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Library Informer (Vol.14 no.1)
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Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
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FROM THE DIRECTOR'S DESKHappyNewYear 2004 from the Library Team.Itisour hope that your life will be enriched with good health, peace and happiness throughout this year. The Libraries and Instructional Media Services Department has had an eventful fall semester. In September,incollaboration with the Bahamas Telephone Company and Management Information Services, wireless Internet service was introduced at the main library branch. Though treated as a beta test site, it is anticipated that this service will continue beyond the testing stage and that the wireless capability will soon be made available at other library locations. More and more college constituents are using laptops and wireless technology to access the Internet and other electronic library resources. At theendofOctober, after two monthsofserver problems, access to the library's online catalogue and web page was restored. This server dysfunction earlyinthe academic year completely suspended access to the electronic library resources at all branches. Library staff rose to the challenge and provided tremendous assistance in helping patrons locate resources the college libraries and through referrals to other community information sources. This fall semester also saw the completionofthe migrationofall Dewey books to the LibraryofCongress classification system. I am pleased to report that thereisnow only one classification systeminuse at the Oakes Field BranchofThe CollegeofThe Bahamas Library. In addition, the cataloguing staff placed greater emphasis on linking all formats to the online database and so videotapes and other media software are now accessible through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). From 25 30 January 2004 the fourth annual LIMS Week will be observed. Using the theme "Uncover the Mysteries: Find IT@Your Library", the week promises to be a timeoflearning and sharing for both library personnel and patrons. Read Betty Gibb's accountofthe special activities planned for LIMS Week on Page One. Finally, LIMS will administer a "User Satisfaction Survey" during this semester to seek user feedback on library services. We solicit your cooperationincompleting the survey. Use the suggestion box located at each branch library to deposit your response. The results will be shared with the College community so that we may take steps to improve the deliveryofservice. The Library is central to the deliveryofquality education at The College. We are,.therefore, anxious to help you make optimum useofavailable resources so work with the cadreofcaring, talented, and well-trained staff, always eager to help you "Uncover the Mysteries to FindIt@Your Library."Wi//amaeM.Johnson DirectorLearning Library Skills The FunWayLIMS staff members Christine Swann Loniece Miller, Antoinette Pinder, Tameka Bdtler, Judy Francis-Gibson and Janet McFall introduced about 20 youngsters to the library during a two-week fun-filled summer camp in 2003. A new campisscheduled for Sllmmer ?004.LIBRARYINFORMER2


WHAT'S NEW@LIMSContentsofThree Bahamian Journals Now Available Online College forum.Relevance:IIIIITableofContents:v.l(1980) Holm, John. Bahamians' British roots traced.You can now find the contentsofthree important Bahamian journals in COBWEB, The CollegeofTheBahamas'sonline library catalogue. The tablesofcontentsoftheCollege'sresearch journal, called College Forum from 1979-1997 and Research Journal since 1998, the Bahamas JournalofScienceandthe Journalofthe Bahamas Historical Society are now all fully searchable and retrievable from the on-line catalogue. Itishoped that with improved access to the contentsofthese important locally published journals, students and faculty will find them usefulintheir research on Bahamian topics. All too often local journals are overlooked in the research process mainly because standard indexing and abstracting companies do not index their contents. Yet, they contain many interesting and useful articlesofinterest to COB students and faculty. In order to view the tablesofcontents, once you have pulled up the record for the College Forum, Research Journal, Bahamas JournalofScience or the Journalofthe Bahamas HistoricalSociety you need only to click on the TablesofContents tab and the entire contents will be displayed. The terms that you entered in the search field will beinbold, which can help you find the volume and issueofthe journal more easily. All three journals areinthe Special Collections Room on the second floorofthe Oakes Field Campus Library. Some copiesofthe three journals are available at the branch libraries, such as the Hilda Bowen Library at Grosvenor Close Campus, the Northern Campus Library in Freeport, theLawLibrary and the SchoolofHospitality and Tourism Studies Library. The Bahamas JournalofScience started publication in 1993 and is issued several times a year. It is a journal dedicated to scientific research conducted in The Bahamas. The Journalofthe Bahamas Historical Society commenced publication as an annualjournalin 1979. Articles focus on the historyofthe Bahamas and Bahamian personalities. The Bahamas Historical Society sponsors it. College Forum/Research JournalofTheCollegeofThe Bahamas commenced publication in 1979. The journal was conceived as a scholarly, peer-reviewed research journal to be published annually.Thejournal publishes research by Bahamians, about the Bahamas or produced by faculty and researchers working at COB. Be on the lookout while searching for books for your term papers and up pops oneofthe three Bahamian journals: have a lookatthe TablesofContents tab to see whether there is an article on your topic you might be surprised. Another little tip: you can always open the TablesofContents tab and then use the Edit/Find functioninInternet Explorer to search the page for key words. Itisthat easy! Good luck with your research, and do let us knowifyou have found this enhancement to be usefuI!VirginiaBallance Hild{J BowenLibraryII What's New@LIMS continues onPage4IILIBRARYINFORMER3


What's New@LIMS (Continued)ListsofNewItemsAvailable Online .....('1--;;.".. A new service has been added to the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) which will enable you to generate a listofall new books and videos which have been recently acquired by LIMS. Acquisitions Librarian Betty Gibb and MIS personnel Vernell Hanna and Carla Glinton have added a new feature to the OP AC which can create a personalized listofnew library items. There are two ways to access this new service: by going directly to the website by going to the OPAC website and then clicking on "basic search" and then "new books". Patrons can limit their search by the lengthoftime (last one, two, three or four months) items were added to the database and the branch location, and sort the list by subject (call number), title or author. Listsofnew acquisitions generated can be printed or emailed. This service will help faculty and students track down the latest items for their projects or courses as well as creating awarenessof"What'sNew" in the Library's Collection.Accessing videos by remote controlKnowing what's available in the Media Department's video collectionisnow only a click away. More than 200 video titles have been addedinthe last year to the online public access catalogue (OPAC). By 2005, allofthe department's videos should be catalogued and available through the OPAC. In the past, patronswould have togoto theMedia Department, peruse a binderoftitles and then choose the items they wanted. Now patrons can check the OP AC, write down the call number and present it to Media Department staff. Patrons can limit their search to videos. For instance,ifpatrons want a video on an educational topic such as classroom management, they can use "videorecording" and "classroom" as keywords. Items that fit that description will be retrieved and can be emailed or printed for future reference.Anne Murphy Cataloguing LibrarianA Window on the WTO\A small but growing W orId Trade Organization (WTO) collection is housed at the SchoolofHospitality and Tourism Studies Library. Information could also be obtained online at The World Trade Organization is oneofthe youngestofthe international organizations andisthe successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Its objectiveisto help trade flow smoothly, freely, fairly and predictably.Itnowhas more than 140 members, accounting for more than 90 per centofworld trade. More than 30 other countries are negotiating membership, including The Bahamas. F or further information contact the SHTS Library at 323-6804 ext.254.Christine Swann SHTS LibraryLIBRARYINFORMER4


ELECTRONIC RESOURCES@THELAWLIBRARYThe following databases are available for the useofregistered students and faculty at the Law Library: LexisN exis is an international legal database.Itis all encompassing and its coverage is not limited tojustlaw reports and articles.Italso contains legal news as well as digests. Heinonline is a leading full-text legal journal database extensively covering the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.Itis very user friendly. Jamaica Statutes 1990: ReprintoflawsofJamaica with repeals, amendments and modifications Dominion Law Reports: Extensive reportsofCanadian cases Scottish Law Times United States Supreme Court Cases Law Library staff members give trainingonthe useofthesedatabases and CDs to students and facultyofthe LL.B Program. Other membersofthe college community are welcome but you are advised to make an appointment,asthere is limited space.YemisiDinaLaw LibrarianThe following materials are also available on CD-ROM: Look out for in the Spring semester! CARILAW is a Caribbean legal information database.LexisNexis-Q,Uicklaw1MQuicklaw is a Canadian legal database.Itis free for the useofstudents and facultyofthe UWI/COB LL.B Program.Itcan be accessed with the useofindividual passwords. This database has extensive coverageofcases, articles and commentaries from Commonwealth countries including the Caribbean.Itis very rich in Bahamian cases. The All England Direct is comprisedofreported cases in the All England Law Reports from 1551 to date. The West Indian Reports Direct is made upofcases that are reported in the West Indian Law Reports beginning from 1958 to date.Itcovers all cases from all the Caribbean countries from all court divisions. This service was formerly accessibleonCD but now it canbe accessed via the Internet and soon users can have remote access like all other databases.LIBRARYINFORMER5


Northern Campus Librarian Barbara Barton Leads Training SessionsCOB Northern Campus Librarian Barbara Barton, second from right, facilitated in service training classes in Basic Library Practices for the MinistryofEducation. The aimoftraining was to energize the growth of school librariesinthe Grand Bahamas district. Eighteen persons participated during a three-month period and received certificatesofparticipation in theseSSIOns.InformationBackground Opens Doors to Many Diverse CareersEver considered a career in the information professions? You may ask yourself two questions: what are information professions and how many different kinds are there? As students, staff, faculty and administrators, we all interact with membersofone or moreofthe information professions each day. June Lester, the authorofthe FundamentalsofInformation Studies argues that every human endeavor involves some formofinformation transfer, exchange, creation, reduction, component and so on. For example, a surgeon uses knowledge and skills acquired from education and training (information transfer), an examinationofthe patient (information creation) and information (component) generated at the timeofsurgery. The information professions are extremely diverse and are becoming more so. The field includes storytellers, librarians, computer scientists, information brokers and managersineducation, business and entertainment,competitive and military intelligence. There are three main categoriesofinformation professions: ORALTRADITION-storytellers,shamans, actors and singers. WRITTENORPRINTTRADITIONauthors, publishers, distributors, managers (libraries), evaluators, journalists. ELECTRONICTRADITIONinformation architects, network managers, software/hardware engineers, broadcasters. These categoriesofthe information profession are linked; all have something in common they help to create, organize and submit information to the user. You may want to consider this question: How does information affect your life? Think aboutit!AntoinetteP.Pinder Library Public Services UnitLIBRARYINFORMER6


OurPee, Our Greatest PrideWee andBonVoyageWesayhellototwonewcomersandbidaacknowledgetheachievementsofthree0farewelltoaveteranLIMSstaffmember.Wealsotaffmembers.Janet McFallofthe Instructional Media Services unit will be changing directions this summer as she retires from The CollegeofThe Bahamas to work full-time helping familiesinNassau. Always interested in helping others, Janet was oneofthe original employees hired whenTheCollegeofThe Bahamas opened in 1974. One of her fondest memoriesofher LIMS career was dealing with work-study students. "Working with students,especially work study students, has always meant a lot to me," she said. WewishJanet a long and healthy retirement andknowthatshewilltakeherenthusiasmandconcernforothersintohernewcareer.empalso joinedffinOctober as a 1 rkinthe School ty and Tourism She hopes to:nCOB with an egree in Spanish this year. known for her ing voice.ShantheLlPart-fofHo.Studie gradua Associ andTOtShandel beautif 1. Public Services Librarian Bain90mpletei;:';';e. LIMS Senior Private S.ecretar)' Sharlene Smithis set to release her first Contemporary Gospel ) CDLovedByTheOne Above.Sharlene wrote five songs for the CD. Library Systems AssistantJenniferBain-Mill'd her husband BrianMillerhavewelcomed their first child, B 1\ Lashanda Astwood(picturedabove)joinedthelibrarystaffinOctoberandisnowworkingintheSpecialCollectionsUnitatOakes"Field.LashandareceivedanathleticscholarshiptoattendSt.Augustine'sCollegeinRaleigh,N.C.,whereshegraduatedwithabusinessadministrationdegreein2002.LIBRAINFORMER7


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