Constitution of the Nurses Association of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas


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Constitution of the Nurses Association of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
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Nurses Association of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Nurses Association of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
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Constitution Of The Association Of The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas 1983


CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I The title of this Association shall be the "Nurses Association of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas," here inafter referred to as "the Association." ARTICLE II DEFINITIONS In this Constitution the feminine pronoun she/her when used to refer to a "nurse" also transports the mascu line gender. The following words are used as defined in this Constitution and in the Regulations : NURSE A nurse is a person who has completed a pro gramme of basic nursing education and is qualified and authorized in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas to practise nursing. Basic nursing education is a formally recognized programme of study which provides a broad and sound foundation for the practice of nursing and for post-basic education which develops specific competency. At the first level, th e educational programme prepares the nurse, through study of behavioural, life and nursing sciences and clinical experience, for effective practice and direction of nursing care, and for the leadership role. The first level nurse is responsible for planning, providing and evalCJating nursing care in all settings for the promotion of health, prevention of illness care of the sick and re-1


habilitation; and functions as a member of the health team. (Definition l.C.N. 1975). The second level programme prepares the nurse, through study of nursing theory and clinical prac tice, to give nursing care in cooperation with and under the supervision of a first level nurse. NURSING EDUCATION A planned systematic educational programme approved by the Nursing Council of the Common wealth of The Bahamas which provides a broad and scientific foundation for the effective practice of nursing, and the basis for continuing education in nursing. NURSING PRACTICE The clinical and functional aspects of nursing. Clinical nursing practice is the giving of nursing care to clients/patients and families in a variety of settings, and may be preventative, promotional, therepeutic, habilitative or rehabilitative in nature. Functional nursing practice is the administrat ion of nursing care, nursing education and research. Professional nursing practice is the clinical and functional aspects of nursing and consists of care, cure and coordination. EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Board of the Association (here inafter referred to as "the Board") shall be compris ed of those persons hereinafter mentioned and shall


be the administrative body of the Association. THE GENERAL BODY The Members of the Association duly assembl ed for a constituted meeting. THE REGISTRAR An employee of the Association who coordin ates the working schedule and financial affairs of the Registry for Private Duty Nurses on behalf of the Association. NURSES CONFERENCE An annual meeting of the Association in the form of workshops, seminars and discussions for professional development and election of officers. HEADQUARTERS The headquarters of the Association shall be at such a place designated by the Association. BRANCH A group, consisting of members of the Assoc iation, working within a given region of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and who supports, protects and promotes the goals and interests of the Association. ARTICLE Ill PURPOSE To promote the highest possible standard of nursing practice, professional and educational advancement for 3


nurses, so that all people irrespective of nationality, race, colour or social origin may have optimal nursing care. ARTICLE IV OBJECTIVES 1. To enunciate standards of nursing and promote their implementation. 2. To stimulate and encourage proficiency among nurses. 3. To enforce and maintain the ethical code as set out by the International Council of Nurses. 4. To stimulate and promote research in. all branches of nursing. 5 To promote and protect the economic and social welfare of nurses 6. To represent nurses of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas nationally, regionally and internationally. 7. To promote legislative changes for nursing through the statutory body. 8 To foster participation of nurses in national welfare through health education. 9. To collaborate with health professionals, allied health agencies, government and other organizations for the improvement and promotion of national health. 10. To promote unity, camaraderie, understanding and sympathy among members of the nursing profession and other members of the health team. 11. To maintain national, regional and international re-4


lationships and affiJiation with other organisations. 12. To provide a channel for continued professional growth. 13. To maintain an agency for the development of nurses in private practice, hospitals and/or the community. 14. To maintain a link with members throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas by the establish ment of branches. ARTICLE V MEMBERSHIP Membership in the Association shall be unre-stricted by considerations of nationality, race, colour, creed, politics, sex or social status and includes : 1. FULL MEMBERSHIP 1.1 Any nurse who has completed the basic nursing education programme in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is registered with the Nursing Council of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. 1.2 A nurse from any other country, registered with the Nursing Council of the Common wealth of The Bahamas and practising as a Registered Nurse in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas 2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP 2.1 Nurses who are not actively engaged in nursing practice. 5


2.2 Nursing students after completion of two years. 2.3 Persons other than Registered Nurses hold ing single qualification in midwifery, mental health nursing or any other single, qualification recognised by the Nursing Council. 2.4 Nurses who are on the Roll of Clinical Nurses. 3. LIFE MEMBERSHIP 3.1 A nurse recognized by the General Body who has made outstanding contribution to nursing in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. 3.2 A nurse who has paid the life membership fee, as may be determined from time to time by the General Body. 4. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP 1. Any non-nursing person who in the opinion of the General Body has made out standing contribution to nursing Qualifications for Membership shall be as set out under the Regulations. ARTICLE VI VOTING RIGHTS 1. FULL MEMBERSHIP Any nurse in full membership shall have full 6


voting rights. 2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Shall have the right to vote on matters pertain ing to the Association except those relating to registered nurses and international r:natters 3. LIFE MEMBERSHIP Shall have the full voting rights and shall be eligible to hold office within the Association. 4. HONORARY MEMBER 4.1 May be elected ex-officio member of any group with in the Association. 4.2 Shall not vote, hold office, chair a comm ittee or sub-committee of the Association. ARTICLE VII DUES. 1. Members are required to pay annual dues within 31 days of the commencement of the Fiscal Year, at an amount to be decided upon from time to time, and in a manner agreed upon by the General Body. 2. Dues for full membership and associate membership shall be reviewed every five years, and life member ship every ten years. 7


ARTICLE VIII OFFICERS The Officers of the Association shall be:-1. President 2. First VicePresident 3. Second Vice-President 4. Secretary 5. Assistant Secretary 6. Treasurer 7. Assistant Treasurer No member shall be entitled to hold office as Pres ident, Secretary or Treasurer unless they have Served at least one term on the Board or as a Branch Officer. ARTICLE IX DUTIES OF OFFICERS 1. The President shall: 8 1.1 preside at all meetings and over all activities of the Association. 1.2 be responsible for the overall administration of the affairs of the Association, and the imple mentation of executive decision.


1.3 be ex-officio member of all sub-committees of the Association. 1 4 act as chief representati\te and assume liaison and public relations responsibilities for the Association. 1 5 affirm Articles, Rules and Regulations of the Constitution of the Association. 1.7 serve as a trustee of the Association as hereinafter provided. 2. The Vice President 2 1 In order of ascendency shall in the temporary absence of the President assume all duties of the President 2.2 Shall undertake such special duties as may be assigned to them from time to time by the President. 3. The Secretary shall: 3.1 record all proceedings of the Association and have charge of all correspondence of the Assoc iation. 9


3.2 give notification of the times and place of Association meetings on instructions from the President. 3.3 Serve as witness to the signing of all deeds, doc uments or any other Legal contracts entered into by the Trustees authorised by the Board. 4. The Assistant Secretary shall assist with and assume the duties of the Secretary in her absence. 5 The Treasurer sha(I : 10 5.1 collect, receive and have charge of the funds of the Association and deposit such funds to the Association's account(s). -5.2 be responsible for sending out notices of out standing dues and payments on behalf of the Association. 5.3 keep an itemized account of all receipts and ex penditure; all papers and books relative to the financial affairs of the Association for audit. 5.4 report on the financial status of the Association quarterly, to the Executive Body. 5.5 serve as Chairperson of Finance/Fundraising Committee. 5.6 submit to the newly elected Treasurer all doc-


uments, monies and vouchers of the Associ ation in her custody. 5. 7 assume any other duties as may be assigned by the President from time to time. 5.8 make financial reports at the Annual General Meeting 5.9 serve as Trustee of the Association as herein after provided. 6. Assistant Treasurer shall assist with and carry out the duties of the Treasurer in her temporary absence ARTICLE X STANDING COMMITTEES 1. There shall be the following standing Committees: 1.1 Education & Research 1.2 Social & Economic Welfare 1.3 Membership 1.4 Nursing Practice & Standards 1.5 Publicity & Public Relations 1.6 Finance 11.


2. Each Standing Committee shall consist of a Chair person elected at the AnnuaJ. General Meeting and seven (7) Members 3 It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to submit reports at Board meetings for the purpose of communications and coordination. 4. Terms of Reference shall be established in accord ance with the guidelines laid down by the lnternat ional Council of Nurses and the Association ARTICLE XI FINANCE 1. All cheques must be signed by two of the following Officers:-(a) President (b) Treasurer (c) Secretary 2. The Bankers of the Association shall be a Bank approved by the Executive Board 3. 12 The Accounts of the Association s hall be audited by one (1') Auditor appointed by the Executive Board. The Auditor must certify annually as to the state of the Accounts no later than the 30th d ay of Novem ber. t'


ARTICLE XII SPECIAL COMMITTEES 1. Special committees, of no less than five (5) Mem bers shall be appointed as needed by the President on the advice of the Board. 2. Special committees shall serve from the time of appointment until completion of the project unless their appointment is otherwise terminated by the President on the advice of the Board. ARTICLE XIII THE EXECUTIVE BOARD 1. The Board shall consist of-1. Officers of the Association 2. Chairpersons of Standing Committees 3. The Registrar 4. Immediate Past President of the Association 5. Chairpersons of Branches 2. In addition to those matters set out in this Consti tution, the Board shall have such powers and functions as may be conferred upon it by Regula tions of the A s sociation. 13


ARTICLE XIV TRUSTEES 1. Unless otherwise determined by a resolution of the Board the President and the Treasurer of the Association for the time being in office shall be Trustees of the Association. In addition, two mem bers appointed by the Board with the approval of the General Body shall serve for five years. The Trustees shall have vested in them all the real estate and other property of the Association. The Trus tees of the Association shall sign and seal all deeds, documents and other instruments and papers aut horised by the Board and requiring execution by the Association in the presence of the Secretary. 2. The Trustees may from time to time as author-ised by resolution of the Board raise or borrow or secure the payment of any sum. or sums of money for the purposes of the Association. 3. The Trustees may raise or secure the payment 14 or repayment of such moneys in such manner and upon such terms and conditions in all respects as authorised by the Board, and in particular by way of mortgages, notes or other obligations of the Association charged upon all or any part of the property of the Association (both present and future).


ARTICLE XV MEETINGS 1. The Association shall holC: regular monthly meetings 2. All business meetings shall be conducted in accord ance with Robert's Rules of Order insofar as these do not conflict with the Constitution of the Associ ation. 3. There shall be an Annual General Meeting during the month of November each year for the purpose of:-3 1 Receiving all Annual Reports 3.2 Election of Officers 3.3 Conferring Honorary and Life Membership on persons nominated by the Board 4. Extra-Ordinary Meetings may be held for the pur pose of transacting urgent business. ARTICLE XVI QUORUM 1. Fifteen financial Members of the Association shall form a quorum for a regularly constituted meeting. 2. Thirty financial Members of the Association shall form a quorum for the Annual General Meeting.


3. One-half of the Board shall form a quorum for a Board Meeting. ARTICLE XVII BRANCHES A Branch of the Association may be formed in any Island, or Group of Islands as the Board may determine. Such Branch shall be responsible for the direction and co-ordination of the Association's affairs in the area in which it is formed, but shall be governed by this Constitu tion and subject to the control of the Board. The Branch shall meet at least once per quarter and its Chairman shall submit yearly reports on its activities at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The Board may in its discretion authorise the retention by the Branch from the dues or subscription of its Members of such sum as the Board may from time to time determine, for the administrative expenses of the Branch. In addition to the Chairperson of the Branch, who shall be an ex officio member of the Board, the Branch may elect its own officers in such manner and for such tir:oe as relate to Officers of the Association. ARTICLE XVI 11 POWER TO MAKE REGULATIONS The Board shall have power to make Regulations 16


governing the functions and membership of the Association and the Board Such Regulations and any amendment thereto or replacement thereof shall be ratified by the Association in a General Meeting. Regulations shall be signed by the President and shall come into force on the day ratified by the Association ARTICLE XVIX AMENDMENTS 1. This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the financial members present at any annual general meeting provided such proposals have been submitted in writing to the / Secretary at least thirty (30) days before that annual general meeting. 2. Notice of proposed amendments shall be given to the membership not less than fourteen (14) days be fore the general meeting in which proposals will be considered. REGULATIONS CONDITIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP 1. Any nurse applying for membership will be ex pected to produce evidence of nursing qualificat ions for the approval of the Board. 11


2. Application for membership must be made on a standard form established by the Association and shall be accompanied by the membership dues for not less than one month. 3. Any member whose dues remain unpaid for two months shall cease to be a member of the Associa tion. 4. Any nurse excluded from membership by virtue of Regulation 3 who is desirous of rejoining shall be required to pay all dues in arrears from the time of exclusion. 5. Full Members Full members shall be entitled to participate fully in all activities of the Association. They shall be re quired to pay full dues. 6 Associate Members 6.1 Shall have the privileges of full members of the Association except those of holding office, serving as Chairman of Standing Committees_ serving as delegates or voting on regional and international matters. 6.2 Shall be required to pay one-half of the dues paid by full members. 7. Life Members 18 7.1 Shall be entitled to all the benefits and privi leges of full members of the Association includ-


ing those of voting, holding office or serving on the Board. Life members of whom such status has been conferred by the Board in recognition of outstanding contribution to Association shal I be exempted from the payment of dues. 8. Honorary Members : 8.1 Shall be entitled to serve as an ex-officio mem ber of a Committee, but shall not be able to vote or serve on the Board. 8.2 Shall be exempted from payment of dues. 9. Officers 9. 1 No officer shall serve more than two (2) consec utive terms in the same office. One term of office shall be two (2) years. 9.2 If the office of Presi.Pent should become vacant the First Vice President shall succeed until the Annual General Meeting. 9.3 Ail retiring officers shall on the expiration of their term, surrender all property, books and papers belonging to their office to their success ors or the President within thirty (30) days after the close of the Annual General meeting or after their date of retirement, as the case may be. 19


9.4 An officer may vacate office by resignation in writing to the Board 9 5 An officer shall be dismissed from her office if she ceases for any reason to be effective and efficient in her post by a three-quarters vote of financial members of the General Body present at an Extra Ordinary meeting called for that purpose. Provided that the alleged cause for dismissal and purpose of the meeting shall be commun icated to the members at least thirty (30) days before the said meeting. 10. The Executive Board 20 10.1 The board shall be responsible for the general management of the affairs of Associa tion, but its chief duty shall be to take care of matters which may require attention between meetings. 10.2 Members of the Board shall not be eligible to serve for more than six (6) consecutive years. 10.3 Regular meetings of the Board shall be held prior to each general meeting of the Association Special meetings may be called by the President on twenty-four (24) hours notice to each member of the Board.


10.4 The Board may appoint sub-committees with power to co-opt. members. 10.5 The Board shall hold a meeting immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting and at such other times as may be considered nec essary with the Executive Committee of Branches of the Association to co-ordinate, communicate; and plan for the improvement of nursing practice and the profession 10.6 The Board shall have the power to appoint a discipl i nary committee of three (3) persons, one from the Board and two (2) from the Gen eral Body for the purpose of investigating com plaints against members. Such committee shall be empowered to qiscipline any member who in its opinion is guilty of such complaints by reprimanding that member or suspending or ex pelling her from membership in the Association 10. 7 The Board shall appoint a Sub-committee to protect the interests of Private Duty Nurses. The Registration fee for working members of the Association engaged in private practice shall be twenty (20) dollars monthly and is subject to change from time to time. There shall be the right of appeal concerning disciplinary action to the Board. 2i


STANDING COMMITTEES A. Fducatio11 a11d Researcb Shall be concerned with all aspects of education relating to nursing and nursing research b. Social aud / : "cmwmic Welfare Shall be concerned with promoting, protecting and improving the total welfare of nurses. C. Membersbip Shall be concerned with recruitment of new mem bers. D. Publicity a11d Public Relations Shall be concerned with dissemination of infor mation to nurses and significant others for the promotion of the image of nurses E Nursing Practice and Standard Shall be concerned with developing and improving professional services and nursing practice. F. Finance 22 Sha I I be concerned with all matters relating to the acquisition and disbursement of funds of the Assoc iation. This committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer and shall meet at least three (3) times per year They shall formulate a budget at the beginn ing of each fiscal year


G Extraordinary Meetings The President shall appoint the date and time of any extraordinary meeting of the General Body: Provided that if the President shall fail to appoint such date and time on the written request of not less than thirty (30) members of the Association, a Vice President or Secretary of the Association shall appoint such date and time and shall be charged with responsibility for notifying the General Body and the Board of such appointment. ELECTION (a) The officers of the Association and Chairman of Standing Committees shall be elected by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting. (b) No member shall be eligible to serve on Executive. Board who has not been a member of the Associ ation for more than one (1) year. (c) A list of financial members eligible for nomination and voting shall be posted not later than September of the current year. (d) Nominations for office shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not later than the end of October. (e) Nominations for office should not be submitted un less prior permission of the nominee has been ob tained. (f) No member shall be eligible to serve as JJ


President, Secretary or Treasurer who has not served as a member of the Board for at least one term. (g) Family Island/Branch members will be entitled to vote by post and completed ballot should be post marked not I ater than severi ( 7) days before the Annual General meeting. Made this ......... ........... ..... ... . . ... ...... .... ..... day of PRESIDENT 24