Index for the survey of the Alden Hatch tapes


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Index for the survey of the Alden Hatch tapes
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Alden and Allene Hatch Collection
General Note:
The Smathers Libraries acquired the Hatch Papers in several accessions. The first was the papers and tapes relating to We Nehrus by Krishna Nehru Nutheesing with Alden Hatch. These were presented to the university by Hatch in 1968. The second and largest acquisition (Group 1) was received in March, 1975. These papers had earlier been deposited in the New College Library and were transferred from there. An additional accession was made in 1996 (Group 2) from the Hatch home in New York. The second series generally supplements the material in the earlier accessions, but also includes manuscripts and material from Alden Hatch's last book, Buckminster Fuller at Home in the Universe (1974), Allene Hatch's papers, and additional personal papers. Groups 3 and 4, which were acquired in 2002, include additional papers relating to Alden and Allene and the latter group pertains solely to Allene. Additions to the collection, particularly to Group 4, were made by Allene Hatch between 2004 and 2009.
General Note:
The Alden and Allene G. Hatch Papers include manuscripts and related materials, such as notes, correspondence, tapes and transcripts of interviews, of the published and unpublished works of Alden Hatch and to a lesser extent the work of his wife, Allene Gaty Hatch. In addition to their professional work, some personal papers, including appointment books, diaries, correspondence, and family materials are included.

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finding aid - H.R.H. Prince Bernhart Tapes: Alden Hatch Interviewing Prince Bernhard and members of his family
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I ndex of digitally converted materials of the survey of the Alden Hatch Collection Materials Tapes Series 1, Box 21. These digital audio file s r epresent analog audio tapes contained in Series 1, B ox 21 of the H.R.H. Prince Bernhard: Tapes: Alden Hatch Interviewing Prince Bernhard and members of his family The metadata was provided by the Dutch government entity that converted the original analog tapes to .wa v files on digital compact disc s A finding guide to the collection can be found here: The symbol ~ in dicates that a recording has many similarities with another but is not e xactly the same (apparently, Hatch has cut and pasted some of the tapes so they are partially the same, but never entirely). The first three CD's do not contain interviews with Bernhard. CD 1 (Tape in white envelo pe) 21.44 minutes. Interview with Mrs. Brava alias M rs. Jones CD 2 54 minutes Tape on which only Hatch himself is speaking (mainly about airline manufacturer Fokker) CD 3 30:06 minutes Tape on which only Hatch himself is speaking (description of the palace description of the interview with Arm g ard i nterview Count of Kotzebue, the house in Italy, diary notes of M rs. Hatch on their evening on Soestdijk) C D 4 A ~ CD 8 C = Manuscript 16 79 minutes Tape contains an interview with PB (June 14, 1961) on: 1. Roll 2. R eligion 3. Africa / ranch / safaris 4. The politics of African countries (including South Africa) 5. T he fact that he would be a good politician himself/ he wouldn't lie for party interest 6. T he relationship with Dutch Prime Minister De Quay, Churchill, Mountbatten, Truman, Tom Watson 7. S tate visit to the United States, 1952 CD 4 B = Manuscript 27 + 28 56:30 minutes Tape contains an interview with PB (June 28, 1961) on: 1. T he flood disaster of 19 53 2. H is youth on Reckenwalde 3. H igh school period


4. student life (in love with an American girl named Suzan) CD 5 A ~ 10 A (I + II) 45 minutes Tape contains interview with PB on: 1. T he time he met princess Juliana in Garmisch Partenkirchen 2. IG Farben 3. T h e soccer incident in The Hague 4. Napoli: Sesing 5. C ar accident 1937 CD 5B 69:40 minutes Tape contains interview with PB on: 1. The period after the war 2. B eing inspector general of the Dutch Armed Forces 3. C ommissionerships 4. T rip to South America, Cu rac ao, Suriname 5. KLM 6. Douglas / Boeing airplanes 7. T he outset of Bilderberg CD 6A 37 minutes Tape contains interview with PB on: 1. F inancial matters 2. Christmas / Easter on Reckenwalde 3. Speeding in the Bentley 4. U niforms 5. T he armored car of Seys Inquart CD 6B ~ 11A+1 1B 58 minutes Tape contains an informal conversation between PB, Hatch, Hatch's wife and Cockie Gillis (perhaps the final conversation?) on: 1. C ritical remarks family 2. Q ualities: opt imistic, loyal, tolerant 3. T he ideal government 4. D aily life 5. D ogs 6. A necdotes on being late for lunches / dinners CD 7 A ~ 8 A ~ 8 C = Manuscript 12 73:00 minutes Tape contains interview with PB (June 9, 1961) on: 1. The W ar


2. A necdotes on the London bombings 3. E xciting flights to Canada/USA 4. Roosevelt 5. T he organization of the illegality 6. T he liberation of Breda 7. T he battle for Arnhem / King Kong 8. T he row with Montgomery CD 7 B ~ 8 B = Manuscript 12 13 minutes Tape contains intervie w PB on: 1. The W ar / liberation: 2. Wilhelmina and palace "Het Loo" 3. W ar correspondents 4. General Koot 5. F ood droppings CD 8 A ~ 7 A = Manuscript 12 For content see 7 A CD 8B ~ 7B For content see 7 B CD 8C ~ 4A For content see 4 A CD 8D For content see 4 A CD 9A 78:56 minutes Tape contains interview PB (July 10, 1961) on: 1. The story of Greet Hofmans 2. Federation de la Culture 3. Indonesia CD 9B 05:52 minutes New Guinea CD 10 A (track I and track II) ~ 5 A For content see 5 A


CD 10B ~ 4B For conte nt see 4 B, but note that the first part (about the flood disaster) is not on this tape! CD 11 A ~ 6B For content see 6 B CD 11B ~ 6B For content see 6 B Film: 1' 13" Alden Hatch presenting his book at Soestdijk Palace