Index of Joseph Neller Photo Album #2 - G.H.Q. Chaumont (France)


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Index of Joseph Neller Photo Album #2 - G.H.Q. Chaumont (France)
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Joseph R. Neller ( University of Florida )

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Joseph R. Neller Photo Album #2 (MS 89) Cover Chaumont, France Page 1 Mapping of vertical photographs Page 2 Topographical view j Page 3 Aerial Ehuns Page 4 Aerial French farms Page 5 Aerial Brotte Page 6 Aerial Aillowncourt Page 7 Aerial Ehuns Page 8 Aerial Ehuns Page 9 Aerial an airplane also pictured Page 10 a. Vehicle in field destroyed by one small U.S. shell b. St. Mihiel building showing damage c. st. Mihiel another building showing damage Page 11 Aerial Brudoncourt Page 12 Old couple shown leaning against the remains of a house "Returning home"


Page 13 Aerial showing smoke Gas attack on the Marne Page 14 View of a ruined church Page 15 Aerial Cathedral and surrounding city buildings Page 16 Aerial "at Luxeuil Les Bains" Page 17 Aerial "Captive observation balloon Page 18 Aerial city and river Page 19 a. Couple and soldiers on a small bridge "King and Queen of Belgium b. viewing stands and soldiers walking along path Page 20 a. viewing stands, soldiers, cars, trees "At the game as pershing's guests b. Spectators Page 21 a. Area near viewing stands b. King and Queen of Belgium and others in enclosed area of viewing stand Page 22 Royalty at a football game" a King and Queen of Belgium two soldiers and area to background b A more distant view of walkway with King and Queen and soldiers c. Football game action Page 23 Aerial Bar I Duc


Page 24 Aerial of Amiens with cathedral and surrounding buildings Page 25 Aerial st. Mihiel Page 26 "In Chateau Thiery a. Two soldiers outside ruined building b. A soldier in front of ruined buildings c. Ruined building Page 27 Aerial "Veux" Page 28 Aerial "The palace of Versailles Page 29 a. "A castle ruin in France" b. "Two mascots (young boys) c. "Camouflaged hanger Page 30 a. "Our camp near Verdun" wood cabins and trucks b. Artillery on a train Page 31 a. "weissenthurm, Germany" a street with houses b. 5th Photo Section logo Page 32 "In Verdun a. View of roofs b. Ruined buildings along a street c. Area of a church which is ruined d. A soldier by a pile of metal objects


Page 33 "Colemby Les Belles" a. Railroad cars b. Soldiers walking along a street c. A long building d Army transport trucks and steel drums Page 34 "Lureuil les Bains a. Buildings b. people standing in a street c Countryside d. Five men in a field picking something from plants Page 35 a. Making an omelet woman cracking an egg into a bowl b. "Out for a stroll" seven women French laundries" c. Women washing clothes d. Large pool with women washing clothes Page 36 a "U.S. ammunition dump near Montfaucon four men in woods b. "German trench and pillbox soldier stands near entry opening Page 37 "Dugouts near Montfaucon" Page 38 Aerial Fort Dawaumont Page 39 Aerial "Houston, Texas Page 40 Aerial "A Texas farm" Page 41 Aerial East of Houston"


Page 42 a. A man and six child r en in a field b. Transport vehicles c. Railroad cars d A soldier standing by a field Page 43 In Paris a. A tank and two soldiers and two civilians b. Paris c A monument d. Trees and a road e. Tanks lined up on a sidewalk f. The Arch of Triump h Page 44 a. A building and several men by an airplane b Four men standing by a plane c A man with a hanger in the background d A close up of a pilot standing near a plane Page.4S a. "German prisoners group of men walking by a building b. Military convoy four trucks with men riding in the back c. View of several tanks and jeeps d. A shelter (?) Page 46 a. "Field inspection long line of men on field each next to a small tent b. Clipping from a newspaper c and packing at Garden City men pack large cartons Page 47 a. "A farmer's home b. A man holds a pig c. Transport truck moving down a street in a small town Page 48 a. View of underside of lifeboats lashed to the ship b. water and a ship in the distance c. Man at the railing of the ship d A group of soldiers in a boxcar


Page 49 "In England" a. View of a farm b A close up of a tombstone with a building in the background c. Soldiers standing by a train d. Soldiers sitting under a tree with a cathedral in the background Page 50 a. "Dugouts near Avocourt" b "The flying field" Page 51 a Forest of Montfaucon" stunted, bare trees b "Avocourt c "writing home a soldier sits in his bunk and uses a chair as a desk d Going in line of soldiers, horses, supplies Page 52 a "Bridge at varennes, France b Another view of the bridge c. U.S. graves st. Mihiel a cross by each grave and a helmet on top Page 53 a. "A baloon in hiding" b "Baloon squad seeking revenge." Page 54 a. "Wire i n place wire fence on a field b "and torn up fence damaged Page 55 a. "Refugees coming back" a man and a boy b. "German dugout" Page 56 a. "German material large guns b. "Wrecked German plane" Page 57 a "German field gun in place near Barricourt" b. "German mess kitchen" large portable cooking unit


Page 58 a. "German wire" barbed wire strung between posts b. "poor gun metal" large damaged gun Page 59 a "A German truck" damaged b "U.S. tanks" underside seen on two tanks Page 60 a. "American graves near Cheppy, France" eleven crosses in a field b. "A 'dud' a bomb lying on rocks Page 61 a. "U.S. guns" group of men posed by a large field gun b "in place" gun set into a depression in the ground Page 62 a. "Camouflaged road" net strung up on each side of the road b."German trench digger" Page 63 a. "German wrecked trucks" b. "Salvaged German trench mortars two large field guns Page 64 "Two shell holes" a. No. I "Hindenburg line" soldier seated on the ground b. No. II "in a cemetery at Monfarcon" c. "General pershing in Coblenz" Page 65 a. "General pershing in Coblenz soldiers a car, and a building b. "In place U.S. field gun c. "View of Hindenburg line" a soldier sits on the fence d "One of our planes" totally destroyed Page 66 "Pup tents on the Rhine" soldiers seated and standing by pup tents Page 67 a. "Swimming pool in the Argonne German" b. "Wire cut by U.S. wire between posts cut


Page 68 a. "German tractor" leaning on its side b. "Nurses of a mobile hospital near Cheppy, France" Page 69 a. One of our hangers a plane in front of the hanger b. "starting a Liberty engine" three men pull propeller of the plane Page 70 "Somewhere in France smoke from an exploding shell and two soldiers Page 71 a. "Fire place in a French village a little girl sits by the fire place b. "a fake six soldiers look at papers c. "Castle of Le Tauehe 1400 years old France d "and another (Fake) U.S soldier points a rifle at seven man in German uniforms Page 72 A French Shepard and his flock" a close up of Shepard b. distant view of sheep and Shepard c "French village home" a woman sits by a spinning wheel Page 73 "The ancient castle of La Fauche a. One view b. Another view c Yet another view of the castle Page 74 a "Congested traffic large line of men, horses, transports b. "A first aid station near Cheppy" Page 75 a "Dun sur Meuse view of river and houses on a hill b Aerial view of town Page 76 a "German wire" lots of barbed wire intertwined b. "and shells"


Page 77 a. "camouflage narrow gauge R.R b. German prisoners at Souilly, France" very large group of men Page 78 a. "German grenades" b. "and wire" wood posts and barbed wire Page 79 a. "village home a couple by the fireplace b "On the way to Souilly" children and women watch a transport truck Page 80 a. One of our machines" soldiers by a wrecked plane b "At st. Mihiel" view of shell of large building c "Near Stenay" view of countryside d. in the Argonne a man stands in forest Page 81 Cathedral of Domremy Page 82 a "The flooded Aire river" three men stand on the wood bridge looking at the swollen river b. "German guns a pile of large field guns some damaged Page 83 Joan of Arc s birthplace a. View of statue b Distant view of statue and houses c "On a Sunday afternoon" seven women Page 84 Cathedral of Domremy Page 85 Two cartoon a Dreaming line drawing of a soldier thinking of battle action b. Caption "We're out to snap th Kaiser ."


Page 86 a. "The Marksburg view from a river of a hill with houses at the foot of the hill and a building on the top of the hill b. "The Gutenfels" View from a river of large buildings at the foot of a hill and a castle on top Page 87 a. "The Rheinfels castle" view from the river b. A boat in the river c. View from the river of a castle on a hill d View of another castle on a hill Page 88 a. "The Lorelei" b. "A village church France" Page 89 a. A French village view of village and surrounding countryside b "Arch of Triumph Paris Page 90 a German bone pile east of Verdun pile of human bones b "A pile of 75's" huge pile of long shells Page 91 a. Eglise De Douchy 1917 a ruined church b "On vauguus or Hill two large mesh pieces of fabric draped over a ditch Page 92 a. "German graves" b "Dead Germans" two bodies Page 93 a. German graves in the Argonne" b. "German gas attack on the Marne clouds of smoke pictured Page 94 a "stenay, France three storey houses in a town b "Tank base, varennes, France tanks lined up on a field


Page 95 "Romagne and its church" a. The Church in Romagne b. The town of Romagne Page 96 "Ellington Field Texas" 12 soldiers pose outside a frame building Page 97 Aerial "Chateau Thiery"