Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An Annotated Bibliography


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Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An Annotated Bibliography
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Alteri, Suzan
Rauch, Alan
de Farber, Bess
University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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The Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature at the University of Florida requests ALA Carnegie/Whitney funding of $5,000 to research and design a digital annotated bibliography of 200 primarily non-fiction science books written by women for children between 1790 and 1890. The project objectives are as follows: 1. Select 200 titles from the Baldwin Library based on date, authorship, reputation of author, scarcity, cultural impact (if known), and condition; 2. Conduct research focusing on specific titles, themes, authors, and cultural significance through a contract with literature expert, Alan Rauch, Ph.D., professor of English at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte; 3. Design the format of the annotated bibliography to meet online user requirement needs; 4. Using research results, write annotations with notes for multiple editions where appropriate; 5. Promote the completed bibliography through various activities; and 6. Evaluate usage and benefits once project is complete.
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Request: $5,000
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Sponsor: American Library Association (ALA)
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Program: Carnegie-Whitney Grant Program

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Carnegie Whitney Award Application Cover Sheet Date: Project Title: Organization/Individual Applying: Address: Phone: Fax: Email: Project Director (if organization): Phone: Fax: Email: Summary of Proposed Proj ect (2 or 3 sentences): Project Completion Date: Amount Requested: 11/06/2014 Women Authored Science Books for Children 1790 1890: An Annotated Bibliography University of Florida 219 Grinter Hall PO Box 115500 Gainesville, FL 32611 5500 352 392 1582 Suzan Alteri, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida The Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature (hereafter the Baldwin Library) at the University of Florida requests ALA Carnegie/Whitney funding of $5,000 to research and design a digital annotated bibliography of 200 primarily non fiction science books written by women for children between 1790 and 1890. February 20, 2017 $5 ,000 352 392 4400 uf p ro p osals@ufl.edu 352 273 2870 352 392 4538 salteri@ufl.edu


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790 1890: An Annotated Bibliography Project Need


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Purpose


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Description of Books Introduction to Botany Title of Work Description Editions Domestic Recreation, or, Dialogues Illustrative of Natural and Scientific Struggles Instinct Displayed in a Collection of Well Authenticated Facts: Exemplifying the Extraordinary Sagacity of Various Species of the Animal Creation


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Introduction to Botany, In a Series of Familiar Letters, with Illustrated Engravings Mental Improvement, or, The Beauties and Wonders of Nature and Art: In a Series of Instructive Conversations Target Audience


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Evaluation Knowledge, Expertise and Qualifications Suzan Alteri, M.L.I.S. – Project Director Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Alan Rauch, Ph.D. – Project Consultant


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Intersections in Literature & Science Scientific Americans: The Making of Popular Science and Evolution in Early Twentieth century U.S. Literature and Culture The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty Second Century Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology Selected relevant publications include Children’s Literature Association Quarterly Parables from Nature Children’s Literature Nineteenth Century Studies – Charleston Useful Knowledge: The Victorians, Morality, and ‘The March of Intellect’


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Nineteenth Century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal Science in the Nursery: The Popularisation of Science in Britain and France, 1761 1901 The Cradles of Nineteenth Century Science: Women Writers, Curious Children, and the Dissemination of Knowledge David Van Kleeck, M.L.I.S. – Cataloger Student Assistant


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Planned Project Activities Timeframe Activity Persons Responsible March, 2015 Hire Student Assistant Develop full title list of books written by women for children in sciences (1790-1890) Cataloging report/spreadsheet Narrow spreadsheet of possible candidates for inclusion Alteri, Curator Student Asst./Alteri Van Kleeck, Cataloger Student Assistant April – May, 2015 Selection criteria Selection of titles WorldCat training for Student Assistant Review of materials for scarcity Develop final list of 200 titles (incorporating comparative editions) Alteri Alteri/Student Assist. Alteri Student Assistant Alteri May – June, 2015 Check all bibliographic data to make sure it matches with the material in hand Student Assistant July – December, 2015 Research on general time period and cultural significance Research on specific titles and authors Design format of bibliography Type all titles with bibliographic data into the Bibliography template Meet with consultant Alteri/Student Assist. Student Assistant Student Assistant Student Assistant Student Assistant Alteri/Rauch January – July, 2016 Write all annotations for items included in annotated bibliography, note when there are multiple editions of the same title Meet with consultant Alteri/ Student Assist. Alteri/Rauch August – October, 2016 Proofread annotated bib liography for content and grammatical mistakes Alteri/Rauch/Van Kleeck November, 2016 Upload finished product in UFDC Alteri/ UF Digital Production Services


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Budget Grant period: March 1, 2015 to February 28, 2017 Expense Category ALA Carnegie/Whitney Program Request Cost Share Contribution provided by the State of Florida Suzan Alteri, Project Director, Baldwin Library (.05% FTE for year one and two) -0-$6,736 OPS Student Labor (320 hours X $12.03/hour plus fringe benefits of 3.9% in year one and two) $4,000 Consultant fees for Alan Rauch, Ph.D. (year one and two) $1,000 Subtotals $5,000$6,736 Total project cost: $11,736 Budget Justification Project Director, Suzan Alteri (.05% FTE for year one and two, totaling $6,736 in contributed cost share) will provide project management and intellectual control throughout the two-year grant period. Funding for Alteri’s salary and benefits is allocate d from state appropriated funds. Student Labor (320 hours X $12.03/hour plus fringe benefits of 3.9% in year one, totaling $4,000) is necessary to support Alteri in de veloping framework, conducting basic collection research, and creating the bibliogr aphy template that is web-based and user friendly. The project set-up work mandates the additional labor not available thro ugh other means. Consultant fees for Alan Rauch, Ph.D. ($1,000) c overs Rauch’s time contri butions during a sitevisit to UF to view titles, discussion of bi bliography, and recommenda tions for additions or deletions based on his vast experi ence with the subject matter. Ra uch will cover his own travel expenses. Additionally, Rauch has agreed to cons ult throughout the project to provide quality control reviews, and editorial services.


Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An annotated bibliography Suzan Alteri, University of Florida Planned Dissemination Activities Timeframe Activity Persons Responsible March, 2015 Publish and di stribute press releases announcing the award Director of Communications April 2015 – November 2016 Publish project updates on the Baldwin Library website Alteri/Student Assistant November 2016 Write and publish article in the George A. Smathers Libraries Newsletter Alteri/Director of Communications November 2016 Write project description with project link for the Departments of English (UF and UNC), and the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (UF) Alteri November 2016 – January 2017 Mail and/or email press release of completion of project to peer universities and colleges Alteri June 2017 Promote project at the annual Children’s Literature Association conference and annual Rare Books and Manuscripts conference (promotion materials and possible presentations) Alteri Members of Baldwin Library Scholar’s Council January 2017 Prepare Baldwi n Library Scholar’s Council to promote completed project to colleagues and at other academic conferences Alteri Members of Baldwin Library Scholar’s Council December 2016 Post project in the Teachers Resource Collection (UFDC) to reach interested teachers Digital Production Services November 2016 Expert presen ter on the project’s topic during the Baldwin Library Speaker Series that reaches students, faculty, and the Gainesville community Alteri/Director of Communications July – August 2017 Send information packages to curriculum designers within school districts in Florida for distribution to appropriate K-12 classroom teachers Alteri


The Foundation for The Gator Nation An Equal Opportunity Institution College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 4008 Turlington Hall Department of English PO Box 117310 Gainesville, FL 32611 352-392-6650 352 392 0860 Fax October 13, 2014 Dear colleagues, My colleague Suzan Alteri has asked me to write in support of her application for a Carnegie-Whitney Grant, and I am extremel y pleased to do so. Several years ago, Suzan assumed the position of Curator of our Bald win Library of Hist orical Children's Literature (after a competitive national se arch), and has been developing exciting new research programs and outreach initiatives. I've worked with Suzan on a number of projects, most recently, a UF Libraries mini -grant initiative to kick start a Baldwin Scholars Council, which was enormously pr oductive, involving cu rators and scholars from a number of other inst itutions. Right now, Suzan is co-teaching a graduate seminar on the children's literature archive based on the Baldwin collection. She quickly made herself indispensable not only because she knows the collection well, but because she's knows so much about the history of children's literature and pr int culture. It is a joy as well as a professional boon to collaborate with Suzan. I know, too, that Suzan is actively involved in a number of other re search efforts, many if not all interdisciplinary, and that I'm only seeing a small part of her activity. I understand I am to verify he r ability to carry out the proj ect. I can do th is with great confidence. She is supremely qualified to undertake the project she outlines in her application, which strikes me as exciting a nd timely. Recently, Victor ianist scholar Alan Rauch visited our collection and gave a terr ific presentation on nineteenth-century biology and science books by women authors. We have a large collection in the Baldwin, and no one's bothered to study most of these materials. The ability to do so will change our understanding of how women aut hors created a literatu re for children and young adults, broadly understood, and how they thus participated not on ly in the literary world but in the project of making educated citizens. Suzan has been looking into this topic further, drawing on her own training in rare books and gender studies, and she has already identified a substan tial archive with which to work. She proposes a digital annotated bibliography, with full-text links, to women-authored materials published in both the eighteenth and ninete enth century. Many of these books focus on natural history and the life sciences, but they extend to othe r topics that we might not now think of as "science" more properly, such as psyc hology, philosophy, and religion. Not a few of these materials negotiate the science-religi on relationship in interesting ways. This bibliography will be of great interest to anyone working in literary studies and interdisciplinary childhood studies, especiall y, but also to resear chers of social and cultural history. Many of these texts are illu strated, as well, sometimes by the author, and that's another fascinating dimension. In short, the bibliography could be a very


The Foundation for The Gator Nation An Equal Opportunity Institution significant research tool for researcher s across many fields. I expect important scholarship will come of it. Please let me know if you need more info rmation from me, and thank you for your consideration of this compelling proposal. Sincerely, Kenneth Kidd Professor and Chair


The Foundation for The Gator Nation An Equal Opportunity Institution George A. Smathers Libraries 208 Smathers Library Department of Special and Area Studies Collections PO Box 117005 Chair, Elizabeth Haven Hawley, Ph.D. Gainesville, FL 32611-7005 352-273-2765 352-846-2746 Fax www.uflib.ufl.edu/spec/ November 6, 2014 Carnegie-Whitney Grant Program American Library Association 50 E. Huron Street Chicago, IL 60611 Dear Carnegie-Whitney Grant Reviewers, I write to offer my strongest support as a hist orian of science and technology to commend the “Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790 -1890: An Annotated Bibliography” project for grant funding through the Carnegie-Whitney Found ation. The project will establish an important resource for educators and scholars working to understand the historical role of women in science and cultural factors shaping female participatio n in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. I wish this type of resour ce had been available last year when I taught the course “Gender, Women and Science” at the University of Minnesota. In childhood, girls engage as enthusiastically in science activities as boys. Yet by undergraduate study in college, female participation in physi cs, math and computer science notably drops, with biology the chief field in which women outnumber men. The paring of qualified women from STEM fields becomes even greater with advanced degree s and has been called a “leady pipeline.” We have come to understand that even when a pipeline of potential female scientists is generated in early childhood, cultural factors quite apart from individual intelligence play a significant role in reducing women’s long-term presence in STEM fields. While completing my Ph.D. in the History and Sociology of Technology and Science at the Geor gia Institute of Technology, I worked with the Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Te chnology on examining these issues. My attention to the field over more than a decade convinces me that Suzan Alteri’s project will make an impact on how we study the relationship of cu lture, science, and gender over time. The proposed project will make available primary sour ces about the historical practices in children’s literature and science education t hat have encouraged and sustained fema le participation in certain fields (such as botany and biology) while di scouraging interest in others. This annotated bibliography identifies resources that can be acce ssed by educators at all levels, as well as by scholars ranging from educational curr icula to the history of science. This past year, I left my position as visiting fa culty in the History of Science and Technology Program at the University of Minnesota to chair the Special and Area Studies Collections Department (SASC) at the University of Florida. I was drawn to Univ ersity of Florida because of the interdisciplinary configuration of the departmen t, the commitment of the Smathers Libaries to digitization and access, and the exceptional library faculty of SASC. Each of these elements is a strength of Suzan Alteri’s proposal and supports her proposal for specificity and quality of content, the ability of the project to sup port work across many fields, and public access to historical materials not held in such quantity or breadth by other institutions. I have great confidence in her abilities as a bib liographer and project manager who can complete this project successfully and with the highest qua lity. I met Suzan Alteri in 2012 while serving as an instructor for descriptive bibli ography students at Rare Book School at University of Virginia. I taught her personally in a Rare Book School intensive summer course on the topic. She was brilliant, quite frankly, and able to grasp comple x bibliographical points quickly and fully.


The Foundation for The Gator Nation An Equal Opportunity Institution She excelled at mastering new concepts and fine points of bibliographical analysis, as well as placing specific works within historical context. In conversations during the course and since then, she has shown a deep knowledge about children’s liter ature to a range of topics, with remarkable facility in working across disciplines. She has a very good track record for planning, implementing and concluding projects with quality deliverables. By the time I accepted the posit ion at University of Florida this year, she already had formed a strong interest in women in science and established a network of scholars to engage in the examination of gender, science and children’s literature in the Baldwin Library. Before I began discussing the project with her, she already had read and analyzed key publications on this topic; she has evidenced an understanding of key issues and coordinated her work with that of gender and science/technology scholars quite well. As a schola r myself in this field, I am quite confident that she will produce high-quality results and complete a project that will deepen our ability to understand historical aspects of women’s participation in STEM. With funding from the Carnegie-Whitney Foundat ion, the project “Woman Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890: An Annotated Bibliography ” will provide a premier resource for better understanding women’s participation in STEM fields through historical children’s literature. I offer my strongest recommendation in favor of this proposed project. Sincerely, Elizabeth Haven Hawley


Short Curriculum Vitae, August 2014 SUZAN A. ALTERI Curator, Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature – Special and Area Studies Collections George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida __________________ _______________ _______________ _______________ ______________ ADDRESS: GEORGE A. SMATHERS LIBRARIES TEL: 352 273 2890 P. O. Box 117005 EMAIL: salteri@ufl.edu University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611 7005 EDUCATION : M.L.I.S. 2005 Wayne State University, Library & Information Science RECENT POSITIONS HELD : 2012 Curator, Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida 2007 – 2012 Social Sciences Librarian and Juvenile Collections Manager, Information Services, Wayne State University Library System, Wayne State University 2005 – 2007 Archivist, Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University Library System, Wayne State University PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS : Member, Children’s Literature Association Member, Association of Library Services to Children, American Libraries Association Member, Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, American Libraries Association Member, Association of College and Research Libraries, American Libraries Association RECENT AWARDS, FELLOWSHIPS, AND GRANTS : George A. Smathers Libraries Research Award (UF, 2014) “Developing Librarian,” Digital Humanities Pilot Training Project. (UF, 2014) “Establishing Scholarly Connections,” Baldwin Library Scholars Council Project (UF, 2013) Liaison, Digital Humanities Collaboratory (WSU, 2010 2012) ALA Emerging Leaders Project (WSU, 2010) PUBLICATIONS : Referred : Alteri, S. (2013). “The Classroom as Salon: A Collaborative Project on Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe .” Digital Defoe 5 (1), 2013. Alteri, S.A. (2009). From laboratory to library: The history of Wayne State University's Education Library. Education Libraries, 32 (1), 12 16.


Short Curriculum Vitae, August 2014 Non referred : Alteri, S. (2014). “We are not alone: the changing role of the curator in special collections,” in Emerging Roles in Librarianship McFarland: North Carolina. Alteri, S.; Ingram, J. & Santamaria Wheeler, L. (2013). When Phantasie Takes Flight: The Art & Imagination of Arthur Rackham exhibition catalogue, November 12 – December 11, 2013, Smathers Library Exhibition Gallery Alteri, S. & Sensiba, M. (2010). No Passport Needed: Border Crossings in the Academic Library. In Witt, S. W. & Rudasill, L. M. (Eds). Social Science Libraries: Interdisciplinary Collections, Services, Networks De Gruyter: Berlin. Alteri, S. & Golodner, D. (2008). I Can See the Light: Using Web based Exhibits to Enhance Interactive Archival Scholarship Opportunities. In Marta J. Deyrup (Ed), Digital Scholarship Routledge: New York. Reviews Alteri, S.A. (in press). Review of the book Boundaries of the Literary Archive Rare Books and Manuscripts. Alteri, S. A. (2010, March 1). Social Sciences [Review of the book Wild Romance ]. Library Journal 135 (4), p. 88. Alteri, S. A. (2009, September 15). Social Sciences [Review of the book Abigail Adams: A Life ]. Library Journal 134 (15), p. 63. Alteri, S. A. (2009, April 15). Social Sciences [Review of the book Abigail and John: Portrait of a Marriage ]. Library Journal 134 (7). Alteri, S. A. (2008, December 15). Social Sciences [Review of the book The Woman Behind the New Deal ]. Library Journal 133 (20), p. 135. Alteri, S. (2005). A New Approach to Archival Methods? [Review of the book Archives & Justice: A South African Perspective by Verne Harris], Archival Issues 30 (1). SELECTED PRESENTATIONS : “University of Florida’s ‘Developing Librarian’ Digital Scholarship Pilot Training Program,” presentation with Dr. Blake Landor and Dr. Richard Freeman, Florida ACRL, October 24, 2014 “Diverse Approaches to Archives in the Classroom,” Panel chair & presenter, Children’s Literature Association Annual Conference, June 18, 2014 “Virtual Tour of the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature’s Digital Collections, virtual presentation. North Eastern Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN), September 5, 2013. “Archives Alive! Caldecott at 75,” panel presentation, American Library Assocation’s Annual Conference, June 30, 2013.


Short Curriculum Vitae, August 2014 “The Baldwin Library and Digital Foundations,” virtual presentation for “Future of Collections Part 1: Creating and Managing Digital Content,” Lyrasis, April 26, 2013. “Roadmap to Success: Scholarly Communications at Wayne State University,” presentation with Jonathan McGlone, e Cornucopia Conference, May 26, 2011. “iPals: International Partnership for Library Services,” presentation with Stephanie Carr, Jasmina Jursic, Lucas Mac, and Valeri Moltena, American Library Association’s Annual Conference, June 26 27, 2010. “Around the World in 80 Seconds,” poster session with Joshua Neds Fox, Association of College and Research Libraries, March 17, 2009. “No Passport Needed: Border Crossings in the Academic Library,” International Federation of Libraries Association Satellite Conference, August 7, 2008. “Gimme My Papers Back,” Michigan Archival Association Annual Conference, June 21, 2007. EXHIBITS : “Bigger, Better, Best: Children’s Literature on the Panama Canal,” Latin American & Caribbean Collections Library, August 17, 2014 – December 12, 2014. “When Phantasie Takes Flight: The Art & Imagination of Arthur Rackham,” Smathers Library Exhibition Gallery, November 12, 2013 – December 13, 2013. “Grimm Changes: From Folk Tale to Fairy Tale,” Smathers Libraries Special and Area Studies Collections, October 4, 2012 – December 14, 2012.


David A. Van Kleeck 3611 SW 34th Street #130 Gainesville, FL 32608 (352) 682-3830 dvankleeck@earthlink.net _____________________________________________________________ SKILL SUMMARY 8 years original and copy-cataloging experience in academic and public library settings Work experience with RDA, AACR2, LCSH, MARC, ISBD and recent coursework experience with Dublin Core, MODS, EAD, XML, RDF, and other metadata schemas Academic and public library experience with ILS and OCLC Connexion Client/Browser 8 years of customer service and team oriented experience in academic and public libraries _____________________________________________________________ EDUCATION Master of Library and Information Science Dec. 2013 San Jose State University, San Jose, CA Library and Information Services Certificate Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA Bachelor of Arts, History Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL _____________________________________________________________ RELATED EXPERIENCE Original Cataloger-Library Associate 2 – University of Florida Jul. 2014/Present Library Technical Assistant Asheville-Buncombe Techni cal Community College Oct. 2009/Jul. 2014 Library Associate Port Townsend Public Library Oct. 2006/Nov. 2008 Academic and Public Library Experience Specific experience for the University of Florida’s Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature Full original or copy cataloging as required, including descriptive metadata with all related notes, subject headings, authoritycontrolled name and series headings, classification numbers, and relevant information for rare materials. Develop and adjust workflows for Special and Area Studies Collections (SASC) material in consultation with the Cataloging and Metadata


Department liaison to SASC and curators. Collaborate with curators to provide robust metadata for digitized special collections. Responsible for original and copy-catalog ing duties for all types of materials (extensive experience with RDA, AACR2, LCSH, MARC, LCC, DDC, ISBD) Performed regular maintenance of library catalog database for authority control of bibliographic data in ac ademic and public library settings. Provided training and coac hing of library technica l assistants, work-study students, and volunteers in copy-cataloging and other technical services duties in academic library. Performed reference and circulation duties on scheduled and as-needed bases in both academic and public libraries. Faculty liaison for all aspects of Course Reserves collection at A-B Tech. Responsible for analysis and reporting of usage statistics to academic library director via Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet tool Served on various academic and public library committees Shared responsibilities for acquisitions, technical services, and interlibrary loan services in academic and public library environments Executed opening and closing duties for the library – building key holder in both academic and public libraries Worked closely with the Port Townsend Public Library Director on a variety of special projects, including the drafting of public library standards for the state of Washington and the selectio n and implementation of fundraising software for the library's support organizations Training to national standards and experience in emergency management procedures in a library setting – cu rrently serve as th e A-B Tech Holly Library’s representative for the college’s emergency management team Volunteer cataloging experience for arch ives and special collections materials at Mars Hill University Provided quality service for students, faculty and staff on a daily basis Member – American Library Association, Flor ida Library Association, Society of North Carolina Archivists, and Society of American Archivists Student Chapter (San Jose State University


ALAN RAUCH DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH UNC CHARLOTTE CHARLOTTE, NC 28223 TEL: (704) 687-6158 ARAUCH@UNCC.EDU FAX: (704) 687-3961 HTTP://WEBPAGES.UNCC.EDU/~ARAUCH/ EDUCATION Ph.D. English Literature Rutgers University 1989 M.A. English Literature Rutgers University 1982 M.A. Zoology Southern Illinois University 1983 B.Sc. Biology McGill University 1977 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY UNC Charlotte: Professor, Department of English 2013Associate Professor, Department of English 2002-2013 Affiliated position in History (2003) Affiliated position in Women’s Studies (2005) Director of Graduate Liberal Studies 2005-2008 Georgia Institute of Technology: Interim Chair School of Literature, Communication, and Culture (LCC) 1999-2000 Associate Chair LCC Georgia Institute of Technology 1997-99 Associate Professor LCC 1995-2002 Coordinator Program in Science, Technology, & Culture (STAC) 1993-1996 Assistant Professor LCC Georgia Tech 1989-95 North Carolina State University Visiting Assoc. Professor English Dept., 1996-97 Emory University Visiting Assistant Professor 1994 Rutgers University Program Director Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture 1988-89 Teaching/Res. Asst. 1980-86 Consultant Educational Testing Service 1983 Teaching/Res. Asst. Southern Illinois University 1977-79 PUBLICATIONS Books Dolphin. Reaktion Press/U. Chicago, 2014. England in 1815. A Critical Edition of The Journal of Joseph Ballard Alan Rauch, Ed. Palgrave MacMillan. December, 2009. Useful Knowledge: The Victorians, Morality, and the March of Intellect, Duke University Press, 2001. [Choice Outstanding Academic Book, 2001] The Mummy!: A Tale of the TwentySecond Century (1827), by Jane Webb Loudon, Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1994. One Culture: Essays in Science and Literature. George Levine, Ed., Alan Rauch, Asst. Editor. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1987.


Rauch CV/P. 2 Essays, and Articles Afterword: “Dream Baby Dream,” Essays on Bru ce Springsteen, Bill Wolff, ed., Palgrave, 2015. “Science and Literature.” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature Dino Felluga, Linda Hughes, and Pamela Gilbert, Eds. London, 2015. “ Ecce Emendator : The Cost of Knowledge for Scholarly Editors,” Chronicle of Higher Education [https://chroniclevitae.com/news /285-ecce-emendator-the-cost-of-knowledge-for-scholarly-editors]. “Scholarly Publishing: Hindsight Toward a Digital Future.”, J. of Scholarly Publishing Vol. 42, Number 1 / October 2010, 56-67. “The Pupil of Nature: Science and Natural Theology in Maria Hack’s “Harry Beaufoy.” Laurence Talairach-Vielmas, Ed., Science in the Nursery, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar’s Press, 2011. "The Sins of Sloths: The Giant Ground Sloth as a Pa leontological Parable," Victorian Animal Dreams, Deborah Morse, Martin Danahay, Eds. Aldershot: Ashgate Press, 2007. Pp. 215-228. "Mentoria: Women, Children, and the Structures of Science." Nineteenth Century Contexts Volume 27, Number 4, Number 4/December 2005, pp. 335-351. “ The Lacunae of Science: Observing the Unobserved in the Practices of Knowledge." Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Volume 28, Number 3, September 2003, pp. 209-216. "Victorian Poetry and Science. In The Blackwell Companion to Victorian Poetry, ed. Richard Cronin, Antony Harrison, and Alison Chapman. London: Blackwell, 2002. "Cetacean Culture: Resisting Myths and Addressing Lacunae." Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2001 Vol. 24 (2): 352-353. "Parables and Parodies: Mrs. Gatty's Interpretations of Nature," Children's Literature (Yale University Press), edited by Mitzi Myers and U. C. Knoepflemacher, Vol. 25 (1997):137-152. Forum on Interdisciplinarity. PMLA March 1996: 273-274. "Looking for Home: Canada and the Major Leagues, in William Humber and John St. James, eds. All I Thought about was Baseball" Writings on a Canadian Pastime. Toronto: U. Toronto Press, 1996. 246-249. "The Monstrous Body of Knowledge in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein." Studies in Romanticism Vol. 34. (Summer, 1995): 227-253. "The Tailor Transformed: The Notion of Change in Charles Kingsley's Alton Locke." Studies in the Novel Summer 1993, Vol. 25(2): 196-213. "'Preparing the Rising Generation'; Romanticism and Sir Richard Phillips's 'Juvenile Library."' Nineteenth-Century Contexts 1991, Vol 15 (1): 3-27. "A World of Faith on a Foundation of Science: Scie nce and Religion in British Children's Literature, 1761-1878." Children's Literature Association Quarterly Spring 1989, Vol. 14 (1): 13-19. "Bruce Springsteen and the Dramatic Monologue." American Studies Vol. xxix (1), Spr. 1988: 29-49.


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