We'll Knock The Heligo - Into Heligo Out Of HeligoLand!


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We'll Knock The Heligo - Into Heligo Out Of HeligoLand!
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
Leo Feist, Inc.
Place of Publication:
New York City
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General Note:
A single piece of sheet music (Leo Feist, Inc., NYC - 1917) with words by John O' Brien and music by Theodore Morse ("Dedicated to the Men of the American Fleet" - Featured by Hudler, Stein and Philips).
General Note:
Exhibit Case #5-Kaiser Wilhelm

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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Ogg; <4' A MoQ Th4 A t A V k

"L, 'A- 1,t V17 V"a


O A 1r 4,I4 LEO FN

~i~~i~s~ w

~d,, ~: It

Dedicated to the men of?1A Ameica Fledt

WellIkock the ileligo -Into Helig Out o ll~~ d

Words byMu JOHN UYBRIENCmosro"Mte"lk to btwe we hv me Thyl knw hy ha a
Moderaito "HNH1l1h an' l hr"ec


j Feidtovi I

lad s get unw d. w a wee rehaeagprro a, Ho a!er man ~a to do or dewe hellstobed toi o fy oo y! "er

goang to maueetas the Ger t an falet and blow the itn de u'___ Ec I tow HeILo u fHl i-g an.Yp" er ln.Yp



$5,000.00 ADVERTISEMENT which appeared in EVENI'NG OST
=U _1ERS


Get these four smashing song hias fr your y.ar -mac or your playerpiano--and get them right away. K a wi e ys w s t way into action.

I"Ws a Long Wa to "I Qedt Want to Get We"

t s a-wy to Beli but otWan G Ell
t Here's a song that will make
'We'll sing'Yankee Doodle'tmder you laughk-although it's about the Linden with some real live a wounded soldier. He was
Yankee pep!" That's the real harder hit by his nurse's smile
Yankee pep." That's the real F, It= JIA IA. I. .2
"do or die" spirit of this up-to- a nw 0 ve en thanby the German bullet-and oe in e ti-fu nurse.
_ri of thi uer th ieeSarnwill show the way, a- .-e aeoy-4t o the-minute war-song hit. Better in a far more vulnerable spot.
than "Tipperary" because it goes A syncopated melody that won't straight to the point. The music ____ let your feet keep still. By
gets there, too gets to your Johnson, Pease, and Jentes.

g R boys on the fields of France, our sailors on the bi Other Popular "Feist" Songs
heart and your feet. By Arthuro el Bonets.
oIngn. Father Wa S119 FirosstLenheaQW Rhinte,, Shout-ing F-1 p' pHoo yay! I

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O U~~~JR'boys on the fields of France, our sailors on the big,OhrPoua"FstSng

Woher D We Gn ou iy from Her 8.
K ~gray sea-fighters, and the boys in our training-camps ~ Hwain uterl "
ae sAt the Yankee Military Bal.
Thrsohin Ow e Na o f
are singing them! The whole country is singing them and .hrows o O.to.
The Garden of Allah.
* *esYO hrow No Btones in the-We 1 That Gives
dancing to their inspiring melodies! Being sung to tremen- c" 0outao0no**t.
Keep Your Eye on the Girl!e You Enve,
Go Don't Bite the Hand Thatk ceding Tea.
p hLee. MLy Red Ol OsS Girlie.
dous applause in thousands of theatres throughout the land! wrog e'"sea"toMie n
An er Garden Gx 1
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meant in their windows. ing them, or dancing to their inspiring, martial melodies.
Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here "Homeward Bound"
___-- _____-_____-"" _______________ h|< J7 Bound CHORUS. ..fl': ; -Ofl[vW J "Home-.ward Bond" Seome .ythey'hl her"- thstwel-xn Haill a! tleGang All1e'alio whedBe.e
~~Here's a song you think you L ... -- Your skin will be awfully thick ""- ..:--u:--. .
know. you ever hear the if this song doesn't get deepdown
verses or did you ever see the -'" im Uderneath. You can see our t--".: '. :":=r.
music? It's all here-and it's all brave boys coming home, youcan
the sort of stuff that puts pep in- I see Victory, you can see the joy
to everybody. One of the great- What thedeuce do we care, What thedeuce do wcre, Of duty nobly done and the world a or hile the e and shell are fly ig For the
est marching refrains ever writ- at peace again.
ten-and just as good as a fox- -t. The melody-well, it's just the
trot or one-step. By D. A. Esrom, right one for this matchless song.
Theodore Morse, and Arthur By Howard Johnson, Coleman
l .IST Inc. 240 AGoetz and George W. MeyerR
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