Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Hoyt, Avery S
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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B-B-P-Q, 578-51

QraR,',NTI_' TLS JU,'D ,G J.

Thi information coltained iri thir, i rns coli-pile(l. _1 roi-i _.nwwrial
received from t-he plarit (Vnarci_-.ti"._'u 0f lliriscons1.11 rund b,)on ar, proved b,'- him. It is issued for coiiv ini.-',nco of plant quar; ,_-_tinc inspectors, shippers, tric <,;r1sq rr.nd othf-,,rs conc.-.rned
in the int-: state movement of plants, j.)1rLiit pro,' act:- !,'. ',d ot.iier -neatcrial,1 s bject to State re-ulation on tcconnt of -,larA u C-D 1

The summary for % isconsiii ,Jves tl. t ,eneral rocuircmonts for shirpin,nursery stoo,,- into that StLA ., Lis w1l as digests of tho State plant q7arxantines axid roC,, ulations z?.J'fectin,1- izitcrstAc shii)raoiAs. P.P-Pcn Ax furnishas information or., post-off cG requirements for mailiil- points, -.ell
B-S torminal-inspection procedirc!. TiA su%'Ziary not include H,-oFts
of nurscry-stock or plant- L-wtr im t in r-.1atin-, to. t_1
of plants entirely Witnin the Stat<%.

The inf ormat ion cont,,,-tincCi i ,i tlii ci rc-alar wa..- pr ',P, ,.r-,d jul i ot H. Carrington, Division of 301 ant ;;uarant in oc- --ind i,, to corr, Ct 4-Crj'_Led 4.
and complete up to the ti-me of but it is not inG "o
used indep ,,ndentl7,- of or ax a sii"t titute tor th, ri' 7i A. of _L regulations and quarantinir:s, ,nd it is -ot to b,- 1 ("7 al 1
authoritative. For detailed iiifor !-Ition Odrns,; t.*Ac State Entomoloj,ist, State Departmont of Atricult,.ire, Stato Capitol, Kadison 2, s C o r, s, i r.

in addition to Stat-c -.'e(juira;-.cntr, shipP.Cr- will k1 t o C; i 11 t o
I I-ed Str.-' -P Dopart;. cnt
consideration applicable -,pi nt (F)., ,,rr.ntines of tho 77ndt T -L,
J.. nio S t ,te the
of A,7,riculture instncos thi is, quarantin-- cz r, 112,
state move-iient of vpccifiod plants, plont r o CL i i c t s a., id o t r a r t c I 0 from designated regulntod aroar. Howe-f rq so:.ic of + ", -: rc'Fillate the interstate )o-,;-enent of ( ,'-rtain .rtie.les into ,esi,:rn-.tod prot-_ cted 1, T 7-7 (_ -P
areas. CorAes of such quarantia-.,, !2a-y 'bc o' t i- r --.I t"Ic _r' au 0 Fintoriolo.y and Pl,-xt "i, D. ce

et bureau of pzi t AO 1 0, fy L_1,',Pj int

",,,'isconsin nursery -stock
shipping roquirCLICntS


',ITS COjjTS T 1, T
-ii-.iary of General Nursery-Stock Shi pp
Su; nR Reauiroments
_r 4 4 6 G C 4. (Sa 2
(Wis. Stat- 19"3, ch.94,Secs-94-5l,9 -5'

Definition of Nurser7 Stock.-All ficld-r rown florist stock, trocs, shrubs, vines, cuttings,, grafts, scions, buds, J.'ruit pits aiid oth--r secdq of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, !jid other -plants and pln-nt T)rod.acts for propa,-ation, excc-pt field, ve-utable riid -Clowcr seeds, biddi-lig .."ants, and otaer herbaceous plants, bulb 7-, E .nd roots.

General S .,ippinF Require:ients.--Any nonrecidentu nur ,(,.r5,Man or do.- lor desir. ine to deal in nursorv stoc' i Ifisconsin should filc a c,,: rtif ited cop.,,'- of his Stat _--. inspection certific.Ac wit'i t'-,lj Wisconsin De-partLient of A, ricult-are and L-7 ,y n fee of $10. T Ik- :_')c-prrtmont may entor i-nto reciprocal
%,itla official-, of St: -A ,,s wad: r wnich nursery stock =y be shi,,)ed ,itholjt -Ina- -i,, cl-t -)f a, fc, -, in oitier St, .,tc. Princ ipals should secure an azent's ertificrtoj to --,e carriold b- ,, 0,,)(-,h a- nt (-!mnloyed by hi.m. Cortificates expire annually on October 1 'following- datc of issue. It is unla,,.rful to misranresent :rade, character., or quality of nursery stocir --)f_- ercd for sale.

Each carload e)r other contai-ner of nurFcr-v sto, -k mo-vcd into Wisconsin must attached an ins-ooction ccrtificato of the St-,,41,e of ori,7in. it is lawfull to accept 1mcertified nursery 2toc': for ship i nt. Carr" ors should re- )ort the -rrival of uncertified nursery stoc,- tn V.- -Jepart:.iont, and ,,Fhon so ArEcted by t1ae State, Entoi-iol'o,--list notif,,,., lill-I oz shipment of nursery stock and hold such subject to iiis ordc.,r.

Permits for Shipmont of Insects and Prti:io -,ons.--Zo ona,, sell, ofJ"cr for sale, or mo- re into 7 isconsizi any living insect in an, sta, -(., -of' dcvelnp- Ient or aiK., livir g plai-A patho .,-- ,,ns ,rjthout a p rrlit fro:i tao Wisconsin DepartmeLit of A,,ricuitur ,

xi-tonsin Plant

of Statc Plc--.nt

(( uarantia a 17o. (1 071sed f.:. ctivc Dec. 1,

The moremc.t into 'iliscolnsi-i of otli-r -,-,y Ex,,- 'in-1, and.
coral strni, or.-I-or in',r otiier
or stcr,)d in ti ,.c- irffost, is prohil,'4-6 .-,xc,-,.:-;t un',-r c rti-fias

Ka-.v- ancl. straw :,).o ,-e into fro- th-, in-fosted rro,-s w'Ii,:,'n inmoected rnd certified by a St-A, or lrt-... rzral ins-o,, .cto_- ,s fr-e froLi -.lf,, Lf'a
weevil, loaded in trcI :s, carc or otn,.z -rchicl,-'s frc.- f 7o: : int,;st,-,tion., a -1 -L 0 I ,,
nd acco:7m;-:.-,ied b- a co-oy of r. c; rl fi I,- to t.113 CIT:* (It.

Ar.-,, ilay z ni cerc, -i.! Ftra- Droclucl. in t'-_'o inf 7.ove into
Wisconsin accomy P.211-, d b,;- t,..a*,,. t, .0, o C, n f 1 i;r,, t 0
with mctvl. Yl ..,nd ;r siip,- rv7 sion of St-.te or 7;r d:7 ral
inspector Prd- in, -foune, f- '00. roil t; ', 0 1,,' C v

S,_,i4.P-10At7 of ric-1 r2iri el- o-,),,-'ed alf:_-.14a mco- move into
W i -s c o n s i i i f r o, -.I t i o i rl 17 ii n r e a s o Y, h e n P. c c o:, 7,, a i -_ i o d b -;- a c -.-:. r t -. "i ca t C t o
the ef. -oct th,-, t they ,rcrc pro -_,,)ced, -,s sT) e-, i i cd i n
tne m_,mlrantine, so to t.lcir infc.c."cd
Chom)ed alfalfa hay ,Ust bt: cnoiDncj. SIA-Oncd durin,: -n-riod
December I tiirou.,711

Certific,..Aios rxast bt ; i-i t1lo cf-_I- I,i:: I i7o'pector of
th,- State of ori -,in 7,r his r ci! on. t t J' ,On
orL:-imal certificate '-Id' 7t be 1.0 f
1 + i 0 o%
Industry, State Dcplarti.-. nt of Al',rici ,Llt-, X,1, th, , copy 'Aust bt:,, att (,Il cvr, truck, or _Y-Ix-: t. l of
product; rnd tho tri.jclicati co-,._,., -i st att",c'Ie" to t"'O w-a"ill.
cortificatc must shoi rte
of nII:nb,_,r car or of o rc 4.1ro
or own,,r of oi- oth,: r vchiclos.

Infested arr.-%,_,

A r i z o.,. o n r.% soIth
Cali.ornia b r ka
Color, 7 1.; 7, 1 a n
I Aaho Or2,-on

Wisconsin plant
quiaran tines

Cranberry False Blossom
(Regulation Ho. 6, Offoctivt3 Jan. it 19130)

Each shipment of cranberry plants ~avr.into Wisconsin rnist be oacconroanied by an inspection certificate of the Stvte of origin showin that the premises of ori -,n have been inspecte. ad found reasonably frec of' 1alsoe blossom. A tolerance of not more than 0.1 percent will be allowed 13nless a special permit is secured.

Rasbery Di seases
(Regulation, as recommended b.y th -e Central Plant 3oarft)

Any shipment of ra,)s-pberry plants !.-ovcd into Wisconsin Ohould have nttached to eh carload or other- containe-, I- certific,:to of the State of ori-in affirming tha-t it was iscoed after fulfi-L'xier-t of the following conditions: (1) Each block of raspberry IpIants in lati a inspcc-,t(;d
and rodued twicu durin, the previous su~mwith -,n interval of -.)t least 30 clays between i.-Is-ections; (2) not :-iore ti-an 2 o.rcent of thc plants was found infected. with oran.-e n,.st and other discasos ofk virus tyie on the first inspection, ,-nd not more than 1 percclnt or, thec second; e
z'11~l visibly infected plants were or ,Zicated a.iii~~ac~ ro--oved from thc <, lantvtion to thei scatisfaction of thei.u tr

Vie foregoing- sutmmary-, was revie-wod nd.:w'd oil .uus t 1, 1952, by E. L. Cliamberc, Stzate Entoraolopi-LA.

a I

Roquircments for Mailin, Pltnts )nd i lant Y-O.(,,Ucts

Undel, -Chc postal 1.-, v:s -.nd rc.jul,,Ainns, f.ield- roim 'I"lorists' stucJc nits., and ot ,r of i*r, -'_ 'jl l
or shrub:7, in,-. ot'-,_x unc'. plar IL- c(,paCation. incluclinj;
stniwberny plal"Us, exceptt ve ctit.le, zi,,,,-i bu-'.Jin ,
,-r ncrb aceoi- bull, e ad i t 't, c, d t c,
mm- 1- r) n li(:n a t hl
t c t t E, G 1 0 1 i:, C, I i c S f -i i r_-'! c tc, C
bc(-i a -,-ear ,Ll,ct *oa_-kJk t s and
SlIc" -ur"(.17Y "71 -A plainly
marked. tc 7 im%- of' u ad irc..:.7j c.-.'
scndai-. "Postal ,,.id 'e u-1-at' cn,, 35 (b) i i s, T c ction
( Uar' 117'1
and b-/ T 1(;jr l c. the Aate
of o-l-i,-in. An inc:_Lvi0bu i I.' Cl LIC,
from -L;_ninsp,-.ctccl T.)ru--JLit c, -,O"l I-m- 1- c t d
c c rt-LC-- c a J ( n c "v a quara,.".ine ci -icicl-10 ad.r(,ss oj, th,
UiZconsin pl,int i

lcrnli_ -ial ln ,qpcc-'kdon of .-.,7dl Ell._ T plan'. "a : l
Uxt 11-ar. 1)115, as Junc i., 1 36 Posta"i La7vs
an,! IV l9b8lp s,- c. 35.28)

r, j 7 f C jC,,-, 7 4- c an rx
t' I. c, provision ctf tl, tcr.Ilnal 1 -F sc> nlS to
rfl( 11,1 j,,,%Lj 5j'--jipj- (Cr
,Ilt- o nrcducts in ,,C.
S may., L' c d I f c; r L t t c, Y! z e aid living
Cie s i Ln at-_ j.
to have suc*-. mril
t r C(_11 ;iill'7, ,,l_'ll. n F c 1.0 T_ O Cat
made tr r c t D p 1
and t ydl_ I_'
r.7h(. 111 7_c',, v.- 'v:,! a, ::-r-vi-c in ,Dr n 1-irt -dll
4- I_
mittca te i rai ,(,r Wl lr-.! 0 r-IG Ci

T a--C(.! cc. -lir r, 17 C
a ,ta-*[ C C."r.". -1 ins- .cticn
-r-( n und ,- c li;iv Uhc --arcr"l C, _L.L OUL,Si(le -L,(" Sz't ,01, n I L.Iurc of '.hc IaL7
quarmmtln ,, cuxt lfic;;,t,_ '_'*L3su(. .Gl. b- t"ll of i'lt o i


Unc' c;r t,,- 1-il OV i 710 -tat(; f'.%y
1'., z .:crctai ,, o-L
A, ,,ricvtltulrc as Llncl_*Lcat i -.Lov... to i:% L-it into

(or within) the State of mail shipments of designated plants and plant products -the movement of which would constitute a violation of St C.t:z: plant quarantin,-, 1, or regulations.

Tern, i.,-i! 2 Inspection Procr,,d-ur(,.--t)j)c11 .-Xr4-val in u-, y State maintaining terrLinal ins section approved list
!)lants or plant products named on the will be by the po-tmastcr at ftstinalLion to thE., n(_arcst inspcction point. if t2e Plalts or products ar-: found, Lipon* inspection, to Le frco from injurious p(_ st6 and not in violation of any plant qunrarltinc or rcgulaticn of thc, ;tat ol dest.-Lnation or thc U--,-dt(-,d States. Department c.f 1,j_,,ricultur(2, or if d-j.sinfk stucll thcy -!re found infested, such pla,-As or plant product5 will thcri be for-,-arded b,,j thc; postmaster "at the point of insp,_ ction to the, adl(iressec upon p ymcrit of postage.

If pl,-ai-A-s or pla.A proclucts., upon ins -,cctJon are, found to be infastcd with Jnjurious pcsts -.nd c.-mnot be satisfactorily disinfested, or arc in violation o' an- U I)
Plant quarantiry or rc-ulation of' e 6tLntc of d( destination or t1,,,, Uni-2Lud & Stc-titcs G,.jpart.,-iA of kgr- culture, t1ia Postmaster upon noti-l''ic,-tion by th,-, -La-u- j nspxtor ifi 11 inform the sender thit the parc(AL wil].. Ic-_; return .,d to .*nir.i upon hd- r(.,qu(-st and at I-Js cxpensc. In dc;faul-;,, of such lulll( p-irc ,l will b, turned over to the
State authorities , dc0truction.
UrTits and products is no-,; la7d
lennin,)J_ insixction of i V stained
by Arizona., Arkr_111sas., California, District of Cciumbi,,_., Florida, hlawaii,,
-incso4 ico T'
I'd,11,1o I Mii V-a. PIonti,,n-, Orogoii, Pu(;,rto h 5 juall., rind
WashinEtori. Pl ,ntSd =--id _)(JIICU subj ct to t ,rnainal inspection and .pl,%ces whur, -, terninal-in ip ct'101 scrIvIce is ma-Intainod arc listed at the crid of the sLuraii.u-y uf the genorrtl nurs cry- stock rc qI-i-LrL mc.nts for cacll', of thc !- bovc-montjoned Status, District., and Territories.

Procedure for Paying T of paying fon adding
pogta.u are provide d to thu cf parcels sub.Y,,ct to terrunal inspection., as follows: (1) Thc addrcssc,_ may have the parcels addrossod to 1,imsc' L_ in car(_ of t.L!,, insj) _ctor at a designated tuxminalinspection point in th,,, Stat( of' d destination and provide thc inspector with postal.-le 'cr forwarding the inspc-ctcd plants; or (2) thc, addrcssue may arrange wit_ .- the senior tc place on thc, p, rceis a pludgc reading. "Forwarding posta-;, ., guarant,;(_d.,1I wh.orc-upon th- additi=2 postage for fcr addingg will L; colL ctud from th, adc.resse(..

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