Margaret Block: Tour of Cleveland Part 2

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Margaret Block: Tour of Cleveland Part 2
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Oral history interview
Margaret Block ( Interviewee )
Marna Weston ( Interviewer )
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Subjects / Keywords:
Oral history
Civil rights movements--Mississippi--History
Cleveland (Mississippi)--History
Spirituals (Songs)
Temporal Coverage:
1950 - 2009
Spatial Coverage:
United States of America -- Mississippi


Civil rights activist Block takes oral history students on a tour of the Dockery Plantation, Sunflower River, Ruleville, the Fannie Lou Hamer gravesite and Freedom Farm, a Julia Rosenthal school, the Mae Bertha Carter House, Mound Bayou, Taborian Hospital, the John F. Kennedy School, the I.T. Montgomery House, and the Isaiah Montgomery Houses. People mentioned include: Curtis Austin, Fannie Lou Hamer, Fred Shuttlesworth, Sam Block, John O’Neill, Jimmy Travers, Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, Aaron Henry, LaPointe Smith, James Edward Calhoun, Joe Rice, Barack Obama, Stokely Carmichael, Bob Moses, Jesse Brewer, Lee Brewer, Eugene Brewer, Charles Brewer, Sam Block, Bevel, Darney Whitten, Ed Brown, Owen Brooks, Charles McLaurin, Lyndon B. Johnson, Leadbelly, Susan Grissom, Rita Shriner Bender, Susan Crawford, Nicky Strong, Andy Goodman, Billy Wayne Posey, Margaret Cho, Mae Bertha Carter, Dorrie Ladner, L.C. Dorsey, Unita Blackwell, Joan Trumpauer, Winifred Green, Robert Earl Brown, Mac Charles Sanders, Peter Wood, Amy Goodman, Fred Ingram, Jefferson Davis, Isaiah Montgomery, T.R.M. Howard, Dorothy Ferebee, Bill Rowe, John Hope Franklin, Isaiah Montgomery, Strom Thurmond, Wattie Bishop, Harris Lee Cox, Jonathan Vance, John Gibson and Judy Gibson. Locations include: Clarksdale, Renova, Charleston, Glendora, Mound Bayou, Shelby and Marigold, Mississippi. Organizations: SNCC, Knights and Daughters of Tabor. Block and Weston sing ""This Little Light of Mine," and "I’m going to move when the spirits say move."

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UF Samuel Proctor Oral History Program
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