A legislative history of the Energy Supply and Environmental Coordination Act of 1974, together with a section-by-section index

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A legislative history of the Energy Supply and Environmental Coordination Act of 1974, together with a section-by-section index
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Serial - Senate, Committee on Public Works ; no. 94-7
Library of Congress -- Environment and Natural Resources Policy Division
United States -- Congress. -- Senate. -- Committee on Public Works
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U.S. Govt. Print. Off.
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2 v. : ; 24 cm.


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Energy supply and environmental coordination act of 1974 -- Laws, statutes, etc -- United States ( lcsh )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
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General Note:
At head of title: 94th Congress, 2d session. Committee print.
General Note:
"Serial no. 94-7."
General Note:
Consists of reprints of bills, reports, hearing testimony, and debates.
General Note:
Includes texts of the Clean air act, as amended, June 1974 and the Energy supply and environmental coordination act of 1974 (v. 1, p. [1]-91).
General Note:
Includes bibliographical references.
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Includes index.
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September 1976.
Statement of Responsibility:
prepared by the Environment and Natural Resources Policy Division of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress for the Committee on Public Works, U.S. Senate.

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aF ** "
.VownM7 2
Prtned or the use of the Committee on Public Works
0..:WASHINGTON :1976

ROBERT MORGAN, North Carolina
GARY HART, Colorado
M. BAR MaYEa, Ohief Conael and Chief Clerk BAILEY GUARD, Minority fitaff Direolor LEOx G. BILLINos and RICHARD D. GRUNDY,, ORInif PFtf68840al Staff Membera
JOHN W. YAoo, Jr., Assstat Chief Clerk; PHILIP T. Cuxxxme, Aealktant Chief ftesee
HAROLD H. BRanaAN, Senior Profesional Staff M1ember (minority)
Professional and research staff: KAnL R. BaArrawATZa, JAMaS W. CASS (Aiaftnt
Consel), PAUL CHMEaS, TaENTN CnOW, KATHERNEa Y. Coazarr, PAUL R. EBAmor Jr., Gzon F. FENTOx, Jr., RANDOLPH G. FLOOD, KAaTaZNx R. E. Proaex, ANN GAaaArr, RicHana T. GREER, ICARD M. HARRIS (Assistant Counsel), WW"rBT P.
HAYDEN, RICHARD E. HanOD (Assdent Consael, Minorit),. VanowleA A. Hou.Axa, ROxALD L. KATs, JUDY F. PARENTS, JOHN B. PtfRINTON, Jr., JAMES D. RANG*, W. IAp RAWLeS, CHRLNE A. STUnBitTs, E. BTaVENS SWAIN, Jr., SALLY W. WArmanR, AN RAxN
4. .iiii

The 6eim4% AirAA% Act as am n e -----------------Publle~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ La A39------------------------- 7
President's ~ ~ ~ ap ro a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 9
0Aptr2 Cofrec reor and debte on H.R 1 %A A~A~ 4368:
C o f re c re or ----a----- --------- --------- --------- ---A--- 9
Chate 3, 581 438
H .R 143 8 -- --- --- ---- --- --- ---- --- ---- --- --- ---- --- 52 1
H ous re ort--- --- --- --- --- ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- --6074
Houe dbat an pasag, M y 1 174 --------------------- 81
Senae dbat an pasag ofsubtitue aendent Ma 14 194- 8216 Chaper 4 S. 267 nd HR. 6254
-326 -- - - - - - - - - - - - - --- 475
Intod ctoy tatme t, arh 2 974-------------------- 513
Admiistatin'stesimo y, ous herin s ------------------ 027
S. 28 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---r-------- 58

iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiI. .
Chate 10ii S.iiiiii 2772Pag
S. 27 2- -- - - -- - - -- - - -- - - 2
................. re o t e e b r 1 ,1 7 - - - - - - - - M
Snat n sdrtoanpasgDcme17198-------24
Ch p e 11, @ S................ 9
S. 2W 9 -- -- -- -- -- -- - - - - -- - - - 0
Statement by SenatorIH N II Jaksn- -,a.ii--------------i
Inrduto ofCmitePitN.I medn .28,Nvme ,
197 --- --- --- -- --- --- -- --- --- --- -- --- --- -- --- -- 47
S. 26 -- -- - --- --- I@ -- - - - -- - - - 2 7
I n t r o d u c t o r y s t a t e m e n t s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --i= 2 4 19iiiiiiiiiii !iiili~iiii ==ii i iiiiiiiiiilliiiiiiiii
Adintai on' tetmoy Seaehaig n8 60----2
Se at re oto .2 9- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- 1L -4 51
Seaedbts iiiN o v m b e 15, 19 78 -- --- -------------------------- ----- 2 01iii~iiiiiiiiiiiiii = iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii =i == ii ====Hi ==H = iiiiH~ii ====
Noebr1,17 ------ M
-- - -- - -- -
Chpe 2 diitai n'stsioy erns etme 8
197 -- - -- - - -- - -- - - -- - - ---------- 2M
NOE An @ Id ntica cotnsapasI oue1 hsvlm Vlm )
cnan Chpes91 n h eto-ySeinIdx


On Dcmer 21,h 1934h eaepse opoieeeg
emerenc bil ad atachd i asa nngemaneamedmet t th

Mr. S~omsintroduced the following bill; which was rereder te Cm
mittee on Interstate and Foreign Commere
To iret te President to t ake action to assure, throuheeg
consrvain rtioning, and other means, that th seta enegyneeds of the .United States are mnet, andfr te
Beit enacted by the Benate and House of ersna 2 tvesofthe United States of America in Congresasebd. 3 -Tha tis Act, including the following table of conetsca
-b, itdas the "'National Energy Emergency Ac.
fkw 1:LPurpoe.
see 14.Energy conservation.
Sec~. 10 qeulatecd carriers.
Sep 17.Delegation of authority.
see.loB.Prohibited acts.
8w. 09.Enforcement.
&W. 10.Grants to States.

19 i
SM2 upionatity

... .....
ILill~i (h) (1) Th Pres.. ident shall include in the regulation...
1 unde suscto (a of, h is ,,ii, ection~ii provision , for an order
3igoproiisaoguesocrd ilridulfelol

I duitioneset tade ooiltin e reiul-a i9n e 12 "ie (B)ow atradts oue r 86 "i (2) The President haybre, eur h r
19 qucie o odc crude oil at prdcrlv 20 (1) of this subsection.ntrae fprdutin 21 ( ) a fr as fpricalni xcs fth 2 1 ) ou f tiucion rand the~fnsta rdcia tsc 23 this e ctn. rdcrsa
20t (1)iem of thbemims
21c 3 sfra rcia adcnitn ih airp
22 ()o hssbeto n h ojcie f usait ()o
23 thsset, no prdue sh l be re uie to prd c -cmde, i .... lii ii lli ...... i
2:oliexesoth maimu fiib aei rdcina

1 such rate for periods of more than 90 days creates excessive
2 risk of losses in the recovery of crude oil.
(4) For purposes of this subsection, the term 'maxi.4 mum efficient mte' means the rate. at which production may 5 be sustained without detriment to the ultimate recovery of 6 crude oil under sound engineering and economic principles.".
7 SEC. 104. ENERGY CONSERVATION. .8 (a) EXERGY COWSERVATIONPLANS.9 (1) Within 30 days of enactment of this Act and
10 from time to time thereafter, the President shall propose
11: one or more energy conservation plans which shall be
12 designed to supplement and be coordinated with actions
13 taken and proposed to be taken under other authority
14 of this or other Acts to result in a reduction of energy
15 consumption to a level which can be supplied by avail16 able energy resources. For purposes of this, section the
17 term "energy conservation plan" means provisions for
is transportation controh (including highway speed
ig lim4s.) or such other restrictions on the pablia or private
2D use of energy (including a on operating hours
21: of businesses) which are necessary to reduce energy
22 consumption.
23 (2) An energy conservation plan which takes effect
2t: as-provi&d in subsection (c) have the force and

, i i "~ i~ ...... iiiiii iiii iiii~ ~ i~ iiiii~~i~ ~ ~ ~~~iiS i ..' iiii ,,, iii iiiiiii',, iiiii14 8 0i'i iiii iiiiiiii ii~ii iiiiiii
.... i ii ,,ii ,~i, .. iiii i~~i~iiiii ii~~~i6i "
1, efec of la and sh l appl accord ,3 i ng to i, i '" '" iii iiit terrsi n iii i
2 ah tt except as othewis proviidea~ !i i &ate or
3 loal eempton oder hic hasbeenpropsed nde
4sbeto (banhataeefetudrswei
5 (C)ii
6l3 neeg osraiopa a o elwt
7 oeta n oial ossetsbetmte.A
8 enrycnevtoolnorSaeoooa xmto
9 re ne usc ion()myb mne rrpae
10 oly t acorancewit susecion(c) xcet tat ech
11nclo.ceia.medet ..yb aeinacrac
..... wihscin53o ile5 ntdSae be

1 posed under subsection (a) an exemption order pro2 posed under subsection (b),, or an amendment (other
3 than a technical or clerical amendment) or repeal of
4 such an energy conservation plan. oX exemption order.
5 (2) The President shall transmit any energy action
6 (hearing an identification -number) to the Congress. The
7 President shall have such action delivered to both
8 Houses on the same day and to each House while it is
9 in. session.
10 (3) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph
11 (4) of this subsection, an energy action'shall take ef12 fect at the end of the first period of 15 calendar days of
13 continuous session of Congress after. the date on which
14 the plan is transmitted to it unless, between the date of
transmittal and the end of the 15-day period, either 16 House passes a resolution stating in substance that that
17 House does not favor the energy action.
(4). For the purpose of. subsection (a) of thi's 19 section20 (A) continuity of session is broken only by an
21 adjournment of Congress sine die; and
22 (B) the days on which either House is not in
23 session because of an adjournment of more than 3
24 days to a day certain are excluded in the co'mputa25 tion of the 15-day period.

6 prite in edera Regiosctiednaaeg o
2 (A)n a rvsn exerciseanofathe rainmeinpe of im
10lae t the ate nwic the useon othperwaives ee12 rotie ofubech ouseto repcavl)ua appicbl
18 o6 nl withg resp hch's fectiv heocde ha llwdd 14rite in tht Houeiera Reaiseofreslns rbdb
15( paragraphb(2)to tis enbcti~b onganeypdr 16 (eAe voters nl trieof the eten the af
10 inconsisten thewithe and peenaie, epc
18L ti B)y widfolbcogino they c md totside
19 right of eth Hoaseepetianely thaliocabas 20olyt relating to the procedure thto oue) atoayltie, 14 in that Houme mannte ae tof rlthon aescraine thy 22 cse ofa other rule otetn that thouse.
23 () Forth pullro'i of th ubsecttionl24 tion" means only a resolution of either House of Con25 gress. the matter after the reolving clanse of which is

1 as follows: "'That the- does not favor the
2, energy action numbered transmitted to Congress
3 by the I'mident on 19 the first blank
4 space therein being filled with the name of the resolving
5 House and the other blank spaces therein being appro6 priately filled; but does not Miclade a resolution which
7 specifies more than one energy action.
8 (3) A resolution with respect to an energy action
9 shall he referred to a committee (and all resolutions
10, with respect to the same plan shall be referred to the
11 same committee): by the Priesident of the Senate or the
12 Speaker of the House of Representatives as the case may
10 be.
14 (4) (A) If the committee to which a resolution
15 with respect to a reorganization plan has been referred
16 has not reported it -at the end of 5 calendar days after
17 its introduction, it is in order to move either to discharge
18 the committee from further consideration of the resolu.
19- tion or to discharge the committee from further con20 sideration of any other resolution with respect to the
21 reorganization plan which has been referred to the
221 committee.
23 (B) A motion to discharge may be made only by
24 an -individual favoring the resolution, is highly privileged
H.R. 11450 12

' .... .. ...... i,,ii~~iiii iiiiiiiiii ''" 14 8 4, ~iii'' ii'
3 no
1 (except that it may.... not, be, madei,'i~ii~: afteriiiii the:i ::i~ii iW couni tt ha
2 rep rte a: resolutio with respec to the,,, : same: energyi:ii: ~~iiiii ac:!iii lliii-i:~~iii!iii:'!i: .....
3 tio' ,ii find debate thereo shall," be' liited to notmor
6 th moio i ..ot, i rea i i s not,,, in,,i order. to move,
7 orcnie h oeb -hc h oini gedt
8 rdsgre o
9()Ithmointdicagisngedt rfi
10 aretothmonmanoberewdnrmya-

m Q 1485
IL btwee thse fvorig ad thse oposng te reolu 2 in oinfrhrt ii eae intdbale 3 n mnmn o o oint eo miterslto
4: is no nodead i snti re omv orcn
5 i tevte'ywichterslo i s aredtoo
6 iare o

1 has the ready capabity landsed esr ln enpett 2 burm coal Any installation to4 hc uh n re ple 3 shallbbe permitted to contnetouecafratlstIyr 4 after such prohibition irlst apple oi.T h xetca 5 supplies are limited to legsdnth grgt o s o] h 6 President shall prohibit- the nsofratalgsndproei 7 products for those installations ie tlusofcawllhv 8 the least adverse environmentalipc.Apohbto nts
9 of natural gas and petroleuman dut nerti ubeto 10 shall be contingent upon theavibltyocaante 11 maintenance of reliability of sriei ie evc ra 12 The President shaltarder anyfoslne.irdlctcpwr 1.3 plant now in the planning proest edsindadcn 14 structed so as to have the capaiiyo ai ovrint 1-5 burn coal.
16 (b) COATL ATJA)CATION ATtiy-h rsdn
17 mnay by rule prescribe a.systemfralcionf m]t nss 18 thereof in order to attain the o'cie pcfe nscil 19 4 (b) of the Emergency PetioemAlcto c f17
20 and of section 204 of this Ac.Stin5,6 d7ofil
21 Emergency Petroleumi Allocato c f17 hl pl
22 to any rule under this subsection 23 (c) EXPTIRATION.-The ttoi tndrfssein
24 shall expire on December 31,1.

2 a G Jc UHRT.-h nesaeCmec
3 o msin ihrsett o mno onrc carir
4 md sujctoeooic euainudrteItrtt

1 (1) the type of regulatory anthority needed;
2 (2) the reasons why such authority is needed;
3 (3) the probable impact on fuel conservation of
4 such authority;
5 (4) the probable effect on the public convenience
6 and necessity of such authority; and
7 (5) the competitive impact, if, any, of such
8 authority.
9 Each stich report shall further make. recominendations witli 10 respect to changes in any existing fuel allocation programs 11 witich are deemed necessary to conserve fuel while provid12 ing for the public convenience and necessit 13 SEC. 107. DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY. 1:4 The President may delegate till or any portion of the
15 authority granted to him under this Act to such officers, 16 departments, or agencies of the United- States, or to any 17 State (or officer thereof) as 6 deems appropriate. 18 SEC. 108. PROHIBITED ACTS. 19 It Aiall be unlawful20 (1) for any person to take tiny action in violation
21 of any provision of an energy conservation plain which
9 2 has taken effect under section 104, or to fail to take 23 any action required by sticli a plan tinless on exemption
24 order tinder section 104 has made stich provision inap-

3i (2)" for an peso befor Januar 1, 1975, to ,,.
4 vilt or. fa...., ...i o take any act,in reqired by any.
15 poiion of a, pla subm "... itte by a State or poliica
6 udvso n prvdb h rsdn ne eto

I ,i or. permanetijuncion sal be, granted ii wihu bond.
3 manding anay person to womply witn muhprvsinnfse & tion 108.*
5 (d) PRATs RummP.--ity perso
6 wrong because of any aet or practice arising outo Iyv 7 lation of section 108 may bring ain actioninadsrccot 8 of -the United States, without regard to th mut1 1cn
9 trve y, for appropriate rlief, ineludfig 10 declaratory judgment or wrfit of injunction.Ntig nti 11 subsection shall authorize any person toreor a ggs 12 8EC. 110. GRANTS TO STATE. 13 There are authorized to lie alipropriatdscsusa
14 mnay be necessary for the purpose .of-miaing rns-oSae 15 to which the President has delegated authort ne eto .16 107 of this Act. The President shall make sc rnsuo 17: such termisand conditions a's hie may prescribe 18 TITLE II-COORDINATION WITHENVRN
20 SEC. 201. SUSPENSION AUTHORITY. 21 Title I of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C 87e e.
22 is amended by adding at the end thereof th 1 l'wn e 23 Section:

i~ii 'iii~iii iii ii~17
3iiiii~ i, 'tS ,,: 119.... (a) (1) The Ad iitao m yo
4i'ii ori od i' beumn on or afte th dat of encm n of this ... 5 ...sect i on an e ndig on,..... or beor ..... 15, 1974 tem orail
, supn an sttonr sorc fue or emsso liiato
7| si ple oaypro, fteAmnsrtrfnsta
suhpro.wl eual o opywt uhlmtto
9 Awu suhpro oeybcueo nviaiiyo ye
10o mut ffes n upninudrti aarp
I,, an ,n-nei reurmnnwihsc upnini
12 codtind udrsbet o (b hl eexmtdfo
13aypoeurlrqieensstfrh.nti c o n
14ohrpoiino oaSae rFdrllw n h

13 demonstrate, te Aminrailystr oday ttoysuc 14 puension unlsso the prson atapist n esni h 15 hAsmientredo ino atatupesnwlbeuaetoom 17 sectio (c iiainsll eas fteuaalblt 18 "f (C)e orAniut f-ul.I san suspension: grade 19 be gnsubstedionlyfo the periistrao satoie oat 20 bswhomtio iut appliescaio reasoneu r tae 21 to oBI opinewt hesainr on fuels oraneisi 23 emission limitation which susesoossuh ne 11 "bl (nd) An erseuigaeison mautonsse
25 susension uner thieso arwo upnso ple

...,i ii ... .. 1 4 93.. .i
1Iito wihsc sseso iscniine unde sub2 seto b yflng eiinwt h ntdSae
3i strict tfrayjdca itic nwihi oae n
4 ttoaysuc owihth cino h diitao
5 ple.Tescn n hr snecso lue(11 n
6 lue M"iad(v)o eto 26()() B fti

5 gress notlaer than March311, wihrspc1o
6 '(1) athe present and rjd ipconter7 gram under teli A Mto fueshrasanofnoatn
8 tand rationing programs;
9 '"(2) avallability of ortfbrtcnlg icii
10 projections respecting thetiecoannubrf
11 anite available); 12 **(3) number of sourcsadlatoswihmt 13 use such teehnologybaed o rjce al viaift
144 data;
15 (4) priority schedulefripeettohfsrb
16 her technology, based on pic elho ~rqaiy
17 "t (5) evaluation of avialtyo eblg o
18 buirn municipal solid waste nteesucs nldn
19 tune schedules, priorities,anlssoureltd l.
20 lutants which will be emiteanblncgofhlh
2.1 benefits and detriments fro bungsliwat d
22 of economic costs;
23 "(6) projections of aiulit mato ulsot
24 ages and allocations;
25 (7) evaluation of altc

3: frme prsri i n th A, inldn .eufrzto of
4 oehaigfesadascae osdrtoso ot
5 tiefa efaiiitadefciees
6 8 rpsdaloain fsrbbrtcnlg o
7 ogdwsepoi ngssest ore hc r

8 tal fo comla, or unfotr aprno lt
9 sried tinder tisct (othe tha 11 to g limi st tionrsre eitission: 136 (2) 'The termi 'stationary aorefe reisinDn
14 itn asscmehas nmiesion mttoy ehdlo he
18 sabemiorcolncte, end there rmnwhc spe 19 scoe neratin mAt(ures";anscin33' otie
24in applicable implementation plananwhcisdige
514 74 de s uhtermtinr secio IIIate(3
15 SEC 202. ... N I ON PLA .. ...REV ~ii iii I SINS
20 (2)ii i n paagap .... 3) i ',i ii~i i by i nsetn "(A) after
21. 69 (3) d by adin at ...... end thereof following
22l .. .. ne stipa ag pi" ,i, 'i i' 'ii .. ,ii '

1 eie nodrt ciev th nainlpiayo eodr 2 tnad ihnthiedinsetbishe une aarp
3 2 A fti uscin I aigsc eemnto

fo2 tteIof etis A1c) or cion 11h( ea 4Setion ef1 sha)l tof tuhAti mne yHmtn 4nld m19oresures toasuretha
Prot) ection genc as rCeqn ArAti fle db
6 insert ing 11 (f i, i befor "20 1 .
mm )mize adverse amactron m
10~ (b (1) FntteIo the petr iod lha mrenyPtolu l
14tydsgae yteAdministrator of the Environmena
19after public notice and opportuitfoprsnainfvew 20in accordance withi section 553 o tte5Uie qae oe 21and consultation with the EnergyPlc fieo h rs 22ident's designee, issue exchaneodr o ty esno 23persons requiring the exchangeoftnfulsbetoalc24tion or rationing under title I o hsAt h ups o 25such exchange orders shall he t vi rmnmz h

2 halt inthoe aeasof he country designated by the Ads ine(a). TheAdministrator may 4 -ssu anordr uderthi sbsection onlytf he finds that (A)
-subtanial mision edutions, will be afforded for one or 6 moe eissin surce inareas designated, unler subsection 7 (a, an (B)theostsad fael availability impact of such
-9 () Vilatin ofanyexchange order issued under para10 gaph(1) f tis sbsetin 9111 be a prohibited act and 11,sh4I:be ubectto.enorement action and sanctions in the 12 sme mmer nd t thesame extent as a violation of any 13 equremnt o an enr conservation and rationing pro14. ram nde tite I f tis Act.
(c) 1) n eercsin his authority to require the converson o an majr fel-burning installations from burnJ7 ng il r atual as s ts primary energy source to burn#W, col udersecion 15, the President .shall balance, on a. pa -y-pant ~is th public, health and environmental impot of uch coverionagainst the need for such conver21 son o, Rovite ny uelshortage. To the extent that coal
-,2 A~plyavalailiy i lesthan, total, conversion capability, 13 hoRrsieut !haltothe mxumextent practicable,
est~gih vrsio pririties for those plants, in wh ich

4 silns of so!Abbaldes to the'ai
5 sions to burhint oal persat set in-15thDea6 ment of Heaith, Eduati, and elfre
7 tidn with the Environmnenta Prtcto Agny]odc 8 study of neute and chronic'ffts mn xoe oua
9 tibns. The sumdfit $2,000,000 satoie ob tpo
1o priated for suclh a stdy. 11 (d) Ne major action take ne hsAh hlfra
12 period of 1 year after initiatiofsuctcin b:dee 1s major Feeralcin seffigniflicantyafcigheqltyfte 14 human environment within th enngo1h Ntoa
15 Eifronniental Po1iof Act of16 8 tit 5) tw 16 ever, prior to taking any such mao cintathsaIgii 17 cant impact on the ennironmetiprccalo*nay 18 event within 60 days of taking 19 evaluation with analysis equivaett htrqiesne 20 section 102 (2) (C) of the NainlEvrmetlP y
21 Act, to the greatest extent pracialwthnhstmedn 22 straint, shall be prepared and cuate o-prpit d
23 eral, State, and local governmentaece n otepbi 24 for a .30-day comment period terwhcapuid af
25 shall be held u pon request to

i,.. | I, ....01
1 meta issues .... uc an evaluation shall not be required where
3,Cii th National Enviomna Poic Act by. th appropr iate
4~~~~~~ Fedra agny Any, action -tke une this Ac whc will,
5., be *in efec for mor than, a 6-mo perid, or .... acio to
6'etn nato ae ne hsAtt oa eido
7m moeta er halb ujc ote alrvsoso h
8 ainlEvrnetlPlc c o Wtsadn n
9 ote roiin ftisAt
11~~ ThPeietsalcnut@asuyo oeta eh
12i ods oenrycnevto anntltrthn6m ts
13 aferth dteofencten o t i Ac, shl...itt Cn 14 gesarpr nterslso uhsuy h td hl
15 icue u ntbiiie otefloig

28 10 tinlepne nurdbcueo nme evc

18 mio N 9371
Dwzmm 1, 193.-omm~ted tothe Oonumittee of the Whole House on the
State~~ ofteUno Mn ordered to be printed
Mr. T~cm, frm th Conittee on Interstate and Foreign Comtgther with
[To ccopanyr ILR. 11450]
TheComnitfton ntrstteand Foreign Commeree, to whom was mferedth bil II.. 1450todirect the President to take action to asur, tro~q enrgyconervationi, rationting, and other means, tW te esenial nery nedsof the United States are met, and for othe pupos, haingconideed the same, report favorably thereon withamenmens an recmmed that the bill as amended do pass. a 1 Pa 1,strke ot lne and all that follows down to but not incldin lie 1 onpag 2,ad insert in lieu thereof the following: Tha ths At, ncldin th foloing table of contents, may be cited as the
RK. ft mendent to he merency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973.
See.~ ~~ 10roducts. carirs
Sec'.lo agreements.taen
Ste.115 Prhibtios o uneasnabe allocation regulations.

! i 1 5 04 ...
S e e.iiiiiiiiiii 1 1 6.iiiiiii U sei o fi c a r p o o l s.i ~i iiii ii!iiiiii iii iiiiii iiii ~!iiiii i iii ~iii ii i iiiiii iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiii iii!iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii i i iiii i HH ii HH ii ii Se.17 etitoso idalpo its=. .
Se11.Importatii i on of liufiiiaualgs
Se.19 eeomn fadtoa lcrcpwrrsucs
Se.10 nirs rvsos
Se.11opeesv eiwo xotadfrinivsmn oiis
S e e .i 1 2.....2......m..l...
S e c.ii i1 2 8.iliiiiii E x p o r t s.i .. ii ... .... =
iiiiiiiiiSee.i 124.i Report andi termination date. = ........... I iiii iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ............ W IT -E N V R O N M N T A P R T C IO
See. 201.iSuspensioniauthority. See.~ii 202 Impe etto lnrvsos
See.iiii 203 ....... mns
See.i204.iProtecio ofpbihelhad nvr mnt
9, on page 2, and insert in l i thereo th olo ig
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTEiiii I N E G E M R G N C A U T H ORiiii ii iiiiiii ..........===I T IE
S E Ciii .....ii=.... .... iii10..........1... P U R P O S E ...
Th ups fti c st alfrpooasfreeg mrec osra
tiiiii liii o .................. ..... .......................................................................................................................................r g e n c y a c t i o n s t o b e e x- iiiiii= iiiii iiiiii = iiiiii =
ercised to assure that the essential needs ofi theiiUnited Statesiiforifuels willibe metiliiiiiiiii iniiii a manne whii~ich iiiii iiiii fuls xeti ratcbei1 s ossetwt
li neiiiiiiiiiiiiii 16 oni pageiiii n insetiiileuiheeofthefolowng SEC 102 DEIITOS

precedenee to other users not similarly entitled. A top priority In such ordering shall be the maintenance of vital services (including, but not limited to new housing construction, education, health care, hospitals, public safety, energy production, agriculture, and transportation services, which are necessary to the preservation of health, safety, and the public welfare).
"(2) The President shall, by order, in furtherance of the rule authorized pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection and consistent with the attainment of the objectives in subsection (b) of this section, cause such adjustments in the allocations made, pursuant to the regulation under subsection (a) as may be necessary to provide for the allocation of crude oil, residual fuel oil, or any refined petroleum product in such manner and in such amounts to permit such users to obtain any such oil or product based upon such entitlements.
(3) The President shall provide for procedures by which any user of such oil r o product for which priorities and entitlements are established under paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection may petition for review and reclassification or modification of any determination made under such paragraphs with respect to his priority or entitlement. Such procedures may include procedures with respect to local boards as may be established pursuant to section'109(c) of the Energy Emergency Act.
(4) The President may, by order or rule (which -rule shall be deemed a part of the regulation under subsection (a)) require adjustments in the processing operations of any refinery in the United States with respect to the proportions of residual fuel oil or any refined petroleum product produced through such operations if he finds that such adjustments are necessary to assure the produclion of residual fuel oil or any refined petroleum product in such proportions necessary to attain the objectives of subsection (b) of this section.
(5) The President shall consult with the Department of T.Abor, and if there is an increase in the level of unemployment from the level of unemployment in 1973 based upon the avera,-E,,e 1973 figures and such increase reasonably results from energy shortages, then the President is urged to take such actions, consistent with the provisions of this Act. as be is authorized to take under this Act and any other Acts to encourage full production by the domestic energy industry at levels of investment return which make possible the expansionof facilities required to assure against a protraction in any such increased levels of unemployment.
"(6) For purposes of this subsection, the term "allocittion" shall not be coum strued to exclude the end-use allocation of gasoline to individual Sumers.
"(:1) (1) The President may, by order. require the production of crude oil at the Producer level at the maximum efficient rate of production.
"' (2) The President shall consult with the. Department of the Interior and w1M appropriate State governments in order to determine which producers should be reasonably required to produce crude oil at the rates specified in pAragraph, (1) of this subsection.
"'(3) For purposes of this subsection, maximum efficient rate with respect to any oil.field other than oil fields on Federal lands shall be such rate as is determined by the State in which such oil field Is located, and respect to any oil field on Fedeml land shall be such rate as is determined by the Department of the Interior, except that the President may establish after consultation with such State (or with the Department of the Interior, in the case of any oil field on Federal lands) a maximum efficient rate higher than the rate egtfthlis A by the State or by the Department of the Interior if he determines that such higher maximum efficient rate will not unreasonably impair the ultimate recovery of crude oil or natural gas from any such oil field under sound engineering and economic principles.
"'(4) The President sball direct the appropriate Pederal agency to require that all existing and future development plans for oil fields involving Federal leases, Permits or other arrangements.for production of crude oil on Federal lands shall Include or be amended to include effective Provisions for the secondarY recovery of crude oil, and, to the greatf7,et extent techno!ogleally possible consistent. with sound engineering ind economic prineipIes, for, the tertiary recovery of crudeoll. before the well is abandoned.
"fi).-Notwithstanding, any other prorlsions of this Act, or any provision of State-or local law with respect to the allocation of gasoline or diesel fuel, there 91WH be Provision for adequate suPOies of gasoline, diesel fuel related product-9 for -ewentlal: and purpoiieftl mobility of persons in the Arined Services of the United:8tates; on military orders, for household moves related to employment or

displacement due to unernploymen.4 and for moves due to healt14 educadomal opportunitiM or other good -and sufficient reason&".
(b) Section 4 (b) (1) (G) of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act 4)f IM Is amended to read as follows:
"(G) allocation of residual fuel oil and refined petroleum products JA
such amounts and in such manner as may be necessary for the nuitintenance
of exploration for, and production or extraction ofI'M fuels, and
"(2) minerals essential to the requirements of the United States,
and for required transportation related thereto;".
(c) Section 4 (c) (3) of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Ac t of IN& Js amended by striking out "or" lmuw&ately before "(1B)" and by inserting immediately before the period at the end thereof the following: ", or (C) to take into account lessened use of crude oil, residual fuel oll and refined petroleum products prior to the date of enactment of this Act as a result of unasual regional climatic variations within the United States"'.
(d) Section 4(g) (1) of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1978 to amended by striking out "February 28, M-5" in each case the term appears and inserting in each case "May 15, 1975".
(5) Page 5, insert. after line 6, the following
(a) There is hereby established R Federal Energy Administration, to be hem ded by a Federal Energy Administrator, who shall be appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Administrator may be removed by the President for cause. The Administrator shall serve for a term ending on May 15, 1975. Vacancies in the office of Administrator shall be Med for the remainder of the term of the original Administratori, In the same manner as the original appointment
(b) The Administrator shall be compensated at the rate provided for level 11 of the Executive Schedule. Subject to the Civil Service and Classifleation, provisions of title 5, United States Code, the Administrator may employ such personnel as he deems necessary to carry out his functions.
(c) Effective on the date on which the Administrator ffrot takes office (or, if later, on January 1, 1974), all functions, poewem and duties of the President under sections 4, 5, and 9 of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1%3 (as amended by sections 103, 117, and 118, of this Act), and of aity officer, depart. ment. agency, or State (or officer thereof) under such sections (other thRn functions vested by section 6 of such Act In the Federal Trade Commimion, the Attorney General, or the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice), are transferred to the Administrator. All personnel, property, records, obligations, and commitments used primarily with respect to Ainetions transferred under the preceding sentence shall be transferred to the Administrator.
(d) Section 27 (k) of the Consumer Product Safety Act shall apply to the Administrator. The Federal Energy Administration shall be contddered an Independent regulatory agency for purposes of chapter 35 of title 44, United States Code.
(6) Page 5, Strike out line 7, and all that follows down: thmigh line 16, on page 11, and insert in lieu thereof the following:
(a) Within 30 days of the date of enactment of this Act and tmm time to time thereafter, the Administrator shall propose one or more energy conservation plans which shall be designed to supplement and be coordinated with actions taken and proposed to be taken under other authority of this or other AC49 to result In a reduction of energy consumption to a level which can be supplied by available energy resources. For purposes or this section the term "energy conserration plan!" means proposed plans for transportation wntraft. (ineltkiing highway speed limits, and plans for maximizing car pooling arrangements in all communities and bustnesses where applicable). priority alloeatim planst for energy conserving recyclable raw materials for use within the United Statmki or such other restrictions on the public or private use of energy (Including limitstions on energy consumption or businesses) wh" are necessary to reduce aftftW consumption. The Administrator abm" submit such plans to the 0ongress fm a date action.

(b) lanergy conservat'On Plan's shall Provide for the maintenfLnee of vital serv. ices (including new housing construction, education, health care, hospitals, public ORf60 energy Production, RgricW"", and transportation services, which are nmMarY to the preservation of health, safety, and the public welfare.
W PUM Subluitted by the Administrator pqlrsuant to subsection (a) of this SWUM shall provide that, to the maximum extent practicable, proposed restricti0W *on the We of energy shall be deWwLed to be carried out in sUch manner so asto be fair and to create a reasonable diArIbution of the burden of such restrictions an all-sectors of the economy, without Imposing an. unreasonably dWproportiOnXte Share of Such burden on any specific Industry,, business or commercial enterPriset or on any indiTidual segment thereof.
(7) Page 11, strike out line 17, and all that follows down through line 24, on Pw 12, and insert in lieu thereof the following: SEC 106. COAL CONVERSION AND ALLOCATION.
4 PROM 11019 OF USK OFNATURAL GAS AND PIMMMAUM PWMUCTS NY CERTAIN USEW.-The Administrator shall, to the extent practicable and consistent with the objectives of this Act; by order, after balancing on a plant-by-plant basis the envirounwutal effects of. we of coal against the need to fulfill the purpo" of the Actv pkohibit, as its primary energy source, the burning of natural gas or petroleum products by any major fuel-burning installation (Including any existing ,electric powerplant) which, on the date of enactment ofthis Act, has the capability and necessary plant equipment to burn coal. Any installation to which such an order applies shall be permitted to continue to use coal as provided in subsection M of this section until January L 1980. To the extent coal supplies are limited to less than the aggregate amount of coal supplies which may be necessary to satisfy the requirements of those installations which can be expected to use coal (including installations to which orders may apply under this subsection), the AdnAn rator shall prohibit the use of natural gas and petroleum products for those Installations where the use of coal will have the least adverse environmental Impact. A prohibition on use of natural gas and petroleum products under this subsection shall be contingent upon the availability of coal, coal transportation facilities, and the maintenance of reliability of service in a given service area. The Administrator may require that fossil fuel fired electric powerplants in the .early planning process,, other than combustion gas turbine and combined cycle 'Units, be designed and constructed so as to be capable of using coal as a primary energy source instead of or in addition to other fossil fuels. No fossil fuel fired eiectrie powerplant may be required under this section to be so designed and constructed, if (1) to do so would be unreasonable or would result In an impairment of reliability or adequacy of service, or (2) if an adequate and reliable supply of coal is not available and is not expected to be available. In considering wbether a converd*n requirement under this subsection is unreasonable, the Administrator shall consider the existence and effects of any contractual cominitment for the construction or such facilities and the availability of compensa41onor tax relief for any capital loss incurred through such conversion requIrement.
(b) U89 Or OOA.T
.. (1) Except as provided In paragraph (2), any electric powerplant (A) which N prohtbited from using petroleum products or natural gas by reason of an order issued under subsection (a), and (B) which converts to the use of coal, shall not,- until January 1, 1980, be prohibited from burning coal *Web Isr avatlabte to such source by any fuel or emission limitation, if the Administrator of the EnTironmental Protection Agency approves after notice to interested persons and:opportunity for presentation of views (including oral presentation) a plan submitted by the person who operates such plant.
A plan submitted under the preceding sentence shall be, approved only if it Providea: (A) that such plant shall make such use of control technology as may be necessary to enable such plant to come into compliance with the fuel or emission limitation to whieh the suspenalon applIed, as expeditiously as Vracticable a (B) for (it) (2) (A) (M) of
1P ft schedule dewribed In section 119
the Clean Atr Aet (excluding section 119 (a) (2 Y (B) (1) ; and (C) that such plan will, during the period beginning on the effectIve date of the approval of. the plan and ending at the time such plant complies with such statiosary sourm fuel or emisdon'llmitation, comply with interim requirements which the __ tor of tile Envitonmental Protection Agency shall prescribe to assure that Such source will not materially contribute to a significant risk to

public health. Such Administrator shaU approve auysueh pLea before VtW 15v
1974, or If later 60 days after such plan Is, submitted.
(2) 'Nothing in paragraph (1) shall prohibit the Administrator offlAbe
Environmental Protection Agency or a State or lodal agencyj to the'extent practicable after notice to Interested persons and oppqrtunity for presentation of views (including coal. presentations):,, (,&) from prohibiting the use ,of coal by such a source to which paragraph (1) applies If such A4mlnistrator or any such agency determines that the use of coal bysuch source is likely to materially contribute to a significant risk to pubLic:health: &,or (B) from requiring such source to use a particular grade of coal -of Iv particular type, grade or pollution characteristic., If such coal is aytAlable
to such source.
(3) For purposes of this subsection, the term "fuel emission limitation"'
means any emission limitation, schedule, or timetable for compUaw % or other requirement, which is prescribed under any Federal, State.or local law or regulation (including the Clean Air Act (and which is designed to limit stationary source emissions reulting from combustion of fuels (inetwaing
a restriction on the use or content of fuels).
(c) CoAL ALLoCATiow AUTHoRrrr.-The Administrator may by rule prescribe .a system for allocation of coal to users thereof in order to attain the objectives specified in section,4 (b) of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of- 1978 atid of section 205 of this Act.
(d) EXPIRATION.-The authority under this section (other than subsection
(b) ) shall expire on May 15, 1975.
(8) Page 13, strike out line 1, and all that follows down through lins 12, on page 14, and insert in lieu thereof the following:
(a) AGENcy AuTIEIORITY.- Me Interstate Commerce Commission (with -respect to common or contract carriers subject to economic regulation under the Interstate Commerce Act) the Civil Aeronautics Board, and the Federal -Maritime Commission shall, for the duration of the period beginning on, the date of enactment of this Act and ending on May 15, 1975, ha-ve authority to take any action for the purpose of conserving energy consumption in a manner found by such Commission or Board to be consistent with the objectives and purposes of the Acts administered by such Commission or Board on its own motion or on the petition of the Administrator which existing law permits such Commission or Board to take upon the motion or petition of any, regulated common or contract carrier or other person.
(b) The Interstate Commerce Commission shall, by expedited proceedings, adopt appropriate rules under the Interstate Commerce Act which. eliminate restrictions on the operating authority of any motor common carrier of property
-which require excessive travel between points with respect to which such motor common carrier is authorized by the Commission to provide service. Such rules shall assure continuation of essential service to communities served by any such motor common carrier.
(e) REPowrs.-Within sixty days after the date of enactment of this Act the Civil Aeronautics Board, the Federal Maritime Commission, and the Interstate Commerce Commission shall report separately to the appropriate committees of the Congress on the need for additional regulatory authority:in order to conserve fuel during the period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act andlending on May 15, 1975 while continuing to provide for the public convenience and necessity. Each such report shall identify with specifteity(1) the type of regulatory authority needed .
(2) the reasons why such authority is needed;,
(3) the probable impact on fuel conservation of such authority;
(4) the probable effect on the public convenience and.- necessity of sueb
authority; and
(5) the competitive Impact, if any, of such authority.
Each sueb report shall further make recommendations with respect to chaum In any existing fuel allocation programs which are deemed necessary to provide for the public convenience and necessity during.such period.
(9) Page 14, strike out line 13 and'all that follows clown through line 17, on page 14, and insert, in lieu thereof the following:

The Aminitratr madelgateall ruley o order. in ude hi cto themergncyPetoleuAllcatin et of tagah2,i any oficnoreplye th
delegate~ ~~~I layo i ucin eaiel to imaleetao ofubstati s imand enegyonsrvtioplnsundrtisAcmbrs ofe Emergenay Petolebusinessesion Act~~~~~~ ~ df vi3t fier faSaeo oSaew orloal boads ofrgaitne sha11posiion efletingthe akeuoft pracuntcale ar wopportutinit 5 (bl ofth Emergncy Ptrolum Alocatin o of 7 se ruled offeorde om n aheev date~ ~ ~ ~~4 of lrnfro ucin ne uhAtero tha Adaynstratrteip
(10)er A tr1s4ip insalerb adpt ofn 17, or oloig
(1'Sbjcttopaagaps 2) (),a ()of this Actsetorn the Emrecperoe
visins f sbehpt 11of hase ma bftte, senate netessr o pral japply ~ ~ ~~~o aoayrl r re icui a ufair driuodo burdeSato offier.theeofunerhistitesctblih prcres whic anyre availabr putua t setin 17 o ths Asein n5 interpretatio ,oiiain, (do thi Ac, o setin 4h) r 4i)o eEmionoch erlesm Altoe ;. ,Act ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rsl afece by3 r ne the denialit of a requeosevtinpln
(2)~~~~n soieo n rpoe ueo retecie e marqeagrevie (1 be gven y pulicaion f cy anoosd maye obti jdiial rheviewera Regiter Ineac aminmumvb en c dealems folo inal Tuhe ofblicato shall beprovideded byorunt it, cmestablisheppropat e reureet waived~~~~ ~ adv src cmlineisabledfo cnsidseringusuc marmeueso
the peraion f th proramtedwic pelor iclding arStates ord poitch
t~~ndinsa revie oft any idealnsuhrule or orderdsrb
(3) n aditin tthereqimnt acofrdaeawih chapte 7If titrle o
or~~~~~~,ma be obtaied in prgah()ilieythveasttmoary meto t4 _Ntion ecnomyor lrnuleors odiishall be bursuanestes pr
op~~~uulty~ ~ Stabrlprsnttono iliz atn at of umnt 1970.b
afforded~~~ ~ ruler preeimlmnato fscribe proceres for Satcaes<
suc oportnit shll eaforedacton uner this Act oasar the mget nietaton.ofanysuc rle r 78e. Such prcere shaHet appy orul
.(4 An ofice oragecy utoreasoal cale ulaed o orovisdesnoi

to eshal be o maawale-a- fce*yteadn nd I 2Ma
(1)y for prseation, of vis Ielng oarsntto fviwhr
distrib t des t t tLrs onfore i
(A) thanere lapoito laefectn nde ttepfte uttyg .W0V:
loc) ation, Act o178 or aine 18 n theha olwsdwltruh
)EC to Polai1te ACTr&ne scl It shpl be ilatfl rle-dr h
() torvol any or, wofI nadi the buiesRemretn.o
(A) a theit efet undersea on17f this At hs aamr
(1 ic) P es,tts kesut tal fillbyshpeont wb%*i
13) shpron phgs 1no iuch iuel vial o'ae
(2) tvoate Pany.*rr une adn10
l ) s tial ve l at e n re nde t6 is#enec rse~o ;o
(4)de to ivilat enaly ode otfor their $tngtainBad sudPMitt
(ts Iavthrta unde OecHEB 117ofhrsAc
lnr11,so bpate 1adinert to eertefolwig
10adiv ide o tnhas engag e vi ltin (b prte PoNiATY.heve vioioatof any rvso fscin10salb sab eest t h G ii enalyo o e tha bri 1 orec ioain
(r) of-UCTV the Unitted to rF- hnvrtapast aypro u wigthtmor ary reheAditratid toere atoiyudrthsAtta n nishdal be oganiedaiohseggdisnaeorsabut bono Ang ,At >ry injqunctton ctommndiGnerany ]tonanctoinheprpitedsit
sttcourt of the United States wjit uhu tso rctMadu niLrp >rs po ri atepr relief, ining aner actioznr o emaetinuc tor junction Noinding this subson tocml ihIuhpoiino
(1) Piage 16 strik eso inern eg, arnteaueonyato prce 7,son pge 16,o and isertion lfcie n10myrrn :acinI
Thetrc aor au thoried tt es pproregadt h mutIcnrvry foe aprpse femaief ldng grnt toatn or a elrtr1udmnrwi >r hasj eleted athiinti section 1hl(ltoiz n esn orcoe
ak such Pgat upo stku tes and olltafoowdwnhrug (e14) page 16, nser aftert in 17, theeftlolo~l SEC. 118. FARS MATIN OETR There Emrenc Puhoietoe aloatn suhsmAsta ences o ithe rpoeof hefolowng grnw ihteFeea nrg d
to has "rleated arermounr amrzxa f hsAc.Te diisrtr bl "ake. 8.c (anAs uedon suth s ind odtosa emypebi
"(1) Thge t6 er 'comerlie' mtean et lwm o suc 8EtMAT
noEegnyPtoemAoai|Ato Wt mne yadiga h en hro h eto:.0 .|
"rx Jxri rmwx ommpmoe
i1m.&()A sd nti eto
" M Thei ii erimi 'co me ce meansiiiiii com erc between a state O W & t !! i ii iiii i ii iiii
outidesii Stte

"(2) The term 'marketing agreement' means that portion of an agreement
or contract between a refiner and a branded independent marketer (A) which authorizes such marketer to market or distribute refined petroleum products using a trademark, trade name, service mark, or other identifying symbol or name owned by such refiner, or (B) which authorizes such marketer to occupy premisee owned, leased, or in any ivay controlled by a refiner, for the purposes of marketing or distributing refined petroleum products, or (C)
which authorizes both.
(3) The term 'person' means an individual or a corporation, partnership,
joint-stock company, business trust, association, or any organized group of
individuals whether or not incorporated.
" (4) The terra 'refinee includes any person (other than a branded indePendent -marketer) who controls, is controlled by, or under common control with, a refiner. For purposes of the preceding sentence, the term 'control'
does not Include control solely by mean of a supply contract.
" (5) The term 'State' means any State, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and any organized territory or possession of the
'United States.
(6) The term "to terminate' includes to cancel or to fail to renew.
(b) The following conduct is prohibited :
"(1) A refiner shall not terminate a marketing agreement unless he furnishes prior notification pursuant to this paragraph to each branded independent marketer to which such termination applies. Such notification shall be in 'writing and shall be accomplished by certified mail to each such m9rketer; shall be furnished not less than ninety days prior to the date on which such agreement will be terminated; and shall contain a statement of Intention to terminate together with the reasons therefore, the date on which such termination 'shall take effect, and a statement of any remedy or remedies available to such marketer under this section, together with a
summary of the provisions of this section.
44(2) A refiner shall not terminate a marketing agreement unless the
branded Independent marketer to which sueb termination npplies failed to comply substantially with one or more essential and reasonable requirements .of such marketing agreement or failed to act in good faith in carrying out the term of such agreement; except that such refiner may terminate such agreement if he does not, during the 3-year period which begins on the date of such termination, engage in the sale of any refined petroleum product in commerce for sale other than for resale in any relevant market within wbich
such'branded independent market:er operated.
"(c) (1) A branded independent marketer may maintain a suit under this section against a refiner who engages In conduct prohibited by subsection (b), whose actions affect commerce, and whose products he sells or has sold, directly or inclirectly.: under a marketing agreement.
"(2) The court may award to any branded Independent marketer actual damages resulting from the termination of a marketing agreement together with such equitable relief (iucluding Interim equitable relief and punitive damages) ax may be approprlat% including declaratory judgments and mandatory or pro,bibitive, InJunctive relief. The court may, unless such suit is frivolous, direct that costs Including a reasonable attorney's fee. be paid by the defendant
(4) A. ;uit under this section may be brought in the district court of the United States for any district in which the plaintiff resides, is found, or is doing business, without regard to the amount In controversy. No suit shall be maintained under this section unless commenced within four years after the date of thetemination of such marketing agreement.".
.(15) Page 16, singer after line 17, the following:
la) Within fifteext days of the date of enactment'of tbis Act, the Administrator, In consultation with the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Comm] sion, shall promulgate, by rule, standards, and procedures by which retail or service esUblishments may develoP aud implement voluntary agreements to promote ebew conservation by lWting the operating hours of ouch retaJ1 or service establishments, adjusting reteffi-store delivery seheduleg, and by taklUg Such othw-4Wous *a the Admiubtrator,,; after consultation with the Attorney General Aud the Fadml Trade CowMIN4012, by rule determines to be necessary and APPrePria-te to accomplish the objectives of this Act.

(b) The standards and procedures under suboection (a) shall be promigOted pursuant to section 553 of title 5, United States Oode. They shall. previft among other things6 that(I) A writtencopy of any agreement under: this section 9M11 be submitted
to the Attorney General and the Federal Trade available
for public inspection;
(H) Meetings held to develop and Implement an agreemeat under this
section shall permit attendance by interested persons and shallbe preceded by timely notice to the Attorney General, the Federal Trade. Commission,
and to the public in the affected community;
(iii) Interested persons shall be afforded an opportunity to present in
writing and orally, data, views, and arguments at such meetings; and
(iv) A written summary of the proceedings of any such meeting together
with copies of any written data, view% and arguments premuted by interested persons shall be submitted to the Attorney General and the Federal Trade
Commi ion and be available for public inspection.
(c) Action taken in good faith, in accordance with this section and rules promulgated hereunder, to develop and implement a voluntary energy conservation agreement shall not be construed to be Within. the prohibitions of the antitrust laws of the United States, the Federal Trade Commission Act, or similar Sfite 9tatutes.
(d) Any voluntary agreement entered into pursuant to this section shall be arbitrary or capricious, and shall not unreasonably discri '" e ain sers. mented. The Attorney General, at any time, on his motion or upon the request of any interested person, may disapprove any such voluntary agreement -and thereby withdraw prospectively the immunity conferred by subsection (c).
(e) As used in this section(i) The term divoluntary agreement"' shaU not pertain to, or govern the
conduct of, activities relating to the marketing and distribution of any
petroleum product.
(H) The term "retail or service establishment"' shall mean an establishment of 75 per centum of whose annual dollar volume of sales of gx*& or services (or both) is not for resale and is recognized as retail sales or services in the particular industry, as determined by the Attorney General.
(f) The Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission shall each submit to the Congress and to the President at least once every six months a report on the impact on competition and on small business of the voluntary agreements authorized by this section.
(g) The authority granted by this section (including any, immunity under subsection (c) ) shall terminate on May 15, 1975).
(16) Page 16, insert af ter line 17, the followmig:
Action taken under authority of this Act, the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973, or other Federal law resulting in the allocation of refined petroleum, products and electrical energy among users or resulting In restrictions on use of refined petroleum products and electrical energy, shall be equitable shallmot be arbitrary or capricious, and shall not unreasonably discriminate among users.
(17) Page 16, insert after line 17, the following;
(a) The Secretary of Transportation shall encourage the creation and expanSion of the use of carpools as a viable component of our nationwide transportation system. It is the intent of this section to maximize the.. level of carpool Participation In the United States.
I (b) The Secretary of Transportation is directed to establish w1win tfi&
Department of Transportation an "Office of Carpool Promotion" whose purpose and responsibilities shall Include(1) responding to any and all requests for hdormation and technical
assistance on carpooling and carpooling systems from units of State and lecal
governments and private groups and employees;
(2) promoting greater participation In carpooling: through puNte hdor-.
mation and the preparation of such materials for use by:.State and local

(3) encouraging and Promoting private o r-ganizations to organize and,
operate c arpool systems for employees;
(4) promoting the cooperation and sharing of responsibilities between
separate, yet approximately close, units of government in coordinating the
operations of carpool systems; and
(5) promoting other such measures that the Secretary determines appropriate to achieve the goal of this subsection.
(c) The Secretary of Transportation shall encourage and promote the use of incentives such as special parking privileges, special roadway lanes, toll adjustm6nts, and other incentives as may be found beneficial and administratively feasible to the furtherance of carpool ridership, and consistent with the obligations of the State and local agencies which provide transportation services.
(d) The Secretary of Transportation shall allocate the funds appropriated pur$uant to the authorization of subsection (f) according to the following distribution between the Federal and State or local units of government:
(1) The Initial planning process-up to 100 percent Federal.
(2) The systems design process-up to 100 percent Federal.
(3) The initial start-up and operation of a given system--60 percent
Federal and 40 percent State or local with the Federal portion not to exceed one year.
(e) Within twelve months of the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Transportation shall make a report to Congress of all his activities and expenditures pursuant to this section. Such report shall include any recommendations as to future legislation concerning carpooling.
(f) The sum of $25,000,000 is authorized to be appropriated for the conduct of programs designed to achieve the goals of this section, such authorization to remain available for two years.
(g) As an example to the rest of our Nation's automobile users, the President of the United States shall take such action as is necessary to require all agencies of Government, where practical, to use economy model motor vehicles.
(h) (1) The President shall take action to require that no Federal official or employee in the executive branch below the level of cabinet officer be furnished a limousine for individual use. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to limousines furnished for use by officers or employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or to those persons whose assignments necessitate transportation by limousines because of diplomatic assignment by the Secretary of State.
(2) For purposes of this subsection, the term "limousine" means a type 6 vehicle as defined in the Interim Federal Specifications issued by the General Services Administration, December 1, 1973.
(18) Page 16, insert after line 17, the following:
(a) Section 4 of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973 (as amended by section 103 of this Act) is f urther amended by adding at the end thereof the following new subsection:
" (k) (1) The President shall exercise his authority under this Act and under the Economic Stabilization Act of 1970 so as to specify prices for sales of crude oit, refined Petroleum products, residual fuel oil, and coal, produced in or imported into the United States, which avoid windfall profits by sellers.
" (2) Any interested person, who has reason to believe that any price (specified under any of the authorities referred to inparagraph (1) of this subsection) of crude oil, refined petroleum products, residual fuel oil, or coal, permits a seller thereof any windfall profits, may petition the Renegotiation Board (created by section 107 (a) of the Renegotiation Act of 1951 and hereinafter in this subsection referred io as the. 'Board') for a determination under subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (3).
"(3) (A) Upon petition of any interested person, the Board may by rule detetmoLine, after opportunity for oral presentation of views, data, and arguments, wbether the.. price (specified under any of the authorities referred to in Paragraph (1) ) of crude oil, any refined petroleum product, residual fuel oil, or coal, Permits sellers thereof to receive windfall profits. Upon a final determination of the Board that such price permits windfall profits to be so received, it shall specify: a: price lor the sales of such item which will not permit such profits to be received by Ruch sellers. After such a final determination, no higher price rav be speciffe"or Bales of such item (under any of the authorities specified In r aragrapli (1) ) except with the approval of the Board.

iiiiiiiiiii1 5 1 4
......... U po petitio.....n.I.t.r st...p
......... ordtriainudrsbaarpiA ,teBadny
whether the prcechrgdbya.aric.r.....f.rde...ny.ftd eto
lempoutrsdaiuloLo o4pemt~ uhsle orciewnfl
poi ts !ii I f,!!iH .... th aifsc eiin h or a esn t
suc ayore
such seller iiii~i H i to,,, H,,, take..................... suc actions... ( ......,,in ui ngHH ,"H, heHH es r w n f fu d ) a a
deemii appropriate... to assure.............. that"" .....n fundsii w ill....................................
of windfall profits in the event there I a final deterudnation by the Board undi th~~~!!!~iiiiiiiiiiiiii~~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis H subparagraph..... tha such seler as eceved windall prfit. P ior to
fiiiinl deerintin ndr hi sbprarap, uc sllr hal e ffrdd
h e ariiiii,,,iiiiiiii~~~lliiiii i n g I n....c..r.....................................................................
United States C iode....Upon.... fin..l.determina.ti.n..of.the..Board.t.........h......
permitted..... suhsle orcie idalpoisih Badsalodrsg
selrtieuda muteult uc idalpoist h esn h

iiii~~ii i~iiiiiii ,1 5 ,15....
........... and suchii proeein shal .... revewe In acodnc ih hpe
T o nc i e i'ii~i!,i iii ,
(19) P a 6ii! ii r afte l ..... iei 17. th follow ing : ... ... .! ... ii ,
mkeEegnyPtoemAloainAto 93i aeddb diga h
en heefth oloig e ecin
'4= .Ntihtndn tepoiinso eto fth aua a c
(or~~~ any ote rvsoso a)tePeien a yodrnafnigta
scacinwudbcossettthpulcitrsatoieoits iet
bysimn ai h motto flqife aua a rmafrincuty
,Proide, hwevr hattheautoriy toactundr tis ecton hal no pe mit'
the~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~" imotto flqiidntrlgswihhdntbe uhrzdpirt
th ae fepiain ftisAtad hc i ntrni o uh ae"

(e h tnad n poeue ne us d W.b rmW,
pusatt eto 53oiil ,UiedSae oe hy hl rvdam
oteti ngsiii that-ii
i ) uhvlnayareet n ln fato hl iidvk~db
c o mmiii- i i t t e e s ............................................................................
pulc and= shall i ncae e hirdbiargla ul-ieiem
employee.iili iiiiiiiii
(ii ) etnshldt eeo avlnayagemn ra lno io
sh a ll b e.... p reced e d ..... ti.. ii m ely iiiii:: n o tic w ith..... iid eniti.............................................................
metn to th tonyGnrl h eea rd omsin nft h ni.y
(iiii iii)i Inter po.tu ity.t.presnt..i
iinanorlydaa iw adagmnsasuhmens
i(........) . E... .. ........... ........................ ........ ....... ...(.. .....o .......... ..................... .............. ..................... ... ........... .. ............ olnar gre
m e n t..........................................................................
Suhtasrp hl eaalbefrpbi npcinI codnewt
th rvsoso eton52oiil fte ntdSae oe n

.... -" iii!i iii iii i' 1 5 17 ..
nta ppi-uhriycnane nti
i y, Ltintket ipe en h
Act r th Emrgeny Ptrolum Alocitio Ac of 973
(2)P 6 isr fe ln 7 h -floig
The' Sert fh neiradteScrtr fCmec r ietdt
prpr opeesv eoto ()Uie ttseprso eleu -pout n te eeg orea d (2 oeg neteti rdcino
perlemprdct ndohe neg suce o eerie h cnisecyo lc
throfo teNains rdepliyad oeininetmn olc wtdmsic
energy cosrainefrs uhrpr~h nld eomnion foi lg
isainadshl esbite oCnreswti int asate mh aeo
enetet fthsAc.
23 Pg 1. isetafe ln N ,tefolwig

11ii 19 ()(1 TeAdinsraormyfo nypeid egingono
afeihedtifincmntoihiietonadedigiii.ete u "
ait ple oayproi h diitao fd
'1 1 r@ ilb
unableiiiiiiiii tocml-ih uhlmttondrn uh eidsll bcueo n
aailabiiiiliyo ye raonsoles n upninudrtisprge
and an.. ei.eurmeto.hch uh upnini odiindudrsb scin()salbixmtdfo'aypocdrlrqieetie dt nti
Act or i~!!I n nyote povsonoflca, tte o Fdra lw Te rntngo deniii~iiiiiii',,,iiii ofsc upninadth moiinoinitei eurmn hUb
sujc ojdca eiwol ntegrud pcfe nprgah 2 B
ani 2 C fscin76o il ,UitdSae oe n hUntb ujc
to nyprceein udersetin 04 a)(2 ofths ct
" (2 (A)Afte pubic n tic an publicH,,, bearing,,,, ............................ theAdm nisraor ayfo
an period .beg.nning.fter..ay.15..19.4...d..nd..g.n.t............ung..0
................. te m p o ra r iiiH=il ~ ii- su s p e nd...............................................n a
Iti pi esiiianyiiiiinifitiiAdiiiititorifnisi "(!)tha suh prso wil beunaleioicmplywit suh lmittio
solly ecaseof he navilbilty f ype an amunso fuls
(i ) thtschssenin(n..jncinwihitri..uieet
under suscto (b)wloatrteaplcbeipeettoipa
ded irsl nrcnrbttoalvlo ipoltnswihigrte
th aniiiiii !!iii th at,, p rim ary a m
a n d..............................................
i~ii ~" ( W)!! ................................................................................................................................................................................................u................. ... ....................... ... .................... .. .
foihisifiehdihchteAmnsrao eemne ilasr

to Preft#e Use of alternative or intermittent control measures which the Administrator determines are reliable and enforceable and Which he determines WIU Permit attainment and maintenance of the national primary ambient air quality standards during the period of the suspension. Such interim requirements, shall includep but not be limited t% (A) the source receiving the suspension comply with such mon1toring and reporting requirements as the Administrator determines may be necessary to determine the effect on health or air quality of such suspension, ()B) such measures as the Administrator determines are necesaRry to avold an Imminent and substantial endangerment to health of persons; and (0) requirements that the suspension shall be inapplicable during any period during which fuels or emission reduction systems which would enable compliance with the suspended fuel or emission limitations are in fact available to that person (as determined by the Administrator). Such fuel shall not be required to be used of the Administrator determines that the costs of changes necemiry to use such fuel during such period is unreasonable.
"(0 The Administrator may by rule establish, under which manufacturers of emission reduction syst2ms shall provide such systems to users thereof, if he -finds that priorities must be imposed in order to assure that such Systems are first provided to users In air quality control regions with the most severe air pollution.
11(d) Te Administrator shall study, and report to Congress not later than March 81, 1974, with respect to-(1) the present and projected Impact on the program under thig Act of
fuel shortages and of allocation and end-use allocation programs;
11(2) availability of scrubber technology (including projections respectIng the time, cos4 and number of units available) and the effects that scrubbers would have on the total environment and on supplies of fuel and electricity ;
(3) number of sources and locations which must use such technology
based on projected fuel availability data;
(4) priority schedule for implementation of scrubber technology, based
on public health or air quality;
11(5) evaluation of availability of technology to burn municipal solid
waste in these sources; including time schedules, priorities, analysis of un regulated pollutants which will be emitted and balancing of health benefits
and detriments from burning solid waste and of economic costs;
11f6) projections of air quality impact of fuel shortages and allocations; 11(7) evaluation of alternative control strategies for the attainment and
maintenance of national ambient air quality standards for sulfur oxides within the time frames prescribed in the Act, including associated considerations of cost, time frame* feasibility, and effectiveness of such alternative control strategies as compared to stationary source fuel and emission regulations;
(8) proposed allocations of scrubber technology for nonsolid waste produelng systems to sources which are least able to handle solid waste byproduct, technologically, economically, and without hazard to public health,
safety, and welfare; and
11(9) plans for monitoring or requiring variance-receiving sources to monltor Impact, of variances on concentration of sulfur dioxide in the ambient
No State or political subdivision may require any person to whom a suspension has been granted under subsection (a) to use any fuel the unavailability of which is the basis of such person's suspension (except that this preemption Oall not apply to requirements Identical to Federal interim requirements under subsecUon 0) or a compliance schedule under subsection (a) (2 (A) (HO (including any requirement -under subsection (a) (2) (B) (I) ). No State or politica.l: subdivision may require any person to use an emission reduction system for whieh priorities have been established under subsection (c) except in accordanee with oWh priorities.
It shall be unlawful for any person to whom a suspension has been granted, under subsection (a) to violate any requirement on which the su9pen sion sistmditioned. pursuant to subsection (b).
(2) Tt sM11 be unlawful for any person to violate any rule under subsec tion

(3) iiiiliiiiiiiiH H'I t h l eu l w u o n esnt alt o py wt ,W d l ~ ,compli anc uner ubscton a) 2) A) I) (ncldin an rquiemet ude
subsection (a) (2) (B) (I))
"i (1ih em'ttoaysuc ulo msinlmtto'mas n
mission liiaiosheueir ieabefr opinco ohrreur
mentwhic is rescibedunderthisAct othe tha secton 38,. 11 (),,o 112) Is de
s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, iiiiii,,,,,,I ied to i t stationar so rc emis ion resulting!iiii' fro..... ti o fu elsliiiii i n c u d n a..............................................u e o f a n
......................................................................... o r p o l l utiiiiiiii io n c h a r a c t e r i s t i c.iiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiii~~~iiiiiii~ii~i~ii~ iiiiiii~~ii~iiiiii~iiiii~~iiiiiii~~ii!
(2) he erm'sttioarysouce'has he amemeaingas uchter ha
under section 111 (a) (3).~iii~iiiii~i
i9()Bgnig6 asatrteeateto hsscin h diitao
shl uls tn esta 8|a nevl nteFdrlRgse h
foi ng
"M U-odtiidns!nteeiso eutinssesdtrie
tob dqaeydmntae o h proe fsbeto a 2.()
"i2 ocs umr fporssrprswihaerqie ob
iled b anypersn opeatin undr a sspenion ursuat tosubsctio
(a) (2). uch progess repors shall eport on he statu of complance wit
alieurmnswihhv enipsdb h diitao sacn
i tion for eceivi g h suspension....................................
iiiiiii(3)ii U p -to -d a te........n.i...s..o..the......p ac...........................................-

course ot such study, the Administrator shall consult with other F ral officials including, but not-limited to, the Secretary of Transportation, the Administrator of the Pederal. Energy Administration, and the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality.
(B) No parking surcharge regulation -may be promulgated by the Admin'astrator under paragraph (1) of this subsection as a part of an implementation
-plan. All parking surcharge regulations previously promulgated by the AdminIstrator. khall be null and void upon the date of enactment of this subsection. This subparagraph shall not prevent the Administrator from approving parking
-surcharges if they are adopted and submitted by a State as part of an iniplementation plan.'The Administrator may not condition approval of any implewentation plan submitted by a State on such plan's including a parking surcharge regulation.
(C) For purposes of this paragraph, the terms 'parking surcharge regulation' means a regulation imposing or requiring the imposition of any tax, surcharge, fee, or other charge on parking spaces, or any other area used for the temporary storage of motor vehicles."
(28) Page 23, insert af ter line 14, the folloAving:
(a) Section 202 (b) (1) (A) of the Clean Air Act is amended by inserting after "(A)"' the following: "The regulations under subsection (a) applicable to emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from light-duty vehicles and engines manufactured during model years 1975 and 1946 shall contain standards which are identipal to the interim standards which were prescribed (as of December 19 19-73) under paragraph (5) (A) of this subsection for light-duty vehicles and ,engines manufactured during model year 1975.".
(b) Section 202 (b) (1) (A) of such Act is amended by striking out '11975" and lieu thereof "1977".
(c) Section 202 (b) (1) (B) of such Act is amended by inserting after (B) the following: "The regulations under subsection (a) applicable to emissions of oxides of nitrogen from light-duty vehicles and engines manufactured during model year 1976 sliall contain standards which provide that emissions of such vehicles and engines may not exceed 3.1 grams per vehicle mile. The regulations under subsection (a) applicable to emissions of oxides of nitrogen f rom lightduty vehicles and engines manufactured during model year 1977 shall contain standards which provide that emissions of such vel hicles and engines may not exceed .2.0 grams per vehicle mile."
(dy Section 202 (b) (1) (B) of such Act is amended by striking out "1976" andinserting in lieu thereof "1978".
(e) Section 202(b) (5) (A) and (B) of such Act are amended to read as follows:
" (5) (A) At any timie after September 15, 1974 and before January 1,15, 1975, any manufacturer may file with the Administrator an application requesting the suspension for one year only of the effective date of any emission stancrard wrequired by, -paragraph (1) (A) with respect to such manufacturer for light-duty vehicles and engines manufactured in model year 19-77. The Administrator shall make his determination with respect 0 any such application within 60 days. determines, in accordance with the provisions of this subsection, th-at such suspension should be granted, he shall simultaneously with such determination prescribeby regulation interim emission standards which Qhall apply (in lieu of, the standards required to be prescribed, by paragraph (1) (A)) t6 emissions ofebrbon monoxide or hydrocarbons (or both) from such'vehicles and engines Manuf-actured during model year 1977.
"(B) At:any time after January 1, 1975, any manufacturer may file with the:Administrator an application requesting the suspension for one year of the eMective dateof any emission standard required by paragraph (1) (B) with respect, to such manufacturer for light-duty vehicles and engines manufactured In:nu)"year 19T& The Administrator shall make his determination with respect to any such application within 60 days. If he determines, in accordance with the provisions Of this subsection. that such suspension should be granted, he shallaimultaneously wft suich determination prescribe by regulation interim emission standards which shall apply (in lieu of the standards required to be PrescribOd bY Paragraph (1) (B) ) to emissions of oxides of nitrogen from such vehicleS.: and engines manufactured during the model year for which such sus-

@emo sgatd n auatrrma edttdtoa erixin
un t ...... yea 19......d. hih..............e..up ed Itef k d
ioareusfo upnlnsalbtraeasa"rt upntideso. i (f) Paarp (b (5)i (D fscin22 fteieuAr c A~ db ad in thei following new sentence: "N tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih iiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiilofiialiagr ph (......o...............*......r...,
supnso reuse..sat..prgah() A r()()ofti fm fp
IfhedtriethtapiainfsuhsadrwolreutI tct InraeIfecosmto fo elveilsadege." (g eto 0()()()o teCenArAtI eeld ..... Page! 2Iikeotln 5 n l htflosdw hog
line 6, on page 24, andinetiliuhrofheolwng SE.24.CNOMIGAENMNS
(a 1 eto 1 a 3 fteCenArAti mne ysrkn u .............. be or "1 ( ) ,b i nig ac m ai liut e of nd b i s rig at r
"hzroseisos'tefloig r19f rltn ocranrqr!et uigsseson n roiis.
(2 Seto 1 b 3 fsc c samne ysrkn u o 1 c
di nsrigiileihroi"12() r 1 f)"
(3 Sectio.113(..(1).()
112(c)"...... ....... ........... in le th r o ",s c i n1 2( ) r s c i n 1 9 f "

M No action taken under this Act shall, for a period of 1 year after initiation
-of such action, be deenied Wmajor Federal action signitleanUy affecting the quality of the human environment within the meaning of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (83 Stat. 856). However, before any action under this Act that has a significant Impact on the environment is taken, if practicable, or in any event within 60 days after such action is takeu, an environmental evaluation, with analysis equivalent to that required under section 102(2) (C) of the National Environmental Policy Act, to the greatest extent practicable within this time constraint, shall be prepared and circulated to appropriate Federal, State, and local government agencies and to the publie.for a 30-day comment period after which a public hearing shall be held upon request to review outstanding environmental issues, Such an evaluation shall not be required where the action in quostion has been preceded by compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act by the appropriate Federal agency. Any action taken under this Act which will be in effect for more than a 6-month period (other than action taken pursuant to subsection (e) of this section), or any action to extend an action taken under this Act to a total period of more than I year shall be subject to the full provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act notwithstanding any other provision of: this Act.
(e) Notwithstanding subsection (d) of this section, in order to expedite the prompt construction of facilities for the importation of hydroelectric energy thereby helping to reduce the shortage of petroleum products in the United States, the Federal Power Commission Is hereby authorized and directed to issue a Praddential permit pursuant to Executive Order 10485 of September 3, 19FA for the eonstrucUou, operation* maintenance, and connection of facilities
-for4be transmission of electric energy at the borders of the United States without
_preparing an environmental impaet statement pursuant to section 102 of the National Envirormaiental Policy Act of 1969 (83 Stat. 856) for facilities for the t. on of electric energy between Canada and the United States in the
vleWty of Fort Covington, New York and for any other facilities for the transmhmion- of electric energy between a foreign country and the United States which the Federal Power Commission finds. will be subject to adequate environmental Tevkw conducted by a &Ate agency pursuant to State law.
.-(41) Page 27., strike out line 10, and aJ1 that follows down through 11w 9 4= page 28, and insert in lieu thereof the following:
The Adminintrator of the Federal Energy Administration shall -conduct a study owpotentia]i methods of energy,.. conservation and, not later than 6 months after the date of enactment of this Act, &hall submit to Congress a report on the results
-of such study, 7%eetudy shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
(1) the energy conservation potential of restricting exports of fuels or
energy4ntensive prWucW or goods, including an analysis of balance of payawnts land foreign relations implieatious of any such restrictions
M federally japonawd. incentives fourth use of public -translIt, Including
tbe 4eed for authqrUy to require additional production of buses or other means of Public -transit and Federal subsidies for the duration of the energy emergency for. redwed fam and additional expenses incurred because of
inereaved awmice
:(.3) Wternative requirements, Incentives, or disincentives for Increasing,
industrial recycling and resource remy"ry in order to reduce energy demand, Including the economic costs and fuel consumption trad&off which may be associate(I with such recycling and resource recovery in lieu of transportation
beqWa and benefits of electrifying rail lines In the United States
with a high density of traffic; including. (A) the capital costs of such electrification, the oil fuel economies derived from such electrification, the ability of exlking power facilitate to supply the additional power load, and the amount of coal or Mier ftmffi ftels Mutred to generate the power required for railroad electrification, and (B) the advantages to the environment of *1ect]; MOO f ftilroadmi fu r air
.A termx of reduced el consumption, a *d P014 a AW vautages, to the euxtronment from increased use of fossil
'fuel apth *q eoitl ; and
Its)' *"ii* ftr tnefttive s disincenti"s to Increase Weleacy of Indusft$NLVWO of SMMW,

(82) Pageh,28, strike out litne 10, andalta olw ontrg line 18, onpage 28, and insert in lieuteofh. loiig
The Admniatrator of the EnvironmentIPoeto gnys l Congress not later than January 31 1975,o h mlietto fscfs0. through 205 at this title.
883) Page 28, insert after line :3 h oloig
SEC 208 RECOMMIE1NDATIIONS F'OR IIGOENRYFCLTE The President* shall, within SO daps aftrtedt feateto haA. recommend to the Congress actions, tobake inteeectv rnc nh Congress regarding the problem of the iigo l ye o nrypouig facilities.
(34) Page 28, ist after line 13,tefloig SEC. 209. FUEL ECONOMY STUDY. Title II of the Clean Air Act is amended yrdsgntn eto 1 sscir 214 and by adding the following ew-seeton
"San. 218. (a) (1) The Administantoallcnutastdnn halrpr o the Comunittee on Interstate and Foreign Cmec fteUie ttsHweo Representatives and the committee on PulcWrsothUnedSaeseae within 120 days following the date of eacteto hsscincnenn h
practicability of establishing a futel eooyipoeetstnadol0pr cent for new motor vehicles manufacture uigadatrmdlya 90
Such study and report shall include, btntb iie t h ehooia problems of meeting any anch standardicungtelaimivoedth test procedures required to determinetcomlac;teeoomccssascae with such standard, inelading any -benefal cnmcipc; h aiu en of enforcing such standard; the effect oncnupinopatrlrsucs n eluding' energy conisumed;( and -the imtiodplialsaft n eiso standards. In %Ae edirs ot performibig suhsuyah diitao hRcn sult with the Secretary of Transportalin h diitatro h ee~ Energy Administration, the Chairmano he dini nEvrnmna'ult. and -the ISecretary of the Treasury. The fieo aaeetadBde a
review sach report before its suthmissiontb ogesbttebfiemynt e vise the report or delay its submisoaeyndh dt' rscie orttsb
mission, and may submit to Congress itscmet epctg uhrpr.I connection with such study, the Administrtrmyuizeheahotypvdd in section 307 (a) of this Act to obtain necesrwnfrain "(2) For the purpose of this sectionteer'flecnmIpovet standard' means a requirement of a percent of transportation provided by a manufatue'enieaulprdconfnw motor vehicles per unit of fuel consumedasetridbythAmnsrto for each manufacturer. Such term shallnoicld nreuemtfray design standard or any other requiremenspcfigootewe.Udgth manufacturer's discretion in deciding he~ ocmlwt tefe enm m
provement Standard by any lawful means."
(35) Amend the title so as to read: A bill to assure, through energy osrain nlue loaino
fuels, and other means, that the essmtaenry es- heUid
States are met, and for other purpose
The Purpose of this legislation is t rn eyee
gency powerS to cope with the energy hrae W heni
nation-so that essentin1 neeis mayR sistenit with our national commitmntoPtet a&sbposAh

e v r n e t T h a t o i ie ........ to be........... im plem ented in a m anner
...................................................... n
hellsaey n pbicwlfr, hleb icoiou ofi the need
toimay dereimat nemlomntad oasue ht l
In b rief su m m ary th e b ill au th orizes con trols on en d -u ses o f p etro- ................................................. !! iii~~~ii! !!! i!! !!i~~i!! !i~~~ii! ............
leum product, aJis fo proposal for andator energ cosrainiiiiiiii~~i measuxwcontains provisonsito icrease spply ofdomesticoil pro
ductio an iecsses ob aknt mk oe fetveueo
........................................... "a~ co l ..s u e.............................................. N a ro l d e i e ni e a i n e
fr m irqu liy eq ir me ts tghe ith m au e ..................... per i
thereaxtio o vrios roedualreuirmetswhih ra itionally.......
govern~~~~ ~ ~~............. th xrieo oenetlatoiyhv enpritdt
allow: exeditious
our~~~~~~~~~~~~~i nainis tprsncofote ih neegy mrgnyo
unprecedented scope.ii Itsidimensionsiiareionly now coming into sharpi
.... September 29, 1973, this Committee reported to the House that,

worfelo. On pcoet which, onraboi-rdcn:atns hvn Lae millrid barrelc blwt normal inltate rgakocra
onsiprmemt the Arabe aeiis rnd sepswr aeopeetti
h od aradois priu arslingetre of gaoi itlaa n h es fu oitensiping whchopet r26 97,waddp dt
th nternational market
The Committee believes that th ned t aeeegnyatost delwith the situation is clalestablihd vrtenx eea ioths the Anmarican people xiT be callduo omk infcn scifices; -routine or normal life 'ill bedsutd heeooywl besverely strained, and our governmal ntttoswl esb jetd to their most severe peacetime tes.I h ia nlss h sucss of our effrts will dpend upon thefnaetl]onns n naie good sense of the American pol n h blte ftoei goenment to rise to the situation andishretirepoiblis with igor, evn isn4 ness, imit oadcua e
GRameor ExanxFoRGc ATorm
Fced with the emergency siituation, onNvmea,193 1Pei detaddressed the nation on the dirnensoso h nrycii.I thtaddress he annuniced animber of adnstaieciosdigd tprevide some measure of short-tera ele.Adiina tpswr lyl needed, however, and toward thatedtePeidn euse legislative authority. In a datr frm omaithic h adinistration decided not to send a specfcrqetfrlgsaint th ongress, announcing that the Presientpeerdt okwt tecommittees of the Congress on leiltohleayitoue wih proposed to give to the executiveafumo xrdi
naypowers to cope with the situation.ThPrsdn dowv, lsthe following essentials to be includedis mrecylgsain
Authorize restrictions on both the ulcadpiaecn
sumption of energy by such measursatiiatoso s
sential uses of energy (office hoursto ntne)adeiia tion of non-essential uses decorativev ihig freape,
Authorize the reduction to 50 mile e or o pe ih
on highways across the country;
Authorize the exemption or granigo avrofstionary sources from Federal and Staiirs ae ult laws and regulations. Such actions wudb ae iog
the Administrator of EPA. q.
Authorize the exemption of stepstaeunrth opwenergy emergency act from the Nt nlBvrnina
Protection Act (NEPAL

Provide emone powers for the Federal regulatory,
ageem' inj in transportation to adjust the operations
of ai ri, ship and motor earsiera in a manner responsive to
the nee;i a~cnewsM nel
Empower the Atomic Energy tm nntogrant a tenmporr operating lianeof up toeI8 months fr nuclear power plants w tout holding a public heain~g. Such actions weald mibec t o all sases, and oter requir...nts normanly imw~d the Commiioln.
Authriz the initiation of tell reduction in Naval Petasleum Reserve NO. 1 (Elkatiss (ahoQ!el) and the exploration and further development of other Naval Petroleum Reqepree, including Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 4in Al&*im.
Permit Daylight Saving Time to be eabihdon a yearround basis.w c
And authorize the6 President, whore practicable, to order
a Pwer plant or other installation to convert from the use of a Iue seek as oil to another fuel sueh as coal and to make such
equipment conversons as are necessary.
Several of the requesed authorities lie .within the jurisdictional realm ot other eommanttees and have not been included an the legislation which yeur conmiume reports for Heuse consideration. Thus the requests for authority to initiate full production of the aval petroleaum reere adet permit the Atemei Baergy Commission to grant temporary licnms parsuant to expedited procedings were not cons ieeI by the Committee. Othewrs of the requested powers which are within the juriedictional reach of the committee have been consideefound appropriate and aee included in the reported bill. The Commtteehas not, however, granted to the President the requested aulhority to order restrictions on both the "pubtic sad private consumpon of energy by sach measures as limitations on eneential uses of energy and elimination- of nnemsential uses" The Commnittee found th** aoiy too ill defined, too pervasive
The laws pamed since the Gireedeclared national ymrec in 11983 omemonly transferred almost uniimited pwer to the lxcutive to permit government to at effeetively in tines of p~eat crisis. A reeatly land reotof the 8A ($l ommittee on the Termination of
Nh atimnal UmrenT nited States Senate cataoged over 470
ainifloant statutes which the Cogeshas peaml since l9es gatan to the Preidn powers that had been iRhe pergtivesan requasibility of the Onrmiehegmno of the republic*
Over the comes* Of t~at forty-year period, the onagrees has repeattiy ma eseated with the probee et finding a means by which a lgsaniabodyin deoreweputblcmayextend extraordinary powou cosiutoa balnc of liet an auhriy As yet a 'T *s
Most of the statutes pertaining to emergency powers were
pased in times of extreme crisis. Bills drafted' in the Executive Branch were sent to Congress bY the President and, in the case of the most significant laws that are on the books,

ii~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~5 28iiiiiiiiil~il
v~iiiiiiiii~ i ew iiiiii vitu ly oio sier toiofiei= fec=oiii
iiiii~iiiilibertie ortedlct trcueo h .S oeneto
i vie pwrs n caso, eisaiv isoy hw
thatiiiiiii~ii~! -during~iiiii1 the%1 lim ited............. .......................... that di take : = == ~i:i::: place, aii fe w buti ==
v e ryii~ill~~iiiiiiiiii@iii f e wiiil~iii ob je ctii~~~iiii io nsiiii ii w e reiii r a isediiiiiiiiii b yi S e n at ors a n d C o n g re ssme tatexreseiiiiiiiiiemsabutth lckiiro
viiiiiiiiiiision fo Conrressons overight
Consli derd aaist hiiiakgouniheiiiiiiie'wa rlucan
t iveto Pesdntte nlmte atort 6ore rstitin
o bohpbi adpiaecosmto o nrya hdbe e
citiiiiii onn
t o p e rmii = i i t== == = t he.....i.....t.........c...................................
advertiiiisii n a eoaielghig hs for eeeetal
abnoe when it became....e.and.. ore..ppa.ent..hat.some.......
bes fth omite el ha uc efrt nncssrlyad nisl
tiediteiPridet .......deln wt hest ainwie te
M em er believed.. tha the..omm.. tee.shou.d..o....tho................
on speciiiifi sswtotafl nestnig(hog ern
p r o c e s s o r o t h e r w is e)i i oif t heii m.................................................................................................

agmet ndBuge. nsodongth Cmmttesekstoasur ta
w e w ilili~ k n o wiiiiiiiii w ith o u tiiiiqu estio n o r q u ~liiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii i h a th e~i iii i iiiii iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii iisiiiiiiiitiiiiriiiiiiiiaiiiii-illii ii iiiiiii! 'tor determinesi to be hiiiis icl nesicarngothslilti
........................................... and........................... w ha additional, auth rit m ay be equ re to get th
0iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ iiiiii i
job done effectively and expeditiously.ii
Inaditontoth pwes ndr heEmrgnc Ptrlem Iic
tin ctof193 ndasma b, uhoizd ndr hi Atth Peiii
'"dent ..... propose to.. trnfrote ci ons'' of""' the... ......tiv Department~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~ ~........ toteFdea nry diitato oa t osldaeeeg
reltedsetviies Ths te ommtte hs nt atemte todo.Itiiiiii the.transfer
fro th Dparmet o Ineror f ts ffie f Ol niiiiiiiiand the,.Outer~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CnietlSefatoiyreurleiltvprvl....
An~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~..... aporttbilhsbesumtetoteCnrsanw iM

bctcalledgrpat durin t asortage itrciods ar tfaleadd o dirspooonate dshrmiare o uere. Thisomte as de teratoa noctin tof tirnlesslain cealin pr be sqjinte adea ofii the oreng fuel asfnaetlt h manct Sthgeresjidnd ithe SenistrakorofteFdrlErg Aidnietratonqcryae payer t Ac wt the uosycisre hs teimet in tae inrduced ofth Sntors
emergencyrpowersswho aio
theaPresidnt t mamntor is lextinauhrtwolntaoe besfiin oda ihthewosng fuel shortage situation. Mostof hes requeStaeds yothed reieth Seenletll iakn i, eitouto f Neitovebe 8.Otbr2,17,wihprpsdt iet h rs
iet expeadia cotter toeasiat ofe tmedm rii.A, Staggers coeged thatl itwamerstt nd ISai
metswto theobill, h.wr1, hi h wia ivstottetpso Staggersythewday beforeheinges mn cie ratn o toepthe President it h emreny powin beivn htHR 15 e oewral praht
thm rbe n n oelkl t wr h upr ftetm
lite himnSagr oe t osdrto nta.o h
.......... H..101 ttecm ecmnt f1eC n ites= ru
ofte eisaio.Te ul omiteminmruoftiblfr ms nldngsvrlafeno n ...................
b ,teCmiteodrdtebla mn rpre narl
calvt f2 ya o1 as

TheComnitee as ot epoted a committee amendment in the nktre f asubtitte or hesextof the introduced bil, determine instadloamen thebillon asectioil-by-section basis. An explana tionof te comitte amndmets follows:
Twix ~dr I-xR E xNRG Au-ne=,
pse of the Act, which is to:
(a) allforproosas fr measures which could be taken i
(b)autorze peifi tmporary emergency measures which "eathe nation's needs for fuels will be met Atis ntededtha th imlemntation of .these measures will be Colisen wthnatonl nvromental Poiyand that any adverse
imme ouemplymet wll b miimizd; hatall sectors of the econ omV illbe reaed quiabl;ad that tepublic health and welfare
'o define" for purposes of the At "Stte, "ptroeumprouct" United States." "Admninistrator." The tn "ptrolem prduct means endaoil, residual fuel oil, o
-an m,-fned-ptroeumprduc a defined in the Emergency Petroleum Xftoskon Ac of197. I tat Act the term "refined petroleum
d ut I'i deind t. ean"gsoline, krosene, distillates Cimeluditg wMA,~ ~ ~ ~~ C her2ulolLG e ine urtsing oils, or diesel fuel."
T~e erm"Adinitraor"meas the Administrator of the Federa Eiiegy Aminitraton wichis ceated by section 104 of this Act
103-,-mednwt8 o he Emergency Petroleum Allocation
Subsctio (a)amens setio 4, the Mandatory Allocation section of te Emrgecy Ptrolum allocation Act of 1973, by the addition of nwsuawtons4 (), (i, ad 4 (j). ....ewsbseeion4(h)autories the President to establish rules fo the rdeingf Droriiesamog users of petroleum products and t
tain petroleu prducts in reference ly. Prior to this ordering ofprioriti
-sod, of rghtE4:the Pesident must find that such action i necssay i orer o crryoutthe objectives of subsection 4(b) o t~m merg-ey etroeum lloation Act. (Subsection 4 (b) is th sedon gic defnewhe rovsions which must be fulfilled by th Tegu W*Uprvidng or mandatory allocation of petroleum
4 (h) s ee that, in the ordering of priorities
-amongu~er the ainte anc to vital services is to be emphasized areeimerated.
1A1(=tbw f poduts adepursuant, to subsection 4 (A) shall b Presient s cessary to assure that those who ar

eqirled asneto asevealomnsur wilatal the prp tdtootinsc
coisatent wdte
The President is required to cslt ish eue hrb n.a weito rvet the iatiadmdfcto of energyt~ shorta Shtitldee aine inicornc attheis n sctn Th* r mendue toy ence yphocrtaes th Presidet is loalors
ageofulls producin bye einrg indues.r Ths -Njsmnt ilb peqrit epanesnand thuasshretent the prprm"n rdcdae cnteththe definition of "a anaor lloation" asrseginahi bsetaotin sttitn "sal no(bbontue)o ain ofrgsint indqivdual consumwther Deat 7n o io Pethreumr Alocten iact of 1978," a hogs anuepomen. thisl n ee be an authorizes thet Phresen tor& f nmly ew duetong 4()shorzes the Presidentsugdt tlenor
petio ofxornsol adthuhre. the peaximumofflicientgrate c esloent wt eatmn fteI
goveratnentsa it border t debecsrmed hich ud proen-se9
quiroe. Theomaium eAlcit r173ate aeferred o th aii.o
bthe Statrue i ahic the faimeld iceted.teHoe rdcio.(E)
with such State or with the .Department of theItrotePei dent may -ta hi gher rate if he determines- theti on o h.ili mate recovery of crude oil and natural gas is nturaoal m paired.
Existing and future development plans for th 1utb o r& oil on Federal lands shall include or be amendedtoncuepvios for the secondary recovery and, -insofar as pomltetiiL covl-ery of crude oil before the well is abandoned. ...1
New subsection 4(j) provides that, notwithsandnn Ohrpo vision of the Emergency Petroleum Alloc-ationAto 97,-ro any S-tate, or local-law regarding fuel allocation,prvso itrmd for f uels for:
(a) household moves of military persomnlo res
(b) household moves related to employment
(c) household moves rising from displacmn ul:We
(d) household moves due to health or eatoiflporities; and
(e) household moves for any other goode l~lfiin
Subsectio. 1 103(tb) amendsN section 4 (b) (1) (Gr fVeEfWc P'etroleumi Allocation Act of 1973. That Act, aswd,.ruif ht thip regulations for mandatory allocation proved o h alcto of residual fuel oil and refined petrole-um produt nsc mut
an such mna nnie r tis mnay be necessa ry for the man ]neo ,Xlr

ation for, and production or extraction of fuels and for required trans-, portation related thereto." As amended, "minerals essential to the requirements of the United. States'" are incorporated in this objective. Subsection 103 (c) amends section 4(c) (3) of the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 19738bysaddi aprovision which would require the President to require the adjustment ian the allocations of petroleum under the Act to reflect aunsual regional climatic variations which oeeurred prior to November 27, 1973. Thtus, an unusually warm winter month in one area in 1973 would be considered in determining that alas heating oil for the same month in 1974 to avoid an unreasonably
Sidege ion 103 (d) ame-nds the Emergency Petroleum Allocaidn:Act of 1978, so as to continue the Mandatory AllocationiRegulations promuilgated thereunder in effect until. May 15, 1975, instead of February 28,
Seerion 104-Federal Eviergy Adinistration
T his section establishes a Federal Energyv Administration. The AdEni tiratick is to be headed by a Federal Eniigy Administrator appoxted'try askd with the consent of the Senate who shal1 serve untiL1 slfy 15',75. The Aduministrator shall be responsible for the developEnent and implmentation. of Mandlatory Allocation Programns provided for in the Emergency Petroleum Illocationl Act of 1,73 Copies of !Budget estimates and requests, legislative reommendations, ti rmony, or connapnts on legislation which are submitted to the Presideint. or to the Offie of :.Management and Budget shall be eoncuirreintly transraid K to the Congress. The Administration salbe cosieed an in 8 de dent regulatory agency for purposes of collection ofinforInstion and as iMich'is exempt from Office of Managemenit and Buxdget veto of its actions for the collection of necessary iformation. Sc44e 04-daEergy Conser-vation Plans
. M ithin 30 days the Federal Energy Administrator shall propose to Gang0ress one or mtore energy conservation plas. These plans shall sp Xlment nations taken under other laws to rduc rycn
samPtion through the r&striction of its public and privateuse. Sh plans m-ay include transportation controls or alloccation plans. Oni rece p of 1.hese plans Congrs will take appropriatiorr actiop. It is specified that the Ppoe Energy: conservation plans will provide for unstataining thoe,. vaL services essential to the preservationt of the pah in health. and welfare., Pro posed energy reductions must be eguitably distributed through all sectors of the eonoimy. Sl--CodConeration and Allocation
U-der this section the Administrator is gratd the authority to die h ie of con in major fuel brin 'instalations whih have the espt ASility and necessary plant equipment to burn coal. This authority extends to existing electric power plants as well as industry ons. It is to be exercised on a plant-bypitl besia.
:The Committee believes 'that, in the reasoaned adnministration of this: authority, the Administrator should balance aRll relevant factors, including energy needs of the economy, public health and s'afety. environmental effects of fuel use, available facilities. adequacy an~dreliability of electric power supply, among others. Hle should consult
83-518 O 76 5 (Vol 2)

the Physical conversion of electric gemto ai tesN1 Pro leam or natural gas fiigto coal &iig2 aeipeto~ e
t e aP ursition under ohneea oe Te,1 ,O 9
The ommiteehearings indicate tla ncatlmi te eot of the Nation, the conversion of the natural gas fired fuel buinginstallain ol sitmttal in meeting the chrrent demands upo aulgsan perhw
resources. As respects electric power patOnevsamjrue of petroleum and natural gas resonacsfrbolrfe ppsa h testimony shows the principal fuel burnntlnslklyt eafce by this section will be those electric owe plnswiho5~uv Coal; but which have beed converte ato i uli etas to mreis tringent air poluio rettirems, n hc tl etn necessary coal hadln facilities andapreacs oh@so n
outside the plant, inldn necessaryladfrso fca, he
include. eqmuiment such as unloaderscne.? )Iv 0 burners, soot blowers and secial coalbrigisrmnainai controls. The latter ,are necessary notoltomian.dpdbe operation but to assure operational safey ic olnrmi0 fe a much Ies stable operation than thetotial it i rg&X is not intended, however, to imply that h bec fayoeoiQA bination of thee facilities would aegonsfrcncuigta'h facility lacked cpability to convert tooal As Sen inb the Committee hearinigseetigoiiishv eot that within three weeks from the'timecovrinsstteapomnately 18,000 megawatts of apacity nall unn i r fe
could be converted to coal, with an indiae eutoni.e' & demand of about 105 million barrels pe ya ra vr$ f:8,0 barrels per day. The required increaseicolonuponw ldb
ahout 26 million tons per year. The Federal Power Commission repotdta hni oeta
for an additional 75 million barrels ofoipeyarsv ,byecnrt in7 units which require re-establishmetomar facliwan
which could require up to a year ormoefronpt cvea With all conversions completed, the anna:aigmrsda ol o electricity generation would be about18milobarspeyarr almost 500 thousand barrels per day.Th so:itdnceeinoa consumption would be about 45 milliontnce er a- oprdt the present total production of coal ofabu60milotnspeyar Section .107-Regulated Carriers
Subsection (a) of this section provie htteItrtuCm merce Commission, the Civil Aermnautic or n h eea ai
time Commission, with respect to thecaresudrtirepcie jurisdicton, ma until May 15, 1975,taescatinasprkd under existing laws, for the purpose ofcmvgenryo dih
energy consumption,

In ~ain, (ubsrcuies (bhatthi e 0ahe IthreetateCtmerc
laf~r agcies report tAo Congress on the ned raditional rla toi athrity in order''to coniser*yefelfo thC dat of 'enatmn throgh My 15, 1974.
Secion,10-Delegation of Authorid
Thisscion auithorihat the' Addh ittr to delegate all oran* o bisfuntins under this Act or the Emergency Petroletuh Allocto Actto nyoicer or employee of the Federal Energy Administion toStte opiers, or State or local bard 8wtog106--Administration
Section (a) -Ada -istrative Procedure
Thissecion paitrides for the streamlining of adinitratv proce durs orw~iBons talken- pau-suant to this Act and. the 6 Emrncy PetrleumAllocation Act, including the Itlation. of energyeo
AA=stiiles under title'I of the bill and under the all11 io ich~ieathority in section 200 are subject to special administrtv procdum nd udicial review provisions. Section 109 of tebl o (is adiildstrative roeursfor F'ederation
Sallie 3069 *ild alsoai~y to State sotions unlesthFera tnemrgeveseife difaret buit coman abl proceue
thia.IHcluded among the' procedure are pubato nd notce ndan -opportunity for conunent on agnyrules and re
4- 0 anorders issued byFederal and Sttlaecisbth ne tileItidunder the new sui 'dons (h) ad()osecto i f th
EmermeyPetroleum Allocation Act would be required tincud proisinsformnr adjustments in hardshipea. Judicial rve qf ule sadk uner, these provisions wquld be in toe tempol
court, of apel which was createdl under the Eonoi $NbliatqnActrei issued in individual cases woald be reved fistin teUnites States district court and then the teprr aoeg naort ofapel. 4
Theilldes not atr the judicial review provisions of theCla )UrAat hese would continue to apply, to actions taken by thAd minitrtorof. EPA under that Act, eluding the amendmentsmd
Secha"1--Prohibred Acts
. ; .066an states that the f ollowing acts are prohibited underti
6t'i deny fiill fillups of diesel fuel to trucks, unless a rain
ingprgram is in effect which restricts such full fillups to tuk
'or f Ihe diesel fuel is not available for; sale;
to violate any order concerning thle use Of Coal as a priar
source pranan to section. 16;

(3) to loilate export rest ri etions est ablished under sed ion 123; .(4) to viblato any o-rder of the:Reniegotiation ,Boardissued put,
snant to its duthbrity under section 117. -. Section 111-Eniforcenient
This section provides for fines up to $i i
Violationl.of the Act, Iand civil penalties up lto $2, 500.for the womakisSion of acts prohibited tinder section 110.
Thle Attorney General is authorized by this section to obtain temporary restraining orders or preliminary injumctions aginsantIalOt impending violations of this Act. It. also provides fqF the private injunction actions.
Section 112--Grants- to 8tates
This section authorizes grants to be made to Stite for the15urpose of carrying out the duties obligated to them by the Admiainistrator under section 109.
Seption 113-)Fair, Marketing of .Petroleum Prodwts.
This section amends the Emergency Petroleum Allocation, Act of 1973 byadding a new section 8.
This new section 8 provides that no refiner may terijate A ma~rkftl ing agreement with an independent mrketer without'Cd s sprior notice, explaining the'reasons therefore and thle remedies avadsOlf the marketer.
No ter~inationi shall be made unless the marketer has failed toihply withthe..terms of the contract or Ial the iplips.- flois not pOV 8
yersate trinton engage in the sale of p solein, poducts in thiesam-e,relevant market area within which the termin dmret operated.
Any marketer terminated by a reAner may file suit arainst aTOh finer mn die appropriate: district court-, and be awarded dimag resulting fromthe termunation.,. Section 114P o iuntary Energy Conserration Agreemfents
This Sebtidon provides that within fifteen days of ensetmeait of this Act, the Administrator, in consultation *ith 'the 'Attorney Os ordl and the Federal Tade Commission, shall promulgt standards aid procedatres for retoail or service establishments to e 47 into volaintry
arements to limit operating. hours, adjriA retedai-tre -deliver
sceules and -alk uch other action as the: Admuiiarator after conlsutein with thebAttorney General and the Federal Tr G abritsaloff, determines to be necestiry and appropriate th snecomplidb the objectives of this Act. As provided in subsection (C), ofthsein actions in good faith which are taken by finins in conformity,,mith (is seotion to develop. and implement a v oluntary energy.qqpa f ion agreements shall not be construed to be within the prol daitay0 'i of Aeatitrus laws of the Uaited, Statas, .the Federal Ta* *Coin mission Act or similar State statutes.
Suibsection (b) provides that, .among other standardsadpoe
duires promulgated by. the President,. them shall be provision for the fl ing of a copy of any agreement with the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission, which shall be available for public inspew,tion. Meetings held to develop and implement a voluntary atgiwment shall permit attendance by interested persons, who shall be

afforded opprui, residuakfel oal ord rten prentaionsn Generalthe-teeral withe under Sion 0 ohe pubi.sumr of such leeialoned tothos voluitntr aprsnaio o intee persons. 75l er cmtentof -thei antomrl seal d or redea Trade rtaision thd e atilafr pcinstypsete inet Subecton(f) prqvires thet Attony greeral tnerti secionshll erain to submitie tolaCongss aein andtheisrpiben tion ~ mfcueonthrsidal e ol orhefiac oirlcom Itian t which~ agre et ets wihuhorzecytisn secothiotAso
!W ston shong o:need fo emanes tn whchal thi wono' oters hem invoato1f7 hs 8
merabr g ofv n5 eedh contf-hir nuall e e qire for Co1an rwxg a rloin e prpoarclsr eanpton, asreflein d by fue AtonyGneti naalree.epaeastepini e
"o wfrith the Anfeea n d the Fed eral Tr~~~e aCmwssur thaubt t sc'tongris nt he toee wit once ev romanitymon ducreot wn hi ct be deroptrtoando smal bsiessofapporiate to athied bypeso this Aecto. We, recgie to n xmtinfo h antitrust lmppttger ald appe l be ase ona stheoparthofin fera e and cmas oengaen comducon which would maherisee thioatonefsthe laso Ti its.cosidaione oe psaste inr cases whenreflscoing can firco mitmen oul bmetionsed re Inthpise ay the pintIregultio afti to et a well sthe reaiera pud tppes td rd
Commssiotoaseuires that a.-hl sectionhs t uedk to okth ei of~~~ Peirsti nt oduAlctwin Actashall be emonitaed tob
necesaxyaappriu o make enrpesof thrnAition
Usionte fpartpoolsea.taeadlclgoenet.t
enact~ e lgaTanspic oaionandadieet the seretar becosen delivery courage thejuseof carpos byer a sharity of mad thla ~ $2 miry ollie onisevd authorize for theirs tof e ub ljc__tq ofe carpoollin sste.Te Secie-wud rearesne req gh theofenactment.
Thigseci frerpies that a iIs an exrsapl to thesAt n
P e e o ecoise nm veices be axolPmi n wthinth

hioss eitaneide thoues nterg fe omanT 6vhca
97i8 tdd, sabsetio 8. h denalathersti150 ond ue gt oters,0h. tiowe nd of this Abc inc dislaemnt Th arifmt emhaie rqires the Prlmuie fpfe iy ovh m
fo raliof p o er., a t ,... n .....................
Section 11O--Antiaek ov"iodPoft
ofi section, amb ndso the Emergeneerlu llctb c' Thdein ew-subection tk hicerie o etitos feall ra. Uder omnstrsinrcteonersn h eiv 6,ls strued tlowbe within th proibmyeition te eeoitin-Bad f sfeion alsoeproviesmn for estbise~ he or id hf.d. 1
proisionm ofbthied Actshall cerbihaMe aespiewik: t slibilit or reatedensesprunde ref n the f
s i o n ( b)...... .
Section (c) authpordizes thqfed s ir a his cmittee ans the. dEe encerlu loctoAto Act. Thes committee ws eto proisnw etn8 an avice tion e Adieistr natra aasuti h xia dties und th Act. Te re ageemtiand 11.rD pn of A ia ri oirR0
Ti addition toereprestetatie t oi6 eeopa Iil.-eeo. advis of ry omeesi mayer incld enryadg'suc.
inusr an of, other suplin indotbis.i to
itiFected hat aCcmisi.Atisteee ingo-avt mlmn
constite the exte thatiecbep tsseiialypoidhrin
p i i o o f ............................................ ........................... c o n f er....................................n a l
li b lt r r a ed fe s su d i h ............................n sub
s e ctiiii i o ...........................................
Suscin()atoieih diitao oetbihsc d

attedanc by epr ediepsie it the Attorney Genera and tera
Fed~al-,rad Comisson anid be available for pulic inspection-i accrdne wih'ecio 5.52 of title 5. of theTUnited Stai oe th Freedm of ptoi-ao Act.
'Sujet t te aprval of the Attorhey Gbeel anid the Federa Trae o'misi -on te Adminiistrator: sall, under, subsection (d)
dards, and -procedures to develop and imple andt 60la an's of actiert which tlie Administrati
ry to accomplishithe obtivesof section 4(d) of te Eergecy etr niu tlotnAct of '1973. -The subsectio
ans llziiliv-fr deelpers arid pignatories .of voinaygr
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of h~uba. o e.chired' a -rglar full-time ,eeri employee 1(et1'nOS~bdee'~q voluntary a greeane i or plan-oeation shall b preantitiqing the agendin to the:Attorney:Gene the. ederl Tme Comission,,and the public in the affected commn nit" Inere~ed son shall be permitted to atted' azd preset thei
Excpiimprviedin subsctin -(e)'V}, A. CO efe trinserit shal be e~tof mkias to develop a vohluntary agreensesituor plan o actin, 1 be epoited with the Attbrney (General and the Federa
-Trde om.misionandbe available for pubhec inspection in accordance wit te''i~isons' f he Freedom of Information Act,The exception isintb cse-o a metngheld for the sole purpoeo developig vol Un'i~v g.eemnt o pans of action to govern retail. maretng o disribtio ofrefnedpetroleum products. Here only a written sum mry f te prceeing of' the meeting, with copies of written data views, nd agumntspresented by interested persons, need be submited o te AtoreyGeneral and Federal Trade Commission-and b avaiablfor ublc ispection. This is intended to be a corollary t Subshon (fdisusgd beow. It is envisioned that voluntary agree irtrimor lan ofacton' covermng national or reional distributor
-Ofne itileu poducts may be developed adthese, of course woud. equre vebatm transcript. But it was felt that for meeting at loallevl o dveop retail. distribution plans a summary report WQAd povie aequtesafeguards while cutting down on paperwork
In ubscton e) committee has concentrated on including safe guara'Wte pulicvhich shall be incorporated in standard s aia proceiare~ prol by the Administrator for meetings to develop Volunary kre~mnts r plans of action. It is not intended by this em Phass tat he dmiistrator would lack authority to apply similar safeuars~a tochamin of meetmngs, timely notice, agendas, an

Coansmipsio mh ay l oimptan, deie~st nlnwoout voleemtan agr b ort plans of action. u h dmitama
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whn auscto (f plrmis fte. priitatr pnaprvlo themAthernea whneai adexeea un deomsint.eep myest or claue ofietaethegs nferecsorom uiaos, the shouirebenrevoftd suscion therebte: r eemie obnc immuny onfperietay uh agront ).no atonutsc Sbectinsconf(i)requces e cmuattion rotaepaeune:sc onces echnsxsmntwih th rprp oste oftietonsmyepe business of tAionsratord poed by thistore:Qee anate the Feaort rated bytmissec udSubsection (g)) onie De cber 31,,, igo atht eeo ornactlment f thisuAtar gemn rpafato shall supersed Pentrleum Aocawtin At prhtofs 197 and Feeanirsas all actinake Tad anyisio Autrt orsilasteanlolsaue. soetio 6 hi ()salltrs b eea triakn osrcl iiedt cin ae pucrsuane to this sectioIn an ent tob rougte ee
teina 708 oi, fr the Deens ed eluroductio. Uplcand touanyection tan votr mpletorpanoato ints t or bithed EmewrigcytPetoeyealadte e TreCom1-omrn r e teRaeview oen pemne n
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Atm theSretriwe xeines ofde the Interiorn ar t are
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shud ereoed uh cioiheeyiihrasprsecielih ............ con ferrediiyiubieitiii ig@
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enatmet o ths At, hal suersde ecton (c)of he merenc PerlemAloato Ato 17 adshl ajl t ot ct.Tl.5
all actiiiiii i on ae n n uhrt rim nt rne ne'sil
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pusatt hsscin nayevnsbeto 1 xldsse

..................S. investm.s abroad in the prox auction -of
etro,-u an::6t e rgy sources. The purpose oif -this study is to I idiitiy ay in 'S'on ises between national trade and foreign invest111nt oltie Aid omstic energy conservation effort's.
k~eC 0 h 22- #plo eat Impact and Worker As islance
ThisSecton dmtsthe Presiddent, in administering this Act. to Minmiz t, te ullstextent practicable., any adverse impacts of suchadmnistatin o employment. The President is required to reprttc .te Cngrsswithin 60 days on the present and prospective imp~~c ..,4ps upongy unemployment, the adeqpavy of existiug Vrgrms o dalwith such impacts, an~d rec'ommendations forlezili~i. neded o aequately meet the'siee'ds of adversely affected
klzetcu igxp
Thissecton uthoize the Adminfististor to ioedrict Ms.ports of fuel.<
and hcry 'iou'i~ S iling petrohemiekl feedstees undler sutch te-mss, e d~ias pwropriate, consistent with ethting laws. find takifg tteaeo~yftthe i~orical trading relations of the United States
......and Term tion Date
Thi setio reuir$ he President to submit to Conrs an interim
reprt,.,n. W t a Sptember 1, 19749 .on the ipeanation of thi At a(ItheEmrgney Petroleum Illocation ct'of 1973. Suich
shal a-SO icla recommendations for amending -r extendeing
t, 11 File grnte uder these two Acts.
Thi Aetio fut provides that .all, authorities gatdunder
Tite o t~isAc or.uder the Emergencgy Petroleu Alloation Act
shal ex"i Ma 15,975.
Secio 11: f~te len Air AetTeapora'ry Anthority to Suspend
Certain Stto duene Emission an FulEmitattoms
.Ths scton oul povide authority for the. Administrator, before
*Ay .,,9,7, o tmprarily suspend stationary source fuel or emisSio. lmittios uderthe Clean Air Act, based on a finding by the Admiistrtor hat u1l necessary for compliance with such limitation am nwalabl.. tationary source which receive such suspenSiOW.-ood b, xemtfrom local, State, or Federal procedural reqtpemetsond uch sispensions would be subject to judicial review onl unprsecil: ectons of the Administrative Procedure Act. The Corarit" ha prvidd for these suspensions in recognition of the fac hat he sorta e fuels generally (and of fuels of low pollution chaaceritis prtcuarly) may make it impossible for many fuel buring. ktioarysouces to. comply with existing requirements under~~tat impemetation .plans. Many of these plans for sulfur dioxidecntrol a rticularly, in the. short term, relied upon fuel sulfr, imiatins hic would effect control more rapidly than emisSionlinita~nsdpenent upon stack gas cleaning.

Tlhi plrnvmayn epsudphed A o* ic
it snpen upmtoonrd acehtatin. ott r o*'ns 01 o' m: theStte'ourcee of enaih I ttins asr deauto r~iet the needthr ed owvr for prompt decision onfo~s ir southestnto the Comitteeith sulpoem te leiacmutionofath els h Mnioryer inc ntue.Amnsrto'uhr
tunile seton at soce aleod te Speson spi-a eui fee.'ept of deann theprntyexist' dealin foran Stk b natsionlimprain ambint air qut spatofan ap d s]leena prvdieettion plan. Thid, notrbe seeki
Juen M, 1979.anJt 0 9 h Aniim~t.atr
'ubhe comtice spbi hele mustld asbepwrdto the use thoar Amsttitaifue of ePAsio deteminesiwill assurte-n'eib'1 formit wieth the sueed l rim itaion n uscrihthpictin iistetnofthe ommittee expectsuthehAdministraldnfoomspeandwhisic rther fetedn sourc (1) mt hav ntre obreltuont ae. ona in'lsa eies eoe a SO501
i! a .............................................................
(2)rc met has pwth iled ansppcibeduretiisionimi4 toes be
consrucionandinfatin osuhe These andti deain te rhet ling dadle r th a nativel apserimay eeient tor queekt stanrenewabl..ekan.....
provide asmureeatisnpaTrd the Adminiesragthebipfr~o oftb-su;t compinc e r ps o ue byhesulhch d will eI mnsr inoan reain toin cnoty trceter Tomhe= Cihte lo thtemiso lthidotion beotia perittble, u Amnistywtlae(whhe bymplnescue conrat r torhp to usofmtoswi ofe lowpoingrao fl (orA otermies) tol insure tiuS Cn The suspensionhe proceduede secittion 119 wsciin uchafidi mictheace sources(to besplaced ontcomplianceaschndulesuun bfiearher t uchace ans ipratalneiswhere tin ust:O section 10 d suchlschedulessfor a surcemay Ts exnspcfcain nasivwith suspenis uderett sectia on-r1ea) l 1),nio ahci
ool ac o ie tooses whoc hve bsuhuat ilns bl hi1t:cm
in o nd r m iiniiiiii iii ; conform7i~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiiiii'''i i ty therafter. he Co mittee-ntwid tht hetir otonbepemttd yth Amiitrto n f
Th ssenin !rcdueunerscto 19 ol hreor; pr
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if ale opinei mrciabe hra ne h!.i~i
Seto 1,sc ceue o n oremyntetn !o&IT4
Aswihsupesiosunerscto 19 a () ecin 19* (1
oiily ppie tosorcs wic hve imtaion ipoed n he

tpartd ns oe ln lid sources not included iix a plan wo Id
not be of fgib e. Thi stion would not affect the authority of as State to prevented -Construction of new sources or to close down exiskin~g stinweai9 it so chose. The basic- intent of the Committee was to'permit eritin sources, which'will be unable to comply with inmpletntation
pla rqidie6tis as originally anticipated because of the shortage of fuel ,o havise. additional time to install emissions reductions equipment or adopt other methods of permanent emission reduction aonsis e *itthe present statutory mandate to achieve the nattional primary 'adWblent ;air quality standards by 1975 (or 1977 if a section 110 (t0) extension h'as been granted)
T1 binhitradee recognizes the technical difieulties tad uncertainties assoulidtd with deterrnihing whether the effect of anydsspension for a seem iill -e to cause or contribute to air quality which exceeds the national primary ambient air quality standards. In light of this reeognit on,the-Chrnmitten believes that in any judicial view proceeding redsewinga~r at or denial of suspension great weight should be given the-teohnia audgment of the Administrator. In making a determiliaOlonr -a, particular source, the Administrator shmild consider the effet on, air quality not only if the suspension directly at issue, but also th efleeo t her espensions which he has grTanted or which have been
it a he sme gograhie area In some cases, aourceswhc
fni~tmeet the requirement for a suspension if they 7et% the only dilents might have to be: turned down because emissiotiffor* other a wcear requesting* suspensions would cause ambient air quality to exceed thysimary standard.
Notwithstanding any requirement that'source which hats received a suspension under section 119 (a) (2) switch to thertuse of ceanifuels, any uait which has been placed -ori a schedule to achieve ultitmate compiamso by means other than clean fuels shall edntinute to tbe bound byr wef enob I chedule and increments of progress included therein. u6tyaragraph () of the- new section 119 (a) (2) bf the Clean Air Acqmato p;judicial review of the grating or denial of an penston requests in the United States District Ceourt where the source is located. The section makes clear that actions approving or denying sttme sin r-equests are not to.- be considered nondiscretionary acts sul'C' teectiaen sattuder sootion 80-4 of the Act.,
Wbeeetion-*(b) ef~the new section 119 requires that the A'dministratar uCndition any easpeusion on compliance with intelimn require ments uvpsessar toannik any adverse effect on the pulii healh during any period prior to the date specified in the applicable implementation pla for -attainment of the national primr ambientd quly
standards, and to~assure- the-maintenance of suc~h standanid afte such datei. at.seceift requirement is that the suspension will -noe tppl~y for: aly piriod when the Administrator determines that the source can sWitch to lowiv pollutioni fuels to comply with -the emission requiremenxit w.0hich has been suspended. without resource incurring unreasonable costs a' euto h hne
Thbmaioitfurthr auth'orizes the Administrator to require sources receiving spenlsions to do such monitoring of ambient air and ma1"ke such reportsesrwmightbe necessary to determine the a ir quality Impact
ofhesupension. Interim measures would also be expetdt nld
nehessaryActiossto avoid an imminent and substantial endangerment

tourhe. deur in yde of seros lhusp tes inie fpct plan requi etet toe Amoeintrto ofeue deteramiessat thwComte urelsleands enteblmandiillofsuh pemit attanmnt alasb
o pinteny a t hearof........ qualityst
pen ud pelutcyratn of th suspension if th fac. <- o* wrt Similar itais wdetermineat ambrever no lty;ono
techniques areadibl endst enoc4bei1herb wci be9reliabl o n uthrize patcurcses ithristao mairaiv sadro easnfreaban cnte oplbne impategdurn ,ss matters asnthel Presiaabi rtion olcal mnemtaring lmt all inteimSatso PA o i~ n requirements should necesar felaebo
seor shraive contrd measure d h s fschmaue k a subeeduieng an) ofpeion of wpniof auhrqiee nt ota fsotrenoSuld esequreauhzd to beusd.nppvroly thei sysee
etaetteAppinitmo fEAdtnies ta thew sourcesi areaswee.i
ra e dands unfels and wilcertatain euins miteac includion~lpsifary abttsirquality smoitoing ambs duigeh endbbny ohsoguspsonteniebnen w
n leaditio create stuy nditwportwoul be requ onermg~ materate ontro stategisfr atinfmentoan matni swt tal aermbietuiremualt. stalnardsfor sufu oxid
sidraios o cst. tmig.feaibliy andl eecivebeth mittce ren-i.uiizesuc h el osibiit thaut hacs aoptdl txiitn oahiertve h nro measures.hrta ue euai Snusion mutatosecbtbiov1esul tathr ae m~.Adistao involved wot uch oe, eure easus y which muste to pCh~ before thpey are relie mr upisnreuton asyultimate ompliancesse eviy ronm untalionseauencies of aCos ite un ertivs it isamar taproprate tradleos may bhe ucosnidreds inhem adiqaiys o*4
Act ad in ln foruaine tfutr leeiltio ndtefcs fslu wo .........r u b n t e h o l g u p on...............................................................................ic it...
ii ................................... """ ............ .................................. .............................................
iiiiiiiiiiiiIn... addition, the Ott& and reiiiiiiwould be required to focus!ii
talent onrlsrtgisfratietadmieac l am iet..........nd rd.f r su fu.o id s; co '
,ideiion of .os.. ti i g .................a d ef ei p es h O I
i ttiiiiii~ii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiieiiiiiiiii i wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii theiiii~ii==" io ~ b l t th at=H th e.iii Aii- bi c i e iian W eiiiiiiiii =i~~~iiii
aieiiiiiiimasrsitlp ha utvglton n oisot
ei qsi oniiiiiii li iaios.......fut.tee~r a'v u mran invoA- i thsc ohriirswihms eto~g~ xlte
T he, requii re report w ould., ., ,,,,,i, ......................... th ........... rt r i r t

susensgnsby the .Admrinistrator under thils section wol hv thelefe& ndr subsection (e) of pre-empting State or localrqie ment -rewagn suspended fuel or enmisons limitations apial to te emssio of the specified poll utant f romn the source recevn Subsetion(f) of -section 119 proscribes conduct in v:oaino reqireent: o this action and, in conjunction with the cofrmin amenment section 204 of the Energy Emergency Act, akehs requimm nenorceable under section 118.ef the Clean AirAt
Subsctin () af new section 119 *requires the Administao,6 daysfterenatment, ald at no less than 180 day intervalsthrae, to ublsh erain information concerning. athe implementats o h Act Le :fining, n adequately demonstrated emission redcinstemssumariseof status reports filed by persons granted susesos an& indngs-on hd im pact of> suspensions on States implemetto plan an amient; air quality possibly affected by such susesos This amendent to subsection (a) of section 110 does ntafc secion 11 () and (f ) of the Clean Air Act regarding exteuinad "poneent.Where a revision is required, subsequent t;te $ecion202of the Energy Emergency Act would amn ecto 140of be len Air Act to provide for a reassessment of all Saeii plemntat n lans'by the Adlminiktrator to determine theipco f~rrnt ; .5ortaes. shortages of emission reduction systes n suspnsios grnted or anticipated under section 119 and an 9 eundr sctin 06 (N of the Energy Emergeney Act. Many pasrl on he se f fels or control equipment whiA m-ay not linfc o be vailalp Te purpose of this am-endment is to provide (1 dmn istrtor f EA with authority and to char,(e him with thdltt dis~ppovea lan whic-h cannot in fact he imnlemented. At es n
Rates'ourt of Appeals (Applachiann Powver Co. et alo .EA 41 F.d 45 (th Cir. 11973)), in interpreting the Clean AirAtha !#Aod h~ttheAdministrator should disapprove State plasWil arp ot etial and reasonably likely to achieve the froasoflp pla. ip.'whebare economnicealiv o r technologically infeasible ndti simedmet mkes such authoritvexnlicit. jf.aftr hsstudy is completed, the Administrator determie ts a Ma is ot orkable Waking into: account the aggrefrate mato allplas ad>pan revisions). Phe is to disapprov%;e such planadeo quie arevsedplan from the State whichi contains measures fii.wl aecmplsb hegoals of the Act and which can be implemented hee

a tre o s eirapropose aogndetervseSteplnorrpm: pmleaearopatne telansifteSafil.o utks appr esuch plStaresuiTh pomikei wr hat.Amns rgi to sfr ees tedeie issiatiyfomSaela.Hw mvr tis Prteatiope Af nhey pomtend atSatswllgspn toibte-oteurent asoltios nd adjs hi euawn'ocet mfecie rednts ftie att nmnbi vbh manealeb~ ntoa rvt anteambient airqlt qunaad ty ThSeto Commite ege that enc son as med st ty fagev o rimpfesin as a eauns~ moiino n-hre ss transit sa do*e notinendmet reursteAdiir2t chmeures or sth ansuthoity eotothe scmiteant h p theyiae somsubitted Hoeerat, th otso -rtteo th is uld erid o uc mpos .rdcngarRto oncyhe andhe afimtiv actionbyte (fet.o uh esrso h
>tor ehiclsi anatrd nmd
aliis of 1970 rveicls: 197 mo#i~ vhcemle rM14 o tisson e o nIt 0 srognoies by ote90ga' elng wt rnpra tor. vhies wich ador msionslwihoerFdradgncs-n axin hou se req. suiremTet isenco nt-appisolnomab -'r. rmits te!. -Administrator, f ~ oe the. Envi h rgt fSpaen suc Prpoeuireme,, nts fore uhmaueea sr fa
bI heArin, thats pceing conitiof hsrprtln tvr etableeftei inte rim emission tnar gionrdetln-natmblveilml' rvld(TT ,snc
s r to a tta,,i i en t ..................................
T h C om it e .................................govem aent
may fo r parking VA...o..............
mastastaddeiotitn orsrc herfedm osbi
suchiii meaure or th uhrt o h diisrtr oaprv hn

Automobile manufacturers requested suspension of bohlhx17 hdrocarbon and carbon monoxide standards and the 197ntoe oides Standard. In both cases, the Administrator grantedth upn snsr and imposed interim standards which, while less stinetha th statutory requirements, required significant emissionreutos This amendment r-evises the statutory scheeof -mandatoemiso ltations to reflect (1) the past actions of the -Adminitaoan
() the Committee's desire to strike a balance between coti cotiniues Suich standards through 1976. The 90 ecn reducin hc wa to be required by 1976 would' be deferre until modelyar17
ele The, Admi nistrator would* be authorized to suspedte] preent standard for one year. Under test procedures precidfo mAel year 1975, the standards will be 15 grams per mihefrcro noioxide and 1.5 grams per mile for'hydrpearbis for 195 nS17 iall states except California.
En setting interim Standards, the Admdnistrator esitablsemosingent requirements for 1975 model year vehiblesesold in aisru Iypr6knadgatiniga 9 grams. per mile carlxon monoxilde stadran proving a waiv er of Federal preemption, 29b othe Act to permit a standard of .0 g.rams per mile for 1yroabos tbe the applicable standard in tha state. This amadendmi wol prsrve those more stringent California limitations *in 1975ad196 Te 1977 standards, hydrocarbon and carbonirmonoxide M'at e.b thi section would require',a 90 percent reduction and, u n<16tetr ceurb4 currently in effect, will limit emissions to.14 grdipe ml ofscahbn monoxide and .41 grams per mhile of hyddoe~arbs' For Amissons of oxides of nirogen, the'amisadmint. -wol1k te1974. and- 1975 emission standard of 3. 1 -gransper mnile lial t.1978. model year vehicles. In -407, new motor thhice Woldb nr~i red to redluce emissions. to 2.0 gama, 'which is te #Adatti promulgated by -the Admninistrator A nd"RwhichW-'d11 ben apphouable to tSTS model year vile An? The Cali-fornstadr .wold be 4.0 grams per mile. inbohy sncteAdit grnted California a waiver of the Federal preemption fratojoxies. emissions for 1975 model year vehiis mid-20 gras !p.r~ ithe, present 17stnard in' California. The priemiu -stauqYM. rement of.90 percent- reduction, which would. be .4 graan ~'ni Vil notbe -required. until 1978 model year vehicles H< In msrato iathrized to'grant five one-year, suspes Ith sandard ieuntil as late as 1983 model year vehieEc i su spension, 'however, would have to beapldfo on be based on a separate decision for each year. hbis doe not affect the authority of California to. nSgent emission imitations than -those established by'ti-"r tpq Mt. Nor does it preclude any state or locality .from also r(qir
t fa Omlemenaaton plan, that vehicles meeti th e'
tClifornia standards be' used as taxis or fleet ve iclesnea fluted areas.

Tie suspension prov-isions of section 202 have also been modifft gl to refledt -the revised statutorily mandated.standards. Any applicntion for suspension of the 1977 carbon monoxide or hydrocarbon Amdad could be requested after September 15, 1974, but no later t aAdanitary 15, 1975. It is tJae intent of the Committee to. insue that the request ia not made so far in advance of the IP77 model year that accurate data is n.ot yet available, but also to insure that the. decision is rendered by the Administrator in time to permit alficient lead-Atime for the automobile manufacturers to adjust production t~p Mpond to the decision on suspension of the 1977 standard. A suspensov at the 19 78 oxides of nitrogen sta ndard could be requested atany time after January 1, 1975. It is the intent of the Committee that such requests not be made earlier than approximately two and one half -years-prio t o the timne for first production of the model year. Because ghese amendments permit a sequence of suspensions of the nitrogen.eoxides standar~d for@ one year, section 202(b) (5) (E) of the Clean Air Act,,.which imploosed a one-year limitation overall, is repealed by this amendment.
In recognition of the serious energy shortage now. facing the nation, which may continue to exist for some time, the criteria to be reviewed by the Administrator, in making his decision whether to suspend the statutory emission standa rds, have been amended to include consideration of any significant increase -in fuel consumption which would .be caused by requiring vehicles to meet such standards. The amendmneet s' adopted would require the Administrator to grant'the suspen-sion where he finds that a substantial fuel penalty would be associated with the decrease is emissions, regardless of his determiation with repect to the other four specified criteria. The Committee recognizes, however, that a requirement of good faith efforts to achieve fuel economy improvements and to achieve emission rqduations in the least futel-costly way is, implicit in this amendment. Otherwise a manufacturer culd obtain a suspension at wil simply by choosing the least eficient emission reduction device or by making no efforts to improve futel economy ap well as .reduchIg emissions., The Committee also emphasizes that the Admnitrto must determine that the, effect
on fuel, consumpti on will be "signfcnt"4 in order to~grant suspeson. 'The fact that -an insignificant derese in fuel conomy will ocenr will not, be sufficient to override the positive health benefit of reduc .ing emissions.
This Committee's linnited departure from its firm commitment in the Clean Air Amhendments of 1970 achieving lean, healthy air for this nation's citizens to breathe has heen undertaken only after numerone days of learing and thruhdeliberation. Significant strides have been madq' response to Cnes' 1970 mandate, and for this reason, the Committee Uas reandie approach of statutorily eotblished emission limitations. There we~re proposals made to fiee the emission standards at lower levels and for longer periodsi of timne. One proposal was to limit emissions at 1974 levels fo three years; this apprMoach, however, was rejected by the subcommittee and the Committee. The Committee remains convinced that the 90 percet reductions can be achieved reasonably soon and believes that the prsn emergency has compeled this small detour to avoid any psil exacerbation of the fuel problem.
Furthermore, it is the desire of the Committee that automobile mauatrr piaceiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiii subs ntial emphasisNon achievin the eission

stanardsw~ihintor vehicles which will have increased fte cnny Tin's a deiis reffected- in the section of this. bill whcranae bicresed esearch and study on the question o~f ftil ecooy Mni facurtrsbotwd consider whether.basic transportatio: ed cnb met wth naller, lighter vehicles, or vehicles which hv esfe c~~onsunn cessocies such as air conditioning ad atomtctas raision.)Cntrol of emissions and conservation of fulreueras sessent f the design of present day sautorhobiles. &etin R0.-Pilothetion of Public Health and MEironet
Thesecon~provides that end use allocation and consrainpo
-am n itkle I of the Act or inthe Emnergency Petroleu locto Act f 193 shall provide for allocation of low sulfurfultoaLs Of he ~outry designated by the Administrator of EPAareuin lows~lurfuel to avoid or minimize adverse public hat mat Thi sev-6 to highlight the'public healtlh protection mhsi n to-dedbythe Committee.
In:adiin the section empowers the AdministratorofEAate conultngwith the Federal Energy,.Administration, toisu xhne order reairing exchange of fuels subject .tpallodationo atoig in rde protect public health. It is tlhe Conimittee's intettat h riviimumextent practicable, environmental considers becn sidredinthe initial allocation so as to minimize the eest o subseq etelage orders. Exchange orders wouldbeasduo finins y the Administator that substantial emissoaedcin wouldbe complished and that cests and fuel availablt mat wotld otbe excessive. The violation of, an'exchaag ore oudb a, rohbied act subject to the enforcement provisionc fteAt The Comittee'anticipates thvit EPA will cooperate cloeywt h FEA~~ totivet issnance of inconsistent policy directivel n t ii muliplciy of allocation aixd exchange orders. The]Deartment of Health, Education, and Welalk adth n
viromentl Protection Agency would -be directed to.coertvl condct study of acute and chronic pDublic health efetafslu oxids coveirsions: An authorization of $2,000,000 frtesuyi
Jq he ecion defines the relationship of major -aetio:stkn ne the 'ctt6he National Environmental Policy Act of 16 NP) :Fo a erod of 1 year after initiation of any action ne teAt chuna~ion would be Ainmpted from NEPA.1 Ixdhanatonwl .1 .av sgnfiat impact on the environment, howve a n nMr enttl( aluation would: have to be prepared and,ifpatcbe cirulaedto appropriate Federal, State, and local agence.A3-a
-P~iodforpublfic comment and opportunity for public baigo h 0-vit~fl to review major environmental issues woul lob e Otird. Nations under the Act other than those under sbeto e Ofths Setion which would be in effect more than 6 monh retn M V~~Ing in a total duration of more than one year ol esb )0*,to XPA requit-ements.
CAmnittee favors efforts to obtain hydroelectric nr imot to *Ret 1e effets of petroleum products up~on produto cordigy the bill would dirc the Federal Poe1oms
t*o ss Presidential permit for onstruction, oprtoman tefiff~,ad co nnection:of facilities at the United Statsbrdrdo
63-518 0. 76 6 (Vol 2)

tasity on ci energy osevtio n md n e Yok9:1 pnth oul re wissh ithu ixpraio monthsvromk n dretsteeteg onervPadt iseintowul xntDWr faclels nd trenergyitniv plcrcee :" 6 "affinw and theid relats, weeth F id htaeqa:evrn
fkdilties; alt-er yCmratin reqthund y
casiy n reyclig anrsonethd eeoepr h rslst (ihelCdges corinsionh of nmet he eocYmut d
fuelin and enrgsodntersveprydct wincuigblneo :a :ei puirgm mtrit; he ost Feeald auhrt1oiceaepbi rn raillinies; aln tv eanqineetientvsrdsiet~ o n
trial use ofenergy.
Section 007.-Reports
The Adulinistratorof the EnvirontaPrtcinAeywol be required by this secton tb reprtoheCnesbyJn y31 1975, on the implementatlin ofsecios2105fthsile Section SO8.-Recomr ee dasr f 1igofosgfaqt The bill would dirc the President ihn9 asfloigeat ment, to recommend to the Congressatosteetae yteEeu tive and the Congress regarding sitigo nrypodd aiiis Section .-Fuel econey -stu.dy
Section 209 of the Energy EmgncyAtaeditekla i
Act by redesignating section 213 as scin24adadna e m tion 213. The new section directs the dinsrt 9ER ocnut a study-of the feasibility of establishn uleoom mrvlet standard of '20% -for 1980' and subeuatmdlya e oo vehicles. A report on the study is tobesbitdoth ngs whn 120 days after enactment, and the Adiirtri ieWt osl with designated Federal agencies intecxeofheprrme O the study.
Thie Committee was interested in teifrair rvdAb ous witnesses as to the reasons for a sed eln nml .Io of gasoline from new vehicles overrentYasWhl otrols undoubtedly have accounted forsm fti eie hrsm' to be little doubt that other factorssuh"tewi4o icaM certaim accessories such as air condiinnsae a m-rg& impact on vehicle fuel efficiency. Sinc hs tn r o meie and/or comfort rather than necessayfrpoeto fh ~lt health, it is important, particularly nve ftene ou]"g wisely to closely and carefully e:aieteosbiiy fF4 legislation to prevent the unnecessarycnupi ffe u uAtw mobiles.

Accordigly, this section- directs the Administrator to fully exml e the p ros associated with obtaining a 207o improvementinfe econoy. ae study is to include technologiesl problems,- costsrea tiontosty and'emission standards as well as energy impactaneforeent.The environmental bonefit possible from this type of ato as ellasthe information presently an the possession of the EA a a rsutofrelated activities makes that agency the meet approrit to unertae this type of activty. There agency would be a.uthorzdt obtai infrmatibn for the study under is section 307 (a) powes
Coo EsumaTss
L- acodance with section 852 (A) of the Legislative Beesaiz tionAct f 1970 (Public Law 91-150, 91st Congres}), the Commte provides following estimate of cost:
Excpt.for administrative functions of the Environmontal Poe. tionAgeny authorities under this act terminate on May 16, 195
ments a been received in respeneto that request: FanEnts MAnxma Commeszo>q IWashinigton, D.O., November 2O,193
Hon.r Owy. STwooms, .
Y ommittee on Interstate and Foreig oesere, Hoso
ematives, -Washington, D.C.
T&AR M AnWAw Thi refer toHR 11081 and MR 10
bothof liceh would authorize tinwPreeset 4to take specifiacton
rec. emeled certain revisions to eetiohn 208 b offH.R. 1108: wicproida hat additional suthoritiebe cofre on the transpotin re atryagenies i rdrt conserve fuel. A suggested rewieo sai. ecio 203 (b): was attached to my prepared statement a p penix The Cairman of the Interstate Commerce Commissineas
belev tat with several minor- revisions the ICO draft woudb Wft 614to the Federal Maritime Commission-in fact, we ol pifoo it> the one attached to my statement. 9h- irt revision which I would propose would be the inclsono the ineroastal Shipping Act, 1933, in subsection 1, since muchote
m' jurisdiction over carriers in the domestic offsor rae a~ns:f ro that sttte.
The. >nd revisio would authorize the FMC to impose uponnn re~ctedcarriers bewater in the -foreign and domestic offshore rde'

!i ..... o
th.5 AbillP47~ wol-atoiewt.rsett"crir.-ujc o M
T'he third revision would better change the proposed,,penaty o~o lations from criminal to civil and, authorize thie respect eua tovey agencies tonassess the penalty. This would relieve: the aledovr t)*urdavied courts of the additional burdens attendant to thepceu fIti of violations. This would also provide the regulator:eYI~ with a more effective enforcement'tooL* Use of civil moetaypnl ties is consistent with the recommendations: of Professr avyJ Gloldsehmid, Associate Professor of Law. Columbia UnivesivSho Of Law, as contained in a report prepksder the Administie Cn fo-rence of the United States entitled "An Evaluation oftePrsn arnd Potential Use of Civil Meonetary Penalties as a Sanetio yFd cral1 Administrative Ageidies."
With the foregoing revisions the FMEC endorses'the ICCdat am enclosing* a copy of the ICC proposed section 203(b)wt h above revisions. I urge that your Committee adopt tbis analei (any measure reported out so that the transportation reglaoyaece will be locked with adequate authority t~o contribute to enerytisr vationtoth utmost.
I will be happy to furnish any additional informationwhc YO Ma y wiish.
Sincerely, hr x D w HB -- x ,C a m .
(b) (1) The Interstate Commerce Commission, the CivilArnu ties Board, and the Federal 1Maritimfe Commission for theduaino the energy emergency, in addition to their existin-g powes adnt withstanding any proivisibins to the contrary in the IntersaeCm mercer Act, as amended, Federal Aviation Act, as amendedthSip ping Acb 1916, as amended, and the Intereasbal ShippiM-AcNt dkimanded, respecti-vely, shallhave the authority en thei whmto or by motieo any interested person, to review,. medity upe&o othietwise adjust -a carrier's operationas amd the servics, erfre thereunder, in order to conserve fnel while providing forth mlc convrenience and necessity. This authority includes but isnolite to ravising the^ manner arik the lavel of operations, altedigrots territories or points served, shortening distances traveled, -adreiw ingm and revising the rates, fares or charges of such carrie.-cin taken pursuant to this paragraph may be taken in accordnewth setion 553 of Titl e .5 of the United States Code, and witbo h<-r cedural requirement of 42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq. Any, persol Affected by an action shall be entitled to judicial review io in accordance with Chapter 7 of Title 5 of the United: Steslo. Consistent with the purposes of this Act, the InterstateC aw Commission may impose upon the various categories of n Act to limit the service of the carriers subjet to its. jurisdite a a the Feleral Maritime Commission may impose anpon non-euae

carrersby ate op -tiisi i i tefrespns tn onis our equstfr thei
fion of he ype tA authorize thsse president to ths Acetaimac
peeofth~crre reasxlgitto *,g hetqe j9 sqh oloislatio
(2) Wbeve vocleay demeonrreuatd. seo 106,uwith to~~~~ d deto 23 b fti k1 c, onillbeseedtad authieat t tivi
assesedbythe nterstae omeomm mmsionsionFdaileatimeUomissin r teinldrotnatec oard ex s AntilpriDeom
as an emton nD.ion aremhe petition Charma, Cmmiteeon onrtto.o any Fregulte Comrce othe ron
rersnttvs Bardintobensitn wih h ojctvs n
view ofthe edeaMiiserdb h Commission on B..140hNoal
tions~~~lntf wit specificite.eiteige oasr ty h nryneso t.11Unied Satesaremtodrn th o ni needed. I wil not ddresuh auCoitye ist need s'h-lgslto that needhas o ptoon uealy oensevtontofed sucatority. it whicli his Com iinispact ifay,

I will be heappy to furnish any additional 'inrf686 oh i lhr ray fish on this or any -other energy related-bill.
HkELEN' DEZici-i Bt Ti~k Chhh.
INTERSTATE CQMMEFaCE COMMION1 Weekington, D.C., November 0,9',3..,
Chairman, Committee on Iaterstate and Foreign Commerce, Ilouse
of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
DEAR lR. STAGGERS: This will ackniowledgereceipt of a, carbon copy of a letter dated Novemiber -20, 1973, dealing with pencling legislatin
on he anionl eery crisis. directed to you by Mrs. Hlelen Dld Benitley, Chairman of the Fed'ertil 3Maritime Commissidh.
After reviewing M1-rs. Bentley's suggested revisions, I we hdlave no objectione to revisig setioni 208 (b) 6f H1.R., 11031 along tie lines of tle attachment to Mrs*. Bentley's letter.
If I can be of additional assistance, please let me know..
Sincerely yours,
In compliance with clauise 83 of rale XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, changes insisting law: made b the hbilas reported, are shownmas follows (existing law propo et emitteeris enclosed in blackabrackets, new matter is piii in italic, Oexiti la in which no change is proposed is shown in roman):
AN ACT to authorize and I 0quire the Preeident of the UnititStatetoatteeate enude oll, residual fuel aoil, and refined petroleum products to -deal with eating or Inuainent shortages and dislocatiqas in the national distribution system IdhJeoprardise the pixblie health, safetyV, or welfare to provide for. the delegation of athoritS,; and for other purpa6s6
fANDAroaR ALLocAcro
SEc. 4. (a) do lter than fifteen daysaft r'the Mth g enae m nt of this Act, the Prhsident shall promulgate a regul Iation.iproviduxgifor the mandatory allocation of crude oil, residual fuel o4 'ard el refined petroleum product, in amounts specific A (ordetermined in a manner prescribed by) adat prices specific in (.rdtermined inA manner prescribed by) such regulation. Subject to subsection,(f), suei, regulation shall take effect not later than fifteen das afte its'proml gation. Except. as. provided in sitbsection (e uhreuaons apply to all crude o e, rsidual fuel oil, and'refined peroeum proucts produced in or i'mporte into the Umited States.
(hb)(1 The remilation undersunhmetion [n),to the marimum extent

...... proiiitio of pulchati aey n efrincudn
mainenane presidential, heating, such as indiviulhms
similar occupied dwelling miits), anthen national
(] ) mintenace of all public services (including fclte n
servces~rovith y mnunicipally, cooperatively, or inetrawe utiitis r b py State or local government or autoiy n incluing ransortation facilities and 'ervices whihsrvbh
(ee o agricultural operations, includiigitiiiiiiiii i
rancingdiryand fishpagactivities, and services dirclread
(D) resrvaion of an- economically sound and. opttv
petrleumindutry;y including the priority needs to (E),the~llloatiofgiitable typ 'es, grades, and quaiyocrd
oilto.f~ineiesinthe U;nited States to -permift sucelineist
latiihaionof-tirde oil residualft refied etrleu product's at equitable prices amongalrein
- Unite States and sector rsof1
indutry incudig inepedent .refmners,, o.
rs, branded independent
(G~ al~ctiinof residual fuel oil and refined petroempo
uct insu h anints and i such manner -as may b eesr for~e mantxace of exploration for and production ret)
...........A.d for reqiiired transportation relai
(2) I les esenfal -to the requirements of.teVie
and or~equredtrans8portation related thereto,(IT)econmicefficiency; and
(I) mnunzton of economic distortion. mnflexibiliy n n
necesar inerfrence with market m-echanisms.
if te Psident 96tds that, teithout such acting h ojc tivy o mbetin () cannot be attained, h~e may Promulaearl whichgall be dda part of the regulation under subet a and wh"shal proide, consistent with the objectivesofei oI re,#itia fseloi, o ay refined pe troleum product, an d forte as< llnnt o ueh ueis o rights entitling them in obtain inv uh01o 1""dictin pecee~c to other userg not similarly entitle'd.Atppi ority~~ ~ s"fv~.odrn hall7 be the maintenance of -vital vces0,7 e~udPq.but"otMnied to; new, houig covetruction. eduras v hct r~r, -ospt&.8, ubic goafety. energy production, oari.~ie n h Pa t~o NO C andth 7 hi h a)7r re ne es ar to thwr

('i iii....-21) Thei == i ei d shall byi oiqer, ii =iieii o he td u
YR ~ ~ ~ ~~~r ht (1)U'of@@t~ff97IEW74P Tqf"and eFytWG 'iWentUTW~WF eavae such adjustriento in the alloeatione atade purw oth eu lone ikrde subection fa) a8 maty be -necevssigry'topmie o h allocation of eridde oil, residual fuel off7, of- any rfe eOun product ivneA?~c manner and in such anltrtte to pn-Ituhueyt a thini any each oil or product based upon such entitlmns
(3) The President shall provide for procedures b'hc n te of eackh oilwararducet for which priorities and entilmnsaee0b liebd under paragraphs (I1} oni (0) of this "tbscon gtt o review and rerlassifeaion or mnodifeaf'on of any ander such& para graphsr wift respee-f to his priest -'nileed Such procedures. gay include procedukes woith respett;ocl6ad as3 may be sad #ised pursuant to section ~ 109St o heEeg Emiergeney Act.
(.4) The Pr-esidet may, by order or rulde whichh rue8olbdee a par~t of they reguationz under sufbserdian (a)) reo'r dnteqi the processing operations of any reflgnery1 in the Untda'ttswt respect to the proportiong of residuel f uel oil or anys lie er~u p4redurt produned through such operat~ons if he fnst-tsc d justmants are ineeseary to assure the production of eiiw tlORo Fany reft ed petoteum.produrt in suhe proportionsneesr oath the obfje res of subsection (b) o..f. ihds stoi ...
(5) The Pre-sident shall e neidt, with the DepartmtofLbran if there is av crease irnthe 7e.i-el of minimloyment!ris telr7o unemployereent ?FV 19783 64se upon the n er'age 197- l-tvvOd-?r increase reasonably resqtf from enegy abortages.,thn'ePrsdt irigduged to tke such actions, corsist-eat with the proqsv 0ftt*,c7 as he ii authe 4:,ed to take urder '1thi Art and an, te st I Courage ftal produetiov by the domestic eery inuta eeso anrestment re tr which make pose thea-vin-A ad y g e quired to assure against a probretion in only suhave rasd7veso ueemple ment.
(6) Forpuhones of this sub section the term..allocation. S
be construed to emelude the end-use allocation of gaslntoidvua
(G) (1) The President mnay, by order. repidreth rdtino criede oil at the Producer leve at d e mamimue#4intr eo produetson?.
(Q) The Presidernt shall on~sult n ith the DepartmetfteItro and w,,ith appropriate State governments in order t eenr hc producers* Rhould be reasonably required to prodwee ila h r-ates specified in paragraph (1) of this beto
(3) For purposes of this8 subsRection, maximum fentMe tih respec-t to aoy oil field other than. oi fleldsl on Fe de mndh?/ the Department of thop Inftrir. eethate.Pwi dent may establish after rnsultaition writh webStl oriit h Deapartmnent of the Inteo*r. ini thip rase of any oRfalon erw 7. YnJR) ty maximum effriert rate higher thar the rateetbihdb h )'Stt CA) by the Denartmien o~f /Aor Infe;-ior i.f he det-v*e ht.we

htieers nreerred li mir paragtahe (1 materecoery f m-de ol or ata gastrontve educt, oiwl fd uoel
f n nindrn fa d ayp iton oimin ....
(4) Th Presdenthall in this subsec4te tFerale oy the
;nvolilldig~see Feea eseerit8o- ter pshognt Bor d ay b clude~~~~~~~o efciepoiinfoth coral presoetaton f v~d i. ad, to the gmatest ex(tpet tegedgcal poksiner aon ofth a'uthor ergnee--n an eanode riwple, of thue oiltiary recovedyo petroem W', permits teler thereo to, reaneoned
(j) otwthstndig an ote ainaion of the Bcord at pch sion ofStae o loal aw ithresec so eeied itlshallispef a price o dieel ue, ter shll e rorsiwil fot pdemit suhproes to Zaie,
- ssi~alan p rp seulmo ilityiiiiii of~ii
dihse fnal drtemintio rnot highe persom~ ~ ~ ~~~p iit the approvalv~ce of the BndSae o iiayord.s for ouseold oms elatd tetplyersnt odianen notdnd to
tieschrge or ote parocdd selle ofwet es
(k) 1) he Pesient hal exrodsef hi uria fue o i s rctl
OW ,andcoa. prdued i oriprtdf inofeitedf, onte baicho avlld proffs. it- mby ordellebrsll. (spelfld uner vy o th auhtes eerin tof fud' prgaph (1) ona oil.m- oalPerits 8e77ertheef nt ifasll befis ayaiabe ftor 6ow At o 1951an hreia (tr inthis ereti herre A a hen:
'Bar' fra eeriato ude ubaagah A o B)o
paragraph 0).iiiiii~i
(3) (A Upon etitio of an hateited pesin, te Boar may b
rul. etrm-ke.aferoporimtyfororl reenatonofviws dta
widar~umet~vhekertheprce speifed.undr ay f t auhoiiiiii 6" ree~wd o in aragrph (1) of rv e il' ay reied perolew prour. e~thalNe o. oo. f mit -e~m heeo t rceop
w~v/,7 pots pna.#aldte o f h Ba |ta
Prc- ew l sw;~~77poit9t b o eeve.ishl peiya rr

tmnation h o under hsubparag-rap h M orh (eler)a suiciagrview in accorac sail ectifonde*0 a erigM'k*od
(it) (the ord maurey prsiecin ts discrtitlUitdSae Codred pnaby etriaiio the Board, fbrtuc awakcomelidaie apite suiatele to c ive out the pros, e Bordshil (BTh Beleorud man mke ea rule h wiedlal toft: h eernesaryho havepropae do schr oulet item thfrie
4)nl Theerterinle ad a orda r atotejro f-e fu10d)n sc o the eletio Aedce the ofce 1or 44 ae
(8 )h Foem the, puripoe of ~rsued i8n winfal prftto.cet a "dwyinfalli profte" 8 meansha prof duitma. fla comunig eriod s deicr sine by th~rbe te d arotoak scthere bycteoBard he Be inmaces odeless porae de tihnined byto 08o the Boagoiaid Apon consder9i1 and~eci)21o the eonbleness o Sailto nd Acf17,nia detrmiala? uegr subararae of) prdortio8;esujctt judical (i)ew ne orth, with paticulaIrog e6sftile5 anit d Sa8ore.o aia mlyd
o(iite tentrr of ris assume
(B) (iv the efficincy mak d puhrourgtivity, andodrsi dee8 e~gar tcost aprduct t cniq ues and ec ??e ti (suohebfctrctetoiidraio.
(6. Tindterstindair and equitable au~rt ftBadudealn this ayrp mn be establis ed and published ran tohee tio 10(B) 'the gRee oito ofo-91 oayaeWo h Govern (i) otheta averagenroftbaised by allBord
4 W
terin iculadrt durin th t alenda (earin 9apopit
(i) threas rae profit otainesect by the priuasle )the rtiearonitens ris calend vftwihprcu
la eadtovlm fprdcint

8uheectio te p~edon, the term "wnfl rft"m rftinees ofers
i~wude t417ntedStae8 any State and the Distriet of Columbi.
S~c 8,a).A8use in tis section:
(1) heter- -11oamerce"l means comme re be iween a Stte and
a pat ousideuchState.
The~erm marketing agreed ment" means *that portion o
an grem. en. o esotract betwers 4 reflner ,and a- brawled inde penent vwketr'A) w Airh authorizes such marketer to market or dihlbut pel etrle prodilet8 wing a trademark, trad ..nmesevie ar, or otlie ade' ntiffigty ymb-o amare owner
(B) kiah a lehis ok eei+ to oc
eupyprei~e owed, lea or in arny way controlled b a finr, ~r'he urpses ofma ting or distrittig refsed~p'e.',
leu pruet, 07) whichkauhorizes both.
(3) he er-n "erson means an individual or a corporation
parnerhip jontdeok nrepapy besedms trust, association, o anyorgnizd goupofidiiduals whether or not incorporated
(4 Te, enn "rf~ine"2 tid any person .(oAher -thana
bran indeendet miarkte) whoeastrole, is controlled by., unde comonconrol woith, a reter. For purposes of the pre &dig sntecetheterrm controll" does not inwlude control8soley
by eaMof suplycontrac t.
(5) hetrm"tatd". wmeans apy State, the District of Colus)?
bia. he co771alth of Puerto Rico, and atny organized terrs
tom-O POMMi~n f t~e United States.
Theter "o terminate" included to cancel. or, to failto
b) T folowigculuct is prohibited.:
(1) A eftersll -iet terminate a marketing qgreemntvid 4
prior viotiflation pursuant to fle aaga fependent marketer to which terminatha
p~ig. uchno~f tion shall be in writing and shall beaccoin pWe byceri~email. to each: such marketer; shall be furnished not esstha ?iiet days prior to the date on which such agree ;?nntwil b tetnnated; and shall contain a statement of in tenton t terinae together with the reasons there for, the dat on whch Aw terination shall take effect, and a statement o d~y emed o e dies available to such marketer under thi oddiin toethr CAt a summary of the provisions of this sectiol
(2) rieinersh11 not terminate a marketing agreement un
les th brnde dependent marketer to which such termi-na tio opi 8faied o com Ply substantially with one or more essen tW Z easoablerequirements Of such marketing agreement o fakdto ct n god -faith in carrying out the terms of suc agremen- exeptthat such reflner may terminate such agree
ith dos nt, during the 3-year period t'hich begis on
thedirt o f~o trmmnation, engage in the sale of any refd

S(c.1() (1) Eac bradt idpnet iiaktrnhs anai ~ium Monsthsn af n3 mtrz'h nael* theodut, promulgiton of qualitytstnd (bwore acny r e omre h ls'rout:h ael ir pol lu a ireplan o w h itl,0 e providn aremet nane, ancnorcet yartof sch prineidpednmree actrl r er p ron thee ) such tagter ha adoct andquitl t4e 120 nei qial prt oef a pla u mite d)a u nder th e aI n'oeae ihV etr wtin nine mnts afm~tter the pro lvbte 11jltiemefTh
ividsfor iplemttrentation, maean& edfnat of) wihi such Stte. Ules sto fayb epst n he&he or ofea S te d als onsider its plan i
arud, t i th dhaing required, byt u th e gad fiternudh, ot reqred fo susabm anhwd ne tissionon ofd-9 a plan ui
(A(i)in fouryears er the a e of e lan ofuch ii a mbi... ent air.. .u i tr
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiCiOiiT R OL..
iiiiiiiiiiiiIMPLEMENTATIONi PLANSiiiii
SiIc.11.(a ()Eah ttesil, ftrresoalenoie n bi c harngs aoptan sumi to teiA miistatr, itin in
ninh fe h rmlainofantoa rmr min i
q-Iitystndrd(o ay evsin heeo) ndr ec-in 09fo a

primry taidardas xpeiesy eetmg tequrementsubjpct tok ubsetio (e)in oelr t a ntreio oers roiictio)at
-of a revised pto which a standard);ad(i i tecs of rfpran
impe ntia anaton~lsesoated amintn air quality coantard wit thaatanmntormimtna .(B)~ ~ ~~ac Sticue msinJmtate on arty ohe airmquals f~~~rxmnpasar asuance wt~uhlniaiadsutht othe mtatues ws mndng an athoriteocr ouf suc yequirementssfor istallationaofainqu or ecodarStnor, ofnstatinr, surce nto lmitto
A-us.and tanspotate concywih any emoission limiterg edruto pusunttothsrctewic;rpo
(0)~ ~~ ~al timcldsprvsonfresaforspublicannspetion ai
tpprpriae, evie extenssytnecssar and prctire csa y
monior C~pil, ng oflzet moor vehicet enfrc coait a (i) uon equet, akeson stadards andlbet teAmns
(D)~~~~ bticueap ue meessary toi taequaccont of rer
ph ~ ~~: (4. o eiw(ro of impsrovedo or moeixpictio)o priar orosecondary standard gra' -urtor fids on sthasisr of ineformaice
(E) iconainsdeqt arir'qaitys poriarornenal luding tal m aproveesay toire teinssnips
voto on;ult cnri ego fh

adeo 1- b) ,h at ate reaonabl shotge dPbi'haii tion syIn. P~dlla rssn tran y 1,1B 4,dtride/ji,~ tate foreterie is plan tb ise i neqaer ta 8 eii'h I 9oa Jul~y 1, 197condy shall beic appov d r n discetmfM 'h h trakrue after binotis nd ope.Amnqr us al egier yer
t/ap setember P ,17 ~lan- revwio M~ n tt o hihteAWit displry e (1 194,a s'hal be aprvdo Idiapm a]yth diin
intrator shall,7 afkr.yablic jdmand oppiortiyf Z ri'Po mlgate a revised plam (or portion thereof 1974,.
(c) (1) TheAdministrator gliall, after cierain l Sae hearing record, promptly preparepand plsproede"atis setting ft .t .-imqplementation.plan, or porin teek$a tt
(A) The Sat fails toL submit-i aipe#in imii fr n
national ambieut air quality fi-imary orondiysadr ih
mn the time prescribed,
(B) toe plan, or any ortion thereof ,sbitdfrsc tt
is determi ned by the L inistrator noqob.iAcodn il
tb reqirments of this -sec'tion, or!
()-the State fails, -within' 60 -dayafe oiat .O 491
Admiistrator or such*longpr peyiod-sh a rsrbeq.~v
an unplenientation -plan as required purunmo yyo~fis
plan referrel to in subsection (a) (2)( .
If sch Stae held no public hearing ascae ih epc osc pla (r revision thereof},. the Adminsrtr" .,wjpqotumty for subhi hearing. Within such State OArn..Po' ellfo The Administrator shalll. within six monthsal.. dWrqie for submission of such plan (or revision teefpougt n
such regulations unless, prior to such promlgonsuh8teha adopted and submitted a plan (or revision) ..hc h diitao determines to be in accordance with the requTent ftpsroi.
(2) (A) The Adminlistrator shall conduet t~~q "Mb~ report to the Com mittee on Intersgtate an 0 the United States House of Representative8adteCaateo Public Works of the. United States Sena t i mhq~ h
enactment of this paragraph on the necess,*rca regulations in order to achiellve national priar nbetarWiy standards. The study shall include an awqseneo h.fcfoo m p o c ulations, consideration Of a.
ing total vehicle miles traveled, and an aseN&OtoA~M p
v.: ii11 i : I .. .1 1- P i
such regulations on other Federal and, Stat ct
tranevortation. In the coursRe of 8uc Itstuds

Conultwit 6tet Feera oflc4 eondion appot no anmte implteSecretary ~ ~mpk the Anneoraton *h diito or g Feeal charge Admiietatin, nd he haimanofithe o eua the Enironpeaito
(B) N park~g- srchar e careon prilg aced, or any
7,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ uwn 1..i, t- .nr ad "WM~~th bGb tht anyn~rao Ih ~ ifoiuon tail dam o wactent f -tig isgcisn' Thian &ubp phi h tha iolt are doptd -dd mb"tte b "alae asimpat of ipementiatopatoAd Men~~~~~i ~ ~ ~ 6 pla vumteya Saeosc lar Uithedi pan adkth fn suchcfidingeItsuchvioatio ex
(6) For pupO-88of'thi he ddpis the t'sakiatrhr noe Messue n orde eqnrnucpr
reg laio a.ia egdiio osWi orii .... .... ii n t i po iti
nt ofy tax,1iarr h m ig broing ay other~~ iii,, usef, ...... tepoar 4rigeofmitorvhil
..........xiioiiiii(b )iiiii
~~~~~~~~i ffiainariable to him, the Ad-iitao id htay esn si ilto of any reuirement f an apphcable implementation plan d
Stat in hichthe pl~ appiesosc apea todig resut fromlato fiue tend beynd'te 3th dy af plites dteof enore theiniplaoreffectiy Acaton,,the dm~istraor ainisraore feiin such ailrxson o c~p~ywiththe equrertso such otice he hall g i puli civil acte periodorbeginmgiwithbssuchopublic
(2)~~~~~ ~ shnvr nte ai fifratin thilbl A o hlinitmo that it
of"thethtatAiiminhi lie~~~~~~~ colo y h tt. fteAmplytrto with s such equree-o
tends~ ~ ~~~~o b nththritdaafesucndeubtion (b).l iv ubi liatice o~~such sondisgi vuigth eiolatein oft sco 111(e) T~otce ad eningwhensuchSne standads)h [or],n11t()o(reat-Oi enfrce uch lan r aissons reere tor 119 (fi )s(eatin to perof Fderllyassuednfoce n") tAdirite)or isy infoatio 16~~~~ ~ (eureete uhpa ihrelaetn to nspectonsec.,h
A by issuing apeson to comply with such seection
B) b brining civil action in ausciornc withsub
h~eer n h b fan nfrato aalal t ih
........ ........... fi n d siiiiiiiiiiii Q iiiiiiiiiiiii .............. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
&M a aniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ioi o ofsection ll(e

()An order issued under this subsection (other than an order irelating to a violation oxf-section 112) shall not take effect until be parson to whow it is issued has had an opportunity t confer With the Administrator concerning the alleged violation. A copy of ad' order imand under thisenhanection shall h ent to the State air pollutids cnntrol agency of any State in which the violation oceusa An aisleris: stied undar this adhection shall state with reasonable speciici. the nature of the violation, specify a time for compliance whch 0;d .kdministrater detersains is reasonable, taking into account the serian$ ness of the violation abd. any good. faith efforts to comply, with applicable requirements& In any cae- which an order undor this subsection (or notice to a violator under paragraph, (1),) is issued to. a. edrporation: a copy efsuch order (or notice: shadlbe issued to appropriate corporate officers.
(b).-The Admsinistrator may commence a civil action for appopriate reliety including 4 permanent or temporary injunction, whenever ainy, persin(1) violates or fails or refuses to complywihayodrsue
unrder subection (a); or
(2) violates any requirement of an applicable implementation
plan (A) during any period of Federally assumed enforcement, or (B) more than 30 days after having been notified by the Administration under subseeetin (a) (1) that such person is violating
sch requirerment; or
(3) violates section i11.e) ror 112(c)],110(c), or 1l9(f) or (4) fails or refuses to comply with any requirement of section
Any action under this subsection may be brought in'the district couri of the Uniite (c) (1) Anv person who knowingly(A) violates any req uiremnent of an applicable implemnentatioil
plan, (i) during any period of Federally assumed enforcement, or (ii), m-ore than 30O days after having been notified by,the Administratio under subsection (a) (1) that Such persorlis violating
Such requirement, or.
(B) violates or fails Or refuses to comply with anyorter ised
by the Administrator under subsection (a), or
(C) violate.. section 111 (e) [or section 112 (o)] section 11,? f(c),
oraetiqn 119{f
shall be pushed by a,.,ne of not more than $25,000 per day of violation, or hv imprisonment for not more- than one year, or by both. If the conviction is for a v Iiolation committed after the Ifirst. conviction of such person under this paragraph, punishment shall. be by a fie
of nt moe tan $0,00 pe da of violation, or by imprisonment for not more than two years, or by both.
(2) Any person who knowingly makes any false stateibent, repte-, sentation. or certification InI Any aplctin weord, report,, plan, or other docmiment filed or reouired] to be maintained under thu Act owr

who~~~~~~ ~ fasfiseameswihorko ib re1de, oncut any msionAct,~ ~ ~ ~~o sbl pncnitobpni he htd y pbie fnt in han $10000 o by iprioiriet or y mredfirepsiemoths re pybh.
(d)~~~~~ Fo gayros f eui te vi4olaione oyprateso
aal, ussaad maintscyi iici
p~~ementatian,(D plndrn n eidatfleehllyassimes inic
hNSEdTON, atAubhI.duANs, aNTRschiYe
SEC, 140;(a Fo th pthoe Aidnist inator sallprsibng),th stadar o peforane information 111 oe ay eisaona violti~L o anysuc. sadrd or his rutoizrereentfsuhaila, or (irigh ofrypg entr tcio upoM or thrug
anyeinssin sorceton essaonisou islon d ornti sun reors
(B) make suhmepblesiesl hae accd maiidtc oi touring ontomgequipmen or mtos()sm lsc msin i
cordh wth~sch e -eos(, ad soaplensmshinsevas and nsuhmaner s te ofmnsuchasour ishrdquiredcrtbe) sad
(2) theAdminstrto orovid uhied insctiosent(t)iv0, up1:
rtaeneStateoregulaion ofrmovingasou
(A) shllhaecludegh or eny the righthr g any anisn wi s o air poltnsorae (2) an reqic
batementsoftiir luton loxcept thd
(9), a atrtabtins mae aetode and aplicy
repo~ secti ay on11orn 11,quchmetat or petoire
all- uder ararap enforc mpe any eission s stadad r
h',~~~~~i than th haf w e sdetndargh or limi Stat or
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an, is
embil~h#Andd o I'mtaton i efect undr anappial
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S~bdvison. ay dt' dop orenfoce ny eisson sand~d i iii
tatin wbch s les sringnt han he tandrd r liitaion nde
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(ii)othat such enion (in ondtionak d 4 sec
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meto.,pl4d uind rend i he o imcositi on- ofm.We ieq ?polly .a.e ..i.A... s ot t iaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiion that spec
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lt tassJune 30 .99 tmoaiiny. wihe ahe stationaysuc fulor emission limitation~ iat e aps rtiablprsnf.te (bvin,8
June SOt17 t shch sowdlle shabll itole dempeswthw it reenstoward cmae ote uallieta tps andaUo
()i(i) thAny schdueundesuaaga (notc wA (equire
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approe detaied) plans andu cfctshal ioeme po
fr6ontruoad pitain oft such atem) bc. te,
date oy ohich a eronireured olton ake by acter inoora emin recbtono lter tWhan May,8en 1970)ied any sonAmiis hratoe the prcdingustely eonotrte a ecplyto ithbt ifth amoapr made wn 2o. nsn ct und this seco masaye t as wo Mraiable 5. 1977.rta un 0 97 teAdiiara a
(aii)ror purpse ofm n supragp((ii and rmn8Of ~ r the ctercio "appdbl imptlemation la decAadine" a daon which a p-of te dat ie d ofeateo te En e 4
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o n: w h: : i c h ( a: O f t he: d a te o fi e n a c m e n t o f th..e..............................................................................................................................
a national priviary amient air quality 8tanard is reqiired,.by.a