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Annual Nurses' Graduation Ceremony


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Annual Nurses' Graduation Ceremony
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8 p. ; 22 cm.
Department of Nursing Education
Department of Nursing Education, Ministry of Health
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Subjects / Keywords:
Nursing education -- Bahamas
serial   ( sobekcm )
yearbook   ( marcgt )
Temporal Coverage:
1982 - 1983


Statement of Responsibility:
Ministry of Health
General Note:
Graduation ceremony held 22nd July 1983, Ball Room, Paradise Grand Hotel, Paradise Island.
General Note:
Includes names of graduates of the Registered Nurse Programme IC-14, Trained Clinical Nurse Programme P.T.S.-20, Midwifery Programme, Community Nursing Programme and Long Service Certificates.

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Hilda Bowen Library
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Hilda Bowen Library
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This item is licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives License. This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to the author.
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Ministrv Of Health ANNUAL NURSES' GRADUATION CEREMONY on Friday, 22nd July 1983 at 8:00 p.m. Ball Room Paradise Grand Hotel Paradise Island


r----PRoGRAMME-1 ************** CHAIRMAN .............................. Miss Hilda V. Bowe n M.B .E. Director of Nursing PROCESSION OF GRADUATES INVOCA TJON ............ . ........................ Hospital Chaplain HYMN .... . . ...................... ............... ..... Graduates INTRODUCTION OF DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER ........... ........ The Hon Livingstone Coakley, M.P. Minister of Health ADDRESS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Hon Arthur D. Hanna, M.P. Deputy Prime Minister SELECTION .............................. .......... .... . Graduat es DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATION REPORT .. ........................... Mrs. lronaca Morris Principal Nursing Officer v PRESENTATION OF CERT/FICA TES REGISTERED NURSES, MIDWIVES COMMUNITY NURSES ........ The Hon Arthur D Hanna M. P Deputy Prime Minist e r PRESENTATION Of' CERTIFICATES -TRAINED CLINICAL NURSES, LONG SERVICE .................... The Hon Livingstone Coakley, M.P Minister of Health PRESENT A TJON OF BADGES ....... ..... Registered Nurses) Mrs. A Hanna Community Nurses) Train e d Clinical Nurses -Mrs. L. Coakley VOTE OF THANKS ............... .... ...... . ... Mrs. Dorothy Phillips I Principal Nursing Officer 'MUSl. C . ............. '.TVA Ruby Ann Darling, Pianbt .......... .,. ... 9f!l .. 90 .. 90 .. .. -..: ... ac.i...-... 19atJl!lim9Ca ...


INTRODUCTORY COURSE No. 14 REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAMME vj'l. BARR, lnza Marie /19. v 2. BOD IE, Nathalie Annie ./ 20. v/3. BOWE, Christine E. /'21. vjBROWN, Margareta Ellen y/22. v 9/ BROWN, Maxine ----/.. BUTLER, Angela C. '"===-\714. Vi COLLIE, Cleolamae (Hamilton) vj-98. COOPER, Cynthia V. t/,';J COOPER, Denise E. ./10 COOPER, Sonia T 8 i/1'1. 9 vfl. DELEVEAUZ, Melva 13. DEMERITIE, C/31. 0,4. DILLET, Paige /15 .,/l s : HALL, Patty 34. V17. HENDFIELD, Carimend_a E X'18 HEPBURN, Barbara Ann )>< :7"'36. P. T. S. 20 TRAINED CLINICAL NURSE PROGRAMME 1. ARMBRISTER, Sarah Priscilla 2. BAKER, Muriel Laverne 3 BASDEN, Francinta Elizabeth 4. BETHEL, Mordell 5. BLYDEN, Alma Theresa & CALLENDER,Karan 7 CLARE, Rosemarie Louisa 8. DARVILLE, Jennie Patricia 9. DELANCEY, Serena 10. DUNCOMBE, Thelma 11. EL LIS, Vernita 12. FARQUHARSON, Elizabeth M 13. FERGUSON, Marjorie Louise 14. FERGUSON, Francis Delotis 15. GRAY, Santine 16. HUNT, Judymae 17. HUMES, Sheila Paulette 18. JOHNSON, Barbara Mae 19. JOHNSON, Sherrian C. 20. KNOWLES, Joann Elevise 21. McKENZIE, Jennifer G 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. HUTCHESON, Marceia M JOHNSON, Henrietta H JOHNSON, Janet Valerie JOHNSON, Patrice JOHNSON, Peggy C-;<. JOHNSON, Vernetta I. KING, Celestine 0 LEWIS, Miriam Colean-AcJiicv ( '1 McKENZIE, Anna Mae.:X u MURPHY, Doralea Louise NOTTAGE, Maria PRATT, Keva Denise ROLLE, Linda Jane SEARS, Debbie Linda STRACHAN, Rochelle P F STUBBS, Ellajane SYMON ETTE, Yvonne WILSON, Patrice Laverne McPHEE, Ida Malinda MILLER, Helen Della MORALLY, Orelia Jane PERCENTIE, Gleanor Cindy PINDER, Esthermae RAHMING, Malvese RI CHARDS, Angela (Thompson) ROLLE, Anna Drucilla ROLLE, Winniemae SMITH, Karen STUART, Jenniemae V. SWEETING, Brigitte Y TAYLOR, Janet THURSTON, Carrol THURSTON, Janet Louise WHY LL Y, Sharli.ne P. (Rolle) I I I I I I WILLIAMS, Brendalee I WILLIAMS, Julia Estella WOODS, Linda Lauretta (Outten) WRIGHT, Coralee WRIGHT, Maria Mic'.:_.J


THE HON LIVINGSTONE COAKLEY, M.P. MR. HAROLD MUNNINGS Permanent Secretary Minister of HHlth MISS HILDA V BOWEN, M B.E Director of Nursing DR.V.A.ALLEN Chief Medical Officer I I


MRS. IRONACA MORRIS Princ i pal Nursing Officer Department of Nursing Education MRS DOROTHY PHILLIPS Principal Nursing Officer Princess Marpret HOSPital MR. BRICE FERGUSON MRS. BEVERL V FORD Acting Principal Nursing Officer Community Nursing Service Ag. Principal Nursing Officer Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre MRS LULA KNOWLES Senior Nursing Officer Rand Memorial Hospital


MIDWI FFERY PROGRAMME JANUARY, 1983 1. GRAY, Terricetta (Pinder) 2 JOSEY, Beverley Christine 3. MAJOR, Audrey Eloise 4. MARTIN, Christine JULY, 1983 1. BAIN, Bernadette Louise 2 COOPER, Patricia 3. EVANS, Terry Ann (Bain) 4. DEAN, Thomascina 5. FERG USON, Jestina 5 MOULTRIE, Martha Louise 6 SWEETING, lcelyn 1 WILLIAMS, Audrey 8 WILLIAMS, Larrie Alfreda 6 KN OWL ES, Shirley 7 McNEIL, Lillian Louise 8 MILLER, Valerie Griselda 9 ROLLE,Olive 10. SMITH, Shirley Mae COMMUNITY NURSING PROGRAMME X / 1 2 3. 0!' 4 5. Y6. BELMAR, Agnes CARTER, Philabertha Louise COAKLEY, Angelique Antoinette JOHNSON, Marcel Prisca JOHNSON, Curly Mae Ellamae PHILLIP, Eldica u I 9 PH I LLIP, Eureka STEWART, Alice Alveria TURRENTINE, Carethia GRENADA BAHAMAS BAHAMAS BAHAMAS BAHAMAS GRENADA DOMINICA BAHAMAS ST. VINCENT I I I I LONG SERVICE CERTIFICATES /sABBS, Evelyn VDEAN, Beverley y ../ FOWLER, Marina .xO.J,., <\) ,., .. ) \...-"'" JOHNSON, Enez X i..../"'MI LLER, Hassam ef ROLLE, Lydia v THOMPSON, Patricia V TURNER, Gwendolyn L _______ l,.. __ 9tl_lltil!_l!Sa!I_ ..


Nursing Staff Ministry of Health Miss H V. Bowen, M B E -Director of Nursing DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATION Mrs. lronaca Morris Mrs. jennie M. Isaacs Mrs. Evelin Prescod Mrs. Esmeralda Rutherford Mr. Andil B LaRoda Miss Ernestine Douglas Mrs. Castella Bowleg Mrs. Jacquelyn Dean Mrs. Carmen V. Hepburn Mrs. Gloria Ferguson Mrs. Lilly Mae Major Mrs. Elana McCartney Mrs. Patrinella Deleveaux Mrs. Willamae Stuart Ms. Hilda Douglas Ms. Denesia Mcweeney Mrs. Lenor Pinder Mrs. Ampusam Symonette Mrs. Doreen Peters Seconded Officers Miss Cleopatra V. Ferguson Miss Ivy Wilson Mrs. Sheila Gould Principal Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Nursing Officer, Grade Nursing Officer, Grade Nursing Officer, Grade Nursing Officer, Grade Nursing Officer, Grade II Nursing Officer, Grade II Nursing Officer, Grade 11 Nursing Officer, Grade II Nursing Officer, Grade II Nursing Officer, Grade II Nursing Officer, Grade II Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Senior Nursing Officer (Health Aids Programme) Nursing Officer, Grade II Psychiatric Programme Staff Nurse, Psychiatric Programme -seconded to Department of Nursing Education


, .......... ............... ...... I I I I I I i PRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL I Mrs Dorothy Phillips Principal Nursing Officer I Mrs. Cecile Knowles Senior Nursing Officer t Mrs. Theda Godet Senior Nursing Officer Mrs. Dorphany S immons Senior Nursing Officer I Mrs. Maggie Moss Senior Nursing Officer I I Mrs. Rosemarie Thompson Senior Nursing Officer I I I I I I I I SANDILANDS REHABILITATION CENTRE Mr. Brice Ferguson Mr. Lincoln Davis Ms. Eunice Deane COMMUNITY NURSING SERVICE M r s Beverly Ford Mrs. Celeste Lockhart RAND MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Mrs. Lula Knowles Miss Sylvia Davis Ag. Principal Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Ag. Senior Nursing Officer Ag. Principal Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer COMMUNITY NURSING SERVICE -GRAND BAHAMA Miss Carlotta Klass Ag. Senior Nursing Officer j

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