Agenda and Handout for Meeting with Special & Area Studies Collections on 10 October 2014


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Agenda and Handout for Meeting with Special & Area Studies Collections on 10 October 2014
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Project Charter
Phillips, Mark
Taylor, Laurie N.
Dinsmore, Chelsea
Yellapantula, Suchitra
Shorey, Christy
Perry, Laura
Alemneh, Daniel
Tarver, Hannah
Krahmer, Ana
Waugh, Laura
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Meeting agenda and notes for a meeting with UF's Special & Area Studies Collections Department to review aggregation codes and curator assignments as part of the TRAC process. The TRAC process is part of a collaborative project with the University of North Texas (UNT) and University of Florida (UF) for a collaborative process to each complete a full self-audit using the Trusted Repository Audit Checklist (TRAC). In addition to the self-audit, each institution agreed to participate in a peer review process evaluating and scoring each others self-audit and supplied documentation. The goals of the project were as follows: demonstrate the maturity of repository services, infrastructure and governance at both institutions, increase collaboration among project teams at UF and UNT, and pilot a peer review option that aims at offers more rigor and external feedback. The goals of the project are as follows: *Document the current repository services and systems, technical and human infrastructures, and overall operations following the TRAC process *Demonstrate the maturity of repository services, infrastructure and governance at both institutions *Share information and knowledge to support increasing the collaboration between project teams at UF and UNT *Pilot a peer review option that aims at offers more rigor and external feedback than a self-audit, but which also does not have the same financial requirements as a full external certification by a third party *Leverage the process internally at each institution to share information and knowledge to support increasing collaboration among different internal and external groups, including Research Computing and High Performance Computing groups at each institution

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University of Florida
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Meeting with Special & Area Studies Col lections on 8 Oct. 2014 for TRAC Overall: M eeting reviewing the list of aggregations/collections currently in the UF Digital Collections for the correct assignment of Curator(s) for each digital collection. List of aggregations/collections: AA00017119/00033 Reasons/framing : Needed for TRAC (Trusted Repository Audit Checklist) process N ecessary for consistent and coherent ongoing activities. This initial meeting is with the full group for SASC and Jana with connections with the oral history program. Future meetings and discussions will likely be set up with small groups or individuals to discuss different concerns (primary email address for questions regarding the digital collections, permissions statement updates, training on curator tools online and reporting, etc.). Prior to the meeting : Curators review the list for any entries with your name next to them, as well as for any of your collections that d o not have your name listed. Please send any corrections to Chelsea and me prior to the meeting, or please bring any corrections to the meeting to discuss. Draft Meeting Agenda: Quick overview of the TRAC process and goals Review of the aggregation code list o Any updates sent prior o Discussion by each attendee of corrections/concerns on the aggregation list Next steps with this list o Contact email addresses updated Will stop using AskA wherever possible o Rights Statements Plans for bulk updates Plans for next steps where bulk updates are not applicable o Collection support updates If the collections should have OCLC records, getting the requests in for that Ensuring all curators have rights to their collections for editing homepages If the collection homepages need updating, scheduling any needed training or processes for this If possible, establishing standard homepage text for archivalbased collections and/or other collections.