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Library Informer (Vol.13 no.1)


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Library Informer (Vol.13 no.1)
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6p.; 28cm
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
Libraries & Instructional Media Services Department
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Libraries--Newlsletters   ( lcsh )
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The College of the Bahamas
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The College of the Bahamas
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\../ THELIBRARYINFORMERVolume13Issue1 THE DIRECTOR'SDESK I extend a HappyNewYear to allonbehalfofpersonnel in the Libraries and Instructional Media Services (LIMS) Department. We wish you happiness, health and success in 2003 Iamdelighted in this issuetoannouncetheachievementofoneofthe horary's goals which was carried over from 200112002 academic year. This is the completionofthe LIMS Web Page found atURLhttp://www.cob.edu.bs/library.Theofficial launchofthis pagewilltake place during the 2003 LIMS Week scheduled for January 27 31, at which we would welcome your attendance. Please usethesitetolocate information about the library, its services and products. LIMS administration andstaffatallbranches are continuing their effortstoimprove service to you. We have taken noteofusers suggestions and concerns and are workingwithappropriate Departments to address them.Inparticular,weare seekingtoincrease the numberofOnline Public Access terminals availabletopatrons andtoimprove the speedofaccesstothe Internet. We appreciate your patience as The Co lIege workstoupgrade its infrastructure so that these enhancements may be realised. LIMSiscontinuing to introduce a varietyofservicesinnewtechnology formats.Thisspring the librarywillmake availabletousers the opportunitytorenew (one time) the resources which they have already borrowed.In the libraryispromoting itsnewelectronic journals service available throughEBSCOSpring2003Online (remote access possible), and its ,?lectronic and print access to resources about the World Trade Organisation (WTO).Weare pleased with the support expressed by thenewCollege Council toward the new library project. Fundraising activities will continue this year and the design and construction planswillbe finalised, with anticipated ground breaking occurring before the endof2003.Eachofyoucancontributetothis essential intellectual storehouse, the 'public face'ofThe College, and the showcase for Bahamian culture. Finally,weencourage your maximum useoftheservices and products availableinand through LIMS, and invite your suggestions for improvement. Have a successful 2003!WillamaeJohnsonDirectorLIMS INGIDETHISISS(JE LIMSWEEK20032 COBWEB HIGHLIGHTS 2 EaSCOhost TIPS3 ONTHEWEB4 LmRARYLWKS 5 LANNAN SERIES 5 'RESEARCH PROCESS5-6 DEWEY CLASSIFICA TION 6


LIMS WEEK2003 UNCOVERING HIDDEN TREASURES INCOB LIBRARIES' During the weekofJanuary 2731,2003,COB Libraries will hold an open housetoencourage students, faculty and staff to discover the hidden treasuresofCOB Libraries. Highlightsofthe week are as follows: wlIDelllllllill &1IIIcllo'U.Sweb Pl18IIIFrlI.1II WilSl.ICDllellCI.lcll Clllinll.) -Jillan 21@ 10.00 w FreeEISCllloSilnilil1 r:ir Melill Trlillll& .rksllllellIllIitlrl @2.00..r:ir Ipen 1I0lse @ brllcillibrarles w.Ispitllhl &Illns.libran28aw Hillillowellibrarv 29dtw law Ilbran 30ar:ir Mlllllbnn311t All faculty, staff and st)ldents are urgedtocome and explore the College's librariestouncover its hidden treasures.ByVirginiaBallanceHildaBowenlibraryCoordinatorLIMSWeek2003 LIBAARYCOBWEBCAPTURES"RESOURCESFROMAroUND THEThe CollegeofThe Bahamas Library has become a "Virtual Library Without Walls" with the launching this monthofCOBWEB,onthe2Internet at http://www.cob.edu.bs/library. http://W\vw.cob.edu.bs/libraryisa new service designed to provide theCOBcommunity with unprecedented accesstoa universeofnetwork accessible information available electronically. Links to new periodical databasesofarticles and abstracts, thousandsofonline library catalogues, full textsofjournals and books, and millionsofdocumentsonevery subject imaginable are includedonthe new COBWEB pages. The library's COBWEB provides easy and wide access to both the local and regional collections and information resources beyond The Bahamas from computer terminalsinthe library, computer labs, and offices in COB, as asremotel frOInhOInecomputers. Those eligible patrons vvishing to access licensed periodical databases which are restricted to current COB faculty, staff andstudents,such as those supplied through EBSCOhostwillneedtorequest for a password for home access. This can be obtained by presenting a current IDtoany COB Reference Librarian. All other links are freely availabletovisitorstothe COBWEB site. Visitors to the homepagewillfind five major initial categories: "Library Catalogues", "Research Resources", "About The Library", "Library Help", and"What'sNew". Behind these links are more than 40 secondary COB Library web pagesofadditional information and many more linksofonline sources and resources. Under "Library Catalogues" COB faculty, staff and students will already be familiar with the first qtenu choice: the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The OPAC allows patronstosearch for materialsinthe COB library


collection by keyword, subject and all bibliographic detailsofspecific titles, as well as searches by aspects such as languageorformat. Patrons canalsocheck course reserve lists, personal borrowing records as well as renew books online. Researchers who wishtoexplore the collections beyond the librarywillfindlinksonthis menu to more than 6,500 relevant web pages in 115 cOuntries. The menu for "Research Resources" is a treasure waiting to be uncovered. At the topofthe pileofgold is Databases. Thelistofavailable databases onlineoronCDROM. They include multidisciplinary periodical index databases with articles available in full text as well as citations with abstracts and subject databases. Included is everything from the largest international nursing and education databases available electronically to a small but valuable database produced by the COB Library and available at the Oakes Field Branch. BAHINDEX, (developed by Willamae Johnson, LIMSDirector)a databaseofarticlesonThe Bahamas ranging from 1747tocurrent material. Other valuable "Research Resources"linksare electronic journals, electronic books, electronic newspapers, online reference tools, Bahamian-Caribbean sources, Bahamian government, world government and international organizations. Alinkhas also been providedonthe "Research Resources" menu for Internet search tools including available search engines and meta-search engines as well as subject directories.Asrich as the resources are in the library andonthe Internet, they can be confusingtoaccess. The COBWEB site provides a numberofguidestoassist patrons in navigating their way through the various sources. Under the "Library Help" menu are linkstopages with a Library Tutorial, OP AC Search Tips, Internet Search Tips and Frequently asked Questions (FAQs). When all else fails and patrons find themselves lost in cyberspace, nothing beats the human being for help. There are links to Ask a Librarian, to generate online Questions .and links to all other queries. "The About The Library" menu has more human beinglinksas well as informationonall aspectsofthe COB Library including the collections, policies,services, hours and locationsofthe Main and branch libraries. Links are alsoonthe menu in this sectionto onthe Library education courses taught at The CollegeofThe Bahamas and the means to order Interlibrary Loans for materials not held by the library. Last but not the least,onthe"What'sNew"section is a changing menuofnew itemsofinformationonthe library. Currently there arelinkstonewsonthe new Library building, WTO Resource Centre, EBSCO databases, events for LIMS Week 2003, new acquisitions, informationonhowto contribute to the workofthe hbrary through membership as Library Friends and an electronic versionofThe Library Informer. The successful implementationofthe new COBWEB is the resultofcollaborative effort over the past months by LIMS and MIS staff A library COBWEB team developed the content and created the design. MIS facilitated the successful mountingofthe pagesonthe COB server. Membership included Betty Gibb, Anne Murphy, Jennifer Bain, Deborah Ebster, Levette Richardson, Willamae Johnson (ex officio) and Berthamae Walker (ex officio). Michele Duczek and Elsie Bain contributed to an earlier version. Mrs. Gibb was appointed Webmaster andwillensure the continued integrityofthe COBWEB pages and facilitate, promote and monitor the additionofrelevant electronic resources and servicesonthe COBWEB.ByBettyGibbAcquisitionsLibrarian/Webmaster


EBSCOhOStf)'PROVIDES ONLINE ACCESS TO THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES TheCollegeoftheBahamas Library is pleasedtoannouncetheavailabilityofseveral reference databases fromEBSCOPublishing that are searchable through theEBSCOhostinterface.SomefeaturesofEBSCOhostinclude basic and advanced searching, enhanced subject indexing, and journal searchingtoassist users in performing thorough investigationsoftheir research topics.EBSCOhostalso allows its userstoprint, e-mailordownload articles.COBfaculty, staff: and studentsmayaccesstheEBSCOdatabases from campus computersorfrom theirhomecomputers viatheInternet by obtaining aUserIDand password fromtheReference LibrarianatanyoftheCOBLibrary branchesuponpresentationofa valid picture ID.Thedatabases available include:Academic Search TM Premier -Thisfulltext for nearly 3,500 scholarly publications, including full text for nearly 2,600 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage spans virtually everyareaofacademic study and offers information datingasfarbackas1975.Business Source PremierThis provides fulltextformorethan 2,800 scholarly business includingfulltext for nearly 900 peer reVIewed business publications.Thisdatabase provides fulltextfor more than300ofthetopscholarly journals datingasfarbackas1922.Professional Development Collection TM Designed for professional educators, this database provides a highly specialized collectionofmorethan 515 full text journals including nearly 350 peer-reviewed titles. 'Sociological Collection TM -This database provides coverageofnearly 615 full text journals, including nearly 600 peer-reviewed titles.HealthSource:Nursing/Academic Edition This database provides nearly 600 scholarly full text journals focusingonmany medical disciplines.Health Source: Nursing/Academic Editionalso features abstracts and indexing formorethan615 journals. CINAHL -TheCumulative IndextoNursing &r Allied Health Literature is the authoritative resource for nursing and allied health professionals, students, educators and researchers. This database provides indexing and abstracting for morethan1,600 current nursing and allied health journals and publications datingbackto1982, totallingmorethan700,000 records.ByDeborahEbsterCirculation/ReferenceLibrarian EMBARKING ON A VOYAGE Voyage isthe nameofthenewinterface introduced in the Fall semester.Itistheautomated software usedtoprovide electronic accesstothe librarYs collections.Patronswith Internet accesscaneasily access the Web Voyage viaTheCollegeofTheBahamas' website at www.cob.edu.bsorviathelibrarywebpageatwww.cob.edu.bs/library.Itprovides holdinos and location information for allCOB Inadditiontothe traditional card catalogue, theOakesField campus library also lvis the computerizedoronline catalogue.Thechoiceofaccess pointsinthe computerized cataloguewillbefar greater than the card cataloguebutthearrangementofmaterials remains the same.Usethe catalogtofind what items the libraryownsonyourtopic, andtofind where a specific itemislocatedinthe library.Ifyouarenotcertain about some descriptive aspectofa particular item,orjust wanttoknowwhatCOBLibrary has that matches certain criteria,thendoaKEYWORDsearch. A keyword


search displays word( s) located anywhere in a record.Forexample, a keyword searchontheword"abuse" would return all the titles that contain theword"abuse" anywhereinthe record.TIPS:Punctuation and capitalization do not matter, but always leave a space between words. Authors' names and subjects appear as hypertext links within a record. Patrons can clickonthese linkstoinitiatenewsearches. Bibliographic records can be printed and/or emailed.ByTamekaButlerLibraryAssociate LIBRARYLINKS Infonnation is justa few clicks away at the following sites. The firsttwosites are also accessible from The CollegeofThe Bahamas homepage: http://www.cob.edu.bs/library Quick Reference: http://ansernet.rels. org/deskref Whether its converting Bahamian dollars into Greek drachmasorfinding a movie review, this site has a lotofgreat linkstoinfonnation sources. Caribbean News: http://www.cananews.com This sitewillhelp you keep uponnews from allofthe Canbbean.It is updated daily. Lipstick Librarian: http://www.lipsti cklibrarian. conlForanyone who thinks librariansdon'tknowhowtohave fim, this site will debunk some myths.ByAnneMurphyCataloguingLibrarian5 !ANNANLITERARYSERIES The Oakes Field campus library has in its collection a seriesof86 literary videotapes donated by theLannanFoundation.It"is a fantastic collectionofvarious exceptional contemporary artists and writers including inspired native activists in rural indigenous communities. A numberofthe artists have received such recognition for their works as the Pulitzer Prize, Bollinger Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature and the NationalBookCritic's Awards. Interested person should contact the Media Department at 302-4460 particularly individuals involved in reading, discussing, appraisal and writingofpoetry in ordertoexplore, define and activate their literary talents. Why notborrowatapetoday?ByTamekaButlerLibraryAssociateTHE RESEARCHPROCESS Research has changed significantly in the last five years. The abilitytofind and use information appropriately is a great skill for studentstoacquire. Acquiring good research skillscanfoster active, authentic learning fortoday'sresearcher. Therefore, library research has become a process.The ResearchProcess-Eightstepstosuccess1.Identify your topic and form a focus. 2. Find background information from encyclopaedias and textbooks 3. Use the online catalo (OPAC) to find books. 4. Use indexes and sources such as EBSCOhosttofind periodical articles (from newspapers, magazines and journals)


5. Use Internet resources6.Evaluate the information selected 7. Write your paper8.Use a standardized bibliographic citation format. (Examplesofvarious styles can be found in the C.O.B. Library.)Research TipsoAskyourselfquestionsaboutyourtopicWhatdoyou know about it? Whatdon'tyou know? Whataspectsofyour topic interest you: historical, sociological, and psychological? Whattime perioddo you want to cover?Whatkindofinformationdo you need? A brief summaryora lengthy explanation? Periodical articles, books, essays, encyclopaedia articles? Statistics?oWorkfrom generaltothespecificFind backgroUnd infonnation first then use more specific and recent sources.oRecordwhatyoufindand whereyoufounditWrite out a complete citation for each source you find; you may need it again.ByAntoinettePinderLibraryAssistantCondolencesLIMS management and staff extend condolences to the family, friends and colleaguesoflate Sylvia Darling, Provost, Northern Campus, CollegeofThe Bahamas.DeweyorDon't We Have One ClassiFication SyStem? You may have noticed that the literature shelves at the Oakes Field Campus are looking a lot fuller these days as library personnel integrates some classic works into the regular collection. For the past several months, library staffhas been converting hundredsofmaterials classified under the Dewey Decimal system and adding them tothe Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The Dewey Decimal system uses numbers only to classify materials while the LibraryofCongress classification system uses letters and numbers. Most academic libraries, including those at The Collegeofthe Bahamas, use the LibraryofCongress system for newer acquisitions. The integrationofthe two systemswillnot only improve access by allowing patrons to search online for materials, butwillmake shelf searching much easier as all the materialswillbe in one area. Mostofthe items now being converted are English-language classics from the United Kingdom, America and Africa. The other major areatobe integrated is education. The Dewey conversion project should be completed later this year.ByAnneMurphyCataloguingLibrarianEditorial Team:Yemisi Dina, Anne Murphy, Betty Gibb, Tameka Butler, Antoinette Pinder6 t

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