Post Pass to Sophia Fatio, July 6, 1863


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Post Pass to Sophia Fatio, July 6, 1863
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Fatio Family Papers
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Mixed Material
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Second Spanish Period, 1784-1821
AnteBellum Florida, 1845-1860
Family Papers
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North America -- United States -- Florida -- St. Johns

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University of Florida
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Office of the PTvst a shal,

STr. AUGUSTINE, FLA., 1The bearer of this Pass,

has permission to ,emaina in this Department until further orders.



Arrived on board of

Business Residence

Remarks. d V

Capt. 7th Conn. Vols.,

It is understood that the above named and subscriber, accepts this Pass on I her word of honor that she y is, and will e ver be. loyal to the United States, and if hereafter found in arms against the Union, or in any way aiding her enemies, the penalty will be DEATH.

[This OATH OF ALLEGIANCE nutst not be detached from the Pass and Descriptive ) List accompanying it, and must be shown whenever required by competent authority.]

. .. ..c do solemnly swear, in the presence of ALMIGHTY
GOD, that Y will bear true and firm allegiance to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and will faithfully support the CoNsTTUToo and LAws thereof, and that I will to the utmost of my power, forever oppose and discountenance all disloyalty to, or secession, rebellion or disruption of the NATIONAL UNION; that I forever renounce all allegiance to the so-called "Confederate States of America" or any other Power, State or Sovereignty whatever: that I will not by word, act, sign, letter or message, give aid or comfort to any person or persons hostile to the UNITED: STATES, nor will I hold any communication whatever with such person or persons except Vhrough and with the consent of the properly constituted authorities. .
I do further promise and swear that I will give immediate notice to the nearest com. ending officer of the United States forces of the presence or near approach of any enemy, spy or disloyal person, and of, all matters that may at any time come within my knowledge, in which the interests of the UnitedStates are concerned. To all of this I do most solemnly and sincerely promise, declare and swear without any hesitation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of purpose in me whatever, pledgig my sacred honor, my life and my property for the due anl full observance of this my solemn Oath of Allegiance.

Subscribed and sworn to r
before me at St. ugustine
the day of
..... Z," 1868..
.. .. . . .. . : .7.. .... .. .