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Recommissioning ceremony : Medical Wing, Princess Margaret Hospital

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Recommissioning ceremony : Medical Wing, Princess Margaret Hospital : to include Physiotherapy Unit, Sealy (Female Chest) Ward, Private Medical Ward
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11 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Princess Margaret Hospital
Princess Margaret Hospital
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Subjects / Keywords:
Princess Margaret Hospital -- History
Health care -- History -- Bahamas
Physiotherapy -- History -- Bahamas
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Statement of Responsibility:
Princess Margaret Hospital
General Note:
Commemorative booklet celebrating the Recommissioning of the Medical Wing of the Princess Margaret Hospital, Thursday November 11, 1993, Southern Courtyard, Hospital Grounds.
General Note:
Includes a brief history of the George VI Memorial Chest Wing (tuberculosis).

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Hilda Bowen Library
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Hilda Bowen Library
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This item is licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives License. This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to the author.
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J_..RECOMMISSIONING CEREMONYMEDICAL WINGPrincessMargaretHospital c"QLLfGE.OJ:;((,tSi);ta>h;;,q%r\\ to include ,.Phvsiotherapv Unit Sealv (Temale Chest)Ward ,,''PrivateMedical Ward Thursday November 11th,19933:00 P.M.


RECOMMISSIONINGCEREMONYMEDICAL WINGPrincessMargaretHospitalto include 'Phvsiotherapv Unit Sealv (Female Chest)Ward 'PrivateMedical Ward November11th, 19933:00 P.M.


MEDICALWINGABRIEFHISTORYThe George VIMemorialChestWingwasbuiltin 1962 incommemorationofHisMajesty GeorgeVI.Originally,all wards were occupiedbypatientswithtuberculosis and other infectious diseases, someofwhomwere transferred from the Prospect Ridge Hospital.Asthenumberofpatients suffering from Tuberculosis decreased, general medicalconditionswere subsequently accommodated in this area, hence thenewdesignation -MedicalWing.TheWingconsistsofseven general wards and one private ward,witha bedcountofone hundred and twenty-three. Dr. Richard Cory, Jamaican born, was the first qualified specialist topioneertreatmentofTuberculosis in the Bahamas. He was instrumental in teaching the doctors and nurseshowto care for infectious patients. Dr. Cory was ably assistedbyNursing OfficersHiramNewboldand Ursula Sealy, alongwitha numberofother dedicated doctors and nurses. Throughtheiruntiringefforts, the incidenceofTuberculosishasbeen radically reduced in the Bahamas. The Physiotherapy Departmentisalso housed in theMedicalWing.Established inMay1953, the department relocated to its present site in 1962. Dr.NormanMclellan,ChiefMedicalOfficeroftheMinistryofHealth in 1950, was responsible for the establishmentofphysiotherapy in the Bahamas. He was concerned about thenumberofdisabled personswhowere diagnosedashaving had the "Stroke".Hequeriedthis diagnosis and was able to establish later that someofthose personswereundiagnosedoldpoliovictims.Asa resultofhis interest in these people, he was instrumental in havingMr.Thaddeus Darling, a professional male nurse, sent to theUnitedStatesfora short training course in the managementofdisabled patients.Uponhis return,Mr.Darlingbecame headofthe "Physiotherapy and Electrotherapeutic Department", since shortened to Physiotherapy Department.


MESSAGEFROMSENATOR,THEHON.IVYL.DUMONTMINISTEROFHEALTH&ENVIRONMENTInjustseven years, we shallgreet theyear2000, which hasbeensetbytheWorld Health Organization asthetargetfor'Health ForAll'.Somenationsofthe world, dueto wars. famineandnaturaldisasters, acknowledgetheimpossibilityofachieving this stated goal. we inTheBahamasintendto pressonandto achievesignificant progress ill that direction.Ourstrategy is two-prongedamiis clearly stated in illallifesto '92:1.EncourageBahamianstotakechargeoftheir own health care,leadhealthyalldnon-abusivelives ... ; and,2.Provide high qualityhealthcareforall.Itisthelatter we address today insucha positive manner. Over tili pastmonths, the mallagement, professionalandsupportstaffofthePrincess MargaretHospital have given timeandattention totherenovationofcertain areasoftheHospital'sphysicalplant. This work hascaused dislocationofstaffas well as patients,andI wish tocommendallfortheir understandingandpatience. I trustthat the beautifulandcomfortablesurroundings will, insomemeasure, demonstrateourappreciatiollfor their cooperationduring this period. Ishouldlike, also, to acknowledgetheeffortsoftheformer Chief Hospital Administrator, Dr.LinelleHaddox-Gordon,andto congratulatethepresentChiefHospital Administrator, Mrs. Michaela VirgillStorrand her leadership team,fortheir vision,commitmentandhard work. Iamconfidenttheremainingtasks will be accomplished equally well. The areasbeingrecommissionedare, inmy view, alsobeingdedicated totheserviceofGod, to beusedinministeringto the needsofHispeople. IprayHisfavourupon the facilitiesanduponthose who will use them.


MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MICHAELAVlRGILLSTORR Whenever there is large scale redevelopment as wearebeginningtoexperienceatPrincess Margaret Hospital, the reactiontoitisalways oneofambivalence. We arehappyto see physical improvementandwe are impatient toseeithappen in our own work area, whilstatthe same time being appreciative that change must be fromwithinaswellaswithout,weare apprehensive about the impact this changewillhaveonusasindividuals. Incumbent onustherefore,isa dutytoenter into open dialogueandtoshedasmuchaspossible, the natural tendency to resist change because the costtoourselves (rightly or wrongly perceived),mightbetoohigh a pricewewanttopay. The theme for Hospital Monthandthe next yearis"Facing Challenges for aNewBeginning". Thesechallenges are many,butthey are not insurmountableandIhaveevery confidence that togetherasweidentify them,wecan faceandmeet themandminimize the cost.Onthis occasion, therefore, I wish to thank onbehalfofthe Executive Management Committee, all the membersofourPMHhealth family for your commitmentandcooperation,andwelook forwardtoan exciting periodinthe monthstocome,asweenter into partnershipsandarrangements whichwillrevolutionize health careandopen thewayfor talent expressionandindividualcontribution. rl


TT1 J Musical Prelude ................................Royal BahaTTUls Police ForceBandNationalAnthemMs. Claudia Seymour Ms.PMH1993/1994 Invocation Rev. Sebastian Campbell Hospital Chaplain IntroductionofMasterofCeremonies ..................Mr. Philip Greenslade Financial Controller Mastl .. ofCeremonies ............................Dr. Glen Beneby MedicalStaffCoordinator Introduction&Acknowledgements ....................Mr.AndilLaRoda Deputy Hospital Administrator Tribute to Dr. Richard Cory, Mr. Hiram Newbold ..........Dr. Perry Gomez (Nursing Officer)&Ms. Ursula Sealy (Nursing Officer) Consultant, Medicine Opening ReTTUlrks and... IntroductionofMinisterofHealth&Environment Mrs. Michaela Virgill StorrChiefHospital Administrator Address by MinisterofHealth&Environment Sen. the Hon. Dr. Ivy DumontandIntroductionofPrime Minister Address by Prime Minister,RI.Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham Demonstration by Emergency Medical Services Unit PinningofEmergency Medical Services Graduates Prime Minister VoteofThanks Mrs. Theda Godet Principal Nursing Officer Blessing at Entrance to Medical Block (Responsive Prayers) Benediction r.utting ofRibbon Mrs. Delores Ingraham UnveilingofPlaque Prime Minister Party Proceeds with Priest toJst, 2ndand3rd floors, led by Dr. Ronald KnowlesandNursing Officer Judith Minnis. Prayers will be said on each floor asFr.Campbell and party proceed through the Physiotherapy Unit, Sealy Ward&Private Medical Ward. Guests are entenained(RoyalBahamas Police Force Band). Guided group toursofunit to endatReception Area. Refreshment ..served inTerraced Gardens.


INVOCATIONV.BlessPhysicians, Nurses and allwhominister to the suffering, granting themwisdomand skill, sympathy and patience.R.Hearus,0 Lordoflife. V.Grantto the dying, peace and aholydeath, andupholdbythe grace and consolationofYourHolySpirit, thosewhoare bereaved.R.Hearus,0 LordofLife.PRIEST:Letuspray. Visit, 0 Blessed Lord, this placewiththe gladnessofYour Presence. Bless allwhoserve herewiththe giftofYour Love, and grant that they may manifestYourlove to all whose lives they touch.Maytheygrowin grace andknowledgeofYou; guide,comfortand strengthen them, and preserve them in peace, 0JesusChrist,nowand forever. Amen.


BLESSINGOFENTRANCEPRIEST:Behold I standatthedoorand knock,saysthe Lord.IfyouhearMyvoiceandopenthe door, Iwillcomeintothe house, and eatwithyou, andyouwithMe. The Lord shall watch overyourgoingoutandyourcomingin.R.From thistimeforth and evermore. Cutting ofthe ribbon -Mrs.Delores IngrahamPRIEST:Let these doors be open to receiveGod'speople.Maythe heartsofallwhoworkherein be accommodating to their needs.MayJesusHimselfbe served,asweserve even the leastimportantofourbrethren.R.Lord,I'mavailable to You,MywillI give to You,I'lldowhatYousaydo, use me LordToshowsomeone the way, then enable me tosay,Mystorageisempty and I am available to you.PRIEST:Letuspray, the Lord bewithyou. _R.Andalsowithyou.Almightyand everlastingGod,grant to this place the graceofYourPresence, thatyoumaybeknownto be the inhabitantofthis place and the defenderofallwhooffer service inYourName; throughJesusChristOurLord, who withYou and theHolySpirit lives and reigns, oneGod,forever and ever. Amen.Partyproceedswith Priest to1st,2ndand3rdfloors.


PRAYERSPhysiotherapy -1stFloorV.Teachus,aLord,wherewisdomisto be found.R.Andshowusthe placeofunderstanding. V.Seekthe LordyourGod,and youwillfindHim.R.SearchforHimwithallyourheart andwithallyour soul. PRIEST:Letuspray:aGodoftruth, eternal groundofall thatis,beyond space andtimeyetwithinthem, transcending all things yet pervading them show Yourself tous,forwegoaboutin ignorance; reveal Yourself tous,for itisYou thatweseek,aTriuneGod,Father,SonandHolySpirit.R.Amen.ChestWard2nd FloorV.Godthe Father, Yourwillfor all peopleishealth and salvation.R.Wepraise you and thank YouaLord.V.Godthe Son You came thatwemight have life and might have it more abundantly;R.Wepraise You and thank You,aLord. V.GodtheHolySpirit, You makeourbodies the templeofYour presence.R.Wepraise You and thank You,aLord.V.HolyTrinity,oneGod, in Youwelive andmoveand haveourbeing.R.Wepraise You and thank You,aLord.PRIEST:Lord grant Your healing grace to allwhoare sick, injured,ordisabled, thattheirwillsmight be unitedwithYour \Nill and their spirit inyourspirit, thatYourWillmay be accepted by them.GiveyourBlessing, Lord, to allwhoworkherein, that through them Your Love and Power might be revealed.R.Amen.


Private Medical 3rd FloorV.The effect of righteousness shall be peace and tranquility.R.Mypeoplewillabideinsecuredwellingsand in quiet resting places. V. Unless the Lord builds the house.R.Their labourisvainwhobuildit.PRIEST:Letuspray.AlmightyGod, from You comes every good prayer, and Youpourout on thosewhodesire it the Spiritofgrace:Deliveryourservantswhentheydrawnear to You in this place from coldnessofheart and mayyourPower to heal be manifested in thosewhoserve You here, throughJesusChristOurLord.R.Amen.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSTheMinisterofHealth&Environment and staffofPrincess Margaret Hospitalacknowledgewithdeep appreciation the contributions made by thefollowingto thedevelopmentofhealth care services:-European Bank&TrustCo.Lyford Cay Clinic Kiwanis ClubsofNassau Rotary ClubsofNassau Yellowbirds Auxiliaries Cancer Societyofthe Bahamas Government Printing DepartmentMr.Pedro Roberts, Commonwealth DrugsLtd.Horticultural Societyofthe BahamasMr.JulianAllen Carmichael Nursery RockyFarmsNursery Archer's NurseryMrs.Norma Allen Modernistic GardensMr.JoshuaSearsClaudia's KitchenMr.Lester TurnquestMr.Stanley BabbsMs.Virginia McKinneyMr.Courtney StrachanMr.Howard HofferMs.Alyssa AllenE.V.Douglas-SandsMr.K.Knowles MinistryofWorksHerMajesty'sPrisonNassauGlassCo.******Building&Maintenance Staff -PMHBuilding&Maintenance Staff -SRCBuilding Contractors:G.B.Construction D&MConstructionMissVernaMcintosh ProgrammeMissPamela Munroe Invitations

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