Administrative instructions : sterilization of grapefruit and oranges by heat under the Mexican fruitfly quarantine


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Administrative instructions : sterilization of grapefruit and oranges by heat under the Mexican fruitfly quarantine
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B.E.P.Q. ;
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
Citrus -- Diseases and pests -- Control   ( lcsh )
Mexican fruit-fly -- Control   ( lcsh )


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"April 8, 1938."
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"Approved April 5, 1938 ; effective April 8, 1938."

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UNITED STILLS DEPk7-.9.1',L:-,NT OF AGaIC,TI- T-J 2 Bureau of Zntcirolo,- ;- and Plant Qv-avntine 7ashin-ton, D. C.

B. E. P. Q. -2 -17 2 r i
Surer,.-ed-;r.g PQQ



(Approved April 19- 9; effectI've Ariil S,

T YT7)ODi TCT01LY 0=

In-vesti'-'-ticns in st--riIizir,,S fruit for thc I-xic-'n -"Yaitfly' h '-:e
shown that-th5i ho-'diiF --:-n '.:e i-ed--,-e.-- fi-om 9 "o D hc;17.r S
provided the time, for 'ae :tin- II f i t t 0 t s E' T T" "I is at I E 7ts
hours, making a. o-P 11 shi-nrcrs
may talke advaiata- o-F t is sti?- t; v- is-ue rl
as circular on 'i -ed by th,
follov"iIIE instructiol s.

Under 7xtIIorit%- co.,itE,-ined in of rtlr i.-tic,-i of the
11 e x i can f ru i t.:']- y qu 0.r an t ino rr u'.,- '- o n s e v i s e 15,
1037, .",l,-t nt" of u- s t r i 7 -, C 'D s an
fruit fro-n infest -,! ar,-as fiok of of ti, f r-.--L i t
fly, notice is hereb- :J*v n tdv -t ot -ri-; !,Iation is c(Di. ,itic-l-,
of issu nce of P rmlts for t'-Ie c-f Cr S --r-a,,,
produceC in areas a, siL nat-ed by th-,-, C.IJ-'- :C 0 f t 3, 1 r I -f t r" T 0 1 r'-- v a n Plant Quart-mtine as in-Cested. s'.- -rilizati--n Il ,- -13, i th
one of the, following -rcscrib,--.d

(1) Featin- the -frait to !-a t 110c 7. tex-ceed 112 ir the a-r Dro-:im,--te cf' t" 7 ')rd
ture of 110c or abo-:IF (no t azce 6 1 Z "or -,f E h )Ur-:

(2) Eeatin,',-, --':or a :,,r'L(,d of -,o'u 1 h,which ti:ne thc fiiiit sliall be raisk r'- oi' 110c) 7. at the PPpro-imate center c-C tl-,o frrit a.-L,7. f7IL'-aI-' b, I U t b that t=I)erature -for th. ,. last hn-u-r-, of -- .ch tr-at.Trient.

No spacificat*cn- ai3 t e-- i, mc '-t for obt Lii
these conCLitions ar- -, i,-n i-Zic -tetho-.t by the applic7AI-)n of dry hE-at t1n, bt' rc!ached.
vAthout iiijur, to tlE2 frAt. To -orev'-iit sucl'l "Ir' 17 n'-'CeS --,,.ry t,) r.,ain+
tain a vary iii-Ii humidity throu,'ho -.,' Tn t'
where successful porfor,-.ial--ce was -, jtaine I, liv, s -',.-urc0 ()f
was applied in such a ,,,ev v, tc, 7 ,s nerri,,- a 7 iDl, a uniforr--, Tistributicn of stean-he,7te l air so dirocto0- not t Cirectly on tI-,,:, fruit.


3 12652 09311 4824

ThL'e air teiotperature raw'cuI frcai 1100 to 1120 F. a tie air very roirt. Thle fruit was heli in A'eli boxec stoce3 four boxes high me1 withnut' special mcans of searntin) the boxes ir eoc strck. The experiments indicate that tne f'ruit should be sterilized aftsr coloring, if this is, nacecsary, an! b~fr re mackin, for shipment, and then cooled down to a tamipvraturec arund 4v"D F. Ps scinf as possible after steriliziny. Wan or pa roffie, either dr7 or in solution, should not be applied to this fruit either before or aftcr sterilization.

Such treatment is authorized in sterilization plants in the regulated area which are nopreved. by the 3ureau of Fntniuol ogy and Planot qiarantino. The lurepu. will araovo only those plants which are adequately equipped to handle PnI sturilize the frult. Such 7terilizotion will be done undo
Wile thie results of the e:jviients so far conducted have been successful, it Should be eLuphasized tart inrxctn ess end carelessness in operotion maye result in injury to fruit. In ruthrorizing the movement of fruit sterilized in accordance with the above requirements, it is understool that the flepartnont doos not rccemc responsibility for fruit injury.


Actin; Chief, Bureau of ZntonoloE7 and.
Pleat qnvarmtino.