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Anatomy & Physiology: Supplemental Resources


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Anatomy & Physiology: Supplemental Resources
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SIGN IN JOIN NOW CONTACT US Access. The Future of Education. OUR BOOKS > Anatomy and Physiology: Supplemental Resources GET THIS BOOK > Learning Resources Free! AnatomyZone AnatomyZone provides free access to 3D video tutorials, interactive diagrams and other resources to help students learn anatomy. AnatomyZone has partnered with OpenStax College to supplement our videos with high-quality illustrations and to provide OpenStax College users with a set of interactive, multiple-choice questions. Free! Practice on Learningpod Learningpod's goal is to help our community build the largest library of free, online practice questions in the world. We've partnered with OpenStax College to offer free pods (question sets) for the Anatomy and Physiology textbook. You can answer questions, get explanations and track your results. You can also generate quick practice sets (Instapods) on any subject you're interested in. Learn more at Pronunciation Guide The pronunciation guide includes audio les that assists students in correctly pronouncing key words associated with anatomy and physiology. Faculty Only FACULTY STUDENTS ADMINISTRATORS STAXDASH NEWS HELP US ABOUT US OpenStax College has compiled additional resources for students and faculty that directly coincide with your book, from online homework tools and interactive study guides to facultyonly resources


Powerpoint Slides (Faculty Only) (faculty only) The PowerPoint slides are based on the extensive illustrations from Anatomy and Physiology. They can be edited, incorporated into lecture notes, and you are free to share with anyone in the community. This is a restricted item requiring faculty registration. NOTE: This le is very large and may take some time to download. Available Summer 2013. Lrnr (faculty only) Lrnr is an Adaptive Learning Platform. Lrnr has integrated OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology with intuitive personal learning tools, adaptive assessments, learning activities, personalized learning paths, instructor-contributed content and actionable analytics.. Lrnr guides each student through a personalized learning process in a way that is paced, sequenced and optimized for each student based on their individual knowledge, needs, and abilities. Lrnr also provides real-time learning analytics that help instructors pinpoint student problem areas and provide remediation. Copyright 20112014 Rice University | Terms of Use | Media | Press | News | Contact Us Supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Laura and John Arnold Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 20 Million Minds Foundation Maxeld Foundation, and Rice University OpenStax College textbook content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Powered by OpenStax CNX