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Library Informer (Vol.12 no.1)
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A ril2001Volume12 Issue 1FROM THE DIRECTOR'S DESK0The new millennium -the information age" the era of greater dependenceoninformation! Ac cess to and appropriate useofit drives the enginesofprogressinsociety!L1MSisdoing what it can to en sure that the COB community stays abreastofdevel opmentsinthis regard, and so our continued efforts to provide access to information resourcesintraditional and new technology formats. The first partofthe academic year has had its chal lenges! We have had to outfit,ina less than desired timeframe, a new branch library to service the joint COB/UWI Law programme.Inaddition, the perennial financial constraints continue to retard quick access to essential resources to service the increasing numbersofdegree level and new programmes, and contribute to delaysinacquiring adequate equipment for use by both staff and patrons. Despite these challenges, a hardworking and dedicated staff have maintained a positive outlook andL1MShas continued to offer good service to ensure successinthe teaching and learning environment. A full complement of staff has meant extended weekend hours, and availability of staff to assist patrons whether they visit the library or tele phone for service. The availabilityofelectronic jour nals for immediate access to full-text articles has also enhanced provisionofservice.LibraryTrivia Who is the architect responsible for the proposed library design? Who is the DirectorofThe College's library? What doesOPAC stand for? What is the mottoofTheCollege? What is the estimated costofUlenew library fa cility?INSIDE TS ISSUEFrom the Director's Desk.IA Visit toUleWorld Health 2 Organization LibraryThe remainder of the year will, I believe, have chal lenges, but those will not deter us from attempting to provide the best possible service using the resources at our disposal. We will move, too, to work towards achievement of some of the medium and long-term goals, namely the plansforthe constructionofthe new library building, the availability of a fully functional au tomated system (already accessible in-house and through the Internet at httpl/:, access to adequate media hardware resources, and further pro visionofelectronic access to resources. It's a good time to check out the resources and the myriad services provided byL1MS.Tell us how we can help you make optimum useofwhatweprovide! Use our suggestion box located near the OPAC at the Circulation Desk. Have a successful2001andaninformation rich mil lennium!New Law Library Branch Surfing ilie Web:Tips for Finding Reliable InformationTheAcquisition Unit Special Collection UnitTheCirculation SituationThe Noriliern Campus Library233455


THELIBRARY INFORMERHILDA BOWEN LIBRARYA Visit to the World Health Organization LibraryWhileonholidayinGeneva Switzerland, I took a few resources that one might find tobeautomated and hours out to visit the libraryofthe World Health Orgaavailable via the Internet suchasthe periodicals listnization (WHO). TheWHOis the premier intemaing, the library catalogue and the staff contact listings. tiona I organizationinthe world for promoting public The library has also had many titles in its collection of health development. AsanofficialWHOdeposit cenrare or frequently consulted documents digitized and ter, the Hilda Bowen branchofThe Collegeofthe Ba'made accessible through the web. hamas receives copiesofall WHO publications. The WHO Library is locatedonthe ground floorofthe main headquarters building so it is visible to all who come and go. The library maintains a very high pro file within the organization all new staff receivesanorientation to the library and its services. It has been the leaderinimplementing new technology and pro viding infonnation services to member statesofWHO. The only public areasofthe library are the reference roomandthe current periodicals reading room. Pa trons are not pennitted in the stacks to retrieve jour nals and books. The library also has a very large training facility where they give training, library orien tation sessions and other presentations. Apparently the first website was put together by a staff member from the computer department and in volved someofthe automated resources in the li brary. Once it became apparent that the WHO web site was receiving more than 100,000 site visits per month, the powerofthe Internet was realized and many more resources were digitized; automated or launched, with considerable success. However the WHO realizes that many libraries and infonnation centers do not have high-speed Intemet accessandhave made many Web pages text, rather than illustra tion rich. It was a wonderful way to spend a moming: with a col league, in a pleasant library setting, sharing the ex citement of new technology. I was amazed to discover that the library has truly em braced the Web in addition to the "traditional" library Submitted by Virginia Ballance Hilda Bowen Branch Library age and value and were found tobemost worthwhileinlinking users to both primaryandsec ondary legal materials. A copyofthe listingisavail able at the Circulation/Reserve Desk at a cost of$1each.Electronic DatabaseILAWLIBRARY L....--------' TechNews'The library is pleased to announce the availability of QUICKLAW, Canada's largest online legal database. Quicklaw provides online access to more than 2,300 databases outlining legal documents, articles and cases from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Uganda and the Eastern Caribbean. Free access to the databaseisrestricted to the studentsandfacultyofthe LLB programme.Internet ResourcesWhat'stoComeJournal CollectionBy summer2001the Law library would have acquired about 29 new legal journalsthat willbeadded to the existing 13 titles, making this collection the largest oneinThe Bahamas. Researching for legal materialsonthe World Wide Web have just been made a lot easier thanks to the library staff efforts.Anextensive listingoflegal web sites has been compiled atnocost to the user. These have been evaluated for, accessibility, content, cover-Expansionofthe Law LibraryThe highlightofthe summer willbethe expansion projectofthis library. Yes folks! The law library will


THELIBRARY INFORMER(Continued frompage2)beincreasing in size to accommodate our growing collection and the new students. The project will commence the endofthe summer semester and shouldbecompleted before the beginning of the fall semester. So look to see usinour newly renovated library. We welcome all visitors.SPECIAL COLLECTION UNITI'Special Collections houses all the materials on or about The Bahamas, including Bahamian Personalities. The Collection consistsofbooks journals, newspapers, pam phlets, disserations, articles, photographs and long studies.Additionally the collection houses The College's Archive Resources (print and photographic), and West Indian Reference materials. The latest addition to the collection is the acquisitionofseveral yearsoflocal newspapersinmircofilm format. for more information, please contact the unit at extension 4553.RIDDLE:A handsome man walked down the lane, he tipped his hat and drew his cane, andinthis riddleI'vesaid his name.ANSWER WILLBEGiVENINTHE NEXT ISSUETHEREFERECEUNITSURFINGTHEWEB:TIPSFORFINDINGRELIABLEINFORMATI0The World Wide Web offers students and researchers the opportunity to find infonnation and data fromalloverthe world. However students mustbeaware that WWW is not a totally credible information source. This is because anyone can publish a web page. Further, no one evaluatesorfilters the information publishedonthe Web.Asa result, re searchers are likely to encounter a mixwre ofvaluable and dubious resources. It is therefore imperative that re searchers specifically the novice researcher, use critical thinking skills to evaluate information they locate on the Web. Researchers should use the following criteria to eval uate the qualityofinfonnation found on the Web:.:. Authority:Who is the author/creator and what ishis!her educationalbackground? Is the author wellknown and wellregardedinhis fieldofstudy?Ifnol, can the author be contacted for further information? What cre dentials are listed for the author(s)? Note that the Web master may not be the author..:. Publisher:Is the nameofany organisation given on the document you are reading? Is the document a partofanofficial academicorscholarly Web site? How reputable is the publisher? Does the Web page exist in(Conrinlied onpage4)THE ACQUISITION UNITThe Acquisition UnitofLIMSperforms behind the scene activities and is often unnoticedbythe patrons; but it playsanimportant role in supportofthe Library's mis sion.Itis charged acquiring with the acquisitionofthe necessary resources,inallformats (monographs, jour nals, media) for the library's collection. The department does the ordering and on receiptofma terials prepares the materials for the next process which is cataloguingofthe materials before they are ready for the shelves. Faculty, staff and students assistinthe ac quisition processbyidentifying titles that support the degree programmes and research needsofthe institution. For the past nine months, the department was engaged in acquiring materials to build the collection for the newly opened Law Library locatedonthe ground floorofthe BHTC's main building. Between July 2000 and January, 2001 the department acquired one thousand, nine hundred and eighteen (1918) volumes for the Law Library collection. Mrs. Anastacia Forbes, Library Associate assists Mrs.Myrna Reynes with the activitiesofthe Unit. They welcome your contribution in the buildingofthe collection. The working hours are Mon. Fri. between 8:30 a.m 5:00 p.m. and are eager to assist you in the selection process through the useofbibliographic tools, e.g. Books in PrintonCD, publish ers' catalogues. The Unit's contact numbers are 302-4555&302-4554.


THELIBRARYINFORMER pageJ)an individual's personal account, rather than a partofan The World Wide Web is a useful resource, but mustbeofficial web site?NOTE:This type ofinformation source should be approached wi/h extreme caution -v1;.v'Jl:v:Jlv:Jltv:Jlv:Jltv:JlvAv LibraryHoursNorthernCampusLibraryMon Friday 9 a.m. -9p.lI1.Saturday1001.111.-Ip.m. .y.V.v HildaBowenLibraryMon. Thurs. 8 a.m -9p.m Friday 8a.1ll5p.m. Saturday10a.m -4p.m. .v.y OakesFieldCampus >c Mon. Thurs. 8 a.m 9 p.m. Friday9:30a.m-6p.m. e:;; Saturday 9 a.m -5 p.m. SundayIp.m -5 p.m. :.AccuracyIs the infornmtion accurate?Isthe sourceofany factual inforn13tion clearly stated?.:.Currency-Howuptodate is the information? Does the web site include a publication or copyright date. When last was it updated? :.ReferraltoandlorknowledgeoftheLiteratureDocs the document include a bibliography.Ifitdocs, then the author referredtoor displayed knowledgeofrelated sources ..:.Objectivity:lnfonnationisrarely neutral because, every wriler uses data and infomlation to assist himlher in prov ing his point.Itis therefore importanttoestablish who is providing the infomlation ona web site and what might be his pointofvieworbias. When looking for informationitis always criticaltoremember that:EVERYONEHASANOPINION,so trytodetCClthe levelofbias with which the infomlationispresented? Note that a wide vari etyofpointsofview on controversial issues are availablc on the Internet.REMINDER FOR PATRONS W Eating and drinking around library materials is hazardoustotheir health. Spills and crumbs shortcn their lives and attract unwelcome bugs. Libmry booksare fragile, expensive, and often irre placeable. Therefore, please handle and photocopy with care, and resist temptation to writc in or tear pages from thcm. Protect thelll from dampness and heat, and bring wear and damagetoour attention. Damagedbooksare oftcn impossibletoreplace, eithcr because oftheir cost or because they are outofprint. PleaSe, treat thcm right, or the next reader may not get the chance. According to thc experts, thc wcbsites that are valuable for research purposes are those which:.:.Lists the author, sponsoring institution and con tact infornmtion; :.Lists the author's credentials .:. Provides accurate and objective inforn13tion with limited advertising.:.lftheweb page is current and updated regularly, and.:.If you can view the infornlation properly -notlimitedtofees, browser technology, or software requirement. Web pages found011(.cdu;.gov, .org, are rated as high quality infonnationA NOTE ON PLAGIARISMFinally, DONOTCOPYINFORMATIONFROMTHEWWWand presentitas your own. Note thatitis veryeasytocheck Web plagiarism. Thcre is nothing wrong with taking infornmtion from the Web or anywhere as a matteroffact, but you must indicate that you are copying and from where you copiedit.SchoolofHospitalityandTourismStudiesMon. Thurs. 8:30a.m -8p.1Il ;.., Friday8:30a.m-6p.lI1. e Saturday9a.1ll-Ip.m Iv y.y


THE LIBRARY INFORMERORTHERN CAMPUS LIBRARYWith the aimofenchancing the research and study environ ment for patrons at the Northern Campus staff at the library there set as oneofits goals for 2000-200 I, the reorganisation! renovationofthe library facility. Following monthsofwait ing for the furniture to arrive, in late January the renovations and re-organisation began. Library staff(Barbara Barton and Edith Gibson) received outstanding support from Provost,Mrs.Sylvia Darling, Security OfficersMr.Johnson and Mr. Wallace. At the endoftwo weeks, the major changes had been accomplised: tables were replaced by carrels a new, more suitable circulation desk was put in place, the air conditioning system had been upgraded, and old wooden shelves were replacedbysteel shelving. The re-organisation also made provision to accommodate a few computer tenni nals (project still underway to upgrade the present inventory) for access to the Library's on-line catalogue, the Internet and other electronic resources. Patrons are delighted with the changes, and useofthe library for quiet study is increasing.THE CIRCULATION UNIT he Circulation SituationStudents, how many times have you come into the library searched in OPACorthe cardcata logue for m.aterials related to your topic, wrote down the call number, went to the shelf only to find that the book is inconveniently missingoranno ingly designated for in library use only? Doesn't it make you want to scream and find the person or persons who ha e with out any regard, borrowed those books when they must have known that there were other people who needed to use them.? Not to mention that your research paper is due the following dayat8:00 a.m. and you have no computer access at home.Don'tdespair students here are afewtips to help you get through your projects, assignments and term papers with little or no stress.Avoidthelastminute-Sad to say that the Library Orienta tion participants have on many occasions proved that the last minute is indeed every student's nightmare. Itwould be unfair to measure the part-time studentsbythe full time student's yardstick, but there are stress free ways to get the infornlation you want in a timely manner. I find that students fail to prioritize their assignments and allot their time in an ef fective and productive manner. The library's schedule has been designed with the students in mind in order to pro vide them with as much resources and study time as possi ble. Granted, there will be times when youwon'tbeable to just walk in and access a computer butinthe daily oper ationofthe library there are times when you can. It's not enough to come in during the day and leave discouraged because you were unsuccessful in your quest for informa tion, come back at a slower time the eveningsorweekends for example, and look again. Be consistent and aggressive about your research and consider your options toward topic development.CrossReference-Sometimes information that you want, for example definitions, can be found in the many subject specific encyclopedias and journals that the library provides. Also dear student, try to utilize other books that may help you define and develop your topic. For example: information on juvenile delinquency can also be found in a sociology bookorTheEncyclopediaofSocialWork.Cross-referencing helps you to approach the topic from various perspectives and minimizes the chanceofa myopic subject presentation.UsePro-Quest-This is an online database that studentscanaccessatany time and guess what?It'sFREE! Pro-Quest allows students to find current information on various topics and articles, as they appear online. Pictures that can help you to illustrate your topic more effectively sometimes accompany these articles. Not enough? This program also allows the user to print selected articlesorhe can E-mail them to his E-mail address for use later. How's that for convenience?PurchaseaCopyCard-These cards are available at the T BLOCK and its initial price is five dollars ($5.00). Nowdon'troll your eyes and think "RIP-OFF'. The cost break down allots three dollars( $3.00) for the card to be activated and allows the holder two dollars ($2.00) worthofcopying at ten cents per copy. As you copy the card is automatically debited and after the initial amount is de pleted, you can then credit the same card for any amount at the T BLOCK. Now you may ask "So what's the advantage?" Well dear student, having such a card will certainl end the wearisome quest for change and quar ters, and youwon'thave to sufferonevenings and week ends when the various copy rooms are closed and that perfect sourceofinformation isina book that cannot be borrowed.