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Library Informer (Vol.14 no.2)
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Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
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THE LIBRARY INFORMER Volume 14, Issue 2 Fall 2004 LIMS Joins World's Library Network The Libraries and In s tru ctio n a l Media Se r v i ces h as b ecame a full member of OCLC, Online Com put e r Libr ary C en ter, Inc., th e world's l argest library con sortia and supplier of biblio gra phic utili t i es. M e mb ers hip will allow LIMS t o participate in resource s harin g and globa l libr ary cooperative, as well as provide access to the lar ges t referen ce and cataloguing database in the world. LIMS will b e contributing original cata loguin g records and adding the Librar ies' holdings to the WorldCat database. S in ce m a ny Bahamian it ems in th e LIM S collection are unique thi s will pro vide important information to other librari es doing research on B aham i a n topics. Membership will a l so provide access to the Interlibrary Loan module of OCLC, the source of n early a billion l ocatio n listings from m e mb e r li braries. WorldCat, th e r efe r e n ce database arm of the OCLC n etwo rk is the most con su l ted database in higher education, s i gne d s p e cificall y for sc holar s hip and r e search. It covers it e m s from pre I 000 B C to the p r esen t. I t contains more than 54 million bibliographic record s r epresenting 894 million titles cata l oged by librari es across North America and other parts of th e world, including major r esea rch libr ari es. Bibliog raphi c r ec ords for books and serial s in all formats can be found in World-Cat 9 includin g paper digital Braill e, microforms lar ge print and manuscript. It al so includ es r eco rdings video s, sco r es, di sse rtation s, journal s, n ews pap e r s, webs i tes and some article citations. Ac cess to World Cat w ill be particul a rl y valuable to researcher s lookin g for pr'imary sources; to COB Schools developin g new courses; and t o faculty and libr a rian s work ing on d eve l oping the Libraries' collection. It will provide library user s with an in ventory of recorded knowl e dge and in formation that is dynamic and int erna tional. Rare and obscure item s can oft e n be lo cated in a WorldCat search. A re c e nt keyword search usin g Bahamas" produc e d 3,995 records for books, 55 I for serial s, 539 for mapg, 4 26 for r e cordings (both musical and spoken word) 342 for visual items, 173 for Int ernet sources, 75 for archives and 45 for article citations. Although th e full t ex t of the items in WorldCat are not avail abl e, the table of contents oft e n are. C u rrent C OB students, faculty and staff will be able to access the WorldCat data base vi a COBWEB ( bs/library) from any computer on cam pu s. They will a l so be ab l e to access World Cat fro m off campu s sites through an id and password that can b e obtained from library staff upon presentation of th ei r cur rent COB identification card. Betty Gibb, Acquisitions Librarian Survey Shows Maiority Rates LIMS Services Highly One hundred and forty-seven library patrons participated in a su rv ey on th e quality of library and instructional me dia serv i ces in lat e spring 2004. P artici pan ts provid e d information on th eir use of LIMS facilities and re sou r ces as well as information on the quality of ser vices offered. Of those who re spo nded 78 per Quality of LIMS Cir c u l atio n desk servi ce s Exce llent 39 Good 46 Fair 9 Poo r 6 No response ce nt rated ov e r-all libr ary serv ic es as "excellent" or "goo d Tw e nty-two p e r cent of respond e nts u se d a libra ry daily and the most common use of a library was for r esearch (65%). B ooks, current jour nal s and Bahamian collections were the three most commonly used resources. The three mo s t common services used were Referen ce / Specia l Med i a informati o n co llecti o n s servi ces 34 22 24 50 36 40 l l 18 1 3 4 10 2 14 21 ph otocopying, in-library reference and bindin g. Tnis information will be used to impr ove th e services offered by LIMS and w e would like to thank those who parti cipated in the study. For more r es ults pleas e contact th e LIMS Director's office. William Fielding, Director of Plannin g Quali t y of P rovi s ion of quic k library service ser vice 28 30 50 43 18 20 3 6


Page 2 "All good books have one thing in common th ey are tru er than if they had really happ ened. -Ernest Hemingway T h e librar y Infor m e r is p ublish e d t w ice a year b y Libraries a n d In s tructiona l M e d i a Services, The C ollege of T h e Bahama s The fol lowing people con tribu ted item s and p h otographs for thi s issue. Anne MurphyEdi)or Virginia Ballance Kenyetla Dean William Fielding Rodman Forbes Betty Gibb Willamae Johnson L o niece Mille r A n drew Seymour Inside This Issue Director 's Message 2 Hello and Goodbye 2 UniVBranch News 3 Janet McFall Party 4 The Libra r y Informer Notes From the Director' s Desk Th e beginning of a new acacess to the Internet and the crucial holding s are being demic year is an exciting signing of the contract for acquired. Staff members are time for L i braries and Inthe new l ibrary building. It eager to work with college structional Media Services is anticipated that during constituents to make opti(LIMS). It provides opporFall 2004 access to Worldmum use of them all and tunities for staff to make a Cat (a database ofrecords will visit School s and Dedifference in the quality of fro m libraries globally) will partrnents, conduct trainin g se rvice i t offers its custombe available at all branches sessions and support curers as well as to showcase and groundbreaking for the riculum preparation teams. more widely the resourc es new librar y building will LIMS is int egra l to the inwhich are available. The occur. You may view the structio n and learning which team of skilled personnel at design on LIMS Web page takes place in th e college the five branches is your (http:/ / / and can make a difference in best and most valuable r e library) or at the main Ii-the quality of the student source. LIMS staff look s brary. who graduates from The forward to serving you. College of The Bahamas. LIMS is making steady proLet's work together to enLIMS realized several notagress toward the achievesure their future success! ble achievements during the ment of the institutional last academic year, among goal of university stat us. Hav e a wonderful semester. wh i ch were the introduction Many valuable print and of wireless technology at the electronic resources are alWi/lamae Johnson LIMS main library to increase acready available and other Director New Places, N e w Faces: LIMS staff m embe r s on the move We bid a fond farewell this summer to Oakes Field Campus Acquisitions Li. brarian Betty G i b b and Cataloguing Librarian A n n e Mur p hy. Betty has r eturned to her hom e in British Co lumbia, Canada. Betty vows she really is retiring this time after taking an early retirement from the Univer sity of Victoria in 2002. She plans to complete a book she has been work in g on and to devote more time to her oil painting. She is proud of her work as Web master of COBWEB, her involvement in implement ing several databases such as EbscoHost, xreferp lus and WorldCat an d hopes that she h as made a differ ence at L IMS. Anne has r e turned to L ondon, Ontario to work on h e r first l ove, writing and will be awaiting h er n ext adventure. She says s h e will miss the animated technical services debates but will n ot miss being mis taken for Mrs. Gibb. librarians Betty Gibb, left, and Anne Murphy wave the C a n adian flag to remind them of home. D e b Cady i s joining LIMS this Fall as a Librari an. M s. Cady r eceived her MLS from the University of Ari zona and has worked in li braries in Wisconsin, Texas California, Luxembourg and Australia. She ha s also worked on the PubMed data base which provides Internet access to medical topics. She recently spent 18 months traveling i n Europe and Africa and enjoys such sports as soccer, rugby and fencing. Welcom e Ms. Cady *** We also send out best wishes to J enni f e r B a i n on her n ew career as an educator and to Lev ette Ric h ardso n-Morris on the b irth o f her daughter Nia Monique Nikia Morris this past spring.


The librar y Informer Page 3 Spotlight on Units and .Branches HILDA BOWEN LIBRARY HBL i s d eve lopin g n e w coll ectio n s to s upport two new aca d e mic prog ranunes offer e d b y COB A Pharmac y R e view cour se and a C riti ca l Ca r e Nur s in g diploma co ur se are now b e in g offe r e d at C OB a t i ts Gro s v e n o r C l ose Campu s. In pre p ara tio n for th e pharmacy pro g r a mm e, t he libr ary a c quir e d b as i c r efere n ce wo rks in th e four c or e ar eas o f th e cur ri c ulum: ph a rm acy law and e thi cs, pharm a c y manage m e nt pharm acok in e tic s and ov e r-the-count e r m e dicin e. A s th e pro g r a mm e mov es toward becomin g a full-tim e b a chel o r degr ee, the library c ollectio n will ex p a nd. The lib r ary h eld s om e r es ource s for cr i tica l ca r e nur sing, h oweve r n e w upd a t e d edi tio n s of ex i s tin g titl es we r e ac quir e d and o th e r new b oo k s, r efe r e n ce mat e rial s a nd vid eos n ee d e d to be pur c h ased. A s n e w pro g ramme s a r e offe r e d a t COB th e Col lege's pro fes s ional librarian s wo r k t oge th e r with faculty to ens u re th a t s uppl e m e ntar y r eso ur ces ar e av a il a bl e for r ese arch referen c e and cur ri c ulum support ACQUISITIONS A new Collection Develop m e nt brochure has been pre p a red by th e Acquisition s Unit to a ss ist faculty and li braria n/ subject selector s a s w ell a s encoura g e student and staff input in choos in g and acquiring materials for th e Library. The brochure is a summary of the L ibr ary s d e tailed Collectio n Policy and includes the criteria used in the selection process what formats are collected the gift poli cy, ord e ring guidelines, and how to mak e r e commen dation s for Library purchase of mat e rial s C opies of the col l e ction policy and brochure ar e availabl e online at: http:// / library or a paper copy can be obtained from the Director s office. CIRCULATION/REFERENCE LIMS n e west online database i s x referplu s, an onlin e ready-reference library that provides you with access to current full-text content from a selection of 150 reference books and 29 publishers. It in clude s e n cyclopedias, dic tionaries, thesauri and books of quotations a range of sub ject-specific title s covering everything from health sc i ence and technology to the arts, humanities Jaw and so cial sc i ences. There are 30 m ill ion cross-refere n ce link s that go from book to book as well and 1.3 million entr i es that prov id e contextual, reli able and intelligent informa tion from scholarly tru s ted r e ference source s Acces s to this licensed databa se is avail able from all com pute r s on the campuses of The Coll ege Of The Bahamas. Cur rent faculty, staff and stud e nt s can also access x referplu s from their home computer s using a Use r I d and Password. These are available from R ef erence Librarians at COB branch l ibraries. T o acces s the xreferplus database: http:// j sp CATALOGUING A number of non-book m ateri als such as slide s, transparen cies, v i deos, CDs and cassettes have been added to the collec tion and are avai l able through the Online Public Access Cata logu e (OPAC). You can limit your search to a specific it em type by choos in g Limi ts and then selectin g the medium (videore co rdin g, sound recording computer file) you want. Once the limits are set, the se arch will include only it e m s that match th e crit e ria SPECIAL COLLECTIONS The Special C ollections Unit is home to the Bahamian Coll e ction as well as r egional mat e rial. The coll e ction i s easi l y searched by either accessing the online catalogu e OPAC via th e l ibrary's website, or through an onsite card catalogue. The collect ion consists of: teacher long studies, dissertations Bahamas government documents, vertical files of local newspaper and maga zine clippings organized by topic, West Indian reference and the Colle g e Arc h ives. The material housed in Special Collections at Oakes F i e l d i s r estr i cted to in -library u se only, and is easily accessed w i th a va l id picture ID card. Photocopying services are also provided.


P age 4 The library Informer We Say Goodbye and Good Gardening to LIMS Veteran Janet McFall Snapshots From Her Retirement Party on May 28 /Jy l?odmon Andrew Seymour ond Belly Gi/Jb