25. Printed Order No. 30, from Asst. Adjutant General's Office, Memphis, Tenn. June 19, 1835. Signed 'Geo. A. Call'. 4pp.


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25. Printed Order No. 30, from Asst. Adjutant General's Office, Memphis, Tenn. June 19, 1835. Signed 'Geo. A. Call'. 4pp.
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William Davenport Papers
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Mixed Material
Davenport, William, ????-1858
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Ante Bellum Florida, 1845-1861
Seminole War, 2nd, 1835-1842
Family Papers
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North America -- United States -- Florida

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Memphis, Ten.,.June .19t4*J

No. 30.

a Ge- neral Court Martial- whith-ron-Ven d .,atVort
Ar 111strong- Illinois, ptirsu'abt to West. i) pt., Order,"N6.118,,
of thopfesent year and. of which. Be. Lieut. Colontl"N S,*-.
Ry 4fd, n tr is President, wa's fried' Prevet Ytj or
TyroM2 s F Smirlaq of th6 Ist Regiment -of 7 1 'f tO 'ii +he
fbIlowi-ha Charge and Specificatiolls, viz.
CftARGE.I'Cvndukti becoming' g' afiq&e itnda' g ntleman- ddl-ts'p''ect'
t6 his Com- manduig"
.fleah'10111 :1 sL 4,n this', thathe, Bae wJo
Slqitirf of the- _Re t 1, NA 1 kr L i b 6 t
did f4 se -c,
g e 'ji- r'ffi IC, 1'. J)AV6hr 0,t __ ifiam _jrj 66 angry
9,0 'Ali, is
-6 ,
p r om
e 8_Pbdfffilr iijanber Ih .5t 11834-k "ort
on !h of N 6pab" rj,
m S. rongi *1,.111 Withfal's hig 1"R, ana- at ei "*,ld
Le 1.- Davenport, ce61zht r:,It;7del S, to PU, c go'r aAher Say tfiatho had roe i ed "my, or j
against cNie1% a, private ofr the said,"- Sii ffils
-C dr-h & t h d t: Me IbY
r, I r It 6 1 1, .; -'
_1 'Ira.''' t im
1 U,6 -an otdor,."t, Should -have p u tii S b Y9
af ,j1h.0 Z., hot or 6t;
SW2 ahd,- th w M -dej
idr Bvt4
bLnd he, he" d-fo es MA *6 :S Ir aid.;" f "I 9ii-ftle
'titneand- he fa 15 e ly-., a i s coihihOidi ngrlt ,v -,1,
4- C ft: r r --r npoft Anh- n that
ve in awang v, d dis -f
ol an i rep,6ct iff"
44he te
L* ut. Col avmpbrt *d
D t +fev
n a
r .!4mpany'etud hiWeif, 'th t he; 4Btt
ft 7ho S'- t th )off 'te
n aliouyik 6rwo'M vd, U hiph
ieu ol:. Dav had; 6 ked ith
th o Said'L to'C np n vtr-i r
either requ ired So
J oxcept when to do
offi of &
t6ok-,p lac'e a,, e ce tfi6 eodiffian gr

Specifleation .2nd .-In this, that he, the aforesaid Bvt. Major .&MITHy at the',tirhe and place aforesaid, in the office of the cornmundin& bfficer' -did falsely say, in- an angry and disrespectfUl- mv anitfek-4 Aa-t ;46h'e7'- Lieut. Coll' Daveiport, his com.
had- N-s
qer7 charged prisonersfrom confnement
Withoutvwhorit andiha-t he1adhis Lieut Col. Davenport's, order for it, and that he would make him, Lieut.,Col. Davenp6rt., accountable," when none were dis'eharged by Lieut.
Col. Davenport, but in obedience to duty, authority or the
public good,
Specifica(ion 3nd, In this, that he, BYt. M Jor THO-AfAs F.
8TV11TH, Of, the Ist Regiment of Infanti
i -y, did falsely state at
Fort Armstrong, H., on or about the Ist or 2d of September,
iewts.,r Colo- Davenport,, his corumianding qfficer,
eng4g.e( inexaming -mu, s in his office and being
hia dut that his la' t muster rolls were lwrongl,_42 1 9v (addressio-cr himself to.'his.-Cornmandin' qf
r, 'Li e 64- Cat. _'Dav e n' 'ddisre* ectful
port,,, in an, angry an sp rn.-inne' nrade-Me 7 L- nd _dd that he would,-make him Lieut. Ccj. Davenport, commanding o, i er, accountable
bim f aJsef,
to. o _y ag. his certifi-ate; and- farther. say to. his,
tnm-' Col. DaxeA port) in an angry and
disi-P tr I n 6 -e enc. -1-nore.,sq1diqrq
qc. jkwanner, i e Pi e of two or
tW iq..-" cu Vp1t.Dqv por .,shbul treat him eet.
Op t -with W8P_9
Q,',f6t W W6
uld per-haps de and gat-v _)r SxTTA
4, z0a 4im L, 1-":4-,:!Q61; Davenport, f r he lefthf,,re
t q
4rp.4ro ,I',,6.rWOLAs to that effiect4 w7hen --he Lieut. Col.
&,vp W. n, _4_14 a i0r SMITH,
_Wlt L11 r p0t Sist W-441-the duty he
iql .0 Q4100*
i 4tb,=-, tb i that, he,, Bvt,."- Maior, T4o*A--.,
W, a 4id and- at th'a ti- and- 'lace
fl tb6A16o tpobfrq 1834,
r 2,pO of %gep
TU Oso_ y 5 00]Nnlan4ii officerI.LJp. u t,
J 3g.,yy d-isrespectfut. mmkoner to
6 t-1 ni. o-,
d. F itai-arks ,,q.n:, the gper rolls
410- 1 PO hs of J' I y
tpp acra 4g ep; -f
ico.l! i e Jt,,.had e
t, 2_ ,I
O b Vq r4er, N, f tb,!R.-14tJ4jZXAuV 4e.-, wqj tho Aate,, ua.Naz
2, C tialt thaP -W, ,Bvt.,- Major rNoius,,, F,

o01. "avenort -hscomman~igofcr, in ap.'y qd
dirsPctfu mannr, at:Pr rmton 1,7- -y but the
tof Auut8 4wih dischri',pioes rwcn
fnement~ charged wihcptlofn -ouqyorr
authority, saying~ a~t te-sam tim-ta "h, oul dhm

effect, when the said prisoners were not caadjh-pita1 crime nor dischar ged without poer or. ath pr- a Stict
regard o te ui god
Lt. Col. I St Inji.

To whith Charge arid Specification the acsed 'Pleadeda,, follows:
Tfo the 1st Specification--"Not guilt.
To the 2nd, Specificatiotn--"Not guilty."
To the 3r 'd 'Specificati on--l"NLot guilty.
iTo 'the 4-th Specification-11"Not gui.'
To the 5th Speci ficaton-'-"1Not guilty/."
To theCHGIIA-O"Not guilty."
The Court find the accused, Ret. Majo 'Vii Os F. SMITH.
1 t Inft. as'followsOf~ te 1st Specification-Guiity, leavn ou- te word 'false1Y I' wheeve it occurs in the Specification; leaving out all after the words "whern he, the sad Lieut,. GCZ. tvenport, had eer infered9 4,."1
Of te 2nd Speciification-c uilty- laing ot th ord ffalsehy," ad all after the wod,"conal.
0Of the 3rd Specificatin-Gilty, leaving, ot the word

Ofthe 4th Specification-Gult.
O the 5th Spifition Guilty, lea~gu Ethe word

And Guilt oC the CHARGE, leaving out t~,,wrs"n

Th Cor sentence the acue, vt AoTnxsF
SM1TU of th ItReg oflnfantry "t, be'w pndfo

and to en o/uch priees onlyg asaeacr ,tohe

e, Offcers,

en A apph ii i s 'thedecision of -the our
the C'RS'6A'Of t Ma'o 'S -I but in' his long
j r, M TH consequence of
'-b'f a',-C -ou'rt-:,lbould. 'wi'th-du.,-e r"e,
coh arrea-, e .. e- gar
Ao thb: itlter s! :o".tho 's-ervl'c'e--beass lembled-fo' hi'Aria1--:dn:d in
fil mer duct in'' war- Ahe,
consider io. t Ills .1or, itoriDus con
14_ a'rd M. s ere itfi'd.
ffibtit i h b t
-061, y, m e
on A, in 4t,
A) r V:
13vt. Maio rII WTH WI I 'f&ume: his swordand ret-urn to duty
WI-ihIMIS1- Colm
ourCi,4 diss6l'ed.
orderOf MAJOR GF,1v IbtALT. P,'GAi "S

A. R C. Act. Asst. Adjt. Gen