will also organize and conduct a focus group session with students using a variation of the Photovoice qualitative method to gain additional insights about how students inter pret images taken by their peers, and how such content relates to their own experiences. Additionally, the intern will draft a report compiling a final analysis of trends, themes and student feedback. This report will support the Libraries goal of regular ly assessing user needs and applying the resulting information to create and revitalize user friendly library spaces, technologies, and services. Florida & Puerto Rico Digital Newspaper Project (FPRDNP) Internship 2 semesters (fall 2018 and spring 2019) ; $5,000 Melissa Jerome : The Florida & Puerto Rico Digital Newspaper Project (FPRDNP) Internship will introduce a graduate student from the UF College of Education to newspaper content available in Chronicling America and help them gain professional expe rience by providing them the opportunity to refine their curriculum development skills. The intern will use Chronicling America newspapers, with focus on Florida and Puerto Rico content, to create lesson plans for K 12 classrooms that are compliant with Fl orida education standards in Social Studies/History. These lessons plans will showcase the importance of using primary resources in the classroom and will be used by FPRDNP team to promote this digital resource to Florida educators. Lesson plans will be uploaded to IR@UF, Teaching Resources Collection (TRC) in UFDC, and shared via FPRDNP digital platforms. The intern will also record presentation(s) of lesson plan(s). Recording(s) will be uploaded to IR and TRC and shared with COE and PK Yonge educators. Re cording(s) will also be shared via FPRDNP collection and social media accounts for broader access. Smathers Graduate Internship in Bioinformatics 1 semester (summer 2018); $2,500 Joe Wu : This internship aims to enhance the interns bioinformatics skil lset. Bioinformatics is a discipline that utilizes computer science and math to elucidate new knowledge in biology and medicine, where basic tasks include retrieving gene sequence, gene expression, and protein information from databases. Proficiency in basic bioinformatics and pedagogy will strengthen the interns qualifications for careers in research (academic or industry) and teaching. The HSCL has identified several areas of basic bioinformatics where a need for training is indicated and the intern w ill select a task from this list. The intern will then locate tools (tools refer to database or software) for performing this bioinformatics task and identify as well as evaluate instructional videos for these tools. A list of instructional videos will b e posted on UFs


Program materials: bioinformatics training resources LibGuide for UF biosciences researchers to access. The intern will then create video instruction for a tool that is used to complete the selected basic bioinformatics task if video instructions for the to ol are lacking or not optimal in quality. Finally, the intern will teach the use of the bioinformatics tool in which video instruction was made to HSCL and Biology faculty. This allows the intern to teach to a diverse audience that includes those with li mited knowledge in biology and those with advanced biological training. The ability to reach a diverse audience is critical in careers that involve teaching. In conclusion, the intern will add credentials for conducting research that seek to improve huma n health and/or careers in teaching after graduate training. The work of the intern will be used by HSCLs librarians and staff to provide bioinformatics support for those in the partnering academic unit and other biosciences researchers and students at UF. This internship will also create a stronger working relationship between Smathers Libraries and an academic unit. Internships Awarded in Fall 2017 (11 semesters, 8 students) Internship in the Architecture Archives, 1 semester (spring 2018); $2,500 Jessica Aberle: The Architecture Archives intern will process the papers of the architect Harry Merritt, develop an online exhibit, and undertake outreach to promote the project a nd collection. While processing the Harry Merritt Collection, the student will assess the materials to determine which items will be accessioned and will develop a logical arrangement for the archives evident in the finding aid produced. The intern will cr eate an online exhibit to tell the story of Merritts work and accomplishments as an architect and professor. The exhibit will not only raise the visibility of the newly processed collection but will also contribute to the conversation around regional mode rn architecture by exploring the significance of the contributions made by Merritt to the profession as an architect and scholar. Finally, the intern will promote the collection and her work on the Harry Merritt Collection through two speaking engagements. (Proposal: ) Internship in Online Exhibitions, 1 semester (spring 2018); $2,500 Lourdes SantamaraWheeler: The graduate internship in online exhibition design will introduce a museum studies graduate student to best practices in translating a physical library exhibition to an online format and audience. The intern will learn the necessary skills to create online content, including use of Adobe Muse and simple html and css. During the semester long internship, the student will design a minimum of two online exhibitions utilizing interpretive text and object lists from past exhibitions. The process will enhance t heir classroom learning of curatorial practice, public history, and visual design. Additionally, their work will contribute to the Exhibition Programs goal of increased online content. (Proposal: ) Internship in Metadata Creation and Bibliography of Myers Briggs Digital Collection, 2 semesters (spring 2018 and summer 2018); $5,000 Paula de la Cruz Fernandez, Ph.D.: The current Myers Briggs digitization project will result in a rich digital collection of material related to the creation and publication of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The main objective of this proposal is to enhance the content and the context of the digitized UF Briggs Myers digital collection and introduce a graduate student to metadata creation skills and interdisciplinary


Program materials: academic research. The student or students will need to research areas related to the content of the collection, including Psychology, Counseling, Womens History, and Education. Knowledge in these fields will allow the intern to create and enter metadata at the page level, which will provide greater and more efficient access and discoverability for the digital collections users. Also, the intern will assist in the creation of an updated bibliography about Isabel Briggs Myers and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. (Proposal: ) Internship in Building a Science Fiction Portal (SF@UF), 3 semesters (spring 2018, fall 2018, spring 2019); $7,500 Sara Gonzalez : SF@UF is a collaborative endeavor including Smathers Libraries staff, research and teaching faculty in several academic units, and g raduate student interns working in the field of science fiction studies, to improve the visibility and usability of UFs diverse holdings in science fiction (SF), fantasy, and utopian studies through development of a web portal SF@UF. The project will al so identify collection needs in these areas, and will improve Library support of these materials with the rising profile of research and teaching in these areas at UF. (Proposal: ) Bibliographic and Digital Internship for Black Education in Florida, 19201955; 3 semesters (spring, summer, and fall 2018); $7,500 Stephanie Birch: The Bibliography and Digital Internship on Black Education in Florida will provide a UF graduate student in Education, History, Law, Museum Studies, or a related discipline with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in archival research and bibliographic curation for public education programming. This internship will provide practical ex periences in project management, document handling, review, and assessment, as well as broader familiarity with concepts and best practices in archival research, African American history and educational history, especially as they relate to develop exhibit ions for the public and university community. (Proposal: ) Internship in Library Publishing with Florida Online Journals; 1 semester (spring 2018); $2,500 Suzanne Stapleton: The internship will introduce a graduate student to careers in digital publishing with specific experience in library services that support scholarly research. The internship will contribute to activities of the UF Libraries Open Journal System Services T eam to support digital publication of open access scholarly research in Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ). Interest in Florida OJ is growing; in the past three years six journals affiliated with University of Florida (UF) have begun using this digital publishing platform. Editors and journal managers have been thankful for this library service and encouraged others at UF to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. One of the new users of this platform is the Florida State Horticultural Society one of the oldest horticultural societies in the U.S. This intern will participate in quality control of article level metadata for the Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society archives to ensure greater discoverability. The intern will d evelop a questionnaire to identify levels of satisfaction and issues of concern of editors and journal managers of UF affiliated journals using Florida OJ. The intern will use the responses to this knowledge to develop an annual survey of UF journals using Florida OJ and contribute to a LibGuide about Florida OJ for UF scholars. The objectives of this internship will be to provide training, experience and education to the intern in a variety of aspects of library services in support of open access publishing. (Proposal: )


Program materials: Internships Awarded in Spring 2017 (17 semesters, 11 students) Internship in Public Relations 1 semester (summer 2017); $2,500 April Hines: In Spring 2016, a public relations campaigns class at the University of Florida took on Library West as their real world client for the semester. Their goal was to develop detailed campaign strategies to raise awareness of Library West librarians and the v ital role they play as subject specialists. The Public Relations Internship will give a PR graduate student or upper division undergraduate the opportunity to plan, create, disseminate and evaluate some of the more indepth PR campaign strategies suggested by the student groups. These strategies include creating short, humorous getting to know you videos for each subject specialist as well as mini commercials highlighting the unique expertise and services each librarian provides. The PR intern will not only produce the videos, but create a step by step how to manual so the process can be duplicated by library staff in the future. He or she will also develop a distribution plan for how the videos will be promoted and shared, and an assessment plan, outlining how the reach and effectiveness of the videos will be evaluated. This internship opportunity will provide the UF Libraries with high quality, engaging content for raising awareness of library subject specialists while allowing a PR student to enhance the ir skills in graphic design, videography, PR strategy, distribution and assessment. The intern will walk away with professional content for their portfolio, having worked on a large scale public relations campaign with the potential of reaching thousands o f UF students, faculty, staff and administrators. (Proposal: ) Preservation Internship, 2 semesters (fall 2017 and spring 2018); $5,000 Fletcher Durant : The Internship will introduce a graduate student to the practice of preservation in research libraries and build their academic skill set. The intern will develop an annotated bibliography of preservation resources focusing on Spanishlanguage entries and needs of institutions in the Caribbean Basin. The bibliography will cover the major topics of library and archives preservation such as storage and housing, environmental conditions, disaster planning, and conservation. The focus will be on developing Sp anish language resources, but may include documents in other languages found in the Caribbean depending on the language abilities of the intern. After compiling the bibliography, the intern will identify gaps in the existing literature and identify English language resources that address these gaps. If the annotated bibliography is completed prior to the end of the Spring Semester, with time and copyright permissions allowing, a selection of these English language resources may be translated into Spanish. T he completed annotated bibliography will be made available in English and Spanish to the public on the Preservation Department website. At the conclusion of the internship, the intern will present on their findings to the library community. (Proposal: ) Digital Cuban Bibliography Internship, 2 semesters (summer and all 2017); $5,000 Haven Hawley: The internship will engage two multilingual graduate students with e xpertise in bibliography in a project of global significance that will advance the students ability to contribute to and manage digital humanities projects. The interns will create a bibliography of works by and about Fr. Flix Varela, Jos Mart, Mximo Gmez, and Antonio Maceo, intellectuals foundational in the development of 20thcentury Cuban identity. The bibliography


Program materials: will establish a core inventory for the digitization initiative of the Libraries and the Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba Jos Mart (BNJM) The interns will integrate scholarly perspectives into the proposed design of and content for a digital scholarship project tentatively titled Cuba: Jewel of the Caribbean/Cuba: Joya del Caribe. The students will take part in training and dissemination efforts, becoming part of a professional network. They will promote the Libraries digitization initiative and the digital scholarship project to potential partners and scholars. The Digital Cuban Bibliography Internships will enable two promising graduat e students to significantly contribute to building and making available scholarly collections. They will advance a strategic project at the Libraries and gain skills essential for managing digital scholarship projects. They will establish professional connections that will enhance knowledge about the field of librarianship and digital humanities, enhancing their career prospects. The first internship is proposed as 20 hours/week for the Summer B term of 2017. The second internship is proposed for 10 hours/w eek in the Fall 2017 semester. The internships may be held sequentially by one person but have been designed to accommodate separate intern appointments. (Proposal: ) Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Graduate Internship, 1 semester (summer 2017); $2,500 Hlne Huet: The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) graduate internship will introduce a humanities graduate student to scholarly and professional video making skills. The intern will use these skills to support dLOCs ongoing efforts to enhance its websites accessibility and ease of navigation for Spanishlanguage users. To achieve these goals, the intern will host a webinar and produce Spanishlanguage video tutorials on using and navigating the dLOC website. During the internship, the intern will deepen her/hi s knowledge of dLOC and its content, increase her/his proficiency in scholarly and professional video making, and strengthen her/his presentational skills. Additionally, her/his work will contribute to the Libraries goals of enhancing the visibility of th eir digital collections and forging collaborations across language communities. (Proposal: ) Digital Humanities and Public Humanities Internship, 2 semesters (fall 2017 and spring 2018); $5,000 Laurie Taylor: The Digital Humanities Working Group (DHWG) started in 2011, and has grown tremendously: over 300 members, developing dozens of events each year including THATCamp Gainesville, collaborating on noncredit and forcredit programs as with the new DH Graduate Certificate. UF is uniquely positioned in having consistently defined the Digital Humanities (DH) as the humanities in and for the digital age, marking DH as the Public Humanities. The year for this internship will strengthen the presented connection of DH as Public Humanities, through collaboration with the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program (SPOHP), a campus champion for Public Humanities, for a year of events themed on the digital as public humanities. Th e intern for this project will be expected to plan several events to showcase and build upon the recent naming of SPOHP as the official repository for the oral history archives of the Womens March on Washington, the collaboration with SPOHP and the Librar ies for Caribbean Studies Digital Humanities with a study abroad planning grant for collecting oral histories in Trinidad, as well as events to further connect the DHWG with the Imagining America group at UF, a group that is explicitly public humanities. T he intern for this position will build understanding across UF while gaining self insight into the digitalas public humanities. (Proposal: )


Program materials: dLOC & Digital Pedagogy, 2 semesters (fall 2017 and spring 2018) ; $5,000 Laurie Taylor: The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a unique open access, collaborative, international, multilingual digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum Carib bean, providing access and preservation for Caribbean materials (digitized and borndigital) from libraries, archives, museums, and private collections. Surpassing many commercial collections in breadth and volume, dLOC includes newspapers, official docume nts, ecological and economic data, maps, histories, literature, poetry, musical expressions, videos, and artifacts. As the largest open access repository of Caribbean content, dLOC is a significant resource for teaching, research, and cultural and communit y life. dLOC's diverse partners serve an international community of scholars, students, and peoples by working together to preserve and provide enhanced access to materials. dLOC focuses on how a community of practice can best create a digital library in terms of contents, functionality, and robust governance for inclusivity and diversity. For all of this work, dLOCs technologies have been defined by and created in collaboration with partner institutions and scholars. This internship will support further e nhancement and expansion for digital pedagogy, specifically through engagement with the Fall 2017 Migration and Mobility Distributed Online Collaborative Course (DOCC), engagement with the fall 2017 symposium on Caribbean Studies and digital pedagogy, wr iting of reflective and teaching pieces, research and collaboration to create new records for digital pedagogy projects in dLOC, and collaborative preparation of materials for writing the environmental scan sections of two grant proposals to extend dLOCs technologies and communities in regards to digital scholarship. (Proposal: ) Internship in Government House Research Collections, 1 semester (fall 2017); $2,500 Matt Armstrong: The intern will complete collection management and outreach activities for the Government House Research Collections in St. Augustine. In order to ensure proper stewardship and preservation of cultural heritage materials in the collection, the intern will assess historical artifacts and create recommendations for the deaccessioning and disposal of artifacts that are outside of the scope of the collection policy. In order to raise public awareness of the collections and increase knowledge and understanding of the citys history, the intern will 1) create posts using the WhatWasThere and HistoryPin apps by overlaying historic St. Augustine images from UF Digital Collections (UFDC) onto Google Maps, allowing users to see how streets, buildings and sites appeare d in the past; and 2) create or edit Wikipedia pages relating to the agencies and people who led historic preservation and archaeology efforts in the city. The intern will work one day per week (7 hours) on site at Government House and three hours per week in Gainesville. The majority of the collection management activities will occur in St. Augustine, and the majority of the outreach activities will occur Gainesville. (Proposal: ) Data Management & Instructional Design Internship, 2 semesters (fall 2017 and spring 2018); $5,000 Plato Smith: The Data Management & Instructional Design Intern will learn about the key components of a data management plan, key data lifec ycle processes, and available resources and infrastructure at UF that enable faculty, researchers, students, and staff to develop data management comp etencies and practices. Data management (DM) within the scope of this proposal involves but is not limited to the development, organization, description, representation, aggregation, dissemination, preservation, and disposition of data throughout the life of data during and after projects and/or funded research. The intern will enhance the graduate student


Program materials: experience in the area of data management planning, data management guidelines and recommendations policy development, data management course, instruction, and syllabus design including enabling the discoverability, reproducibility, and sustainability of data throughout its lifecycle. The intern will participate in the Data Management and Curation Working Group and assist in the development of an instructional design of a data m anagement course. The intern will help design the development of current data management training workshops into data management training curriculum and course syllabus initiatives to establish a future DM course/module for the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering (HWCOE) Engineering Innovation Institute (EII). (Proposal: ) Emerging Technologies Interns hip, 3 semesters (summer and fall 2017, spring 2018); $7,500 Sara Russell Gonzalez: The proposed graduate internship in Emerging Technologies will support the Marston Science Librarys important technology initiatives in the fields of 3D scanning and printing, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and Internet of Things (IoT) development, using Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. This will extend the existing relationship between the Department of Englishs Digital Humanities programs and the TRACE Initiative ( ) with MSL, in which TRACE graduate students have taught Arduino programming and augmented reality workshops since Spring 2016. The intern for this project will collaborate with the MSL librarians to develop online tutorials, in person workshops, and short videos for instructional and outreach purposes, to showcase UFs innovative teaching and research in these areas. In addition, the intern will assist with photographing and developing promotional materials for relevant library events. (Proposal: ) Moveable & Toy Books, Baldwin Library Internship, 1 semester (fall 2017); $2,500 Suzan Alt eri: The curatorial and collection development intern will support the George A. Smathers Libraries efforts to identify and digitize toy and movable books, and to provide intellectual context and metadata to the Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature digital collection ( as well as document best practices for digitizing nontraditional books such as moveable and popups. This project will identify current holdings of interactive and books in the Baldwin Library and suggest other titles for acquisition based on collection strengths and weaknesses. The largest part of the project will be piloting a method for digitizing nontraditional book items and documenting best practices for t he digitization of these unique items. This curatorial and collection management intern is proposed for fall 2017. (Proposal: ) Internships Awarded in Fall 2016 (5 semesters, 4 students) Baldwin Library Graduate Student Internship, 1 semester (spring 2017); $2,500 Suzan Alteri: The curatorial and bibliographical intern will support the George A. Smathers Libraries efforts to identify and digitize books and other materials related to the Caribbean and especially Cuba, and to provide intellectual context to already digitized mater ials in the Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature digital collections ( This curatorial and bibliographical intern is proposed for spring 2017. (Proposal: http://ufdc.ufl .edu/AA00052080 )


Program materials: Collaborative Grant Seeking in Libraries and Museums Internship, 1 semester (spring 2017); $2,500 Bess de Farber: This internship, planned for Spring 2017, will provide a graduate student in Museum Studies at the University of Florida w ith the opportunity to learn, first hand, about the successful, time tested methodologies for performing pre award activities related to applying for grant funds. Unfortunately, grant writing courses or workshops specifically for humanities students are scarce, if available at all. Consequently, this internship will provide practical experiences that will introduce the student to best practices developed at UF for Libraries personnel. Upon completion, the student will have 1) a thorough understanding of th e steps involved in participating in collaborative grant seeking activities to produce fundable proposals, 2) grant searching experience, 3) knowledge of how to analyze search results, 4) skills to prepare checklists, funding alerts, and master deadline ca lendar updates, and 5) the ability to assist project team members in preparing fundable proposals. (Proposal: ) Preservation Internship, 1 semester (spring 2017); $2,500 Fletc her Durant: The Preservation Internship will introduce a graduate student to the practice of preservation in research libraries. The intern will work to support the ongoing efforts of the Libraries to provide long term access to collection materials by und ertaking a preservation assessment of the Special and Area Studies Collections (SASC) held in Smathers Library. The assessment will evaluate the facilities, collections, and communities of practice and provide recommendations for mitigating the identified risks to SASC collections. In developing the assessment, the intern will conduct research, develop an assessment plan, talk with key stakeholders, and conduct site surveys. At the conclusion of the assessment, the intern will produce a report and a present ation to share their findings. Additionally, the intern will support ongoing preservation activities to gain exposure to current practice and issues in the field. (Proposal: ) Ar chival Internship in Literary Manuscripts, 2 semesters (spring and summer 2017); $5,000 Flo Turcotte: This internship will approach archival work as an intellectual ordering task and will teach interpretive and analytical skills in the framework of a cur atorial practicum. The intern will conduct an appraisal of three different literary manuscript collections in order to identify specific items for prioritized digitization and inclusion in exhibit and other public outreach activities. Metadata and location information will be compiled for selected materials in order to prepare them to enter the digitization queue. A conservation assessment will also be completed for each item in order to ensure that its long term preservation needs are met. (Proposal: ) Internships Awarded in Spring 2016 ( 11 semesters, 6 students ) Panama Canal Museum Collection Internship, 1 semester (fall 2016); $2,500 Jessica Marcetti: During this one semester internship in Fall 2016, the Panama Canal Museum Collection (PCMC) Exhibits Intern will develop exhibits for the newly created Panama Canal Corridor Gallery in the Smathers Building. The exhibits will communicate information about the PCMC and raise public awareness of the collection and the historical significance of the Canal.


Program materials: In developing the exhibits plan, the intern will conduct research, select objects, develop themes, write labels and narrative text, and design exhibit layo uts. The exhibits will not be installed during the internship period. The intern will conduct an assessment of unprocessed PCMC materials to identify objects for inclusion in exhibits, and will create a report recommending processing priorities. The intern also will create a plan for developing traveling exhibits based on the Corridor Gallery exhibits. (Proposal: ) Creating a Culture of Assessment Internship, 2 semesters (fall 201 6 & spring 2017); $5,000 Laura Spears: The Assessment Program Internship Project will support efforts to establish a culture of assessment within the Smathers Libraries by assisting with development and implementation of a data management infrastructure to include data mining and text analysis, statistical analysis and assessment protocols specific to UF Libraries needs. (Proposal: ) Digital Scholarship & Publishing Internship, 3 semesters (summer 2016, fall 2016 & spring 2017); $7,500 Laurie Taylor: The Digital Scholarship & Publishing Internship will enhance graduate student experience in DH and digital publishing, strengthen collaboration with the Libraries and Humanities D epartments by serving as a co convenor for the Digital Humanities Working Group (DHWG) with all event planning and implementation. In addition, the intern will support projects and activities to further develop the LibraryPress@UF, and the related Mellon O pen Book project to further support and strengthen collaboration with the Libraries, Humanities Departments, and the UF Press. As the co convenor of the DHWG, the intern will collaborate with the Libraries to help build a community of practice across campus through facilitation and interaction on the many DHWG meetups, DHLG meetings, and related activities, helping to plan the full year program of events, promote events, conduct outreach for events, facilitate events, and/or develop events. (Proposal: ) Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Digital Scholarship Internship, 3 semesters (summer 2016, fall 2016 & spring 2017); $7,500 Laurie Taylor: The Digital Library of the Cari bbean (dLOC) Digital Scholarship Intern will introduce a graduate student in the humanities to collaborative ways of working to support needs in the Libraries and to help build a community of practice across campus through facilitation and interaction on t he many dLOC related activities, including grants where the student will be involved in preparing research and materials in support of grant writing and proposal submission (for an ACLS Digital Extension Grant, grants for a dLOC Scholar Summit, etc.) and in the permissions and curation processing for materials created by scholars in relation to the Panama Silver, Asian Gold D istributed Online Collaborative Courses. (Proposal: ) Curatorial Internship for Cuban Collections (fall 2016 & spring 2017); $5,000 Margarita Vargas Betancourt: The goal of this internship is to provide a graduate student the opportunity of building curatorial and archival expertise in bilingual collections. The intern will participate with curators in the organization of a bilingual physical exhibit (English/Spanish) on the presence of Cubans in Florida, which will take place during the 2017 UF Latin American Studies Annual Conference whose theme will be Cuba, US, and Florida: The Impact of Normalization. The institutional objective is to expand the relationship between the Center for Latin American


Program materials: Studies, College of the Arts, and the Latin American and Caribbean Collection by involving faculty and students from across campus in exhibit development, research, and promotion. (Proposal: )