Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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The information contained in this surnmary was com.ailed f-rom rat srial
received from tne plant quarantine official cf Ver-mont and has heeli ci 3proved by him. It is issued for the convenience of plant quarenatine inspectors, shippers, transportation a-ents, truckers, and others concz-rned.
in the interstate movement of -plants, plant ,rdcs an te aeil
subject to State regulation on account of plant pests.

The summary for Vermont gives the ,-cneral requirements for shia
nursery stock into that State. An -appendix furnishes information on postoffice requirements for iiailin;- plants, as woJll as t :'minal-inspectioil -procedure. This suimimary does not includ.z di-ests of nurccr---stoc!k andI plant
quarantine requiremen-ts relating, to the movement of --)lants entirely :!tllin
the State.

The information contained in this circular wtvas proeparod by Juliet H.
Carrington, Div-Lsion of Plant qurantines, anid is >civdto ;, correct and complete up to thco time of' pro-paratioi, but it is not intendod- to 'toused independently of or as a substitute for the on :3inal tcxts of tilo
regulations, and it is not to be interpreted a-3 12 ce-lly autlioritati-c. For
detailed information addroso the Director, Division of Plant P-st Control,
State Department of Ag;ricul ture vontpe1 icr, V,.!rmornt, or tho V-rmont
Nursery Ins-pector, 230 L oomnis Street, Purlingtor, Vermont.

In addition to Sta-to requirement-., shiprs will need to t-'- i 1o
consideration applicable plant quarantines of the TUnitC~. Stat -,s, DCP7,,rt.c,,nt
of Agriculture. In most instances those quarantines regulate tl> i-nt~rstate movement of s-oec'if .i*d plants, plant products, anri otincr :Zticlos from designated regulated areas. Hioevor, soiao of tl.requaranti~f- r
late the interstat(-e movement of certain 1-articlets into snadLpr ot cet, d
areas. Copies of such quarantines may bo, obtained from the Bu-.,reau oi
Entomology and Plant Quarantino, Washington 25 D. C.

C& c~ of ntbo~ at' Qgar ntins


Vermont nursery-stock
slipping requirements


Summary of General Nursery Stock Shipping Requirements (Acts 15 (1908), 16 (1910), 22 (1912), as amended by Acts (1923), no. 8, sec. 5) Definition of nursery Stock.--All fruit and ornamental trees, including forest trees, and shrubs, including fruit bushes. General Shipping Requirements.--Each shipment or container of nursery stock

mo ~ing into Vermont should be accompanied by an inspection certificate of the State of origin and carry the names and addresses of consignor and consi nee. Transportation companies are prohibited from accepting uncertified nursery stock for shipment under penalty.

Vermont maintains no State plant quarantines affecting interstate


The foregoing summary was reviewed and approved on September 8, 1952, by Perry H. Merrill, State Forester.


Requirements for Mailing Plants and Plant Products

Under the postal laws and regul.ations~ nursery stock., includi n,'- all field-grown florists' stock, trees, shrubs,, vines, cuttizl;, grals, scions, buds, fruit pits, and other seeds of. frtit and ornaiw-r nal tree" or shrubs, and other pl.,nts, aiid plant products, for I1ropa,, at.Ion, iicluciLing strawberry plants, (except f.*eld, vegetable, -Ud lover seeds, bedding, plants and other herbaceous. plants bulbs, and roots), jnybe adotitted to the mails only when accom-,panied by a State inspection ccrt:Lficate ft ther effect that the nursery or prer,-ises _from wihsuch Lstock iS hiJpFped has been inspected within o year and found free froii, Jixjur-jOus din"-,cts a1d plant diseases. Parcels coiitainin s'.:cii nursery Ltock irusL b(. plainly marked to show the nature of the Qontents aid the na- rIe -.nd a-ddress ou, the sender. (Postal. La.,ws and 5euations 1948, see, 35,27(b)). inspection and certification must be done by a plant quarantinc offIcial of the J'tate of origin. Arn individual ,nailing of sue!,. plants or plant products, if ]from uninspec ted prenliscs, will also be accepted upon examination and ecrtil~ication by a State plant quarantine offiLcial. TIhe address of 6he Vermont plant quarantine official i_- 5,iven in the preceding summary.

Terminal Inspection of Mail -hipmkents _of' Flaia and Plant Products
(Actl~ 4a., 19-IH7 a amended Junc L,,, 1930i Pcstal Laws and R~egulations 1943, secc. 35,2G-)

Establishment of ilermin,:] 1Ins- ectijon. -- .ny State (esiring, to olpciatt_ under the provisions of thrie turmTinal insp, ction law so as to re,7ulatc the_ imovcement of mail shi p -, ntc. of plants and plant prod,.cts into (or within) the Stat may,. afte-.- having, provided theref or at Ltatc, exuxcnso and, having designated one or imore places where inspection irill be m.aint.a-Lind, arrange
to hve uchmai snpmcts ur-d over to State plant quarantineu ins-'),ctors for examination at designate d inspection points, Application .l be made to 'ithe Secretary of Agriculturt by submitting, a list of plants and plant products arid the plant pests transmitted thereby, which arc to be examined. 'Ihe list, when approved in whol,. or in part, will be tramittcJd to The Postmraster Gc.nc2ral whereupon postmasters will be infor.i,-a and instructed.

Anyone mailing :a parcel containin, a ny plants or pl~tproducts a ddrcsscd to :,ny p12cc ithin a State maintaining tcrminel inspection thcrceof
is eocx:J un r he awto ha~vu tL parcel plainly. mark ,.d on the outside to '%o-z h. nature of the. contents. iiatcrials shipped d underI'dea quarartine; certificates issued by the Burea-,u of _'Entomology :--nr'Pl Quarantie. ma y be exempte-.d from terminal inspection at t .o-tion o: tix. rcceiving State,

Under the provisions of t;ao 1936 mnintto tf1> law, any State may arrange through Federal ch-annels, after r approval by the. Secretary ef Agriculture as indicated above, to r(,gulatc or prohib-it thf-e movfemelnt into

(or ~ ~ c~n tu tt fmalsim s oj designated plants and plant
products the rievi iet o which wou,,ld constitute a violation of State plant quarantined' laws or r ;ulat ions.

TermnaliQ~ cion roceclure. --lipon arrival in any State mainatining
t~r Inl la> tiuipl:anrts or plant products named on the approved list IAll be1 L by the postmaster at destination to the nearest insp,-c zkion point. if thu plants or lntproducts are founuo npc
t.Lil to b,-- free from injurious pests and not in violation of any plant
qua<~et~eor regulation of the Stat(e of destination or the United States
mp:2tx~htof Aricultur, or if disinfested when they are found infesed
TcK1iwuts or plant products will then b,-, forwarded by tac postmaster at
I;point ofi insp ction to thle addre sscce upon pay ment of postage.

If plants or plant products, upon inspection, are found to be infksted ii1 nilurious pes.ts and cannot be satisfactorily disinfested, or ,ar Jtn violation of-L any plant quarantine or rec-ulation of the State of
J~~t'tonor thl hit'_d States Department of Agriculture-,, the postmaster upon notification by the; State inspector will inform the sender that te pDi- rzccl will bc returned to him upon his request and at his ex~ensein ofun i such request the parcel wi.;_ll b... turned over to the St!at,_ aut:LIori'ics for d, truction.

lerLiin-l inspection of plants and plant products is now maintained by Arizoreo, Arkansas, Cal if ornia, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, 1d-1o I"'inwsotaj Mlississippi, Montanfa, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah. and ~ashn~ en. lants and platit products sub-'ect to terminal inspection and pl-ce"s iehere temnlins pect ion service is maintained are listed at the
~neofth su iryof the7 he'neral nursery-stock shipping requirements for
e( of the a-'bove-mentioned 0States, District, and Territories.

Procedure, for Pa in,-, Forwarding Posta?,c.--iedthods of paiffrwarding post,7a-(. are: p-rovided to cexpudite the handling of parcels subject to terrwinal inslpection as follows: (1) The addressee may have the parcels addro;sed to hmlfin c.-re of the State inspector at a designated terminalinspuction point in the- State of destination and provide the inspector
-Ath postaicu for fc nardinE the inspe_-cted plants; or (2) the addressee m'y arxrange with the sender to place. on the parcels a pledge reading,.
1Kor-~iapostage guaranteecd, whe,(reupon the additional postage for forwurdin,,: will be collected from the addressee.

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