Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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SUMA&Ry Op STA :, 1TURSRy-srioC: S{I??111G R7,QTJI7 S .if)PLU 1

Th e informationn contained in this summary was compiled from material received~froa the plant quarantine official of Utah and has been approved
b'him. It is issued for the 66nvenience of~ plant quarantine inspectors, sippers, tranportnation agents, truc *kers, and otht-rs concerned in the interstate movement of plants, plant prollucts, and othcr ma-teria-wls subject to St- \te re~gulation on account of plant pests.

The summary foir Utah gives the ;;eneral requirements for shipping- nnrs y stock into that State, as well as digests of the Strto pla1tnt qu-'-.rantines and regulations affecting interstate siinnts. Acin appendix furnishos info'rmatioii on Jost-office requirements for mailing plants as well as 1terminal-inspect ion procedure. This summary does not include *i3iosts of nseIr-stock or plant-quarantine requirements relating to the mnovcmont of plants entirely within the State.

The information contained in this circular i-, b1eljAvet to be correct
adcom'plete up to thc; tirie of preparation, but it is not intnnde L to be ud independently of or as a, substitute for the original texts eof the regulatings and quarantines, anf, it is hot to be interpreted as legally authoritative, F'or detailed infor-irtion alddress the StatesSuperrising Inspector, State Department of Agriciflture, Salt LrJce City, Utah.

In addition to State requirements, shippcurs will need to take, into
consderaionapplcabe plnt u-arantines of the U~nited.. State Department of Agriculture. In most instances those quarantines re- late the into-state npvemaent of specified plants, plnnt -products, arJ other rarticlcs from de'signated rej~alateft areas. HIowever, so;.e of~ these qurrantines roe7ulate the interstate movement of certain. articles into desi-;.natod protoctcd areas. Copies of such quarantines may be obtained from, the 3uronu of Entomology and Plant QZuarnntine, Washington 25, D. C.

a cting Chief, ,rc0a i of 3ntoroZ rnd PI&nt Quarantine

Utah nursery-stock
shippiOn& requirements,

Summry of General iTrsery-Stock Shipping Requirem~nts
(U~tah Code Annotated 1943, title 3, ch.3, secs.9,1O,12-15;
Regulation u~o. )4, effective June 10, 1947)

Definition of N~ursery Stock.--All field.-grown florist stock, trees, shrubs, viLnes, cuttings, g-rafts, scions, buds, fruit pits and otl'er seeds of fruit and. ornamental trees and shrubs, anq. other plants and plant products for propaga-tion, except field, vegetable, and flower seeds, bedding plants and othc~r herbaceous plants, 'bulbs, and roots ainy or all1 of which may be nursery stock at the option of the State Borard of Agriculture.

General Shipping Reguirements.--Anyone selling nursery stock, including LiMulbs, iii~ Utah or Iroving, it into the Stnte for sale must secure an annual license from the State Board of- Agriculture, Salt L~ake City, by paying a feae of 10. The licence covers thde period January 1 to December 31.A list of ",.is agents must be filed, and each agent provided witha credentials.

,21Pch slaiprn nts or nursery stock rmust have attached an inspection certificate of thec State of origin va.nd a label rshowing nomns of shipper and consigrne, contenti ofF siinment, andi locality :here grown. Notice must be sent. to the Utah Stte Board o2 Agriciulture ofL each shipment of nursery stoc-'c to -be ma-le, giving the name- and address of consignee, datd of shipment, an'- numbeDr of :;2.c ty of n1ant in the shipmeont. Oiily clea-n packing materJ_,).Ls, such as shavi2:ig, s':-in-letoe, excelsior, and miosE- may be use'- fo~r poac!ki '- nurs( ry,, stock.

..,c one '-iay sell or &i'strib~ito in Utah nursery stock from outside the
taeuhtil it has been insw!--teXI. Crriers must hold -all nursery stock ,arrivf!ig frcrni points outside the Stato until released by an inspector of thc,-, Utah State Ioard rf Agriculture.

Plant Mr).ter~nl( -,i$bji-ct to Terrmninu'.1 Inspection

T1he St:-te of Utanh has airranged., under the plzan ,x-)lained in tho appoad-ix-;, -for termintol. i nsi)c tion of tile followilig rr-L-.terials: iAll floristst stcc, tre, shrubs, vine s, clittin.-s grafts, scions, buds~, fruit oaits Pqd other secdls of fruit and ornnamental trees or shrubs, and oth,,er planta. an1. plfrnt prcdluets ir. the raw or urmu:tr state, except vegetable.:. an:. flower seedls.

Terminal Inspection Points in Utah

Bri'-iani C i ty Lo 6,an *Provo
*Cerlr City *Og den *Richfield
Ft-rming ton Price Salt Lroke City

*Places to which parcels shall "be set when addressed byr the mailer in care (-.f ,, -pla:nt iiEpector for onward transmission to the ultimate addre ssc.

Utah plant

Bummary of' Plant Quarantines

Apl and Pear Scab
(Regu lation N0. 3, effective June 10, 1914-)

All apples and pears shippedl into Utah must be inspected upon arrival at destination.' If' 20 percent or less of any shipment. is infected
with apple. or pear scab, such pac-kages may at the option and! expense of' th~e owner or agent be repacked or returned to the chipper. Shiprn _nts of pears -tnd apples showing scab infection greater thanx .20 percent will h e retuied to the shipper or destroyed.

Coirmon carriers must notif;: the local inspector of the arrival of a-pples and pears from outside the State and. holO any 5=ch shipr: ,nt fr, inspection.

Charry Truit "lies
(Quarritntine 14, revised effective June 10, 19117-; as ameonded effective Julyj, 194-9)

Cherry fruits grown in or shinped from tho areas in Idnho, Orel-on, and Washington Thfested with cherry fruit flies are prohibited_ from,
moving into Utah.

CheGrry fruits that 1havo bben grown, packac,, ,7nd sto)red in n shiped from the nouinfestel trrens vill be adinitte4l into Utah -,hen ench such lot or -shipment is accompanied by Stt-fQincertification settinforth the locality whero the cherries were grown and packed, .wTero stored if stored, and the names ancl addresses of grower, shipper, -,na consignee,
Aopy of each certificate must bo moilod in ndvr.ncc of Shipmen~t to "l~e
Division of Plnnt industry, State De-w-itMent of A-riculture, 2alt11 L~eCity%;.

Noninfested areas

I dalo: Entire Stt2 except countios of 3enewrh, 7Koctenai, iL.ta:7
Oregon: Counties of 3a-,'cr, Coos, Curry, Doug' a s, Jrckscn, Josciahine
Ln]ke, Malheur, Wllowa
Washington: Counties of AdnCholan, Columbia,D Dougln s, Terry,
Gairfield, Grant, Lincoln, Olkanogan, -end Oreille, Stev ns,
Whi tman

Utah P I P..a t

Colorado Potato Beotle
3, revisoo. effective June 10, 1947)

Pir nts or cuttingc- of tom, ,toef7, eggplants, n(! -Dot -Ltoes, including potat,) tubers, will be .tjLIitted into Uta- i from tho quarantine areas r)nly when (,,ach shipi.inant or lot is accomp-micd by certification of the Stak.c, Territory, or Aistrict of origin that all su-c1i restricted artiwore -rown in L-.nd shipped from a locrlity free from Colorado potato ben, b Ie.

jilach -,Hipment or lot of pounto tubers moving into Utah from the
quo.rantined. -ire,-).s must be' acconpr),hied by State-of-origin certification
th.n.t n.11 b-uch tiibers were wn-she ,, screezied, or dthorwise
freaO. of soil rzA I-iost-plrl.nt r7ebris an t.,.,i.t th y were placed in -new r)- rrcl, -.ned sacks or -th(,r cont-,)dnc)rs imze(lin.toly prior to loacling, or s.'Ii-pT)e(! fr ,m cl, ,-).n ,torngo free from :potatoes an containers.

arantine axe-- s

All Stp.tes, Torritoric s, districts of the Uniterl States, exr02t

Crlif'nrnio., H. .Waii, -n., N-Ivafta.

Utah plant


Earopeoan Corn Borer
(Quarantine 7, revised effective June 10, 1947)

Stalks, ears, cobs, or other parts or debris of corn,broomcorn,
sorghums, and g0dan grass (except clean seed and shelled grain) grown in or shipped from the quarantined areas as such, as packing, or as seedcontaimination refuse, will be admitted into Utah only when each shipment or lot is accomapnied by a certificate signed by (1) an inspector of the Federal Bureau of Entomology and Plant 1nrantine certifying that such atkles were treated under his supervision so as to eliminao.te all risk of transmitting the European corn borer, or (2) by an official of the State of origin certifying that such articles were treated under his supervision by a method approved by the Utah State Board of Agriculture. Such certificate must state, details, date, and place of treatment.

Cut flowers and entire plants of aster, chry santhemum, dahlia, nd gladiolus (except corms, toots, bulbs, or tubers without stems), lina beans Ad e'oon shellbh bna (raxbcrry or horticultural) in the pod, beets with tops, and rhubarb (cut or plants and roots) grown in or shipped from the quarantined areas will be admitted into Utah only when each
-shipment or lot is accompanied by certification by a Federal inspector o r an official of the State of origin that the material in such shipment or lot was inspected and found free from infestation by the borer, except that cut flowers and entire plants of chrys,nthemum, and rhubarb .(cuit, or plants and roots) propagated an. grown in a greenhouse located. in the quarantined areas will be admitted into Utah when so certified by the State of origin, certification to nccomptony each shipment or lot.

There are no restrictions on the movement of quarantined articles that have been processed or manufactured so as to eliminate all danger
of carrying the European corn borer.

The restrictions of this quarantine do not apply to importations requested by the U. S. Department of Ariculture.

Quarantined areas

Connecticut Massachusetts Ohio
Delaw are Michigan Pennsylvania
Illinois Minnesota Rhode Island
Indiana Missouri Tennessea: Counties of
Iowa Nebraska 1,ontgoney, Robertson,
Kansas New Hampshire Sumner
Kentucky New Jersey Vermont
Maine New Ycrk Virginia
Maryland North Carolina West Virginia


Thit-Tree Casebearers
(Cquarantine 6, revised. effetv vJune 10, 13947; as amended effective July, 1, 109)

Restricted prodxicts.--Trees or parts thereof' (eicept'nuts) of all species ancO varieties of hickory, pecan, anrl walnut.

Conelitiona :governling miovement.--l. Trees, bud~wood, -and scions of hickory, pcan, Pnd walnut will be adnittea into Utah under permit issued and conl- litions specified! by the Utah State Board. of A.griculture. Applications for permits hbauld be made to the 3Board -,nd should state 'amounts and kind of trees, budwood, or scions to be ship-nel into Utah, locality where grown, anrl nanes and addresses of shippor --nd the consignee in U~tah to wrhomi the permit should bo sent.

2. Bare-rooted trees and budw.ood. an-d scions of hickory, pecans and walnut growti in, or sli"Ppecl from the infested ar eas will, be admitted in-to Utah wl-,er fumiiga,)ted. in a fumigation chamber approved. in writing by, the Federal. 13ureau of Mntomology Cn.-Y ?l-~ qurntn and accompanied by cerfification of the State of origin that such procedure has been followed. Acopjy of such certif icato m-.ust be mailed. at time, of shipnc~nt to the Division of Plants a~nd Trees, State Department of Agriculture, Salt L,-.Ice City'

Infested areas

All States ran-. districts of the United States east of and including lio]-itaina, Wyoming, Colorado, -_nd. Few Mexico.

Utah plrLnt

Peach Mosaic Disease
(quarantine 1, revised effectiveJune 10, !947)

RestricteO. products.-Alnonl, a-pricot, nectarine, peach, plimn r n 4 n %-i x n o trees. rootstock, Crafts, buds, or other parts thereof cr.-palle of propagation, except fruit pits.

Conditions zov-rni!iL shi-pnent.-Thc rest:-icterl products may not be 'rzv-,sported from any regula-'Ge4 area into, within, or fror, 1 Utah unlesss each such shiD;-ent is accompanie-I y-a valid peach-mosaic inspection ci rtl-ficate of the State of origin bearing the nin;me anO- address of tl,- : orowor.

Co nd itions of certific,tion.--Ccrtificatiis nay be, issuel- on c,)n,'iti,)ri that all diseased trees are removed from the environ:1-7 of nurseries budwood, sources for a rarlius of 1 mile by or before 15, t3h at
subsequent fall inspection is made of thf peach nursery Z-toc- before dsfoliatllon, proviOed that certificates will not te issuer for 1 lowin- the of mosaic in-."eation either --;.n or imm.edia-tell;'
to a nursery black or budwood orchard. The annual inspection of hosttretes within such I-mfile radius is -equi--el. All I udwood edurel i n o r shipped from a rogalated area muet I-e cut lender Ve --irpervi! ion o-:7 P.71 inspec-11-ar ptne, covered by a special certificate.

Shipronts for scientific purnoses.-T'here are no restrictiol-is, -,n
'0, + ( i 11
mentz to the LT. So Dew ttmen. of A --rimltureor to rcco-niz(' Stc V-, st-itutions .0 -perimental or scientific pur poses o:mept th-' r. -ocrmit mu-st be secured for such movement into oi- -a-I-thin Utn;.;i.

2e Mgatel areas

Arizona: Countics of Apache, Coci-ise, Coconin ), rahrm,
Pima, Santa Cruz, ',,-vapai
Californi.v.46 All of tan Dier n f le s
,o County ;%ni. 4-hoce of Los
Rit.rersido, 1nd S;,..n 2-: rna.03-ino Countiei covere(i by th,,
Califrorni,-. Intrastate ciuarantinc

Colorado: Counties of Delta, Mesa, Iionte.-i:um,,.i Few Mexico: Cowities of Beriin.15'.11o, Dona Ana, Lincoln, Otero, Ei--- ArribL,
Sandoval, San Jurm, &-trta Fe, Sierra, Socorro, laos,
0 k-I -%ho m Counties of Alf,-.lfa, Bryan, *Vo O-,
Texas: Courties of 7 rown, Burnet, C-, 1 !.A Che ro ice C
Dallas, Eastlan-,I, "il Paso, Fannin, Fisl-?r, 171oyd,
Radzpeth', 10ones, Millo, I'alo Pinto, Ilarker, Funnelu, Rush, Sen Saba, Smit#, Tarrtnt, Tf7j ,rlor, 'JtL Shur, 7ilbarF,'-0r,- 1".70o(It
Ut r -, Counties of Grrand and

Utah PLznt
quar:int I n e s

.Lot to Tuber-I'loth and Potato Ealworm
(' ,._razntine 2, revisee- effective Juno 10, 1947)

Re, latnd -product s.--Tom 'tto nlf nts aMl potatoes.

Cr,-.rlltions -,over-_nLin- shi-oment. --Each ohinme-l' C'f om -to -plants from the
il)f,_,st -A raa irast Ibe accon-patied. by certi-L"'ic- ,%Jon signeO at point of ori -in stati.'-117 that the fields in which such plcnts were grown anft the '.Aher. .-eady for shi-)M, ntp were ins7oacted. and found :..roe frc-m pot-to tu7L),-;r mot -i : nq eelwom A copy of such certificate Prist be sent to the Division of 1'1,-.nt Inductury, Statc Qepartment 0A.,
Salt VY.

Each sliipm- ;nt of potatoes f rom the infesteft -,-"ea must be 'accom-panied.
,y -er'ifierntion ,).t PoInt origin t',-.t (1) th, district in 1,,ihich
potatoes iorere ':-;roun is -free froir potato tuber moth, as determined. by I.L-,ht-tr;,:vo c;urve-vs or dthor pprovo(l_ methods, z ,nd by fi -.ld inspections,
Of -uch pdItatoos when read r for Phipment revealed themto be frco from in-icstation, or (2) such pot toes were fbmiFatod, by ono of tl e methods, -tnd. not Cxoossrl to rainfostation t-hereafter. Such
certificate must s-pecify shiTmir,, point, 6-ates of inspection '--Md filmigra, ti, .i, nv71ber of in, s1lipri,.nt, crr namf r n! number, %nd nn--ies
of and Con."ji'Meco C )py of such certificate nust
be Pent t- '?,.c; Divi -,iDn ()-f

Each cont-ainer ol' pot; .tnes, when in less than the original
cario,-u! lot, :-u:it 'jo .rith a tar, showin- St--te or Territovy of otin, nol nt, cnd nLu-iber o-' certific-,te issued on entire lot.

C'-' 11 f 0 r ni Z- L o u i s iz)za Tennessee
171 o r ilt,. D-th Carolina Texas
i South Cnrolinla Virginia

swuiary vr,:.s chocked rnd Proved, on October 6. 1949, by Don R. Merkley, then Stcate Entcmologist, State Department of Agriculture$ UtZLII.


Requirements for Mailin Plants and Plant Products

Under the postal laws and reguLations, nursery stock, includ'inT all field-grown florists' stock, trees, shrubs. vines, cuttings, grafts, scions, buds, fruit pits, and other seeds of fruit and ornamental trees
or shrubs, and other plants and plant products for propagation, including strawberry plants (except field, vegetable, and flower seeds, bedding plants a.nd othrr herbaceous plants, bulbs, and roots), miay be admitted to the mails only when accompanied by a State inspection certificate to the effect that the nursery or promises fiom which such stock is nhipper' has been inspected within a year :ni found free from injurious insects 7nd plant diseases. Parcels containing such nursery stock must be plainly marked to show the nature of the contents and the name and adldross of the sender (Postal Laws and Regulations 1940, sec. 595) Inspection ana certification must be done by a plant quarantine official of the State of origin. An individual mailing of such plants or plant products, if from
uninspected prcmrises, will also be accepted upon examination and certification by a State plant quarantine official. The address of the Utah plant quarantine official is given in the precedin; suimary.

Terminal Inspection of Mail Shipments of Plants and Plant Products
(Act Hare, 4, 1)15, as amended. June 1936; Postal Laws and Regulations 1940, sec. 596)

Establishment of Terminal Inspection,--Any State desiring to operate under the provisions of the terminal inspection law so as to reul~te the movement of mail shipments of plants and plant products into (or within) the State may, after having provided therefor at State expense and having designated one or more places where inspection will be maintained, arrange to have such mail shipants turned over to State Plant quarantine inspectors for examination at designated inspection points. Application will be made to the Secretary of Agriculture by submitting a list of p1ants and plant
products and the plant pests transmitted thereby, which are to be examined. Thc list, when approved in whole or in pert, will be transmitted to the Postmaster General whereupon posthasters will be informed and instructed.

Anyone mailing a parcel containing any plants or plant products addressed to any place within a State naintaining terminal inspection thereof is required, under the law, to have the parcel plainly marked on tne outside to show the nature of the contents. Materials shipped under Federal
quarantine certificates issued by the Bureau of Tntomolcgy and Plant Quarantine may be exempted from terminal inspection at the option of the receiving State.

Under the provisions of the 1936 amendrent to the law, any State nay arrange through Federal channels, after approval by the Secretary of A-griculture as indicated above. to regulate or prohibit the movement into


3 1262 09314 8921

(or within) the State of mail shipmen~ts of' designated plants and plant products the,. move-ment of which would constitute a viol,-tion of Sta.te plant quarantine lauis )r rog.lations.

Terrnru' Inspection ?rccodurc.-Upo'n arrival in any State m~aintaining~ terminal. inspection, plants or plant products named-on the approved list' will bo forwarded by the postmastor at destination to the nearest inspnction point. If the plants or plant products are fmiind, upoon inspoection, to be free from injurious pests and, not in violation of any plant quarantine or regulation cf the State of destination or the Unitod Stateo Dope-.rtrient of Agriculture, or if. dsinfestod when thoy are found infosta such plants or plant products will then be forwarded by the postmaster at the point of inspection to the addressee upon payment of postage.

If plants or plant products, upon inspection, arc found to bo inifested with injurious pests nd cannot be sra-tisfactorily disinfestedl, or arc in violation of a")ny p:1tit quarantine or regulation of the State of destinnation or the United1 StatesDepartment of Agriculture, tho postMaster upon notification by the Stoate inspector will -inform the sandoz' r that the parel will be returnci t(, "nim upon his request and at his c~x ponse. In defa,.ult of -such rec-uost the parrcel will bo t1urned ovor to the State authoc-rities for destruction.

Terminal ir_-,spoction of plants arc! plant products is now rAnintained
by Arizona, Arkansas, California%, District of Columibia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Minneosota, Mississippi, Montana, Oro~on, Puerto R~co, Utah, and Wnshington. Plants ndplant prod~ncts subject to. termina--l inspection and plnaces whorc terminal,-inspection)_' service is rpaintainod listed PAt he end of the sumnry of the, gnnera, l nursery-stock shipping requirements fo eaclh o' the ,bo,7o-montionod States, District, and Territories.

Procedure for Paying Forwarding, Postage. --Mothods I of paying forwrtrding po~stagZe arc provided tc exped)~citn the handling, of' parcels siibject to ter mnal inspcctiin, as follows: (1) Tho, addressee mayr have the pa'rcols ad-. dressed to himself in ccare of the Stato inspector at n. designated. tcrmn inspection point in the State of destination an0d provide the ins9poctor iwith postage for forwardirZ the inrspecte'd plants; or (2) the aaddressee nny' arrange withi the sender to place on tho parcels a pledge reading, "Forwarding postage guaranteed,"I whereupon the additional postage for forwarding will be collectedt frori the addressee.