Index of Joseph Neller Scrapbook- Photo Album #1


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Index of Joseph Neller Scrapbook- Photo Album #1
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Mixed Material
Joseph R. Neller
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University of Florida


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Joseph R. Neller Papers - University of Florida Archives - Box 1 - Open to page 83-84 and front cover.
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Exhibit Case #4- War Theme
General Note:
Photo Album #1

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Joseph R. Neller Photo Album #1 (MS 89) Page 1 Colgne Page 2 St. Mihiel drive Page 3 Topographical map Page 4 Taken during St. Mihiel drive Page 5 St. Mihiel drive Page 6 Letter from Major General Summerall Page 7 Ruins of houses and of the Cathedral of Varennes Page 8 German aviation field Page 9 Closer view of German aviation field Page 10 Mine craters north of St. Mihiel Page 11 Front lines north of St. Mihiel Page 12 Mine craters, shell holes and trenches north of St. Mihiel Page 13 Wrecked airplanes left by the Germans Page 14 North of St. Mihiel Page 15 Mine craters north of St. Mihiel Page 16 Fort Douamont, N.E. of Verdun Page 17 Panoramic view of Monfaucon


Page 18 A camp in France Page 19 Hills near Verdun Page 20 Trampot Airdrome Page 21 Aviation field in Souilly, France Page 22 A practice demonstration in Germany I Page 23 A review east of the Rhine Page 24 II Page 25 III Page 26 IV Page 27 V Page 28 VI Page 29 VII Page 30 VIII Page 31 IX Page 32 On the Rhine Weisbaden Page 33 The ruins of Bethincourt near Verdun Page 34 On the Rhine Ruin Schonburg looking east 4 9 19 Page 35 On Chaudron Farm American graves Page 36 On the Rhine Castle west of Rolandseck looking north 1 4 19 Page 37 a. Interior view of American tank b.Exterior view


Page 38 On the Rhine Mainz, east Page 39 Fort de Regret Verdun Page 40 On the Rhine Bingln, north east 9 4 19 Page 41 On the Rhine caste opposite Lorch looking east 9 4 19 Page 42 On the Rhine Mouse Tower at Bingen 9 4 19 Page 43 On the Rhine Drachenfels looking east 1 4 19 Page 44 On the Rhine castle of Marksburg above Branbach 11 3 19 Page 45 On the Rhine Libenstein and sterrenberg East 9 4 19 Page 46 On the Rhine castle above Backrach 9 4 19 Page 47 On the Rhine River Lahneck castel, Lahnstein 11 3 19 Page 48 On the Rhine Die Pfahz at Caub Page 49 On the Rhine Marksburg, east 9 4 19 Page 50 U.S. aerial camera Page 51 Somewhere in France Page 52 Scene in the Argonne Page 53 U.S. searchlight Page 54 U.S. aviation field near Verdun Page 55 Aerial cameras and laboratory truck Page 56 German searchlight and reflector abandoned near Stenay Page 57 French church and German bunks


Page 58 Wrecked plane Page 59 Bombs on the lower wing of a Liberty plane Page 60 An aerial oblique of the Meuse River at Verdun Page 61 Verdun with the Citadel in the foreground Page 62 A U.S. Gun (three soldiers stand behind the gun) Page 63 Airdrome at Luxeuil Ie Bains Page 64 Verdun (aerial view) Page 65 Porte Neuve Page 66 Dam constructed across valley to stop U.S. advance on Grand Pre. Page 67 Demolished trench in the Argonne Forest Page 68 The Castel of Lafauche, France built by the Romans?? Page 69 Dam partially constructed by Germans to check U.S. advance in the Argonne Page 70 U.S. airdrome in France Page 71 A "Liberty" above the clouds Page 72 German concrete dugout Argonne Page 73 Castle near Sedan Page 74 Abandoned dugouts near vaquois Page 75 German dugouts in the Argonne Page 76 A tank fence of German construction


Page 77 On the road east of the Argonne Page 78 A biplace Spad starting over the lines Page 79 The village of Avocourt Page 80 A 'close up' (airplane and pilot) Page 81 Another 'close up' (airplane and pilot) Page 82 Large group of soldiers posed before a tent Page 83 An Italian plane and crew Page 84 Near Sedan Horse and rider struck by American shell Page 85 A French family of the occupied zone. Father and two sons 'killed. Page 86 German trench system near St. Mihiel Page 87 German dugouts in the Argonne Page 88 Sampson plane and crew Page 89 Periscope abandoned by Germans Page 90 Some German ammunition Page 91 Scene in the Argonne Page 92 German concrete 'pill box' on the road to St. Mihiel Page 93 A Caproni manned by Italians which landed on our field Page 94 German theatre in the Argonne Page 95 Two soldiers in a field


Page 96 Guns abandoned by the Germans Page 97 The Cathedral of Verennes Page 98 A German plane Page 99 A soldier and truck in the middle of a road with rows of tanks to either side Page 100 Zeppelin hanger near Trier, Germany Page 101 Inside view of the hanger Page 102 90 feet up in a zeppelin hanger Page 103 Tomb used as M.B. position and shelter Page 104 Side view (Zeppelin hanger) Page 105 View from the ground (interior of zeppelin hanger) Page 106 Nancy, France Page 107 Verdun Page 108 The Chateau de Perrifonds Page 109 An aerial view of Vaux Page 110 A chateau near Neufchateau Page 111 Near Neufchateau Page 112 King and Queen of Belgium coming to the football game Page 113 Royalty in grand stand Bar sur Aube football game


Page 114 Bar Sur Aube football game Page 115 Porte Neuve, Verdun and the Citadel of Verdun partly showing on the right Page 116 A castle in Belgium Page 117 German observation post Page 118 An oblique of Ameins Page 119 Some of the hills east of Verdun Page 120 Coblenz Page 121 Montfaucon Page 122 A grotto near Selfort Page 123 Located on the banks of the Rhine soldiers in trucks, cars, and motorcycles in front of two buildings Page 124 The Opera, Paris Page 125 The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France Page 126 Place de Bastile, Paris Page 127 Place de Concord, Paris Page 128 Arch of Triumph ringed with captured German tanks, Paris Page 129 Chamber of Deputies, Paris, France Page 130 A photograph of a photo a map Rimucourt Hospitals