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Introductory Statistics: Supplemental Resources


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Introductory Statistics: Supplemental Resources
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SIGN IN JOIN NOW CONTACT US Access. The Future of Education. OUR BOOKS > Introductory Statistics: Supplemental Resources GET THIS BOOK > Learning Resources WebAssign WebAssign is an independent online homework and assessment solution that has been commercially available since 1998. Reaching over a million students each year at both higher education and secondary education institutions, WebAssign empowers faculty to deliver fully customizable assignments and high quality content to their students in an interactive online environment. WebAssign supports Introductory Statistics with over 1700 text-specic problems, each containing algorithmically-generated values and links directly to the eBook to provide a completely integrated online learning experience Faculty Only Instructor Solution Manual (faculty only) The instructor solution manual contains the detailed solutions to all the end of chapter problems in Introductory Statistics. This is a restricted item requiring faculty registration. PowerPoint Slideshows (faculty only) FACULTY STUDENTS ADMINISTRATORS STAXDASH NEWS HELP US ABOUT US OpenStax College has compiled additional resources for students and faculty that directly coincide with your book, from online homework tools and interactive study guides to facultyonly resources


The PowerPoint slides are based on the extensive illustrations from Introductory Statistics. They can be edited, incorporated into lecture notes, and you are free to share with anyone in the community. This is a restricted item requiring faculty registration. NOTE: This le is very large and may take some time to download. Copyright 20112014 Rice University | Terms of Use | Media | Press | News | Contact Us Supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Laura and John Arnold Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 20 Million Minds Foundation Maxeld Foundation, and Rice University OpenStax College textbook content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Powered by OpenStax CNX