Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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Washington 25, D). C.

August 14, 19149


The information contained in this summary was conm)ie. from material
reeved from the plant quarantine official off Texas and -has been a:;' rroved
trhim. It is issued for the convenience of plant qunarantina inspectors,
sipers, transportation agents, truckers, and others concerned in the inltrsate movement of plants, plant products, and other materials subject
to State regulation on account of plant pets.

The summrary for Texas gives the general requirements for shipping
nreryj stock into that State, as well. as dligests of the State plant quaratnes and regulations affecting inter-st-ate shipironts. An arpondix furnses information oni post-office requirements for mailing plants az; well as errminali~nqpection procedure. This summary does not inclde d4 -Pcts
ofnrsery-stock or plant-quarantine requirements relating to the -aov-3rnent
Ofplant.s entirely within the State.

The information contained in this circular is belisve~i to br, corroct and complete up to. the time of preparation, but it is not intended %.o be tdindlepend-ently of or as a substituted foT the original texts of the regulations and ,quaratitines, and it is not to be interpreted as legally authoritative. For detailed information address the Chief, Division of Plant Quiarantines, State Department of Agriculture, Austin, Texas.

Ini addition to State requirements, shippers will need. to tn-ke into
consideration applicable plant quarantines o-f'" tho Unitod States Delpartment of~ Agriculture. In most *instances these 'quarantines r ,gulat.z the interstate movement of~ specified plants, pl,-zt products, and other 2tC~ from designated re-alated area.,s. howeverr, some of these quaarrantines rc.g-ulate the interstate movement of certain articles into 'Icsignatcel protected areas. Copies of such quarantine mLlxj be obtained from the Furoau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Vashington 25, D. C.

Ac ting Ghief, WL-CanU of Etomg and LlditQuarantineV

ship ,An-, requircricnts

Strniu-r7r of Glonorz ,! fmrser1?---Stock Shi-p Roqui*romphts
".irs. Inq) Lr w, J-s.129-135, Rev. Civ. Stat.- .1925,
1941; ch.10, arts.1694,1 69( 1699, Rcv'' CrIm. Stat. lq 25)

StDok.-.ill fruit troos a_,id vincs, shade trees, an(l s, Vc. t 1 i c r rurscn -g-, C>
-own or, w.1.1d; all scions, seedlings, ioses, shribs, or orra-mcntals, also -uch plan t s or prob--x-::.'T !'lants; 61vt ficw,7 is t-:ikon from plant -,rr wing n Stnto ma.- lr-- U,- I 14 '. cr insect posts

a rtai & i r%) i i .--Yo o or',y -7hip nurs-r,?- stock into Tox,7%s
'!T i t, t ()"I t mi zs- U
1 Q tho TrIxe, Conq A rriculture ac ,rti0 Cortific-tr, of in,,ipoctio-n cf State of Ori,-11L. Vaen
I-,,, ock J,z roqnire3- tl)-e cortifict:te must zhov t1int such
f-jnir atcd or otlleroris, trc; C-,tocl. if thc certificate is ac41-o th- C-)1,triiscic ner a To xas IrTportritinr cortificatc; %rill. 1c issued into Tt!x,-,s -f tho stoc'c 6escribcd. Each co _tai.L or
stc,:!k -froLi the )Statc nkslu a tax; on Vn.-ch is print-Cl
crqy of Vio of tle Stato of ori,-,In. The rnovement of citrus
s'uoc.-. into Te7 ,-.s lfr-in. ,n, r arz)a is prohibite-1. exec-ot -under Gpecli l
rcr _-At k7 t io CoLi:Ussi-,'nor, Soo Cit,.1-Is 1"I)rsory-Stoch.,

-) carrier shall roccivo, trans--ort, or r!,31iv(.r shi-Oments, of nursery st")cll'- when not nccon-_Panio by copics.of ins-oect.i.on cortificat.:)s, as re1. J_ k, -for -efusin- to
o i r Th sho," 1 no-- be. lirlbie for Oaiiaves
FIO The t-ent of glAc'] sl. ll ira,iuli, j.tely report anccrtificd
to thl -, 0,,rrAsslonor.

It ii" 7,1ilawfit! for ar ,- CVI-ont cf or a dealer to dolivcr
or plants to cvor such plants -are received
in c -n J.3-i.-pectior. cerluifftcrto.

Citrus, sea(,Pcb. lo46)

H 0 0 nr-, r. nz; 7- l V, c t _L c s c (,, rl i n t o T e D "),s i i b h o u t f J r 6 t fA -L r n s h i n the
of A, 7ricuitl-rv wit3-_- a certified official sttte:lent from the
-;ri, ;in, ri- .e oi-tt in t1--at th., eel. w,- .s "harvostod in
froc. froi.i citi-as cnn'cr and in an area fi.-eo fror.,i quick decline
tc,-et,-_ er with an af- id,,tvit V-'at thr' secol was treated in the
S!;"Cified -ntisejCtic Thc ccrtificl-te must be attached
to t*'I'! ()1)t--'Lr"C) o-1 _. tile cantriij-ier in Iiiij&L sof-,cl is !-hipped, r,nd a (1uplicat riu-t Cnt to Vle Cor,,missionfir ii. advznz.ce of shiwiont.

Texas nursery-stock
shipping requirements

Citrus Nursery Stock
(Rogultio ls

No onc mny chip citrus nursery stock into any part of Texas withc-lt having obtained fron the Commissioner of Agriculture a special citrus
license, nnd no one ma~y shi-!D such stock into the counties of Crnreron, WillacY, Hidalgo, Starr, Xenedy, Brooks, Jim IHo gp and Zapata except under special permit. Applicants for the special citrus licernse, in ad(iti, fl to c&omplying with all requirements for a general nur3ery license, must file with the Commissioner (1) a statement sifnned. by the applicant nnd the chief nursery inspector of the State of origin shoitring the number of each va~riet- of citrus trees --rowing on the properties of the applicant and
(2) -:a agreement to ship into Texas on-ly ,,tock crown on his own pjrcmioes and covered by an inspection certificates o-f the, State of orig-in to fur'nished. to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The stock irxst be free from all1 injurious posts atnd in no caslo will 'stock locn-ted. within 10 miles of any citrus cankler, scaly bark or ca-.2phor scale be periiitted to be delivered in Texas. The citrus stock rMust (1) be acceompanie~ft by an official cortificato showin,- that it 1las beoen Iefoliated, scrubbed, and reinspected when -pack,-.; (2) bear a label showin; its ar-os, variety, and. rootstock; -and (3) have on the container the sneocial Texas citrus license tag nid thec ins-pection certific ,.te of the Stnte of origin.

Citruis Fursery Sdtock and -Fruit
(H. 3--. 526 approved J une 30, 1939)

No one may ship citrus nursery sOtck o~o citrus fruit into Texas
without first having filed with the Cor-issic1er of A,,riculturo a cert4fied copy of a. certificate of the State o-f origin show,2ng (1) thc-t the stock or fEmit was produced in a county kriown to be free from the black scale, 'branch and twig borer, long-tailet-d. mcalybug-, orazzu-c-peol incr, withertip of lime, and scely bark, or (2) that tho stocks an fruit have bean treated by a method approved, by the Coi~issiun)rer.

iWo carrier shall receive, trans-port, or deliver shipments of citris nursery stock or citrus fruit origintiting outside the StatoD whic h do not bear a copy of the inspectiam certificate- of the State of Ori-in aal of the Texas permit issued by the Comriis2;ioner; .-11 --r, crrrior shr.11 be lia-ble for damages for refusing to do so.

Te--,.-aa nur-,ery-stoc1:
shl.n-oin.--- reqniro-T,,q(,,nts

Citriis 1,'ursery Stock and Fruit (Cont.)
(i unxnntino Procl,1reation No. 72 0, ef f active, Apr. 14, L-7)

It s linlawful -i"or nzyone. to move any citrus stock, budwood, or
ij,.to the Wintor Garden Citrus District, or protected area, Comof -, oortiou o:E' Wel5b County anrl. the counties of Dimmit, Frio., La
Salle, 7.11P,7.rorick, a d. Zaw la, except under special permit fron. the Commissioner r' A-ricllatlv( Such permit vfill be issueel up l 'lin
on compliancn -wit'i th-. fo loi -g
co n o 71 s citr-ts nursorr trees rust be defoliate(I ).n-,l scrub"oe1
iiith a spec.Lfic(l. solution; (2) if r-oxious wee0ls or grasses ari- ; prosont in J.' r t 1 n '3) it-rus
hc ori ,J-a..- nnrsory, Vic t--, cs must lbe shipped bare-rooted; citlnls scod"ll-'L,7 nust be dij)pe(-! in V. S-": ecifiod solution; (4) all tr vltmcntc bnc, un,!.-r su, ,)ervision of a State ins.gector lqh ) shall iss,le s, ini, tL -7' cor ti fy! T-, re a tm nt; in the case of citnis nursery troes th-, inrr ctor sh,, 11. ism .e -- wr-ittcn report rettin;.-, forth the niuIn.-ber of each 'T --,'i t%-, date of treatT-ent, incect,1- o-. the trees, an,". nC.!-!es oil shipper
nza (S) such F,-tock mti-st be shipped within 2 4 hours off porf3rilanc- of requiro:i

CitrvLc,- nay nct 'be shippcJ i-.,,to protected area, inclw-dn ;
t1h," C Dllity -f "J'ebb, iznl(,ss the,- Aavo been- washed, scrubbea,- or
tr'-at rl. to therl frc,,) -)J liv(, sea!,,-., insects and, other economic -o ,sts.
Sc-,, nlf-- o Citrus ITurscry stock

Cut Flowers
r o c''_ t 70. 90, of f cc tivc Ji.-n, 1, 1935)

.Jr.c*,-). r-,Jitaillor n- t -'l:-.),viers shippo in-to Txvas must be t,1,F;f;c-d With
a Tr"xn'll -wrfii 1. labol, bearin,- a copy of a Texn.s certificate, and a co-rlpy r7,'L ccrti1-1*icate of the State. o--,' origin.

Bach rrplic,- nt fo-c -i Tet-ts flore,,]. intportatirn nust file with t1i,-, Dcwart Iient of A.,;r-ic-nluarc rL co-oy cf cer'Gificate of -I'lovil inspection O-r t l"; Str)tc, of ori-in.

SIhip;,ients of -1"loral P,,.).'Ucri'v! riovi4n, i-nto Tezi,; are subject to inspoc-

Texas plant
qiiarantir.e n

Swnay f Pant 2aran t inos

Azalea Flower S2L
(Quarantine 129, revised effoctivc iTov. 69 194)!O

Azaleas of any variety> rna-,r not be transported from q.-,* '-t1.cA roa
into Texas up-less each shipment is acco-ipa"nici by a spoci 'J inspection. ccrtificate of the State of origin.

Certificates may b-1 issued. when the plants ha-,ve been .-pr:2.yodI while
growing, at least on-Ce d'iring the btid.ding period, it one of tho arpprc~ved sprays listed. an- ndl blooms or flowers showing signs of disease removed prior to certification, AUl mulch, leaves, and ol d flowers nntusto removed frorn the ball. If not sprayed. in tho fielcI; -, ants ruzt be sPrayol or dippe(T, prior to shipment, with )nc of the a7p rovcd sprays.

A valid nursery inspection certificate -.,i)y b, used if compliance with this quarantine is indicted. in writing by a, State official on tho. ccrtificn-te or -attached to it.

Alabana isiana Soiith Carolina

Florida Mississippi T exas

6eorgia jorth Carolina


Intc.r2ial Cork Discaso of Sweet Potat o
(Procia,-at,.on 176. 4,, A, 0
I P r o clnx,, i, t i o r. Y
'11 f -tlvo 13LL5 )

LAO IfIntorna. "or-, Froe _'Lrcaff ol Tcmns of" sim t-otat
f ).:Lps; oe t),,,.rt thnroc.C, tho infected States, "vir-I .y
trto t',jet mc-:,,, ererifter becomeo -_ nfqcte-l wib'-L tl7o d.iscase' iq Proe -7-rc]-)t 7r the Te=- c
1 ti 1, r a

r t c S ta t 0 s

r mirbitatppi South Caro linn,
Yorth rTI e s S 0 e

f Baylor,
1, _L.L
'risco-, 3z- wri, Camp,
C.-.stro, CYorol:ac'., 0ailcIress, 01_, y, Cochran, Lxn i 'a o 1 IL in IC r 11 i --I,- wo r t 1 0 o: c h c C o (' k 0 C, r) s' vt;- %I'ulbca- -cn, Drr),11-:- Dawson, l'ea-C. S17itll' I) i t D, i: L v n D i c' k e n 1 E In, s t I, )_n' I t 0 r Ell J_ c 771 17rat- 7- sl'lcr, :TlDy(l, F)ar-I
Glasscock, Oray,
hali, Harcl-amar., Harri ii,
T J- :L C'y 11, Haii lrrrton, Hockloy, Ho o -1,
Ho in s -L7,.! t c i Hutc Iinscr,
j'-tcs' XpiuC"Mran, Xeant, -Kin,g, ')rcx,, Lc-)n, i.'al 4 sr n
V rtin, r "10 o 'T
r, i r" T' t 1 Yaxa-rc, folrm, OcT i 1'-rcc:,
c:I J. ..I-- to
0 1 f 17 I'Llo Pi.,ato, Pranoln., F-.rtccr, Prxm -,r, !Ottcr, R- i s Rnai,!_ nll Rc,-I Ri-ver, Roevcs, Ro'-)c'rts, Robertson,

Shc 11-,y S_:-,erY,,).n, Snitlli, Srm- ell, Sto-plirnz, Stun,-io,,mll, Swizher, Tnrrnxt, Tc yinr, Terry, Thr,- clcior'. )n, Titu,, T(.)-i Green, Tir-LI'Aty, !an Za, -L, Ward, 77inelc lb7zgor 'ir -ler,
Wise, Yoakcun' Ycm:-'I

Texas plant

Peach Mosaic Disease
(Qarantine Order No. 6, effective Jan. 5, 1945)

Restricted articles.--Almond, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, andt prune trees, rootstock, grafts, buds, or other parts thereof capable of prop,gation, except fruit pits.

Conditions governing siment--Transportation of the restricted articles from any infected. area into, within, or from Texas is permitted only when there is securely attached to the outside of each shipment a valid nurseryinspection certificate of the State of origin bearing the name and a,-Idress
of the consignor.

Issuance of certificates.-Certificates authorizing shipment of the restricted articles may be issued on condition that all diseaseI trees were removed from the environs of nurseries and budwood sources for a radius of 1 mile by or before May 15, provided that certificates will not be issued for 1 year following the finding of mosaic infection either in or immediately adjacent to a nursery black or budwood orchard. The annual inspection of host trees within such 1-mile radius is required, All bud.woo secured in or shipped from a regulated area must be cut under the supervision of an inspector and covered by a special certificate.

These restrictions do not aptyto shipments of restricted articles
to the U. S. Department of Agriculture or to recognized State institutions for experimental or scientific purposes except that a special permit must be secured for movement into or within Texas.

Regulated area

Arizona: Counties of Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Graham, Maricopa, Pima,
Santa Cruz, Yavapai
California: All of San Diego County and thse portions of los Angles,
Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties covered by the
California intrastate quarantine
Colorado: Counties of Mesa and Montezuma New Mexico: Counties of Bernalillo, Dona Ana, Lincoln, Otero, Rio Arriba,
Sandoval, San Juan, Santede, Sierra, Socorro, Taos, Valencia Oklahoma: Counties of Alfalf, Bryan, Johnston, Woods Texas: Counties of Brown, Callahan, Cherokee, Comanche, Dallas,
Eastland, El P aso, Fannin, Fisher, Floyd, Gregg, Hale,
Rudspeth, Johnson, Jones, Mills, Palo Pinto, Parker, Runnels,
Rusk, San Saba, Smith, Tarrsnt, Taylor, Upshur, Wilbarger,
Wood, Young
Utah: Counties of Grand and Washington

Tex,- s plfut

1 injjy Peach Discase
,w.rant i o 5, Pffectiv 1945)

,)=C uctsw 7Lch -.nd nectarine r:) ,7 ts, peacli znmrl no tariao
with --r),-)ts, or nny kinl trees 7,r*Ift()a on peach, or nectarine

of products
"'rern nx part of Texas: is permitted
t n o 7 irseotcd, through .y
on?.1,- r:,- ch m7ch shipment is accompanied 'by a valid inspection certlfic-llt Vir Stntp of origin.

Issii-ncr )f cortificrites will be issued only
).r.l noctrri.-io trees p 1.)
rowing in 'he
all J.-IAlo. ra were i-sro-tc nricr to VU1.10 30 rzd
trees cxiste-I in such area or all phony-d-seasecl worn, ror,OVC.-I -md -oztmyed. proij? to June 30, rror s:- i-p--) i n

E r, t i r C S tat C ',rt- re S '-,t E,
LT C 0 1,, *.1 Wn t i S t-7 t c,
0,-lmti e, s o L Asi, Bra-11 o-o'-, Chic C) t Co lumbitn
Ca-itten Lnn, Cross, Do 3hv., Drow, Aim- )stor d, HowrxI,
Jefferson, Johnson, Laf,, yetta, Lee, -Lincoln, Little River,
',A 11 e r I Fr-nr,-)c, Tovacla, P nillips, Sriint Francis,
Senior, U:,ii.,m, Xcodi-uf-f
1, u I. f -,,n,- -f Bienvillc, Bossior, Clolb-me, Dc Soto,
Jn.,.kson, Lincoln, Mlorchouze, !r.tchitoches, Oii.n.chitn-,,
P c,, I Rivot, -Union,
Entire. Sl-t( t to, cxnnt" s, -t' 3 em t,: n,
Chicks saip,,, Choctmv, Do Soto, Grrmn.lAa,
Itvw,,.. a, L.--fayotto, Dn' .L:',Cr !,1.10, Lea, Loflnro,
elnxali.rill, '!-.nolL-., Pont( t, ,,, Prcntiss, (; Utmnm, lin.nkin, Scott, Sin- snn, Sunfl.cwc,,r, Tip-ah, Tishomine_,o, Tunica,
Union, Jarro-..n, Yalomshr.
Ki s S -,-ari 1-inties of Dur-l-,l. ,.n,! Pe:
V r i scot
C -imtics of Groonvillc,

Tonnes -,(Nc: Ccuntics of (Ihcster, Croc!cett, D,,_).vids )n,
Hmmilton, Hardoman, Hnx lin, H.,ywood, J auderdale, I arion,
Putnan, Putherforr'-, Shelby, 'Ilipton, N ito, 11ilson
T o s 0-unties of AtLnocrsa, Boxar, .r)owie, 3razos, Cherokoej Co-inl,
D,,M,-:,s, Groi !-, Harrison, Honderson, Houston, Jasper,
Xtmf .n, 'err, llr cf toc ,ne, Panolrn, Robertson,
Rusic, Snn u ustilno, Smit'h, Trravis, U s' r, Vnn Zandt Woo a

TcxaI -plant


Potao Dseac~sani Potato Tuber Moth
(Quarxantine Proclaation 40E effective D~ec. 6, 19146)

Each shipment or lot of seed potntops transported, sold, or offered fr sale in the Texas counties of Cameron, Hirt~gc and Willacy be accompanied by a certificate of the State of orix-ir. to the effect that such seed potatoes were -inspected in tho fielil while fg"rowin- ard in s~torage and- found free from late blight, bacterial. r-ing rotc and potato tuber 'o th,

SeedL potatoes known to be infested with potato tib -r ruoth mvy not be moved into the aforesaid counties unless furaigated by aprroved methools and so certified. The certificate munst accompany the shipment and must Ctate the number of containorsa in the shinnent.

All seed potatoes must be in t~ew containers with an identification tag scaled thereto, on which in printe1l tbe nardic of the distributor or grower, the grade, and State of origin,

Tp.xas -, .Iant
t 1. n

Sweetpotn'to WOO-Al
(Quara.-itiic Order No. 1 0, effective Au!:,-. 1, 1947)

strict ,J Tr,_,terial,,--(I) Swe- -ootato rootr. or tubers .3.nd. plants, vines,
I)tIrtz- th-reoll (2) virep or roots of otl- er plrimts belonging +
lpnmcoa, -n l. (3) -i:LcH plants as may b, ) fmirA to be hosts of woovil.

on- materitA. Me;,)r not be movers f r o TP
are-- into, wi L-L, or fro-:i To-xas zinloss a valid sweetnot"nt.0 ce.rtfiottc of t'.Ye State rf ori-in, is securely attached. to 01-I.tsi'le t h -a r e nl.

e o.-q V-io vreovil, .nd. (2) mu.,t h
"IICJ J; Tmartncras to ol imitate dn'm, (;f

"tr413. issur'l. I"or m"'(-"Ot, Otn-toos from
0 u Trr)' Ibit 1-he r, ntry of sweet-,- potatoes rl m t' 0

c" Gxieva, 11obile
: )'O E TI t I S XC, 7 J) tu c -L -L n o f 3, h, u n I s c ai: ,) i a
7-T, 'I T
___' _I'* ,
C Coiin :*.c-, o" Chr thn.rl .'ojqijjIt, Tift,
Df S-tn am' a, :;-,iiI-A of nOL inc idi-.P
Avo-,-clles, PDinto Cm-p(-;o, Wost VeLicia-iia, Sldnt TIolcyi,-L,
1- u 9.(,.
-C -pl (",.)I 1 1 S CIT' T, "to-le

T o x- s 0 f) -,i n t J. r, 0 An -;c I
'v t r"

"Jon:1.1, Corw v), ^,)ry-11, CIrrmc, CrockC-tt, D,3 I itt, 7IDm-At, "Niv,,)l, :7'ny, )tte, Fort Fqnd, Frio,
Coli", Gon"F"los-, Grimes, Gua,1 1-upe, 'E* I o n H,,- rdin, _'wnrri2, Lrrr,,-r, Hicl-dgo, Hill, Irir n,
J!I.,-. 1'. Tj Jefforsm, Jim Hoe'$" i1r Ifells,
Kn.. rr e s. c, -I -I dzr 3. 1 Kerr, Xi-iblc, Kinncy, Kleborg,
D' jn )" C P a S'111n? -ica, Lee, Liberty, Lirn-sstone, Live
Oa'-, ':i.-Culloch, Itn-ton,

Wo-;V n, 17uecco, Prcos, Polk,
R -7u -io, Sn--n Srim Ji.c.izitc, San ?,atricio, Srm Sab.-.1
Stfl.rr, &o.tton, Trnvis, Trinity,
,.0, VI ctormn, 7(n.1rer
W-shini-:ton, Wo , 71hrrton, Willam I'Tilii.n..ason, Wilson

Texas plant
quara.ntinc s

Vetch Weevil
(Quarantine Proclamation No. 94, effective ^ay 31, 1947; as amended Aug. 27, 1948)

Restrictions.--Vetch seed grown in or shipped from the infested territory will not be admitted into Texas unless the State of origin certifies that each lot has been (1) fumigated according to approved methods or (2) grown in or shipped from a noninfested area in the infested. territory. The original certificate must acconpany the shipment, and a copy must be sent to the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture at time of shipment.

Certificates from noninfestod areas.--When it has been determined by annual official surveys that an area of any State in the infested territory is not infested, provided that adequate protection is afforded against entry of vetch weevil into such area, the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture; upon receipt of evidence thereof from such State, mry permit the movement into Texas of vetch seed so certified.

Infested territory

Al abana Idaho Oregon

Arkansas Maryland Pennsylvania

Connecticut Mississippi South Carolina

Delaware New Jersey Vi rginia

District of Columbia North Carolina Washington


The foregoing summary was checked and approved on November 1, 1948, by Walter T. McKay, Chief, Division of Plant Quarantines, as to the quarantines then in effect. The quarantine pertaining to internal cork disease of sweetpotato was summarized thereafter.


Iailin 7, Plants and Plant -roIucts ,oauircme.'- -17oe

U_-.1-4or thc laws and regul, tiD-s, mrse= stock, inclu Ani ll
L di- r(:, wn f 1, ) r i q t o, s t-)cP:, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, grafts,
.1c i b,,)A s, f ru t -Ats, an L other soocls of fruit and. ornvz.iental trees of c, b, anr oth .r pl-.nts and pl,,mt pro! ,ucts for rrr)pagation, i -.Clu .ing
t rrtwl rr.,- 1)1 -.nts, ( ,xr Tt fi -.,ld., ve-etLalbl ,,, flower seeds, 'beading
-hcr he2_-ba,-eo-a- -.)lants, bulbQ, nrd o .ts) may be adrii-ta. to
Onl;- V1.10i-I acc,',,m-Dunied I-r a State tion cortifict,'-te to t'10 of' t-),at tlle or T).rcr-.i _ses .,i vr" ich sucli. stock is shipped has
witl-in fl. -car and -7,)un,i free frr)m, i,rijurious insects and
i soa C 0 S. P-trctls 3ontainin- such n-arse, stoclk must be plainly
r-Ir, T,"- to i- Jhr 1 V- e e o f t"r. r- c o n nt!7, n, 1 t e namne and. ad-dre s S o f -U-0
scnlcr. v.nd RcL,ulat ions 1940, sed. 595.) Inspection- s0id
mu. t -no bv a --n1ant o ua r ntm t i n, official of the State. 'of
.'.ntz or 7)1-int products, if froj-,i Wil i aiz-) be accept DT -n-Pon oxamdnatirn certiflcr tic)" -Ov n, auar, ntine 7ho a(ldress o-;:' tllne -Texas
:P I L-i t o Lia r -,n t i r, o r) 1' c s P i 7 o n i n t I I r C C 1 S-U rim a I-y.

ii;?,il Shipmonts -D4-' PIr',.-tsand Plant Prrftiicts (Act 4, -9,15, as alion6ol,, lc?3' ; -Postn.l Laws
sec- 5(1 S)

o-,' Lill in.- ,,o ,ti-.n.--Air,- Storto to o. )erate under
la- s, as to re- "ate the
m 11 t S o f r 1 an n 1 an 11: 0 :3-'n C t 's in"o ( )r ,,rithin) the fter pr vidle l t' ,erc.,J)Dr at Stat 6 expense 7,MO. hlrving
-)no or inorc -Jace- w-or;) in3r-: c:tir)n ,iI.ll be m,-.intaine, _, arraznge
1-1 7.1 i I _-i rents turm-;d vez- t-, Stat p1,9:mt nuzn.m.ntin- pecsi te., in,7pec ts. Anp 1 i c a t n will
i t i -a 1 i -, t o f p 1 .-.r
,,)IA t 1- 1 C G --it pn -tf, tt- thert .b ,, i,, hicki to lo e
X. 1 i n C (i 1 j. t V..Llole il_ Jar', will t ran s,:i i t t ed
t, Po t-.,+ ,- t TkI ijh, rcm.jjon post-,,), ters iiil "!- e informal! and intri I C t,7A.

Anl-umo. -,.n,-;, or t pv,) )ucts 'Idt.. Fn--- a St, to m Anto.inin;- terminall inspection thereof
rw.uir- rI, onI+,,,r tl'lo t- hrxe the : ,-rct l mnxke ft Crn the out,la-6or-7C,.1s, -and-er F(%Ieral t*,c, Bure,,ri o4 -),na j. D nt
C iarrntir mav b x, 1- rr) E : t, 0 rm i na 1 i! i t t a o .Jt i'") n Q f he

Unclear t I )., D z, 0 v i S i 0 1 f t 19 3 i7za e z 10, n t P ny S ta t e _mny
-ir2an-e U
rovral by the "ecre rtry
A,-riculture a indicated. n bove, to re, or prohibit the moveme-at into (or within,) tPP State ()i' of ler;ignated_ plants nmd print
tIe o.-.7 whIch would. constitil.te a viol.q.tion of- State
Pl!n.- qijT .zvmtinc lars or re_--mlations.


Terminal In~rtonrodre .-Upon arrival, in any State maintainiing termuinal inspection, plvnts or plant prodnctf, name(! on the i~pprovc., list will1 be forwarded by the postmaster at destination to the nearest inspection poit. If the plan11ts or plant products are found, vLipon insp"oc~ton, to bc free fromfg3xzious pests tnd not in violation of any pl,-nt qurantine or regulatiun of the State of Odestina,)tion or the Unite,', States Department of Agriculture, or if jisinfested when they arc foun. irifostVrT, such plant11s or plant products will then be forwarded. by thp po_-tr"-3tzcr at the point of inspection to the addressee upon pa, ymrent of post,-ge.

If' plz..nts or plant products, upon inspection, are found to be infested with inajiurious pests -md cannot be satisfactorily disinfested, or are in violation of a ,ny, plent quarantine or regulation of the State of &ePtination or the United Statos Department of kgricnlture, the post.-cister upon notification by the State ins-etrwl nomtesrdrta h
parcel wiLl 'Do returned to him upon hic, request and. at his expense,$. I2a default of such request the parcel will be turned over to the State rntlhorities for dertr.nction.

Tormin~l inspection of plants and pl,,n:t products is now mintail-lod. by Arizona, Arkntnsas, California, District of Coliumbia, rioridla, iaai Idaho, Minnes~ota, M~ississippit 1411-ntana, Ore,-On, Puerto Rico, U~tah, ali. Waishint.gton. Plants and plant -pioducts subject to terminal insrec% ion ')nl places whore terminal-irspection service is rintainer! are lis'teJ at the end of the simmnry of the general nursery-stcck shipping requirodi.Ptz for each of the above-mentioned 'States, District, and Territories.

Pro cedure for Pay ing Frwarir lnoP~ie. --Mc tho ds of payin,, fo rwardcing postagLe are provided to expedite the handling of prls subject tc termin,, l inspecti-on, Ps follows: (1) he addressee -ray have the parcels addressed. to himself in care of the State ins'roctor -.t a desi.4nrotoed toarr'av&inspection inoint in the State of alostinnati.on rrnd. provide tMlc insp-)ctor
wit pota~ fo fowarir~theinpected Tpants; or (2) t'he -vidressee may arrzpe with the sender to place on the parcels a pled e roadinc",
"Fowarir~postre, guaranteed.," whereupon the additional pcst, e for forwardinC will be collected from the addr-3ssee.

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