America Awake!


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America Awake!
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Mixed Material
Liberty Publishing Co.
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Santa Barbara, California
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A single piece of sheet music (Liberty Publishing Co., Santa Barbara, California - 1918) with words and music by George Clinton Baker ("To Woodrow Wilson - Our illustrious President and intrepid Commander -in -chief: this song is faithfully dedicated.").
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Exhibit Case #1

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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I..m n~ . . .. III
: 4" .I
sj X&4i#
V ,,
44 44W i V 4

To WOODROW WILSONOur illustrious President and intrepid Commander-in-chief; this song is faithfully dedicated,

America Awake!

The Yankee March-Song. Wordsand music by
Marcia. 11 .

._ ... .._.... 4 --

_-__ i4 -----eF-----a--H 9--__ _'_.

at m ~ iaes ra~i -e ld ft-,i- r Y f. -.._. gt t,

makes no yelp, save just one dis- mal wail: "Oh why did Pa pa try to twist, that
T e ii r- -Copyright 1918 Ly George Clinton Baker
-All rights reserved
20 To day the Kai9- .9- re o e m

_____ __ 1_ __e---~i- ___~ __--~~~ ___-S-- ~-_ __ --- __i

D.- -.4 1-4 9_-_ 4__1_

-- __ __ -N---- -_ __- -1 ---i1---__ __
________ ______ ____-l_-____ _________ _____ __--I --II-- ~- ---~ -p 4___ -------- __ ~

____ ______ __ 'I
.9. '--K

___--- __ __ ___1-------- __ __ __ ___--~ __ __ __ -- 1- -_----- ---- _- __- __I- 'I* ~_ __ __ T --R --_ m

Coyrgh 118LyGerg CinonBae


a-_-_ _- _--- --I- _Yanks have got my goat!" 'Twas our Un cle Sam mie who cooked the Kai ser's
Yan kee Ea gle's tail?"
-__ Marcato.
100-,e I I e--

* e p- --. - --goose From some where near Pa ree, he turned his" dough-boy's

-- *r. 'fo Lib -.
-- -- --- -_ _ _ aloose! Swung the old bull dogs free, let 'em growl for Lib er ty, Old

Go ry streaming, Ea gle scream-ing, Yan - kee 'Twas kee
___ H -- __ - *-- --- -"4
_A ___r__ca A wa-k- e! h -_H __

..._--- .==*. __ _-Ameic Awak-_---+ ________--- t---- _ -rt--t- ff- ff~ --~Z-Americ Awake!---1 I-i .----(--




United States Marine Corps U. S. Naval Training Station Marine Barracks Great Lakes, Ill. Washington, D. C.
September 11, 1918 October 24, 1918 Mr. George Clinton Baker Mr. George C. Baker Liberty Publishing Co. Liberty Publishing Co. Santa Barbara, Cal. Santa Barbara, Cal. Dear Sir: My Dear Mr. Baker:
The Honorable Secretary of the Navy forwarded to me the Upon my return from the Fourth Liberty Loan Drive I found piano arrangement of your march, "America Awake," and your band your Band Arrangements of "America Awake." I have turned same arrangement arrived later. I have played this over and find it a very over to the librarian to be put in rehearsal, and trust it will go well. acceptable compo,,ition. We will place same in the library of the Thanking you for your kind consideration in sending this Marine Band for use on suitable occasions. music, believe me, Very sincerely, Very sincerely, Wm. A. Santelmann, Leader Band U.S. Marine Corps John Philip Sousa, Lieut. U. S. N. R. F.

Headquarters 144th F. A. ("The Grizzlies")
40th Division, Am. Ex. Forces
Somewhere in France, November 15th, 1918
Major E. C. Durfee
Santa Barbara, Cal.
My Dear Major:
It was indeed a pleasure to receive a package from you today containing Band Arrangement of "America Awake" Mr. Baker's new March-Song. I also received another arrangement of the March about two weeks ago direct from Mr. Baker, but am glad to have both copies, as I wish to pass one on to another Band.
I can truthfully say that I like "America Awake" immensely. We are playing it a. great deal, and everybody wants to know what it is. I am sure Mr. Baker has a winner in this March. I will be very glad to get the piano copies mailed, as the boys all want to get the words, which we hear are great. With best wishes to you both, Yours always, Lieut. Lester L. Nichols, Band Leader, 144th F. A. A. E. F.

Carling Heights, Ontario, Canada Peoria Municipal Band Association Peoria, Illinois
Liberty Publishing Co. October 14, 1918 Liberty Publishing Co. October 22, 1918 Santa Barbara, Cal. Santa Barbara, Cal.
Gentlemen: Received band arrangement of "America Awake" and I find
I have one of your Marches "America Awake" by George it a composition of real merit and am very glad to have the opClinton Baker, which was played by the band of this Battalion portunity of placing it in the library of the above band. at a local concert and am pleased to say the selection was re- Am also glad to know that Mr. Baker (the composer) is an ceived with much applause by the audience. U I,,old Peorian, and if he were here now he would have the pleasure
I would be pleased if you would send me a catalog of your of hearing his number played by a band such as he never heard latest band music. in Peoria in his time.
Yours truly, Thanking you for the arrangement and wishing you great W. J. Basher, Bandmaster. I success with the number, I beg to remain, 1st Battalion, Canadian Garrison Regiment. Very truly yours,
Eugene G. La Barre, Director.

Atascadero Conservatory of Music U. S. Naval Training Station Santa Maria, Cal. Mare Island, Cal.
September 7, 1918 October 9, 1918 Mr. George C. Baker Liberty Publishing Co. Liberty Publishing Co. Santa Barbara, Cal. Santa Barbara, Cal. Gentlemen: Dear Mr. Baker:
I beg to acknowledge receipt, and sincerely thank you in behalf Your March "America Awake" received, and has proved a of the Constabulary Band for your fine nuinber, "America Awake," valued addition to our library. On account of the influenza epidemic you so kindly sent us. I took the band through it at rehearsal, last we have been forced to abandon our Liberty Loan Drive which we Friday night, and found it an excellent composition and very well had begun so successfully. arranged. We appreciate most highly your kindness in sending us At this time desirable new music is always most welcome and the number, Mr. Baker, and whenever we can be of service to you, we are deeply indebted to you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
please call on us. Wishing you a well merited success I beg to remain, With kindest wishes, I am, Yours truly,
Sincerely yours, A. Nolfo, Band Leader B. F. Scott, Director Constabulary Band M.I.N.T.S.B.

Schauer Printing Studio, San Marcos Building, Santa Barbara, Cal.